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Preview: The Progressive Reds Machine

The Progressive Reds Machine

"There's somethin about growing up in Ohio that never leaves your bones, Our sports define us, bring us together, and bind us" ~ SS

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Pete Under Investigation again by MLB !!!


The cause of the laughter is Under investigation by MLB...knowing us silly Cincy boys,I think this effort by MLB to find a chink in Petes Armor may easily be explained by checking his choice of Skyline Chili last night. Probably a 5 way by as evidenced by the blurry eyes and Unbridled Laughter. Just sayin' ! :)

Its Time #FreePete


First to my loyal Followers, all 5 of you, and no my moms not one  :)) Sorry about my 3 year Sabatical, FCC warning: I'm Back lol :) Missed you all :))) ok enough ! Let's talk Pete ;)

MLB now has ownership in Fan Duel, a legal Fantasy/Gambling site : For the Fantasy Sports peeps that also Gamble, proudly, I do neither. They (MLB) not only promote and advertise Fan Duel all over the stadiums they are also making money off your desires to gamble with your lineups you pick. Fan Duels claim: "Immediate Cash Payouts ($2B this year)" . From NBC Sports: "Depending on how (you define) gambling the NBA (& MLB) runs a sports book". *
- MLB is promoting gambling on its Product
- MLB is making $$$ off of your desire to lose your $
- MLB has embraced this form of gambling directly from its product.
- Just recently an employee of Fan Duel has been indicted for insider winning, even hooking up family members. So your money is being swindled lol

Tell me how long it will be until (probably happening already):
- Vegas sneaks a piece
- A players wife wants some "action" and ask hubby pro ball player for advice etc etc: see the slippery slope ?

This blog is not about MLB or the  NBA becoming sports books, it's about MLB' hypocrisy:

MLB is keeping the all time Hit King on the permanently  ineligible list for gambling on baseball , which they are now vigorously promoting. Hold your horses Cincy haters, I'm not talking about Pete
being right for gambling on the Reds to win. Ok? He was and is wrong and has paid the price for 25

Go ahead and promote gambling MLB, just be aware some of us who do not partake are SMH at your slippery hypocrisy ;)))


Mom (Carol) rest up we may have a trip to Cooperstown summer 2016 ;)


Petes real side ;) fueled by Skyline Chili ? SBD ? Just sayin lol


Nice to CYA 2012 'Nati Reds ;) Tweets & Thoughts from Spring opener


@Goodyear_BP                                                                            At 12:02 pm PST 3/3/12 (Goodyear opener)@CincyGy: Heard for the 1st time in 2012: "The #Reds Are On The Radio" and hopefully into November 2012!Goodyear Ballpark ‏ @Goodyear_BPCloseOpening Day is underway!!! sweet new graphics on @AtBat2012 as I tune in the the Dulcid Redneck tones of The Cowboy on @WLW #Reds on Radio As Marty B said 500 SO's between Heisey/Stubbs/Bruce "ain't gonna cut it" especially in GA Small Park, be disciplined or get benched! #Reds@CincyGy: “@kelimepie: I know it's early, but seeing Stubbs doing this gives me hope. #Reds” I hear that! He's got to find some plate "smarts" ths yr!@CincyGy: "The #Reds are (#Winning) on (My IPhone) the Radio!"@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights........? " #Reds Marty B@CincyGy: “@cincywxpro: @CincyGy Welcome back Marty Brennaman lol” and u know this! Thoughts and prayers to all those back home #Tornadoes@CincyGy: "6430 show up for tonights Titanic Struggle" #Reds Welcome back Marty B and the 2012 Playoff Bound? ;) #Reds!@CincyGy: The Cowboy (aka Capt Obvious) on Soto: "I'm Gowin B Watchin Dat Guy" me 2 Mr Brantley me 2 #Reds ;)@CincyGy: "That Ball was Ca-Rushed" haha Cowboy #Reds Frazier yard shot! Tied!Quote of the game: “Soto hit 30 home runs last year and missed a month. That’s why we could afford to trade (Yonder) Alonso. I’ve seen Soto in the weight room. He’s very strong. He works hard. He plays a very good first base.” –Reds manager Dusty Baker (@CincyGy: Dusty makin excuses (aka Soto's 30 HR's etc) why we traded 72 players for a "Good Arm" pitcher yap yap Dusty Latos best b somethin ;) #Reds)Game 1 in the books, What we learned:- The Boys will hit., Capt Rolen, Votto, Bruce are focused, BP: Glove will continue to rule....(Nice shot by Frazier)- Heisey's gun is loaded- The Cowboy is in true Right-Down-Broadway mid season good ol boy flavor..- Marty B laughing, the sound of summer to come!CU in 20 Days Goodyear!- [...]

'Nati Reds in Flux?


As the world series closes, (if red a... errr butt LaRussa can get his bullpen phone to work, right Tony) its time to ponder 2011/2012 Red Machine.

Whats left? Votto being traded? Child Please, SMH, Chappy headed for the Rotation; CHILD, PLEASE!

I'm not sure what else we have to look forward to folks, many Cincinnatians are indifferent and almost accepting of our current team, I will never accept anything short of a championship from my teams, and in that effort we lack the talent to rise to those lofty heights. I knew last year going into the playoffs we didn't have a chance, (ask any who knows me here how I was berated for doubting we ever had the pitching) NO ACE gets you NO WHERE, As we were swept by superior pitching in the Phils. Our only hope this year was one of youngsters stepping up: Volquez/Cueto have the talent but not the maturity, Homer? pffft, never....Wood/Leake, would love to say they could have IT, but they seem more fragile than Capt Scotty Rolens back (hate to say it but the Gold Glover may be finito)

As far as the hitting/defense, since we wont be getting the vaunted "Home Boy" discount from At That Dude BP (aka @DatDudeBP) in the future we will be swinging with Votto(2 more yrs?)/Bruce and the young pups. Young and wild, the free swingers will have to reign in that power and find some smarts if they want to stick, that's you Mr's Alonso/Cozart/Fransisco and of course Mr Strikeout King and once budding lead-off man: Stubbs. There's just way to much immaturity on this squad, so we wait for them to grow up? That was our plan last off-season as we stood by and watched the Brewers Bolster their pitching and where did it get them folks? ;)

I know many of you who will read this (like all 3) wont like my realistic take, but in the infamous words of.......somebody: It is what it is, and we aint what we aint: Contenders.... unless our management steps up, opens the wallet and competes to get that ace (unless The Cuban Missile launches) we will not prosper my friends, all that being said...If Cubs fans can hold on for 100 yrs w/out whats another 2-20 for Cincy?(image)

Welcome to Day 1 Game 1 of the Spring: Reds Vs Tribe Goodyear Az Feb 27


Reds Opening Day GoodYear Az Feb27th John Fay Cinci Enq                                                 The Reds are Healthy and seemingly Hungry, as Reds Star Outfielder Jay Bruce stated recently to Brad Johansen, of WKRC:Jay Bruce on label "frauds or fluke": "Talk is cheap. Say what you want. We had to prove it last year. We'll have to prove it again"  And prove it they must: after their NL Central Championship Run last year, andf oh what a year it was, lets not relish in the past. It's time to take a hard look, grip some ash, and try to get find out if we have that missing link from the Reds last year: PITCHING! Well that and proving we can beat contenders!Our Boys still do not have a solid, team recognized shutdown #1, the opener has been given to Volquez, will he rise to the occasion? (Well as of today he cant even pitch in the Bigs: Visa issues) Physically and mentally he should be fine, but a #1? The same question can be asked of any of our young guns, who will lead this staff: Leak, Wood, Cueto, Bailey? Sorry ladies Arroyos hair and #2, #3 stuff is consistent but not #1 stuff. Yes the Missile is to be reckoned with, but as we see in the Pen, even the Reds do not count him as a team leader or #1. Still will be fun to watch! Cordero: slimmer, trimmer, but consistent? soon to see! As you see our bigegst Question ? Is still here folks! But as evidenced in early performances last year: Leakes amazing start, followed by Woods arrival, and now props shown to 'Quez, we could have a quick answer ;) !All year folks said the Reds would wake up in the playoffs, and all year these pages of the PRM cautioned them and realistically noted we DIDNT beat contenders( a well publicized sub .500 record Vs winning teams). For those of you who said it didn't matter, I hope Phillys sweep + no-hitting our boys proved our point and rather quickly.The largest cliche thrown out that proved our point: Good Pitching beats good Hitting! As the sweet swinging Reds bats were cooled, and our pitchers showed up proudly we were still no match against the Phillies. So what must happen: Pitching!As MVP Joey Votto notes here thats the elixir for the Reds: sticks will be here, as Joey sais our boys are older, hitting their prime, lets hope the maturity in our Pitchers, arms, minds, and hearts are ready, for I can confirm Reds fans nations wide are Ready!But let us dwell on the positives now as in spring: Hope Springs Eternal, and as heard across the Computer "Airwaves" this morning the 27th of February: "The Reds are on the Radio!'p.s. In game update: Reds first hit of the spring via: The Captain Scotty Rolen! Leadoff single, and from the voice of the Reds one HOF'er Marty Brennamen: "And here comes Jay Bruce"...Gotta Go! Play ball![...]

Its Here!


Spoken on Feb 14 Vtine day!: 

It's Here! (No I'm not talkin VD!) Welcome back My Love ;) Pitchers and Catchers: Report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VOTTO !!!!!!!!



“@CincinnatiReds: Votto overwhelmingly wins MVP with 31 of 32 first-place votes.”(image)



PHOTO: MLB.COM(Cue Music) " The Reds are on "Your Winter Hot Stove" Radio!" reports link with Marty B(w/Jr filling in) Cure those winter blahs! :) (< Clict there for Webcast from first 2 Nov broadcasts)NL GOLD GLOVE TIME!His 8th Gold Glove by Captain Scotty Rolen! Third all time behind (HOF'S) Mike Schmidt's 10, second to Brooks Robinson's 16!2nd By BP 1ST for BronsonReds multiple Gold Glove winners Rolen/BP/Arroyo for the first time since the mid '70's when Bench/Concepcion/Morgan/Geronimo 1974-77 were cleaning up! Oct/Nov Tweets: @CincinnatiReds Corky Miller cleared waivers, refused outright, elected free agency and then was re-signed to minor league contract with ST invite.@johnfayman   #Reds added IF Zack Cozart, IF/OF Todd Frazier, IF Kris Negron and RHP Daryl Thompson to the 40-man roster. (Nice Protection~ SS) @CincinnatiReds OF Wladimir Balentien (116g, .282, 25hr, 78rbi, 12sb) has been named to Topps’ Triple-A All-Star team. @CincinnatiReds "We'll miss you, Sparky!" banner just went up on the Crosley Terrace gates of GABP a Sparky tribute page with highlights of the HOF manager's career & more - #Reds #Tiger@MLBpeeps  Reds agree with C Hernandez on 1-year deal (Via @REDSpeeps) #mlb #reds@CincinnatiReds Anderson's statue in the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum. He was inducted into the Reds HOF in 2000. Reds today exercised the 2011 contract options for Arroyo and Gomes but did not exercise contract options for Harang and Cabrera (Nov 3) Best of luck (Aaron/Ocab)~SS@CincinnatiReds to Joey Votto for being named today to Sporting News NL All-Star team in voting by @MLB players, managers & GMs. #Reds@CincinnatiReds   Great to see Jay Bruce's walk-off homer to clinch the division for the #Reds was #1 on @MLBNetwork Capital One Plays of the Year! Well be back after Dec25 with more Winter Highlights! (oh yea except for huuuuge MVP tweets! Hopefully on Monday Nov22) [...]

No Magic Post-Season Switch, but the Start of Something Magical (?) and a Magic 2010!


Pic From the One and Only: Jaime of BOR fame:

Well folks the Magic switch the Reds needed to finally beat a contending club never transpired!

Many fans told me we would be OK this postseason(especially our pitching, which except for Volquez's game 1 meltdown wasnt bad!), and after Bruces magical clinching shot, I started to believe in something magical: maybe ;) What was never proven was our ability to beat contenders, something we didn't do all year.

Heck we were in this postseason thing right? Anything can happen, (My littlle bro predicted a Yankees/Reds WS and I wouldnt dare jinx it, in my gut though: I never saw it) even I started wearing the rose colored glasses, yes me, the hated realist and THE biggest Reds fan on this side of the Columbian River, thats right, only us fans that live and die with this team can say that. Am I just happy we made the playoffs: yes: because my expectations were a .500 season. Why? We fielded basically the same team as 2009, (+Cabrera/Chapman/Gomes) with no clear cut #1 starter(Harang's shaky 2009 should have been a clear signal, and Arroyo is not a Champions #1) so my expectiations were low, and i was rewarded with a wonderful year!

Folks kept predicting Reds success in the postseason, and I answered: Well, there would have to be a Return of the early season magic of: Leake/Wood/Gomes/Rolen etc etc....One huge piece of magic continued all year: Vottos MVP run, something still to be celebrated(hopefully) Unfortunately magic doesnt beat World Champion caliber teams like the Philles: Pitching and Defense normally dominate in short Postseason series. 7 Errors in three games will lose a short series everytime. (Unless you have the hitting of the 75 Reds, maybe and Foster/Bench/Perez were not walking through that clubhouse).

The three things that win in the PostSeason, escaped us, or beat us:

1. Pitching
2. Defense
3. Clutch Hitting

Game 1: Beat by Halladays Historic Pitching of the NoNo
Game 2: Beat by 4 Reds errors
Game 3: Beat by More Philllies pitching in the form of Hamels

But alas, we have much to build on: The Cuban Missile, Chapman our new #1? The young sticks of Bruce/Stubbs/Heisey. The Vets of Rolen/Phillips, and of course our MVP the Canadian Masher and probable 2010 MVP: Mr Joey Votto.

2011 should be special, and The Progressive Reds Machine will be there to set you straight with the Realist perspective!

Thank you 2010 Reds, you've excited a city left dead for 10 years: your back and so are we!(image)

First No Sticks Now no Gloves (with some good acting and lights thrown in) Game 3?


                                                        The Enquirer/Gary Landers

Why we lost game 1:
- The best Hitting team in the NL with no Hits? Credit to Halladay, but we can hit anyone: can you say young team overwhelmed by playoff atmosphere? (Another Reason to get Homefield advantage by beating contending clubs in the Reg Season, 2011 ya listening?)

Why we lost game 2:
- The Team that had the least errors in the NL (Tied with Pads) committed a record 4

Game 3? It all comes together right:: against Cole Hamels? It is at our heralded GAS(mall)Park(oops sorry GABP) with Homefield advantage, there is no time for further excuses. Reds prove to us we belong: Beat a contender on the big stage today!

On Philly Vs Reds fans passion: I just read an Cincy Enq article about longtime suffering Phils fans being more passionate about their sports. With that passion comes ultimate rudeness it seems, if you disagree then you dont follow national sports and see/hear the excerpts from Philly. I guarantee you our hometown suffering Cincy fans will bring a politer, but just as supportive vibe to Cincy if/when we are rewarded*. And when we voice our frustration. or opinions please FB and Twitter fans. stop berating others who voice frustration, its their right to do so.

Rewarded* with what you ask: Strong fundamental baseball. Thats all we ask, for a well played game, and that wasn't accomplished in game 2. Reds, can we at least get that in game 3? After the game, I listened to a lighthearted Phillips(same vibe from him after being no hit in game 1) brushing off his errors, like it was nothing but a thing. Yes his game setting HR and hits were sweet, but for the millionth time: Pitching and D wins in the "every pitch-microscopic-post-season". You can win a posteseason game with 1 run and great D, fundamentally we fell apart Fri night. 4 Errors and 3 HBP (one with good acting)?  I'm sorry but that doesnt play to well with this passionate fan. I'm not mad at the Reds or BP/Bruce/Rolen for making hustling mistakes, but dont stand there and smile it off in the cameras in the post game int's. Do we want you gripping and squeezing the ash out of the bats, no, but a more focused, intensity may have helped with all your errors in the field: Hitting is one half, in the post season: Fielding is a greater half!

Win or lose Sunday, may we please have a well played game, mistakes are fine, they will happen, but 7 in one game: Not championship caliber, learn form this Reds. I just hope its remembered, learned from, and this postseason accomplishment is relived in 2011!

The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger

Game 2 is here! Are the Reds sticks?


David Kohl/AP "Hey Gomesy, if you hit it it will fly!"

First congrats to Halladay, for the game this Reds fan will spend the rest of his life brain dumping. Next I call out to my Reds: Umm hello sorry to wake you, but...ahem(clearing my throat)  THE PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!

Have your bats arrived yet? You know the ones that smoked the league(well except for contending teams, read my blog it was addressed there) I wrote a few times within the last month how great pitching always beats great hitting, so I'm not gonna dwell on that, what I will say is there's a lot to prove over the weekend for my Reds:

#1 That we belong
#2 That we are the vaunted hitting machine that won the leagues Team Triple crown: BA/HR/RBI
#3 That we can hit anyone

But since all blame goes to the leader: I will put the burden of proof on Dusty for now, for he has much to prove, never winning it it all with good clubs in SF or Chi :

It is easy for us all to play armchair quarterback and second guess the young, loosygoosy Volquez going in game one. Something tells me a more focused intensity is needed, one that a Mr Wood exhumed as he shut out the Phils after his entry. Even with a great game, Wood would have been hard to match Doc over THAT 9 innings, but hmmm....didnt he do just that in Philly in July? Lets see what happens in Game 4, is there is one!

Dusty has a young squad one without a true #1. and As Hallady/Limsecom/Lee and Sabathia have all won their starts(3 of the 4 at home another reason to beat contenders, next year Reds for homefield!) this proves the need for a dominant starter in game 1. Mr Cuban Missile are you game for next year?

We can hit anyone: right MR MVP Votto? Right Captain Rolen(my man hit the Viagra/Cialis/Geritol anything to recapture that power swing! Jay are you ready to show us September wasn't a farce: Lets finally beat a great club! Prove to us you can, we Cincinnatian's are waiting to go crazy for you!(image)

The HR that made Older Dudes jump for Joy in the Stands of GABP :)


Marty Brennaman's call with Video of Bruce's Clinching HR will Live in #Reds Baseball History Forever: Ill never tire of watching it!(image)

"Clinchtember" Tweets of the Month


The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger9/30CincyGy #Rockies Mngr Tracy sits Cargo in half of this weekends games, 13 pnts above #Reds Votto, Teddy BBall rolling in his cryogenics #MLB #WhimpCincyGy Merry Clinchmas #Reds fans and Happy Bruce year from the Multnomah falls trail! :, September 29, 2010 17:55:39 via Twitter for iPhoneCincinnatiReds Joey Votto & other #Reds players took a victory lap around the field to high-five fans, September 29, 2010 08:56:49 via Twitpicstormchasernick2010 NL Central Champions - Cincinnati #Reds PM Sep 28th via TwittelatorCincinnatiReds& Rolen have 4 sets of back-to-back HR, most in majors and most by Reds duo since Bench and May hit 5 sets of back-to-back HR in 1970.10:32 AM Sep 21st via webRetweeted by you and 20 othersIamAllieHughesChapman throws the fastest pitch EVER: #redszblyberg21@CincyGy 10 games sit between us and Postseason baseball in cincinnati!!!!   @CincyGy 10 games sit between us and Postseason baseball in cincinnati!!!!9:19 PM Sep 15th via web in reply to CincyGyCincyGyNot only is Bruces Defense stellar his .275 average is proving his two yearsof sub .260 were maturing yrs, he's proving who he can be! #Reds9:11 PM Sep 15th via webCincyGy#MLB Universe take note Jay Bruces Gun/Arm and game saving plays like this Solidify his Lock as RF Gold Glove! Go #RedsCincyGy@ankZONE sorry Brian last time a team tried it with "Mystique and Aura" they lost, Pitching/D will Win a ring! (+ timely hitting of course!)11:32 PM Sep 10th via web in reply to ankZONECincyGyCowboy: "That's the ballgame! That's the Ballgame! That's the BallGame! And the losing streak is over!" #Reds”10:27 PM Sep 10th via FacebookctrentFriend on Rose: 'a man who ate, slept, drank, autographed and gambled baseball' -- perfect7:38 PM Sep 10th via TweetDeckRetweeted by you and 1 other[...]

2010 the Year That Baseball Came Home to The Cincy Reds and Reds Fans


The Enquirer/Jeff SwingerPlayers have come and gone, but us fans have been here all along, from the early exit in the '95 postseason, to the quick one game tease in a fun 99 season, through the promises during the Casey, Dunn and Griffey Jr era, we have been waiting. We watched an arguable future HOF'er win a series, proudly rep the Captains "C", and finish a proud career: thank you Mr Barry Larkin. Jr's arrival and unfortunate ringless departure yielded no trophy or a taste of the postseason. Well along comes new ownership, a farm system that is once again producing, a nice mix of a few allstar vets and Wala! Hello 2010 and:CONGRATS TO THE 2010 NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPION The Enquirer/Jeff SwingerCINCINNATI REDS(now that was fun to type!)As we go into the playoffs only the teams play will tell how far we get, but for now we will enjoy the spoils. My last congrats goes to us fans for hangin in there, no matter how tough it was, clicking on that losing box score years after year searching for a silver lining in a 3 hit loss etc etc... Well no more of that now! Enjoy tonights winning box score: the one that launched yours and my Reds into the 2010 post season! Go Reds!Click here for the party:[...]

Jay Bruce proving his Mettle: Rewarding fans and Reds Patience !


SS Productions(me ;) GWRBI 10/30 10th inning right behind Reds Dugout

When Jay Bruce arrived a few years ago and lit up baseball and GABP with his chicken bump causing start, we all were ecstatic. 2 years later, lots of patience, 2 previous seasons at sub .260, we all had been waiting. He broke out nicely this year and then had a terribly slow July, once again dropping his average down to the marginal performance line: 250'ish w/occasional big hits. Not that a team cant win with that, especially since we did, and especially since he has one of the top guns in MLB. A friend of mine speculated something during his July "slump" which I easily gravitated towards: was he really in a slump or was that .250'ish Jay Bruce the real thing? It was a fair question, one that got me lambasted for asking it on twitter.

Except for 2 months of .270-300 type mashing we had not seen him do it over a full year, so there was a lot to prove. Let me be the first to say IM GLAD I WAS WRONG! I WANTED TO BE WRONG! lol... But the evidence proven by team winning-big hitting-contributing offense had not been there. As Bruce hits now once again in the .275'ish zone its something else to see, him coming into his own. For the record I never called for his ousting, or benching, just that besides his incredible D we needed his stick!

A few weeks ago I was at GABP to witness his HR Trifecta. Two nights later the Night before the Cuban Missile Attack he hits a walk-off single. Evidenced here by "pie in face":  Then he takes a little sabbatical, comes back and hits two dingers in his comeback game: Thats the Bruuuuuuuuuce we saw come into the league 3 years ago, and the one we have been waiting on. Now with his D (evidenced by CoCo saving grabs like this: ) which is Gold Glove worthy, hitting .275 with power is quite acceptable ;) We never doubted your ability Bruce, its just that we had not seen it over the long haul! And its a beautiful thing to behold!(image)

Dont hate us Realist we are fans also! Go #Reds!


(Dusty when asked who would be the three Starters in the Playoffs and if Chapman could be trusted as a Postseason closer. Photo; this past weekends performance was nice by Cueto/Volquez/Bailey: great outings, but who was it against: The worst hitting team in the NL! The Bucs = .239 Team batting AVG.! The Reds Team ERA is 4.08, thats 11th out of 15 NL Teams, 18th out of 30 MLB teams and the WORST of any of the Playoff contenders! Cordero's ERA is a whopping 4.04, gargantuomly worse than any closer in the NL. In the top 10 of saves leaders only one closer: Nunez at 3.81 even comes close: These number dont lie folks! If we had performed this way (Bucs weekend)  against the divisions best we wouldnt have such terrible numbers!  I'd like all this to go away and have the same flowerey perspective of many rose colored-glass-wearing-ever-optimistic fans on here that have be-rated me for being a true REALIST Which some claim to be!  Some claim to be positive/realist, but when I question the obvious, or put these stats up, you act like Im piling on! I want all this to go away, to go back the way it was when Leake/Wood etc..all were lights out! This has been an inconstistent staff, THAT I WILL LIVE AND DIE WITH IN THE POST SEASON! I will cheer every putrid ERA that we run out there to pitch a no-hitter. I will die with every blown lead Cordero (and his non champion like 4+ ERA) gives up! I will cheer for this team and wear my Reds garb to the gym long after many of you put away your Reds stockings for your football teams nighties! But I'm not afraid to NOT crown this team until we do it! If we Re-Catch some lights out pitching in the Post Season and we treat the Phillies/Braves/Giants/Padres, heck maybe even the Rockies hitters like we did the Pirates, I will be ecstatic! I'm not saying we CANT beat teams like the CARDS I'm just saying we haven't and I HOPE our top-team-beating-switch that has not been activated yet is Turned ON: loud and clear in the post season! Yes: our First place record doesn't lie! Yes: Teams have won without lights out pitching in the Post Season(not to many 1975 Reds lineups out there), Yes: do I believe we can beat the Best: If:1: Our Clutch Hitting is there2. Our Defense is Stellar3. Our Pitching gets back to Consistent Quality Outings, like No Hitters in the playoffs! (There going to have to, I have had a premonition of Cordero being released soon after the end of the season, after he blows playoff leads!)4. Just kidding (Not Really) But we will see what CoCo is really made of (The most blown saves of any closer since 2000 does not bode well) but maybe he's got a little Hot tub time machine for one bright shinning moment: we shall see!There's something to be said for building on winning starting pitching vibe even if it was the lowly Pirates, good thing our Bullpen lead by "lights out" Cordero didnt blow any of those games....oh wait...;) Love ya Reds fans, dont hate the realist![...]

The Elephant in the Room: Shaky starting Pitching and Bullpen meltdowns


                                        The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger                                 The Enquirer/Jeff SwingerFolks, dont be afraid, lets talk about it: Months ago, it was all about Wood/Leake/Arroyo/Cueto/and Volquez coming back. Conversations included Chapman being to wild to pitch, now for the moment he may have the best stuff on the roster, just like Leake did months ago. Pitching and Defense win in the postseason. The mid season acquisitions the Reds didnt make could come back to haunt us as we take a tattered/changing starting staff into the stretch. Good pitching stops good hitting: see the Seattle/Philly/Cards and now Rocky series, for evidence of the Reds bats being shutdown.Many have listened in disdain(myself included) to the recent musings of Ohio's main critic: Colen Cowherd, on ESPN radio, who has labeled the Reds as "Frauds". His reasoning comes from our inability to beat contending clubs while dominating the bottom dwellers, and to that end he has a point. I do believe that we must beat the best to be the best, and although our NL Central Lead would say we do deserve the recognition of a first place club, I would feel better knowing we dominated the strong also. No, we dont have to do that to make the playoffs, but it would sure send a stronger message as to the Reds being true contenders, and help our self confidence(fans included ;). This will all play out in October, if things continue as they are with the Magic Number dropping to 17 tonight. Cowherd also talked about our pitching woes, "Welcome to the party Pal" (Always love a good Die Hard ref! ;)Many comparisons have been made to the 1990 WS Champs team, we need to stop. Jose Rijo/Danny Jackson/Tom Browning have not been reincarnated in the form of Arroyo/Cueto/Wood or Bailey. Our pitching is suspect including the relievers: Masset/Smith/Ondrusek/ middle guys can help or hurt(mentally and physically: see Masset, as he watched Rockies steal home and a big getaway game, ugg) Rhodes age and aged arm has started to show signs of kryptonite in his previous supermanish self, and CoCo, although Ok lately, still scares the Skyline right outa me! Chapmans addition: how much can we count in him in a pressure playoff condition: unknown, exciting to this point yes: Dominate in the playoffs? we shall see!I dont mean to preach doom and gloom but the early and mid season phenom of Leake/Wood has disappeared as the young guys realized endurance limitations not previously attained in their young arms/careers. (Hey, at least we didnt blow his arm out  like the Overthrowing Strassburg!) They will be fine, but the "Sugar Plumb Fairy" dreams dancing in our heads of our young guys pitching us into the post season was just that : a dream.There's a little over a month to straighten this out before the playoffs baring a monumental collapse ( losing a 4 games of a 8 game lead is not monumental) the question is how will the rotation perform come playoff time: we don't know and we can't, cause these boys have not been there(Except for Arroyo we have no post season exp). On the elevator, in the Reds HOF recently with the 1990 Reds exhibit looming all around there was talk with other Reds fan about the main difference between this team and 1990, easy agreement: pitching! Arroyo/Cueto/ & who: Bailey/Wood/at one time Vasquez? We don't even consistent top 3(yes they have had great moments) and our Number One: Arroyo, would be[...]

Winning Baseball Returns: Cincy Style, The Chills are Back!


Aug 31 W/New Nikon     By 1976 we had started to take things for granted, at least I had. As a young lad who played more baseball than watched, The Reds were "The baseball Universe". To Cincinnatians Reds MLB dominated the map, engulfed, and surrounded us: in the local media , radio airwaves, especially through our WLW Radio in the kitchen everyday, we took it for granted. The Reds were on top of the baseball world, the Great 8 were intact at least for a few more years. In 1976 the Machine started to suffer the "dismantling".  Tony "Big Dog" Perez was the first to go, for McEnaney and two others (Manager Sparky Anderson and General Manager Bob Howsam later considered this trade the biggest mistake of their careers).  But that wasnt the only nail in the coffin that dismantled the Machine, that would come in the form of Free Agency, let me refresh some memories or inform our young Reds fans that may only know the 1990 "Winning Reds":      It was the founding of the MLBPA changed the landscape of professional sports forever, and had a huge influence on small markets like Cincy. Among the many milestones achieved with the MLBPA was the advent of free agency rights. Curt Flood’s unsuccessful challenge of the reserve clause started the ball rolling toward free agency. Funded by his fellow players, Flood sued Major League Baseball privately. Flood eventually lost his case in the U.S. Supreme Court, but the battle educated countless players and millions of Americans about the fundamental inequity of the reserve system, which perpetually renewed a player's contract, essentially binding the player to one club for life, or until that club decided to get rid of the player.     Just three years after Flood vs. Kuhn, players Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally once again challenged the reserve clause. This time, instead of a trial in a court of law, an independent arbitrator heard the case. And in December 1975, the players finally won the right to free agency, when arbitrator Peter Seitz ruled that the reserve clause granted a team only one additional year of service from a player, putting an end to perpetual renewal right the clubs had claimed for so long.     So as Cincy ill fate would have it Free agency came as The Machine (Sans Doggie) could have continued rolling, but not with a players right to boogie out of any town they didnt want to play in. Not to say it wasnt justified for them to do it, but as salarys increased the next 20 years, small market teams like Cincy suffered. It's not necesarily a bad thing, it is just,.... well: It is what it is! Unfortunately Small market dynasty's had virtually ended, 1975/76 being one of the final, so winning baseball in Cincy became scarce. Of course we have our 90 Reds(see how fast I skipped the 80's ? ;) Larkins lead 1995 and 99 squads, then 10 years of being teased, but never in August-Sept until: drum rolllllllllll: the 2010 'Nati Reds !     They are back and so am I! Let me explain, I never really went anywhere, always checking the Reds Box score first, even after a loss, knowing they lost, trying to find a silver lining in the hit category, pitching, or listening closely for someone coming up from Marge's dismantled scouting and farm system. For all Marge did to bolster the Reds by Free agency, she did the opposite to our vaunted pipeline especially in Latin America: aka Concepcion/Perez etc....Living in San Diego (Compliments USN ;) during Tony Gwynns years and now Wa State during Ichiro's and a short return of our Cin[...]

"Brawl at the Wall" 2010, Cause: Yapping, Effect: RIVVAAALLRYYY!


                                Al Berhman/API hold MY Reds players accountable, accountable when they hit .230, or open their mouth: only inciting another team and giving them plenty of fodder, bullpen posting/motivating material: a #1 No-No in sports! Especially in the heat of a pennant race, especially to an underachieving team, let ‘em sleep! And take advantage of them with your bats, not your mouths!Is BP a nice guy? I don’t know but I hear he is: Paul Daugherty said it, in the heat of the week mind you: Brandon took everything the Reds have preached and practiced for 4 months and drove a nail through it:  Nail in coffin analogy work here? Of course not, more like a temporary thumb tack in the pants. BP started the Fire, Molina fueled it, and unfortunately Cueto he had to go Chan Ho Park: on camera! The fight was pretty fair until the spikes went in the air. Remember BP at the All-star game: "1st 2 third that's what we do" what is it now "Fight and talk that's what we do" ? Sorry I'll take the former!Some question whose side I am on here: I am on the side of Reds winning baseball, what BP did was ultimately counterproductive, making words, not baseball the focus. I would have had BP's back in the fight but he would never talk through the media again after our closed door clubhouse meeting. Our series against the Cards could have been very different. But it ended up being about fighting, suspensions, losing a three game series. When you play lightning rod,  now your teammates have the added responsibility of of backing you up AND beating the other team: takes focus of the game,  Folks that dont get this, dont get the TEAM concept. But yes "Phillips apologist" of course I understand this was only one series with 40 somethin’ games to go. And yes I believe they brought their best physical abilities, we did not, and gave them an edge on the mental side. Yogi said it best: "Baseball is 90% mental the other half is Physical" then we gave those "little doggies" a brand new edge against us that did not exist before the comment. Is this great for baseball? YES! Is it fun to watch heated teams frustrations being released: YES! Was it fun to watch Cuetos spikes popping Larue’s magnum: HECK NO! Was it fun watching the main perp go 2-13, NOPE! Is a new reason for rivalry and competition between your division rival exciting: YES ! Did the sweep by STL ultimately cause to much finger pointing: perhaps. There is one more series with these buzzards and plenty of baseball, after a decade of division domination by STL, it would have been nice to start to bury them this week, and we could have! We had all the momentum coming into that series, (Sweeping Lou's crew) and yapped it away. We can hit anyone, if mentally locked in, so im not buying some of the "they outplayed us " completely, because an edge was giftwrapped to the Cards. The nation outside of Cincy all said the Reds yappers got the karma they played into, well maybe this will turn into our karma next time! ;) Phillips played right into Larusa’s need to motivate the sleeping "little puppies" it was a big series, the last one before what could be THE series against St Louis Sept 3-5. If STL wins this division, some are saying Phillips will be STL's MVP!Another regional perpsective on yapping: "You got an alligator mouth and hummingbird ars".  BP y[...]

Mr Commissioner Never Mind, Your Services Are No Longer Required, Hall Of Fame: It's Time To Drop the "Pete Rose Rule" !


= Mr. Commissioner,   It is clear to us that barring Pete Rose's untimely death, Pete showing up volunteering to be a sausage for life in one of your Oversized Meat races, or simply groveling for forgiveness, your not going to reinstate him. Bullheaded Pete wont grovel anyway, so forget that idea. Not even with the backing of Mike Schmidt or Henry Aaron on Pete's Side, will you make a decision. Before we go further consider this: How antiquated is a system is one ruler dictatorship/decision maker-ship? iHow has that worked in Government politics, ummm can you say government "Fail" ? I know thats extreme, but isn't a "one ruling power" over the careers of so many, an outdated idea? How can one person wield the power that thus effects thousands even millions of fans and many men ie: Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, etc. How can one man only, influence the history of the game? In keeping the All-time MLB hits leader out of even the conversation of the Hall, one man has the Baseball Universe by its Balls!Well Ya' know what Commish' Never Mind we don't need you! For two Reasons:1) You don't need to reinstate him: I kinda agree with you, Pete doesn't deserve a job in the Game. Why?  Pete needed to "reconfigure" his life, Remove himself from gambling if that was the addiction that caused his banishment from his passion: Baseball. His continued gambling, lack of sincerity, and lying for 14 years is hard to swallow(More below)2) The Hall Of Fame Itself can make thing whole thing "right"!   Pete isn't close to "reconfiguring" his life , (yes I know about the recent heartfelt hug to Johnny Bench) and legally he has every right to bet on the ponies. But if something your addicted to is keeping you from your first love: Baseball, wouldn't you gather the strength to remove yourself from that addiction? Even "Bullheaded" Pete who would wear a "Gasoline suit through Hell to play baseball" doesn't evidently have the strength or desire to quit his second love: gambling. Pete is still observed at the track waving wads of cash. In his book My Prison Without Walls he still admits to what some call his disease, his weakness: "One would think he might have learned his lesson following fulfillment of his sentence, which included time in a halfway house and community service, yet he continues to "occasionally" gamble and sought to make a living as a race horse trainer." (    The point is if he admitted to gambling on the Reds in the clubhouse, and he wants another job in a clubhouse, could you trust him? Would it be worth the risk/press/media scrutiny to your ball-club? In my opinion he aint gettin' reinstated though the commissioners office, but he could get on the ballot if the Hall erases its seemingly "behind the scenes collaboration" with the Commish office when they made the "Pete Rose Rule." So lets focus our energies elsewhere! ;)   Shortly after Pete's banning, the Hall made the rule: If any Player is on the Ineligible List from baseball he cannot go on the Baseball HOF ballot, Thus because of the timing it is referred to as the "Pete Rose rule". After Rose's ban, the Hall formally voted to ban those on the "permanently ineligible" list from induction. Previously, those who were banned had been excluded by informal agreement among voters. Dear HOF,   We revere you, the history you maintain in your hallowed halls, the yearly pomp and circumstance that you exhume when you enshrine the greatest,[...]

Redlegs And Cards Fight For The Same Perch!


As Reds and Cards (Insert Buzzards, Pigeons whatever you'd like) fans ponder who will fall first! Let this 1926 rendition of The Reds re-capturing First place be a premonition of what's to come!

03JUNE2010: "This relic was dug up last week by Reds Media Production Manager Dave Storm.  Good stuff, Dave.  Thanks! "Jaimee

Thanks to Jaimee and Better of Red for posting this back in June.

Comin August 7: Hey Bud, Never Mind!: Pete, Cincinnati Reds Fans, And Baseball Fans for #14's Justice Worldwide have another Solution for Pete! Stay Tuned! ;)


(Philosophy Final August 6th, Hit King Solution to recognition without Bud Selig's help coming to the Progressive pages August 7!)(image)

Banana Phone was "Off the Hook" on 7/20/10


On July 20th one of the more entertaining Reds Banana Phone episodes took place, Mark Grace called in and pranked Marty, some guy called in and called Arroyo: Oreo, Masset: Mallet: etc...Another called in sounding like an older woman, while Marty deadpanned the whole time, playing right along with him. It brought out some true winners, and these were some of the musings on twitter while we listened to WLW and the phone-in's during that almost three hour, rain delay:@chelsiemoody the first call! Lol corky miller mustache holding him Up? WT? Lol on the couch? WT? @redlegnation RT @dotsonc: Hilarious...from when Adam Dunn pranked the #Reds announcers during a rain delay: "Marty do you have your shirt on?" LOL @redlegnation " Why don't you go have a drink of whatever it is your drinkin, your a little bit short tonight my man!" Marty Brennamen lol An older gentleman called and was perturbed that when listening to the game on the radio and watching on TV asked Marty why he cant call the balls and strikes on time! ;)@CincyGy Poooor old guy on the Banana phone "Can't u guys call the balls and strike as they happen?" not understanding the Satelite delay! #Reds John Fay (Reds Enq Beat reporter was handling the Twitter style Banana Questions) :@johnfayman RT @renewkir: @johnfayman does the banana phone actually look like a banana?//Used to, doesn't anymore (I think I remember that under Marty and Joe :) @johnfayman RT @John03163: @johnfayman What's so bad with Cordero? He was leading NL in saves at the break//And blown saves. @johnfayman  What should I have for lunch tomorrow?//Turkey Tom from Jimmy John's, no sprouts. @slagzoo These #Reds fans calling to talk to Marty are dumb as hell. They're making the rest of us look like idiots. JimmyTwoTimes37 over at the whole thing quite well: Reds Banana Phone on 700 WLW 7/20/10If you haven't heard these calls during Reds rain delays, you are missing out big time. Highlights from yesterday included: 1) Some guy...(called in and misprounced)... names such as "Cookie Miller", "Cueeero", "Bronson Oreo" and "Raymond Hernandez" 2) Mark Grace pretending to be some random guy telling Marty the Reds should trade "Danny Ray Herrera for Danny Haren" 3) Some guy saying Mike Leake should bat Leadoff 4) A guy calling with his radio cranked up creating massive feedback. When he turned it down he sounded like he was in a vacuum. He was upset with Marty for not answering his email. "You never answer my questions" "That's because they aren't worth reading" 5) Marty saying he's going to cut some guy's water off It's supposed to rain tonight so I'll be listening and hoping for a rain delay__________________Stay Thirsty My Friends" Thanks  Jimmy 2 Times I have an old Wayte Hoyt in the Rain LP, I look forward to the day WLW publishes best of Banana phone, this one was a classic![...]

Tweets Of The Month


 7/14/2010 “@CincyGy: Breaking: Tiger just admitted in England he has been defeated! The still reigning and undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World: #Sex! ;)” “@Jesus_M_Christ: If y'all still looking for Osama, go check Comic-Con. Where the Hell else is he going to find 72 virgins?” @LanceMcAlister   "I think people around Reds country are coming to the realization that this team is not going to break their heart"-Marty B[...]

The 2010 Cincinnati Reds First Half MVP


Many have said this is a toss up, not in my book: If we were to go on stats alone it would be the Young Man Mr Joey Votto, but his day will come. Without this Guy, Phillips/Gomes/Votto all the young guys wouldn't have the mentor, the leader and a man backing it up with the stats/hustle and mainly: the Leadership. The Reds are 70 and 40 something with him in the lineup since his arrival last year. He shows up injured, and hustles(as evidenced by last nights 1st to 3rd charlie Hustle imitated head first slide, which awoke the NL to victory). Votto has had Big hits, but so has this man, but he brings what no other Red does: soemone to look up to, model your approach, and model your work ethic to: All Championship team's have one: See the 1980 Dodgers with Kirk Gibson, see the 1990 Reds and 1990 era Yankees with Paul Oneil. If the Reds are to win anything this year it may very well be on the Bat of Joey Votto. But it will be on the Back of one: 

Mr Scott Bruce Rolen
Michael Buckner/Ghetty Images

We thank you Captain Rolen, for what you have brought to our  Cincinnati Reds!