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What’s the real deal about Online Homeschooling?


Conventional schooling systems are slowly becoming obsolete and it is about time we took notice. In fact, they are being replaced by more sophisticated online homeschooling platforms that provide students with access to their entire course material from virtually any place. All they need is access to the internet. Yes, that’s true. Students no longer require a computer either. With technological advances taking the field of education by storm, children these days are able to browse through their entire course material on portable tablets and in some cases even their smartphones. Online K-12 courses aren’t limited to desktop computers and laptops anymore. The world as we know it is rapidly changing and we need to be prepared. More than us, it is our children who need to be equipped for what lies ahead.Several parents have been aggressively pulling their children out of traditional schooling environments because of the several advantages online learning systems offer them. Recent studies show a rapidly rising enrollment rate for online K-12 courses all across the United States. In fact, online schools are slowly proving to be the future of our entire education system.They are economically very viable and are suited to educate virtually anyone who’s willing to learn. There are courses available for all kinds of students including special and gifted children. Working professionals too can take their pick of courses without really worrying too much about scheduling their classes. The only minor hurdle most people face currently is in making the transition. Online homeschooling is a whole different ballgame than what most of us have grown up with. Moving away from a system that has worked for us for decades and adopting something entirely new will certainly throw up some apprehensions.The best way out of this however, is to spend a little time learning more about online learning platforms. Several parents over the recent past have raised reasonable concerns about the effectiveness of online K-12 courses. Like every concerned parent out there, teachers and educators too, share the same concerns. While critics will always exist, there are some strong points working for online schools in the country. Graduation rates in the country have been improving. The dropout rates too, have been on the decline. Students seem to be showing renewed interest in their education and several of them have been exploring options to make up for lost credits. Amidst all this encouraging information, the only concern that seems to stand out is that of the long-term effectiveness of such learning avenues. Are they really as good as they claim to be when stacked up against brick-and-mortar schools?Online homeschooling works fundamentally on the principle of independent learning. Students are encouraged to take on the personal responsibility of their own education. In fact, online homeschool courses allow students complete flexibility to schedule their study time as well as the pace at which they would like to complete the learning of their course material. At Forest Trail Academy, we have always believed in and continue to encourage the attitude of lifelong learning. In truth, no one’s learning process ever stops. It is up to us to choose whether we want to continue the learning process we started as children or limit the potential of our minds by giving up on the learning process after a certain age. [...]

Why Choose Forest Trail Academy?


While online home schooling isn’t a new concept to people in the United States, the technology currently being used is definitely a lot more advanced and is moving forward at a rapid rate. Adapting to new technology has never been an issue with the young generation, which is something we need to take advantage of, especially when the technology being embraced is all set to benefit them in a huge manner. Forest Trail Academy has always embraced change and it is one of the key factors we focus on when imbibing in our students the values and skills they need to be successful in the real world. As most of you may be aware, there are a number of schools in the country conducting online K-12 courses. So, why should you choose to enroll with Forest Trail Academy?For starters, Forest Trail Academy is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and is also nationally accredited by MSA-CESS. We provide our students with a course curriculum that is aligned and articulated to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Moreover, our integrated online learning platform offers our students access to some of the best online facilities one could ask for. For those of you who may be new to the concepts of online education and distance learning, we’ve even come up with an online demo facility, available at, to help you browse through and know more about the kind of online environment you would be studying in.Studying online is now an option for students across the country and across different grade levels too. While most parents are aware of online high schools, there are online middle schools and online elementary schools as well in the country that are helping groom students for the future. Online learning isn’t just for high school students but also for lower grades and working professionals as well. In addition to helping working professionals get back to school and further their education, online environments have also been employed by companies to impart training to their workforce in an endeavor to further their competencies while keeping costs low. From the perspective of imparting education at the school level, online schoolingcertainly seems to be the way forward in delivering high quality education at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.Helping our children gain back their advantage over their global counterparts is of prime importance and the adoption of online education and distance learning is one sure way to help them get there. Online K-12 coursesrun by online high schools, online middle schools and online elementary schools in the country have opened up so many new possibilities and opportunities for students to pursue their different interests without compromising on their current education. They have been given the opportunity to explore subjects that may have been out of the purview of their traditional education course curriculum without any real hassles. All they need to do is log in to their computers to access their course material, thereby making it a very viable and feasible alternative to traditional education.[...]

Learn More about Virtual Schools


Pursuant to the numerous myths surrounding contemporary virtual schools, the kind of education that is imparted to students studying in a virtual environment seems to be another major concern for most parents seeking to enroll their children with virtual schools in the United States.While the results have been promising in various schools across the nation, there is a certain skepticism that still persists in the minds of parents owing to the new technology it employs. Unlike their children, most parents haven’t been exposed to information technology and seem to have a hard time grasping the concept behind virtual learning environments. Since most have grown up in traditional learning environments, having your school available at your fingertips is something they could never imagine experiencing. However, as time passes by and more parents and students open up to the idea of online learning, several schools such as Forest Trail Academy are in the perfect position to help students capitalize on the opportunities that are available to them via such learning environments.Best K-12 Virtual School in United StatesForest Trail Academy is one such virtual school in the United States that is responsible for the improving graduation rates of students from high school. Over the years, although many may not agree, the graduation rates of students have been dropping resulting in a high rate of high school dropouts. With the Federal Government embarking upon an ambitious journey to ensure that ‘No Child is Left Behind’, ensuring students stay in school and graduate has been a herculean task, at least till online schools came along. With students now being provided with the flexibility they require and a learning environment that is highly interactive and also tailor-made to suit each student’s needs, learning has never been more fun and interactive and the results speak for themselves. While parents may still harbor doubts about the effectiveness of online learning solutions, academicians are all praise for the solutions available at hand since they are certainly delivering what is expected of them.Studying online isn’t just about earning a high school diploma. It is about exploring new avenues in an endeavor to further the standard of education in the United States. For long, America has been known to be the most favored destination for students from around the world. But the last decade has seen us lose that status as more and more students now prefer to go to Europe and Asia. In terms of affordability too, online solutions have a lot more to offer when compared with traditional schooling methods since they are a lot more cost-effective to set up and require very little investment for maintenance. As college education gets more expensive, the average American definitely needs more economical alternatives to garner a good quality education. In matters relating to concerns about the results of availing such an education, the statistics speak for themselves. Online education is certainly the future of our education system![...]

Bullying an Evil in Todays World - Forest Trail Academy


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Enrollments are Open!!! Earn Right Education for Your Bright Future


 Accredited Online High SchoolForest Trail Academy is an online school offering world-class education to the students of USA and worldwide. Our K-12 courses include online elementary school (kindergarten to Grade 5), online middle school (Grade 6 to Grade 8), and online high school (Grade 9 to Grade 12). We offer Dual enrollment programs for college-minded students to earn college credits whilst in high school. Apart from the full-time courses, we do offer Individual courses/credit recovery courses, summer school, Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We are accredited from NCPSA, MSA-CESS, AdvancED, and Accreditation International (AI). Our accreditations endorse the level of quality of education we provide. Online K-12 Courses curriculum is developed by highly qualified education experts. Courses are taught by licensed teachers/instructors certified in online instruction. Accredited Online K-12 Courses:Online High School: Online high school course is offered to the students from Grade 9 to Grade 12.  School serves as the college preparatory courses. High school students learn advanced topics of core subjects and provided with an option to select electives of their interest from wide range of electives. We allow students to select customized curriculum of subjects of their interest. Our elective courses lay path to diverse career options. Click here to view Online High School CoursesDual Enrollment Program: Forest Trail Academy provides increased set of opportunities to students by offering Dual Enrollment Program. Our Dual enrollment program is offered to high school students to earn college credits whilst in high school. We proudly announce our partnership in start point program with Waldorf College in providing diploma courses.  Our high school students get an opportunity to attend college online taught by Waldorf College experienced professors.Click here to view Dual Enrollment Program College Credits / Associate DegreeAdvanced Placement Courses: Our Advance Placement (AP) courses help high school students to prepare for college level courses. AP courses are taught for full academic year and tests and advanced placement program is managed by College Board. Click here to view Advanced Placement CoursesElective Courses: Our online high school students have an opportunity to select elective courses of their interest from diverse list of elective courses. These courses allow students to pursue their areas of interest apart from the core subjects. Online Elective courses lay path to diverse career options.Click here to view Online Elective CoursesApart from the above courses we do offer Online Elementary School, Online Middle School, Summer School, Individual / Credit Recovery courses. We do offer sports training for our high school and post graduate student athletes.  We encourage students pursuing career in other fields by providing them education. We merely work for every student success. We understand needs of every individual and their capabilities and nurture them to be successful in education and career.For any further queries regarding the courses and enrollment process, you are welcome to contact our Admissions Advisor. You can also apply online to the courses of your interest.  We are available online and you can also reach us on call at 800.890.6269 / 561.537.5501[...]

Credit Recovery Courses to Get Students Back On Track


Are you a grade level behind? Looking for a school to earn your lost credits!!! You are at a right place. Online School helps you out in earning the lost credits and gets you back on track. Read below how credit recovery courses help academic drop outs who are falling a grade level behind.Credit Recovery has been gaining a lot of importance of late primarily due to the increasing dropout rate in the United Sates. There may be several reasons for students falling behind such as falling short of the required credits due to excessive absence, inability to keep pace with the entire class or various other factors. In such cases, students miss out on their graduation because of inadequate credits.The good news is that students no longer need to be worried about this. With online schools in the United States now offering access to courses online, students everywhere can now enroll and complete their courses at their own convenience. In this manner, they can earn the required credits to complete their graduation.In keeping with the objectives of the No Child Left Behind Act, Forest Trail Academy offers you Credit Recovery courses online to help you graduate. We believe everyone deserves a second chance, which is why we offer you the option of either completing your courses online or via correspondence. Forest Trail Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education and is fully accredited by the MSA-CESS and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation programs and School Improvement (SACS CASI).Being accredited by globally renowned organizations allows our students to transfer credits to other schools and colleges in America. Our degrees and diplomas are accepted by other schools, colleges, universities, governments and employers too.We also have a 2-month Summer School program that allows students to get back on track. By applying for additional courses and electives, you can now pursue additional diplomas and degrees while continuing your regular schooling via conventional schooling methods.In this manner, not only can you get a jump start on college but you can also make up for lost credits and lost opportunities. Additionally, studying online also provides you with the freedom to explore other courses without hampering your regular schooling.Being able to study online allows you to enjoy several benefits that conventional schools cannot provide. You have complete control over your study schedule and can set the pace of learning according to your own capabilities. Moreover, studying in an environment that is conducive to your progress and free from distractions will enable you to learn better and explore your course material in a much better manner.Not only is learning online a much more feasible and convenient option but it is also an economically viable option. For most, conventional education costs seem to be pushing a good education out of their reach. With schools such as Forest Trail Academy, you can access high quality education from the comfort of your own home. We have even launched an online demo application that allows you to evaluate firsthand the nuances of the platform we offer you so that you know just how easy it can get.If you have any questions about our programs or would like additional information on the online credit recovery courses we offer you, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses:Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses[...]

How Online Home Schooling can help you chart your child’s future


Reflecting upon times in the past when your child depended on you for practically everything is not uncommon among parents once they grow up to be independent. But no matter how you slice it, your responsibility toward your child as a parent never ends. Every parent is responsible for ensuring their child receives the right kind of education and has access to the maximum number of opportunities once they’re done with their education. While most parents find this to be uncharted territory, online schools in the United States are here to help you navigate your way through this trying phase of your life. Helping your child get his or her high school diploma is just the first step. That’s only going to get them through the door. As a parent, it is up to you to decide on what’s right for them and help them secure opportunities that will help them succeed in the future. Online education and distance learning are just tools to help you get there.Online learning environments have proven to be very viable alternatives to traditional schooling methods especially in terms of costs involved and given the current economic crisis we've just managed to get ourselves out of, such platforms are proof of efficient solutions that will help put our children back on the right path to success. Earning a high school diploma isn't just about getting a degree; it’s about securing and attaining the required knowledge that will help your children chart a successful career path for themselves. Employers these days are looking for more than just a degree. They want to know what else it is that a person can bring to the table. If you’re thinking about equipping your child to be one of those students who makes it in the real world then you have got to consider the use of distance learning options.In addition to being great for students and delivering the goods, online learning platforms offer parents and teachers versatile options to interact with students and monitor their progress on a consistent basis. Since physical presence is not required, parent-teacher meetings can be conducted online at the convenience of both, parent and teacher, and the modes of communication that can be employed too, offer you a number of choices. At the end of the day, you need to make sure your child is registered and enrolled with an accredited online school in the country since credentials play a very important role when it comes to college acceptance and job applications. Forest Trail Academy understands just how important these factors are to a child’s future, which is why our online school is fully accredited and registered with the Florida Department of Education.If you’d like to know more about us, we’re just a click away. Log on to Forest Trail Academy today!Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses: Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses[...]

Teacher at Accredited k12 Online High School-Forest Trail Academy


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Mrs. Hillesheim, the science teacher Forest Trail Academy shares her experiences and views about the school and the students. K12 Virtual High school is amazing, where it can be justice in academic charging, and meet the needs the student might have and wanted to reach whenever and wherever the student needs. As an academic advisor she works with the best students live in different states and from different countries all over the world.  She feels amazing about the Online school and the students job of the students in the classes. 

K12 Virtual High School-Forest Trail Academy, the best fit for my family


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Forest Trail Academy is providing education to the students, who are unable to attend the school physically. The school made many students made many people to feel proud of making their dreams come true. Online school provides a great flexibility in the class schedule. School is being highly praised by the mom’s saying it is a great fit to their family to complete their education, having the time to their children simultaneously.

Gateway to your Online Middle School in USA


Online middle schools in Mississippi and other parts of the country also cater to the surrounding needs of students by providing them with access to elementary as well as high school education. Forest Trail Academy itself offers students a host of courses ranging from kindergarten through to high school. We’ve even got elective courses as well as Advanced Placement Programs for those who wish to enroll for these. The quality of education offered by online schools in the United States is absolutely on par with that of traditional schools, with the added advantage of the flexibility offered by a web-based environment. We follow a curriculum that has been aligned and articulated to both, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Student-teacher Interaction in an online environment is a lot more beneficial than in a conventional setting. Students are allowed to interact with their teachers in real-time as well as via email to enable more frequent exchanges of information, thereby enabling teachers to track students’ progress in a much more progressive manner. Also, since the interaction online can also be in an asynchronous manner, both, students and teachers are allowed the freedom to schedule information transmission accordingly. The best online middle schools in Oregon and other states offer students flexible online learning environments that are customized to get the best out of online learning. At Forest Trail Academy, we take pride in the state-of-the-art online platform we’ve had developed based on years of experience. It is one of the important characteristics that set us apart from most online middle schools in Kentuckyand other states. Our students are provided with a completely secure online social network that not only helps them with their interaction with their teachers but also helps them foster friendships in the online world. For parents who may not be familiar with how an online social network works in an online school, it is very similar to Facebook with the added facilities of progress monitoring and secure information exchange between peers. Last but not the least, the costs involved are a major factor helping parents tilt toward adopting online learning as a preferred option. With federal budgets being slashed and the economy showing sluggish signs of recovery, traditional schools are seemingly becoming more of a burden to families, and given the fact that online middle schools in Mississippi and elsewhere are leveraging technology to the hilt to bring down costs, it is only natural for parents to explore such options in an attempt to provide the best for their families. Being a fully accredited online school in the United States makes Forest Trail Academy one of the best options one could ask for when seeking an alternative to conventional education. If you’re looking to go the online way, then is your gateway to online middle schools in Kentucky and the rest of the country as well.Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses: Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses[...]

Online Homeschooling For Your Child


It’s true that online home school learning offers numerous benefits over traditional schooling methods, the most obvious one being studying online at your own pace. But that does not imply an easier way out. E-learning requires just as much hard work as classroom learning, if not more.But the benefits far outmatch those offered by a classroom. Students are offered a flexible and holistic environment in which they can learn to achieve their educational goals. They are taught discipline to ensure they do not slack off. Furthermore, the environment of an online high school offers them the freedom to interact with their peers without traditional hindrances.Our online high school home school courses are transferable and are accepted by schools all over the country. This makes it much easier for students in special circumstances, such as student-athletes or students with parents whose jobs require them to move a lot, to carry on their education without interruption.Why Forest Trail Academy?There are a lot of online high schools out there offering you a high school diploma. So, why choose us?At Forest Trail Academy, we are committed to providing students in various life circumstances access to nationally accredited online curriculum. Our curriculum is aligned with both, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.Forest Trail Academy is nationally accredited and registered with the Florida Department of Education. We are also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).  At Forest Trail Academy, we go beyond just teaching. We work to ensure that No Child is Left Behind.Our professional staff works alongside our well qualified team of educators to work towards the common goal of helping our students achieve academic excellence. In addition to being professionally qualified our teachers and student advisors make sure our students choose the right online courses that are best suited to their strengths. They go that extra mile to offer our students the right guidance that will help them choose the right career path.Forest Trail Academy is one of the few schools in United States Of America that offer you accredited online high school training along with a holistic environment to ensure the overall development of your child. We understand the rapidly changing world that our children live in today and make sure we help them keep up with ever changing technology. We ensure that our online learning platform employs the latest innovative technology so as to enable students to have access to the best possible online educationsystems.Choose your path with Forest Trail AcademyIn today’s world, a simple choice can alter the way your life turns out. We understand the concerns parents have about their children. At Forest Trail Academy, we constantly strive to involve parents in the entire learning process so that they too, can have a chance to monitor and evaluate their child’s performance. Our student testimonials speak of our success in helping them achieve academic excellence and realizing their dreams.Online high school homeschool education has benefited millions of families all over the world. You could be one of them. Give your child that opportunity. We believe we can make a difference. At Forest Trail Academy, we constantly strive to achieve that goal. There is no better reward than to watch a child grow up to be a wonderful human being.With the flexibility and intense focus on learning, homeschooling can be a wonderful boon for your child. We offer you the opportunity to help your child build a wonderful life based on a strong academic foundation and life-enhancing skill sets. We offer you that chance because together, we know we can.We look[...]

Accredited Online High School for Your Child


Forest Trail Academy is one of the leading online high schools in USA. We offer online school courses in various subjects for students from Kindergarten through 12thgrade. At Forest Trail Academy, we pride ourselves in the knowledge we impart to our students and the methodology used in imparting that knowledge.  Online education is fast gaining ground as the preferred mode of learning. The number of high schools offering online school courses has soared in the past few years. Why? Clearly because of all the advantages an online learning environment offers over traditional schooling methods. No more crowded classrooms, no more boring lectures, a much better teacher-to-student ratio and the flexibility to learn at your own pace.At Forest Trail Academy, we offer accredited online k-12 courses for all grades - Kindergarten through High School. Our teaching methods offer you everything a traditional school does – teachers, projects, homework, class discussions as well as tests to evaluate and monitor your child’s progress. We offer your child an encouraging environment to learn and develop skills that will be vital in school as well as at the workplace.Homeschooling v/s Classroom TeachingIt’s no secret that students often find it hard to concentrate in a classroom based environment. Distractions are a common occurrence. Even parents complain about the low teacher-to-student ratio. This is where online homeschoolingscores over the classroom. Students are free to apply for a varied number of courses as per their preference, and can study the subject material at their own pace.It encourages a wholesome understanding of the subject and encourages children to focus on learning rather than just grades. Also, Tour teachers offer your child the dedicated attention that is needed, which can only be achieved through online learning. Our teachers are well qualified and are always available to help students overcome challenges they face.Forest Trail Academy also offers you the freedom to express your opinion freely without the possibility of being ridiculed openly. This encourages individual thought and does not force children to conform to just one line of thinking. At Forest Trail Academy, we encourage our students to think independently and foster a sense of confidence that enforces lifelong learning.Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses: • Online Elementary School Courses• Online Middle School Courses• Online High School Courses[...]

Online Correspondence Courses offered by FTA


Online Elementary School:Forest Trail academy offers accredited, online elementary school for grade levels Kindergarten - 5th. Our elementary school students have access to an interactive, wider range of courses; work while working at their own pace. Our elementary school online classes include teachers, lessons, projects, homework, class discussions and tests.Online Middle School:Forest Trail Academy offers the hallmark of truly effective traditional education programs for grade levels 6th - 8th. All online middle school courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, and our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.   Online High School:We offer accredited, online high school for grade levels 9th - 12th. Our high school students have access to an interactive, wider range of coursework while working at their own pace. All students have an opportunity to earn credits for the various diploma options we offer.   Home School Correspondence Courses:Home School / Correspondence is a great option for students who prefer a book option of learning versus online. Students enrolled in a public, home school or private high school may also participate in this option. Both Secular Correspondence and Christian Correspondence programs are offered.College Prep Diploma (24 Credits):This program takes the traditional four years to complete high school and requires students to earn at least 24 credits in core content areas. Foreign language credit is required for this program. Students must earn at least 14 of the 24 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. To know more about College Prep Diploma.General Ed Diploma (21 Credits):The requirements of this program are designed to prepare students for entering a post secondary institution of education (technical schools, junior, and community colleges). This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits than a college preparatory diploma. Students must earn at least 11 of the 21 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Click to read more  about General Ed Diploma.Vocational Ed Diploma (16 credits):The requirements of the program are designed to prepare students for entrance into a technical center or entrance into the workforce. This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits and focuses more on core academic courses. Students must earn at least 15 of the 16 required credits in specified rigorous-level courses. Click here to know more Vocational Ed Diploma. Individual Courses/Credit Recovery:While the full Kindergarten - 12th grade programs are still the best option both academically and financially for most families, we recognize that there may be good reasons why a student may wish to take only a course or two with us, credit recovery, summer school, accelerated credits, electives, foreign languages. Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:Forest Trail Academy offers Advanced Placement Courses. Please be cognizant that we offer the courses and NOT the test. AP courses are available as year long courses only.  [...]

What makes Forest Trail Academy different from other online school?


At Forest Trail Academy, we believe in committing to the educational growth of your child. That’s why we provide you with the unique opportunity of helping your child choose a path best suited for him or her. Our programs are specially structured to help individual students learn at their own pace. We also offer you the choice between online programs and home schooling via correspondence. Keeping in mind the different backgrounds our children come from, we have structured our courses in a manner that will cause minimal financial strain. After all, the key focus of our efforts is Academic Excellence!Our TeachersNot only are our teachers well qualified, but they are also involved in every aspect of your child’s educational progress. We understand that every child is unique and must be given an opportunity to develop his or her own potential. Moreover, we go beyond the everyday educator and offer you an environment that encourages communication between teacher, child and parent. Yes, we involve you every step of the way. Our teachers will be available to you via live chats, our very own message center, scheduled chat-room conferences, phone calls as well as via email.Our StaffOur Academic Counselors are available to address every challenge a student faces. They work together with child and parent in addressing those needs while acknowledging the fact that every child has a different learning quotient. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about nurturing and fostering a sense of confidence that will allow your child to compete in the world out there.Our Guidance Counselors offer you the encouragement and guidance in choosing the right career path for your child. They are the ones who will guide you through the maze of career options to decide what’s best for you.A New BeginningThe most rewarding experience a parent can have is watching their child build character with quality education. We understand that need and want to help you achieve that goal. Testimonials and gratitude evidenced by our students are proof enough of the educational milestones we have helped them achieve.Today, we take the opportunity to reach out to you. We want to help you and your child realize your goals. Remember, the path to a great journey begins with that first step.So, what are you waiting for? Come be a part of our wonderful family at Forest Trail Academy.Read more on k-12 online school courses.Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses: Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses[...]

Why Forest Trail Academy?


Forest Trail Academy is one of the leading online schools in the United States that offers your child the opportunity to earn grades for elementary school, middle school as well as credits for high school. We offer quality K-12 courses to students all over the United States, and abroad. At Forest Trail Academy, not only do we offer your child the quality of traditional education programs but also the flexibility of learning at their own pace.There are a number of online schools out there that offer you quality education. So, what makes us so different?Why Forest Trail Academy?Because we believe your child deserves the best and we want to partner with you to give them that opportunity. Not all children are born equal, but that does not deny them the right to the same education. We offer you and your child that opportunity.At Forest Trail Academy, our well-qualified and experienced staff is committed to ensuring that your child receives the best education along with the right guidance.Online Curriculum offered at our Academy:At Forest Trail Academy, your child can earn grades for online elementary school, online middle school as well as online high school.Our interactive curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards along with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.Our diplomas are recognized and accepted by other colleges and universities nationwide. Our online courses are also transferable to other schools nationwide right from Kindergarten to the 12th grade.Forest Trail Academy employs an interactive, self-paced learning system that allows even students with different learning abilities to achieve proficiency.Students can opt for online program courses or homeschooling courses via correspondence.Our curriculum and Advanced Placement programs prepare your child for college entrance tests and job validation.  Our CredentialsForest Trail Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education. We have several accreditation, which includes the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and Middle States Accreditation - Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA - CESS) and Accreditation International (Ai) The National Council for Private School Accreditation. These affiliations means our diploma is recognized by colleges and universities and our courses are transferable to other schools nationwide from K-12. In addition, we are an NCAA Approved school. Forest Trail Academy is NCAA Approved Curriculum School Code 102800. The NCAA does not endorse or affiliate with the services of Forest Trail Academy. The parent/guardian of a prospective student-athlete should ensure that programs are in compliance with NCAA bylaws.The NCAA Web site is the only place to receive the most current and accurate information about NCAA rules and regulations.Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses:  Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses   [...]

Online K-12 Education Courses


The new dimension of acquiring of knowledge is by uprooting the classroom from a physical environment to a virtual one. Forest Trail Academy is a highly regarded online school in the United States that offers students around the globe and within the country, top-notch K-12 education courses. Without the need to be within an actual classroom, Forest Trail Academy brings the classroom to you wherever you may be. We understand how education can be limited to the insides of a country’s borders, where we offer the opportunity to avail of an easily accessible foreign academic training online.Our online high school so to speak, consists of everything a real classroom has – class discussions, qualified teachers, tests, projects, lesson outlines, homework, and the likes. We offer certified online diploma courses besides the ones we provide for elementary, middle, and high school. All diplomas have been deemed recognizable by a host of reputed colleges and universities. The curriculum as part of the online classroom is designed under the Common Core State Standards in partnership with the Next Sunshine State Standards.We believe in securing your future with the kind of education that is now attainable from the comfort of your home. We help students from all walks of life right, from elementary school to university levels. Under our multi-diverse umbrella of online courses, we take away the monotony of an actual classroom and turn it around. Students who have access to the Internet can take advantage of our courses and pave a successful path into a fruitful future. Parents too can take advantage of what we offer as part of the online school sessions, where we strive to keep it interactive, engaging, and flexible in terms of timings and completion of the classes.By browsing through our slew of options under the online diploma courses, you’ll come across a spread of subjects that can help you specialize in your area of interest. College students who have successfully passed the online diploma courses have been accepted by colleges and universities of a high stature. As long as you put in your dedication and hard work, we ensure a future that will take you places.Forest Trail Academy understands the needs and expectations of parents who wish to see their kids grow within an environment that promises to mimic the insides of an actual classroom. We give students the same kind of attention that is given in school and colleges across the nation in their four-walled classrooms. While many question the effectiveness of such a virtual plateau, we are here to quell your doubts and douse your worries.All our online K-12 education courses and interactive sessions with students are done with the latest in technology and with the most affable approach tactics that promote a sense of accomplishment, positivism, and etiquette. We take education to a whole new level by introducing to all who are welcome, a friendly, assured place that takes care of a student’s tomorrow.Browse our detailed course ware information page to know more about the online and correspondence curriculum and enroll today for the suitable, appropriate course. Know More About Accredited K-12 Courses: Online Elementary School CoursesOnline Middle School CoursesOnline Diploma Courses Online High School Courses[...]

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Online Elementary SchoolForest Trail academy offers accredited, online elementary school for grade levels Kindergarten - 5th. Our elementary school students have access to an interactive; wide range of course works while working at their own pace. Our elementary school online classes include a certified teachers, lessons, projects, homework, class discussions and tests. Our online elementary curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Middle SchoolForest Trail Academy offers the hallmark of truly effective traditional education programs for grade levels 6th - 8th. All middle school courses are taught by highly qualified teachers and our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. High SchoolWe offer accredited, online high school for grade levels 9th - 12th. Our high school students have access to an interactive, wider range of coursework while working at their own pace. Students, as a starting point in planning the courses will have to earn 24 credits for the college preparatory diploma. The online high school curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. CoursesWe realize that students learn in different ways and we want to include and provide as many options as possible. We are proud to offer Home School / Correspondence / Books as a great option for those students who require printed curriculum. Both Secular Correspondence and Christian Correspondence programs are offered. Prep Diploma (24 Credits)This program takes the traditional four years to complete high school and requires students to earn at least 24 credits. Foreign language credit is required for this program. Students must earn at least 14 of the 24 required credits in the specified rigorous-level core courses. Ed Diploma (21 Credits)The requirements of this program are designed to prepare students for entering a postsecondary institution of education. This program requires fewer credits than a college preparatory diploma. Students must earn at least 11 of the 21 required credits in specified rigorous-level core courses. Ed Diploma (18 credits)The requirements of the program are designed to prepare students for entrance into a technical center or entrance into the workforce. This accelerated graduation program requires fewer credits and focuses more on academic courses. Students must earn at least 15 of the 18 required credits in specified rigorous-level core courses. Courses / Credit RecoveryWhile the full Kindergarten - 12th grade programs are still the best option both academically and financially for most families, we recognize that there may be good reasons why a student may wish to take only a course or two with us such as credit recovery, summer school, accelerated credits, electives, foreign languages. Placement (AP) CoursesForest Trail Academy offers Advanced Placement Courses. Please be cogniz[...]

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Enrolling in an online program during one’s academic years may not be approached with a willing attitude. It is natural to feel wary about such a system that promotes studying from the comfort of one’s home without the conventional four-walled classroom. The internet has taken over the physical classroom that is common in every nation and state, making studying possible for practically anyone, anywhere. We live in a multifaceted, ever-changing world that doesn’t conform to any one kind of technology or method. Our population is constantly growing, therefore it is imperative we look for ways to improve, change, and adapt. There are students who seek education that is closer to home, affordable, and attainable. The internet has made this desire and need possible.Every young child and adult who wants to learn and be something in this competitive, success-driven world, where an education counts no matter where one goes, can now do so. They are given a chance to be able to hold in their hands the certification to prove that one is an educated individual is not only an accomplishment, but a privilege. Forest Trail Academy can give students that privilege whilst being seated from behind a screen in one’s own home. There’s no need to attend actual classes except of course virtually with other students who have enrolled in the online classroom. Forest Trail Academy offers students both young and mature  a chance to complete an accredited education under the guidance of a skillful, caliber-rich faculty.The K-12 education program is designed for students worldwide right from kindergarten to the 12th grade, with the added opportunity to enter a reputable college/university. The diploma courses are a bundle of essential subjects that are taught in traditional classrooms and now available online. By choosing a diploma course that tailor-fits a student’s needs, rest assured that he/she can have the opportunity for a brilliant future. There are three categories under the diploma courses section, where each one comprises a set of credits that needs to be acquired before venturing forward.Forest Trail Academy has a proud list of accreditations and memberships to its name. It is a member of the National Association of Private & Home Schools which is a trusted organization in cementing the futures of students.  The school is regionally accredited by AdvancEd, which is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide. AdvancEd is the parent organization of the North Central Association Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and The Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and is recognized by the United States Department of Education. These are just some of the many notable organizations that are in collaboration with Forest Trail Academy to promote and disperse knowledge not just nationally but internationally.Parents are no doubt going to be in state of skepticism, but they can trust the workings of Forest Trail Academy and its diploma courses. What if you want your child close to home? What if they get homesick and fail to perform at school if sent to another city? What if the teaching system isn’t up to par with the changing times? What if the school fees are exorbitant owing to our rising standard of living? Forest Trail Academy recognizes a parent’s woes and helps students attain a level of certification that would matter just the same in a real classroom, though from an online perspective. If parents/students stil[...]

Joshua Lawrence Successfully Completes US Science Program


With keen interest in science, Joshua Lawrence, 13, continues to make his family proud in many areas despite challenges. According to his family, he is a child who continues to fight and win the odds against the Autism Spectrum (PDD/NOS).Lawrence has not allowed his challenges to peg him back, as he recently participated successfully in a summer science program at a University in Rhode Island, USA.Lawrence was among some 105 7th and 8th graders from various countries, including the USA, UK, South Korea and China. He was the only child from the Caribbean who attended the prestigious SPARK Summer Science Program at the ivy league Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island last month.Lawrence of Sugar Mill Road, Lower Estate is an 8th Grade student enrolled in an accredited high school in Florida and he is a continuing student of the Sylvan Learning Center, Caguas, Puerto Rico and associated with The Valley Day School, Virgin Gorda.Lawrence's success and achievements are commendable, as it cements that every child can learn to his full potential. However, according to his mother, Einstein Samuels, this cannot be achieved without getting the proper intervention that the child requires.She believes that early and continuous intervention is the key. She encourages parents like herself to be aggressive and not allow any system or educator to contribute to their child's downfall. She is of the view that the time has long expired for educators and policy makers in the BVI to ensure that no child is left behind.Meanwhile, in relation to the program, among the many interesting programs to choose from, Lawrence chose Nanotechnology: The Small Wonder From Atom To Space.The experience and knowledge he gained will long be remembered as Lawrence participated in classmate presentations and a debate on whether or not nanotechnology should be used for medical applications.Among the exciting experiments and hands on learning, he made an edible nano surface of candy and crackers, water filtration using nano size calcium phosphate and bone cement using jello and nano size bone mineral. The teenager also measured the pulse rate of a blackworm, which he didn't like too much.Professor Yei Yang who taught the class, said Lawrence was able to meet the demands of the program and he was impressed with his performance and participation.As a result, Lawrence's critical thinking skills have advanced as he is now able to view scientific and real life situations from different angles. He has a greater appreciation for science, which has widened his curiosity to learn more and ask more mind-provoking questions.According to his family, above all, he made lots of friends and he is thrilled that learning doesn't have to be boring.In addition to his interest in science, the teen loves traveling; plays the violin, guitar and drums; kung fu, sailing and he also loves challenging himself to use the piano. SPARK is a science program for curious middle school students that seek to spend one or two weeks at Brown University campus and immerse themselves in exciting science subjects and gain the foundations necessary for further scientific inquiry. SPARK brings together students with similar abilities and diverse backgrounds.Applications are submitted and reviewed by the Admissions Committee who looks for academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and the ability to participate, and thereafter approve or reject applications. Supporting documents for the application included official school transcripts for the 6th and 7th grade[...]



By: Brianna LuccianoMost teachers write lessons, assignments, and tests, grade the work and then move on. Heather Hillesheim, better known to the student body as Mrs. H., goes beyond that. She not only teaches she makes certain her students understand their work. She also gives her opinion on our work, and sends a weekly message; and most importantly makes every one of her students feel as though they are her favorite. When I asked students what words came to mind when they thought of Mrs. H the words included kind, caring, unique, patient, andfunny. Mrs. H is an amazing teacher, not only am I lucky to have her as a teacher, but our whole student body is lucky enough to have her in our school.  Mrs. H was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer my questions about her life and FTA. What made you want to become a teacher?I originally wanted to be a teacher because I love chemistry. I also had a young chemistry teacher in high school that I think really set me on my path to getting my degree in chemistry. After about a year of teaching I realized that I really love high school students. I love seeing them trying to decide what kind of an adult they're going to be. How long have you been a teacher?This is my 6th year teaching, though I took a year off before teaching at FTA. I know that you have taught in a traditional school, what made you want to teach in an online school?When my husband got a new job I was finally able to stay home with our daughter, which had been the plan since we'd gotten married. However, after just a year I realized I really missed my work. Teaching for FTA allows me to have all of my kids, my daughter and my students too. Its the best of both worlds!What are the benefits of online versus traditional schooling?I think the major benefits are allowing students to work slower or faster than they would in a normal setting and flexibility of scheduling. It wasn't until I started teaching for FTA that I realized how many online students are in online courses because their schedules don't allow for traditional school. Students who are athletes, actors, and dancers. I think its wonderful that we provide a way for all students to have their needs met.  What was your best subject in college?I did well and really enjoyed physical chemistry and the electricity and magnetism half of physics. I also shocked myself by loving my biomedical ethics class! In high school, were you ever awarded, "Best Dressed", "Most Likely to be Famous", "Class President", etc...? I think I got smartest girl in junior high. I was the treasurer of the Science Club, but I didn't tell many people about it because it was terribly nerdy. I was also the valedictorian when we graduated. Do you run any other clubs other than the NHS for FTA, and what is your favorite thing about FTA?NHS is the only club I'm running, but I am the club coordinator so I help organize things for all of the clubs, like the new forums and chat rooms. My favorite thing about FTA is that I feel like the administration really wants to do the best that they can for teachers and students. So as you can see Mrs. H is not your typical teacher, she wants what is best for each of her students and really does care. Mrs. H continues to do beyond her best for her students and her students continue try their hardest in her classes because of the teacher she is.This is Mrs. H pictured with her husband Daniel, and adorable daughter Keely.           [...]

Forest Trail Academy Accreditations


Forest Trail Academy, one of the most renowned college preparatory schools, is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). This bears testimony to the fact that Forest Trail academy maintains high standards with respect to the quality of education they are providing to students - worldwide. SACS CASI is an accreditation division of Advanced, which is a globally recognized education community, serving public and private schools spread over 69 countries and educate more than 15 million students. Advanced has more than 100 years of experience in evaluating education systems with the aid of research based tools and techniques. The National Study of School Education provides necessary inputs to Advanced for deciding on the parameters based on which the course curriculum, the overall performance and progress of a school/education system is assessed The process of accreditation should add value to the education system by aligning the systems and processes with the core values of the organization,providing insights as to how an organization can improve by setting up a research based set standard for the organization to adhere to Forest Trail Academy does not take this accreditation as a one time phenomenon or just a hallmark on their education system. It has taken the accreditation as an ongoing process through which they will continuously thrive to improve their education system based on the set parameters provided by SACS CASI. Such improvement is always directed to the core objective of the organization to provide alternative education to students worldwide from all walks of life and different life circumstances.Forest Trail Academy is also accredited by Middle States Association – Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA CESS), National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (N.A.L.S.A.S) and Accreditation International (Ai).Online education provided by Forest Trail Academy is reviewed and updated on a periodic basis keeping in mind the ever changing scenario in the education world and job market. Dedicated teachers and faculties of Forest Trail Academy are available to educate, motivate and groom students for a better future. Since online school students receive education in seclusion at their home, to keep them motivated, the faculties often get into the role of a mentor and put in their best efforts to guide the students and boost up their morale as and when needed.Online learning is a sought after alternative for students who cannot attend a regular school however it is utmost important for parents to enquire whether an online education system has been accredited by the proper authorities or not, before enrolling their kids. Only this can give sense of assurance to the parents that their kid’s future is in safe hands.Forest Trail Academy is accredited online school which is committed toward providing education through an online environment which meets the quality standard laid down by the appropriate governing bodies of the education system.[...]