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Healthy hair care tips and solutions that embraces all hair textures and hair styling needs.

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Healthy Hair Care Tips For Using Heat Protection Hair Products

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 21:16:00 +0000

It's summer and we women and men of all colors might have to  use more heat to assist in our hairstyle lasting longer. Of course it's best to wear more natural hairstyles to avoid heat altogether. Protective hairstyles have saved many a hairs from falling out and becoming damage. However, this is not realty when you must look fabulous with on your shoulder and other curled styles.Heat Protection Hair Products must be used to maintain the best health and length of your hair. To style your hair without taking the necessary precautions is like drive a  motorcycle without sunscreen and a helmet; surely there will be damage. Now let's take our precautions seriously and avoid the inevitable.Heat Protection Hair Tips It is  crucial to use protective hair products before using any heat implements on your hair. If you have neglected to take protective measures against preventing heat damage you may have experienced breakage and damage and never really knowing why. Now you do.I don't care which one you use, however I did select two great ones below, but use something! Protective products come in various forms:SerumSpray Oil How to Use Heat Protection Hair Products Shampoo  hair with appropriate shampoo for your hair type. Condition with appropriate conditioner for your hair type. I like and strongly suggest the Kanechom and Silicon Mix Treatment for incredible results. This is the only time to use silicon based products. Silicon prevents heat damage to the core of your hair shaft.Rinse well and apply your detangler if needed; protective serums, sprays or creams into hair for moisture and a pre-treatment before blow drying. It is best to invest in a professional grade ceramic blow dryer such as One n Only Argan Heat 1875W Ceramic Dryer to help avoid using harmful heat on your tresses. The Argan Oil is fantastic and will have any hair silky and soft to the touch, some may be too heavy for fine hair.Now that you have a great foundation, you can safely use your ceramic flat irons or curler. Ceramic implement distribute heat safely without the damage. Please remember hair burns and damages at 450 degreesYou have just learned how important it is to use  heat protection hair products efficiently. You just learned that preventing heat damage begins with a good shampoo and conditioning regimen as well as the heat implements you use after.I want to end this by saying that the best prevention is avoid using heat in your hair at all cost. Use this guide to keep the healthiest hair on your head while using heat. Enjoy and please share!Put this feed on your website.[...]

How To Grow Neglected Hair Longer and Healthy

Thu, 07 May 2015 19:05:00 +0000

You Need This Information To Grow Neglected Hair LongerIf you are experiencing hair loss and want to know how to grow your hair back you first have to understand that hair has to be properly taken care of to maintain strength and vitality. Many want to grow hair longer back to a healthy state and just don't understand how to do this.Hair is always growing It's just not doing it well due to medications, illnesses, neglect or poor nutrition. Changing your health status and practicing proper hair maintenance to assure well moisturized and healthy hair will stop breakage and allow a fuller head of hair to grow.Eating healthy foods will benefit hair growth from within, well nourished and moisturized hair will keep hair supple and elastic resisting breakage as protective habits such as protecting hair from high heats and drying materials will allow hair to flourish and maintain more growth.Why Your Hair Won't Grow LongerYour hair is always growing; if you have hair it is always growing unless our hair follicles close. It could be compromised by a clogged scalp and poor eating habits.Smoking discourages blood flow and nourishment to hair.Alcohol thins veins restricting blood flow and is not good for your body or hair growth. Although moderately drinking red wine offers beneficial antioxidants.Junk Food has no place when you want healthy hair. Growing healthy hair requires vitamins to product stronger hair before it leaves the scalp.Neglect from not moisturizing, applying too much heat with styling implements and lack of protection from the elements can cause hair to become extremely dry and break. Continuous breakage makes hair seem not to grow.What Can Be Going Wrong?There are those who wear scarves, wigs, hair attachments or hats that either pull or cause pressure that will cut off blood circulation making it impossible for hair to grow from the hair follicles that are affected. In this case, a root stimulant that is designed to stimulate blood circulation in healthy hair follicles to produce hair; provided there was not too much damage.There are a many people that are excessive when using hair products such as gel and scalp oil. This product should be used sparingly then massaged in; you can not apply this product every square and causing the hair follicles to become clogged. Shampoos and products designed to unclog the hair follicles can help hair follicles to open and produce more hair instead of the few.Maintenance Products For Growing Hair LongerUsing maintenance products for protection and to replace moisture and vitamins for a stronger hair structure is mandatory. Taking away moisture without replacing it is detrimental to hair growth.Instant conditioners remove buildups and dead cells from hair enabling products to enter hair more efficiently, however, can be harmful if left on to long. Once this product does it's job it can go on to dissolve the hair and natural moisture leaving hair dryer and more apt to break. Use as directed!Deep Conditioners are meant to add moisture to hair allow hair to become more elastic breaking less by penetrating deeper into the hair shaft with body heat or heat under a dryer with a plastic cap.Hair Treatments are used to correct problems in hair such as damage due to excessive dryness and extreme breakage due to neglected and over processed hair.Scalp Stimulants: Rogain type products will stimulate the roots and help them produce more hair; however studies show that when you stop so does the hair that has grown.Satin Scarves and wraps are great protection from drying materials absorbing natural oils from your hair. Simply sleeping in or placing a satin cap over headrest can reduce breakage when resting or resting your head on fabric chairs.Umbrellas and hats are great protectors from the sun when you exposed for long periods. The long exposure can certainly damage your tresses.Inversion MethodI want to share the Inversion Hair Growth Method with you. You may  not have heard of this before but it i[...]

How To Grow Hair Longer - Stop and Avoid Split Ends

Fri, 10 Apr 2015 01:10:00 +0000

Your hair doesn't seem to grow and your ends are splitting like dried out weeds. I can relate and I know how frustrating it can be with everyone telling you to cut them off.It's true that you should cut damaged hair to prevent it from running up the hair shaft but if you don't learn how to stop splitting and shedding hair in the first place, you might as well be bald!This is How Hair Is ConstructedHair is made up of many layers and the very middle cortex of your hair has to be moisturized. This can only be done by deep penetrating moisturizers and conditioners. Our hair is also 97% keratin (protein) which is why proteintreatments (hardens hair)tend to make our hair harder resulting in more breakage when hair is not properly moisturized (adds moisture). Hard hair without moisture breaks.Hydrolzyed Silk A Special Ingredient to Stopping Split EndsLook at your ingredients for HYDROLYZED silk or wheat protein and more. This special ingredient is protein formulated small enough to enter into the fine structure of your hair enabling it to strengthen your bonds in the deepest core; unlike other products that sit on top of your hair and neglect to treat the inner core.When you see hydrolyzed you can be sure you are getting quality protein with your moisturizer that will stop splitting ends before they start.Your thirsty hair will become strong and subtle when it is nourished to the core  and your trimming will no longer become a cut from hell! Of course, there are things you must do to keep your ends healthy.How To Treat Split EndsIt will be very hard to stop getting split ends if  you are still using heating tools and wearing your hair out. That being said it is not impossible. You will have to stay conscious of your goal and treat your hair like the most delicate silk fabric you ever owned.Keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and well protected always amongst other things.use biotinuse folic acidwear protective stylesapply oil treatmentsuse moisturizersprotect your hair from excessive sunDon't use heating tools.Don't use heating tools without protective product.The only fabric that should touch your hair is satin or silk.Split End Repair Products Please check out my article about Using Heat Protection Hair Products.Put this feed on your website.[...]

Hair Style Ideas For Curly Hair

Sun, 29 Mar 2015 19:21:00 +0000

When you are blessed with curly hair you are blessed with more options than most. Your hair will never be flat and you can always straighten it. Here are some thing you can do with a curly head of hair.
Curly Hair Options
  • Ponytail
  • Curly look
  • Straight
  • Braids
  • Updo
You may think it sounds the same as straight hair but the extra body will make even the straightest style seem fuller with more body. There are options for curly hair that may not seem practical. But with practice and instructions you can soon be the curly hair diva.

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Brazilian Virgin Hair Cheap - Brazilian Curly Weave Hair

Mon, 05 May 2014 11:07:00 +0000

Brazilian Curly Weave Hair
If you have ever felt Brazilian hair you would know instantly what the allure is. You may be a weave or wig wearer or you may make wig or do weaves, but you do know that a quality finished product has to start with the best hair.

Quality Brazilian virgin hair can be processed to your specifications and is chosen because of it's full body texture and soft feel. Women of color love it because it resembles relaxed, straightened or curled healthy textured hair.

  • bleach
  • relax
  • dye
  • perm
Buying Cheap Virgin Brazilian Hair may not be what you mean...
Hair that is considered cheap may have it's own issues and concerns such as coming from a dead person or unaligned cuticles which can bring you infections and snarling hair. There is a reason for hair being cheap. Virgin Brazilian hair does not grow on trees and take time to cut, clean and prepare before being sold. 

The hair is normally from one donor and is cut and tied directly. However some are from several donors and aligned carefully with the cuticles all facing the same directions to prevent hair from becoming unruly or tangled. Then there is transporting, tagging, packaging and shipping. There is a cost and you have to pay it.

Affordable hair is more likely what you meant. Virgin Brazilian hair is sought after with good reason and the cost can be very expensive. Some will ask the suppliers for proof of authenticity if the price is too extreme. But no worries; for affordable virgin quality hair you can go to Amazon for Brazilian curly weave hair and make your safe purchase and be blown away from the quality.


How To Find The Best Hair For Weaving or Lace Front Wigs

Wed, 19 Feb 2014 04:49:00 +0000

If you want to find the best hair for weaving  or lace wig you will have to become a private eye. You have to be delicate but bold to attain the information you need or pick up some virgin Remy Brazilian or Peruvian hair and process it to your liking."Ask (discreetly) people that have fabulous weaves or wigs where they purchased theirs and see why they are happy with it."Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions For The Best Lace Front Wig You can go onto Youtube and ask those divas the questions and not be embarrassed. It is best to do your homework instead of finding out you've been tricked into buying something your not happy about.5 Question To Ask Someone Wearing A Wig or Weave You LikeIt's beautiful...Can I touch it?How long have you been wearing this brand?Do you have any problems with shedding/tangles?How much does it cost?If you can change something about it, what would it be?Have you ever seen the very long, curly and silky lace front wigs on African American woman and wondered why yours does not look like that? It's because you may be seeing a weave or wig made with Brazilian Remy human hair wig; which is a hair with the cuticles laying in the same direction to prevent tangles and the full bodied texture and softness, that looks of relaxed African American healthy hair.This wig is always soft and very manageable to the touch. This hair will make you feel as if it's your own and give you the confidence in knowing it will not tangle and bunch up on your neck like many inferior wigs. Do your homework if you want to get the best weave hair or lace front wig or just order you own affordable virgin high quality hair and make your own.By the way, have you ever been paid to tell other where to get their hair? Well go to the link above and see how you can!Put this feed on your website.[...]

How To Curl Synthetic Hair And Renew Your Childs Braided Hair Style

Sat, 07 Apr 2012 20:22:00 +0000

There are many beautiful children that are having their hair braided with synthetic hair. This type of hair is more realistic than ever before.The texture is soft and it is easy to re-curl.When the curl of synthetic fibers start looking undesirable you can use this method to spice up and renew the style.Learning how to curl synthetic hair while on your child's head will assure the process is done safely and effectively. The first thing you should know is the synthetic hair can be altered with high temperature water.This alone tells you this can be tricky and dangerous if not properly done.You will have to have some supplies at hand first along with some assistance from another person to hand you your supplies or assist you when needed.Styling Methods To Curl Synthetic Braided HairMore Permanent Curl Method2 large towelslarge plastic bowlboiling waterMedium or large perm rodslarge durable plastic cup with handle.Perm rods or large braids are done on dry braids. Rods are placed on ends of hair away from the scalp.Dry towel is folded in half and place on childs shoulders while leaning back. Head may rest on back of kitchen chair.Empty bowl is placed under braids with perm rods to catch water.Microwaved water should be in wide bowl with handle while braids with roller/rods are dipped. Hot water can also be poured over rollers than sprayed with cold water to cool and set braids. Always pour away from the scalp allowing steam to rise up without touching the skin.After this process the perm rods can be removed right away after cooling with cold water. Squeeze any remaining water with dry towel. Spray sheen onto hair for added shine.You can also braid hair and place rods at the bottom. Dip hair and rod in boiled water for a few minutes and pour cool water to firm curls.WARNING! Be very careful to avoid steam burns and only dip synthetic hair never your childs hair beneath it. Start inches below child hair ends. use protective draping over child in case of splashing.Softer Semi- Permanent Method For Curling Synthetic HairFor a more softer curl that may not last as long but is safer you can use a set of steam rollers. You will have a softer curl and more security until you get more practice with the previous method.You may even want to place in large braids for the wavy look and blast each braid with steam. (Away from the scalp of course). The compact fabric steamers today are small and easy to handle. Cool with cold wet towel to set and prevent any discomfort.Temporary Method To Curling Synthetic HairCurling synthetic hair with a more temporary method will require more time but is much safer for smaller or figity children. All you need to do is saturate the braids with styling or setting mouse and allow to air dry over night. The sponge rollers, perm rods or large braids for the wavy look. The curls will slowly fall out until the next time the process is done.Put this feed on your website.[...]

Become A Wig Maker And Save Money On Your Custom Lace Wig

Wed, 15 Feb 2012 21:49:00 +0000

(image) (image)

You can do it too. Just look at the people on YouTube making their own wigs... Why not you?

Make a wig of your own and save money. If you know how to thread a needle you can make your own wig.

The instructions will have you making your own wig like a pro.. But first here are some item you will need to get from your local Beauty Supply Store or Amazon

Wig Making Supplies
  • weave cap
  • Russian/Asian needle
  • curved needle
  • thread
  • wig head
  • t-pins
  • scissors
  • hair
    How To Make A Wig Video

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    If you decide to make your own wig you should know that you can have this wig for a really long time if you start with good quality produced. If you choose to make a lace wig and have skills in that area. Using top quality cuticle virgin Brazilian (Malaysian) or Peruvian hair will last for years if you take really good care of it. Take the time and patience to duplicate the steps and you will be saving money and never purchasing another wig that doesn't last again.

    Learning how to make a wig and maintain it can save you money as well as make you money by becoming a customized wig maker.(image)

    How To Open A Money Making Hair Salon Business

    Wed, 25 Jan 2012 05:40:00 +0000

    The hair salon business is booming and there are thousands of graduates everyday. Most dream of someday owning their own salon but don't think about the very basic ingredients it takes to own and run a successful hair salon.

    After finally finishing beauty school and becoming a great stylist and getting your cosmetology license many run out and prematurely open their first salon just to have it inevitable happen, it has to close. When opening a beauty salon you have to first experience how a salon is ran by experience and training from every level. Building a successful salon does not begin with great styling but with discipline,great discipline and organization.

    • cleaning
    • greeting
    • budgeting
    • payroll
    • retail
    • training
    • shampoo person
    • book keeping
    • organization
    • appointment setting
    • stocking
    • opening/closing process
    • problem solving
    • staff meetings
    • marketing
    Notice the list above does not mention creativity. Of course  this is an important criteria for your staff but with ongoing training your stylist can be molded into a great team. I mention team because among the other responsibilities you will have to know how to work with a team and teach the team how to work together during business hours as professionals.

    Money will buy you a salon but a hair salon business plan and experience will assure you a successful hair salon. Your business plan will let you know how much capital is needed to grow and sustain your business. It is very important to place yourself in salon training during and after graduating beauty school to gain the experience of running every aspect of a hair salon.

     Many franchise salons have training programs a new stylist can take advantage of before taking the leap into ownership. Learning how to open a successful money making hair salon business is in your future should you except the responsibilities before you.(image)

    Growing Out Relaxed Hair Care Tips-Relaxer Tips

    Tue, 17 Jan 2012 00:26:00 +0000

    Chemically hair relaxing for a more manageable style is what thousands if not million have been doing for years. A hair relaxer is when your natural wave pattern is removed by a chemical straightener.Many have chosen hair relaxers for the performance they see on commercials,others and word of mouth. But the age old question "why isn't my hair straight?" keeps surfacing even thought the finished style is great.People relaxing their hair want their hair to be bone straight when their hair is wet and dry.This is not likely to happen 100% of the time with every hair type. African American hair is shaped differently depending on the origin of the parents and parents parents. Basically the hair is in a coiled shape. This coil may be tighter the closer to African descent versus a lesser coil resembling a wave.The natural wave pattern of your hair is the safest pattern for your your to be healthy. In your natural state your bonds are close together and tight causing a stronger tighter hair. When this bond is altered by chemicals, your hair is weakened to some degree and there is a loss of natural oils that have been removed. Chemically altered hair must be conditioned and treated every week to keep the hair balanced and healthy or it will become weak, dry and break.Relaxing Tips For Cream Hair RelaxersThe relaxing process of the hair is what straightens out the hair. The relaxer chemical only relaxes the hair curl or wave. The person that is applying the relaxer determines with their experience when to remove the chemical.Most relaxer products will tell you when to remove the relaxer depending on the hair texture. But a professional knows that all hair is not created equal and may need a different time limit for a more softer less porous hair or a thicker more porous hair.A professional will apply the chemical and once hair is softened will begin where product is first applied to physically straighten the hair in small or large sections with the back of comb or hands until each section is straight.Hair is then checked until the wave pattern is relaxed and left on longer until hair is able to hold the new pattern once heavy cream is smoothed off.It is this crucial step that is sometimes missed. A stylist or consumer may not have the experience to analyze hair until the desired straightness is achieve and remove the relaxer. This is also the safest thing to do if not sure or experienced. Your hair will still perform well with rollers or other styling appliances.How Straight Should Relaxed Hair Be?Determining how straight hair should be when getting a relaxer is best done with a consultation with a stylist that know your hair. You can however have a more experienced professional that can relax your hair the way you want the first try but you may not understand why....Firstly stylist come with all different types of experience and education. (I do expect you to get dizzy now) There are stylist that know how to read and analyze hair and prepare it before the chemical process is to be done while others will just base your scalp and apply regardless of the hairs analysis.Of course the hair that is not in the best shape and is lacking will revert leaving a straight look now and a less straight look when air-dried. It is the healthiest hair that can be relaxed and maintain a straighter relaxed look.Just imagine not using lotions on your hands for a month they will become ashy and dry. Now imagine buying a great hand lotion that claims to stop all the dry skin for a week. This product may not work for you because you have not been caring for your skin on a regular basis. The same is true with relaxed and hair with other chemicals the more you properly care for your chemically relaxed hair the better results you will get from your efforts.No worries begin today caring for your relaxed hair and[...]

    How To Remove Your Lace Front Wig Without Harming Your Scalp

    Mon, 09 Jan 2012 19:21:00 +0000

    Removing your lace front wig doesn't have to be damaging to your scalp but you have to remember not to skip on the first step. Clean skin with alcohol.Apply skin protective cream. Allow to dry.Apply lace front wig.If you neglect to appy the skin protectant cream you are subjecting yourself to skin irritations during removal of your lace wig unit. The products that are made to dissolve glues and adhesive residue should be used before each new lace front wig application for your protection and longer hold.Steps To Remove Your Lace Front WigSprinkle citrus remover, lace release or grain alcohol to hairline and nape.Wait four to five minutes before lifting lace starting at ear. If lace does not come up easily, reapply remover. Repeat this process until the lace comes off without obstruction.Apply more citrus remover or grain alcohol to clean skin. then wash your face.You can read our entry on How To Remove Glue or Adhesive From Your Lace Front Wig for more step by step instructions.Put this feed on your website.[...]

    Growing Longer Hair And Stop Hair Loss, Dry Damaged Hair During The Winter Months

    Thu, 15 Dec 2011 17:36:00 +0000

    When you make the decision to growing your hair longer you will also be making a decision to being more aware of the products and heat you use to groom it.

    There may be simple things we do that cause stress to our hair that we are unaware of, such as:

    • Excess heat
    • Exposure to long term sun
    • Exposure to extreme cold
    • Lack of moisturizing product
    • Lack of conditioning
    • Tight hairstyles

    We have to protect our tresses from the brutal cold air and the dry indoor heat. Silk or satin lined hats can give your hair added protection to prevent winter dryness and breakage.

    Remember to never go to sleep without wrapping your hair or to never allow your hair to rest on wool fabric that dry and pull out strands of hair.

    6 Tips To Growing Longer Hair  

    1. Wrap hair each night.
    2. Wear satin lined hats.
    3. Cover car head rest with satin or silk.
    4. Wear satin/silk scarves over wool coats.
    5. Moisturize every night.
    6. Deep condition every week or two. Alternate with hot oil treatments.

    Breaking and shedding begins slowly and by the time winter is over you would have lost inches of hair. Buy silk or satin scarves, hats, and pillow cases. Buying an extra satin cap will allow you to cover your car seat for a barrier between your hair and the car upholstery.

    Use these hair care tips will help to prevent and stop winter hair loss, breakage and dryness during the winter months. For more valuable hair care tips I suggest you get your own copy of this Hair Care Guide  with tips to growing longer  hair.(image)

    Find Out How Long Should African American Braids Styles Stay In

    Mon, 12 Dec 2011 04:35:00 +0000

    Leaving braids in hair is of great life saver and concern to many, such as people on the run with school, work, and other activities that cause us to seek convenience in hair braiding.Braided hair will last long if done properly. Great braiding is not enough if hair is not properly prepared. What good is a great style now if your about to lose your hair later?Because of our many textures and scalp conditions the time varies for many of us. I would suggest that hair braids ideally be left in for only 2 weeks. But the truth is they can stay in for up to six month for hair that grows slow or is not to fine causing stray hair to come through.When hair begins to twist a root area, take them out or they will lock. Our hair sheds and can make the process of detangling hair impossible. Just don't get upset when looking at the loose hair in the comb.Just be sure your applying proper hair care maintenance.Hair naturally sheds everyday and will shed more if braids aren't moisturized at least every 3 days. This is also why when growing dreadlock they maintain a certain thickness. The shedding hair compliments and locks the dreads .How To Prepare Hair Before BraidingBefore braiding, hair should be shampooed and conditioned. If dandruff is a problem, a treatment should be used first and during the time hair remains braided. (sulfur 8 in the blue jar).If hair is excessively dry, an oil or deep moisturizing treatment is advised. Blow dry hair one section at a time. Put leave in conditioner or blow dry lotion before adding heat.Brush section and hold stretch out while blowing with hi warm to force out water.Now use blow dryer with comb attachment or big vent brush to continue blowing section straight.There is no need to get perfectly straight for braids.FYI: If braiding with synthetic hair do not put oils in hair if burning tips until after the braids are done. However dipping synthetic hair ends in very hot water will relax the end and replace the need for burning ends. Hair can be put in large braids before dipping to make waves in hair. Cool before taking out.Why Braid Styles Can't Stay In Too LongHair looking unkempt. Lint and product build up. Dried out hair . Locked in braids. Extreme Hair Shedding.Take Braid Styles Out To Prevent Further Problem or Discomfort Problem dandruff Don't wrap hair. Sweaty scalp from workouts or health . Itchy scalp. Too tight braids. Too Loose Braids.Dusty environments such as work can mean a dirty head of hair that must be taking a loose and redone. Cornrows can be left in about two weeks with your own hair if it is wrapped and protected every night. Light moisturizing spray or leave in conditioner will lay stray strands down before wakening:) Individual braids can be left in longer (3-6 wks) and shampooed while in.But should never be allowed to twist at scalp . FYI: Some add in extension hair to allow hairstyle to last longer.Put this feed on your website.[...]

    How To Curl Synthetic Braid Styles-Curling My Braids

    Sat, 12 Nov 2011 04:49:00 +0000

    Your braids are done and looking good but after a few weeks between showering, shampooing or other fun stuff. You begin to loose your curls or the synthetic hair become snarly. How To Curl Your Synthetic Braids Don't worry about synthetic braids that lost their curls. You can easily fix re-curl them with some simple techniques. Here are some easy instructions to follow that will have you back in your glory in no time at all. But please do not do this alone. Hot water burns so be very careful.Oval Face ShapeThis is the most easiest shaped face for hair styles and the most classic look for this face is a style that frames the face in perfect proportionsHeart Face ShapeA heart shaped face will be more accentuated with the ends of the hair pointing outward to balance the facial features.Round Face ShapeA round face can be slimmed down with feathered cuts coming toward the face. You will have a more sofisticated look also.Square Face ShapeA square face needs the symetry to be broken up with a side partings, layers and/or curls. Long hair is great for a square face.Long Face ShapeWith a long face a bang can minimize a forehead and a shoulder or chin length style can broaden the facePut this feed on your website.[...]

    How Style Hair For Square Face Shapes

    Wed, 15 Jun 2011 19:13:00 +0000

    (image) (image) (image) Square face shapes are the widest at the jawline and ears. You will also be about the same distance top to bottom as side to side.

    The best hairstyles for you will be luxurious long hair.Some of the most beautiful people have square face shapes and can wear long hair beautifully. Congrates to you!(image)

    Hairstyles For Long Face Shapes

    Fri, 10 Jun 2011 19:49:00 +0000

    The sexiest and most sophisticated hairstyle for a woman with a long face shape is a wavy chin length bob style. You may be more adventurous in high school but after that you will realize that a chin length style will be the most flattering for you. Make sure the back length is at least 1/2 inch shorter in the back. An updated bob style is so hot!Shoulder length hair looks so flattering on a long face shape. If you haven't done this. Go try some wigs on. You will like what you see.Loving short hair doesn't mean it loves you back. When you have a long face stay away from too many short layers on top that will add to the length of your face. I know some of you have long hair and want to keep it. That's fine, just add a bang and all is well!Put this feed on your website.[...]