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Tue, 12 Dec 2017 23:24:48 +0000

TRAILER TUESDAY TIME! AVENGERS, READY PLAYER ONE, JURASSIC WORLD.. THAT time of year again. You know the type of thing. Film studios whet collective appetites for the forthcoming year with a sudden storm of big, blockbusting trailers.   The top 3 this time have to be:   AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR It’s an excellent trailer. Clear sense of structure, story and style, with stakes to match. This feels like a culmination that has been earned throughout the Marvel movies. We know that bad things will happen here, though quite how bad, and with what finality, remains to be seen. It is foreboding without wallowing in being ‘dark’ for own sake. Lots of clues and mysteries but no doubt a few red herrings and shots that will be presented differently in the final cut? This has a new significance now that it looks as though Marvel will indeed, via Disney, re-acquire the direct rights to film X Men and Fantastic Four properties. Though quite how much or little those seeds are sown, if at all, in the Infinity War story, remains to be seen. An ensemble piece. But each hero will get a fitting arc, it seems. Hope we get an ending to match the first Avengers film, with Tony and Pepper possibly tying the knot? Be fun to see Downey meet Cumberbatch, anyway: two Sherlocks! Great to hear the Silvestri score beats used in opening and closing moments of the trailer. Anyway, it’s THE most viewed trailer. EVER. But, if you simply cannot wait to see it, no doubt this new BLACK PANTHER international trailer spot should help manage those pangs.   READY PLAYER ONE This is VERY much a classic Spielberg product, delivered by the man himself. You can have all the Guardians of the Galaxies and Stranger Things throwbacks and JJ Abrams homages you want. NOTHING beats the ACTUAL Spielberg visual / atmospheric style. He is also prolific, coming hot off THE POST  So, this COULD be a double whammy year again, akin to ’93/94. Remember? When Mr Spielberg won BOTH the highest grossing blockbuster at the Box Office (JURASSIC PARK: more on that shortly..) AND a fleet of Oscars for his worthier art in SCHINDLER’S LIST? That. The Post is already a Golden Globes favourite. So, Oscars..are not impossible. Fuse that to a likely box office win for READY PLAYER ONE and..Bingo. Reservations? Well, trailer is a BIT like TRON 2. And we know how that went. It’s also arguably a love letter, by himself, to himself, from Spielberg? And when he tries to ‘do’ dystopic future, he rarely wins (MINORITY REPORT was fabulous, but AI went a bit TOO dark).   JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM So: JURASSIC WORLD hit big. REALLY big, back in 2015. But that was, in part, because there had been a long absence since the so-so third film in the series. It was also a soft reboot of sorts and gave a natural progression of a sequel (actual theme park: open and gone wrong) to the original, with a solid mix of nostalgic callbacks thrown in. Some maligned it, unfairly. The piece was by no means that spectacular or innovative. But it provided some good set-pieces, Chris Pratt /Bryce Dallas Howard were a likable double act and the film broke records at the Box Office. What was missing? I argued back then that Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm was an asset in need of return to the franchise. Someone listened. Life found a way? 😉 Goldblum is back in this sequel and the trailer reveals that. Great. That alone seals the film potentially being worth a watch.   Sadly the trailer also gives away a whole lot more, including spoilers that ruin a few cliffhanging set-pieces and the whole premise of the plot. So, either they have a LOT more left to reveal AND are slightly misleading us..or..this is the weakest of the three trailers in question here? Remember THAT trailer back in late 1996, pre Christmas for THE LOST WORLD? THAT was the genius of Spielberg. ONE image. ONE hint. In its way stimulating far greater curiosities and providing better entertainment than anything on offer in its 2017/18 counterpart. JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM [...]

Poliflix is Back with a SteamPunk Themed Advent Episode: Sherlock Holmes, Wild Wild West and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen face Dave Bond and James Murphy!

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 16:23:32 +0000

POLITFLIX: THE STEAMPUNK EPISODE! Well..we are back. And this time it’ Yes the audio is improving! And with the countdown to Christmas upon us, Dave and James sit down to talk through the usual news and comment and also take a retrospective look at some semi-seasonal atmospheric examples of the ‘steampunk’ genre. So: crack open that mulled wine and advent calendar, chomp on a mince pie and..relax and click below for a hopefully enjoyable listen! ‘THE GAME IS AFOOT!’. ‘Elementary’..etc..   Post Script Show Notes: James Murphy is Editor in Chief at Movie Viral Dave Bond is host at Do You Expect us to Talk? Sherlock Holmes   Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Basil Rathbone Wild Wild West   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen PolitFlix will return in the TONY STARK episode 😉 

Josiah Black star of recent JIGSAW film talks Movies, Acting, Politics, Comedy and confronting Mr Jigsaw!

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 15:31:58 +0000

Josiah Black: Real Life Hero. Comedy Expert. Rising Star. Oh and a veteran of the JIGSAW franchise!    Tomorrow’s Talent. Today. That was our mission statement ages back when asked why we interview the up and coming names rather than pitching for the obvious household names. In our opinion, going truly ‘viral’ is about original vision, being the first to spot that trend, rather than jumping bandwagons. We ourselves are something of a niche and novelty, just getting started. It makes perfect sense therefore to look at big productions and thereby spot the NEXT big name. Josiah Black very kindly sat down with us over a virtual ‘cuppa’ to talk about his careers, ambitions, experiences and philosophies. A BIT of politics is thrown in so technically’s a POLITFLIX! Enjoy..(JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW: MR JIGSAW DEMANDS IT ;))     Post Script Show Notes:  JIGSAW is a new episode in the SAW horror /thriller franchise. James Murphy is Editor in Chief at Movie Viral Josiah Black: Josiah Black is a Canadian/American film/TV actor on the up rise. He is most recently known for his work in such films as Jigsaw, American Bad Boy (alongside Katt Williams), Kindergarten Cop 2 playing opposite Dolph Lundgren and Bill Bellamy, Sex and the Single Alien (directed by Peter Daskaloff) as well as various other notable credits with more to come. Josiah was born in Thailand where he spent the first five years of his life allowing him to develop his cultured background before his family moved to a Vancouver suburb in British Columbia, Canada called Mission. There he discovered his passion for the creative arts as a guitarist and singer in a rock group known as “Apprehended”. He played in various bands and solo acts until the moment he began acting in Vancouver training with coach, Bart Anderson. Shortly after producing, writing and starring in his own film alongside brother, Paul, they both moved to California where they would pursue both modeling and stand up comedy while continuing to further their craft of acting. Josiah still performs around Los Angeles and various cities. In his off time he can frequently be caught surfing and travelling the coast with his wife in one of their 3 classic VW camper vans. If you would like one of the custom posters shown on this page that feature Josh: drop us a line and we will sort out a signed copy!    Angela Pineau: Angela put us in touch with Josh and should, in time, be a world famous Production Designer!    

Justice League is not Perfect. But it has Heart and Soul. Likable. Watchable. Retrievable.

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 00:24:22 +0000

Justice League Review By James Murphy The Pitch: A Team of Heroes must save Earth from an alien super-being. Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot Director: Zack Snyder Writer: Joss Whedon 2 hrs /12A/PG-13/Action/adventure/comic book/Warner Bros (nb some sorta spoilers are involved) Justice League is in trouble. Real trouble. A failure to reach the magic $100 million weekend target is a fairly terminal mark of death on a franchise that had barely begun to fly. But don’t judge a movie on its box office alone. And avoid the mistake of filtering every comic book movie’s quality through the Marvel market ethos comparison. Think instead: would any other type of film be deemed a failure for failing the $100 million test? No. It’s a good figure. Think also: did we even know what a ‘Marvel’ movie was a decade ago? No. So now: simply imagine you see Justice League on its own terms. Is this a fun, functional, entertaining movie? Does it have charm and heart and moments of magic: Yes, absolutely. So this film, despite being a disappointment, (both critically and commercially) and something of a curate’s egg, is, for all its flaws, an adequate piece of cinematic entertainment. It might not work but the critical distinction is that you WANT this to work. Trust me. There is enough good will on show that you can simply embrace the drawbacks and endure them. The undercurrent of good will invested in the film shines through. So: you might look back and wish this had been a bigger box office hit, when it’s sat gathering dust on a shelf in years from now, under the inevitable ‘led to another reboot’ cinematic sub division. If you do go and see it, now? What are the assets and liabilities, at first glance? The cast is a jewel in the crown. Ben Affleck is a definitive Batman. And he now tempers that with a more approachable yet still world weary and battle-scarred Bruce Wayne. Looks so cool in all his costumes (inc one nod to Han Solo’s gear from Empire Strikes Back). Offscreen: one can see that Affleck is enduring the inevitable collapse of this iteration of the character /franchise. Terrible shame, as one can only dream of quite how great his writing and directing on a Batman movie would have been. I hope he’s ok. Seriously. He’s being treated with contempt by a bloodthirsty media and that is a sad thing to witness. Henry Cavill is a sublime Superman. Ok fine there is some debate about the ‘moustache’ problem. But so what? Yes. He had a ‘tache for the new Mission: Impossible. He was called back for re-shoots on Justice League so they CGI’d out the whiskers. It’s a bad special effect. But the actor is great in the part; earnest yet not overly so, via the right measure of emboldened ass kicking. Strong, sensitive, funny in places and competent and convincing in the action scenes: Cavill is a star. There is a reason why he was almost James Bond and could be again. I would also add that, offscreen: this is a model citizen. In an era whereby those in the public eye are under a new and intense scrutiny, I can hand on heart predict Cavill’s being beyond reproach. Articulate, polished, gentlemanly and a beloved supporter of the Armed Forces, this is a truly super man. Gal Gadot is a Goddess. No..I mean she PLAYS a Goddess. No. I mean..she IS a Goddess. Incredible. This is dedicated Athlete, action heroine, actress. It’s a work of beautiful art seeing Gal move in harmony with the score and visuals. As though she were some mythological manifestation made real on film. Btw: her immaculate physique is in part a product of a military fitness regime, which includes those awful bear crawls (trust me, the girl suffers for her art!). Roll on Wonder Woman 2. There are some great laughs to be had. A few bittersweet cries, too. Like I say: the film has heart and warmth and soul. It is, for the most part, visually stunning and epic in scale, scope and style. This[...]

As Justice League Hits Screens and Gotham by Gaslight Trailer hits online we look at the Top Ten DC Animated Movies So Far

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 12:17:48 +0000

THE 10 BEST DC ANIMATED FILMS When it comes to the greatest animated films of all time, the DC universe has been a major contributor. Although Marvel has greatly excelled against competitors in its cinematic universe, DC has constructively established an animated movie empire, which has spawned over the years. Interestingly, all their films have been adapted from their comic storylines to suit a mature audience. When compared to superb live action movies like Donner’s Superman or Bat Fleck, these flicks might not be getting the same exposure. However, it doesn’t mean they are not as good-if not superior and more engaging. While almost every one of them has been a major hit at the box office, there are still few that were just “too” good. These ones are a must watch for if you haven’t seen them yet. With this in mind, here are the 10 best DC animated films list, which includes your favourite superheroes. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm This thriller is not just the greatest DC animated film of all time; it is also the no.1 choice in the animated film feature. The mere fact it’s still making the headlines 24 years after the first release shows this movie is a true gem. Batman: Under the Red Hood The methods and ideology of our favourite superhero, Batman is challenged by a menace, Red Hood, who is later revealed as Todd in disguise. If you support the Dark Knight, then this movie is certainly a must watch for you. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Compared to all the multiverse and multiple superhero collections we have come across so far, none tells a clearer story than The Flashpoint Paradox. And it does that in just 81 minutes. The movie is a real stunner and definitely preferable to the likes of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s arc. Seeing the live-action wouldn’t be a bad idea. Justice League: War All the hype for the Justice League definitely paid off in this one. Justice League: War presents the story in the most amazing style. The best theme song; the perfect blend of superhero characters; and an incredibly solid story origin-you won’t find a better Justice League movie with free online slots no deposit win real money. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns The legendary action packed movie is a perfect art translation of comic Batman storyline. Director, Jay Olivia once again delivered to the Batman “community” with this sensational 148 minutes thriller. Wonder Woman If you were really stunned by Patty Jenkins’ live action thriller like many of us, then you shouldn’t miss this animated feature by DC, Wonder Woman. The incredibly massively scoped epic adopts a solid story origin with the finest selection of characters. There is no way you won’t enjoy this one. Batman: Assault On Arkham Don’t be deceived by the title. Although the Dark Knight is featured in the film, he only plays a supporting role. Instead, the movie is about the violent tale of nefarious Suicide Squad group. Aside from the title, the movie was a suicide story we were all happy to see. Superman: Doomsday Although we would never wish for our superhero to die, his death was the major defining moment of this intriguing feature. Based on the storyline of the comic; Superman: Doomsday is the perfect show of justice. The story origin couldn’t have been better. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker We all thought the coming of Batman Beyond: The Coming of the Joker was mere to cash-in on the popular successful series. However, we were wrong. The Joker is finally back and the struggle continues. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract The Judas Contract is the latest release in the Teen Titans series. It is supposedly one of the most adventurous collections, offering the perfect blend of drama, tragedy and comedy. While they are definitely other great animated films in DC universe, the ones above are worth your time and money. You should add them to your movie collections if yo[...]