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The Henderson Brothers return to the stage!


The Henderson Brothers Band! This gig is truly a miracle! My brother Jon (on the right in the photo) went in for lung surgery on May 30. He's been fighting cancer since 1999. He spent all of June and July unconscious in ICU! We very nearly lost him! Once again Jon was ...

Guitar amplifier


KLDT-10: Portable sharp-looking combo Output Power10wtts (R.M.S) Impedance: 4Ω Speaker: 4.5inch Functions: 2-ban EQ, (bass and treble ), skirted knobs; silver grille cloth Headphone Jack Packing Number : 8 pcs/Carton for KGAT10A ; 6 pcs/Carton for K10. Dimensions & Weight ( outer packing ) : KGAT10A , 570( W ) x ...

Guitar amplifier


Kailing Electronic co.,Ltd was found in 2001 specialized in musical instruments and electronic audio products. The main production include Electric guitar amplifier, Bass amplifier. We have strict quality control system, perfect training system for employee, and fast response delivery production system. So we can provide customers with high quality, competitive prices, ...

Please Help Derek Trucks!!!!


Derek Trucks Band Needs Your HELP! Please Read and HELP ASAP!!! The Derek Trucks Band's equipment trailer was stolen last night in Atlanta. I need to purchase the following equipment ASAP. Anyone who is willing to sell any of this gear, please call me at ...... Read more here.......

My New Two Rock SIG!!!


Clips Here: Sig Funk Short Sig Funk Long SteelyClip

Discover Music - Pandora - KILLER!


Discover Music - Pandora Ever since we started the Music Genome Project, our friends would ask: Can you help me discover more music that I'll like? Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Each friend told ...

Still Rocking, Still Swaggering, Still the Stones - New York Times


Still Rocking, Still Swaggering, Still the Stones - New York Times BOSTON, Aug. 21 - Four decades ago, the Rolling Stones made their name by defying propriety. Now they are defying age. They opened their latest tour tonight at Fenway Park, with an audience of 36,000 filling the stands, the outfield ...