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Preview: Future of Music Coalition - Localism

Future of Music Coalition - Localism


Ensemble Digital: The Kronos Quartet's Sidney Chen on the Open Internet

Thu, 21 Aug 2008 05:00:00 +0000

Casey Rae-Hunter and Jean Cook
Thursday, August 21, 2008

When think of classical music listeners, you might not picture web-savvy youth firing off blog posts about the great recital they just attended, or flitting through social networks to interact with their favorite contemporary ensemble. But according to Sidney Chen, Artistic Administrator of the avant-classical ensemble Kronos Quartet, all that and more is currently happening online, thanks to a cool little concept called net neutrality.

In this article, FMC’s Jean Cook and Casey Rae-Hunter talk to Sidney Chen about the importance of net neutrality for the Kronos Quartet, which depends on the Internet to reach potential audiences. “Our projects don’t normally fit neatly into genres,” Chen says. “The Internet allows us to reach those people who aren’t reliant solely on mainstream media and other information gatekeepers.”

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Music Community Unites Against Radio Payola

Wed, 13 May 2015 20:29:54 +0000


If you’ve ever negotiated with bandmates about where to eat after a gig, you know that musicians can have strong—and sometimes divergent—opinions about a lot of different things.  Expand that to the broader music community—which includes independent and major record labels, managers, advocacy groups, artist unions and fans—and it gets even more complex. (Are we still talking about grub? Kinda getting hungry ourselves.)

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Comcast Gets Coal in Its Stocking for Mega-Merger

Mon, 29 Dec 2014 16:13:32 +0000


How is it possible that a single company can be America’s biggest cable television provider, its largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) and also own a major motion picture and television studio (NBC-Universal)? What happens when that company is allowed to get even bigger by gobbling up another huge ISP and cable provider?

The answer to question number one comes down to regulators’ failure to reign in Comcast—even with its history of poor customer service, skyrocketing prices and troubling network management agenda. (Credit Comcast’s army of lawyers and lobbyists, who have poured tons of money into influencing lawmakers from state legislatures to the federal government. Then there’s there’s the company’s latest move to offer better—or any—customer service to Washington, DC’s policy elite.)

The answer to question number two is higher prices for consumers, less choice—and, most importantly for us—fewer opportunities for content creators to reach audiences on fair terms.

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FMC Keynote Address at Minnesota Music Summit

Thu, 10 Apr 2014 19:39:22 +0000

Interim Executive Director Casey Rae Speaks to MN Musicians and Composers
Casey Rae
Monday, March 10, 2014

Good morning. Thank you for all for being here, and thank you for having me at the Minnesota Music Summit. It’s truly an honor to be joining you at this amazing event. Today, I want to explore the future of music, which is still being written, and which you all can play a part in writing. Some of the issues I’ll be bringing up will no doubt be familiar to you. Others may not be as familiar. But it’s not just about me giving some prepared remarks, it’s about dialog. It’s about the very real connections between people who are passionate about music, who create it and nurture it. And those are the connections that I love to make. In 2014, there’s no single approach to being a musician or composer, so it’s become critical that we listen and learn from one another.

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Comcast Takeover of Time Warner Cable is a Bum Note for Musicians

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 17:58:44 +0000


On February 12, 2014, news broke that Comcast, already America’s biggest Internet service provider and video distributor, would attempt to buy Time Warner Cable for 45.2 billion dollars. The deal would impact everything from internet access and pricing to how media is delivered.

The following statement is from FMC Interim Executive Director Casey Rae:

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FMC Statement on Departure of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Fri, 22 Mar 2013 19:35:08 +0000


Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that he would be stepping down from his post, which he has held since the 2008 election of President Barack Obama.

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Future of Music Statement on the Departure of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:35:28 +0000

March 22, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that he would be stepping down from his post, which he has held since the 2008 election of President Barack Obama.

The following statement is attributed to Casey Rae, Deputy Director of Future of Music Coalition (FMC), a national non-profit research, education and advocacy organization for musicians.

“News of Chairman Genachowski’s departure was not unexpected, and comes at a crucial time for the FCC in terms of its commitments to an accessible media and communications environment for America.

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Media Files:

Why Media Ownership Matters to Musicians

Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:58:54 +0000


Are you a musician? Do you live in a town with an awesome music scene? Are you or any of your peers enjoying recognition in your community or beyond? Do you get airplay on your local commercial radio station?

If you live in Los Angeles and your band is Red Hot Chili Peppers, you can skip the last question. If you are among the rest of musical humanity, we’re guessing the answer is “not so much.”

A more important question to ask is why even the most celebrated local and regional bands can’t crack commercial playlists in their own backyards. This has much less to do with talent or popularity and everything to do with media ownership.

So who’s in charge of that, anyway?

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Local Media (Still) Matters

Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:53:54 +0000

(image) media.png

Where do you get your media? If you’re like millions of people, it’s probably some combination of the internet, broadcasting and even old-fashioned print publications. As the adage goes, information is power — now more than ever before. Which is why diversity of channels and viewpoints is so important. The internet is amazing in this regard, but it’s only part of the picture. Local media can offer a platform for community voices that tend to get lost in the vastness of the global internet. Not to mention the fact that not every American has access to affordable broadband. This is why it is crucial to nurture diversity of content and programming on traditional media platforms like radio.

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FCC plan could give LPFM apps an edge over FM translators

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 13:57:26 +0000

In a July 12 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the FCC opened the door for possible inclusion of low-power FM (LPFM) station applications alongside applications for FM translators (low-power stations that relay full-power FM signals). The FCC has committed to LPFM as a tool for bringing more community voices to the airwaves, but this move may pit existing stations against new applicants in competition for the same limited frequencies.

“It looks like the FCC is taking the right step forward in terms of trying to ensure that those opportunities for LPFM exist at all,” said Casey Rae-Hunter, deputy director of the Future of Music Coalition. Without such a compromise, the opportunity for new LPFMs could “just completely go away,” he said.

Monday, July 25, 2011
Mike Janssen

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