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News Community Action

Published: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:52:45 +0000

Last Build Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:52:45 +0000

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We must stop feeding Trump's "fake news" narrative

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 06:16:26 +0000

This diary has been high on the Rec list since Saturday morning: Orange guy draws hundreds to his cult rally in Pensacola The only problem is that it’s not true. It wasn’t the diarist’s fault. The diary was based on an AP report that was posted to a Sinclair-owned television station, WEAR. Trump did not “draw hundreds.” While the arena was not “packed to the rafters” as Trump claimed, the photo circulating on social media was from earlier in the evening, long before Trump appeared and most of the audience members were in their seats. Dave Weigel, a reporter for the Washington Post, tweeted (on his personal Twitter account, not his work Twitter account) photos showing a nearly empty arena based on these erroneous reports and images that were making the rounds on social media. Now, Weigel is being bashed by Trump and his followers for the mistake. Weigel has been forced to apologize: Weigel said he took the tweet down after Daily Mail political editor David Martosko told him he had gotten it wrong. "Sure thing: I apologize. I deleted the photo after @dmartosko told me I'd gotten it wrong. Was confused by the image of you walking in the bottom right corner," he tweeted. Weigel is a veteran reporter. He should know better. I don’t fault the diarist here necessarily. The story came from a television station run by right wing Sinclair Broadcasting, via AP. Still, the story didn’t ring true for me. I watched a bit of the rally last night and the crowd seemed rather large. It took me about three seconds on Google to find numerous reports that contradicted the “hundreds” claim, as I and several others pointed out in the comments section of the diary. Yet people went right on reccing it, and the diarist never updated the piece to highlight the error. This false report comes one day after CNN was forced to correct its story about an email sent to Trump, Jr., as The New York Times details: CNN Corrects a Trump Story, Fueling Claims of ‘Fake News’ CNN on Friday corrected an erroneous report that Donald Trump Jr. had received advance notice from the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks about a trove of hacked documents that it planned to release during last year’s presidential campaign. In fact, the email to Mr. Trump was sent a day after the documents, stolen from the Democratic National Committee, were made available to the general public. The correction undercut the main thrust of CNN’s story, which had been seized on by critics of President Trump as evidence of coordination between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign. It was also yet another prominent reporting error at a time when news organizations are confronting a skeptical public, and a president who delights in attacking the media as “fake news.” … CNN’s erroneous scoop, about the email to Donald Trump Jr., rocketed around cable news and social media on Friday morning. But it fell apart after The Washington Post reported that the email — which included a decryption key to access hacked documents — was dated Sept. 14, not Sept. 4, as CNN initially reported. WikiLeaks publicized links to the documents in question on Sept. 13. And only last week, the often erratic and untrustworthy Brian Ross of ABC News blew a story on Flynn Flippin’ Friday: Last Saturday, ABC News suspended a star reporter, Brian Ross, after an inaccurate report that Donald Trump had instructed Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, to contact Russian officials during the presidential race. I know we aren’t going to hold diarists here to journalistic standards. But if credible information arises in the comments section of a diary that contradicts the gist of the story, the author should update the diary at the very least, or take it down completely if the piece is wholly incorrect. CNN, the major newspapers, ABC News and any other serious news outlets must be on their journalistic A-game in the current environment, lest they (and we) feed Trump’s bogus “fake news” narrative. Granted, there is something highly ironic about bein[...]

I've been a hard*ss about this, and I'm really not sorry about it either

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:33:35 +0000

When the news first broke about Senator Franken my heart pretty much sank, and then when later developments showed this news was going to get bigger, it got even worse. I knew then that I felt he should resign, the end. I’ve maintained this stance, despite it being very unpopular from the start, based on the available evidence presented so far by at least eight women. I will not change this stance unless the evidence changes. I don’t want any thank yous for it. I admit fully I’ve been a hardass about this since the beginning, and I admit fully my zero tolerance stance on this issue may even be a bit regressive. People have accused me of being a prude (I most definitely am not), of hating progressive Democrats (nope, wrong), of not caring about the political picture (well, true—I really don't care), and so on, but I’m not ever going to stop being a hardass about this. Here’s why. It started in 2011. I’d just found the online atheism movement, and for the first time in awhile I felt like I belonged. At the time I’d curtailed my activities here, because of the actions and stances far too many took after Prop 8 passed (long story short, a bunch of now former Kossacks revealed themselves to be blithering racists---and they were also wrong). Alas, it didn’t last for online atheism. At the same time Rebecca Watson got on an elevator with someone, who made what she felt was an inappropriate proposition. She publically talked about it, and explained why she was uncomfortable, and why she felt this was inappropriate. Mr. Richard Dawkins responded in a fashion that I can only describe as “lady, get the fuck over it.” But it didn’t end there. Watson got death and rape threats. And then other women began to report their experiences with other men who were (and in some cases, still are) big names in atheism and skepticism—experiences that include date rape. It got ugly—the flame war was one of the ugliest on the internet to that point. The atheism movement split. It’s often not remarked at how secular the Nazi-sympathizing alt-right actually is, well, many of them came out of the split in the atheism community. One would think sci-fi and fantasy fandom would be better. It was not. Rebecca Watson opened up the floodgates. Fandom conventions now have strict policies about sexual harassment. They didn’t always. And predators lurked and preyed. Some were big names---I’ve read stories about the greats like Niven and Asimov, stories that just made me sad. Articles have floated up since about the time Rebecca Watson reported her incident with Richard Dawkins. Here’s one from 2014. I was a nerdy kid who loved science. Still love science. We didn’t have cable and the internet didn’t quite yet exist so my mother subscribed to many science magazines to encourage me. It was here I learned about Dr. Geoff Marcy and his team of astronomers. They confirmed the first exoplanets orbiting the stars 51 Pegasi , 47 Ursae Majoris, and 70 Virginis—planets only inferred by the way they tug on the stars they orbit. Since then we’ve discovered thousands upon thousands of other worlds orbiting other stars, and some of those worlds have the potential to support life in a fashion that’d be familiar to us. I’ve never ever been one to have heroes but Dr. Marcy came pretty damn close so in 2015 when sexual harassment (and worse) in the sciences and academia was in the news (although apparently, not here), it about broke my heart to read him included amongst those who harass and worse, the universities he worked for covered it up (UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University) because he was a rock star who bought in the bacon (in the form of lucrative grants and prestige—I mean he fucking discovered planets!). And then, I was angry. Very angry. It’s turned out since then, as that conversation has continued, that most of the sciences have severe sexual harassment problems. One thing I learned from all these is that women network and warn each other as best as they [...]

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: First Wing of Antorus Open on LFR

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 18:16:24 +0000

Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start a guild and write a recruitment diary. Don't leave a comment here and then get all hurtful when it isn't received with flowers and candy. This goes double for people coming in to attack guildies over other diaries or comments - STAY OUT! Link to your recruitment diary is OK though.

Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. We're getting close to the membership cap, so we'll have to put you on a waiting list if you want to join. To get on the list, read this diary and visit the Guild web site. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.

More below the fold:

Well, it look[s]ed like the DKOS system may have just been hacked - Updt: 3rd party domain in links

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 23:08:49 +0000

I just received an email purported to be from DKOS as follows:

An image in your story [link removed so others will not be able to click on it]  has been removed by its owner and it can no longer be used in your story.  We have replaced the image with a placeholder image.  Please edit the story to replace or remove the image.      

Do not click on the link — I did not — because it refers to a non-DKOS site, for a diary I did not (and would not) write.

I hope others have not received similar emails, but I want to put the warning out their.

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Antorus is Open. Upgrade your Legendaries.

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 18:25:59 +0000

Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start a guild and write a recruitment diary. Don't leave a comment here and then get all hurtful when it isn't received with flowers and candy. This goes double for people coming in to attack guildies over other diaries or comments - STAY OUT! Link to your recruitment diary is OK though.

Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. We're getting close to the membership cap, so we'll have to put you on a waiting list if you want to join. To get on the list, read this diary and visit the Guild web site. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.

More below the fold:

Thanks, Y'all

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 14:37:15 +0000

A brief note of thanks to the members and founder of this site. You have made me smarter and more skeptical. You’ve made me crack up and cry. You’ve made me a better writer and a better citizen.

Through times good, bad and infuriating, you’ve been a source of knowledge, humor and wisdom, without which I would have been a lonelier soul. You are like family, except I don’t have to have dinner with you today, which is even better.

Special thanks to Markos for building this virtual asylum. I know you didn’t know it at the time, but you made something really special.

I only wish you’d had a different favorite color.

Love, peace and oyster stuffing.


It strikes me this is maybe a bit scant and too glib for a sincere message of Thanksgiving, so I’ll add the heartfelt message Roy Moore’s campaign strategist Brett Doster sent to the Washington Post when asked for comment on the news that campaign communications director John Rogers had resigned:


The Russian Sex Smear Campaign is Here: Let's Circle the Wagons around our Glorious Dem Politicians

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 17:52:48 +0000

This current brouhaha with ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘inappropriate sexual behavior’ is nothing more than the current fulfillment of the Russian attack against our nation.  Let’s address these so called ‘scandals’ one by one: 1.) Lion of the Senate Al Franken: I won’t bore you with the details, but trusting in the word of an Alt-Right, white supremacist(See Franken’s Accuser # 1) or in the word of a woman, who’s husband voted for Trump (Franken Accuser # 2 ) is ludicrous on the face. #Believewomen doesn’t apply to right wing, white women who are the living embodiment of white supremacy simply by existing and conforming to patriarchal, white, conservative social norms.  Also, the joke picture that started all of this? Come on Now. It’s clearly staged or Photoshopped — look at the myriad of examples of this occurring that took down other Democratic Stallions like Anthony Weiner. Link. Link.  The Russian bots on Twitter are spreading, magnifying and in some case, outright creating these stories. They are feeding them to their many minions in the Press, including MSNBC(Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski? Brzezinski? Come on now, they aren’t even in hiding!! ) and the vast army of right wing bloggers who are polluting our nation’s social media.  2: Defender of Women’s Rights John Conyers. A storied defender of women and equal opportunity, Conyers is enduring the lash of Mike Cenovich, a neo-nazi twitter ‘personality’ who has ‘ the receipts’ that Congress had to settle a sexual harassment claim by Conyers former, embittered employees. Probably white women. Anyway, Conyers has forcibly denied the claim… as well he should, being on the receiving end of this Russian Ratfucking. Even if true, a few spurned women doesn’t negate the long history of Conyers fight for female equality!!! They our willing martyrs to maintaining the freedom of our Republic. Would someone accused of what he allegedly did, tweet this? I think not!! xOn #WomensEqualityDay, let’s fight to ensure women have the equal ability to participate in the workplace.— John Conyers, Jr. (@RepJohnConyers) August 26, 2017 Other Legends of the Democratic Party have stood accused but remain unbroken: From Ted Kennedy( Was Mary Jo a Soviet Sleeper?) to Bill Clinton, to now anyone the Republicans can find that will distract the sheeple from their own racist, ableist, sexist, patriarchal agenda. We must stand resolute in this era of Trumpist Dictatorship, that we rally the wagons around any Democratic Politicians. We must flood the DNC with donations so that they can bring all of the power of the people to focus on Russia, and heed the words of our greatest President, Barack Obama, when he called out, years ago in 2012, that Russia was oNe of our greatest geopolitical foes! Oh where has that foresight gone? We are trapped in endless circular firing squads, intentionally fomented internal strife, from traitorous Bernie Bros, to Manchurian political wonks like Donna Brazile(Follow the money Perez! It leads right to Moscow!) Now is the time to stand united in the face of all of this. Facebook, Twitter, the news media must be brought to heel, carefully regulated and only the appropriate truth allowed to be published. Only a concerted effort of impeachment, grand juries and eventually prison and execution will rid us of this festering boil that is the Republican party and the Trump Crime Family! Just the other day, I was in our local eco-friendly, grocery co-op where I was unsuccessfully attempting to find the right kind of conflict-free, shade grown, non-slave processed, palm oil when I asked one of the staff where I could also find the organic Borscht. He muttered something and walked quickly away, in fact, no staff person could direct me to the beet soup and I was growing more and more frustrated until a courtesy clerk a[...]

This is a disgrace. Have we become Breitbart?

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 01:13:43 +0000

The following are direct quotes from a Daily Kos top-recommended diary, an extremely popular one at that (115 recs in just over 75 minutes), speaking about a woman who has made an accusation of sexual harassment:

I reserved some judgment when she first stepped forward contrary to what my gut intuition was screaming. I did so to appease some of the crazed 3rd wave feminists demanding women are to be believed no matter what, but I am walking that back right now. I do not care what any of them think or say because this isn’t the first time ethnic minorities have been shoved aside in the name of gender politics.

And now, speaking of the person accused:

I do not care how many SJWs get offended by my defense of [PERSON ACCUSED] —you are the same group of women who harassed and dogpiled me via hashtag.

These comments could have been ripped straight from a Reddit thread or some other noxious right-wing forum. Notice the use of “3rd wave feminists” and “SJWs” — these are flat-out right wing talking points. Why on earth are they here?

And why are they being used to go after two women who are making accusations of sexual harassment, just as the right wing would?

Look, I understand. I really do. Al Franken is a good Democrat, and before this all started I was hoping he’d run for president (look through my comment history, there’s proof). It’s natural for us to rally around him, and there’s plenty of legitimate points to make in his defense. For one, what he’s accused of, while bad and not acceptable, is nowhere near what Trump is accused of (which in turn is nowhere near what Moore is accused of), and so the false equivalencies are ridiculous. For another, it’s not clear exactly how bad his behavior was — he’s apologized for the crude, violating photo, but the facts surrounding the rest of the matter aren’t perfectly clear. As is, he’ll likely be able to stay in office unless more shoes drop.

But can we please, please defend Franken without trashing his accusers with talking points straight out of the Breitbart playbook? Because what’s happening in that diary is wrong. There’s no other way to put it.


P.S. Yes, I’m aware that Tweeden is a conservative who holds or has held some truly disgustingly awful views. Fine. Does that mean her accusations are automatically false? More to the point, does that mean the accusations of person #2, who does not seem to be politically active and has contemporaneous documentation of her accusations, are false? 

Come on. We’re better than this.

The Daily Kos Standard for Attribution

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:07:55 +0000

Here’s a section of a front page entry from yesterday:

 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a f*cking moron, but check out national security adviser H.R. McMaster:

Here’s how the same story was reported by

National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster said in a private conversation that President Trump has the intelligence of a kindergartner, according to a BuzzFeed News report citing five anonymous sources familiar with the conversation.

Here’s the same as shown by Mediaite:

Weeks after that Rex Tillerson-“moron” controversy, McMaster is now the subject of a BuzzFeed report citing five sources saying he “trashed” President Trump:

And here it is in the Daily Caller:

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster belittled President Donald Trump at a private dinner, according to a Monday report from BuzzFeed.

McMaster reportedly made the comments during a July dinner 

The difference?  Only the story in the Daily Kos does not explicitly attribute the news source, Buzzfeed, providing instead an unlabeled link.  As far as I can tell, only one front-pager here regularly put the news source directly in the text, rather than making the reader to follow the link to identify the source. 

I would like DKos writers to adopt the citation standards used by other sites.  That practice gives readers a better idea about who’s developing news rather than just echoing the work of others.  It might also encourage some to give the original source some support in the form of views and subscriptions.

Why women/men/girls/boys don't tell

Sun, 19 Nov 2017 18:08:00 +0000

I have been disappointed in this community the last couple of days.  I see that we continue to struggle with the notion that ANYONE can be a sexual harasser, rapist, molester or general asshole.  We continue to struggle with the idea that sexual violence and harassment can occur in any environment.  That situations can and are fluid and complicated. 

Prior consent is not a free pass to all future acts.

We still struggle with the notion of a “perfect victim” and “acceptable parameters” for us to classify certain acts BAD and others questionable. 

We still live with this idea that a “true” victim is a pretty, blonde white woman/girl on her way to church, dressed in her Sunday best who attacked by a stranger dragging her into the bushes kicking and screaming.

People who abuse others come in all shapes and sizes.  They are every age, ethnicity, economy range, religion, sex and political persuasion.

We especially struggle with how to deal with accusations against people we like or admire.

Either we believe people or we don’t.  The pattern seems to be that those who come forward can expect for every life decision, job or affiliation will be scrutinized to the nth degree. 

Those accused will have their defenders who are more than willing to wave away bad acts with every good act they have done since they were in the Scouts.

“He/She is church going.  They vote the right way.  They champion causes I like.  They are nice to their wife/husband.  I have never seen them do x or treat me like y.”

None of that matters.  People can be both a church goer and a child molester.  People can vote on progressive legislation and have a problematic relationship with women.  People can be stars of their fields and still be rapist.  None of that matters.

I didn’t tell once.  I told a few times throughout my life.  I told when I was 8 or 9.  I told when I was a teenager.  I told when I was a young adult.  And every step of the way, there was someone to say...BUT he is x.  There was ALWAYS someone.  At sentencing, his fellow church goers wrote letters in support of leniency of his sentence.  This was after a trial where there was a diary he kept that detailed the sexual acts he forced upon children and rated how good they were at it.   

We can both be disappointed and condemn bad behavior on our side.  We can approach situations with nuance and appropriate reaction.  Not all situations call for the same outrage but bad behavior is bad behavior.

We can not become again the community that questions evidence staring us in the face.  The community that will twist itself into knots tearing apart those who come forward because we don’t like what we are hearing.  We can say this is bad without adding but look over there.  

I’m sure there will be other accusations that will disappoint you.  How we react will determine what our values really are?  Are we really interested in cleaning up sexual harassment, rape and child abuse?  Are we willing to support those who come forward?  Or are we only willing to support those who accuse people who we have pre-determined to be the bad guy?

I hope we do better.  I’m disappointed.

The Top Half of the Rec List is Diaries Defending Franken

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 06:58:44 +0000


The main issue around Franken and whatever he did in 2006 (and I hope to Goodness it really was an isolated incident, it usually isn’t) - is not about some nefarious Breitbart/Stone/Godzilla plot.

But the diaries belittling what he did and even demonizing the woman, just keep coming. And climbing up the reclist too.

What part of “Every woman goes through harassment multiple times in her life” don’t you get?

#MeToo has released a lot of suppressed traumas. Stories will continue to come out. Some of these will involve male Democratic politicians. Deal with it.

Just this morning there was a reclist diary reminding us how in the late 90s, liberals put partisan expediency over protecting young women. And how we ended up losing on both fronts. Most commenters agreed, “yes, we have a reckoning to do”. Boy that was fast.

Is this because Daily Kos is still majority male?

I hope we do learn at some point.

I'm Bringing A Twitter Debate With Kurt Eichenwald Here. You Are Wrong, Kurt. America Will Rise.

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 02:46:03 +0000

So I had the honor (and I mean that, big fan) of having Kurt Eichenwald respond to me on Twitter today.

Kurt was upset that the idea of America he thought he understood is gone. 



It isn’t gone. It just needs to be fought for.

NOTHING in America came because we are innately special. It came because good people fought for what they believed was right, often at great risk.

We are not divine. We are human.

The history of America is ugly. We had a few decent decades of progress but the ugly is back in force.

What makes America great is that it rises up against the ugly.

It isn’t pretty. It has never been pretty.

People will die. People have died. Generation after generation.

And yet, still, over centuries, we rise.

Because we are Americans.

That is just the way it is.


The Shield is Down!

Wed, 08 Nov 2017 15:29:38 +0000

x x YouTube Video Like many here, I am reveling in last night’s sweeping Democratic victory in elections all over the country. It was a major statement, not just of the determination and dogged efforts of Liberal activists and grassroots organizers, but also of a real repudiation of GOP Trumpism. And, this was an off-OFF-year election, no less, a landscape where the Democratic Party notoriously faces an uphill battle in turnout. Nevertheless — we must not treat tonight as if it were the battle alone on which to declare victory.  In reality, the real battle begins now. For years now, the Republican Party has been implementing a sinister plot to build an impregnable death star of voter disenfranchisement and apathy, capable of destroying the most fortified strongholds of our democracy, with pin-point precision, and devastating lethality. Our only hope, then, is to put an end to their cruel machine, before it becomes fully operational. Last night was just the first battle, in what will most certainly prove to be a long, arduous conflict, of epic proportions. A battle that must be undertaken, if we hope to protect this republic — this galaxy? — from being attacked by such a downright evil machination ever again. Though it was the first battle, one cannot call it insignificant, or an afterthought. Just like taking out the primary shield generators just before a true assault can be initiated, this was definitely one of the most important objectives to achieve in this conflict, if we hope to eventually achieve victory.  And indeed, the alliance of rebellious rabble rousers — that seek to resist the despotic rule of Fear which leads to the Dark Side of hate, anger, and suffering — did not treat it as such. To achieve this objective, it took coordination, planning, and the dedication of a courageous coalition of individuals willing to sacrifice for the greater good, even while confronting some of the most vile and dangerous hate we all have ever seen. And they succeeded! Even in the face of overwhelming odds and firepower, they managed to achieve their objective. And because of their success, it opens up the path to victory for the rest of us. But now the real battle begins. The main force must now do their parts to take down that monolithic space station — oh, it’s no moon — and really, they find themselves in quite the similar situation. Up against monumental odds, . They know that if they are defeated, the Dark Side will have a free hand to enact all the oppression and devastation they hope to achieve. But, still, nevertheless — they will persist. But, they know that, the Resistance is strong, and with their allies at their side, they are capable of achieving what may only look like something that is impossible to everyone else. Their allies on the ground just proved that strength. The Shields Are Down! It is now time to commence the main attack! Before the prequels come, and ruin us forever. [...]

I'm Happy Tonight. For The First Time In A Year. To The Day.

Wed, 08 Nov 2017 02:00:22 +0000

Watching election results roll in, I’m happy. For the first time in a long time. For the first time in a year. Exactly a year.

Maybe America will survive Trump.

It could get very ugly as Trump reacts but hold strong. When it gets darker, hold stronger.

The writing is on the wall about where America really stands.

We will rise.

We will RISE.


Off to go shed some happy tears before we dig back in tomorrow.

Where is Kos?

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 02:24:49 +0000

This is Daily Kos.  I signed up here 14 years ago, after at least a year of lurking, because of the daily posts from kos (Markos Moulitsas).

I’m wondering what he’s up to.  He hasn’t posted a diary since September 13th.  He last posted short comments on October 2nd and June 12th.

Is he ok?  Has anything disrupted his ability to contribute to this site? 

I won’t speculate, but I’d like to register that I’m sorry to see so few new posts from Markos, obnoxious as they may be at times.

Our Beloved, BFtzinAR Has Been Bojo'd!!!

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 22:12:21 +0000

WHAT? I'm so shocked at the news. BFitzinAR, has been bojo'd. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! This is too much to take. BFtz, is such a good friend to everyone. This is outrageous. She never does anything wrong or breaks any rules. What is going on, here at DKos? We must do something immediately. Every one should write a diary. No matter how short. Couple of paragraphs is fine. Flood Dkos with diaries, asking for BFitzinAR, to be re-instated. That will show Dkos how much BFitz is loved, by us. I am very concerned about BFitz. She could never have done any of the crazy things, I read she’s been accused of. What’s wrong with DKos, they can’t tell a good Kossack, from a bad one. Is this, a, computer error? DKos, is supposed to be a Democratic Blog. We’re supposed to be showing the world, how Democracy should work. DKos bojo’s, a 10 year Daily Kos member? Since 08’. Feb 15, 2008. I noticed, BFitz and I joined, the same year. Actually; she joined a month to the day before I did, Mar 15, 2008. Banned with, a crazy “conspiracy theory” story. Basically. Based on what evidence? Breaking one of DKos, own rules, about, no conspiracy theories. No reason, no nothing? Seems odd to me. Leave a message of support for BFitzinAR, at the Help Desk, at least. We all need to contact Markos, about BFitz today! I left this message at the Help Desk: BFitz is one of our most active Kossacks, in regards to helping other Kossacks. Anyone can see her many lists/charitable links, regarding, Kossacks in need. The Dkos system is broken. No upstanding Kossack like BFitz, should ever, be arbitrarily bojo'd so easily. Especially one, with BFitz's good reputation. *Kos, please fix this immediately and bring BFitzinAR, back to us, today! rebel ga [...]

Our intra-party divisions are being greatly exaggerated.

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 17:55:33 +0000

A front-page diary by Egberto Willies, piggy-backing on an article by Robert Reich, describes the differences between Democratic factions as follows: Establishment Democrats – corporate and Wall Street executives and upper-middle-class professionals. They’d also like a tax cut, but they believe in equal rights. Anti-establishment Democrats – younger, grassroots movement types, and progressives who still call themselves Democrats. Their biggest issues are widening inequality, racism, sexism, and climate change. They also want to get Big Money out of politics and they reject crony capitalism. According to the diarist, “establishment Democrats” are corporate executives who want a tax cut. In that case, they should be delighted right now, right? Trump has proposed a massive tax cut for corporate executives and Wall Street types, and they should be jumping on it with both feet. Here’s a list of the Democratic Senators and Representatives who’ve signed on: * * * * * * * * * * Wait a minute here. Something’s wrong. There aren’t any. What gives? The answer is pretty simple: there are policy differences within the Democratic Party. They are important, and worthy of discussion and criticism. But we have to understand what the differences actually are first, and Mr. Willies is simply incorrect about what they actually are. He completely misreads the views of the group he calls “establishment Democrats”, recognizing correctly that they are to his right but lacking the depth perception to realize that they’re not the same as Republicans. Specifically: there are essentially zero Democrats, “establishment” or otherwise, who support tax cuts for the rich. There are essentially zero Democrats who support repealing the ACA and its associated Medicare expansion. That already renders the following piece of Willies’ so-called ‘analysis’ absolutely risible: The differences between establishment Democratic Party (absent progressives) and the Republican Party are almost inconsequential based on their actions.  This is frankly irresponsible coming from a front-page writer at Daily Kos, peddling Naderite both-sides-are-the-same nonsense. Look. There are real differences between Democrats referred to as “establishment” and Democrats that are not, including plenty of policy differences. But many of them center more on tactics rather than strategy — pragmatism vs. purism, more than anything else. The debate on health care within the party isn’t whether to move in a more universal direction, it’s how. Do we adopt the Kaine-Bennet supercharged public option, or Sanders’ single-payer bill with a transition period? These are the real debates within the party. They’re good debates to have and we should welcome them. But you’re not going to get far if you’ve convinced yourself that your intra-party opponents hold views they don’t actually hold. We should argue with each others’ actual positions rather than inflammatory straw men. If we did that, we’d realize that we have far more in common than the voices trying to divide us want to pretend. And GOTV for Northam, Fairfax, and Herring. That’s all. [...]

If I wanted to harm Democrats’ electoral chances, and the country at large, do you know what I’d do?

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 20:34:24 +0000

I'd work to keep Democrats and otherwise left-leaning people at each other’s throats.

I’d try to reawaken and stoke as much 2016 primary dumpster fire angst and anger as I could, and keep former and current Bernie and Hillary supporters as hostile towards each other as I could. I’d reopen old wounds and do my best to cut new ones exploiting whatever opportunities I could find. Above all I’d sow division and anger wherever I could.

Government as a rule relies on cooperation and trust between peoples in order to be effective. Democrats as a rule trust and advocate for trust in government to do its job well, or at least justly. We also advocate for that same crucial cooperation and against hostility and unjust anger towards others.

So if I wanted to damage Democrats and left-leaning folken then sowing hostility and distrust between and among them would be my most important goals.

It’s crucial we keep these things in mind, and that we judge more critically each of these incoming fecal missiles on whether or not they are actually an illusion meant solely to enflame.

Tuesday’s election will be an enormous one, both for Dems and for the future of the country, just like most every election has been since forever. We have a helluva lot of work to do already, and strong headwinds both from our own stubbornass herded-cats antics and from a generally self-serving media with ofttimes loose ties to the truth. 

The time to close the book for good on the 2016 primary and move on was in late July of last year, when Bernie Sanders formally and in full-throated fashion endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on the Democratic National Convention floor. 

That isn’t to say there aren’t things to fix, or that there weren’t problems with the way the DNC conducted itself during last year’s primary. And that is not to say there was outright favoritism or rigging going on, just that going forward we might seek to find a lesson in that process and learn from it.

But other lessons are more important than that one.

MOVING ON is the thing, and right now. Hillary has said she will not run again, and for all the shit she’s been through I for one can’t blame her one bit, being one who proudly voted for her last November and would gladly do so again. Bernie will be 78 in 2020, and for that (admittedly Machiavellian) reason, as much as I personally love the old guy, I’m ambivalent towards him trying again for the presidency, and would salute him and not blame him if he decided not to.

And in the meantime we have a lot of work to do, the vast majority of which involves neither of those two and is just as important as any presidential race.

Ignore the trolls and flamethrowers.

Keep focus.

Keep working harder than ever for your cause or candidate.

But above all Move The Fuck On.

All of us doing our damnedest to accomplish those things is all we can do. And who knows it might actually work, and among other things elect more and better Democrats.

I hope so because we need them.

Even having been around here since the days of 5 digit UIDs, I am stunned by the response.

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 04:10:44 +0000

Ok, flog me for a diary that is hardly a diary, but as I was checking back on whether anybody had commented on any of my recent posts, I found this:

An incredibly long example of exactly why I have been avoiding like a plague a certain genre of post around here

I mean really?  If you didn’t agree or like it, at this point in time you couldn’t just walk on by?  And if you didn’t like the sub-comment by the person that didn’t like my comment, you couldn’t have just walked on by?  And by the time it got about ten sub-comments long, regardless of whether you liked or didn’t like my comment, or did or didn’t like the the comment about my comment, you couldn’t have just walked on?  And by the time it was approaching 50 comments, did it occur that maybe you had encountered one of those Florida sink-holes that just grows and grows and sucks everything down into it?  And I stopped counting after about 75 comments, sub-comments and sub-sub-comments because that is why I have avoided (with this one regretful exception) the latest bit of trench warfare — the outcome of which is eerily similar to the outcome of WW I trench warfare.

UPDATE:  Somebody thought I wrote this because I was upset at the comment(s) — not at all — the point was just how stimulus sensitive some people are — totally unable to walk past the shiny object.

We do not cite AEI uncritically on DK

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 19:23:10 +0000

Okay, a lot of stuff about the primaries and the DNC, you know what? I’m more concerned about the rightward direction DK is going. For instance…

Yes, that diary cited the American Enterprise Institute uncritically. You may remember them for The Bell Curve back in the 90s. You know, the book that kept talking about race and IQ? So I ask: Why are we citing a bunch of eugenists and racists uncritically? (To be fair, a certain faction here seems to desire Herrnstein and Murray’s “cognitive elite” utopia.)

This is not unique to that diary. Many others on DK cite sources we traditionally regarded as worthless RWNJs. (And of course, think tanks basically only exist to circumvent the peer review process.)

Okay, not much of a diary, but then again, I guess I’m, ahem, “unwilling to compromise”.

Meta Comment: I Think We Have Russian Activity In Our Own Back Yard

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 16:18:18 +0000

Right now the “DNC RIGGED IT!” theme is trending on DKos. There is a lot of pie fight activity…

Activity that is exactly the kind of pot-stirring that Russians have been engaged in through the whole 2016 election cycle. 

Sockpuppet and meatpuppet tactics are effective; Russia has shown itself a savvy opponent who can stir the pot. Russians inflamed emotions all over the place and even brought Bernie vs Hillary emotional fights onto this site, and even primed us for future flare ups. Look at how they targeted us with the just-before-the-DNC email dumps. 

Could we please get a comment or statement from DKos admins on the defensive measures being taken to prevent Russian or other troll accounts from stirring the pot here? 

To everyone who is currently getting worked up about the DNC bit: These revelations are coming out right after the Mueller round 1 indictments were made public. T The level of invective and emotional prodding (language used to inflame emotions) has gone from 0 to 10 almost overnight. The timing of the flare up smells fishy to me. 

Ask if our emotions are being manipulated disproportionately. (I’m not going to say that shenanigans within the DNS shouldn’t be investigated and that the DNC should not be reformed to fix any structural problems.) I am suggesting that this environment feels too much like other events felt where we had confirmed Russian manipulation. 

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Dios de los Muertos edition

Thu, 02 Nov 2017 17:40:16 +0000

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More below the fold:

Imagine If Clinton Used The American Equivalents Of Russian Forces That Elected Trump: CIA, FBI, NSA

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 21:56:05 +0000

The GOP talking point is that Clinton somehow colluded with Russia to, I’m not quite gets confusing…  …  um … … elect Trump?

Imagine if Clinton had actually done what Trump did? Imagine if she had gone all in to leverage the force of a government and all of its spy and communications resources to win an election. 

Imagine if she had used the CIA.

Imagine if she had used the FBI.

Imagine if she had used the IRS.

Imagine if she had used the NSA.

Trump used the Russian equivalents.

If Clinton had done that, I would be all in for a full investigation and impeachment. 

Because patriotism means country over party and right is right and wrong is wrong. 

But Clinton didn’t do that. She ran a traditional campaign. And Obama decided to keep quiet about suspicions of what Trump was doing to win because Mitch McConnell promised to turn the issue nuclear.

Yeah. We see you Mitch. You’re toast.

So, sure, it might have been unprecedented that a normally routine campaign ops investigation extended into an international realm. But it was unprecedented because what Trump was willing to do to win was without precedent. It was distinctly unAmerican.

And the GOP knows this. The longer they back Trump the dirtier it gets.

But, of course, it is already extraordinarily dirty.

I don’t know the road ahead. But I’m guessing it isn’t very pretty.

Stay strong. Believe in the promise of America. Rise up if need be. This is bigger than a single election. This is the future of everything we were raised believing was true and noble about our country.


Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Fix Your Mumble

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 19:49:33 +0000

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More below the fold:

Dear GOP Senators Who Pretend To Grow Spines: Put Your Money Where Your Mouths Are

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 02:41:05 +0000

Perhaps I am a bit out of line, but I just wanted to direct a rant toward the Republican Senators who have suddenly grown some sort of proverbial spines, in speaking critically, even defiantly, of Donald Trump. Pardon my French, but this is some bullshit. Set aside the fact that Trump has seemingly been a disaster since the moment he entered office, appointing wildly-unqualified members to his Cabinet, trampling on Constitutional principles such as the Emoluments Clause, and generally being unfit for office, so you are really only now saying what has been plain to the rest of us for months now. Set aside the fact that you have seemingly only gained the power to defy your Party’s standard-bearer after deciding not to run for re-election — freeing yourself of the need to demonstrate fealty to the Republican Party, and the deep pockets of its oligarchic puppeteers. The fact is, that with as much power as even a single Senator has, and even considering the precarious balance of the current Senate, you have seemingly gone along with over 80% of the Trump agenda you claim to detest and denounce as “undermining our democracy” so loudly.  Except for McCain, Murkowski, and Collins, in voting down ACA repeal, the rest of you have done almost nothing up to this point to prevent Trump’s agenda from taking effect, and negatively affecting the rest of us Americans. So, far from being as principled as other Trump critics, you and other Republican Senators who choose to supposedly speak out against Trump, are actually quite worthy of ridicule yourself — you claim to reject Trump, yet you waste more power that the rest of us could even dream of having, that could actually be used to make a statement against Trump’s attacks on our democracy, and return the government to regular working order, the thing you claim to want. If you really give a damn about defending the ideals and principles of this country you claim to love so much, instead of just talking a good game, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Here’s the thing: there are so many Republican Senators now willing to speak out against Trump. But it would only take three of you to regain the power of the Senate to actually rein in Trump. With just three of you “courageous” Republican Senators, you could hand the gavel to Schumer and the Democrats. Or even if that is too far of a bridge to cross, you could likely still make a deal with Democrats, that would take the gavel out of McConnell’s hands, and into the hands of Flake, or McCain, or whoever, at least until you depart. These would be the most direct ways to oppose the deleterious effect of the Trump administration, the best use of the immense power you wield in the Senate, and would be an actual step towards restoring the integrity of government, moreso than whatever the Hell your posturing has been up until now. Of course, I am sure you can surmise how much expectation I have, for even one of you Republican Senators to take such actual steps at leadership. So until you are actually willing to prove that you will do something, anything, to back up your grandstanding, do us all a favor, and go back to pretending you are good little loyal footsoldiers, like the rest of the GOP Congressional contingent, anytime Trump comes calling, simply hoping for the scraps that he drops from his gaudy dinner table. At least they do not have th[...]

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: A Sassy All Hallow's

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 21:28:13 +0000

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More below the fold:

Kossacks, Please Give Me Some Advice Regarding How To Get More Views For My Diaries.

Mon, 09 Oct 2017 14:02:00 +0000

These look like two perfectly good diaries to me. But no one is seeing them apparently. Could you all give me some advice, as to what I’m doing wrong. Is it my timing in publishing them? Is there good times to publish, vs not such good times? "Every Knock, Is A Boost." This is an unfortunate, sad, but opportune time for the Solar industry. Especially now; after three hurricanes in a row, another supposedly on the way (nate) and a major earthquake, it’s, always the time to discuss Global warming and solutions. ie Divestment From Fossil Fuel Industry, An Excellent Idea! And United Nations Week October 20-24th/United Nations Day Monday-October 24th  After all the static and whatever trump and his UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, have been giving the UN, for sure I considered  that this was a timely diary? Since it’s the United Nation’s Anniversary, I also wanted to show them, that we in America Love them and the work they do. x YouTube Video Technically; if I do say so myself, these diaries seem perfect. The topics are timely and I do a lot of work providing good links. So what am I doing wrong? All advice is welcome. I spent days researching and writing these and all my diaries. I write them to help people, so I would like to have them get seen. The only indication I have that people see them; are rec’s, or tips and comments. I’m not in it for the rec’s and tips. Although of course they are always nice, because they re-reinforce my belief that I’m doing something right. x YouTube Video [...]

You don't have to champion every cause, but don't get flaky when it's not your '-ism.' - Cam Newton

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 17:32:49 +0000

Being liberal/progressive does not mean you have to champion every cause or group. You may even have a different initial reaction to an issue that a marginalized group has because of your privilege or different worldview, but we’re supposed to be able to rise above it and AT LEAST not push back to our allies in the war against inequity and bigotry.

Unfortunately, a lot of people at epically-failing at this when it comes to Cam Newton’s sexist remark toward a female beat reporter during a recent press conference:…

Today, Dannon (mostly yogurt) announced they are dropping Newton as a spokesperson:…

Now, when a white dude gets caught being sexist and is called out in the media, the vast vast majority of social media detractors are (shocker), white males. 

But now that it’s Cam Newton, the commentary gets a lot more...diverse:

The ‘offensive tweet’ was her referring to one of Cam’s attention-grabbing hats as the ‘1928 look.'

That's really not cool. The comment by Newton was indisputably sexist and disparaging. 

To to be fair,

any person of color I've seen commenting on this issue on Twitter or Facebook has been supportive of the reporter and critical of Cam to a T, including Jemele Hill and several well-known comedians. 

When a person of color says they're a victim of racism, believe them or at least support them first. If a woman is publicly the target of sexism and misogyny, AT LEAST don't criticize her or tell everyone else to lighten up. If a transgender person says they feel uncomfortable, don't tell them to be quiet because your kidney stones are worse. 

This isn't a hard concept folks, though it can be challenging to our own internal sensibilities. If we aren't there for each other, no one will be there for us.

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Keeping the Door Open

Thu, 05 Oct 2017 14:12:08 +0000

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More below the fold:

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Been Too Long Since I Did One of These

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 16:13:06 +0000

Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start a guild and write a recruitment diary. Don't leave a comment here and then get all hurtful when it isn't received with flowers and candy. This goes double for people coming in to attack guildies over other diaries or comments - STAY OUT! Link to your recruitment diary is OK though.

Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. We're getting close to the membership cap, so we'll have to put you on a waiting list if you want to join. To get on the list, read this diary and visit the Guild web site. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.

More below the fold:

I’m sorry I’ve been behind on these.  I’ve been having energy and motivation issues writing them, between That Asshole and the family wanting to give our Disneyland annual passes a workout while we can afford them to distract from That Asshole.

I don’t have raid reports, possibly because guildies have given up on my posting them. 

But I’m still alive and more or less functioning and trying to do these. I don’t know why I find the new questline so exhausting. I managed to get my DK and warrior through and working on my monk and demon hunter, slowly.

We’re still here. If you’ve accomplished something in the game that you’re particularly proud of, feel free to post it in the comments.

That's all I have for this week. For the Horde!

How NOT to write a Daily Kos diary: 9 pitfalls and bad habits to avoid

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 20:15:47 +0000

Writing diaries on Daily Kos is a lot of fun. You get satisfaction from informing the community about interesting events and issues, people express admiration for your efforts and you learn some new things yourself as you explore a topic in order to write about it intelligently. If you haven’t yet tried your hand at creating a diary, give it a whirl and you might find that you’re quite good at it.

However, there are some pitfalls to avoid if you want your diary to be accurate, informative, and — above all — useful and enjoyed by the community. The items that follow are my personal list of pet peeves, so your mileage may vary if you ignore my suggestions but the community seems to love your work anyway. Also, note that these apply primarily to news diaries; use your own judgement about applying them to personal life stories, or posts about pets and gardening, or clever cartoons.

So, without further ado, here’s what not to do when writing your news diary.

Urgently break your news on DK right now!!!

You were shocked this morning when you read the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Picklology and discovered that the government changed the regulations for nutrition labels on jars of pickles. Naturally, you rushed to your keyboard and typed out a missive with the headline “BREAKING!!! Pickles Under Federal Assault!” 

You should have taken a deep breath and asked yourself a few questions before clicking Publish.

  • Will this news dramatically affect the lives of many people?
  • Does it require readers to urgently do something about it?
  • Are readers unlikely to already know about this from other sources?

If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions, tone it down. Save the breathlessness and “BREAKING!!!” for the right time and events. If the dead are rising from their graves and hunting for live human brains or if ICBMs have been launched and we have about 17 minutes left before extinction, surrender to your most hysterical instincts. On second thought, just step away from the keyboard and seek out family and friends, either to share final solaces or to plan your defense strategies for the zombie apocalypse.

Remember that very little news published on DK is truly original. Most of our news stories are compiled from other sources — CNN, WaPo, White House press releases, and so on — so we generally aren’t actually breaking news here. We’re sharing news items that have already broken elsewhere and if they’re important enough they will be on the major news media, seen by many of your readers; if they’re not that important, they don’t merit a screeching alert in your headline.

Be Kind To Yourselves And Others. It Is Going To Be A REALLY Stressful Week For America.

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 03:25:56 +0000

I enjoyed today’s rebuke of Trump from the sport world but, tonight, the stress tears are starting to build. The coming week is going to be the worst since the Orange Menace walked into the White House. 1. The revised Graham Cassidy healthcare bill tax cut for the insanely rich is being released tomorrow and, as impossible as it seems, it is even WORSE than before. xStates no longer have to submit waivers of insurance rules under the revised Graham-Cassidy bill. They just have to describe their plans.— Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) September 25, 2017 xUnder the revised Graham-Cassidy bill, states can alter the federal cap on patient out-of-pocket costs, allowing for bare bones insurance.— Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) September 25, 2017 xIf there was any question about Graham-Cassidy's removal of federal protections for pre-existing conditions, this new draft is quite clear.— Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) September 25, 2017 Remember, it is the previous version of the bill being scored by the CBO. So now, even when those numbers prove dismal, the GOP will say they are no longer valid. A new and even more disastrous bill with unknown consequences that is expected to be voted on this week before the reconciliation window closes. We can’t take our eye off the ball. They have until the 30th to get this nightmare through. We must fight them tooth and nail. 2. Puerto Rico continues to be the worst natural disaster in US history. Our fellow citizens are in dire straits and no-one in authority is paying attention. Moreover, the media isn’t paying attention. Across all five network political shows this morning, a total of 60 seconds was spent ‘discussing’ what is happening on the island. That. Must. Change. Millions of lives hang in the balance. 3. Trump has just unveiled his new travel ban and unlike the previous one, this one aims to bar people from selected countries permanently.  I could continue adding to the list: the church shooting in Tennessee today, the news that Kushner has been using private emails, the ongoing Russia investigation, Trump’s continued reckless blustering about North Korea, the fact that neo-Nazis won seats in the German government for the first time in 65 years…  So. Yeah. It is going to be an overwhelming week. It is going to be hard to know where to focus. Be kind. We need each other. [...]

Based Stickpidity ... Delete their Flipping Accounts, Kos!

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 22:57:53 +0000

Darn those National Socialist Fucksticks, as though we didn’t miss the now defunct Saturday hatemail-apalooza and its angry messages from RWNJ trolls. xSooo good! This Nazi asshole @realjlvd is now attempting to come after @DailyKos as well. We also got a great laugh out of it!— Markos Moulitsas (@markos) September 18, 2017 J. L. Van Dyke, a member of the RWNJ group, Proud Boys, is attempting lawfare against a blog called Mockingbird Paper, because he claims Proud Boys are neither neo-Nazis nor on one side of the “Both Sides” fascist/antifascist divide, even as Trump has claimed yet again his support for “us”/them against antiFA. Those claims make no sense since Proud Boys were one of the organizers of the Unite The Right demonstration in Charlottesville. Van Dyck is attempting to score $60,000 in damages in Texas. Good luck with that. Apparently he decided to go after DK and Kos himself, which is a big mistake. Hilarity ensues... xA Nazi LAwyer threatened us with a lawsuit..for calling his clients nazis. Our response:— Mockingbird Paper (@mockingbird380) September 14, 2017 One of the your core allegations is that the so-called Proud Boys are not Neo-Nazis. What you failed to disclose is that you are a “Proud Boy” yourself, of the third degree, or at least that you claim to be so on your Facebook profile. A screenshot of said profile is included below. Are you under contract with the Proud Boys? Are you acting as their in house counsel? I welcome your suit should you be foolish enough to file it. I am prepared, and so are a number of firms who would be pleased to represent me against you. Both my friendship, and your buffoonery, have motivated their requests for participation. I personally do not take well to threats. Threatening me is like attempting coitus with a garbage disposal. It is pointless, painful and makes you look more ridiculous on the internet than you already were. Should you bring your suit it will be noted that I do have a cause of action against you as well, along with your anonymous clients. Your post to my recent gofundme fundraiser was proximate to so-called “shitposting” by people I can only assume are also Proud Boys in good standing. The one who said he would sooner “slam his dick in a car door while leaving the keys in the house” than purchase my latest book was a real winner. the defamatory claims revolve around reports that Houston’s Harvey recovery had some Proud Boy participation among other claims xArmed right-wing Proud Boys "patrolling" in Houston - giving trump's white supremacy sign. Can't wait to shoot a Black flood victim @cspanwj— George Monroe (@Nupe117) September 1, 2017 "Meet the Proud Boys, the pro-men, anti-masturbation enemy of 'antifa'". xStart of "Free Speech Week," Kyle Chapman, Milo + #ProudBoys spread fake stabbing story even police say is a lie.— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) September 16, 2017 On a more serious note, perhaps The Sturmabteilung (SA) had simil[...]

At the Nexus of Fake News and Spam

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 21:42:07 +0000

Astute observers of the site will likely have noticed over the last month or so the appearance and then rapid disappearance (thanks, Spambot and/or Admins!) of fake news posts by right-wing trolls, typically posted in threes and easily identified by a characteristic concluding “Read More...” or “More Of The Story...” link to a right-wing propaganda site. I've been able to copy/paste a couple of the links before the offending posts were deleted and have been doing a wee bit of investigation that some other meta-heads here might find interesting given that it touches on those issues of “fake news” trolling, propaganda and social media outrage with which the 2016 election certainly was beset. The first story under consideration here was entitled “Obama Aide Attacks Trump With Pic of Obama Hugging Hurricane Victim, Forgets 1 HUGE Problem” posted by bojo’d user Steve Mareen on September 2, 2017. The concluding link there directed to the right-wing fake news propaganda site No, I'm not providing direct links to their monetized sites but I will provide enough information so that you can follow down the rabbit-hole if you so choose. Website: (registered July 18, 2017; IP [GoDaddy]) Facebook: Conservative Story (created ~August 16, 2017) Twitter: @TNTworldnews (joined February 2014) The “Obama Aide Attacks Trump...” story appears to have originated at on August 31, 2017. Within hours the fake news story was propagated through sites such,,,, and their affiliated Facebook and Twitter feeds. The second post I noticed here was entitled “45,000 Boy Scouts Boo Obama, Chant We Love Trump” posted by bojo’d user Jason5558 on September 11, 2017. The concluding link there directed to the right-wing fake news propaganda site Website: (registered March 17, 2015; IP [GoDaddy]) Facebook: American Dream News (created ~May 16, 2017) Twitter: @ADNews101 (joined November 2009) The “45,000 Boy Scouts...” story likewise appears to have originated at on July 26, 2017, quickly propagating through sites such as,,, and affiliated social media. The originating source for these two stories,, is a very interesting site. It was registered on November 16, 2016 through IP It is essentially the rebrand of, one of the most prolific and most “liked” web/Facebook sites among the Macedonian pro-Trump fake news sites in 2016 (mentioned by Buzzfeed here). On November 15, 2016, Google took action against (among other sites) for violating Google’s policies, kicking the site off of the AdSense network for misrepresentative content. The final posts in November on the Facebook page are links to pieces at, not coincidentally registered on November 16, the day after Google’s move. Rather than AdSense, con[...]

No, an appellate nominee did NOT say her religion supersedes the Constitution: it was fake news

Tue, 12 Sep 2017 20:33:33 +0000

Yesterday a diary rocketed up the rec list. It had the juicy headline “Trump Appellate Nominee Says Her Religion Supersedes the Constitution” which, for liberals, was akin to waving a red cape in front of a bull. The diary stayed on the rec list all day and was still on it this morning, garnering 387 recommends and over 26,000 Facebook likes/shares.

The title image of the diary was a picture of Amy Coney Barrett, a law professor who has been nominated by Donald Trump for an appeals court seat. The image has an embedded caption which asserts that Barrett believes that “judges should be bound by their religious faith, not the law.”

In the text, the diarist describes Barrett as someone “who said judges have a duty to put their faith above the Constitution.”  Further in the diary, the author repeats this claim, citing statements by the Alliance for Justice (AFJ), a progressive group that evaluates judicial nominees and makes recommendations for or against them to our political leadership.

The diarist includes a link to the AFJ’s report on Barrett as well as a link to a law review article, Catholic Judges in Capital Cases, which Barrett wrote nearly twenty years ago. That article is cited as evidence for the claim that Barrett has stated her faith should supersede the Constitution and federal law.

That shocking claim is entirely false and easily refuted by even a cursory reading of the linked law review article. It was fake news and Daily Kos members have now shared it all over the internet.

The "Florida evacuation not going well" diary is wrong. Also evening Irma update

Sat, 09 Sep 2017 02:28:00 +0000

I really don’t have time for this. A diary I’ve spent time in has some disinformation, based on anecdote. This is how fake news gets spread. “I heard from someone”---no. Always verify information in an emergency.  Incidentally (and using the same hurricane list no less) my town was flooded 6 years ago to the day during a tropical storm, and we heard all sorts of rumours that simply weren’t true, and lots of people were bugging town officials who were busy trying to keep folks safe. My little town’s officials spent tons of time debunking them, and it’s a bloody waste of time when they have work to do. At any rate the diary’s premise is millions are trapped on the roads and all of them are parking lots.  They are not. We live in an age where: traffic cameras are ubiquitous and accessible everyone has a smartphone with a traffic app on it everyone can pull up those maps on the internet those traffic apps are interactive, so they’re updated better than automated government traffic counters I went and looked at both Waze and Google Traffic. The worst traffic jams in the southeast? In Georgia north of Savannah on I-95 into South Carolina, on I-10 west of Tallahassee, and on I-75 at the FL/GA line up into GA toward Macon. There’s a big parking lot south of Atlanta but that’s probably Atlanta commuter traffic. For most of Florida on the main interstates and turnpike, traffic is moving (slowly on I-10 and I-75 around Gainesville). Fuel shortages are a problem in places, and people are stuck on the side of the roads. Florida’s decision not to contraflow today was probably not the best in an otherwise well-organized emergency response (but, because it doesn’t appear Georgia or Alabama contraflowed, there’d be traffic jams at the border. Contraflow requires cooperation between states, and sometimes these three do not cooperate. They take each other to court over water enough). Believe it or not, there’s a plan for people stuck on the roads. There are plentiful shelters across Florida. Also, believe it or not, emergency management does nothing but plan, hosting table top exercises, paying multiple big global firms to write hazard plans, and so on, all year. You don’t know about it because your media has little interest in covering these events (although I was impressed that Pacific Northwest media covered its recent big multi-state drill.) If you’re worried that people are going to die in their cars, well, they won’t. Verify the anecdote is true. Thanks. IRMA Irma is currently a category 5 hurricane again, as recon found winds in excess of 160mph just after the 8pm update. It is making landfall along the northern coast of Cuba. The forecast is still the worst-case scenario for Florida, as all of peninsula Florida will likely experience hurricane force winds of some level, beginning late Saturday night from south to north. I am projecting landfall between Key West and Homestead (yes, a huge distance) and then a northward ride north along the spine of Florida. I do not know whether Irma will be a 4 or a 5, that is all dependent on how long i[...]

I got this email from Markos. If only it were true....

Fri, 08 Sep 2017 00:28:49 +0000

[Disclaimer: I voted for Hillary, sent her money, and made calls for Hillary that actually changed minds.] I got this email from Markos.  I’m sure you got it too. It had phrases like: We are the biggest liberal news site on the internet—and it's not enough…. and If we're going to beat them, we need to build a left-wing media environment that rivals them. And that starts with you. and With your help, we can turn Daily Kos into the premier progressive media and activism platform on the left. My response to Markos is: IF ONLY THIS WAS TRUE. Unfortunately, it’s not.  There is a difference between being “on the left,” and being a tool for the Democratic Party.   Bernie Sanders, for example, is on the left.  But Kos was far more interested in supporting the Democratic Party than creating an “activist platform on the left.”  To be an “activist platform on the left” means to be able to criticize the Democratic Party from the left. Markos, no.  I like this site.  I like being able to post here.  But if you want me to support a “premier progressive media and activism platform on the left,” you gotta make it so.  Until then, I give generously to Greg Palast.  And Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! That, actually, is THE “premier progressive media and activism program on the left.”   If you want to be THE premier progressive media and activism platform on the left, then DO IT.  There is a difference between being the media arm of the Democratic Party and being the media arm of the LEFT.  they are not synonymous. Yesterday, I had the audacity to be critical of Hillary Clinton EVEN THOUGH I VOTED AND GAVE HER MONEY AND CAMPAIGNED FOR HER.  Yet, for merely being critical of the Democratic candidate for what she wrote in her book, months after the campaign, I got flagged. And, I got hate. Lots of hate.  And, for defending Bernie Sanders, I and those who came to my defense in the comments were invited to leave the site. Is that the community you want?  It certainly is not the community I will contribute my money towards. [Oh yeah. The Onion made my point about Hillary’s book far better than I could. I should have waited a day….] If we cannot criticize Democrats from the left, then this is not the “premier progressive media platform on the left.”  Hell, it’s not even a “progressive media platform on the left,” premier or otherwise. So, yes, I like being able to post here.   And, don’t come to me asking me for money for something that you are NOT. When you ARE that something, we will talk.   [...]

DK BASICS: TIPPED, RECCED AND SHARED—explaining these community support actions

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 18:20:06 +0000

TIPPED, RECCED AND SHARED. Apparently people have been seeing these words, not knowing/asking what they mean. I hope this will clear up the confusion. SECTION ONE: RECOMMENDING A DIARY RECOMMENDING A DIARY—“RECCING”: When you recommend a diary you MAKE THIS SPECIFIC DIARY MORE VISIBLE ON DAILY KOS. Your recommendation says:  this is one of the 12 best diaries on the site right now and I think it deserves to be promoted to the recommended list, where it will be more easily noticed, and visible for longer. The rec list is the heart of community participation at Daily Kos and works better here than on any other site I have ever visited.  The rec list is a snapshot of what is important in the news right now, so if you see the same topic on the rec list more than once, that is significant. The algorithm is secret to make it harder for spammers and trolls to game the system, but we do know that ten recs in one minute have more value than 25 recs spread out over an hour. Some authors are popular and have admirers who rec every diary they write even before they read it on the assumption that everything they write is worth reccing.  It is a good idea to read a diary before recommending it, however it is possible to recommend a diary without opening/reading it. HOW TO RECOMMEND A DIARY: Under the diary title on the right you see the number of comments the diary has received and the number of recs the diary has received next to an orange star in a circle.  Click the orange star to rec the diary.  The circle will reverse color and become a white star inside an orange circle. You are recommending the diary as a whole—either because you agree with it, think it is funny, want to encourage discussion on this topic, or some other reason you want more people to notice it. EXTRA INFO: Members of the press, staffs of elected officials & candidates, and political commentators monitor the rec list of this site.  Once a diary is on the rec list it is likely to be seen by powerbrokers on both sides.  Think of those 12 spots on the rec list as our way of telling the powers that be what we think is important. We can also use the rec list for personal stuff and light hearted stuff as well, because that kind of caring for one another builds connection and a connected community is a stronger community. There is only approve/neutral for a diary.  There is no way to say:  “I dislike this diary”. You will sometimes see seasoned users wish for this option, also known as the “smite button”. PITFALLS TO AVOID: Do not add the recommended tag manually.  Do not remove the recommended tag manually.  Let the site system do it automatically.  Violating this will subject you to site discipline. If you are not sure whether you have recced the diary and you click the star again, you will UNREC the diary, and you can’t change your mind and re-recommend later.  If a diary is open, you can hover over the star and see the name of everyone who recommended the diary.  Look for your name in orange.  If you don’t see y[...]

Rant: Can We Eliminate The Tip Jar Or At Least Get Some Clear Voting Instructions On This Site?

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 12:00:55 +0000

This is a rant. The tip jar is utterly useless and nobody even knows its purpose unless they have been on Daily Kos since its inception. Now I have been informed that the tip jar serves the purpose of allowing a bad post to be flagged by flagging the tip jar. Fine. Let’s leave something there, such as an icon that shows an emergency symbol so that the little morsel of good that the tip jar does can be preserved. But let’s NOT use it confusingly as it is being used now. Or if that’s too much trouble, leave the tip jar and provide a sentence at the top of each diary, “to recommend a diary, click on the orange star.” Surely that cannot be too difficult? The site is filled with people who think that tipping is the same as rec’ing and that includes me in the beginning. The only way I got clued in was because I asked why the numbers were different on “recs” and what was in the tip jar, sometimes by quite a lot. I got some arcane explanation that a tip was a sign of goodwill but not quite enough goodwill to give somebody a rec. Frankly, I find that absurd but I went along with it and would continue to go along with it but for the fact that I keep encountering people here on the site who do not know the difference between a tip and a rec AND believe that they were rec’ing when they were only tipping. That is what pisses me off so much. If this was a clear cut situation of somebody knowingly tipping — fine, I’m fine with that, most everybody is, I would imagine. But that is NOT the CASE. Writers are losing a lot of recs which could help them get to the rec list. Now I have no problem getting to the rec list, which is why it’s good that I be the one to write this, so that this complaint is not lodged by somebody who might sound sour grapey. I’m gratified at how many times I have gotten on the rec list, no complaints. But if I am telling people how to rec and I’ve told a couple of dozen, including three last night in the same thread then just compound that by the number of diaries posted on any given day and what we have here is a failure to communicate. And the writers are getting screwed. There are times, believe me, when five recs in any given diary would make or break it getting to the rec list. And getting to the rec list is the only way that a piece gets widely read. Otherwise, it is a “small diary” and languishes in the archives. Many of them are totally excellent. I wonder how many would have had a different fate if this awful confusion did not exist? I blame Management, pure and simple. It is not in Rules of the Road — or maybe it’s not prominently displayed. In any event, something simple needs to be put in Rules of the Road, an explanation of how to rec, what the tip jar means, and an explanation of how the algorithm actually works would be super peachy keen. That’s yet another secret that only Meta Jesus and his High Priests and Priestesses know and for the rest of us it’s total darkness. But I can wait on algorithm news. Lack of knowledge of the algorithm[...]

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Catching Up

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 21:42:17 +0000

Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start a guild and write a recruitment diary. Don't leave a comment here and then get all hurtful when it isn't received with flowers and candy. This goes double for people coming in to attack guildies over other diaries or comments - STAY OUT! Link to your recruitment diary is OK though.

Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. We're getting close to the membership cap, so we'll have to put you on a waiting list if you want to join. To get on the list, read this diary and visit the Guild web site. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.

More below the fold:

Well, is it safe to come back yet.....?

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 21:39:17 +0000

Alas, there are some folks here that I miss, so I’m poking my head in the door to see if it’s worth coming back here again.

I do see that the FP is still “Trump Trump nuttin but Trump”, and the Wreck List is still pointlessly re-fighting the primary yet again. No change there. I can’t see if the science deniers are still being coddled by admin.

So, a question for those whose opinions I value (and y’all know who you are)—is it worth it to come back for a bit?

Polls Shows Bernie Is Most Popular Politician in America.

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 15:35:38 +0000

The Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll was taken in August 2017: This survey was conducted online within the United States between August 17-22, 2017 among 2,263 registered voters by The Harris Poll. The results reflect a nationally representative sample. Results were weighted for age within gender, region, race/ethnicity, marital status, household size, income, employment, and education where necessary to align them with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online. Harvard-Harris Poll According to the poll, Bernie has a favorable rating of 54%. Summary Of Very Favorable/Favorable Bernie Sanders 1220 54% Mike Pence 991 44% Hillary Clinton 949 42% Donald Trump 926 41% Elizabeth Warren 843 37% Paul Ryan 758 33% Nancy Pelosi 704 31% Rex Tillerson 650 29% Jeff Sessions 634 28% Chuck Schumer 630 28% Mitch McConnell 441 19% Stephen Bannon 377 His unfavorable rating is 36% Summary Of Very Unfavorable/Unfavorable Donald Trump 1251 55% Hillary Clinton 1199 53% Mitch McConnell 1108 49% Paul Ryan 1078 47% Nancy Pelosi 1077 47% Stephen Bannon 1029 45% Mike Pence 951 42% Jeff Sessions 897 39% Bernie Sanders 808 36% Chuck Schumer 766 34% Elizabeth Warren 752 33% Rex Tillerson 624 So Bernie is the most popular by 54 to 36%. For contrast. Liz Warren is 37% to 33%, which means almost a third have no opinion or are uncertain about her. Trump is underwater with 55% unfavorable and 41% favorable. Pence is favorable by 44% to 42%. Hillary Clinton is unfavorable 53% and favorable 42%, which is only slightly better than Trump.  This is not new. Check out this Huffpo graph showing Bernie’s favorable and unfavorable ratings since 2015: HuffPo: Bernie Sanders Favorable Rating. Last updated three months ago, it shows a 57% to 32.9% favorability rating.  So Bernie is the most popular politician in America, but often reviled by many on Daily Kos, including the blog owner. That shows me that this blog is a bit out of touch.  I’d rather have the voters than the bloggers.  Update I: Some pointed out that Barack Obama is not in the poll and contend that he is the most popular politician in America. I think President Obama’s office-running days are over, but be that as it may, President Obama may well be more popular than Bernie. But my point remains correct even if Bernie is the second most popular politician in America. 54% favorable to 36% unfavorable, and yet Bernie is reviled by many on Daily Kos. The comments below prove my point. The hate, anger, and promises not to vote for Bernie if Democrats nominate him show that this blog indeed is “a bit out of touch.”  [...]

Where'd the Good Stuff Go?

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 02:01:38 +0000

Hi y’all. Long-time contributor but recently barely more than a lurker. I’m writing as one who has participated in altogether too much discussion here — an unhealthy level, marked by nearly 30,000 comments. I did have to go through a forced time-out during the middle of 2016 (without rehashing, it was based misunderstanding — a false charge of trying to dox a very new member). That time-out moved my compulsive internet activity from DailyKos to other places. But, it also offered me some real perspective on how the politics and vibe of this site has changed. 

It’s true that during my entire time here — 11 years, 1 month and 1 day — members have been complaining that the level of discourse just ain’t what it used to be. That’s probably been true all along. The site just keeps getting, for want of a better word, dumber. There used to be brilliant series by really thoughtful contributors on an incredible range of matters. I feel the closest we have to that now is a nice well-meaning guy who highlights articles that he thinks do a good job of covering ground that’s been covered endlessly by much more engaged reporters.  But, it’s also true that in 2017, I find myself going days or even weeks without checking the site, so I might be missing some good stuff.

Ironically, this month I went to my first Netroots Nation — I purchased the ticket last Fall. I was disappointed to see how mainstreamed it is, how much it’s designed for the professional non-profit left and especially how they can be better at all the tools they need to fundraise...for what end, I don’t know. To help with their mortgages? I hope we are seeing a grassroots left forming that will take back liberalism/progressivism from the professional class, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

All of which brings me to the content here. It seems it’s become almost wholesale “resistance,” with barely more depth than you get on Twitter. More characters, but the same level of immature, snarky, lowest-denominator stuff. The subject of the latest outrages are labeled as racist twits, dickheads, etc. Apparently, it‘s great for landing on the Rec List, but I’m at a loss to imagine what good it’s doing. This site may be growing in numbers, but it’s marginalizing its relevance. The mission of electing “better” Democrats — real progressives -- is gone. The edification of members by other members able to share some expertise — that seems gone, too. If it’s just Facebook for centrist Democrats who don’t even know each other offline, is there really much point in it?

Maybe it’s a function of how irrelevant Democrats have become in our nation’s politics that we’re not discussing left-wing politics and policy. But, if we don’t, how are we ever going to change anything?

Asking for a friend.

Praising Bannon...

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 14:20:34 +0000

A current rec list diary asks Dkos posters to stop praising Bannon. I feel that diary got a bit derailed because people assumed that the criticism of the praise of Bannon was (1) an attack on the left or (2) overblown b/c the praise was confined to two posters.   I think it is important to point out that the comments highlighted in that diary are simply the symptom, the disease is much larger. Members of the media — left, right and center — have been normalizing a man who most POC and LGBT view as a profound threat.  Here is Jake Tapper of CNN — xBannon was the strongest voice within Trump senior circles against continued involvement abroad of US servicemembers, a position held...1/— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) August 19, 2017 x2/ by many on the Left , Right and Center in the US but underrepresented in the foreign policy establishment. Will there be anyone...— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) August 19, 2017 x3/ make those arguments to POTUS in his absence? Not saying I dis/agree but it's a debate worth having. Publicly as well. -fin-— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) August 19, 2017 Tapper’s claims were echoed by the Young Turks writer Michael Tracey — xOdious as he might be, Bannon was reportedly an advocate for foreign policy restraint. "The adults in the room" consistently push aggression— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) August 18, 2017 In reality — Bannon advocated to replace US troops in Afghanistan with a mercenary army. xPolitico says McMaster blocked Bannon plan for Erik Prince to pitch privatizing Afghan war at Camp David today; w/ Bannon out so was Prince— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) August 19, 2017 I don’t think I have to explain here the dangers of a privatized, mercenary military force. Bannon has often talked about the US as being in war with Islam.  Bannon claimed war in the south pacific is inevitable.…  while also advocating starting a trade war with China, popular with some on the left. He’s not a pacifist. He’s a con-man, just like his former boss who is willing to change his message on a whim to suit his best interest.  Jane Meyer staff writer at the New Yorker, yeah buts Bannon’s racism to praise his economic policy —  xIt's true: as far as I know, Bannon was the only one inside the White House who openly expressed contempt for the Kochs & other Big Donors.— Jane Mayer (@JaneMayerNYer) August 18, 2017 Of course Bannon is bankrolled by a different set of billionaires. One who are apparently more beholden to racist rhetoric. And he threw his support behind another billionaire (Trump) but yeah, he’s a populist. Jane Mayer is not the only one pushing the idea that Bannon is a populist.… Citing two intercept articles, this author has the audacity to compare Bannon to Bernie Sanders.[...]

Daily Kos World of Warcraft Update: Team Pm Closes in on Kil'Jaeden

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 17:16:14 +0000

Standard disclaimer: Leave your loathing of meta, World of Warcraft, or community diaries outside. If you think we should be playing your MMO instead, start a guild and write a recruitment diary. Don't leave a comment here and then get all hurtful when it isn't received with flowers and candy. This goes double for people coming in to attack guildies over other diaries or comments - STAY OUT! Link to your recruitment diary is OK though.

Standard advertisement: Wreck List is the Daily Kos World of Warcraft guild. We are Horde-side on the Garrosh server. We're getting close to the membership cap, so we'll have to put you on a waiting list if you want to join. To get on the list, read this diary and visit the Guild web site. Yes, you have to be Horde. No, you don't have to be hardcore - casuals, PvPers, and people that just want to hang out on guild chat are all welcome.

More below the fold:

BREAKING: Daily Kos over that stupid 'alt-left' term

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 16:44:25 +0000

Probably the lowest common denominator I've ever seen here, is all this bullshit drama over ‘alt-left.’  If we could all stay focused and act like adults, that'd probably be better and more productive, eh?

Some questions/comments: 

1. @Kos @Armando why do you insist on using this term/label? You KNOW you're going to get a reaction. Hell, you KNOW it’s going to empower those on the ‘left’ who actually deserve derision for their actions by rallying sympathetic Dems to their side from such a HORRIBLE attack (/s). Why stoop that low? You have a lot more to offer than that.

2. Why pay any attention to the ‘alt-left’ label? It’s a bullshit term trying to get people stirred up and dismissed. Sure, there are always people who don't fit in to the community (Party, group, whatever) that for some reason insist on sticking around, but why do you ID with them and react so hard to ‘alt-left’? The people who use that term are obviously acting like babies...don't give in to the tantrums or they'll keep happening. And to be fair, I haven't seen one remotely-notable user on Daily Kos or Twitter say ‘alt-left means all Bernie supporters’ or ‘alt-left means anyone who didn't like Hillary.’ They'd be way wrong if they did say that, but let's not go looking for martyrdom, ok?

3. Also, if you ARE pearl-clutching about ‘alt-left’, QUIT using your own divisive charged terms. If you've complained about the ‘alt-left’ label, you completely lose any credibility if you have or later use ‘neoliberal’, ‘corporate’, ‘establishment’, ‘centrist’, ‘Third Way’, etc to describe any fellow Dems or users on this site, unless they have self-ID’d first. Wedges are wedges and Bernie is as guilty of that ‘establishment’ cudgel as Markos is with ‘alt-left.'

Seriously, grow the fuck up.

NOW, can we please get a Bubbanomics diary at the top of the wrecklist, and then return to our normal programming? 

"Alt-left" is a symptom. The 2016 blame game is the problem.

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 16:05:47 +0000

The current controversy/discussion over the term “alt-left” has really made me think. As has been pointed out quite well, the term “alt-left” is terrible because it makes an implicit comparison to the “alt-right”, which is a euphemism for “neo-Nazis”. Yet this didn’t seem obvious to many until this weekend. (Personally, I found it cutesy and pat but hadn’t thought through the full implications.) Although I don’t think it’s remotely productive to have a group shaming session, it’s worth asking why this term caught on with liberals at all, to see if there are deeper lessons there. To do that, we have to understand what it meant to the liberals who used it. The meaning varied from person to person, but the most common usage to me seems to have been the one adopted by Markos Moulitsas: The hardcore Bernie Sanders dead-enders—the ones who insist on waging jihad against the party and its mainstream liberal adherents—are undying in their belief that income equality can solve all ills. Dubbed “alt-left” on Twitter (quickly replacing “Bernie Bro” as the preferred moniker), this crowd has […..] The usage seems to be as a rough synonym for “Bernie Bro” or “Bernie Sanders dead-ender”. Those, especially the latter, are (poor) euphemisms for a group of liberals/leftists who withheld their support from Hillary Clinton last fall. Anecdotally, as far as I can tell, this seems to be the median use: as a catch-all term for those on the left who stayed home last fall. And now we come to the point. For the liberals/centrist liberals who used the term, “alt-left” was, at the core, a way of classifying the people they considered responsible for the 2016 election. It was part of the blame game for 2016. This game is toxic no matter at which group it’s directed. Every single one of us, regardless of 2016 primary allegiance, is traumatized by what happened, and there is literally nothing more infuriating than being singled out for responsibility. I personally voted for Clinton in the primary, and I have to fight off intense anger every time I see someone single her supporters out for blame. I have no doubt that Sanders supporters feel the same way. I understand why being described as “alt-left” would make people angry even if it weren’t an implicit Nazi comparison. So how do we fix this? From all camps, I’ve seen variants of “well, [my opponents] should accept their blame and then fall in line behind [my group] to lead us forward.” Though it seems to arise frequently, it should be obvious that this is a terrible response — even if true, that argument will inflame rather than convince.  But it’s not even true, no matter who’s saying it. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Clinton supporters like me have to recognize that we[...]

What Do You Call Hating Hillary Clinton More Than You Feared The Racism and Bigotry of Donald Trump?

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:53:10 +0000

What would be the acceptable term for  folks of the Left who hated Hillary Clinton more than they feared the racism and bigotry of Donald Trump? What would be the acceptable term for folks who even today say there would be no difference if Hillary Clinton were President instead of Donald Trump? What is the acceptable term for people who say there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Please let me know because I intend to continue to condemn these morally repugnant and politically irresponsible views.

I certainly hope many will join me in these condemnations.

9/11Truthers > GamerGate > Clinton Body Count > Russia: The "Alt-Left"

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 19:46:36 +0000

c99 Alternet this one is particularly stupid, and pervasive lovely This “fight” the last 24 hours (and months?) is really, really stupid. People seem to have a major problem with the term “alt-left”. Because it was (maybe?) invented by Sean Hannity, and maybe somehow refers to Nazis simply because “alt-right” refers to Nazis, even though that makes no sense.  I’ve seen people frame their argument with displeasure at the term itself. Great. But I’ve seen more people say something like “the alt-left doesn’t exist”. Uh oh. Wait a minute. There’s no denying the segment of the Left that trades in conspiracy theory, out-there ideas, racism, sexism, Russia apologia, and even violence. My first experience with this segment was 16 years ago, in the form of 9/11 Truthers, many of whom are left-wing individuals. It certainly wasn’t invented in 2017 by Sean Hannity. Not only does it exist, its “percentage share” of all the noise online has increased a great deal in the last 24 months. What used to be 1% of the noise on the left-wing internet has become 10%, 20% even 100% in some places. At the reveal of the eleventeenth undisclosed Russia meeting, there were still hundreds of commenters at a site I used to frequent claiming the entire thing was invented by neoliberals to distract from “$hillary’s massive failure”. I’m not sure what some people are playing at with the denial of this. And this denial can take more than one form. Making any mention of “alt-left” into a pie fight about the term itself, is a form of deflection and denial.  I might go so far as to say the defensive reaction to “alt-left” is cousins with a nefarious rhetorical and psychological phenomenon known as White Fragility, whereby you project someone’s discussion of racism as a personal attack against yourself. The point I’m trying to make is that what most of us refer to when we say “alt-left”, DOES exist. Maybe that’s a terrible term. Maybe there’s bad actors who want it to mean “Bernie Sanders voters”.  I just find it problematic that for so many people, the biggest problem with the “Alt-Left” is not that they exist in our ranks, but that we gave them a name.  [...]


Sun, 13 Aug 2017 21:55:24 +0000

Yesterday several thousand neo-Nazis marched through the streets of Charlottesville. They killed a woman. They beat a black man. They terrorized a community. And the occupant of the Oval Office refuses to condemn them.

So what are we doing to stop them? Are we organizing rallies? Supporting candidates and organizers who are speaking out?

No. We’re spending the day consumed with a bullshit internecine pie fight, going the same way all pie fights go. Someone starts it with a snarky and imprecise reference to people on the other side of some intra-party divide. Then someone overreacts by interpreting it far more broadly, and it escalates from there until you end up with a thousand-comment thread consisting mostly of Bernie and Hillary people blaming each other for 2016.

Regardless of your precise feelings about last year, this is exactly what happened to us. We spent all year fighting the wrong battles, tearing each other apart rather than coming together to defeat evil. We’re doing it again today. We need each other — literally, as neither the Bernie nor Hillary faction has anywhere near a majority of the population. We join together or we lose forever.

Will we ever learn? If actual Nazis marching openly in the streets of American cities, tacitly encouraged by the president, can’t teach us to stop eating our own, what can?