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ad nauseum marketing news

the good the bad and the ugly in marketing news and the media.

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I Can Haz Friday?


Winter Jazz Fest @ Sullivan Hall


Long time no post, huh? I've been busy over here at Yelp but here's where I was lending my production skills this weekend: me know if you find any pictures of me floating around the wild wild world of web from Sullivan Hall. I'll be looking fierce with a clip board in hand somewhere near the stage.

The Way Saturday Mornings Used To Be


Captain Planet, He's our Hero!

Wanna Be Yelp Clone


Some lame-o wants someone to build him his own Yelp. Good luck with that Congrats you've won the internet tard of the day award! The $200-$300 you are offering will surely get you the Yelp clone of your dreams!

Paint the White House Black


I predict a resurgence in this beats popularity. George Clinton- "Paint the White House Black"Featuring Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Yo-Yo, MC Breed & Kam; other appearances by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Public Enemy, Shock G & Pupa Curlyyear: 1993Paisley Park RecordsWarner Music -

Waste some comany time


It's EOBD on a Friday. Time to waste some company time! That link is a gold mine of ROTFL.Tote reads: Real Women Hunt Moose



I was watching TV and noticed that for as long as I have lived in the Northeast, Subaru commercials are always awful and low budget. I decided to surf around and see if there were any exceptions to the rule; that weren't dubbed to cheesy music showing a station wagon tearing through a mud puddle. I found one:Ha ha this is exponentially better than watching Paris Hilton "eat" a hamburger whilst

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day


My pirate name would be Captain Cheatin' Walace Morgan. Wanna know yours? Click hurr.

The Hebrew Mamita


There's this film I'm obsessed about right now, The Tribe, and it features this ill slam poetry by a Miss Vanessa Hidary. The Tribe traces the history of Barbi and "... sheds light on the questions: What does it mean to be an American Jew today?"So after some quick Google research I uncovered a gem of her work PhD in Him:I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a fan of spoken word or slam poetry. But

Stuff I'm Not Supposed To Be Celebrating


Although this is a period of mourning for many of my Heeb brethren here's what I'm celebrating:1) Starting my internship at MKG Productions tomorrow.2) The new Al Green album- Lay It Down that I downloaded for $8.99 from Amazon. 3) My friend Missy Goldstein relocating to NYC this Friday.4) Last night's Flash Dance Skate Party at the Dreamland Roller Rink in Coney Island. Click here for

remix culture = artistic growth


I've been meaning to blog this for a while Good Copy Bad Copy is a documentary about copy right law and remix culture. This video is a perfect education tool, and contains interviews from both the suite-types and the "offenders" themselves. Great commentary from Danger Mouse, Girl Talk, and the Pirate Bay guys."Freedom actually drives a more vibrant economy than restriction and control."

Camel Jockey


I can't stop thinking about it. On the quest for more information I found this summary on Wikipedia: "Camel racing is a popular sport in the Arab States and Australia. Professional camel racing, like horse racing, is an event for betting and tourist attraction. Camels can run at speeds up to 65 km in short sprints and they can maintain a speed of 40km for an hour.Camels are often controlled by

New GZA download hurr!


Paper Plate DubGet it while you can!You know why I love hip hop? Because in an age of political correctness rappers get to be as un-PC as they wanna be and it only IMPROVES their sales. The game of hip hop is one of capitalism, and in an age where corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising campaigns re-branding themselves, or on PR tactics to serve as damage control rappers just keep

For all my Goys


Check out this vid "Baby Got Book" on out of all places Godtube.

Camel Jockeys


If this wasn't such a gross human rights violation I would be tempted to think this was funny.The trafficking and exploitation of South Asian and African children as camel jockeys has burgeoned in the Gulf states, which, with the discovery of oil and the associated surge in wealth, transformed camel racing from a traditional Bedouin sports pastime to a multi-million dollar activity. Camel Kids

Most Esthetically Pleasing DJ Set-Up Ever


From Berlin Germany, Metrofarm Studio has produced a number of stunning, custom built DJ Desks. Having released a concrete DJ table a couple of years back, the new desks, in folded stainless steel and wood painted black and neon orange demand attention. But they're not just for finely tuned vinyl slingers looking for the perfect ergonomic ratios to heighten their musical flow. They're for

Chemical Brothers & Spank Rock?


Spank Rock who has been on the tips of everyone's tongues and on the top of every hipster’s playlist just did this nifty collaboration with the Chemical Brothers. My two fav acts together on one jam? I'm so into this.

Landry Design Group to Build Tom Brady's new Digs


Looks lilke Tom Brady and Gisele are building a love shack. In other news I jut relocated to NYC and am plowing through postings on Craigslist, MediaBisto, et al. Continuing my quest in taking over the advertising world by storm.

MOB is taking over, one city at a time...


1) Read this article2) Cop some gear @ Lab Boston. 113 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA. www.labboston.com3) Thank me later.READ ME



Fresh to death

shana tova bitches


Here's a dude just doin his damn thing and doin it well.

free marketing in the fashion industry


With increasingly more Americans reading US Weekly than Vogue these days it's no wonder fashion labels are starting to use any press (good or bad) to gain market share. A recent article in the NY Times this past Thursday discusses this new trend; as well as Ms. Lohans contribution to American Apparels increase in sales. This article got me thinking, what other brands could leverage their label

fox news boston gets outfoxed


I was lucky enough to catch the very edited VJ Zebbler (Pete Berdovsky of the Boston ATHF debacle) interview on Fox "News" the other day. Here's what you missed remixed by Pete himself:

third place what a disgrace


The results are in: Emerson College's Emcomm placed third in the AAF regional competition. BU was placed fourth, ha! Quinnipiac University won with the same idea we had but threw out because we decided it was too obvious and simplistic. I'm tired and depressed but we did the best we could and our plansbook kicks ass. At least I graduate in a week.

cam'ron is a mo'ron


No one listened to me when I said Cam sucked. Now the man famous for making thugs look sensitive in pink T-shirts is on CNN blathering about his "Snitches Get Stitches"/ "Stop Snitching" mantra.The "Stop Snitchin" topic has been hotly debated for over a year, but it seems my man Anderson Cooper just caught wind of it. In 2006 here in Boston, Antonio Ennis pulled his "Stop Snitchin' "