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Lindsay Lohan, doing a cracked-out magazine photo shoot


From RadarOther Linnocent news: she announced on a radio show that she is currently boycotting Glee: “I don’t watch Glee. They have made a load of snarky remarks about me. I don’t know why.”Maybe they make fun of her because she’s a humorless, crackheaded sociopath CHILD?!? What’s weird is that I TOTALLY believe that Linnocent has literally NO IDEA why someone would mock her or make fun of her.

Angelina questions, and she even fielded questions about international incidents.


Once again, meh. I might have to turn in my Brangeloonie Platinum Membership Card, but I am so not excited about Angelina’s Bosnian film. I think the whole thing - while made with good intentions - sounds like a hot mess, a disaster of epic proportions. I’m not looking forward to the release, because I feel like Angelina is going to bashed soundly, and she will deserve a great deal of it.

Aniston. This is exactly how she sounds


Here are some new pictures of Jennifer Aniston in Sephora yesterday, New York. At first I thought, Vivienne Westwood dress was orange, but more of an orange, pink, red, right? There Cuckoo tits! And wonky hem. But it's still nice to see them in bright colors, and should work more often, this type of colors - that are consistent with things much more than neutral, and black is generally used. Even

Us Weekly has named Jessica Simpson their “Style Icon of the Year” of the year.


This gain in the same stack as Jennifer Lopez "Most Beautiful" by People magazine - Jessica Simpson Us Weekly called "Style Icon of the Year" this year. For.Real. It is not enough to talk about her fashion line - which, however, very lucky.They say Jessica Simpson as a style icon, because it takes things like reindeer socks (pushed the limits), translucent and ripped pants muumuus to fancy

Angelina Jolie wears glasses gold expensive, so it's bad


Remember that these weeks pictures of Angelina Jolie, Brad and the kids?Yes, the tabloids are still high on it.According to In Touch Weekly to go, while Angelina was in New Orleans with his family, was the element that all the good that does not invalidate.Who is this mystery object? One vial full of unicorn blood? T-shirt that "puddle HIV " can mean not wearing sunglasses to face is probably

Lindsay Lohan’s drunken .....


Remember when Lindsay Lohan was at the Betty Ford Hospital, and she and some friends got drunk one night, and when he returned to the clinic, the staff tried Linnocent a breathalyzer test and was Linnocent crack in a drunken rage and gave slap the hell out of workers? Yes, this really happened.The employee was the dawn of the Netherlands, and then sold her story and was released from the Betty

Eva Longoria thinks we’re idiots.


Eva Longoria thinks we're idiots. This is what reduces k. Yesterday we had an attempt at compassion Eva divorce after complaining party, such as "sad" it is for them to be without Tony Parker.Allure interview was published the same day Eva was photographed by Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz's younger brother. Shortly after they separated, and Tony Parker, Eva began meeting with Eduardo.And when I say

Rihanna talks about her bastard father in Vogue


As we did last week, to see Rihanna in April cover girl of Vogue. Here are some photos of Annie Leibovitz are his paintings. too many big plans for my taste, fashion and not enough. Moreover, it seems very un-shooting Leibovitz.It reads more like Mario Testino, which is strange. Anyway, it became a cover, Rihanna wore Chanel. I still like a dress - it's just awkward body language mistakes Rihanna

Megan Fox’s latest movie goes direct-to-DVD: is that a career-ender?


Several years ago, Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke filmed a movie called "Passion Play. I've been a little sketch on the site ..." save "some of the symbols of Megan, a circus freak with wings, and Mickey tried to clip the wings or any other, no matter, since you probably are not enough to see the movie because it can not -. . comments are in, and passion to play has to come not only short, limited

Lindsay’s Breasts Went to Court Again


Any excitement over this mini-dress, Lindsay Lohan stranger to the court today. At first I said it was leather, to read the same on the radar.TMZ is not necessary, a tissue that defines it as a dress Raquel Allegra (Linnocent needle wearing boots, Chanel, Dior and shadows "on loan" Judith Ripka necklace pairs).the life of Hollywood just says things "doubtful." E! News says no leather latex dress

Britney Spears talks about her love for Lady Gaga, Madonna & Strawberry Fraps Yes.


These photos of Britney Spears has her second son Jayden to her karate class. I apologize if this is not Jaden - I honestly can not say that the two guys, so I will define images Fame. In any case, is a small chip, and it's nice to think that Britney has just spent some time to be a mother so dramatically loud about this issue. God, thank you. Also: the hair is still looking for a clean-ish. I do

Anne Hathaway in Marni: tragic or cute?


These pictures of Anne Hathaway at a press screening of Rio, an animated film in which Anne has done a voice.This is not the prime minister, is the selection process, so no need to wear their best clothes for Anna or something. And maybe the problem - it's like Anna with "random" team games.I mean ... Marni Rachel Zoe get this up and down it? Or not entirely Anna? Really, really want to think

Jennifer Aniston was not the Angelina Jolie intimidation Globe


As I mentioned in a post Vanessa Paradis "," In Touch Weekly "has participated in the course of this week, all the reasons why Jennifer Aniston is not going to the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. Obviously, she was invited, but Drunky McBurnout rejected because they are heroin McBaby-Raider "model", he thought he could Drunky know that heroin is "Bully" and "ridiculous" her "through the TV screen.

Megan Fox has lost too much weight or too much plastic surgery?


Here are some new pictures of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green yesterday leaving a sushi joint. As you can see, Megan Fox still looks very weak. Apparently, many people have commented on her slim body in the Golden Globes not only your body, either - Megan looked mainly at the Globes, "processed." His face was used.It's funny, was the first Transformers movie a few days and I've seen yet. I

Lindsay Lohan is a stalker, or is it difficult to crack under stress?


Lindsay Lohan "Stalker. " Therefore, she says. This is apparently a stalker and the text called and said, "insulting" material in its restoration. Well ... Who was it? I know it was one of the females. Do not look! I think my anger in the family Crackhead in these pages is limited. Why should I call and say that I cut into his audience, if I could spend time thinking about your own photos of

Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are over, and she threw him out


I told you not last long. Life & Style reports that Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are ready, and that Kim was restored. According to sources, Kim thought it referred only to "help" "glory." Um ... What? Of course, leaning on the level of consciousness (often Gabe scandalous materials, such as Kim "Baby Daddy Halle Berry), but I think Kim is undoubtedly" famewhoring remains the de facto

Kool-Aid situation is even worse wig Rihanna


I remember the first time Britney Spears at the scene. I like their music much, but I thought it was a beautiful thing. Right in front of four or five years, and I do not remember when she looked cute. It is very tempting as "surprising" and leading to a series of terrible wigs, cuts of fabrics and styles. Earlier this year, remove the hair with this terrible shave half a cup of red mushrooms.

Lindsay Lohan supposedly "denied" an analgesic for oral and maxillofacial surgery


As mentioned, the crowd was crack Lindsay Lohan, and was a "plant passport" for the recovery to the producers and the team found Inferno. But did you know that they were now maxillofacial surgery? Wanted radar. And if the dealer has offered to pay the dentist providing medication MotherLoad, Lindsay Sun tight and whispered, "No." Then you say, "sources." But I have another theory that I say in a

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Love Shack tingling Baton Rouge


I can drive the drama MotherLoad did (all this, so I was temporarily MIA, my apologies), and when I got home there was a little gem in the history of email, like manna from heaven. According to Life & Style Scene Queens and shines Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the movie "Dawn in Baton Rouge, which will shake idea. Set. At home. Love and sparks. ZOMG! Life & Style Scene Queens can show that

Gladiator Sandals for the Modern Women Warrior


It is ironic that the modern day is going back to stone age by the use of gladiator sandals. We see everywhere women wearing these sandals. From the most popular designers to the general brands out there, gladiator sandals are the new trend in fashion. I have seen many celebs sporting this like Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, and the like. At first, this fashion piece seems awkward. But when you

Lindsay Lohan has re-appointed to the rehabilitation of January, no prison


Well, I started writing this before I knew what was going on with Lindsay Lohan in court today. No cameras allowed in the room, unfortunately. Lindsay came with her mother and her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, to listen to 25 minutes before 8:30 pm in Moscow.I saw pictures of their arrival ... have been and what I can say that Lindsay left the Betty Ford clinic, and her mother waiting for a

Miley Cyrus is going to marry her friend instead of Liam, Yeehaw!


If it was someone else, I would say "shit," T "and settled in a night's sleep. However, I had to roll his eyes and murmured. "Jesus, I'm sure it's SH-T is the true" National Enquirer reports that Miley Cyrus is only 17 years, both gettin 'married to another Liam Hemsworth. A few months ago there was much more dramatic division and Liam Miley, and perhaps was cheatin 'and perhaps Miley was closed,

Britney Spears hits teases us with her knitting broken / extensions


Britney Spears AOT would have issued a public statement last week, the AM costume change mid-back when he fell jeans look comfortable in the middle of the store and wore a shirt for the rest of the audience. Well, yesterday, Britney has the same thing - the costume changes in the medium term.Will you tell us something? Because they prepared for their OSA will not be the end of trust? Or is it an

Scott Disick defending the honor of Kim Kardashian at the end


Do you know how stupid I called Scott Disick, Patrick Bateman-like anger-addicted psychopath less than 48 hours? Well, I'm in a hurry. Somehow. It appears that Scott was defending the honor of the boy's mother to face her sister Kate Kardashian. It all started in the nightclub of New York on Thursday when Scott, Kim and Kourtney drag and party. A guy came to Kim and tried to flirt with her, and

Jessica Alba was "never comfortable" shows their body, but money helps


A few days ago we received a photo shoot and the preliminary interview with Jessica Alba in November issue of GQ magazine in the UK. These photos of the current session, compared with a screen cover, as he had done before. These pictures are very, very sexy, and you can see that "hot Jessica Renaissance and fully effective. Of course, Jessica did not think so. In the fragments, so carefully

Little Black Dress (LBD): A Must-Have


LBD. That little black dress- it symbolizes elegance, sophistication, simplicity, freedom and empowerment. Of all the different dresses and fashion styles that women have, it is a must for them to have at least one little black dress. Aside from the convenience of easily pairing the little black dress with shoes and accessories, there is a certain air of elegance and sophistication to

Lindsay out of jail and Lohan, was his decision and met bail revoked


It turns out that TMZ was right when they say that Lindsay was not in jail without bail for two drug tests do not, the crimes were released. Lindsay's lawyer appealed to his name and his proposal to languish in jail without bail until his next meeting was canceled yesterday. Bail was set at $ 300,000, met him, and now that is terrorizing the streets again. The positive side is that small was

Lindsay Lohan is "very cautious" in his cell, separated


Might as well to all the details, right? Well, first of all in this recent photo of Lindsay Lohan reserve. That makes three, four, and this is the second in 2010. This is only the first photo ginger Lohan! Interesting factoid. It was also immediately after the release on bail of Lindsay, was handcuffed and taken away, but initially "seemed surprised" and "jumped to see his lawyer." Here is a

My Most Hated Person in the World: Speidi


Speidi is the combined names of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. They are the reality stars from the show, The Hills. After starring from this reality series, Heidi Montag, together with her husband, released her solo album which proved to be a flop. Heidi and Spencer eloped and got married in Mexico but after fifteen months of marriage, Heidi has already filed for divorce. It’s

Jessica Simpson results from Project Runway final judge


Yesterday was a fashion at the end of Project Runway at New York Fashion Week. This happens every season of Project Runway - because at the end of the film, while a mid-season broadcast Project Runway, many, many pages to execute a series of spoilers, which reached the final.I will not do - because I can not. I am very careful to avoid all the other places, and hopefully not break down all the

Be in a Beanie/Beret


During the winter, knitted caps are important part of one’s clothing. It may be small but it is helping in giving warmth. During the cold season, it is really very hard to become fashionable. I rather call the beanie hats as Beret caps. I don’t know if there is a difference between the two. All I know is that they are knitted caps for the winter. As a matter of fact, some would

The Boho Chic Part 3: Get that Boho Look


I have been writing about the boho chic style for the past few days now. We all know now that the boho look is a mix of being hippie, vintage and ethnic pieces. Layering, accessorizing and colorful and max prints are important. This time, I feel the need to give you tips on how to get the Boho look. In order to perfect this look, you need to find balance on the messiness of the outfit

The Boho Chic Part 2: On Braided Hair


Loose braids are on the loose (Boho Braids)! To complete the Boho look, you need to keep your hair braided. But the kind of braiding needs to be the Boho braids, which I otherwise call as the loose braids. If you have seen the photos of various celebs today, you can see them sporting this hair braid. Nicole Richie for one is always having this hairdo. Inded, Boho braids are stylish and

The Hippie Fashion: Being Boho Chic


When one talks about the hippie fashion, one thing that comes to my mind is Hollywood celebs like the Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins. For me, Nicole Richie is the ultimate hippie fashionista. I mean even when she’s preggers, she’s still the most fashionable person on earth. A true boho chic. Sienna Miller is more of a subtle hippie chick. It’s like you can always find a

Paris Hilton arrested in Las Vegas on the rights of possession of cocaine


Everyone knows that Paris Hilton is a cocaine addict, right? Well, now everyone knows. Paris Hilton was arrested last night for possession of cocaine. It was in Las Vegas, traveling in a car from a friend when the car was by the police in Las Vegas driven stopped. The police had warned that the car was a trail of smoke, "the name that people had the car speakers, I think it means.Found in

Angelina Jolie was with Robert Pattinson, Twihard to work next crisis?


Oh, it will be good. After Deadline Hollywood (via LaineyGossip history), a new film, Angelina Jolie is making a movie called Unforgiven. What ... I hope to change the name because there already a movie called that with (and director) Clint Eastwood Angelina mentor. However, the film "A woman tries to society after serving a stretch of 15 years imprisonment for the murder of two police officers

Rihanna says she was "neck tattoo Rebel Fleur no error


I can not believe Rihanna neck tattoo is a stupid story of two days. But is it, so here goes. A few days went Rihanna and got a tattoo, said neck (in italics) "Rebel flower." Yesterday, Popeater and also objects to the way published in French, is completely false.Seems Flower Rebel. As we say in English rebel flower (put the adjective before the noun), French and other languages, place the

Lauren Conrad is LA’s Candy


I like Lauren Conrad for the obvious reason that she’s fashionable. Actually, the two people I only watch in the The Hills is LC and Kristin Cavalliari. She was best known for her role in Laguna Beach and The Hills. After her acting stint in reality shows, Lauren pursued her career into the fashion industry. And as far as I’m concern, Lauren is doing well in this well.

Angelina Jolie stories in this week’s tabloids


There are many stories in newspapers Angelina Jolie in this week, but most of them quite interesting. The National Enquirer has an unfortunate kiss on Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp during the filming of a tourist, even if not call the script, she did. Angelina wanted to see "hot" and Depp has been offended. However, tourism has many sex scenes? Weird.

Plaid Shirts are Simply the Best


Hollywood celebs are going for plaid shirts.Seriously, I never find it stylish to wear plaid shirt until I saw the Hollywood celebs rocking it. I know this is an absurd thinking. But oh well, it works for me. I then began wearing plaid shirt in every possible occasion or just in everyday wear. My favorite plaid shirt is the vintage style. It may be tricky to wear but it’s worth a shot. The plaid

Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses


The 2010 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses by Forbes Magazine1. Sandra Bullock - $56 millionThis amount of money by Sandra Bullock has been derived primarily on her two hit movies – The Blind Side and The Proposal. She may be the highest paid actress but on the other aspect of her life, Sandra is not lucky in love. The same time that she was on top of the world because of box-office movies, the

Lindsay Lohan’s rehab will be for meth addiction, bipolar disorder


I will wait to make this story tomorrow, but I feel that tomorrow, the day was released from prison on Lindsay and that these stories have been forgotten. First, Lindsay comes out of prison, she was "forced" rehabilitation directly by the court Revel. I know what you - do not think Lindsay off on everything except the restoration, right? Now, sources tell TMZ Lindsay season will be the

Angelina Jolie: "I am courageous to the stupidity sometimes"


Angelina Jolie gave a long interview to The Mail on Sunday, presumably to promote the release of the English salt. The entire work is here - Angelina sounds ... interesting. I was a little bit "disappointed by the quality of interviews to promote Angelina salt, because too much pressure seems to be on the mother. What I have six children and all, and I totally respect and hey, I'm one of the

Lindsay Lohan had her jail sentence due to failure


Lohan failure to admit that I know this sound stupid, but honestly, I think if Lindsay went to jail, that the constant flood of fraud and save to crack daily updates about his life. I was wrong. Because even if you can not see the visual "pleasure", which is in a state of Lindsay on a daily basis, we still have some legal changes. And the news is not good for people to see, crazy, true love,

Harem in Spring Fashion


Harems Pants: To Wear or Not to WearFor the eccentric fashionista, the harem pants are not new to them. While I am not that stylish, this pants has an appeal to me. I fell like it reflects a sense of being independent, “boho” and unique. While it is trendy, it is a bit tricky to pull it off. Various celebrities has been seen rocking this piece of clothing. And kudos to them because the harem

Wayfarers are the way to go!


Celebrity Sunglasses: Wayfarers from Ray-banThe Ray-Ban Wayfarer is making a comeback. Yahoo! I love these shades. While it has been made popular by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, it never goes out of style even today. Since 1952, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is considered as one of the stylish sunglasses. Today, it is making a comeback and it comes with different colors and sizes. '

Lindsay Lohan: Of tattoos and handwriting


Lilo has a beautiful handwriting and fuck yeah tattoos! During the July 6 hearing of Lindsay Lohan, she was seen taking notes as the court reads her sentence. At first, I thought she was just writing nonsense to keep herself busy, but a hi-res photo of her notes reveals that she’s really taking notes! Oh well, Lilo may be a girl of many things, but her handwriting is definitely amazing. Lilo

Lindsay Lohan crack tears earn 90 days in jail


What I like Judge Marsha Revel? I send her flowers. I liked that Revel is not SH-T. I love that Lindsay goes to jail. For 90 days. It is not mandatory 90 days in jail and after rehabilitation. And true test. I liked the list of recycling scams J. Revel crack addict Lindsay.He said his mother's voice! Oooh, I loved the reference coke pants? And Lindsay cry all the time! Also - Lindsay should not

“I am, like, a f-cking strong elephant of a woman”


Last week we covered the new photo of Katy Perry boobtastic appearance in the August issue of Esquire UK. HuffPo now that extracts from an interview with Katy, and it looks like ... ugh. Maybe I do not like this girl. Except that I really no problem with the ground. She's cute and seems healthy and has a beautiful figure and she is really free of musical talent, but not unpleasant about it or

Paris Hilton is not in South Africa, the world will be arrested today in anger against South Africa


Friday night, everyone was happy because it was the news that Paris Hilton was arrested in South Africa and, perhaps, for possession of marijuana. Our dreams of a night express the style of Paris ended quickly, but within hours, police in South Africa has formally apologized Paris - is that she has someone from smoking marijuana, and Paris itself was caught in the net pot, and then released .

Lindsay Lohan is "obsessed" with a new lesbian lover of Israel


TMZ says that women take on the new Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay's lesbian lover. It is Israel! His name is probably Ansel Eilat and is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). That sounds really hand core, and full, but the Israeli women are obliged to his country of soldiers, how to serve people. So there are many, many women, the former IDF "- even though they are probably the current

Kim Kardashian Had Final Approval On This


It is also delicious! First, what genius thought that Kim Kardashian needs a wax figure? Secondly, if we have a wax figure of Kim Kardashian to squint not by any means! It looks like a cross with the eyes of Eva Longoria (CB paraphrase, accessories).Even worse is that I think Kim knows his wax figure sucks. The look on his face is all "Oh my God, I'm really suspicious? And she was so proud of

Lindsay Lohan has been sued for not paying the bills of his clothes


A few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan paid $ 100,000 for a drink. Probably. It was an MTV awards party after Lindsay probably had a drink that has tripped and injured her SCRAM probation, lost his $ 100,000 bail. Bail was a new, etc., but probably the best Lindsay has certainly had the court (or the filing of servants), the first $ 100,000 paid to set. While Linds may lose $ 100K in a vodka tonic.http:/

Suri Cruise is a Fashionista


It’s the Suri Fashion!I can consider Suri Cruise as the most stylish celebrity tot in Hollywood. Of course, everybody knows that Suri is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The popularity of Suri is evident as Forbes listed her as one the most influential celebrity tots. At a young age, Suri has graced various magazine covers. Without the stylish dresses and accessories, I believe that

Lindsay Lohan: "The lies that are created, to the detriment of my career"


Want to know how Lindsay Lohan garbage? She has published an exclusive interview with the new Star magazine. It is so bad. In general, the Lohan family seems to prefer the radar for their statements, but from time to time, be lucky and get a quote from U.S. Weekly and People. But this is only one explanation - which is an interview. Guess what to say "our Crackhead sober, what you never had to

Katy Perry’s boobs are proselytizing for “the Lord Jesus Christ”


was published shortly after the video of Lady Gaga for "Alexander", Katy Perry on her high horse Jesusy tweeted "The use of words such as entertainment is so cheap as a comedian tells a joke fart." Many people assumed this was to go gaga, but not really concrete evidence. However, not properly ... Katy far. Katy told E! that his "tweet blasphemy was a general statement that is not specifically

Lindsay Lohan in the midst of “a total unravel” without assistant

2012-01-08T08:19:49.571-08:00 Friday we learned that Lindsay Lohan's assistant curator Elinor abruptly. My thought is that Lindsay was a diva nor F-cking mess when relatively sober, and that the Magi must have been a tragedy to manage a lot easier by Lindsay immortalized If f-cked up TMZ was given reasons at the time of this poor Elinor exhausted and had enough of Lindsay must -

Miley Cyrus Intesi a interpolazioni calzamaglia attillatissimi


The last time we have Miley Cyrus, who heard his music, was flat, like pop music and others who said not a betrayal. Dissed show the joy, even if they never saw him and said: "Frankly, the musical Can? Just do not." In an earlier interview he told Miley not to go to college, said the short notice and that his grandmother the 62 universities, was while he had plenty of time. He also defended his

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced the separation


Well, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separated, and the representative of Heidi from the announcement Friday afternoon, like any celebrity couple "of others, in the hope of minimizing the public relations and fashion. As short as the history of civilization was, Heidi & Spencer a commitment ceremony in Mexico in November 2008. then held a lavish wedding in April 2009, which was also for her

Sandra Bullock meets with her daughter for lunch every day to prevent paparazzi


Radar Online has information to show the fate of Sandra Bullock that she has managed to hide from the paparazzi, although the star on the question of the moment. Sandra was at the luxurious Beverly Hills, but it is advisable to avoid photographers. Celebrity Paparazzi called Houdini. "He was known to have been at the hotel earlier this week his, although his current location is unknown. I think

Lindsay Lohan is a delusional narcissist fasting


I know, I know. Two stories depending on crack today. What can I do, I just saw these pictures of Lindsay walking in the financing of the campaign yesterday. After Fame Pictures, the new girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan continues its mission, so that only soft drinks, such as leaves Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA 27th May 2010, Hide with a flamed orange juice over jeans SCRAM ankle bracelet with

Megan Fox says she is beating took to the person, the photos of naked


Here we go again Megan Fox say what has improved your head surgically. It would be difficult if you try all the stupid shit this thankless provocative cover age of 24 years, said last year alone. If you have a high tolerance for bullsh * t you can go to our Megan Fox for an update. It should be noted that this was a whole two and a half months since Megan has had a long conversation (I could find

Lindsay Lohan blames her crack shenanigans on clumsiness


Star Magazine has a story, a little "sorry for the tragic life of Lindsay Lohan continued. Although her mother refuses, I am pretty sure that Lindsay know a serious and liabilities not how or when you just have money in. live Like Lindsay? How will you pay the rent and associated costs, how will you pay for everything that claims skirt smoke? Star Magazine, with the benefit of its walls cracked

Britney Spears’ dad still won’t let Britney be alone with her sons


Father of Britney Spears is still not convinced he's healthy. That says something, you know? Since we can make jokes about nipples soft disengaged from the inevitable, and are reluctant to use clips of reason, but I do not see how private. The girl is still crazy? For medical advice at all? I think we should help, because that was the only aspect of the pink wig in its current form is mysterious

Lindsay Lohan's dad called the sheriff on her


E s \ tempo par Un'altra moitié prodezza dei Lohan Michael. Justo esta tarde Lindsay \ 'papá s, bajo un legítimos premisa sorprendentemente, logró convence dos Diputados Alguacil vaya con él a' s casa \ Lindsay comprobar sobre su hermana Ali, Segun TMZ: Estamos \ dijo Ali fue en el apartamento y Diputados hablo con Esso. Je Deputati e di sinistra è stato Tues permesso Ali Rimane avec Lindsay. \ '

Heidi Montag will have huge problems with her huge implants, doctors say


Us Weekly has assembled a team of the best plastic surgeons in the field to discuss the inclusion of bad fake boobs Heidi Montag on the move. Except not really, they are the only doctors in the folder without going would be to do with Heidi, as they say and not something that someone with the power of sight had not noticed. In essence, the fund is "obvious," said Dr. Heidi have serious health

Heidi Montag will


With the hills, which are introduced into a field and shooting, Heidi Montag is looking forward to her career as an actress in "start full picture of the movement of time." In fact, a script for the launch. I'm not even kidding. People across: One of the characters wants to play Sunday "is a lifeguard in the summer on a script he wrote himself called

Angelina Jolie and mystery that is her mind blown up


My bad! I completely ignored the photo of one hour, because I thought it was the same as yesterday, but it's new! Apparently Angelina was now on the balcony, and if even one of the twins. Perhaps one of the twins. Fame Pictures claims is now the son of Vivienne, but I see the earrings and this guy seems to Knox yesterday (if it was Knox) and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in Cannes and fax numbers, and what

Angelina Jolie, donates to Afghan schools


She really can’t help it, can she?For Angelina Jolie, it’s not enough to be a supermom to a gaggle of kids. She’s quickly working her way toward becoming a modern-day Mother Teresa, and today’s installment of her do-gooding is yet another step in that direction. Just 18 months ago, the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador visited a settlement for refugee

Angelina Jolie


So basically Angelina Jolie is the white Tiger Woods, but with a vagina. At this point, I could claim I had sex with her during her hot years, and mathematically, you'd have no choice but to believe me. Because it's true and now I know what it means to hear dolphins cry. Or whatever nonsensical saying that translates to me caressing a boob.It is alleged the pair first had a brief fling after she

Rehab was like a vacation


LINDSAY Lohan has exclusively revealed her trips to rehab have been like going on “vacation”. Actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been to rehab three times, told OK! Magazine her stints in the centre were like a “vacation” for her because they were positive experiences. She told us: “Well, the second two times I went into rehab, to be honest with you, I had to go because it was a court thing.

Lindsay wanted to change the date of the Vienna Opera


Haha, Lindsay wanted to change the date of the Vienna Opera. Good luck, crackhead. Yeah, this guy really should have gone with Gaga. She would have killed it on a fake date. Speaking of Gaga, remember those Grammy parties? Well, somebody got the bright idea that Lindsay needs to start up her music career again - I guess in addition to all of the fictitious “work” she’s doing on her multiple

Nicole has been a consistent box office flop for several years now?


Now, is it because of the frozen face, or because Nicole has been a consistent box office flop for several years now? Which came first, the chicken of the egg? Because I think the audience started to leave Nicole around the time she started doing that junk to her beautiful face.[gallery_main-1216_nicole_kidman_makeup_00.jpg]I also did a little research to see if Nicole was actually attached to

Jennifer Aniston does a bang-up job of diffusing those Gerard Butler rumors


What’s the verdict on her dress, by the way? I didn’t hate it! It’s an interesting design, with the one-shoulder and slit. The fit was great, but Jennifer usually gets a good fit on her dresses. She never makes that mistake that so many actresses make of pouring themselves into something too tight. I really liked Jennifer’s strappy shoes. Monolos? Or Choos?Okay, here we go - I don’t know how many

Lindsay Lohan wants to make a difference.


Lindsay Lohan wants to make a difference. The actress, 23, opens up to about filming a BBC documentary on child trafficking in India. “Making this documentary for BBC3 has allowed me to lend my voice to the real hardship faced by children who are trafficked,” she says. “The strength of the young boys and girls I met has been truly humbling, and I hope my presence in India will

Jennifer Lopez Exclusive


"I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don't even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it's their responsibility to do that, to see everything that's out there, everything that could be great." "Well, it is a little bit frustrating. It was funny; when the Oscars were on, I had just given birth on the 22nd, and the Oscars, I think, were a day or two later. I was

Casey Johnson and Her Ultimate Fall


The Heiress to the ‘Johnson & Johnson’ Empire is DeadOn January 4, 2010, Casey was found dead at the guesthouse of her friend in Los Angeles. Some sources also say that she died at her own house. The unidentified caller to 911 revealed during her phone call that Casey’s body is ice cold and her hands are turning blue. While the cause of death is yet to be determined, the policy already ruled out

Rihanna performing in Abu Dhabi on New Year’s Eve


It’s more than possible that the whole “Rihanna must dress conservatively” angle was played up in the media for some added hype. It worked too - Rihanna’s performance probably won her legions of new fans in the Middle East. In any case, I think she came out a winner - and she also came out $500,000 richer for her two-hour performance. In one last piece of Rihanna news, there are new rumors about

Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend


God, do we have to do this after time? “Lindsay is definitely starting to turn to him when things get bad.” Because they’ve been dating for what? A week? And Adam Senn has already become a bit player in Lindsay’s drama. Yeah, I bet he lasts. By the way, Dina Lohan wants everyone to know that after Lindsay’s whirlwind trip to India - in which she took credit for saving the lives of 40 children

Britney Spears still crazy.....


Things have been running smoothly for Britney since her father took over. It’s been almost two years since her huge breakdown and she seems back to normal. Honestly, I didn’t expect her to be able to complete her tour, which ran from the beginning of March to the end of September with only a couple of one-month breaks. She also did 14 dates in Australia last month. Apart from yelling that her “p*

Rihanna poses 'topless' for GQ


It’s interesting that Rihanna says she learned that “love is blind” - she told Diane Sawyer that she learned “f-ck love”. I tend to think “f-ck love” is a better motto, because the whole “love is blind” thing doesn’t really apply to abusive pricks. I mean, if the guy’s hitting you, who cares what he looks like? That’s what I take from it. I also find it interesting that Rihanna is adamant she got

Miley Cyrus in a bikini


Because I want to see what this whole jail thing is all about, here's Miley Cyrus' in Miami today proving there should be a law against 17-year-old girls working out. I'm serious, if they're off-limits for an entire year, they shouldn't be allowed near a gym. That's like telling a bear not to eat a deer only to turn around and slather one in salmon and Snickers bars which is probably the

Emma Watson in a bikini


Emma Watson, who is going to Brown University and had publicly started she wants to be out of the public spotlight, went to Jamaica and hung out on the beach in this tiny bikini. Now, I'm a little confused... not about her conflicting actions, but about why more celebrities can't do this. I want every chick to be all, "Please, don't take my photo, I'd like my privacy," while sticking out her

Megan Fox’s NYT outtakes courtesy


I’d really like to hope that this is not really the way Angelina feels about Megan. What I want to believe is that either Angelina is like “Megan who now?” or that Angelina’s like “I’ll shank that sk-nky little poseur if she comes near me.” As much as the media seems to want to make the Angelina-Megan thing a competition, or that Megan is “replacing” the 34-year-old Jolie, I don’t really think

Nicole Kidman acts odd


The Huffington Post has a poll up about Nicole’s lips, and they have a series of close-ups of Kidman’s lips throughout the years to compare and contrast. Once you look at them, it does become obvious just how “plumped” she’s getting those puppies.Us Weekly piled on too, pulling Nicole’s old quotes about how she’s all-natural: “I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything.” Us

Michael Lohan tried to sell Lindsay recordings for $100,000


You have to watch the video and see and hear Michael to really understand why it’s absolutely necessary I punch him in the face. Normally I go with something a little more vague and gentle, like “I wanna kick him in the ear,” or “I’d like to step on his stomach.” But whenever I do that I’m always thinking how I’d really love punch that person in the face. And with Michael Lohan, I’ve just got to

Jessica Simpson calls Melrose ‘crap’


I could go off about how dumb and naïve Jessica is, but frankly I like that she’s unconditionally supportive of her sister. It’s nice when your family loves you so much that you can do no wrong. Well, to an extent. But Ashlee’s bad acting definitely falls under the family umbrella. They all probably think she’s amazing and super talented, and I think that’s sweet. All that said, getting kicked

Megan Fox is beginning her promotional tour in Europe for Jennifer’s Body


Jesus. Has anyone told this girl, “Before you answer a question, just stop and think about the words you are about to say. Just think about what it sounds like.” Because this sounds like Megan wants to teach little girls how to act sexy. No, thanks, Megan. You’re not Miley Cyrus! Besides that, I think the reason Megan thinks “sexiness” is power is because that’s all she’s got. Just FYI, to all

Britney Spears has cleaned up her act


Damn, I could use some corn chips right now. Is it wrong that I want corn chips for breakfast? It is, isn’t it? Before, I could always look at my food choices with some smugness, thinking to myself “Well, at least I’m eating better than Britney Spears.” No more! She does look really cute these days. Let’s hope that Britney didn’t just quit junk food, she quit the pink wig and all that it

Lindsay Lohan showed up in court today with her lawyer


Here's Lindsay Lohan appearing in court today after it was revealed she failed to complete the alcohol education classes required for her probation. She almost reminds me of Lara Flynn Boyle on The Practice if Lara Flynn Boyle bathed in coke and had the acting skills of a tit mouse.I'm only kidding, Lindsay. Arching your eyebrow totally has everyone convinced you're paying attention and not at

Megan Fox has been named the newest crotch of Armani underwear


I know I talk a lot of smack about Megan Fox (mostly about how much I want to smack her) but I don’t think this is a horrible hire for Armani. While I think Megan has jacked her face through extensive plastic surgery, her body is pretty great, and she’ll probably be a good underwear model and increase Armani sales. Meanwhile, Cristiano isn’t really a household name in America - but I’m sure

Lindsay Lohan says


Overall the article does make me feel badly for Lohan, though that is clearly not its purpose. You have to read the thing in its entirety to really get the feeling that this does matter to Lindsay and she does believe in herself. And it makes me feel like a total bitch to be like, “Yeah, but you shouldn’t.” But… um… yeah, but you shouldn’t. How else do you put it? She did a terrible, terrible job

Jessica Simpson’s dad "she looks heavier due"


Notice that even when Papa Joe is trying to make a larger point about both of his daughters, he always has to bring the conversation around to just Jessica? Yeah. Sometimes I really feel for Ashlee - it must suck for her in that family. Oh, and it was her 25th birthday on Saturday - she had a big party in Vegas. I can’t find any pictures of her dad at Ashlee’s birthday - but he was all over the

Megan Fox knows for a fact


Just in case you weren't convinced Megan Fox's mouth is a never-ending faucet of WTF, here she is explaining to Teen Hollywood how she recently overcame her fear of flying: "I developed that (a fear of flying) when I turned 20. All of a sudden I got really afraid to get on airplanes. I had to come up with a way to deal with it because I didn't want to have panic attacks every time I get on a

Lindsay Lohan is a cracked-out diva


“Don’t f-cking touch me,” Lindsay muttered, and no one did anything! How about calling the cops on her dumb ass? Eh. How long will Lindsay continue to even be invited to these events? And what bothers me more is that Lindsay pulled this sh-t in front of her sister. Great message for Ali, right? Be a cracked out diva, hiss “don’t f-cking touch me” and everything will go your way.Yesterday, Jaybird

Megan Fox and her Transformers director Michael Bay


This is how it begins. And ends. Not with a bang, but with a “screw you”. Here’s the thing - I totally think Megan deserved to be called out, and continues to deserve to be called out for her dumb, outrageous, ignorant, unprofessional, nasty behavior and words. I’m just not sure I want to call her out while defending Michael Bay, who seems like an a-hole too. Plus, I’d like to see Megan really

John Mayer has been nailing Jessica Simpson


Ugh. This report might have pushed John Mayer over the edge from “douche” to “sociopath”. Who grabs girls and tells them “You’re property of John Mayer”? What guy gets turned on by humiliating women? What guy is so content to play these little “I-want-you-no-I-don’t” games for years? What guy swoops in on a really vulnerable girl and seduces her right after she’s been dumped? But we’re supposed

Lindsay Lohan hired as 'artistic advisor.' Why not?


It’s really easy to just brush this off with the traditional “Lohan sucks!” response, but I think there’s a chance she has some talent at fashion. I don’t care for any of her style myself, but it seems like she’s still a trendsetter and people are paying attention. And she’s paying attention to everyone else too – or at least what they’re wearing.It may work for Lohan. I think she’s probably

Megan Fox will never do nudity


Apparently these pics are the most we'll see of Megan Fox as she's currently vowing never to go nude on camera or make a sex tape. Which means no one will ever believe Brian Austin Green stuck his penis in her. But he held her hand once! Honest. MTV News reports: "Ugh, never!" said the actress. "That's the last thing I want to see -- what I look like having sex. It would take one shot of me not

Audrina Patridge on Heidi Montag’s music career


This isn’t the first time Audrina has said something deservedly negative about Heidi’s foray into music. She told Hollyscoop in February, 2008 that she was surprised that Heidi had put out her first music video at the time, “Higher,” because Heidi had no interest in singing as far as she could tell. “I never thought she would ever be a singer since I’ve known her… she’s never really talked about