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Ramblings on writing from K.V. Johansen

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Comment on Endless Sky: Ramblings on the Caravan Road 2 by Paul Weimer

Sat, 11 Feb 2017 13:12:39 +0000

sHolla-Sayan’s road runs from the kingdoms of the north to Nabban in the east, with threads running off to the fallen empire in the west, to the winter-dark forests of Baisirbsk, carrying goods — and stories, and people — to and from ships that sail between the Five Cities and the ports of Nabban, the continent to the south that you haven’t seen yet, and Pirakul in the farther east. Yessss!

Comment on Standalone or Series? Where does Gods of Nabban fit? by Hidden Gems: Take me home, Caravan Road | James Latimer

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 16:34:04 +0000

[…] great books, but are these a series or standalone? The author has weighed in herself on the subject, but my short answer is that each could certainly be read as a standalone (counting the two-volume […]

Comment on Dispatches from the Desk: The Joy of Cartography by KV Johansen

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 10:58:41 +0000

The mapping has kept growing as the story has grown. I had to expand it to the east when, after the end of The Lady, Ahjvar and Ghu headed towards Nabban, and I had to do a more detailed map of Nabban for Gods of Nabban. Now I'm working on what will probably be the final big story in the world and that means heading west of the Four Deserts to pin down what was vague even on my own sketch maps. There's a pretty detailed map of this continent now -- I put together my own huge one for writing from, and the map artist, Rhys Davies, who redraws my maps into more artistic form for the books, has just for fun done the same thing I did and pieced them all together (excluding the very western edge of the continent, which he didn't have, and the southern continent, which has only been mentioned in passing so far -- and Pirakul, which I haven't had to map yet, though there's a short story brewing that will take someone there ...) I don't know what the plans for Rhys's 'official' continent map are. It's possible the publisher might use it some day. I may at some point put my version online, though at present I won't as I'm still scribbling on it, shifting rivers and adding names as I come to them. I tend to do that on printouts of small pieces, and only update the master PhotoShop file intermittantly. I'm glad you're finding the world has so much reality!

Comment on Dispatches from the Desk: The Joy of Cartography by vodyanoj

Wed, 21 Sep 2016 19:15:21 +0000

I am curious: how did this project progress? I started The Leopard, realized that it would be better to go back to the beginning, so have just finished Storyteller, and am now diving into Blackdog with The Leopard next--and I would love to have access to one big map of the whole world. Imagine: only several dozens of pages in and I am already beginning to dwell on the history and geography of another secondary universe. And I thank you for that.

Comment on Mr Wicked’s Leap Day Adventure by Paul Weimer

Wed, 02 Mar 2016 01:42:35 +0000

What an adventure for Mr. Wicked! :)