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Becoming a Physician is Not Just a Career But a Lifestyle

Wed, 18 Feb 2009 01:56:00 +0000

A career as a physician is not only challenging and rewarding, it is a lifestyle. The training requirements to become a physician are demanding and require many years of education. Physicians work long hours and spend most to their time walking or on their feet.

There are many types of physician careers, as they all do not work directly with patients. Some physicians are involved in research, while others have chosen to teach, be administrators, or advisors. There are also many specialties physicians may choose to pursue; such as internal medicine, pediatrics, or family medicine. Other choices when looking for a career as a physician are dentistry, psychiatry, anesthesiology, surgery, and more.

A physician that practices general or family medicine is usually the first type of physician patients see when they have an illness or injury. Physicians diagnose, administer treatments, order and review lab, x-ray and other tests, prescribe medications, council patients about preventative healthcare, and refer patients to specialists when needed.

Physicians may work in hospitals, clinics, group practices, ambulatory settings, urgent care centers, labs, in small or private practices. The career choices of a physician are almost endless.

The minimal educational requirements for entry into medical school, is three years of college, but a bachelors degree is preferred. To apply to medical school, you will need to submit a copy of your college or grad school transcript, letters of recommendation, and your scores from the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). By submitting your application through the American College Medical Application Service, one application canl be submitted to multiple medical schools.

Once you are in med school, you will spend the next four years studying basic science and doing clinical rotations, which is hands on learning in a real healthcare setting most commonly a hospital. The first two years are in classroom study and the third year clinical rotation is introduced. Some medical schools are starting to introduce hands on medical care earlier in the curriculum and throughout the four-year program.

After successfully completing your four years of med school, you will have earned your M.D. or medical degree. The next step is to complete a one year internship. After completing the internship, you may practice general medicine. At this point, you can choose a specialty and do your residency program. Depending on the specialty you chose, your residency may last from three to eight or more years.

Prior to practicing medicine, you must complete a three step medical exam known as the USMLE or United Stated Medical Licensure Examination. There are also additional testing such as boards, and licensing requirements for various specialties.

Want more information on how much money a doctor career can bring in? Get the full scoop on physician starting salaries from

Guides To Choose The Best Parrot Cages!

Sun, 01 Feb 2009 19:55:00 +0000

Once you've got your parrot, it will become your immediate family member for a long time, so if you are ever care about your parrot, you should be very sure that your parrot gets the best living conditions you could get.

Seeing how his bird cage will be his home for the most part of his life (unfortunately, leaving even the best trained parrots fly freely through the house poses a real danger to them, or is a potential risk for them to run away), hence choosing the appropriate parrot cages is a very important task

The first criteria of choosing the appropriate parrot cages should obviously be the bird cage's size.It would be much better if the parrot cages' size can be directly proportional to the parrot size. Sticking a large macaw in a small cage will not only make him uncomfortable, but it will actually affect his health and mood in a negative sense, for obvious reasons.

Despite this, it doesn't mean that you should get small cages for smaller birds either. To be honest, the larger the cage, the happier the parrot! Of course, your home’s design might not permit getting the largest bird cages out there, but try finding a room that has a lot of space for a parrot cage and place it there rather than on “traditional”, smaller places.

And even if you do get the largest of parrot cages out there, make sure you remember it's still a CAGE. Give your parrot the freedom to fly (around the house, make sure that all windows or doors are well closed or else it might escape through them) will do heaps of good for his liveliness, mood and health. Try keeping an eye for discounts on parrot cages too because this will certainly save you a hell of a money.

In choosing the appropriate parrot cages, the parrot cage's shape is also very important.You might have realized that the usual cages have a cylindrical shape, also having a greater height than their length.

It is very bad for your parrot, since it's not able to exercise its flying freely (I'm pretty sure they can't fly straight up or straight down, can they?).

Vertical cages is certainly at an advantage, for the fact that they allow the parrots to climb up and down between bars, offering a better compensation for the fact that they can't exercise appropriately.

The materials from which the bars and cage door are made of is definitely one of the major factor when you're choosing the appropriate parrot cages. Some bird cages are made of poor plastics or toxic metals and since most parrots have the bad habit of chewing everything surrounding them, the negative effects these cages could cause are pretty obvious. Not only that, the quality of bird cages also reflects the atmosphere of your overall home decoration.

Although these are the one of the main parameters you should focus on whenever you're choosing a parrot cage, you might want to pay more attention to further details, how easily are parrot cages maintained (it depends alot on the material used for the cage), the ability to attach perches and accessories directly to the cage, its bar spacing (you should make sure that your parrot won't get caught between the bars in case they are too tight) and having a secure door.

The main point is, you should see things from your parrot's stand point whenever you're choosing the appropriate parrot cages, try to ask yourself what can you do to make it more comfortable and happy. But make sure you also don't put a hole on your wallet when you choosing the appropriate parrot cages, it's best you do a research on the best offers on parrot cages for sale in the market before anything else!

Looking For Value And Options Choose Comcast Cable Specials

Wed, 28 Jan 2009 17:23:00 +0000

Looking For Different Options?  Choose Comcast Cable! With some telecommunications companies, you don't know what to expect.They might offer a decent television service, but leave you feeling dissatisfied with your high speed Internet or phone service.  Or, they might only provide one or two services and leave you with the need to figure out a way to get your other services.  With Comcast Cable however, you always know what to expect.  Comcast TV provides all three of the major home telecommunication services: high speed Internet, cable television, and digital telephone service.  It also provides you with the best quality that you can possibly get, which means you can enjoy your service more than ever before.  Comcast started out as a cable television provider, and it has not dropped the ball on the quality of the television services that it continues to offer today.  In fact, you will still find that Comcast Cable provides the most up to date, advanced and comprehensive television service that is available.  With its upgrade to all digital television, you can even enjoy clearer pictures, purer sound, and more interactive options than you have ever seen before.  Plus, digital television has other benefits such as allowing you access to an incredibly large number of channels.  In fact, you will notice that Comcast Cable TV packages begin at around a hundred channels and only go up from there.  This means you don't have to worry about not being able to find enjoyable programming to watch, because you will have more choices than ever before.  Digital television has also heralded in the era of the digital video recorder, or DVR, which is an essential device that makes it possible for you to enjoy all of your television at your leisure.  No more forgoing other activities to watch your favorite shows or missing a show because you aren't home.Just a simple clicks of the remote allow you to record your TV shows. When discussing Comcast's cable television, it is necessary to also mention the incredible diversity of high definition television that the company offers. If you are looking for a company that can bring you  the HDTV experience that you have been dreaming of, look no further than Comcast. Along with cable television, high speed Internet is another extremely important service for your household.Not only does it bring you lots of options, such as shopping from home, taking online classes, telecommuting for work, or catching up on the latest news, but it is also becoming a major source of entertainment and leisure time pleasure.  Comcast Cable TV allows you to take the utmost advantage of all of these possibilities by bringing incredible speed and tight security features right to your computer.  If getting over 8 Mbps of download speed, an included firewall, virus protection software and other security features, and exclusive online access to special websites sounds good, you might soon find yourself among Comcast's millions of satisfied high speed Internet customers.  To make your telecommunications as value-laden as possible, consider the triple play.  Include Digital Voice home telephone service, which provides unlimited local and long distance calling and every feature you could want, with your high speed Internet and cable television and take advantage of huge savings potential. Remember, you don't have to sacrifice options to get the best values.  Just look to Comcast Cable TV Deals for your home telecommunications needs and you can have it all.   [...]

Boating and fishing things

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 09:12:00 +0000

Whether you’ve only dappled with fishing and boating, or have been an aficionado for years, planning a vacation in New Zealand, and have Auckland harbour cruises to fishing and boating can be an enjoyable experience for you and your friends or family. Here are some tips to help you plan your next great fishing and boating vacation.

Deep Sea Fishing

To have exaggerated fishing, you might want to think a deep ocean fishing travel for your next fishing and boating holiday.Deep sea fishing will give you an unforgetable experience.  You’ll see incredible things along your way, like dolphins, whales, fish you’d only previously seen in textbooks.  You’ll watch the shoreline vanish and get to experience the ocean first hand. 

You can easily charter a boat in Auckland for the day from any beach town.  If you’re not familiar with any captains in your desired location, the best way to locate one is to find a local marina and ask around.  Or you can do some research, either through a travel agent or on the internet.Most skipper will be found online with photo of their boats and past fishing events. 

Find a captain who is skilled in locating schools of fish that you are interested in fishing.Chartering a boat for your fishing and boating holiday is very enjoyable.  All you have to do is get on the boat and get ready to fish.Leave the navigation task and cleanning job to other peoples.

Lakeside Fishing

If you don’t live near an ocean, don’t want to make the trek, or are just looking for a different fishing and boating experience, head to a major lake.Find a beach hut and spend a few day in nature shuffling between your hut and boat.  Catch some nice fish, come back in, fire up the grill, and just relax. 

Lakeside fishing can offer you a more natural setting than ocean fishing, if you want to avoid a commercialized beach town.Beachside trips make good fishing and boating holiday for those person who want to go away from it all, and give more self-support than deep-sea fishing.You will not want a skipper to take you out lake fishing, and will be ok to come and go as you want.

Combine up your fishing and boating holiday. Try new locales, and try fishing for different types of fish.  No matter what you decide, a fishing and boating vacation will allow you to enjoy the water, and experience things you probably don’t get to enjoy everyday in your daily activities.

About the Author: Haiming Jiang is a SEO website designer in Auckland, New Zealand

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 01:35:00 +0000

In the midst of all the alternative medicine treatments that you've heard about recently, you may have noticed aromatherapy mentioned a few times. Many dismiss the idea of using scents to bring medical results as quackery, and that's understandable in many ways. There's quite a bit of information about aromatherapy that comes from people who speak about it based on their spiritual beliefs and a lack of information that comes from detailed medical studies. As a medical treatment in Western nations, it's still a little new, so there's still much to learn about it. Let's explore some of the ways that aromatherapy does help people so you know how to better incorporate it into your life.

As A Medical Practice

The basis of aromatherapy comes from the use of essential oils, which are extracted from plants using distilling processes, resulting in concentrated liquids that are often very fragrant. In France, where aromatherapy is used in concert with traditional medical practices, but it's for the antiseptic properties of the essential oils more than anything. In France, essential oils are sometimes prescribed and administered by a physician to target harmful organisms that might lead to bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

If you're wondering where the "aroma" part of aromatherapy comes in, there are traditional medical practices in the United States in which the scents of various compounds result in an alleviation of symptoms of illness. The one most people are familiar with is the use of things such as Vicks VapoRub or Halls cough drops to help drain clogged sinuses and throats. Aromatic chemicals such as menthol and eucalyptus bring an alleviation of those symptoms, which are often associated with colds.

As Stress Therapy

When you start to venture out of such applications and begin to talk about alleviating stress with aromatherapy, then you start to get into ideas that come less from observed scientific evidence than from common theories. Aromatherapy is often suggested as a way to alleviate symptoms of stress in people and for other effects. For instance, basil oil is often suggested to ease the effects of depression and to help you to concentrate, while lavender is used for relaxation.

While many of these supposed effects aren't determined through scientific study, it's easy enough to notice that euphoric scents can make people feel cheerier. In that respect, it wouldn't hurt to practice a little aromatherapy at home; at best, it really will help and at worst, you still end up surrounded by enjoyable scents. So, whether you're using it for medical purposes or just to relax, aromatherapy offers something for you.

More health information can be found at Health Blog. There are also informative health videos at

Charter Boating Will Pay For Business

Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:21:00 +0000

With the right experience and equipment, a few people are able to make a decent living with a business in charter boat in Auckland, for a variety of reasons. Many people link boating and several are discovering special occasions to turn into a few hours of charter fishing to celebrate special activity.

Depending on the type of charter boating business you want to be involved in will determine the type of boat you will need. For instance, if you want to provide wedding party on your boat, you should have a pontoon boat or a boat with a very big deck to hold the services.

A large flat boat can also be used as a floating platform for dances and private parties where charter boating is making inroads from the typical fishing excursions. The very popular fishing charters are just about everywhere fishing is in demand. Whether on a lake, on the ocean or even in a river, charter boating brings people together for a set time and the charter boating’s captain usually knows where to go for the best fishing experience.

Experience Helps Business Growth

Companies offering skipper boat services rely on the skill and experience of the boat’s skipper and crew, and usually the company include of only the boat owner and other family members. They can use their experience of the location to show their customers a good experience and reap the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising. As their business grows, they may be able to expand to add more boats and more crew.

Charter boating is also available for trips down major rivers such as the Mississippi or the Missouri, among many others, and some include historical education as well. You can learn about history while charter boating down the river at a slow, gentle pace.

Ocean charter boating is extremely popular for deep sea fishing, which offers an experience most people will have once in a lifetime, as well as Auckland harbour cruises to see spectacular tropical aquatic life available no where else. These sea-based charters boat can also provide tours of field available only by boat and the skill of the crews is what keeps them fun and secure.

No matter where you plan on going on vacation, as long as there is explorable water nearby, you will probably be able to find a charter boat service offering tours, even if it is just a canoe ride down a small stream.

About the author: Haiming Jiang is a SEO website designer based on Auckland, New Zealand.

Enhance Your Cooking Skills By Joining a Creative Cooking School

Sat, 24 Jan 2009 19:22:00 +0000

Enrolling in a cooking class is one of the best ways to improve your culinary skills. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or just starting out, every one can benefit from enrolling in a creative cooking school . You may be able to find a culinary school in your neighborhood to help expand your outlook on food and how it is prepared. You may want to take just one class on a new dish or technique. There are many specialty shops that offer basic cooking classes and on occasion your local upscale grocery store may even offer them. Learning to use a variety of fresh ingredients instead of canned, packaged or frozen can not only make your meals taste better but they will also be healthier. A cooking school also teaches how to properly slice, dice, and chop (without loosing a finger!) A cooking class will add to your vocabulary many new words such as "demi glace," "gratineed," and "braising" etc. If you have the right tools and techniques you can serve up some top notch dishes. Won't your family and friends be surprised. Several well known and respected chefs now have many of their recipes available online or in beautiful cookbooks. Many cooking schools have been started by some of these cooks allowing you to learn more about them as well as their unique styles of cooking. A creative cooking school will encourage you to step out of the box and develop your own fine cooking skills. Perhaps someday we will see you on TV slicing and dicing your way to fame. Many of us do not have all day to prepare dinner for our families because of work and other obligations. A cooking class provides you with new shortcuts and other techniques to use to help improve the quality and taste of the food and the time it takes to prepare it. Instead of marinating all day on low heat, you could use a crock pot and set it on low when you leave for work in the morning. There is very little to do to finish preparing the meal when you arrive home. Cooking classes also offer you a way to learn how to shop for and prepare many different ethnic foods. Recipes from far away places are a great way to bring your family together while enjoying preparing and trying them right in your own home. Save the money that would have been spent at a an ethnic restaurant and cook together as a family with the tools and techniques taught at a culinary class. Main courses are not the only recipes taught at these classes but also classic and impressive desserts. Cooking schools also offer many dessert classes as well. Perhaps all you would like to do is learn how to decorate a cake like a pro. Sign up for a cake decorating class. Cooking classes also emphasize the social aspect of cooking. Sharing a large kitchen at the school with several other students who also enjoy cooking and have a desire to hone their skills is a great place to meet people. There is another added bonus to cooking classes and schools that you may want to consider. If creative cooking is your passion, these classes could open you up to a new career or business idea. I have met people that came for a specific purpose which had nothing to do with a business, ended up taking what they learned in class and put it to work for them. While at first they did it part-time, they eventually found they had their own very successful business. If you want learn how to make and decorate a special cake for a family member, cater small dinner parties or possibly do something big like open a restaurant start by enrolling in a creative cooking class. You will gain all the skills needed to fulfill your desires. {Get more information on cooking visit Cooking Butternut Squash also go to Creative Cooking }[...]

Reasons To Purchase A New Ride On Lawn Mower

Fri, 23 Jan 2009 21:24:00 +0000

There are quite a few advantages that ride on lawn mowers have over electric lawn mowers or push petrol lawnmowers. The ride on lawn mower has the obvious advantage that involves not having to walk through the area of lawn you are cutting. This is a major advantage if you have a large garden or yard and can save you a lot of effort in the cutting and free up some of your energy to put into other areas of lawn care. With a ride on lawn mower you are literally able to ride in it as you would with your car, offering a very comfortable lawn cutting experience. If this is the requirement you need in a new lawn mower here are a few models for you to consider.

John Deere is a name virtually everyone is familiar with and if you are after a reliable, long lasting investment, a John Deere Eztrack Series is a great choice. The main features of this lawn mower are its wheel-motor drive system and heavy-duty pump which provide long life and good durability for heavy use. Another John Deere riding mower you may want to consider is the X300 Select Series which features a large 3-inch fill opening making for easy fuel insertion into the 3.5 gallon fuel tank.

The Poulan Pro is one of the best riding lawn mowers currently on the market and these can be picked up at reasonable prices. The main features of the Poulan Pro are its automatic transmission, V-Twin engine, 54 inch cutting width, 10-gauge steel deck construction and 4 gallon fuel capacity, making it suitable for almost any size lawn you need to keep in trim.

All of the above models are great options but these three are only a small selection of the many ride on lawnmowers available today. So make sure you choose the best mower for your requirements and budget and look forward to keeping your lawn tidy a breeze.

Vital Factors for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Thu, 22 Jan 2009 17:20:00 +0000

There is no shortage of advice in terms of what folks must do to improve a WordPress web site's position in the search engine listings. Some people agree, some disagree, and some people are out-and-out puzzling. Recently a well-known group of SEO experts provided their professional opinions to SEOmoz with reference to what is relevant to gain high search engine listings today. In summary, below are the 4 most important SEO ranking elements, in accordance with their consensus views. Keywords in the Title It is extremely important to insert the correct keywords when writing the text used in the title tag of a WordPress page. It does not only assist with improved rankings, it also assists with the click-through from the SE listings to the destination page. It's of reduced value to be listed high in the search results without receiving that many clicks. The primary goal should be to gain as many visitors to the web pages as feasible. The SE highlights in bold the keywords that were entered by the web surfer. If part of your title is shown in bold, it gives the listing a higher chance of being seen and receiving that mouse click. However, highlighted keywords aren't the only element to consider when composing the title tag. A wisely crafted title tag, that entices the searcher to click through, can gain a lot of additional clicks. It is more advantageous to gain 100 clicks from the fifth listing with an eye-catching title tag than 50 clicks from listing number 3 with a boring title tag. The Anchor Text that's Used in Links to Your Site The anchor text that's employed in the hyperlink that points to your site from another web site counts a lot in the SE computations to determine what your site is all about. Additionally, what your web site is all about defines largely what keywords it will rank for in the SERPs. If at all you can exert any influence on the anchor text that other sites utilize with their links to you, then it is a very productive investment of your time. A greater number of sites that link to your web site with a certain keyphrase, or alternate versions of that keyword, will prompt the SE's to more eagerly believe that your site is all about that specific keyword. It is even better if the content of the page on your web site contains that particular keyphrase and phrases similar in meaning. The Universal Link Popularity of the Web Site The number of hyperlinks that are pointed to a site is utilized by the search engines to figure out the relative importance of your site. This includes both the quality of links and the quantity of hyperlinks. The importance of your site rises in the eyes of the search engines in accordance with the number of distinct web sites that contain links to your web site. Link building is a never-ending effort. One can never have enough links pointing to your site. True, it is possible to build backlinks too fast and that can trigger some flags in the algorithms of the search engines. Notwithstanding, if it's done as an ongoing effort with a longer term view, every link is worth the resources spent in acquiring it. They all contribute to an improved deemed importance of your web site. The Internal Link Structure of Your Web Site and the Resulting Link Popularity It's a fact that some of your pages will get more external links than other pages. The pages that do not attract lots of backlinks might be the real money pages that you would aim to rank well in the SE indexes. The internal linking structure, and the anchor text utilized in the internal links, is how you distribute PageRank and reputation inside the perimeters of your site. The best way to do that is to install the plugin for WP SEO that's expressly built to perform that task. Some SEO experts believe that an internal link carries the same weight as a link from an external page. That d[...]

How Binaural Beats Can Improve Your Mindset

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:16:00 +0000

The title may bring about a perplexed reaction to many readers at first glance. It's about an industry that has skyrocketed from having pockets of believers in select countries to a revolution that has now bloomed into a global phenomenon and takes the form of a billion dollar a year industry. It's about personal development and the use of techniques and technology to take control of the brain and mold it so that the mind benefits you. From behavioural problems, outlook transformation, achieving success to its medical benefits of promoting healing and its application in Parkinson's Disease and psychosis, brain stimulation is big business because it works and this article is all about Binaural beats and how it is a subconscious technique that can help you improve your mindset.

Having existed for 200 years have given the finest scientific minds to perfect this technology. The objective of binaural beats is to use the power of sound and frequency to induce a reaction within the deep recesses of the mind and create brain wave changes in the listener. It follows the same logic as deep meditation - a method commonly utilised by spiritual figures from all over the world. Once you have transcended into a state of utter relaxation, your subconscious mind is freed and able to accept new information and reprogramming. Outlooks and mindsets that have been ingrained in your subconscious as a process that springs from your youth and the formative years be unravelled and reshaped into a state of mind that can bring about success and an improvement in your life.

The use of visual aids, hypnosis, biofeedback and group regression techniques used with the aid of binaural beats will be a winning formula for anyone looking to change their lives. Take the proverbial bull by the horns and take control of your own life; unleash the full potential of your mind and use it to shape your life how you want it to be. This method of mediation will only take but moments of your time on a daily basis and all the equipment you need is a music player, some headphones and a quiet, undisturbed corner of wherever you might be.

Take the time to learn about the forms of brainwaves and how these beats can help you trigger a particular set. From alpha to theta waves, each has a different function and effect within the brain. From reprogramming to feelings of acute joy, the mind can be told what to do and when to do it, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking to turn their lives around.

This is not unlike the ancient methods of meditation and you can be assured that the results are similar or even better (with the help of more advanced technology) than the arcane and unproven methods of years ago. There is very little risk involved in the scientifically proven method and for a small price, you will be given the basic tools to have complete control over your own psyche, from heart to soul. Be a part of a growing population of people who have decided to be in complete control of their fate and destiny, plotting the course of their life how they want it and reaching the goal of success that much faster.

Discuss about Boating and Sailing

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:45:00 +0000

The exploration of new places, establishment of trade relations with these places and their conquest have almost been synonymous with people’s fascination with boating and sailing. The Phoenicians, the Vikings, the Micronesians, the English and even the Americans with their fast clippers have all harnessed the winds to promote their respective objectives, and gloried in the resultant negative and positive consequences.

More are Sailing Today

With the comming of engines, you would think that boating and sailing will decline from people’s list of entertainments. Paradoxically, people are sailing today more and more than ever. In two-man dinghies to Cup boats; in outrigger canoes to twin-hull catamarans; in kayaks and party barges; in home-built prams of a few dollars to multi-million-dollar sailing yachts, people are boating and sailing solo, in tandem, in crews, in groups. Across lakes and up rivers, against the waves and with the winds, more and more people are boating and sailing for adventure, relaxation, recreation and livelihood.

The Mystique of Sailing

But what is so beautiful about boating and sailing? Perhaps the psychic lure of the sea, for one. Scientists propose that man came from the sea through evolution, so maybe we still have that primeval instinct to return to the sea, and we express it in boating and sailing.

Then there is that confront to pit our skills against nature’s two components: wind and water. Just to prove our humanity: human weakness if we lose, human superiority if we win. 

But most probably we sail because we enjoy it, and immensely. Boating and sailing affords us freedom from the ties of everyday living by being in a new element ---water-- while utilizing another element-- wind. Being seperated from land offers us the feeling that we are in a new universe, where new policy, new rules apply. We have closed off the other world of mortgages and bills and routine and drudgery, so that for a while, we live in a world all our own. And if that is only an illusion, it is also an experience.

Go Auckland Harbour Cruising Sailing

So go boating and sailing with friends in a yacht, for a dreamy afternoon of doing nothing. Or on your own daysailer exploring your area’s coves and bays, sleeping at dusk and waking at sunrise, wishing everyday will be just like this day of calm and quiet. Maybe in a small pram creeping into every cove and creek and inlet of the lake, finding something new to see each time you enter one. Whatever is your fancy, boating and sailing will give you a hundred and one pleasures, each one different from before. Because the simple act of sailing is enough a thrill of its own, each time a total experience, no matter how many time you’ve done it, or how long you’ve been doing it..

About the author: Haiming Jiang is a SEO website disigner in Auckland, New Zealand.

Understanding The Home Mortgage Calculator

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 02:00:00 +0000

Contrary to popular belief, home mortgage calculators do not wear suits and ties and sit behind an abacus all day trying to determine how much a potential homeowner's mortgage payment is going to be. Although in the early days of banking that may have well been the case, in today's electronic age home mortgage calculators can be found online to help people find out if they can afford that new house or not. Many of the better ones will also allow them to enter much more information other than the homes financial information and help them design a budget to make the new home purchase affordable.

Entering in the price of the house, including taxes and insurance as well as the number of months of the loan and the interest rate will return a monthly payment amount. Additionally, most home mortgage calculators will allow for input of a down payment, where different amounts can be entered to show how adding a couple of thousand to the down payment will trim dollars from the monthly payment. Playing with the variables allows a potential home buyer to look at all the options quickly and easily, helping them determine if purchasing the home is a viable option. The only real problem with using mortgage calculators to calculate a monthly payment is the interest rate that particular user may be paying. If something in their past gives them a lower credit score, they will need to know how much they will be charged to make the figures more accurate.

Some potential home buyers will use home mortgage calculators and believe the result is set in stone when the reality is that the lender will have the final say on the amount of the monthly payment. One lender may charge a person one interest rate and another lender, using different criteria, may charge more or less interest. Before looking to buy a new house it may be beneficial to contact a lender and find out what you will probably be charged for a new home loan. With this interest rate in mind a more accurate number can be squeezed out of mortgage calculators, when all other information is accurate. The homeowner may also use mortgage calculators to find out if a fixed rate mortgage will save them money in the long run over an adjustable rate.

By using home mortgage calculators different scenarios can be entered to determine the best financing route to take for individual buyers. By playing with the numbers a potential buyer can help decide if they can afford the investment at that time.

Find more info on reverse mortgage and loans here Reverse Mortgage Information also visit Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

Office Carpet taking Care methods

Sat, 17 Jan 2009 19:21:00 +0000

Do you have a home office in Philadelphia? The home office has become very common with people beginning to work more and more from home. While in your home office, you tend to look at your desk, look at the piles of papers surrounding your desk, and at your computer screen, but do you ever look down? You probably do not as much as you should. This brief article, which will give you some tips on carpet cleaning Philadelphia, and how to keep your carpet in good condition for years to come in your home office, just may help.

Using chair mats is a great tip. Most home offices have rolling computer chairs. The casters on the chairs will slowly wear down your carpet fibers as you move around. This will leave a permanent wear mark on your carpet that no amount of calls to Philadelphia carpet cleaning will remove. Chair mats are a cheap investment in the health of your carpet. You can find them at your local office supply store.

The next tip I have is to use caution with printer cartridges. Printer toner is a very common stain in offices. Be careful when changing cartridges and keep your printer up and away from your home carpet, or you could be looking for a carpet cleaning Philadelphia for more than just a routine carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming your carpet often is crucial in carpet care. This will remove the everyday soil that will contribute to wear. This is especially important with home office carpet since people in home offices are usually using a relatively small space.

My final tip is to have your computer tower up and off the carpet. Never place it on the carpet. This is bad for your computer and the carpet. The computer fan will draw air through the carpet causing a black line to form around it. The computer will have to work harder to cool your computer, or it will not cool it efficiently.

{The Japanese Candlestick Case for an Ongoing Short in the NASDAQ 100}

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 22:29:00 +0000



How quickly time does fly.  It is now more than  a year since the stock market posted a trend-changing long-term High.  It was spotlighted by a very bearish Candlestick formation, and has been characterized all the way down during the decline by a group of nearly identical bearish formations.  The events attending the near-collapse of the whole national and world financial system over the past several weeks, resulting in enactment of bailout legislation, impelled many shareholders to a state of deep concern about the value of, and prospects for, their hard-earned nest eggs.




How unfortunate it is that such a multitude of people have labored assiduously all their lives to put away a meaningful sum for retirement, now to be faced with a massive diminution of the market value of their stocks – and the prospect of much worse to come.  What is even more unhappily the case is that they have no knowledge of the protective steps which they could have undertaken beginning in October 2007, and ought to be taking right now and well into the foreseeable future.




There is no need to be a “deer in the headlights.”  The Candlestick  formations which have emerged during the past several weeks indicate the wealth-destroying power of this bear market, and the urgent requirement to take countervailing action in order to defend the value of the investor’s holdings.




There is “insurance” available to accomplish that result.  It  is found in the form of Inverse Stock Index Funds and Inverse Stock Index Exchange-Traded Funds.  There is a multitude of them available on the open market, promoted by stable firms.  Their stated goal is to increase in value when the particular Index to which they are tied decreases in value.  Some of them  work on a one-to-one basis – as an example, a particular Exchange-Traded Fund might be so structured as to increase by one dollar in value for every dollar by which the NASDAQ 100 decreases in value.  Many of such funds are leveraged, say on a two-for-one basis.




More and more competent observers are coming to believe that the country is ensnared in a long-running bear market which is just now gearing up for a devastating depression the likes of which have not been seen since the 1930’s.  I am in favor of the principle that every investor should create and maintain a ”Constant Short” position, using either an Inverse Stock Mutual Fund or an Inverse Exchange-Traded Fund as the means by which to accomplish that end; and that he or she should be depositing funds into that “insurance plan” consistently, on a regular basis.  It is even possible, this way, to totally offset the possibility of loss in an investor’s portfolio.  Certainly, any degree of offset would be welcome.  On top of that, it is possible to make an absolute profit, as well.




The prices of all financial instruments move in waves, which are clearly observable on price charts.  While a ”Constant Short” program can be extremely valuable in protecting the worth of one’s portfolio, deft use of Candlestick technical analysis can also be very useful in the identification of countertrends to be harvested for profit in upward countertrend corrections in a bear market.  Various methods of technical analysis are a boon in identifying the probable termination point of a countertrend rally and in pinpointing a unusual opportunity to “pounce on the bounce” for added profit to the downside.







Bankruptcy - Is It the Answer?

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:21:00 +0000

If your finances are in a mess, you may have considered bankruptcy. Even though your debt may be wiped clean, there are many other end consequences.

When a person's debt has risen to a level that they can't hope to get under control, they may consider filing for bankruptcy. For a consumer there are two bankruptcy choices:  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcies involve wiping out the debts in part or in their entirety and liquidating assets to do it. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are more of a debt restructuring plan that gives you more time and a plan to pay back a portion of the debt that is owed to creditors.

Your credit will be damaged if you file for bankruptcy, maybe for as much as ten years. If you apply for any credit during that time the creditor will be informed of the bankruptcy.

Previously, people have taken advantage of bankruptcy laws. They were allowed to file more than once for Chapter 7 so many used it to beat credit card debt.

Each state decides on what assets they will exempt from being seized during a bankruptcy hearing. Knowing that, some may use available cash to purchase those items (homes, cars, etc.) in an effort to avoid payment and still retain the stuff they purchased. In this instance, creditors receive little or nothing from the bankruptcy settlement.

This has been changed by new laws. Courts used to have free rein when it came to who could file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Now certain standards have to be met first. In order to be able to file for Chapter 7, your income must be below the average income of the state where you live. Your income then goes through a calculation that determines if you have enough disposable income to be able to pay back twenty-five percent of the debt owed.

More people will have to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. The courts will decide the amount of repayment from facts that they receive. An allowance is made for rent or mortgage, food and other relevant bills. With the new laws, the IRS regulates the value of each bill, exempts a certain amount, and payments are decided from the rest.

Because there are more hoops to jump through, bankruptcy lawyers are charging more for their services. The whole process of bankruptcy will cost the filer more than before, which will make them think twice about the process. Credit counseling sessions are also required as a precursor to filing for bankruptcy. A credit counselor may determine that they can help you and thus eliminate the need for bankruptcy proceedings.

Filing for bankruptcy is a major issue and should not be taken lightly. Although it can wipe out credit card debt, it does come with its own price tag.

Preschool Games Online

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 01:58:00 +0000


Getting All You Can From Preschool Games Online

As soon as you can turn around, there will come a time when your little one will be happy watching preschool, educational programs.  You will first want to search out the best sites first, before you introduce this to them.  It is so important that the online activities that they will begin to be exposed to are learning activities, not just time-users.  There are many excellent programs online.Although you don't want to use the computer as a babysitter, there are some great preschool games online.

Although your children will see this activity as pure fun, you can rest assured knowing that you are providing a rich, educational experience for them while they play!  That is the rewarding part, and you will feel no guilt when you need a few moments to get chores done around the house or in the car.  The very best way to explore this is to sit down with the child and play the game with the child yourself.  Then you will know exactly what the program is like and what is being fed into their minds at a young age.


Seeking Out Games
To find games online, you just have to do a simple search and you will see many choices online.  You might want also to check with your child's teacher at his/her preschool to see if they might have some online game sites that are their favorites.  Most preschool teachers are familiar with good online game sites, especially since now most schools are well-equipped with computer technology and learning games for children of all ages.

Another Idea for Finding Preschool Games Online

Sometimes the favorite cartoon characters on television have preschool learning games that go along with them.  Try searching the term of your child's favorite character, and you will more than likely come across a site that offers learning programs with that character. Your child will love the graphics and sounds and you will too!

How To Make Cash Fast And Generate Thousands of Dollars on the internet

Tue, 13 Jan 2009 08:35:00 +0000

Hi guys, I have some amazing news to share with you today because I'm going to reveal the ultimate online money loophole that can teach you exactly how to generate thousands of dollars on the internet. So just keep on reading, if you want to find out more about these proven ways to make money online... You see, there are a lot of websites out there that claim to have the secret to success on the internet and most of these sites make ridiculous claims of how much money you can make using their system. Most of these are lies and just pumped up sales letters to try and make you a believer so you will purchase their product. I honestly thought that the system I am going to tell you about in this review was just another one of those products, until I tried it myself and actually started making some serious cash. On the home page of Auto Cash System the author Lanty Paul talks about his battle with debt and how he was finally able to defeat the problem by using his secret techniques to generate thousands of dollars on the internet. He then goes on to explain that he first shared his system (which would later be named Auto Cash System) with four of his family members. After these four lucky individuals started applying his techniques online they immediately began seeing profits. After about a year of following the secret techniques in Lanty Paul's system each of them were making a killing online sometimes more then $700 in a single day! Now this is a huge claim and like you I sure as hell didn't believe it... but I was proved wrong. I really thought I was going to purchase Auto Cash System and throw away another 50 bucks just to write a horrible review and try to save as many people as possible the hassle and save them their hard earned money, but fortunately this was not the case at all. After buying this system I soon realized that this was a lot more than just a simple eBook. It was an e-Book (two e-books actually) but the system also came with tons of other perks to help me along the way, everything from audio taps to bonus programs. I just couldn't believe the plethora of material that was actually included with the purchase price. I read both volumes. The first volume was a very detailed guide explaining exactly how to get started right away, and if you're a newbie this eBook will teach you every thing you need to know to be well on your way to making a killing on the internet. The second eBook was a little more in-depth and really revealed all of the tricks and secrets that are not talked about in any other money making system you can find on the net. The things Lanty Paul discusses in volume 2 are flat out the only things you really need to be successful online (there must be a lot of gurus pissed at him for sharing these kind of secrets). After reading both volumes 1 and 2 I took a dip in the audio pool with tons of audio interviews to choose from. These interviews really dug deep into the minds of some of the biggest names in the internet marketing business... period. After listening to a few of these audio interviews I was pumped and ready to start making some money (I completely forgot that I didn't think I was going to enjoy this system and was planning on writing a rotten review as I did for every other system I have tried) I followed the easy step by step system Lanty laid out for me in volume 1 and within 48 hrs I was seeing some profit. I was excited. I began implementing some of the secrets I learned in volume two and almost over night my profits doubled. I stayed on this path for about three months adding more and more of Lanty's techniques and the amount of money I was earning on[...]

Carnivorous Plants

Tue, 13 Jan 2009 04:38:00 +0000

If you want to add a unique touch to your garden, carnivorous plants are bound to get attention. From the common Venus Flytrap to the Cobra plant, these exotics serve several purposes. In areas that have high populations of bugs, they can lowers the amount of flies or other insects that bother you. While the benefit is strictly related to the size and type of carnivorous plants that you own, these plants can provide a small level of relief while providing entertainment to adults and children alike.

Basically there are five different types of carnivorous plants for you to consider. The most common type, is the Venus Flytrap found in cultivated varieties of the Dionaea muscipula family. Snap traps rely on a mouth that close in around its pray, where the plant will eat whatever it catches.

Once an insect is captured, the plant closes its trap tightly around the meal and bathes it in digestive juices that dissolve the insect’s soft, inner parts. Digestion takes five to 12 days, after which the trap reopens, then the insect’s exoskeleton blows away in the wind or is washed away by rain.

These plants range from colorful to bland, and do not have moving parts like their snap trap counterparts.

Flypaper traps are among some of the coolest carnivorous plants. These plants secrete a glue which traps and breaks down insects for nourishment. These carnivorous plants should be treated with caution in the home, as the secretions can cause agitation to the skin.

The only carnivorous plant with a true "trapdoor" is the remarkable bladderwort. These plants function through the osmosis of water to create a suction within the body of the plant. This causes the walls to squeeze inward and explains their slightly concave appearance. Bladderworts are more commonly found underwater than above ground, which is another distinct characteristic from other carnivorous plants.

Another favorite carnivorous plant are the lobster-pot traps, and they come with a chamber that is easy to enter, and whose exit is either difficult to find or obstructed by inward-pointing bristles.

Corkscrew plants are interesting, in that, the inside of the plant mouth is filled with downward pointing obstructions, used to prevent it’s prey from escaping it’s grasp.

If you do not wish to have a true carnivorous plant in your garden, but would like something with similar characteristics, there are several related species you may want to consider. These plants include the Brocchinia Roridula and members of the Martyniaceae species. These plants lack one of the three required aspects, which is to attract, kill and digest prey, to be classified as a true carnivorous plant.

Carnivorous plants should be placed where young children and babies cannot reach them. Even though they are considered relatively harmless to humans, the type of digestive enzymes they produce to break down their captured prey, should be avoided.

You Need A Talented Architect

Mon, 12 Jan 2009 03:03:00 +0000

On a day-to-day basis, the architect is an essential person. Where would you be without him or her? You would be out in the cold without shelter. You would not work inside an office building. They have and always will be an essential part of science, art and technology. They play an integral part in civilization. They study art and history. Architects are experts in math, and also know municipal building codes which ensure that buildings are constructed safely. We definitely would not want a building to fall apart while we are inside. Their designs are part of our daily lives.

When a person decides to study architecture, he or she must decide on a specialty. There are quite a few branches of architecture to choose from. The world of architecture allows the practitioner to focus their talents. Some of the areas include interior design, commercial architecture, residential architecture and landscape architecture. The educational background is similar for all architects and consists of a broad selection of classes in the arts. It should make sense considering an architect is a talented artist who uses wood, concrete or steel to bring his or her concepts and designs to fruition.

Besides a Bachelor's degree, the architect is usually expected to go on to receive their Master's degree. During this extended period of study they are able to concentrate on a particular specialty. During this period, many architects will enter a period of internship programs. Some of these programs will allow the intern to work at several different architectural firms, which broadens their experience. This will help them later when it comes time to choose where they would like to be employed.

While the architect does not need to be an artist, it does help if he or she can appreciate fine art and has a basic concept of how art plays such a vital role in our lives. Architecture plays a tremendous role in the history of mankind. If it were not for architects monuments such as Mount Rushmore, the Taj Mahal and the pyramids would not exist. There will always be a need for architects in this world.

kitchen renovation

Locate a Conn Bankruptcy Attorney - Looking for Seasoned Local Intelligence

Sat, 10 Jan 2009 10:15:00 +0000

One can be confident of the bankruptcy attorney as one needs to share his/her personal financial details. Usually, these types of facts are the type nation attempt to avoid from the world for as long as achievable. Other than when the debt weigh down becomes awful, it’s good to have a expert on your part as you transaction with the difficulty of the economic failure laws. A Conn bankruptcy attorney will first decide if filing bankruptcy is appropriate for you. In some instances you might have other recourses like selling your assets or altering your lifestyle to a more frugal existance. However, when that's not feasible, the following decision the lawyer will consult with you is determining which bankruptcy chapter is best suited for to your needs. When looking into bankruptcy, you will find that there is a chapter 7 and a chapter 13. Chapter 7 rules allow you to discharge almost all of your debt. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides you the opportunity to establish a repayment plan. After you and your bankruptcy attorney determine that you really should file for bankruptcy you should proceed to the next step and record your petition in court. The above procedure as well as all other legal filing obligations will be handled by your attorney. Behind the filing you will find out a lawyer specialized in bankruptcies could give a number of other supplies. The economic failure lawyer is ready to solve any and all unusual issues that occur in the bankruptcy process. If you owe money to the IRS they have to approve your request from the papers that you have to fill out. The IRS will indicate what debts you can use in the backruptcy case. Business related debts,medical bills and the state and local debt laws that must be balanced with federal laws, are some of the other special issues. It will help to have a respected attorney when you file for bankruptcy.  It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. The court appoints a trustee to represent itself when a person files for bankruptcy. The filings of the attorney will be reviewed by the trustees and they may ask any question that they feel fit, regarding your financial status. You can get assistance in going through the process with the help of your Conn bankruptcy attorney. It is the Conn bankruptcy attorney that settles your outstanding debts with creditors once you have filed bankruptcy. All further contact will be through your attorney so you will no longer have to deal with the debt collectors.  Having an attorney can be very beneficial because he understands all the issues and is not easily intimidated. Rest assure that you will not have to venture into the world of credit on your own after a bankruptcy, you can have an experienced bankruptcy attorney help you along the way.  This advice is valuable, since credit records reflect a bankruptcy for ten years.  Therefore, having a good credit report is very important, since your life will not be placed on hold for the next decade. A bankruptcy attorney guides you from the beginning to the end and will also help you with ideas on how to establish new credit.   When thinking about filing for bankruptcy you should call a Conn bankruptcy attorney first. For more information on bankruptcy and foreclosure go to: href=""> > INFORMATIVE AND FREE GUIDE "Discover The Insider Secrets Your Lender Doesn't Want You To Know About FORECLOSURE!"    [...]

Does my Plasma look big in this room?

Fri, 09 Jan 2009 07:04:00 +0000

There is one common challenge facing most of us today whether our tastes are traditional, modern or contemporary. How do you integrate a plasma or LCD flat screen television into your home’s interior design? One thing is for certain, those large, heavy, square television sets are a thing of the past. Even those that haven't yet made the inevitable leap to Plasma and LCD sets have to agree that flat screen TVs are here to stay. That means how we would arrange a room around a TV set is also antiquated. As are the television stands and the home entertainment centres that would formerly play a prominent part in a rooms decor.

With the change from conventional television sets to flat LCD and plasma screens comes a new way of thinking in terms of how to display them. There are many options on the market fortunately so your TV can fit nicely into any home's decor, anywhere you choose. TV stands for "new-age" televisions now come in a variety of styles, sizes, and looks. While glass stands often integrate well into many types of décor, such as modern, contemporary, and even traditional, a TV stand for a plasma or LCD flat screen can come in just about any material. Some interior designers feel they have to find a custom-made TV stand to compliment their home, however, a consumer need not look very far to find a stand that fits their needs. A clever consumer will quickly locate everything from ultra modern black and clear glass stands, to minimally obtrusive TV stands and wooden stands. The more one shops around, the sooner convinced they'll be that the task of integrating their new LCD or plasma into any theme can be accomplished.

The popularity of plasma and LCD TVs stems from their amazing quality of picture and space saving design. Still, it can be a challenge to fit them into certain places, and often cause logistical problems for viewing in oddly shaped rooms. It is logical to believe that because of their weight and large size, viewing flat screen TVs in certain rooms will cause a problem, but by utilising wall mounts to display the set, this conundrum quickly goes away. Wall mounts for LCD and plasma TVs are becoming more and more prevalent, as they offer a clean, unobtrusive look, countless options for viewing angles, and are relatively neutral in terms of design. So with wall mounts your home décor is minimally affected. Plasma and LCD TV wall mounts often are adjustable, come available in motorised versions that operate quietly and smoothly, and hold your expensive television just as securely as any TV stand or trolley. You can even find ceiling mounts for your flat screen TV for a really out of the way effect.

Whichever you choose, be it a glass TV stand, wooden stand, trolley, or any number of wall mounts on the market, your plasma and LCD will be enjoyed best if it compliments the look of your home. Technology can be a little frightening sometimes so don't settle until you are totally happy with your new TV/Entertainment display.

Eleven Differences In Designer Fragrances?

Thu, 08 Jan 2009 09:42:00 +0000

When you go shopping for a perfume, you often feel as if you need to learn French. There are a lot of French terms used in selling and labeling of designer fragrances. However, they are not difficult to comprehend. Knowing these French terms can help you with saving some money while getting the designer perfume fragrance that you fancy.

Designer Fragrances - Why France?

Designer fragrances are bought in sold in countries all over the world, not just in France. And yet terms like "eau de cologne" are French. The English word "perfume" is even derived from the French "parfum". Perfume was not invented in France. The quest to make ourselves smell a lot better has been around our species for thousands of years.

However, France did become the center of European perfume and fragrance making in the 1800's. They set standards, had incredible flower fields devoted to fragrance making and could blend scents that could not be matched anywhere else in the world at that time. Also, French chemists began to match scents without needing to use hard to get botanicals at this time.

The industry has been lead by the French ever since. After a hundred years or so, it became traditional to keep using French terms (and often French fragrance sources) for selling designer fragrances. The world's best selling designer fragrance is Chanel No. 5, which originated in a French boutique designed by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, who was also French.

Designer Fragrances Concentration Information

The difference between the French terms to describe a designer fragrance is in the concentration of the perfume to the alcohol, water or solvents. The higher the concentration, the stronger the smell and the more the designer fragrance tends to cost. The strongest is called simply Parfum at a concentration of about 22%.

The next strongest is Eau de Parfume at 21 - 15%. After that is Eau de Toilette at 15 – 8%. The most commonly sold concentration is 4% and is called Eau de Cologne. There is a lighter concentration sold of a mere one to three percent, called Eau Fraiche, but that can be hard to find in many designer fragrances.

Not all designer fragrances will even come out in anything other than Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, depending on what they think their customers will prefer. If their research suggests that a vast majority of their customers want longer-lasting perfume, then they initially won’t bother making perfume in lower concentrations unless customers demand it.

Start an Exciting Career As a Travel Agent

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 07:02:00 +0000

Becoming a travel agent truly is considered a dream job. What other job gives you the opportunity and even encourages you to travel the world, gain new experiences and share those experiences with many people? To be an effective travel agent you simply must consistently travel to destinations in order to be able to 'sell' those destinations to customers. Most travel agents concentrate on one or two parts of the world as their area of expertise and they frequently travel to these locations to learn about new adventures, hotels, activities, cultures and other things that they can add to their knowledge of a particular location.

It is possible to become self employed when you are a travel agent but most people work for a medium to large travel agency company as these companies offer the best opportunities for career advancement, travel and even benefits. Less than 15% of qualified travel agents have their own business.

Being a travel agent means never having two days of work that are the same. You will enjoy helping to plan people's vacations and seeing their joy and excitement as they learn about the destinations they will be travelling to. They will ask you many questions and expect you to have knowledge about their desired destinations, so it is therefore imperative to not only frequently travel to your chosen regions but also to stay up to date with politics, events and situations in the countries and cities that you are focused on.

Travel agents are known to get benefits such as highly discounted airfares, hotels and other expenses. This is a major reason that people are enticed to this profession.

Travel agents can focus on a certain country or a certain type of travel. For example, you may choose to become and expert in any of the following:

- USA cities for family travel
- Bird watching and wildlife
- African safaris
- Medieval history tours
- Eco-friendly tourism
- Hiking and mountain climbing
- Adventure travel
- Luxury travel
- Pacific islands
- Europe

Of course, the above is just a few small selection of possible fields of expertise. There are literally thousands more to choose from and your past experiences, interests and passion will determine what you focus on.

Having these types of choices means that more than any other job, you will never experience a dull moment working as a travel agent.

Want to learn more about travel agent careers and how to become a travel agent? Review the free articles and resources we’ve put together at

The Search for an Affordable Conference Calling Service Provider

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 04:31:00 +0000

Of all the different aspects that one can integrate into their business, one of the most important is conference calling.

When you are looking for a conference calling solution for your business, of course you are going to want to try and find the most affordable conference calling service provider. The good news is that there are some terrific service providers out there, however some of them are not so affordable and these you are going to want to avoid.

The first thing that you should do if you want to find the most affordable conference calling service provider is learn about the different options that are out there. You will want to learn about what each service provider has to offer, so that you can make the most knowledgeable decision on which is going to be right for you and your business.

If you are trying to find the most affordable conference calling service provider, here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Flat Rate Online

One of the most affordable conference calling service providers is Flat Rate Online. They offer conference calling services that come with an array of features, including schedule and manage conferences via the Web, toll free customer support, toll free dial-in number, fully automated access 24/7, one conference code to remember which makes it easier for everyone, and up to 50 participants are able to join in on a single conference call.

Their prices are very competitive, and so if you are looking for a worthwhile, affordable conference calling service provider, this should definitely be one of the top contenders on your list.

Keep and Share

Another very affordable service provider and one that you will really want to consider is Keep and Share. If you are looking for online conference call services or conference call websites, they are a company that you know you can trust. They not only offer their own services but as well information on other conference call service providers that are out there.

The most important thing is that you realize just how beneficial conference call solutions will be to your business and how they will help it to grow to its full potential. So as a business manager you should definitely take the step forward and incorporate these services into your business, because any business, regardless of the type and size, will benefit from conference calling services.

View more articles at

Learn about the Process of Bronze Casting

Mon, 05 Jan 2009 17:18:00 +0000

Metal CastingBronze has been the most sought-after metal for cast metal sculptures in the bygone years. Bronze alloys have a desirable and unusual property to expand slightly prior to their setting. This helps a great deal in filling every corner of the mold. Their ductility and strength causes them to be molded into any form. However, bronze has a basic disadvantage of not being durable. Hence, there are hardly any traces of ancient bronze statues found. Bronze Metal Casting generally takes place by a process called lost-wax casting. Though, centrifugal and sand castings are also employed, around 90% of bronze casting takes place through lost-wax casting. Lost-wax method: Lost-wax Metal Casting , in the industry, is better known as investment casting. It is costlier than die and sand Metal Casting , but outshines them in terms of accuracy. It is easily possible to make complicated structures through ‘lost-wax casting’. The process can be described as follows: Sculpting: First, the original artwork is created by the artist from clay, wax, or some other material. Since you really want a material that has a retention of softness you will usually use Clay or Wax. Mold making: Majority of molds consist of 2 pieces, along with a shim placed between 2 halves at the time of construction in order to put back the mold accurately. Its the keys that are usually stored in the shim area. The small sculpture molds generally consist of plaster. Fiberglass is also another item that can be used. To have the minute details preserved on the surface of original artwork, there exists a mold inside. It is made up of vinyl, silicone, or latex supported by plaster part of mold. Generally, the destruction of original artwork takes place during making. This is due to the solid nature of the originals. The other reason is the rigidity of the originals at the time of removal of plaster mold. That’s why; the original is cut off into thin, long pieces and separately molded. At times, a number of molds are required for recreating the original structure. Wax: After the completion of latex-and-plaster mold, the pouring of molten wax takes place. Then, swishing is carried out till a uniform coating is obtained. The thickness of the coating is 1/8 inches. The mold’s inner surface gets covered by it. In order to get the thickness that you desire, you will want to repeat this process over and over. Wax removal: Artwork’s ‘hallow wax copy’ is detached from mold. This mold may be reused by the artist for making more copies of wax, but its use gets restricted due to frequent ‘wear & tear’. Around 25 copies can be made for tiny bronze artworks. Chasing: The chasing of each copy starts. Rubbing of the marks is done by a hot metal tool. The marks showing ‘flashing’ or ‘parting line’ are rubbed out. Spruing: The spruing of copy generates paths to flow (for molten bronze) and causes air to move out. Slurry: The dipping of sprued copy into a liquid silica slurry, and then into sand-like ‘stucco’ takes place. This process is repeatedly carried out till the coating attains thickness of at least ½ inch. After these steps, the out-and-out processes like burnout, testing, pouring, releasing, metal chasing, and patinating are carried out. Metal Casting ZOne is a new community website all about Home and DIY Metal Casting. Stop Around MetalCastingZone today to get your free reference guide on Met[...]