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Spotting during pregnancy


Spotting during pregnancy:When you have light bleeding from the vagina, it is known as spotting. It is comparable to a period, but it is a lot lighter with the blood color being red or brown. Spotting in pregnancy is common and usual. However, the vaginal bleeding may signify during of things like a miscarriage. This may depend on whether it is light or heavy, the color, the period it lasts, and the time it occurred in your pregnancy. A bright red spotting can be more worrying than brownish blood.Causes for spotting during pregnancy:Pap smear:It is rare to bleed after a pelvic exam or Pap smear which is performed between the 6th and 12th week of pregnancy. Spotting can take place within 24 hours and more often than not goes away in a day. Sex:In the second and third trimester, the cervix becomes swollen due to the increased blood supply in the area. Vigorous intercourse may result in spotting in pregnancy. Recent fertilization:In case you notice spotting about one week to ten days after conceiving, it might be implantation bleeding. This can be as a result of the egg’s implantation in the lining of the uterus. Just like the  brown discharge before period  can be harmless, this should not cause you to worry as well. Infection:Some women have cervical bleeding because of an infection, by and large, a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia. It is thus reasonable to treat the underlying condition first. What to do in case of spotting:Spotting during pregnancy may be considered normal and abnormal in some cases. In case you have vaginal bleeding, consult your doctor. Whether the spotting has stopped or not, seek the help of a doctor or midwife. After you see your doctor, he will softly examine the inside of your vagina. He may as well recommend you to have an ultrasound scan. This may help to disqualify ectopic pregnancy concerns and give an assurance that your child is okay. Your physician may need to carry out some tests such as urine and blood tests to check hormone levels of your pregnancy. Another test your doctor is likely to perform may include checking the rhesus status and the blood group. Can spotting affect the baby?:Spotting is often risk-free. Most of the pregnancies continue in spite of early bleeding issues. In the event the bleeding is due to a miscarriage, you are likely to have tummy cramps. The bleeding also becomes heavy. Most of the time, light bleeding stops on its own. It is also good to remain positive because it is harmless unless you have other underlying medical issues. Therefore, your baby is possibly not going to be affected by spotting. Conclusion:If you notice that you are having abnormal bleeding, you should see your doctor right away. Also, spotting in the third-trimester cases need to be reported to your medic. To manage light bleeding in pregnancy, you should avoid lifting heavy objects and reduce your physical activity. You should also have more naps and stay hydrated. RP27december2018[...]

Best postpartum body shapers


How being a mother change a women's life? Mother is a role assigned to women the moment they give birth, but becoming mother bring many difficulties and changes in ones life. It brings many physical and emotional changes in life. Most new mums wonder how their body will change after having their baby. Along emotional and physical changes it brings lots of body fats which make figure out of shape and uncomfortable. First thing every women want after giving birth is to get fit again and to make their body in shape. Although everyone wants to become a mother but after giving birth abdomen of pregnant women will become flabby and the abdominal organs will not be fixed. So their abdomen will be fatter if they do not deal with this problem in time. It would help you to solve this problem if you wear postpartum belt in time. Thereby, it is an obvious comparison in effect before and after. Today I'm sharing a site called which make the best postpartum girdle and deals in all kinds of postpartum products. There are many different 2017 hot sale postpartum girdle online. There are many products including body shaper and body wraps. All postpartum belt can offer free shipping and 100% easy return. Here im sharing few my favorite shapers in the images below hope you guys like them.In case if you are not familiar what is postpartum belt? It is a kind of belly wrap which help you to  keep abdomen fit with belt in physical method, It's a breathable belts designed for support postpartum abdomen which relax body and prevent visceral prolapse.There are various postpartum girdle which function different, which has been categorized into two different categories one for natural childbirth and the other special for c section. There is a little difference between these two kinds of postpartum belt. So one should go for the desired one according to the circumstances. Among many different postpartum products site yoyo postpatum girdle offer a best postpartum body shapers in most affordable prices ever. There many different style and material has been used to make these griddles to make every body to get in best shape. These comes in all sizes and can be fit any kinds of body shape. So order your own postpartum girdle to make your body get in shape after pregnancy. There are many different style available for different needs. Among different situation for natural childbirth and cesarean section operate system is much more serious. Therefore you should pay more attention when purchasing postpartum belly band after c section. New mothers will feel very painful on abdomen after operation . So it needs to deal with the wound in time and the more important thing is to use the special postpartum girdle for cesarean section to help fix and protect the wound , promote wound healing and prevent the wound from opening up and leaving a scar.Their website has all the information about how long to wear these belts and hows its suitable for all kind of body shape. RP21december 2018[...]

Alkaram Big Friday Sale - Enjoy Big Discounts!


Alkaram Big Friday Sale - Enjoy Big Discounts! Black Friday is just few days away and after the successful experience last year; everyone is super excited this year and wanted to avail these phenomenal offers again. There is a different concept of celebrating Black Friday with different names in Pakistan. Many call it Blessed Friday, Golden Friday or Bright Friday but Alkaram named it Big Friday. After a successful previous retail year, Alkaram takes this weekend as an opportunity to thank all its customers for the love and support throughout the year by giving BIG. This Weekend consists of the biggest discount of the season. The Idea is to ‘Give Big, and Save Big. Amazingly deals this year will be better than the previous year.

The Big Friday sale is only for three days starting from the 24th November to 26th November. They are offering a huge discount on their products and offering flat 50% off on Home and Ready to wear kids, men and women's products also offering 30% off on unstitched fabric Alkaram Studio and Alkaram Fabric products. Alkaram Big Friday sale is also applicable on online stores for the people living abroad and love to avail discount offers by Alkaram Nationwide and International at:
Additional Discount with EasyPay
Amazingly Alkaram offering additional 5% off on pay via Easypay. Pay by EasyPay and you’ll get 5% further off. Offer valid for online customers and only on Alkaram Studio website. Although sale is applicable on both locations Ak Studio and AK Fabric but for more details for all the stores are listed down below. For stores locations please visit: You may also visit the official page for the Big Friday Sale Here!

Glassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny Rouge


It's very hard to find a desired lip gloss with perfect shade which does not feel sticky and goppy on lips. Rouge bunny rouge is a well-known Italian brand with some brilliant range of lip glosses. Today I've two lip glosses from the Glassy glossy lip gloss collection. A one in a pink called Rahat Lokum and the other one in a brownish shade Frappe Forever. They come in a 7.5ml tube with a good size of brush.Glassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny RougeGlassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny RougeGlassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny RougeGlassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny Rouge (Frappe Forever)Glassy Gloss Lipgloss by Rouge Bunny Rouge (Rahat Lokum)SadeeStyle Verdict:These lip glosses comes with a medium size tube. Formula is creamy and comes with the very right consistency with a hint of macro shimmers. Both of the shades are super pretty and natural and feel very light on lips. Staying power is good without sticky feeling. Although both shades are equally pretty but I love Rahat Lokum more due to its a very natural pink shade with goes long without fading. [...]



Diamond set wedding rings indicate love, companionship, faithfulness, and sense of togetherness at the occasions. The bands are essential area of the occasion. It's exchanged between your wedding couple in this auspicious occasion infront from the priest. But, this isn't to be mistaken with the diamond engagement ring. The ceremony is incomplete with no band. Generally, the diamond engagement rings are extremely costly and studded with a few clusters or diamonds while, the marriage band really is easy and plain solid ring associated with a pure metal. Many occasions, the pair pick the band that meets the diamond engagement ring. In lots of places, women are meant to put on these ring and band forever. Usually, the metals used most popularly within the wedding ring are platinum, gold and white-colored gold. There are lots of precious metals employed for making this guitar rock band. Because of the silver-white-colored lustre and scarcity, the platinum may be the favourite on most. It's very pricey too. With regards to speaking on affordability from the wedding ring, gold is easily the most popular one. When the couple is searching for the feel of platinum within their small budget they might opt for white-colored gold. Men prefer titanium metal due to its durability and it is gunmetal gray color. Silver nickel may be the least pricey metal. A few of the unique methods for making the rings special is engraving the couples name or date from the occasion around the band. Another style is developing a gold wedding rings for her for her from three intertwined rings of various metals. The 3 rings their very own value of love, belief and hope. Formerly, men were supposed to select from gold, silver and gemstone only. Men had limited selection of selecting their very own wedding ring. It is because, typically men are utilized to putting on the bands which are either similar or set made to match their partner's ring. The time is altering and males are getting a choice of selecting their favourite bands. Popularly used men's wedding rings have titanium, tungsten or platinum. The rings might have any color. As everybody understands to the fact that platinum may be the pricey metal, men choose to use tungsten or titanium. They're reasonable for purchase and classy in character too. Men that are facing the issue of those eccentric options claim that lots of these engagement rings don't carry sufficient manliness. Typically, these were made from limited metal options. The rings of titanium and tungsten have popular nowadays. Many engaged men suggest their buddies these non-traditional wedding rings for that occasion of meeting their soul mates. For those who have less budgets, then rather of likely to 22-carat gold you may choose 14-carat gold ring. With tight fund, don't go for style and engraving. Search for $500 wedding rings. If you don't like plain ring, use semi-pricey gemstones. More to the point, look for the store that bills you reasonable making charges.

Care for Malaysian Hair


Women are opting to make use of extensions to assist them to acquire a full mind of hair that may be styled in a variety of ways. Particularly, Malaysian hair from reliable suppliers like Virgin Hair, are recognized to possess the quality every lady wants in her own hair ¨C smooth and smooth, while being coarse enough to become easily styled in a number of ways. When the extensions happen to be attached, however, they become prone to the standards that may also damage your natural hair, for example tangling and lack of volume. If you?ˉre not careful, the extensions could possibly get destroyed, together with your fabulous hair do. To ensure they are last as lengthy as you possibly can, extensions need to be given good care. First, you need to treat hair extensions as if you would your natural hair. Which means that it's also wise to shampoo and condition your extensions using quality products. Stay away from alcohol-based products, and detangle hair before shampooing.

Also, be cautious in styling. While extensions could be highly versatile, bear in mind to not exaggerate your hair treatments. Enable your hair dry naturally whenever possible to prevent exposing it to excessive heat, which could damage extensions the actual way it can your natural hair. Furthermore, while using the iron, avoid your extensions?ˉ bonds and also the surrounding hair whenever possible. Heat can overstress the text, causing it to weaken and disappear. For those who have a removable virgin hair extensions, go ahead and, remove it after use and before you go to bed. This helps extend the existence of the extensions. If you fail to take away the hair, tie up inside a ponytail prior to sleeping, or performing exercises. By doing this, you are able to avoid undesirable tangles which can harm the extensions. For those who have wealthy Malaysian frizzy hair extensions, make certain to provide them a great brushing every single day. Make use of a brush with soft bristles, because this will detangle hair with no damage to it. It's advocated that you simply start at the end, and come to the top. Make certain to detangle the ends first, and do just like you progress upwards. In brushing, be cautious that you don't pull hair with pressure because this can break your hair. If you take good proper care of your extensions, you're also giving your natural hair proper maintenance. Over time, you may enjoy the moment glammed up look that extensions give, and keep your real human hair healthy.

Winter Collection: Ladies Coats & Jackets


Are you looking for ladies coats or jackets to welcome the winter? If yes, you have at a right place. Shoprex offer ladies jackets and coats with latest fashion style and amazing quality. We have almost all types of coats and jackets, you can wear with different dresses, shirts, T-shirts or top.Buy Ladies Jackets or Coats Online In Pakistan :Whether you want to look trendy in colder weather or upgrade your wardrobe with the latest fashion styles, coats or jackets can keep you warm and protect you from cool breezes, as well as make you trendy.Beautiful Leather Jackets: You can find here a pure leather jackets, as pure leather is an icon of class, style and status. These trendy and stylish jackets feature a high quality leather of international level. You can find here a fashionable vest jacket with beautiful collar and side pockets, that feeling you confident and classy. These leather jackets are available in different sizes like small, medium, large and X-large with full sleeves and easily fitted to your body. Before ordering the jacket, always keep your size in your mind.Jean Jackets:Winter Collection: Ladies Coats & Jackets Are you looking for ladies coats or jackets to welcome the winter? If yes, you have at a right place. Shoprex offer ladies jackets and coats with latest fashion style and amazing quality. We have almost all types of coats and jackets, you can wear with different dresses, shirts, T-shirts or top. Buy Ladies Jackets or Coats Online In Pakistan Whether you want to look trendy in colder weather or upgrade your wardrobe with the latest fashion styles, coats or jackets can keep you warm and protect you from cool breezes, as well as make you trendy. Beautiful Leather Jackets You can find here a pure leather jackets, as pure leather is an icon of class, style and status. These trendy and stylish jackets feature a high quality leather of international level. You can find here a fashionable vest jacket with beautiful collar and side pockets, that feeling you confident and classy. These leather jackets are available in different sizes like small, medium, large and X-large with full sleeves and easily fitted to your body. Before ordering the jacket, always keep your size in your mind. Jean Jackets These jean jackets have a number of styles and cover your body below the waist, also known as Denim jackets. The denim jackets come in blue color, but blue color has different shades and lots of buttons on them, that make them more trendy and classy.Fleece Coats:Fleece coats are made from polar fleece. These coats give you casual look, but keep your body warm and protect you in cold season. These Ladies Coats have an inner lining that is best for the cold months.Parkas Jackets:These jackets are specially designed for protecting the person from cold wind and light rain. They are also known as the name of anoraks or windbreaker. The windbreaker jackets are very thin, light in weight and can easily folded to put in a bag.Puffer Jackets:Puffer jackets are made of such stuff, that can use in autumn and early winter season. The best thing about puffer jackets are light in weight, but keep you warm in the cold season.Stylish Boleros:The stylish Boleros jacket is small in size, but lightweight, easily fits in hands. The boleros are use of additional covering like cover the shirt or blouse.Sport Coats: These coats are specially designed for sports or outside like hiking and sports events in winter. They keep the wearer body warm, comfortable while sport activities. Explore large Winter Collection of ladies coats or jackets, you can find here everything from rain coats to leather jackets, shawls, coats and much more. We cover a larger selection of ladies winter accessories according to situations or events.These coats are specially designed for sports or outside like hiking and sports events in winter. They keep the wearer body warm, comfortable while sport [...]

New Year & Black Friday Sales In Pakistan 2017


New Year And Black Friday- Get Ready For Amazing Deals Pakistan!
Now forget about 20%, 30% or 50%, we offer you a bigger and an amazing discount deals of up to 80% at Shoprex.
So ladies and gents, it's a good time to go for shopping. You can shop party wear to casual outfits, fashion accessories, Men's clothes, home accessories, electronic items, gadgets, home decor and much more.

What is Black Friday & When is Black Friday?
A few years ago, Black Friday was only celebrated in the US. All top and low both brand types participate in this event, and offer the best and amazing deals across the nation. And now this growing event has become the global event, many countries celebrate this event with cheap and inexpensive deals. It will be the biggest shopping event of the year , which will be starting on the last Friday of the November, 2017.
When Black Friday & New Year Sales Will Start in Pakistan?
Last year, the event Black Friday was started on 24 November, 2016. This year, it will be starting on 25 of November, 2017, and the planes are quite different. Because most of the online shopping stores have already offered discounts. Now they are calling these sales as the "Black Friday Sale in Pakistan". You can check different top online shops to get bigger offers.
How Much Discount You Can Get In Black Friday & New Year Sales?
Generally different online shopping store offers 20% to 70% discount sales. But if you are looking for something extra, you can visit Shoprex for bigger deals on bigger items up to 90%. Don't be confused, Get ready for something extra!
Why It is Not Blue, Green, or White Friday?
Actually, Black Friday has not any connection with any religion. It is just a name of the event of the biggest shopping sales. Long time ago, retailers mark losses in red and profit in the black. That is the reason behind the word "Black".
Product Deals:
You will get an amazing deals on different items. We offer you deals on Men's wear to women's outfits, home decor to home accessories, electronic items to gadgets and much much more. Don't miss this golden chance and get deals on this biggest event.
Time Required To Get Your Order?
When you will buy something, you will get this item in 2-3 days on your doorstep. You can also get your desired or bought item in 30 minutes through TCS in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore etc.
Payment Method:
We valued our customers. Now you don't need to go for shopping in the markets. You can buy any desired product and can pay through easypaisa or HBL account.
Get an Amazing Deals:
Subscribe our website and don't miss any single deal. Join our Facebook page or you can also get notifications for Black Friday & New Year Sale in Pakistan.

Pakistani Bridal Shopping


It's already September and we are heading to winter season, probably an ideal season to get married and arrange wedding parties in Pakistan. Wedding day is a special day for everyone and every bride want to look unique and different. There are many things to be considered when planning to start wedding shopping including Bridal Dresses, Wedding Jewelry, Bridal Footwear, Handbags and many different fancy dresses to wear after wedding parties.

There are so many designer's bridal dresses options are available to choose from when looking for a perfect wedding dress. Few years back there was no concept of wearing designer dresses on a big day but today we have many options and famous designers available in market to find a desired wedding dress. A list is huge but Bunto kazmi comes in a first row due to its classic and traditional bridal dresses range. Most of their work is on net fabric engraved with Mukesh, gotta, Tilla and Dabka. If you are looking for an elegant heavy bridal dress with modern pastel colors than Faraz Manan is a considerable option. Aisha Imran is a new name in fashion field but their dresses range is very traditional and affordable. Samara is also a newcomer but her range is quite impressive.
After dresses selection Bridal Jewelry is very important in bridal shopping. It's a time consuming thing to find a matching jewelry with your dress. There was no concept of wearing artificial jewelry for brides long back. Bride always prefer gold over artificial jewelry since time has changed brides are more tend to wear an artificial jewelry for wedding which match to their bridal dress. There are many kinds of jewelry available in local market but Kundan, Polki and Swarovski jewelry is very famous among Asian brides. There are also many designers are also designing jewelry for brides.
There are many other things are equally important for brides including bridal footwear and bridal clutches. Many famous brand of heels are available in a market specially designed for bride with matching Bridal Clutches. Clutches are designed and decorated with Pearls, Swarovski and embroidery to match wedding attire.
Every accessories which bride wear has its own importance and depend on the cultural ritual and religion value but importance of bridal shopping is the same in all cultures around the world. 

Bling Bling Eye Sticks Review


I love how these beauties come with a most affordable price tag unlike super expensive brands provide the same quality in sky high prices. Now you can get professional look without spending a lot of money. I got these Bling Bling eye sticks by dresslink site. A site is famous selling high quality clothing range including jewelry and cosmetics stuff.
Bling Bling Eye Sticks
Bling Bling Eye Sticks
SadeeStyle Review:
Apart from its affordable price its application is perfect and professional. The ultra smooth sticks glides smoothly on eye lid without feeling dry or patchy. A multi purpose sticks can work both for eyeshadow base or alone as a eye shadow. 

Fashion Tops


My hunt for searching best party dress will never end until I got something to look fabulous and fantastic to wear on special days of our life. Al thought there are so many different styles of fashion cute tops online to choose from those comes in many beautiful colors for your special day to make day memorable but here I am introducing something different and will guide consumers to buy latest style of wedding dress according to their taste which come to their budget.
I love how they categorized the dresses according to new style and fashion. So in this post we will discus about new fashion and dresses for latest style of wedding parties. It's a hardest thing for girls to buy perfect dresses for girls to wear on special parties or weddings. Yoins have a huge range of various fashion blouse online to their range in very affordable price. If we talk about cheap party dresses we have huge range here on yoins. Fashion of wearing fashion dresses will never end but short type tees are again in fashion in 2017. I will prefer visiting the link above to find out the perfect piece of your desire.
And if we talk about fashion blouse or cute tops? All are to die for. Mermaid is already a dream of many girls since childhood. Who will not love wearing mermaid style party dresses for their big day? It also has been called fish tail or fish style gown. This site own a huge range of lace mermaid dresses in their list in very affordable price.

Fashion Recommendations


There are so many websites are floating around from so long but I always share some best online shopping sites with most affordable price ever! I have already shared about A site with lots of amazing and unique designs in super affordable price range. But now we will talk about Just Fashion Now. Probably a best website deals in All kind of street fashion and fashion clothing range. They tend to provide the best dresses ever and try to design some extra ordinary dresses to brighten up your day. There are many kinds of clothing available including jackets, outfits, tops and bottoms for ladies along some special range for men also
Meanwhile you can have a look at StyleWe rings. A most amazing range of figure rings. IF you are jewellery lover this site is heaven for you because you can get all unique and designers pick which you can not have from anywhere else. All rings are made with silver sterling material and gem stones.
Currently they are offering 40% off on their all range so grab your favorite one from Your Favorite Designers in One Place! Buy today at JustFashionNow!
end time 23rd july 2018

Keep Your Hair Safe From Overheating In The Summer


When you're outside in the sun in the summer or swimming in a pool, you might notice that the color in your hair tends to fade or that the hair gets stringy. It's important to protect the hair from the harsh rays of the sun and the heat of the summer air so that there isn't any breakage or significant damage to your beautiful locks. There are a few tips that you can follow to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Try to cover the hair as much as possible when you're outside. Keeping a hat or a scarf on will help to keep the moisture in the hair, preventing the strands from drying out. Wear the hair loose in the summer to keep sweat from building and to keep air circulating through the strands.

Even though it's hotter in the summer and your hair might feel oily, avoid washing the hair every day. Washing the hair a lot in the summer will strip away the essential oils that are needed to fight against sweaty buildup, keeping the hair as moisturized as possible. When you do wash the hair, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner in one, such as the products in the WEN line of hair care.

Unless you're going somewhere shortly after washing the hair, let the hair dry naturally. Don't use any more heat than is necessary. Combined with the heat from the sun, you're going to make the hair very dry, which can cause split ends and breakage. A deep conditioning treatment at least once a week is good for the hair in the summer. It helps to keep the frizz at bay and helps to lock in moisture. If you're looking for an easy way to prevent sun damage, run your fingers through your hair after applying sunscreen.
Don't use a brush in the summer. Use a wide-toothed comb to go through the hair. It won't be as harsh on the strands and will detangle the hair faster than using a brush. Get the ends of the hair trimmed in the summer to keep split ends at bay. Drinking plenty of water can also keep hair healthy and shiny in the summer.
WEN by Chaz Dean is a line of hair care products that includes cleansing conditioners. These conditioners, along with treatment oils, are made with natural ingredients. When used as directed, you won't need to wash your hair as often in the summer, keeping your locks healthy and happy throughout the season. Cleansing conditioners have the shampoo, conditioner and other products in one bottle so that you're not using a lot of different products for your beauty regimen.
For more information, visit WEN by Chaz Dean on Facebook.

List of Best Matte Medora Lipsticks


Out of so many latest or high end brand of lipsticks, Medora is still considered a Pakistan's best lipstick brand. Adorable matte range of lipsticks are available in hundred of different shades to choose from and its price make it unique among others. I own many Medora lipsticks and extremely impressed with their consistency and formula, highly recommended for extreme season. It does not melt or smudge in hot season. A formula is perfect not too sheer neither too thick, I love how it works well in every season. Medora lipsticks comes in many different shades to match all complexion, All you have to find a perfect shade according to your skin. It's thick but creamy formula stays long on lips for upto 7/8 hours without fading or smudging.
Medora Matte Lipstick Shades
Medora Matte Lipstick Shades
I've got these amazing nine shades by my lovely friend fakhra.  I adore all of them, specially pink and red shades. I own many Medora lipsticks and would like to share an individual review on all of them! so keep visiting to find out the latest Medora lipstick shades. 

BEAUTE Luminous Volume Gloss (A Perfect Lipgloss)


When it comes to choose the right lip gloss that match your complexion and look super natural to wear all day long, I only choose the well-known brands because lip gloss is a product we use in our daily routine so it should be good quality that gives perfect coverage with healthy glow and nourish the lips at a same time. In so many options I have chosen a BEAUTE Luminous Volume Gloss.It comes with twelve different shades, all shades are super pretty and made to match all complexion and skin tones.I've IF and Paramour. IF is a natural soft peach shade which compliment all kinds of complexion. I'm a light skinned girl, it suits me perfect and look so flattering. Wear it alone or over lipstick, it gives a same healthy glowing effect and volumize lips. It flatter on me and hydrate lips at a same time while Paramour is a metallic rose shade with hint of gold. BEAUTE Luminous Volume Gloss (IF & Paramour)BEAUTE Luminous Volume GlossSadeeStyle Review:I'm highly impressed with the creamy texture of the gloss which feels super smooth on lips and appreciate it's very right consistency that doesn't feel so thick neither so sheer. It stays and settle perfect and one do not need to reapply it again and again. A color of both lip glosses are natural and give healthy glow, probably a perfect for everyday use. It's super smooth and silky texture glides smoothly on lips without feeling sticky. I love the ultra light formula feel so creamy and amazingly do not smell so loud. It literally provides full coverage and glowing shine on lips and lips stay hydrate all over the day. It has become my favorite lip gloss since the day I'm using it. Definitely a perfect range of lip-glosses.Pros:Perfect creamy formula.Does not melt or fade.It can be used as a simple lip-gloss or over lipstick to add a healthy shine.Great quality packaging.Amazing natural range of shades.Complement all skin tones.A Perfect shape tube with long brush which make application convenient. Cons:I've not found any except its a bit pricey.Ratting & Recommendation:Although its price is quite high as compared to other lip-glosses around, but it's really worth the price. I'm so glad that I have used it and I would definitely repurchase it. I would recommend it to others. It's a perfect lip-gloss that everyone needs in daily routine.Price & Availability:26$, Can be order from their official website.[...]

Wedding dresses online


Today's pick is a MUEE, An another online site selling all kinds of fashion dresses in most affordable prices. What make MUEE special to another site is its unique concept of making high quality dresses for women in affordable price specially for the women who love wearing designer clothing but could not manage to buy high end brands due to its sky high prices. Now everyone can fulfill their dream in just few bucks without breaking the bank.
An amazing thing about the site is they strive to provide most affordable rates but don't compromise on quality. They use high quality fabric material with best lining and finishing fabric. A material which they use for making their dresses is probably a best material which designer use to make their dresses.
A site hold a huge range of different kinds of wedding dresses according to latest trend and style. Since summers are finally here most wedding parties would be held on open places and beaches are considered most ideal place to arrange dream wedding. MUEE selling Beach Wedding dresses. If you look deep into the site you will probably find out breathtaking range of ideal beach wedding dresses suitable for summer season.
Lace dresses are highly in fashion from last decade and Lace wedding dresses are highly demanded. Most of brides would love to wear Lace style bridal dresses. A site hold huge range of lace wedding dresses to fit all kind of figure shape.
Last but not least site cover the bridesmaid dresses section as well. Lace Bridesmaid dresses range is also available on site.


Latest dresses 2017


I've been sharing many online fashion clothing selling sites throughout the year but this year i had been really busy in my life and could not managed to write a post for any latest site. Although there are many online street fashion clothing sites floating around but and many has closed from so long. I'm today going to share about StyleWe. A site selling very high quality replica and designer dresses online.

There are so many different kinds of dresses to choose from but I have picked short party dresses range. Many different style of short dresses could be found in the range. Specially the floral prints those are very popular in latest trend. They have gained popularity across fashion lovers Since site is new but has launched many latest designs into the range to match the latest fashion trend.
A thing make this site unique from others is its swimwear 2017 range. all kinds of polk dot, two piece and single piece swimsuits available in most affordable price ever. Since we are heading to summer everyone loves to spend time on beaches so swimsuits are highly necessaries
If you are looking for some special dress for your best day you may also visit the site, just fashion now
2 may 2o18

Buy Cocktail dresses in denmark


Do you love wearing cocktail dresses? or looking for a best party dress for upcoming function? I've shared many fashion websites selling different kind of evening gowns but today I'm sharing about a cocktail dresses range i recently saw on an amazing site is called chichmall. Cocktail dresses are usually mean to wear on your favorite function party and cocktail parties. Since spring is officially arrived and everyone is strive to wear their desired dresses on special occasion.
A newly launched site A site with high quality bridal and party dresses günstige cocktailkleider chicmall available in all affordable prices ever!
Although cocktail dresses are usually full length dresses but amazingly you can find some short cocktail dresses over the site which can be wore on coming summer season.

A range available on site is unique and very different from other sites selling cocktail dresses. Every dress they made is incredibly beautiful because they to put all their effort to make dress unique and durable. Every dress can be made with different colors and fabric material. They don't compromise on quality and keep their customers update with latest fashion. Along with cocktail dresses there are many other products are available on the site including wedding gowns, wedding accessories with matching heels.
End time
24 march 2018

Loreal Kids Shampoo


Being a mother of full head baby made me get a search for the best shampoo which don't bother my babies eyes. There are currently many different brands of baby shampoos floating around. Every mother's first choice had been Johnson's baby shampoo but Johnson's baby products always bothered me due to its allergic ingredients. A reason why I switched to another baby shampoos because Johnson baby shampoo made my baby hair super dry, rough and dull so I decided to give L'Oreal kids which I recently saw at local store. With so many amazing variants and colors these shampoos has become favorite kid shampoos among mothers.

SadeeStyle Verdict:
A cute 250ml bottle came in different wonderful colors and super cute fragrance which is really pleasant. My baby is only 8 months old with dark and thick hair this wonderful shampoo made his hair super cool, silky and very refreshing right after first wash. I'm really impressed and would love to tryout other variants later in the future. 

Best Pakistani Summer Lawn Brands


Winter has almost finished and summer is finally knocking the door. In Pakistan summer probably start early then the rest of the world. Since climate change so early in the country and spring stay just for a month many lawn brands launch their first collection of the season in a beginning of the spring season. Summer considered a best season to wear vibrant color clothing range because one can wear anything which we had been avoiding from all of the winter season. Although many floral, digital and polka lawn summer prints are floating around but there are many other things should considered when buying lawn dresses for summer. As summer is a longest and hottest season among all of the seasons in Pakistan. Many things should keep in mind while buying lawn dresses. Summer dresses range should be thin, light weighted and comfortable without compromising on durability of fabric.Although there are many famous range of branded lawn is available to choose from but Today' I'm sharing my opinion on some of my favorites. Including Nishat, Sana Safinas, Warda, Khaadi, Threadz, Maria B, Gul Ahmed, Muasummery and many more.Khaadi:Khaadi is a favorite brand of everyone loves funky and colorful prints. Khaadi is an ideal lawn brand of teen aged girls also famous among young aged girls due to its floral prints and vibrant color range. Khaadi is not only famous because of its eye catching colors and unique prints range but also its un-matched-able light weighted fabric can't be compared with any other brand of lawn.Sana Safinas:Sana Safinas is well known name of Pakistan's fashion industry. It's probably famous of its bridal and formal range of clothing line. It had been a first priority of every bride in Pakistan. Sana Safinas recently jumped into lawn clothing battle and introduced some amazing memorable lawn prints,Nishat:Nishat comes in a top row when we talk about best lawn brands. Nishat fabric is ultra thin and highly durable and color doesn't fade no matter how many times you wash the fabric. It's a first fabric turned great on me and after washing fabric doesn't lose its thread and fade its color. Only downside of nishat lawn is less funky prints those may not attract young age girls but ideal for aged and mid aged women.Gul Ahmed:Gul ahmed is one of the oldest brand of lawn clothing. Their lawn fabric is unmatched-able and good thing is updating range. Gul ahmed also offers discount sales on their range at the end of the season.Maria BLike gul ahmad Maria B is also one of the oldest brand launch lawn prints. Unlike Others brands Maria B prints are less colorful but very sophisticated.I've shared my personal opinion, Although everyone's choice is different from others. However, you may Buy Lawn Suits Online. There are plenty of choices of different brands to choose from. [...]

Trend of Feather Jewelry


I hauled feather jewelry from Romwe lately. Don't they look super chick with all vibrant colors? Wearing different kinds of jewelry is a fun and feather jewelry considered one of the most trending and versatile jewelry with its spotlighted designs. Latest styles and efforts putting modern touch in old styled tradition feather jewelry and making it over the top trend. I've ordered some wonderful jewelry pieces by Romwe. Scroll with me and find out how many gorgeous jewelry pieces I ordered by them and how they turned on.Romwe Feather Jewelry HaulRomwe feather Jewelry HaulPeacock Style Ear-ringsColorful Feather Ear-ringsForever Feather Ear-ringsBrown Feather Ear PiecesRed Feather EarringsBlue Headband FeatherWell I'm very happy with these lovely picks. I've ordered multiple jewelry pieces including ear-rings, ear pieces and head pieces. Every design is unique and classy. I love how they look super cute while wearing them on. Romwe customized some famous designs and made a unique pieces of jewelry. Romwe is a well known store and famous due to its clothing line but its marvelous jewelry range appeal me more. I've ordered many jewelry pieces by romwe and they never disappoint consumer. I'm overwhelmed and enjoying my lovely picks. Do order your own jewelry by them.[...]

Personal Skin Care with Luna Facial Cleansing Device by Foreo


There is a hype about Luna face scrub brush by Foreo from a quite a sometimes, but is this product really worth the hype? Read my review to find out more. Although it had been around from quite a sometimes but it didn't attract me due to its unique but confusing device structure. It looks more vibrator than the cleanser. I've been using rotating brush type of cleanser and has been inspired with Sigma cleansing and polishing brush and using it from the past 4 years and gladly I'm completely satisfied with its results. A next thing i wanted to tryout was the clarisonic facial cleanser but I never thought to tryout the Luna.However, A current hype about the product made me review the product for my readers. This device comes in four different color to match every skin type. Since, I have a super sensitive skin i should go with the grey colored Luna device but I've got the pink Luna which is suitable for normal.Luna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by ForeoLuna Facial Cleansing Device by Foreo InstructionSadeeStyle Verdict:I still don't get the hype for. This device is very expensive and doesn't work wonder. It is quite different from regular skin exfoliation brushes which is no doubt help skin to hydrate and raise blood circulation. Quality and material of the device is a very high quality but it may work on others but probably not for me. I really don't find it interesting. I experienced an extreme vibration which gives me headache and dizziness. It's quite relaxing on other parts of the body but not for the face and didn't do much for my skin. I only love trying regular scrubbing brush those are economical in price.Ratting & Recommendation:However It's not a game changer for me like others. I will not recommend this product with such steep price.Price& Availability:$169.00[...]

Gul Ahmed Clearance Sale Shopping 2017


January is already here! Almost every brand in Pakistan offering discount on their products including clothing brands. Gul Ahmed offered upto 70% off lately on their winter clearance range in 2017. However, I was late as usual and stock was already ended on most of their leading stores but fortunately I finally found some amazing summer lawn and cambric prints on their Mall Road Lahore branch.  I have got my hands on their 10 beautiful designs four was the lawn prints when rest were cambric. I'm sharing my picks hope you like them.Gul Ahmed Clearance Sale Shopping 2017Gul Ahmed Cambric ShirtGul Ahmed Cambric ShirtGul Ahmed Cambric ShirtGul Ahmed Cambric ShirtGul Ahmed Cambric ShirtGul Ahmed Lawn ShirtGul Ahmed Lawn ShirtGul Ahmed Lawn ShirtGul Ahmed Lawn ShirtGul Ahmed Digital Print ShirtI love they kept the prices very low. Almost every class in Pakistan can afford their clothing range unlike many other brands offers scam sales and when you reach the store than they make excuse of ending stock. However, Gul Ahmed Lawn fabric is always comfortable and beautiful but i will update my follower with fabric quality and durability once i will use them in coming summers. Have you shopped anything this season from clearance sale? share your reviews and opinion. [...]

Android Smart Watch DZ09 Review


Who Doesn't love playing with gadgets? I myself love trying different tools including smart phones, tablets, watches and different devices. Today I'm sharing a review on Android Smart Watch which is not just a watch to tell time but a device with a touchscreen display to work same as your smart phone. An amazing android smart watch is not just a random watch but a small tool machine that has a particular function same as your mobile device. Its aim to keeps you constantly updated without you having to whip out your smartphones.
Although there are many different Online Watches available to choose from but a smart watch im enlightening today is called DZ09. DZ09 is android device which is micro SD card supportive and can perform many advanced tasks like calling, messaging, voice recording, video recording, FM radio and whatsapp messaging. This beautiful Android Smart Watch is very handy and made with alloy and rubber material which make it durable and feel very light on wrist with its very light 65g of weight comes with black band with silver dial to enhance its beauty

It's definitely a must have device with fully advance functions. Android Smart Watch is a android smart watch is not a random watch but a small tool machine that has a particular function and floating around from quite a sometimes but amazingly they are now available in local market with different price tags. Android Smart Watch Price in Pakistan are very reasonable at pakstyle and available on sale price of 1899 rupees with free delivery nationwide

A Big Round Makeup Brush


Only a makeup artist can understand an importance of a big round makeup brush because flawless application is only possible with choosing a right tool!  I've been using a Sigma Brushes and completely satisfied with its results. I always recommend big brushes for applying blusher since big brushes are comes with flexible bristles those make application flawless, neat and clean but a question is which brand offers a most affordable makeup brushes range without compromising on quality.  Well, when its come to buy a makeup brushes i always prefer china made makeup brushes those are amazingly affordable and can be compared with every big brand makeup brushes but a good thing is they can be purchased within 10$ max.A Big Round Makeup BrushA Big Round Makeup BrushSadeeStyle Verdict:A big round makeup brush is fully dense and feel so smooth and available on Tosave in just 3.18$, definitely worth the price. It's probably a most compatible blusher brush made with finest fiber bristles which make application very convenient and provide a perfect complete sheer coverage. A beautifully designed brush comes with 20cm chrome handle with 4.5cm bristle length which is perfect for professional and personal use. It has become my favorite brush ever since I got it.Ratting & Recommendation:I will rate this product 5/5 due to its exceptional quality, versatility, power of application and super economical price tag. Highly Recommended.Price & Availability:It's available in 3.18$ and can be purchased from Tosave.comDisclosure: The products featured in the review were provided for review purposes.. All opinions are honest and my own.[...]