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Daydream Sanctuary

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Yet Another Move


I've been planning to do this since February but I didn't manage to find the time to do so until recently ^^;

My posts are quite disorganized.... it distracts me greatly. Blogger hasn't been very cooperative with me either.

So I decided to start blogging at a new site, and move some of my old posts there (which I'm doing bit by bit. I do a little proofreading on posts that I move).

I've also switched to Wordpress, because organizing posts there had been easier for me compare to Blogger. It's also friendlier to my crappy Internet connection.

Here's the new site:
I wanted either "Daydream" or "Imagination" to become part of the blog's name.... and I ended up with "Daydream Explorer" ^^; I really love the colors on the layout used there... teehee~

So yeah, please update your links because I'm closing this once I've moved enough posts.
Sorry for moving again ^^; But I think this one's gonna last =)

There isn't much in it yet; I've only managed to move several posts, but there are new ones :) I'm kinda active in reading novels lately, and hopefully on anime next. Speaking of which, I'm working on my posts with my thoughts on the upcoming season. Expect it at the new site sometime this week ;)

Only reviews are over there for now. But I think I'll still be doing the "discoveries", just not yet. I've already got so many reviews to catch up on, ahaha.

Thanks for all the love and support~(image)

Summer 2012 Anime Series First Impressions


The upcoming season doesn't seem to have that many shows... much less interesting shows. So looking through them hadn't been as time consuming as the previous ones, hehe.I'm skipping Kingdom (since it's already out) and the kiddie shows. It doesn't look like Blood Lad will be premiering this season. While Arve Rezzle seems to be an OVA series rather than TV Series.As for the others:[ SEQUEL THAT MAKES ME CRY ]Hakuouki: Reimei-rokuNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! STOP IT!!!!!!! THERE WILL NOTHING BE GOOD IN IT UNTIL THE GUYS GET PERSONALITY AND THE HEROINE DIES!!! WHICH IS SADLY NEVER GONNA HAPPEN SO JUST QUIT IT!!!![ SEQUELS THAT SHALL BE IGNORED ]Rinne no Lagrange Season 2, Yuruyuri, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II, Dog Days'Well, I haven't bothered to finish or watch the prequel, so I doubt I'll bother to watch the sequel ^^;[ NEW SHOWS THAT LOOK LIKE CRAP ]Chitose Get You!! - a little girl going after an older dude? err, no.... Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! - I can watch incest.... but not like thisDakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai - main character's just too disgustingly pervertedCampione! - typical reverse harem fantasy series... nahKoi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Love, Election & Chocolate) - only the "chocolate" in the title was cool, everything else looked like crap Oda Nobuna no Yabou - ODA NOBUNAGA IS A DUDE! ACCEPT IT AND STOP CHANGING HIS GENDER, DAMNIT! Why do they love making the historical characters of that era females?! UGH! [ NEW SHOWS WHICH DIDN'T SEEM THAT BAD BUT STILL.... NAH ]Hagure Yuusha no Estetica - didn't seem that bad but.... seeing all that ecchi was really discouragingJoshiraku - I think their chats might be funny... but also so many that it'll bore meMuv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse - mecha stuff seemed cool.... but only those[ NEW SHOWS WHICH DISAPPOINTED ME... GREATLY ]La storia della Arcana Famiglia - I love the mafia stuff but... the reverse harem RUINED it. ABSOLUTELY RUINED IT!!!!! ALL HOPE IS LOST IN THIS SERIES BECAUSE OF THAT STUPID REVERSE HAREM ELEMENT, DAMN IT!!!! Oh there are so many awesome Sylph series, but why are they only animating the reverse harem ones?! UGHBinbou-gami ga! - The plot kinda reminded me of Seirei Produce but.... I don't see the story much in this one. Jokes didn't make me giggle... reading a chapter without skipping any lines had been a chore. So.... I don't think I'll appreciate the anime either.Sword Art Online - In fairness, it's better than Accel World. But still, not awesome. Manga even looked more awesome than the anime adaptation (maybe the anime's gonna improve the storytelling since manga's too fast paced... but I doubt that will be enough to save this series from its lameness) [ NEW SHOWS THAT SEEM BORING BUT.... ]Natsuyuki Rendezvous - I got pretty bored while reading it but I admit that plot's unique and interesting. Though like Sakamichi no Apollon, I'm not sure if I'll last long on this kind of josei series... even if it's award-winningKokoro Connect - the trailer made me yawn, but the story's about girls and boys switching bodies (more than one of them?), it might be fun~Tari Tari - it looked boring... as much as the preview of Hanasaku Iroha did. But I ended up loving Iroha so hopefully it'll be the same for this one.[ NEW SHOWS TO LOOK FORWARD TO ]Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta KoiAnime based on stories from poems? I haven't seen one ever. And I am really fond of historical series (that don't have ecchi or harem or reverse harem) There's also Beautiful art and music *_* Oooooo.....Promising enough for me~Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined)The pretty art and the plot were actually enough to make me interested (futuristic? underpopulation? fairies?) but THAT TRAILER left me speechless. It was something I tseries.... I like that~Moyashimon ReturnsI DO NOT NEED TO THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE ASIDE FROM RE-WATCHING THE PREQUEL BECAUSE I KNOW IT WAS AWESOME AND SO WILL THIS SEQUEL SO HELL YEAH! xD[...]

Anime Watching Status As of May 2012


(SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!)I'm haven't been able to blog much >_< but I haven't really been that behind on the shows I watch though.... or not until recently, to be particular, haha.[ JUST FINISHED ]Un-Go - A pretty good series overall~ I'm impressed.Mawaru Penguindrum - It had so much potential but it just had to break down in the end =_= I got my fanservice in the end, sort of, but I'm still disappointedUragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru - I would've preferred a cliche anime end than this kind of ending without a promise of a sequel T_T [ JUST SPOILED MYSELF UNTIL THE END ]Fate/Stay Night - ohmygod Fate/Zero is really tons better than it. *sigh* I got spoiled now... but I just had to look at those episodes with Gilgamesh, teeheeCarnival Phantasm - I only looked at the Fate/Stay Night ones (So LOL)... the rest didn't make sense to me. Eureka Seven - The angst was suffocating me. *sigh* Only Dominique was really the one who kept me going in it.... so I just watched the parts with him in it =PBakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto - It seemed interesting but I got bored after an episode. ^^; Such a shame, I kinda liked the main dude[ CURRENT/PLANNED MARATHON ]Trinity Blood - Vatican references and vampire killers, damnitRideBack - I need to finish thisSenkou no Night Raid - Same with thisDantalian no Shoka - And thisBut I don't usually follow my plans... ahahaha.... we'll see[ RECENT ANIME: ALMOST KEEPING BUT ENDED UP DROPPING ]Saint Seiya Omega - I like the Greek mythology references.... but I'm not liking that it seems to be one of those shounen series with nevereneding episodes, ughTasogare Otome x Amnesia - I liked the anime more than the manga.... but hhhmm... just not that hooked to eitherSakamichi no Apollon - I tried.... but it's really not my type[ RECENT ANIME: MODERATE PRIORITY ]Space Brothers - Astronauts!!!!! It's not that exciting.... but it doesn't bore me~Tsuritama - The main characters annoy me at times (and it seems that Grander Musashi remains as my favorite fishing series.... hard to forget about childhood favorites? Haha) but it Sankarea - Zombies..... haha. I dunno but I seem to be pretty hooked to it, ahaha.[ RECENT ANIME: TOP PRIORITY ]Fate/ZeroSimply.... EPIC! Well... I don't really like the events in the latest episode.... but this never ceased to amaze me~Aquarion EVOLIt's guilty pressure, fufu. And the Kagura and Amata stuff going on is so giving me fanservice, fufufufu. Less screentime on Mikono, the better though. And oh please, still make my Andy x Mix possible.HyoukaOreki's just.... AWESOME! And the animation effects whenever he's thinking are always cool xD [  UPCOMING ANIME ] Gonna start checking them out soon. But so far I've got my eye on the following:Code Geass: Bokoku no Akito - I'm curious.... but I would REALLY prefer that my goddess (C.C.) is gonna be thereToshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa - I'm a fan of the series, hahaArcana Famiglia - it's a Comic SYLPH series *_*Moyashimon Returns - Shet, I need to marathon the prequelArve Rezzel - sci=fi... with dude saving his sis... can't resistJinrui wa Suitai Shimashita - Promo pics look pretty... and fairies? OoooSword Art Online - title screams that it's my type, ahahaHagure Yuusha no Estetica - I read "Babel"... I just can't miss references like that, ahaha[...]

Spring 2012 Anime Series - First Impressions


Finally, finally, I managed to check out majority of the series that will be debuting on the upcoming season.The list is based on here and here. But Ozuma's not included, because its first episode is already out. Kiddie shows aren't included either.I've divided my list into three groups: the sequels, the titles I've read in manga form, and the others I have no idea about.I don't really care about the art, or the staff behind a series. What matters most to me is the story; so if it's adapted from a manga, I'll only know a better idea of what it'll be about if I read the original. If it's not available, then the synopsis is my only basis.... but not all synopsis get to describe what the show is really about (it's just a teaser).Of course, what's good and interesting to me can be otherwise to others. ::: SEQUELS/SPIN-OFFs :::: [ Sequel I'm Definitely Watching ]Fate/Zero part 2The first part was MAGNIFICENT! Waiting for the second part felt like ages... I'm happy that it's coming soon =D[ Sequels I'll Watch Once I'm Done With the Prequel ]Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2nd SeasonThis has been a unique episodic shounen type of series... it's not just on who's stronger, but also on who's smarter. I hope I can catch up on this soon....Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEADI liked the first season (freakin' hilarious). But I'm not yet done with it so.... prequel first. Kimi to Boku season 2The first season actually disappointed me (didn't do the manga justice). But friends have been saying that it wasn't so bad... so for the sake of my love for the manga, I think I'll give the first season a chance then eventually catch up on this one.[ Sequel That Shouldn't Exist ]Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power NindenI don't hate Rock Lee but seeing too many Naruto stuff is just sickening. I'm no Narutard, so skipping this.Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu OnnaI'm not a fan of the Lupin series. So... nah.Recorder to Randsell Second SeasonI didn't like the prequel much.... too weird.Queen's Blade RebellionAll I see are boobs. *cries* ::: WITH MANGA BACKGROUND :::: [ Liked the Manga So Watching It ]Uchuu KyoudaiIt's about becoming an astronaut!!! The manga's hilarious; story is pretty good too. No wonder it got an award! [ Liked the Manga So Checking It Out, But I'm Not Sure If I'll Finish It ]Sakamichi no ApollonThough this has been an award-winning manga, and the director has fantastic history, the first three chapters hadn't been that exciting =/The relationship of the main trio is quite similar to the main trio's in xxxHolic (Watanuki-like is just more angsty and less hilarious; Doumeki-like is stronger and naughtier; but the Himawari-like is way more decent.... but like Himari, she also loves saying "You get along so well" to those two even when the duo are having killing intents =_= Did CLAMP have influence on this manga's mangaka? =_=)Anyway, I think things will get interesting once the plot focuses on the characters playing jazz music. We'll see...Erureka Seven AOI liked the prequel, and I am seeing why people are saying it's so epic, haha! I hope I get to finish it soon... I'm not even halfway yet... ahahaha.The sequel already has a manga adaptation though (that's why it's under this category in this post). I really don't get why the main guy's parents left him (especially the dad, where the hell is he? And a pregnant woman fell from the sky... seriously?). Sadly, the first episode of the prequel is way more interesting that this one's. Its way of trying to mirror the events of the prequel's first episode made it worse (Come on, it doesn't have to be the same). And my biggest problem is Dominique... where the hell is he???!!! Doesn't he have a child too? Unfair! I can't help comparing it to the prequel.... as far as story and characters are concerned, prequel so far is hell better. The animation in the sequel will definitely better though, but still.... for my love for the prequel, I'm watching the sequel.[ Liked the Manga So Checking It Out, But I Won't Fini[...]

[Movie] Hunger Games


 A- (AMAZING!) 4.5 (ADDICTION!)Hunger Games won as the most anticipated movie of the year. Naturally, people have high expectations of it. Especially that the book is well-received by critics and has won quite a number of awards.I'm a huge fan of the book myself. Heck, it's my top favorite YA novel right now. So you've got an idea on how excited I was when I found out that it's getting a movie adaptation? xD Yeah, so excited that I went as far as getting advance screenings for it *_* So yeah, I've finally seen it and....It did not disappoint.Well, of course, the novel's still better, but the movie still did it justice. No wonder it's been getting high ratings from critics so far. Before it even premiered worldwide, it's already around 90%, Keep it high xDSOME COOL PARTS:Thank goodness the movie didn't think of highlighting the romance so much (even if that's what many of the audience, fans of the book or not, would be after).... since the book didn't =PThey emphasized how much the sponsors matter, which was good. Makes quite a difference that surviving in a televised survival games is not just on having fighting and surviving skills.... you've got people to please.The part with Katniss wearing the second tribute dress was cool. There flames *_*Gamemaster seemed to have had a bigger role in the movie. We were limited to Katniss' point-of-view of him in the book. The movie showed that he's a much more interesting character than that (his facial hair's really distracting though, LOLz)Special effects were amazing! Fight choreography was good too!SOME NOT-SO-GREAT PARTS:I wish there had been more.... terror in this film. Well, yes, it had been really brutal (when the games began and ended) but for me it didn't seem terrifying enough for Katniss to have neverending nightmares (like in the book). I believe it's the way on how it was presented. There are horrifying scenes, but just didn't appear horrifying enough to make you have trouble sleeping when you get home =/I know it's hard to put all explanations on what's going on in a film adaptation but... it would've been better if some parts were clearer, especially to those not familiar with the book. Well, like with the costumes during the parade. I didn't get them ^^; And I don't remember the book muchThe part with Katniss wearing the "burning" dress didn't have much impact =/ They should've shown how they made the clothes "burst into flames". That impression was a really big highlight in the book.I'm not that impressed on how the people in the Capitol were presented. They just looked like idiots..... but they're more than just silly-looking rich people.CHARACTER/CAST TALK:Clove -> Marvel -> Foxface -> Thresh -> Glimmer -> Cato -> Rue -> Peeta -> Katniss -> GaleAll those praises on Jennifer Lawrence were not exaggerated; she really was perfect as Katniss. Josh Hutcherson was a little different from the Peeta I imaged... just a little (Honestly, it's just because I've imagined Peeta to be much taller than Katniss, haha). He got Peeta spot-on.... the director and Collins herself didn't seem to be kidding when they said Jennifer and him seem so perfect for the characters.I blame Alexander Ludwig for making me more interested on Cato, the character. Damn, why did they pick such a cute one for Cato? LOLzWoody Harrelson was awesome as Haymitch. Haymitch was the most hilarious guy in the movie.Primrose seemed... weaker in the movie compare to the book Donald Sutherland didn't look that intimidating as President Snow to me.Or maybe it's just me.Gale and Cinna looked a little different from how I imagined them to be, but their actors had managed to portrayed them well.The rest seem to really fit their character. Even with Effie, hehe.Catching Fire movie, what's taking you so long? xDAnd I want DVD copy *_* [...]

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 6


Since I'm quite hooked to Aquarion EVOL right now, and my officemate happened to have the complete episodes of the prequel (Genesis of the Aquarion), I asked for his copy and started watching xDI've only seen three episodes so far, then just spoiled myself a bit until episode 10. How was it? Well..... It was painful to watch.I don't know what to say about the story... the characters... I hate MAJORITY of them. A complete opposite of what I think of the characters in EVOL, because in EVOL, I love MAJORITY of them. The only same feeling I have for the two series is that I hate the heroine, ahahaha!Here's a quick character list: The hero in Genesis, Apollo, is like a combo of Kagura and Amata. He's the winged dude like Amata, but acts like some wild dog like Kagura. Unlike the two, Apollo's too arrogant and bratty for my liking =_= Kagura's more amusing... and I like the adorable pure pure Amata. Sylvia's Mikono's complete opposite.... but I also can't stand her. I already got annoyed at her from the moment she showed up in episode 1. Her brother complex and her reactions during union creeps the hell out of me. I'll endure Mikono anytime; Sylvia's just unbearable. Sirius is like a Shrade (pretty powerful blonde) and Cayene (big bro thing) combo, but nowhere near as likeable as those two. She's the brother than Sylvia worships.... but he's not really that great =_= Thank goodness Shrade's the BL fanservice type. Reika's like the Cayene ('coz of the vision thing) and Zessica (someone the heroine is jealous of in a way) combo. I believe she's Sirius' love interest. But she's too angsty....sickens me.Is this the reason why Shrade (Sirius) is into Cayene (Reika)? LOLz Oh thank goodness Cayene isn't as angsty as she is. Pierre's Andy's counterpart.... but more on flames instead of holes.... not as much of a playboy as Andy either. He's no fun.DON'T CHANGE, ANDY!!! LOVE YA!!!! Sort of like little Yunoha and Sazanka equivalent..... not as shy as Yunoha of course. And I think she has lesbian fantasies over Reika (Sazanka's a fujoshi, on the other hand). Not that I dislike lesbian characters, but lesbian with glasses on a mecha series remind me of a creepy girl from Code Geass. *got the chills*Yunoha's adorable~ She and Sazanka seem way more likeable than this girl T_T Seems to be Jin + Mix equivalent? Since he's pretty knowledgeable to tech and stuff.... but of course, this one looks too dorky compare to Jin, haha.Jin and Mix don't bore me. Love 'em. This dude seems to be one of their superiors (but not exactly for just the male division). He's not bad for a comedic relief but.... I prefer Donar.Donar shoots his subordinates in the a$$!!! YEAH!!!! Go Donar!!! Female superior and a doctor, eh? She seems okay... perhaps more likeable than the nun in EVOL. She does more things compare to the nun too.  This Toma guy seems to be the Mikage equivalent, and has some freakin' obsession with Apollonius (Apollo in his past life). I think he's okay.... just notMikage... HE'S CREEPY!!! This Toma guy is easier to tolerate. This girl has the same outfit as the chairwoman....(perhaps they're related?). This one's okay... but I still prefer.....DONUT GIRL! YAY CHAIRWOMAN CREA! FUDO is in both series, and he's the only fun character in Genesis (and he's just as fun in EVOL). He gets to show more of his kickass side in Genesis though (because Apollo's so rebellious and can't accept being defeated by Fudo in combat..... while Amata's an obedient little puppy)He showed up in both series... and if they have a 12,000 year difference... that makes this guy immortal? o_OSo yeah, I really didn't like Genesis. If you want to check out the Aquarion series, I recommend that you start with EVOL. Just check out Genesis if you want to understand the series better (since even if you can start the sequel without seeing the prequel... there are still some things that would make more sense if you've seen the prequel), which is [...]

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 5


Since Jin from Aquarion EVOL only shows his right eye, I thought he might've had an abnormal left eye (or none at all).... but it appears that there's nothing wrong with his other eye:Perhaps he looks so girlie if both eyes are shown? Ahahaha....Oh yeah, finally got a copy of the prequel (Genesis of Aquarion). Can't wait to marathon it *_* Hopefully it's as entertaining as the sequel (and the heroine's not as annoying as Mikono.... though I kinda doubt that *sigh*)[ #1 NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SHI - EP. 10 ]I... BADLY wish that Natsume and Natori are brothers. Natori's acting so much like a brother figure to him... and they.... somewhat look alike anyway. *sigh* I don't think I'll be getting that twist I want, ahaha.Of course it was a good episode, but Nyaanko steals the spotlight so much on the little things he does (or complains about). - He says that he can also get in trouble if he fights a god, so he'd rather not do that..... but for Natsume's sake he'll do it anyway. Daaw- Madara.... taxi.... LOLz.... LOLz- Oh what Nyaanko-sensei does to sick people.... make them suffer more with his weight. LOLz- Nyaanko-sensei is a cushion that is READY everytime you need it:This is why Natsume never suffers from dangerous fall. He has the softest cushion in the world, no matter how tiny. Haha xDI'm excited about the episode. Finally, after three seasons, some information on natsume's parents!!![ #2 AQUARION EVOL - EP. 10 ]I thought this was going to be a boring episode (transfer student crap) but it ended up being so cute and adorable xD (LOLz, he's uke?) Jin's reactions on women were amusing.... particularly on when he gets frightened of them. Wahahahaha! The biggest impact on him were the tears.... daaaaww... that's just.... daaaaaw....And I think he even considers Yunoha as the most dangerous one, ahahaha:This show ships Jin x Yunoha..... I approve!!!! xD It's somewhat hinting that Jin might become an enemy-turned-ally in the future..... which I don't mind! He's more adorable right now.... back at his planet he was being a smarta$$, ahaha. Come one, Jin. Change for Yunoha~ (THANK GOODNESS IT'S NOT FOR MIKONO! I'M SO SICK OF MIKONO!!! DON'T GIVE HER A REVERSE HAREM!!! A LOVE TRIANGLE WITH HER AT THE CENTER IS ALREADY SO SICKENING!!! *hates her so much*)This episode didn't give me much headaches.... ah! It's because there isn't much focus on Mikono!!! (Amata had more screentime compare to her) ~ Ah, I think the episode of Daily Lives of High School Boys that was supposed to be for this batch got included in the previous batch, ahahaha. So skipping my #3 ~[ #4 NISEMONOGATARI - EP. 8 & 9 ]Nisemonogatari just made toothbrushing so disturbing, ahaha. The incest jokes are getting creepier and more disturbing. Senjougahara may be cruel towards Koyomi, but that guy's really a pervert (and even admitted that he loves another woman... though of course not to her)He's so confusing. I thought he's serious about Senjougahara but it seems that he's horny enough to flirt with everyone else, even his sister.BAD BOY. (But I still like him 'coz he's so f*ckin' hilarious xD)Senjougahara has all the right to torture this psycho idiot, ahahaha ^^;[ #5 INU x BOKU SS - EP. 8 ]The fun parts in this episode are actually those on the background rather than the focus on the episode. Yuki Onna's so mean to her master, but they got along so well when talking about boobs, LOLz.Zange abuses and ridicules Watanuki a lot, but though his method may be a little mean, he really cares.But the dog bowl thing is just so cruel and hilarious at the same time, haha.Oh man, I still haven't look into much of the shows of the upcoming season. I wanna check most of them out soon....I also need to catch up on Mirai Nikki. (Catching up on Guilty Crown... I'm having second thoughts =/)[...]

Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 4


I'm actually kind of pissed off today because of... quite a number of misfortunes that just happened T_T So I'm like Natori in this scene of the latest Natsume Yuujinchou episode:Only those with powerful senses will be able to see the terror behind my smiles^_________________________________________________________^But I'm fine now, hehe.Oh, I managed to catch-up on my top 5 favorites in the current season (not just the top 3, w00t!)[ #1 NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SHI - EP. 9 ]The manga readers were so excited that this arc was finally going to get animated. Now I see why:THERE WAS A MEAT BUN STRIKE!!!!!!!!!Ahaha, okay, okay. Though the spotlight in this episode is seeing Natsume in such a fancy clothing, it seems to be more of a Natori episode. He's becoming nicer towards youkai, even if he's not admitting it. He's like Natsume that way.I also think he's similar to Madara. They get annoyed when Natsume gets himself into trouble... aka "doing something stupid"... but they worry about the boy a lot, haha!Looking forward to what happens next episode~[ #2 AQUARION EVOL - EP. 9 ]If the previous episode was all about stripping, this one is about HOLES. And when we're talking about holes, Mr. Hole is certainly involved:And I'm very delighted that this episode focuses on my favorite pairing~ Opposites attract.... and can repel violently, haha!But geez, this episode is still disturbing. All this "filling one's hole" and "connected through a hole" thing, if you use a pervert's mind... you think about... things.This show is so perverted.But I like my Andy x Mix episode, even if that reason behind Mix's hatred is kinda... overboard (hatred to men AND holes in just one trauma? Geez, you didn't really have to include the hole part as well by force. Adding that won't make the "daddy is the cause" thing any less cliche)The eyesores for me in this episode are the usual: (1) Mikage's just psycho. Ghey psycho. Ugh.And of course, (2) the other's Mikono. Power to connect people, huh. PFFT! Even Amata can do the little speech she did. You don't need any power to do what she accomplished. Ha, I suppose the creators ran out of ideas on what excuse they could use to make the heroine special. Hmph!And ugh, why was Amata the only one punished after they got that close (physically)? It's HER fault for tripping! So stupidly even. SHE ALSO NEEDS RESCUING EVEN IF IT'S JUST THE STAIRS??? GAWD, even if she isn't being jealous in this episode, SHE STILL ANNOYS ME!!!![ #3 DAILY LIVES OF HIGHSCHOOL BOYS - EP. 8 ]Majority of the scenes in the latest episode hadn't been that funny.... except for the Hidenori-centric ones, I suppose:He's so lame and hilarious; he's slowly becoming one of my top favorites xD Hahahahaha!His birthday wishes made me ROFLI hope they won't include the girls version of the series anymore. Well, at least, just remove the glasses and pigtail girl. They're just loud psycho b!tches.Not funny. Just LOUD. Hurts my ears =_=[ #4 NISEMONOGATARI - EP. 7 ]I really miss my abusable Koyomi and my sadistic Senjougahara:I stopped at episode 7 because when I peeked (fine, PEEKS) at episode 8, I didn't spot any Senjougahara so... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.So the sequel focuses more on his relationship with his sisters than on his harem, huh. I like the Araragi right now, and his sisters seem fun (they're as crazy as he is), but.... his harem's more fun, haha!Oh, I just realized that I haven't seen the last two episodes of the previous season yet O_O (I was surprised to see Hanekawa's hair shorter) so I suppose I should finish those first, ahahaha.[ #5 INU X BOKU SS - EP. 7 ]I don't find the anime as hilarious as the manga, but the voice actors were really good in portraying them (ZANGE'S WAS SO PERFECT!!!!) I suppose that's what made the anime still worth watching, hehe.The latest episode is something I don't recall from the manga.... but maybe I'm just being forgetful. So I'm[...]

Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 3


Well, you see, I've heard of Eureka Seven Ao and thought that: "Hey! It's about time I marathon its prequel already!"Now I can't get this guy off my mind:Serious yet dorky military boy who is pretty kickass but madly in love with a crazy little b!tch. Okay, my type. Hahaha!Looks like I still have no time to do my blog renovations/moving this month =/ But hopefully things go according to plan next month~ And I can't wait to check out more of the shows coming next season xDNow onto my top 3 this season:[ NATSUME YUUJINCHOU SHI - EP. 8 ]To be honest, this episode wasn't that interesting to me. Well, it was nice, just not as.... epic as seeing out-of-character "Natsume" last episode 6, haha! But the next episode looks VERY exciting:Natsume in a flashy costume (and is that a Kimono? Looks so like a girl's outfit to me. And that's really gotta be Natsume, with Nyaanko at the side and that hair color, haha)And Natori's gonna be there!!!! HOORAY FOR SPARKLES!!!!![ AQUARION EVOL - EP. 8 ]Oh my god... the recent episode was all about STRIPPING:It was so ridiculous... I was very amused xDEven Shrade wanted to join the stripping party. I knew he was fanservice character. Bwahahahaha!I'm kinda disappointed that Zessica's officially in love with Amata now =/ But to my surprise, the loli's more perverted than her, bwahaha!And with Mikono.... THAT'S IT!!! HER PETTY LITTLE MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND JEALOUSIES AIN'T GONNA STOP!!!! I HATE HER!!!!! *dumping Mikono on her "tsunDERE-Heroines-I-can't-stand Trash Bin"*I like Amata though (he's so pure pure)... I'm liking Kagura more too (He was SERIOUSLY in love with her? Pretty uncommon villain dude in a love triangle. Because of the prophecy thing, I thought he only wanted her out of evil desires... but he seems to really treasure her as much as Amata does... what...)AND WHY IS MIKONO GETTING THESE GUYS????!!! UUUUGGGHHH... she even has Cayene for a brother. I'd rather she end up with the white haired dude. His sadism freaks me out; I don't have mercy left for the girl. Hmph.Oh, whatever. Next episode looks exciting.... MY "MAN-HATER" AND PLAYBOY-WANNABE SHIP! ALRIGHT!!!![ DAILY LIVES OF HIGH SCHOOL BOYS - EP. 8 ]The funniest part of the episode for me was actually the Harry Potter references jokes. Harry Potter as a magical boy... that so cracked me up. Haha!Oh, I also like the part when Mr. Student Council President tries to flirt....and it's not working. Haha, go Ringo-chan!Alright, I shall now go back to my Eureka Seven marathon~(I don't like Renton much, but it's fun to see him making a fool out of Dominic. Haha!)I'm at episode 14 now (in three nights! Mwahahaha!) And hopefully I get to see more Dominic (DOMINIC x ANEMONE ME WANT!) and Holland (I liked him before I saw Dominic, haha)[...]

Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Anime Watching Part 2


(Oh every episode with Natori has sparkles, YAY!)
I still can't start that new (and hopefully way more organized) blog I've been planning... but I'm almost done with what I'm working on recently, then I can finally have more time for my other fandoms *_*
But I still managed to catch up on my top three favorite series this season (I love my new internet provider =3)

Seriously, this scene looks so BL. And to see such a scene during Valentines Day really feels awkward, haha.
Natsume worries a lot... and Tanuma now has a much better idea why Natsume's such a worry freak. Well, Tanuma had opened up to him.... but Natsume is still.... okay, I'll forgive that if there'll be another episode with Tanuma involvement, hehe. It's nice that he gets to meet Natori now; perhaps that's a sign, hehe.
Madora is always so awesome. Oh Tanuma's and Natori's faces when they've realized that the pretty girl is him, LOLz.

This show ships these two. Shrade can't die because it's his mission to provide BL fanservice in this show, while Cayene is being tsun tsun about it. LOLz. 
I didn't dislike Mikono, though she's the type of heroine that would usually annoy me. BUT if she's going to continue getting mad at Amata because of her petty little misunderstandings.... that will certainly get on my nerves. T_T
Zessica, on the other hand, is so cute. Haha!
I like Mix as well... oh totally shipping her with Andy, haha!

These two had been so hilarious in this episode... especially Hidenori! Bwahahahaha xD
And if I understood correctly, Yoshitake was the one Hidenori admired when he was a kid? Hidenori's disappointment... haha!
My favorite part on this is the dubbing part.... that was soooo amusing xD

Whoa! There's already a list of the shows for the upcoming season? Exciting *_* Gonna look 'em up soon~


Blogging Status and Winter 2012 Watching


I haven't blogged for more than a month. And I miss making posts and going around in other blogs.The initial plan is to continue anime blogging at my old blog (Hyper Parfait), then other types of fandom shall resume at my other old blog (Imagination Complex).But with the way things are right now, I don't think it's gonna work out anymore ^^;So I'll either continue this blog, or clean it up, or create an entirely new one ^^;Most likely it'll be a new one (easier and less time consuming to organize). And I don't think I'll be keeping my current cyber name (Sapphire Pyro) in the blogging world anymore (errr... long story).But before that, the latest episode of my favorite show this season got me hyper xD Haha! So posting here at Daydream Sanctuary again for the meantime, hehe.The sixth episode of Natsume Yuujinchou 4 was freakin' entertaining xD Watching "Natsume" being out-of-character is just so awesome~ He's adorable as a good boy; but he's also pretty hott as a bad boy, haha!I can't stop laughing at this part:"Natsume": *does a "cool" pose* What do you think?Natsume: I've never made that pose before so I don't really know, but it's kind of creepy.And oh my god, this one made me go ROFL:Nyaanko-sensei to Natsume-insid-a-jar: *anger* I'm going to roll you. *rolls jar*Speaking of amusing lines, my second favorite this season is Aquarion EVOL, had one of its characters say something like this:Kagura: Mind if I kill you?He almost butchered the main character in the previous episodes while he's inside a mecha, now he's being polite by asking permission if it's alright for him to kill the dude? That's just... wtflolzAquarion EVOL is kinda stupid and awkward (seriously, those nekid scene.... wtf) but the visuals and the soundtrack are just glorious *_* And it got me so freakin' entertained.... so freakin' entertained....The next one that I follow is The Daily Lives of High School Boys. Oh the characters are so wacky.... I laugh in every single episode xD I love it best when the glasses dude is around.... he's so... out of this world, bwahahaha. Thank goodness they got hilarious voice actors that can make them... sound as hilarious as they should be, haha!After that is Nisemonogatari. Oh thank goodness my Koyomi is still the main character.This seems CRAZIER than its prequel, but I'm oh so fine with it xD Teehee~Next would be Inu x Boku SS. To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed with the anime adaptation. I couldn't explain but... it wasn't as hilarious as the manga (It has nothing to do with manga background. I can laugh at the same joke, in print then in video). And why... WHY AREN'T MY FOX BOY'S SPARKLES NOT SHINY ENOUGH??? T_TBut still, I liked it. I suppose my love for the manga made it unimaginable for me to completely dislike the anime, haha.I watched an episode of Rinne no Lagrange and it seems cooler than I expected :D Hopefully I can catch up to this soon.Another had also been a nice surprise. The manga didn't appeal to me much, but the anime adaptation was sooo much better than it. I wish it had been the same with Inu x Boku SS.I didn't know Thermae Romae would be part of this season last time. It was pretty amusing, hehe.Ano Natsu de Matteru also looks good but.... alien romance, huh? Hmmm... maybe I'll try another episode.Moretsu Pirates seemed okay but.... hhhmm... not my type? I got bored after watching the first episode.I didn't even bother to finish Brave 10's first episode. The opening theme alone looked so.... uncreative.I really don't get Recorder to Ransell.I haven't seen the others, but I'll most likely not appreciate them anyway.Wow.... current list is... really different from what I've been anticipating ^^; Haha (Having a disgusted face while looking at himself in the mirror. LOLz)I've been following my top three weekly, while with t[...]

My Short Fandom Blogging History... and Old Blogs Re-Opened!


My "Short" Fandom Blogging History:
  1. [deviantArt] I used to blog about my fandom a bit on the journals at my art account (@ deviantArt).
  2. [Expression of Deviance] I used to blog about my fandom on a personal journal (@ LiveJournal).
  3. [Impressions with Deviance] And then I thought of creating a blog with only my reviews (@ Wordpress).
  4. [Fiction Hunter] I wanted a book blog because lots of book blogs made me jealous (@ Blogspot).
  5. [Imagination Complex] I think this name was cooler. And yeah, still a book blog (@ Blogspot).
  6. [Hyper Parfait] And then my friend and I decided to create an anime and manga blog (@ Blogspot).
  7. [Daydream Sanctuary] Hyper Parfait closed. But I wanna continue on my anime/manga spam. I don't want just an anime/manga or just a book blog. I want an all-around! (@ Blogspot)
Yes, we're doing pair blogging again xD My partner, xtine06, is less busy lately, so we can blog like we used to before~
The difference though, is that it'll only focus on anime. I'll be posting my anime reviews, first impressions, commentaries, fangurlings, etc. over there instead.
Inu x Boku SS is what I plan to follow this season (Thank goodness it airs on Thursdays! YAY!). Possibly Miniskirt Pirates too (it's on a Saturday). Mirai Nikki, I might post by batch (or it depends on the episode). For the rest, it depends....

I think its name is cooler than "Daydream Sanctuary"? Ahahaa... "sanctuary" is a word that's kinda hard to remember for some. (I see so many TYPOS on Google search keywords)
This was supposed to be a surprise next month or late this month (since I couldn't start it early this month ^^;) but oh well, might as well say it in advance ;P
It will be like Daydream Sanctuary, minus the anime stuff... and more organized ^^; I won't be transferring my posts because the current ones are such a mess >_< It's confusing me. @_@ I'm thinking of proofreading and reposting my reviews though.
I'll announce about it when it's somewhat ready. It's still full of... drafts ^^; And I might change my mind on some parts, ahahaha.
Sorry for being so fickle-minded and such an organizing freak >_< 

Year End Hiatus


I've been busy with stuff. I shall also be going out of town and be gone for a week.
And these past few weeks had been very unlucky for me o_O
Well, if things go according to plan, I'm planning some BIG changes on this site early next month/year. So... I suppose you'll just have to watch out for it ;D
Happy Holidays~(image)

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 8


HE HAS FINALLY SHOWED UP =3Fan bias is so powerful. I was so overjoyed while watching that episode especially on times when he's featured on screen. Teeheeheehee.Alrighty, now for my weekly dose of anime xD I made my style a little different this time, and they're no longer in alphabetical order.~ LOVE OUT OF BISHIE BIAS ~(I AM OBVIOUSLY NOT CRAZY ABOUT HIM!!!!.... LOLz xD)[ Mirai Nikki - Ep. 8 ]HELLO DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OHMYGOD HE'S JUST SO KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! xDWhen he said, "You're trembling. How cute."... THAT'S QUITE SADISTIC OF HIM, ISN'T IT? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA xDThe anime made changes though (Akise grabbed Yuki's HAND when running away, not his wrist/arm). Perhaps the anime is trying to make him less... queer. LOLzEITHER WAY HE'S STILL GORGEOUSLY CREEPY xD HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!How Yuki's friends found out about his diary's ability had been different in the anime. I like it better this way.And I don't remember that Murumuru and Akise scene from the manga (or maybe I just haven't read it). The parts when Murumuru was imitating Akise's poses.... I can't stop laughing xD HE DIDN'T MIND THOUGH. HE JUST CONTINUED MAKING MORE FABULOUS POSES xD Hahahahaha!!!!~ JUST DIED FROM TOO MUCH DAAW ~[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 8 ]This is one of the reasons why I can't easily hate the psychopathic jerks, like the blonde bastard in this series.HE'S JUST LONELY!!!!!!!!! xDTHERE ARE EVEN TEARS ON HIS EYES!!!!!!! HE NEEDS CUDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!OH THAT POOR DEAR STILL SAD THAT HIS DADDY CAN'T CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHWAY WITH HIM EVEN ON THAT AGE!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!That was the only memorable scene for me in this episode, ahahaha.Okay, fine. Whoever skrewed up Gai's mission is an intriguing character (I like his hat). Kitty girl wearing a maid costume for fun was cute. The rest is meh. Shu sucks. Forget that I even shipped him with Inori. He's so annoying. But hhhmm... everyone's been making a fuzz on his "She's my-" line. So it means that's something like a confession? Come to think of it, Lelouch from Code Geass had said that as well (referring to C.C.) So.... DOES THAT MEAN THAT HE ALMOST CONFESSED TO C.C.???? The writer of Guilty Crown is the same as Code Geass's after all... WHAT STOPPED YOU IN MAKING MY CODE GEASS SHIP OBVIOUS???!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!~ WTF THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING ~"This is it. The end of our relationship. It's been too long. Everything has been.""Aren't we brothers? There is no such thing as an end.""Cut it out. We just so happened to be born on the same day. Just strangers."[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 21 ]DAMN THAT JOURNALIST FOR MAKING MY TWINS FIGHT!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!DAMN IT, KAMBA!!!!! DAMN IT, SHOUMA!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think Kamba didn't tell Shouma because he knew what Shouma would do... but no matter what Shouma thinks, he doesn't want to stop. BUT YOU TWO STILL DIDN'T NEED TO GO THAT FAR!!! NOW MY TWINS ARE DEFINITELY SEPARATED!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So this means moments like these ain't gonna happen againt?:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!*cries for eternity*And my Kamba x Masako shattered to pieces when it got confirmed that they're biological siblings. So neither of the two were bothered about incest (I believe they used to date?) What I don't get though was that Masako just said that her father left (not exactly dead, just didn't come back, from how I understood it before)... but since they're siblings... and Kamba's flashback shows their father's dead.... EEEEHHH??? *lost*And wait, Kamba can see the dead? o_O And why did Sanetoshi got included in the picture all of a sudden?! And he was the leader behind ev[...]

Winter 2012 Anime Series First Impressions


WINTER IS COMING!!!!!!! (I suddenly missed A Game of Thrones....)Wow... the previous season didn't seem that long ago but it looks like we'll be seeing another batch of new shows coming very soon xDLast time, I expected my top favorite to be Un-Go, but Fate/Zero blew me away. It was so fantastic, I love it *_* For this season, my chosen one... should've been: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="284" src="" width="500">IT'S AMAZING!!!!!! ONE OF THE FANTASY SERIES WITH ALICE IN WONDERLAND REFERENCES DONE RIGHT AND VERY CREATIVELY *_*But... it doesn't seem to be a series? But I'm happy that it's gonna be out really soon though xDNow about the others.... here goes![ A SEQUEL I'M TOTALLY CONTINUING ]Natsume Yuujinchou 4Director: Takahiro OmoriSeries Composition: Sadayuki MuraiMusic: Makoto YoshimoriOriginal creator: Yuki MidorikawaCharacter Design: Akira TakataArt Director: Yukihiro ShibutaniDirector of Photography: Hitoshi TamuraColor setting: Hiromi MiyawakiEditing: Kazuhiko SekiMonster Design: Tatsuo YamadaAnimation Production: Brains BaseBroadcaster: TV TokyoProduction: NAS Hiroshi Kamiya as Takashi NatsumeKazuhiko Inoue as Nyanko-senseiAkira Ishida as Shūichi NatoriEiji Itô as Shigeru FujiwaraHisayoshi Suganuma as Atsushi KitamotoKazuma Horie as Kaname TanumaMiki Itou as Tōko FujiwaraMiyuki Sawashiro as Jun SasadaRina Satou as Tohru TakiRyohei Kimura as Satoru NishimuraSanae Kobayashi as Reiko NatsumeTo be honest, I have not finished the third season... yet (That was stupid of me, I know!!! I'll do it soon!!!) but this anime series HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY WONDERFUL! I even forgot about the manga. The anime was more fun to follow xDBRAINSBASE IS GENIUS!!! GIVE THEM ANYTHING THAT IS NOT GENERIC MOE (Akikan was really horrible... they can't do anything about it), THEY WILL DO JUSTICE ON IT!!!! My only problem with it is that the plot development is reeeeeeeeeally slow. No wonder the manga's currently preeeeeetty long. BUT I DON'T CARE!!! IT'S GOOD AND ENTERTAINING ANYWAY!!!! I LOVE ABUSING YOU, NATSUME!!!!![ A MANGA-BASED SERIES I'M DEFINITELY FOLLOWING ]Inu x Boku Secret ServiceDirector: Naokatsu TsudaSeries Composition: Saizo NemotoCharacter Design & Chief Animation Director: Haruko IizukaOriginal Creator: Fujiwara CocoaScenario & Setting Supervision: Takuya SatōAnimation Production: David ProductionBroadcaster: TBSProduction: Aniplex Rina Hidaka as Ririchiyo ShirakiinYūichi Nakamura as Sōshi MiketsukamiKana Hanazawa as Karuta RoromiyaMamoru Miyano as Zange NatsumeTakuya Eguchi as Banri WatanukiTomokazu Sugita as Kagerō ShōkiinYōko Hikasa as Nobara YukinokōjiYoshimasa Hosoya as Renshō SorinozukaI.... actually got HOOKED to this one, ahahahaha! It even has its own entry where I go fan crazy about the manga version and how excited I am on the anime adaptation. Actually, it's not really that fantastic. It has flaws here and there. But it isn't that bad either. It has a pretty unique cast... and I love the characters for being so amusing xD OH I LOVE IT FOR BEING SO FREAKIN' ENTERTAINING!!!! xD YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY![ CHECKING OUT ]Shows that are completely new to me that I find pretty interesting and worth checking outAquarion EvolOh my god I'm annoyed with the heroine already. She's supposed to be a "warrior" but in the promos I see her do anything but fighting. But damnit.... the couple on the mecha cockpit.... MECHA SHOWS SHOULD STOP DOING THAT!!! IT REMINDS ME OF MY SIMON x NIA (Gurren-Lagann)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay, this is a sequel but its set like thousands of years later so I suppose it's safe to watch it without background of the prequel. I al[...]

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 7


I managed to marathon Ikoku Meiro Croisee last week: RATING: B (NICE!) FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts (ADORATION)It was beautiful *_* The anime was way better than the manga. It's sad that we didn't get to see The Grand Magasin in it (perhaps they lacked people to do background animation for it? They can't degrade the quality... setting illustrations in the series had baan magnificent *_*), but I liked all those anime fillers xDAlrighty, now for my weekly dose of anime xD[ Fate/Zero - Ep. 9 ] When I saw that *points image on the left* My reaction was like this *points image on the right*... plus tears.Oh it got me so worried!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHH!!!! My Lancer ;_;So Diarmuid died like that... well, from the Irish myth, he got killed by a boar. In the anime though, it seemed that he was still not forgiven and was killed by the girl. I don't wanna accept that Sola reminded him of his former girlfriend. Perhaps the reason why Sola's advances aren't working on him because he actually regretted falling in love with Grainne? Maybe he wasn't really in love with her.... she was successful in seducing him though... and oh, it looks like in the myth, she actually jinxed him? (Okay, I don't exactly know what a geis is. )Oh either way, I think this shatters my hopes for Lancer x Saber. I believe he just sees her as a fellow knight. A brother-in-arms. A dude. Plain as that. (At least he doesn't do gender discrimination, love him for that~)Waah... I hope Sola won't use the command seal to flirt with Lancer. Poor Lancer. His master doesn't even treat him that nicely despite his loyalty. ;_;Rider and Waver are adorable as usual. Rider was so proud that his master had done something useful and impressive, hehe. The boy's being underestimated by Kirei and Kotomine unfortunately. I hope he proves them wrong already xDHow Caster and Ryuunosuke live in such a place, I don't know. I also wonder if there'll come a try when Ryunosuke will be using the command seal.... it's Caster who bosses him around lately ^^;I... don't think I will enjoy the next episode much. I see Rin's name T_T[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 7 ]My favorite antagonists in the series are being bossed around by some bug guy. LOLz LOLz. Segai's Scarface, huh? The glasses dude will most likely nicknamed as Megane. How about my blonde bastard? Oh I'm so not used to see this arrogant jerk being pushed around... he's being obedient even! It's so cute to see him abused. Mwahahah xDThe new girl's soooooooooooooooo like Millay from Code Geass. She's not just as crazy or as confident. She's not bad, but I prefer Millay xDI was amused with her interactions with Gai. His style of flirting around includes insulting. His armadillo, eh? His mocking's kinda lame, but he looked fabulous in a ponytail so I forgive him. LOLzBy the way, Gai and Shu are undercover but Shu has been calling out Gai's name reeeeeeally loud and often while in the ship. And Gai's not yet discovered? No one else heard? Ya really.Ugh, why are they back to school again?! Oh well... at least it didn't give me headaches like last time. One of them actually asked if there were gay soldiers. Bwaahahahah. Oh fujoshi.Is this series really the serious type? It got me laughing so much xD[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 20 ]Wait a minute.... THE CHILD BROILER THING WAS LITERAL???What... shet... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????!!!!This series never ceases to.... shock and disturb me O_OSpeaking of disturbing, oh Kamba and his squeezes. He can even go erotic on vegetables. LOLzSo Himari's in love with Sho-chan..... However, Kamba's the one in love with her. Sho-chan.... it's hard to tell ^^; I am still trying to get used to the non-freaky Ringo.[...]

[ Manga Discovery + Anime Promotion] Inu x Boku S.S.


Inu x Boku Secret ServiceShirakiin Ririchiyo, a daughter of a high-class family, wants to try living independently, and be able to get along better with others. She moves into an apartment complex, called the Ayakashi Kan. Residents of that place are accompanied by a bodyguard from the Secret Service.She didn't ask for one. She didn't see the need to.But there was one SS agent who DESPERATELY wants to be her servant. He says that if she doesn't need him, he might as well die.How will Riricho be able to deal with such a... DOG?[ MANGA ](8 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)Mangaka: Fujiwara CocoaDemographic: Shounen Publisher: Square EnixSerialization: GANGAN Joker[ ANIME ]Director: Naokatsu TsudaSeries Composition: Saizo NemotoCharacter Design & Chief Animation Director: Haruko IizukaScenario & Setting Supervision: Takuya SatōAnimation Production: David ProductionBroadcaster: TBSProduction: Aniplex Rina Hidaka as Ririchiyo ShirakiinYūichi Nakamura as Sōshi MiketsukamiKana Hanazawa as Karuta RoromiyaMamoru Miyano as Zange NatsumeTakuya Eguchi as Banri WatanukiTomokazu Sugita as Kagerō ShōkiinYōko Hikasa as Nobara YukinokōjiYoshimasa Hosoya as Renshō Sorinozuka POTENTIAL: B- (PRETTY GOOD!) FAVORITISM: 4.5 Hearts (ADDICTION)WARNING: It's quite mature, because there's a character who says horny things (it's more than the boobs jokes) and... one of the characters used to be provide... you-know-what services ^^; (well, no confirmation, but it seems like it)I adored the manga so much that I want to promote its anime adaptation as well xD It shall air early next year, and I can't wait for it *_*I tried to make my impressions as less spoilery as possible... if ever I spill something... well, my main reason for doing would be... to get make it more interesting/attractive, haha.Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)I've actually seen this when it debuted, and liked the first chapter a lot already even though I didn't understand a thing ^^; Ahaha. Only recently I've thought of checking it out again... because its anime adaptation's gonna air soon ^^;Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)It lacks plot and anything related to it (plot development, story background, setting, story telling, pacing, flow, etc.). Seriously."What's with this irregular beating of my heart?"..... Pfft.Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)The characters... they aren't just adorable or crazy/amusing... they're so... different yet very decent ^^ I also like it that though the heroine has a bodyguard, she is actually capable of protecting herself. She immediately earned my respect when I learned about her reaction/response when some criminal was about to harm her. Yeah, the dude came to her rescue, but she could actually take care of herself if he had let her do so ^^I can't stop admiring the heroine... girls like her from other series are usually useless (*ehem* like the one from Hayate the Combat Butler *ehem*) I also HIGHLY DOUBT that there will be such a heroine in shoujo series (if there are, they're so few that I can count them with one hand). Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)Kuroshitsuji (if only Sebastian is genuinely caring and Ciel more open), Shinobi Life (the loyal "bodyguard" in love with the heroine thing), Kamisama Hajimemashite (fox thing), Hana ni Arashi (the way the protagonists flirts with his beloved is as extreme as how Soushi praises his mistress xD), +C: Sword and Cornett (THAT master and servant relationship O_O So close xD), Otome Youkai Zakuro (the blonde protagonists SPARKLE a lot xD both have youkai but Zakuro's got the racial discrimination ^^;)Bias: (What's [...]

Quick Altima Ace Volume 1 - Fangurling


A new comic magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten made its debut last month. It's called Altima Ace. I managed to get my hands on the first volume, which comes with a Deadman Wonderland bag (it also had a drama CD but I forgot to take a photo of it ^^;):As expected, it was awesome xDI think Altima Ace is somewhat like Young Ace; both are shounen magazines, main genres include action, comedy, and fantasy, and they're also quite mature. So it's like a border between shounen and seinen.I love many of the goodies featured in the first issue xD But, well, of course there are some that I didn't get that hooked to ^^;[ NON-FAVORITE ONESHOTS ]Kokorokaruton (left) - I don't think it's bad.... I just don't find it interesting ^^;Izanaeru (right) - a goat-head demon appears before the heroine, and around the end of the oneshot it electrocuted the girl who made the heroine upset. Errr... not to my liking.[ NON-FAVORITE SERIES ]Trance Knights of the Round (upper left colored spread) - This is supposed to be my type but seeing the heroine already needing rescue after a couple of pages really turned me off T_T And why the hell did it kill off a likeable character (it should be the useless girl! Ugh)?! Well, the bloody stuff and the action scenes are nice but... I think it'll just disappoint me ^^;Maho Shonen no Sodadekata (upper left b/w spread) - Dudes with cat ears... that's just ghey ^^; I see BL undertones on some scenes... *not surprised* And there's too many manga about magical schools already *yawns*Daku Raija (upper right) - The protagonist is... THE HERO OF JUSTICE (reminds me of the oneshot, Seigi no Mikata)... against his will? The heroine with a halo seemed to have forced him into it, haha. Well, it looks shounen fun~Kangaero (lower left) - The protagonists are reeeeeally erotic... in their imaginations at least. No censorship on the breasts... and oh god, it's perverted regardless of sexuality (hentai, yaoi, yuri). I admit that I find it hilarious but... it's still disturbing, ahaha ^^;Danshin (lower right b/w spread) - 4komas usually bore me... and this was no exceptionScissor Sisters (lower right colored spread) - THAT TITLE! WHUT?! Wahahahaha xD The cast works on some salon (from that you will be able to understand "WHY SCISSORS?!") and itthey're magical girls who fight... monster stuff toy animals? LOLz And some eye-patched dude seems to be their boss... as in Charlie of Charli's Angels like boss. Wahahahahaha xDOnce these series are available in English, I think the one I might end up following will be Daku Raija. I also think Scissor Sisters will amuse me, though I doubt I'd end up loving it. Lastly, maybe Trance Knights and Mahou Shounen might not be as bad as they appear to me right now but...I dunno. I still think they're gonna disappoint =_=Now for the ones I liked xD Beginning with the oneshots:[ FAVORITE ONE-SHOT # 4 ]Harapeko Prince-sama by Yamaguchi KyounosukeIt's quite... an odd one-shot. The girl appears weak and masochistic, but she could actually be pretty strong once you've hurt something/someone valuable to her. The other dude's a demon, particularly Beelzebub. The humor and wackiness in this reminded me of Blood Lad. It's a little mature... but really bizarre. The dynamics between the main duo seem the same too. The dude's feelings towards the girl seem romantic... but when you see what he does later... it just doesn't feel right. Hahaha!Anywayz, I'm really enjoying the dark and crazy stuff in this one-shot xD[ FAVORITE ONE-SHOT # 3 ]Oyoure Gojou by Sakamaki YukisatoTo be honest, I would've dismissed this as some "typical supernatural story" if [...]

[ Anime Blurbs ] Autumn 2011 Anime - Part 6


I love Fate/Zero music and it's cool that theOP single's out:Saber's so beautiful *_*[ Ben-To - Ep. 5 & 6 ] Finally caught up with it! Though I still find it strange to see the main character being a decent fighter right now though he was complete powerless in the earlier episodes ^^; He didn't exactly get a training or anything... he just got stripped most of the time *rolls eyes* If ever he gets a title, maybe it'll be something like "The Pervert"I was really amused on how frustrated Nikkaido was upon his misunderstanding that the Satou is some pervert. The real pervert is the glasses girl. Her hobbies still disturb me, but her "Good job" line made me go ROFL xDSo there's a married girl among the cast, eh. But she was just in senior highschool a year ago. So she dropped school then? o_OI don't get why Wizard didn't get involved in this incident though his flight is not until next episode T_T [ Fate/Zero - Ep. 8 ] Irisveil was pretty cool in this episode. Even if it was just a short while, I like it that she didn't go down that easily. Healer characters that don't just heal is a plus for me~Kuritsugu and Kirei seem to be more dangerous than they appear. For a war against magicians, the mage-killers are more superior O_O Looking forward to their duel~Poor Kirei not having people who understand and love him. Oh Lancer, quit the honor talk. You want to defeat Saber, but you don't want to harm anybody; much less on her now that she has earned your respect. I fear what his master will make him do now that Kayneth will most likely have taken Kuritsugu as a mortal enemy ^^;Caster gets frustrated like a girl. It's disgusting yet amusing at the same time. I wonder what would happen if Ryounuske had tagged along. He doesn't seem to be the type who can do magic.... and I fail to imagine Caster protecting anyone.Hopefully, Waver and his Servant will be around next episode. I feel more awake when going crazy over their adorableness, haha.[ Guilty Crown - Ep. 6 ]Oh, so after some emo scenes, Shu and Gai finally become buddy buddy in the end. And Shu doesn't need to take the weapon out from Inori anymore, eh? Perhaps the time when Inori's still conscious while he's fighting will be coming soon. And oh, we get to see more of the mystery girl (who kinda looks like Inori), huh.Overall it was a boring episode, but the following kept me awake:- The a$$hole's back. And he's more pathetic in this episode. I love it~- Creepy scientist happened to be way creepier than he actually is. And he seems kinda ghey for Shu. LOLz.- Kenji showing off his chest, ready to get his void taken... that scene was really awkward.- Girl with cat ears was really cute (on how she does her computer stuff). I can't believe it, I liked a character with cat ears (they usually annoy me)[ Mawaru Penguindrum - Ep. 19 ]Whoa, Kamba actually considered the secret of their parents' whereabouts more important that his ultimate beloved? Seriously? As in ... SERIOUSLY????Well, at least their parents didn't totally leave them alone. It just annoys me that only Kamba knew. I get the eldest sibling responsibility but.... I just don't like it when Shouma's being set aside too much T_T Or maybe they're saving the best for last (as hinted by the end of the episode.)The end of the episode made me so speechless. Well, I like it that it wasn't something I expected but... still.... HIM??????????????!!!!!!!!!Kamba would be expected. Even Sanetoshi. Heck, even Mario. Or a totally new character. BUT HIM?????????!!!!!!!Well, at least there's no way my Shouma to not have a major role after that. Kamba's be[...]

[ Manga Discovery ] Juuhime - Sincerely Night


Juuhime - Sincerely Night
by Takadono Madoka and Ichimonji Kei

[ Demographic: SHOUNEN ]
Luca has been sentenced to death, but a sister pleaded for his life. He was imprisoned instead, and the only way to shorten his years in prison is by working for the church... as the Church's Dog!
(7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)

(image) POTENTIAL: C+ (NOT BAD!) (image) FAVORITISM: 2 Hearts (DISLIKE)

Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
I can't resist shounen that involve supernatural/religious stuff xD And the author's the same as Makai Ouji's =3
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
I think the story's... badly executed ^^; Fast pace is fine, but the transition's a mess. The story flow was poorly done; it jumps from one scene to another, at times they're not even really connected. So many aprts here lack explanation too. *sigh*
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
The protagonist's attacks are pretty impressive. You see, in this series, each type of magic have a default weakness and advantage (water magic will always win over fire magic but will always lose against earth magic). What magic the protagonist will perform had been pretty unpredictable since you'll need to figure out his riddle before one can determine what type of magic he'll be using. That's cool.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
The church stuff? And I like nuns who can fight.
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
I think the main duo are cute... when together. Individually they're boring. And the hero can become really annoying at times for being emo... *sigh*
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Fullmetal Alchemist (blonde in red working for the government/church though he has his own goals, not really loyal to his boss)
I... didn't like this very much. Well, the characters aren't that bad, but I don't find them that appealing.
I don't care if it has the religion and magic stuff (which I'm fond of). The story's too messy, and I don't feel like I see a story anymore. It didn't feel like it's getting anywhere. Even if the recent events seem more interesting than the earlier ones, I got bored while reading this.


[ Manga Discovery ] Drug and Drop


Drug and Drop

[ Demographic: SHOUNEN-AI-ISH SHOUJO ]
Continues the story of its prequel, Legal Drug, and shall focus on revealing the protagonists' pasts as well as the mystery behind the drugstore.
(1 chapter read as of the date this blog entry was posted)


Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE LEGAL DRUG xD One of the few CLAMP series that I actually adored. Now that CLAMP finally decided to continue it; no way I can miss this xD
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
I still do not trust CLAMP in maintaining a decent plot.
I also worry that it might focus more on the shounen-ai jokes.
And oh please, hopefully this one makes up for everything that the previous series lacked.
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
Good intro of the sequel. We somehow got a quick recap of character backgrounds and personality without the need of a direct recap. It seems that the sequel's trying to focus on character development now... I really hope it will.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
The love for the prequel made me adore the sequel without thinking xD
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
The main duo's still hilarious xD Love 'em~
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Legal Drug (DUH), xxxHolic (another DUH)
It had a good start but hopefully it does make up for that looooong hiatus. It seriously needs more character development (particularly on the side characters; the main ones had it, but the others none at all) and also plot development (more things need to happen... lessen the episodic ones, please.)
I hope CLAMP won't make a wreck on this one (I am still very worried). Hopefully not another hiatus either. This is too fun to drop.


[ Manga Discovery ] Zeele Sacrifice


Seikon Sacrifice
by Tenkawa Ai

[ Demographic: SHOUJO ]
A lonely girl, whose parents died in an accident years ago, meets a mysterious guy one day... calling her his sacrifice.
(5 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)

(image) POTENTIAL: D+ (DISAPPOINTING!) (image) FAVORITISM: 1.5 Hearts (HATE)

Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
*looks at the tankoubon cover and sees the heroine* Ugh, just looking at her makes me disgusted *later sees the bishies surrounding her* Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
Oh gawd... after just a few pages I already wanted to strangle the heroine. An example of a useless and clueless Mary Sue. Ugh, just die.
There's too many shoujo cliches to mention... it was suffocating.
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
Hmm... I suppose the story about the girl's first friend was pretty touching.
And the other main dude hasn't been the usual "I act mean but I'm actually nice" type. He has malicious intentions from the very beginning, and still does (unless he starts falling in love with her =_=)
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
I really like the "sacrifice" idea... just that.
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
For the first time, I don't like the white haired dude. O_O
I like the Shunran dude (he almost defeated the white haired dude) and also the white haired dude's assistant (who just pops out of nowhere)
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
S.H.L. (EQUALLY ANNOYING!!!!), Kuronoa (soul/memory collecting thing)
The girl's first friend was killed of because the mangaka is attempting to make this as tragic as possible... but the bishies have to stay... pfft.
This just sucks... all I see are stereotypes, cliches, and plot convenience (the dude just told her not to wander alone... but she just did eventually! Oh gawd, it's worse than stupid). The art isn't even that pretty.
Oh gawd, this is already so-so, but the heroine just made things ten times worse. I can't stand this.


[ Manga Discovery ] Akatsuki


Akatsukiby Koide Motoki[ Demographic: SHOUNEN ]The story's about Kiri-Isha, doctors that slay Akatsuki, illness-causing demons that infect patients. (7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted) POTENTIAL: A- (AMAZING!) FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts (ADORATION)Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)Shounen... doctors... doctors fighting demons... I'm in xDCurses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)The hero's strength is just... too special. Seriously, newbies for just several months to be able to defeat super powerful demons... yeah, right. Oh shounen, your heroes are almost too awesome... gary stu awesome... which is not really a good thing.Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)For a shounen series... this is quite... geeky. I mean, there were a lot of medical terms in it. I like how it blended such terms in a supernatural setting. And it really makes me happy when there are reliable heroines in a shounen series, hehe.Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)I love supernatural/fantasy themes... and I like medical shows... combine those... that's pretty cool! xDFangirl: (What I Love in It)THIS GUY IS MY TYPE. xDHe would most likely be Hibiki's rival or something... And oh, I like Hibiki x Kirisa~ Teehee~ They're a fun and kickass pairing~Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)Naruto (Hibiki's character design.... he's sorta like Naruto's lost brother ^^;), Double Arts (gotta stop diseases)Overall: This may seem like a Naruto spin-off because of the character designs, but despite that and the exams-to-level-up part, Akatsuki's different from Naruto. Putting aside the story and the enemies, the timeflow's even different. In Naruto we get to see the whole process of how the protagonist was developed, while Akatsuki sorta had skipped the whole of Naruto's first season, haha.Anyway, I can't deny about Naruto and Hibiki being similar (Naruto's just naughtier), but I don't like the idea of comparing Hyou and Kirisa to Sasuke and Sakura respectively. Both boys may be cold; and both girls may be smart... But Hyou's more brutal compare to the emo Sasuke; while Kirisa's more useful compare to the flirty Sakura. Though there isn't really anything that special in the series... nor has this been that interesting, I think it's doing pretty good so far. As long as not all the Akatsuki cases are going to be episodic, and the battle arcs won't take to look, it'll be great ^^ [...]

[ Manga Discovery ] Love Stage!!


Love Stage!!by Mangaka[ Demographic: SHOUJO-ISH YAOI ]Everyone in the Sena family is a celebrity, except for Izumi. He managed to appear in a commercial as a kid though, but what happened during the shoot made him so traumatized that he turned into a shut-in. Years later, it appears that he has no choice but to do a similar commercial again... because a co-star desperately wants him to be in it. (7 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted) POTENTIAL: C- (SO-SO!) FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts (LIKE)WARNING: YAOI contentMotivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)It was by the mangaka of Princess Princess. The first yaoi I managed to finish was actually done by this mangaka, so I thought I would be able to do the same for this one.Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)Oh... the usual prettier without glasses stereotype.How celebrities freely run around like that... I dunno. But that happens often in manga with celebrities anyway... especially shoujo. *sigh*I find it odd for a guy with sibling complex to help out a dude who sexually violated his beloved sibling. The parents were just for display. They didn't seem like supporting characters at all, just some extra cheerleader or fangirl/fanboy. Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)It was fun to see an otaku in a BL scenario... he was worried that he might've been an "uke BL character"... which was spot on. LOLz.Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)THAT BROTHER COMPLEX, damn it.Fangirl: (What I Love in It)I like Shougo and Rei. They spoil the protagonist; it was cute xDThey seem to have their own series.... I dunno what to think.Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)Family Complex (the everyone in this family is fabulous except "me" thing)Overall: Honestly, this is typical shoujo... minus the homosexual and the R18 scene. I don't see what's really great about it, apart from the pretty art and pretty amusing characters. I found its story pretty romantic initially (a boy liked another kid for 10 years... and still liked the kid even after finding out that he's a guy) but since Ryouma seems to have liked Izumi mainly for looks... and there had been a you-know-what scene... errr... I don't like that.But I'm still reading this.... F*CK I DUNNO WHY![...]

[ Manga Discovery ] 14 Sai no Koi


Love Fourteen
by Mizutani Fuka

[ Demographic: SHOUJO-ISH JOSEI ]
It's about two matured 14 year olds... who are in love and just want to be themselves.
(3 chapters read as of the date this blog entry was posted)

(image) POTENTIAL: B (NICE!) (image) FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts (LIKE)

Motivation: (What Made Me Check It Out)
Mature kids in a canon relationship, eh? ... that got me curious.
Curses: (What Seems to be Bad About It)
Keeping their relationship secret is making the story unnecessarily complicated and dramatic =_=
Praises: (What Seems to be Good About It)
It's quite rare to see a shoujo romance manga with the main couple already in a relationship... it deviated from a lot of cliche and stereotypes =) Thank you for not giving me headaches.
Bias: (What's Keeping Me Hooked to It)
Non-mushy romance. Me like.
Fangirl: (What I Love in It)
The main couple's really sweet ^_^
Nostalgia: (What It Reminds Me of)
Kimi ni Todoke (it's not as hilarious as KnT, but just as sweet)
There are so many slice of life romances out there, but it's quite difficult to find decent ones. 14 Sai no Koi is simple, yet very nice and sweet. I find it romantic~ ^^
It's not the type I get hooked to though, but it was a pleasant read.