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Parting Ways Column Receives Top Story at the OC RegisterdcarsonOC Register StoryPat White

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:37:09 +0000

My Parting Ways Column at the Orange County Register entitled “Dying Woman Reveals Gangster Family Secret” hit top story at the Orange County Register with more than 30,000 hits and top story at Yahoo News. Read the column below… The framed sepia photograph flashes a dazzling flapper draped in fur and Pat White as a […](image)

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Book Release Celebration in Los AngelesdcarsonBook Celebration Denise Greeting GuestsGina Calderone Lighting CandleLiving Eulogy Jolene and DeniseChef Ryan Carson

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 18:18:58 +0000

Parting Ways Column By Denise Carson Author’s Cut of the Orange County Register Column on the Book Release Celebration I brought the pages of my book, Parting Ways, alive upon lighting a candle for my mother, and then for my father at a table covered in votive candles. I wasn’t in a church, or a […](image)

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