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Where Were You In 92?

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. A collection of stories, flyers, pictures, and music of the 90's rave culture.

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Bad Ass Bass


here is a link to an old speed garage mix, one of the first i ever made. every now and then i decide, usually at the harrasment of a friend to post this, and lately i find myself harrassed. limited time offer! Bad Ass Bass

The Crack Shack


Welcome to a pictorial reference of my first, and only Boston residence known as the "Crack Shack". Here we will reminisce the days past where my humble house became a haven for homeless raver kids, drug dealers, and undercover FBI.Welcome to the "Crack Shack", where upon entering the Crack Shack mascot will greet you with a roar and a smoke of his bong.A snap shot of the corner of my bedroom, which was directly adjacent to the 6th bedroom in the house, which occasionally housed our weird landlord who often woke me up at 6 am fucking his girlfriend. Nothing like waking up at 6 am on a Saturday by the groans and grunts of a middle-aged man seeping through the thin glass doors that separated our bedrooms. I couldn’t even escape it in the living room, where the chandelier rocked to-and-fro in time to what I’m sure was some earth-shaking love-making.Meet Mystery Roomate #1 chillin on the porch; where many a blunt, bong and bowl was smoked, all while under the watchful eye of the FBI, who's white undercover pizza delivery van was parked across the street. Night after night, the white van would drive back and forth watching us and watching the video from the camera hidden in our neighbors tacky choice of outside decoration, a plastic lion.One day, overcome with irritation from trying to convince my roommates we were being watched, I sought out hard evidence. Upon close inspection, the plastic lion had a large circular mouth with a glass reflection that looked eerily like the lens of a camera, the phone number on the van lead me only to a no such number voice recording. The FBI seemed to assume we were so hazed and brain dead from our drug use we would never think to investigate, either that they were just plain too stupid to use a real pizza place phone number.Meet Jess, the only other girl of the house (the only other girl who paid rent in the house that is) I will always remember Jess with fond memories, she, who replaced my box of cookies after one of the free-loading raver kids ate all of mine, lied about it and tried to blame it on her.And here we have roommate #3, "Orange Mike's" feet. I had a wonderful photo of him, smiling, happy from this day, that like my Victoria flier, is now MIA somewhere in the vortex of the universe or a UPS warehouse. Mike has already graced my blog and we will meet him again in future posts.I'll start this description with roommate #5, Brandon. (I know I’m going backwards but I’m saving the best for last) Brandon hailed from Rochestar NY and we owe our beautiful crack shack all to him, who scouted out this gem of a property. I met Brandon at Victoria in Providence RI, where we quickly became one of those cute little raver couples. Though the romance didn’t last, our friendship did.Last but not least, the man responsible for putting many people in jail, the Nark, who will remain nameless. He did provide many a joint and bunk e pill to the party, lets remember the good times.[...]

The Smurfs


All those years of fine art school really paid off. To commemorate those little blue pills otherwise known as the "smurfs". circa 1996


It was IT.


It, where Philly brought it, at one of the last great raves of my raver career, brough to you by Special K Productions.Unlike most teenagers who, on the cusp of adulthood, celebrate that monumental event of high school graduation by attending the prom to either lose there virginity, get drunk, or dance to bad music, I instead, drove 8 hours squished in the back of a 15 person van to go to a rave, get really fucked up on ecstasy, and dance to good music. Virginity being long gone, the awe, wonder, and mystery of a high school prom had no more attraction for me then shoveling the dog shit I did every weekend at my mother’s kennel.It started on a Saturday morning on a corner in Allston, Massachusetts, where fifteen of us crazy ravers met at the street corner. Some of us took the bus, others the subway, some drove, and some walked. Wide legged pants, rainbow-colored vinyl vests, xxx polo shirts all gathered together, ready to ride.I remember the night before's rest, or lack there of, vividly. How could I forget, sleeping on a hard wooden floor with nothing between me and the wood but a thin feather bed that should have been on top of me rather then underneath. The pain of the wood in my side, mixed with the excitement of the next day, the satisfaction of the night to come, of arriving after a van ride I was sure to be at least somewhat better then a dentists visit was just too much for me to sleep.Sitting in the 4-person back seat of the van with 3 men that were the combined size of almost 5 got my trip of to a bit of a rough start. A shy teen, I still thought it rude to openly express my desires and concerns, but I preferred rather to passively aggressively show my displeasure by making grunting noises and sour faces until a switch-o-roo of seats ensued.We arrive after somewhere between 8 and 10 hours of driving, 3 pee stops, and one bbq. I follow my friend Holly, who proceeds to cut several hundred girls in line, dragging me along with her past the either vacant and lost “I’m already fucked up looks”, or the red hot poker stares of girls who didn’t notice there was one more pat-down line open with no one in it. We approach the pat-down line, pat-down one, two, three, and away we go, out of the night and into the rave.It is here, I think, where we mutually converge upon that place, where pictures say more then words.[...]

Will Pulsing "Techno" Music Save The Music Industry?


Before the music industry forever lost hope of holding onto the brilliant music monopoly that they had grasped with an iron fist for decades, it seems they considered techno music as a possible savior of there drowning sales. Though a temporary boost of sales may have made the music industries death a little slower, and a little softer, little it did to rescue the big labels from demise; if anything it contributed to there slow and painful suicide.

Electronic music has fostered the creation of a music industry that features countless independent labels that can better serve artists and listeners. The blessings are more creative and administrative control, more variety in sound, and with advances in technology, easier accessibility to the listener.

Though electronic music is widely listened to, and mainstream pop music is heavily, yet ambiguously influenced by techno, it never helped save the labels from their certain death as they had hoped. There is a connective tribal element that unites the die-hard electronic music listeners; the secret society attitude still pervades its ranks. The stigma of techno music as rave and drug music still circulates among the mainstream media and population keeping the blue-collars at bay. The artists don’t pay into payola. Too many variables factor in as to why techno never loosened the noose on the neck of the studio label music industry.


Mom Sees Kids Off To Party At Local Rave


Mom joyfully snaps a picture of her daughters, as they go off into the night to party at the all-night rave being held at the local roller skating rink.


DB From Back In The Day


1. DJ DB - The Prettiest Breakbeat - 1992 - Side A

1) Skanna - Dreamin' [Whitehouse]
2) The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream) [Production House]
3) Pressing On Ya Mind - 2 Slices Of Jam [2 Slices Of Jam]
4) Dancemaster - Love Don´t Live Here Anymore -[Kikman 6]
5) Origination - Bass Remix - [Entity]
6) ??
7) Tom & Jerry - The Second Reason [Tom & Jerry]
Mystery Man - D.J. Business [Fokus]
9) Decktition - Bring The Noise [Cat No. DECKDJ0001]
10) Mystery Man - Love E [Fokus]
11) Open Skies - Deep In Your Eyes [Reinforced]
12) Pressing On Ya Mind - 2 Slices Of Jam [2 Slices Of Jam]
13) TBA - I Want U 2 Stay [Entity]
14) Glide - Alright - [Absolute 2]
15) DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS - Harmonik Force [Jumpin & Pumpin]

2. DJ DB - The Prettiest Breakbeat - 1992 - Side B

1) ?? "on a wonderful day like today [today today] I did find me a cloud
to appear in the sky [sky sky]" ambient-style]
2) Feelin Groovy - Woodstock [Loon-E-Choons]
3) Nexus & Blowback - Boomin Tunes Vol 2 - [F Project]
4) Unknown Artist - 4 1/2 Minutes Of Love E.P - [F Project]
5) Nexus & Blowback - Boomin Tunes Vol 2 - [F Project]
6) Unknown Artist - 4 1/2 Minutes Of Love E.P - [F Project]
7) Undercover Elephant & Secret Squirrel Volume 3 - Fresh Vegetable - [Dance Bass] or the Remix on Bogwoppa
Moby - drug fits the face
9) ??
10) Open Skies - Ozone Nights Remix [All Night] [Reinforced]
11) DJ Smooth & Energy - Sleeping Satellites [Nut-E1]
12) Wishdokta - Whine Your Bottom [Kickin]
13) ???
14) Open Skies - Ozone Nights [Reinforced]

3. DJ DB - House of Classics - 1990 - Side A

1. Kariya - Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight
2. Fingers Inc - Can You Feel It
3. Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself
4. Turntable Orchestra - You're Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone
5. Sha-lor - I'm in Love
6. Liz Torres - Can't Get Enough
7. Sandee - Notice Me
8. Night Writers - Let the music use you
9. Joe Smooth - Promised Land

6. DJ DB - House of Classics - 1990 - Side B

1. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
2. Frankie Knuckles - Tears
3. Kym Mazelle - Useless
4. Chanelle - One Man
5. Raze - Break for Love
6. Debbie Malone - Rescue Me
7. Dionne - Come Get My Lovin
8. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (remix)

Send any memorable sets you have encoded that you want to contribute. Please feel free to contact me with any corrections or permission inquiries. I cannot account for track name accuracy on this one, obviously.

A Technopagan Rave Prayer


(image) (image)



BT Essential Mix 24-9-1994

Bassbin Twins Live 1994

Random Rave Videos We Love


The First Person in History to Dance: A caveman gets his rave on.

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Arnold as Conan raves to some techno music with his glowsticks in hand.

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Call For Submissions of Music Flyers & Pictures


Do you have an old mixtape encoded to mp3, a scan of the flyer from your first party, or an incriminating picture you would never want your parents to see? If you do, send it my way. I'm looking for rare dj sets, especially those originally available on tape only, fun and colorful flyers from the most memorable parties, and pictures that show you in compromsing situations and positions.


Raver Couples in Candyland



The 90's rave scene consisted of many a disgruntled teenager and twenty-something adult. With a general disillusionment with the idea of growing up, we revolted against the expected ideals placed on us by society. We embraced our new freedoms with trepidation, but we had no more desire to truly assimilate to the bleak, shades of grey existence of adults.

Like the Dandies of days past we donned brightly colored clothes, creating a protective cocoon of denial and revolution that ballooned out around us. As we disappeared beneath the folds of our giant pants, and our oversized shirts, we embraced our inner children with a delusional, naive, innocence. Armed with lollipops and pacifiers, we danced to the beat of our own drums, calling out the stereotypes of society to war.

Twenty years young and still looking to Candyland for the meaning of life, love, and the inspiration to live it.

Todo, I don't think we're in Candyland anymore.





Here we are, where everything is all things rave in the electronic music based movement of the 90's.

P.L.U.R. Peace, love, unity, and respect. The polo ravers, the candy ravers, the club kids, and yes, maybe even the BTS (ok maybe not so much the BTS, for those that remember this notorious rave gang group of Brooklyn, NY)

The rave scene flourished in North America in the 90's as a non-violent, music based, youth movement. I feel lucky to say I got to experience this culture, at this time, while it was still fresh; before the Rave Act and the hostile public response.

"Ravers" and raves have been around for decades. The fifties soho jazz raves, turning out with teens dancing until dawn, became the hippie psychedlic rock rave of the 1960s, and so on to the 1970's disco, and the new wave rave of the 1980s. Rave culture is the musically inspired, revolting youth movement of the time. The culture is given birth to be the arena for the new sounds that revolutionize music. It's anti-war and anti-establishment. It celebrates the connectedness that rises from unity through music and mutual love and respect.

So, here we are, together again, as one, united through P.L.U.R., celebrating all things rave in the 90's.


The calmness you find with those around you, and also inside of yourself. It's tough, we often have to work at it, but when you're at peace with others, with ourselves, and with our planet only good can come of it.

It's only with Peace that we can have unity.

The caring you feel for friends, for strangers, for those in need and also for caring you show yourself. It symbiotic, it's about sharing whatever energy you put into something will be returned to you!

It's only through love that we can find peace.

This means we all share a lot of common things, regardless of our age, gender, race, orientation, whatever. We are all human beings, we all need other people, and we're all in this for the happiness experienced being around others. Although we may have differences, we all arise from the same place.

Unity is required for the survival of our scene!

This may mean respect for others, their ideas, their music and their lives. It's also respect for one's self: one's body and the needs that it has (food, sleep). Educate yourself on the substances you ingest shows love and respect for your body. Passing on the knowledge to others shows respect and love for your fellow person.

It's only with respect that we can have peace.