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The People Who Make The Games Talking To The People Who Play The Games .... with Tomgurg

Last Build Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:16:25 +0000


Chunkin’ Punkins – A Conversation With…Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback (and some guy named Kirkman) about Legends of Sleepy Hollowsleepy4atomgurgsleepy4asleepy7sleepy5sleepy8monster trucksleepy9sleepy11sleepy3

Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:16:21 +0000

The Controlling Idea – This is the idea that you are designing for a certain player experience. What are you trying to achieve for the player? What experience do you want them to have? BEN – The experience is to bring the excitement of a campaign based adventure computer game to the tabletop. We really […](image)

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Chilling And Grilling – A Conversation With…Darrell Louder, Unpub’s Main Mantomgurg

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 22:00:52 +0000

I’m joined by Darrell Louder. Darrell is the director of The Unpub Network, a published game designer, and a big wig at Panda Manufacturing. Hi Darrell. It’s great to have you back as my guest on Go Forth And Game. Great to be back. Have to say, missed you at our previous Unpub. You are […](image)

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The Terra Prime Directive – A Conversation With…Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Gamesthumbnail-crusaders-squaretomgurg

Sun, 17 Sep 2017 20:44:13 +0000

Hi Seth. Welcome back. Thanks for having me! You’ve been around the game industry for a while. But there may be a few newbies that don’t know you. How about a brief bio? For those who don’t know me, my name is Seth Jaffee, and I’m a game designer, and a developer for Tasty Minstrel Games. I snuck into the industry when my best friend Michael Mindes started a company to publish my first game (Terra Prime), as well as a […](image)

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Pack O’ Fun – A Review of Pack O’ Games 2pack o game 2tomgurgPerplext

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 22:25:00 +0000

I’ve discussed these games during my interview with Chris Handy recently but I wanted to give my brief inpressions of each game. I’m not going to get into how to play each game. You can find the rules for each here. So to start off: RUM – RUM is a set collection game at its […](image)

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Stealing Home with Mike Mullins and Darrell Louder… A Conversation About Bottom of the 9thtomgurgbot9abot9fbot9gunpubbot9bbot9jbot9gbot9c

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:03:00 +0000

With baseball season cranking up I thought it would be cool to re-post my interview with Mike & Darrell about their awesome baseball game, Bottom Of The Ninth. Enjoy.   This inning I’m joined by Mike Mullins and Darrell Louder, co-designers of the home run Bottom Of The Ninth.  We talk about the game, Unpub […](image)

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Tilting The Pinball Wizard – A Conversation With…Diane Sauer of Shoot Again Gamestomgurg

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 22:07:22 +0000

I’m talking to Diane Sauer again. This time we converse about Pinball Showdown, Shoot Again Game’s newest card game. The game has already funded on Kickstarter and looks like a lot of fun. As always you can get it at iTunes or right here. Filed under: Uncategorized(image)

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You’ve An Invitation To – A Conversation With…Mitchell Shipman, the designer of Find Your Seatstomgurg

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 21:59:00 +0000

It’s time to talk to Mitchel Shipman, the designer of Button Shy Games new title, Find Your Seats. This is a neat game about conversations. iTunes has the show or you can get it here. Filed under: Uncategorized(image)

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Kicking In The Turbo – Part 2 with Rob Cramertomgurg

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 21:50:53 +0000

It’s part 2 of m interview with Rob Cramer. More about Turbo Drift, Star Wars, and much more. Grab it on iTunes or right here. Filed under: Uncategorized(image)

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Into The Drift – A Conversation With…Rob Cramer, part 1tomgurg

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 21:45:28 +0000

I’m talking to Rob Cramer, the designer of Turbo Drift, a new game from Button Shy Games. Turbo Drift is a cool real time racing game. Have a listen and then leave some feedback. You can get the show at iTunes or right here – Filed under: Uncategorized(image)

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My Favorite RPG’stomgurgDogs_in_the_Vineyard_cover_smallcold citydryh-220Fate Core Coversotc-220DAR_FATECore_Shopify_1_1024x1024web_fiascoDread cover

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 03:03:43 +0000

I’m doing something a bit different. I want to get on a regular posting schedule. One way to do that is to re-post some popular articles from the past. Here is a post from two years ago. 6. Dogs In The Vineyard – I’ve played Dogs several times and it is pretty fun. You play […](image)

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