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Job Tips: Using RSS Readers For Job Hunting

Sun, 21 Jun 2015 18:37:37 +0000

When it comes to looking for security contracting jobs, you need all the help you can get for staying up to date with what jobs are out there. You also need to be able to react quickly to job announcements. So any tools and procedures that can help you do that, should definitely be used […]

Job Tips: Tracking DoD Contract Announcements

Fri, 05 Aug 2011 18:20:39 +0000

Part of the trick with keeping up with contracts in this industry is to use resources that consolidate and make it easy to keep up.  So with this post, I wanted to give a heads up to those who like to track this stuff. DoD keeps a pretty good record that is easy to read […]

Job Tips: SAMI Member Companies And Their Career Pages

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 21:17:04 +0000

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I figured this would be a good resource for anyone interested. What I have done is to take every company that is a member of SAMI, and list them with their career sections. The reason why I wanted to do this, is to direct applicants towards companies that actually care enough […]

Government Work: What’s It Like For Federal Employees Working In Iraq Or Afghanistan?

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 20:18:46 +0000

Actually, it is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. lol Now I am sure some of you are saying, why is FJ promoting government work?  It is true that I tend to lean towards private industry initiatives and reducing the size of government, but I am also into pointing out what works or […]

Job Tips: Edinburgh International To Start A Recruiting Drive For Oil And Gas Security Jobs In Southern Iraq

Fri, 27 May 2011 21:41:50 +0000

Well, here you go guys and gals, and you heard it first on Feral Jundi.  The good folks at Edinburgh International contacted me recently to say that they are currently recruiting for some oil and gas security work in southern Iraq and they wanted to get the word out via FJ.  So the job tip […]