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A place to waste some time on music, movies, current events and whatever.

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Time to stop dossin' - pastures new a-callin'


Well after 114 posts I've decided to wind down this blog. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the blogging scene is a demanding one, with a constant pressure to post stuff that seems relevant. It doesn't help that I lacked a coherent focus as to what this blog was about but hopefully I'll take my lessons onto the new music blog I'm involved in.

Thanks to those of you who have commented all along - I feel like I have made some electric friends through this blog and it's something I'm glad I tried and learned from.

If you all could check out that's where I'll be posting from now, and who knows, I may return here from time to time to post the stuff that wouldn't fit there.

Thanks again and I'll hopefully see you on the other side...

Bluff called, Willie


Boylesports offers €10,000 for O’Dea to shave moustache

28/07/2008 - 16:11:22
The Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea is being offered €10,000 to shave his moustache by betting company Boylesports

Minister O'Dea is quoted in today's Irish Examiner as saying he would only shave his famous facial hair for charity and it would have to be a substantial amount of money.

Boylesports is now offering to pay the princely sum of €10,000 to the minister's charity of choice if he takes the plunge.

Lolcats + Batman = Lolbats!


Ok I know I'm going OTT on the Batman but I'm suitably excited having read Rick's blog. Anyway, saw these here.

Also check out your Batman-a-day fix on The Daily Batman

I promise not to mention Batman again until I see it.





I'm loving Batman stuff at the moment...


...THAT gif.....veiled insults to my mother and sister that I might "do a Bruce Wayne on ya"...

It's all good. As is this version of a Michael Bay script for Batman, as seen on One For The Road's blog.

Insult of the day blog?


I accidentally typed into the address bar....interesting idea that.

Though I'm already busy with the other one...Monday hopefully!

Nominees for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize


Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
Radiohead - In Rainbows
British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
Burial - Untrue
Estelle - Shine
Adele - 19
Laura Marling - Alas, I Cannot Swim
Rachel Unthank and the Winterset - The Bairns
Neon Neon - Stainless Style
Portico Quartet - Knee-deep in the North Sea
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement

No Foals?

Coldplay announced for the new O2 arena...



In other news, got my Fleet Foxes tickets. :)

I can see how Billy Joel giving up booze is a bit like the death of millions of Jews alright...


Joel: 'Clinic was like concentration camp'

18/07/2008 - 10:40:19
Billy Joel hated his 2005 stint at the Betty Ford Centre in California - because the clinic was like a "concentration camp".

The Piano Man singer checked into the famous Rancho Mirage rehabilitation clinic in a bid to kick his alcohol dependency and admits the experience was a tough one.

He tells Details magazine: "I hated it. It was like a concentration camp - well, I can't say that, I've never been in a concentration camp. But, for me, it was.

"There's a lot of dogma that goes with it, and there's the whole AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) thing, and for a lot of people that works. I didn't necessarily follow that."

It might not have been the best experience but it helped Joel battle his demons: "It was good. I dried out. And it was probably one of the best things I ever did, because I realised I was just drinking too much, and I really don't need to do that.

"Once in a blue moon, I'll have a glass of wine. But I'm very afraid of going beyond that. I don't want to be out of control."
Nice perspective there, Billy.

Feist on Sesame Street


If this doesn't make you smile at least once you have no soul.

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The "I didn't go to Oxegen" Weekend review.


Friday: Back to work post-Prague, wrote one article and played with the internet.

Saturday: Got ready to go to G-G-G-Galway for the Film Fleadh and a book launch. Missed the book launch, didn't go to any films. Started with drinks in the rowing club, then giant tankards in the Beer House (which I'm probably spelling wrong) and then onto Rosin Dubh (for my first time, ashamedly) where a various concoction of beers, spirits and energy drinks was consumed. I remember dancing to Battles and MGMT...the rest is a blur. Vague recollections of successfully slurring an order for chicken nuggets in Supermac in Eyre's Square. Made it back to friend's place, slept on kitchen floor and had a lime shoved in my mouth as I slept...apparently.

Sunday: Lazy sleepy day. Watched Futurama, Tour de France and Munster Final before heading home. Took an hour to get through Limerick due to the GAA. Collapsed into a slumber to be woken by a friend I hadn't heard from in months who picked the middle of the night to call me about Oxegen and the 2 guys on the bus "who say they live in the same town as you and have no idea who you are and say you don't write for the paper there."

Monday: Got up to write for the paper there.

You have to hand it to the Communists...


as oppressive and all as they were, they left Prague with a damn good public transport system.

Just back from a week at the aforementioned city, thus more lack of blogging.

Hopefully....HOPEFULLY...that'll end soon.

[/tedious build up...for now]

Words cannot adequately express how much I love this.



Have a good weekend y'all.

Nana nana nana nana...



Early review positive for The Dark Knight.

Pub landlords could save thousands a year...


Recession. A word no one likes to hear (and I ain't jumping on the popular "Oh look how George Lee loves it" bandwagon either). The word recession prompts memories of the 80s, when the masses huddled around their television screens for warmth and Richard Dean Anderson offered distraction from CJ telling us to "buckle our belts" (and sure at that didn't poor MacGuyver only have an elastic band and a paper clip to stop nuclear war - tough times indeed.) That's recession for ya.It certainly wasn't a word the poor aul pub landlords wanted to hear. Hit with smoking bans, grocery acts and drink driving clampdowns, statistics show that a rural pub closes in Ireland every SECOND.Or something. And yet, I find it hard to feel sorry for the barmen, even the one's who pour a nice pint of Guinness (which are hen's teeth these days, to be fair). For the business savvy amongst them have brought in an element that guarantees business. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Saviour of Irish rural public houses, the pub DJ.In come the spend-happy demographic of men in striped and boxed shirts they got on a 2-for-1 in Dunnes, sucking in their middle age spread as they dance with the middle aged girls in their sleeveless tops and "invisible" plastic bra straps that creep out from underneath to witness the debauchery (girls, you know we can see them yes?).The pub DJ is one of them, slightly older, with a slightly larger middle aged spread hidden under a slightly larger boxshirt from Dunnes Stores. Yet in reality he is more than just "one of them" - he is their Pied Piper, leading them to drunken oblivion behind the console of his mothership of sound, his trusty chrome case open by his side, chocablock with "Greatest Hits."The landlords know this is big business, and yet to quote Morrissey (the only time this blog will do so, promise) it is time to hang the DJ.A radical thought that I'll allow to sink in for a moment, but it makes perfect sense.We can rebuild him, we have the technology. And it'll be cheaper to boot.Pubs could save thousands of euros a year if they follow this simple guide to pulling the punters without paying over the odds for an MC.1. Argos do those multicoloured twirling light fixtures, ususally for less than what a pub DJ is paid in one night. Get one and kill all other lights so people can't see where the door out is.2. Turn up the sound system normally reserved to broadcast George Hamilton's voice around the pub.3. Burn a CD with the following tunesDolly Parton 9 to 5Bryan Adams Summer of '69Bon Jovi Livin' On A PrayerMundy The Galway GirlJourney Don't Stop Believin'Dexy's Midnight Runners Come On EileenAnything from Grease.Tina Turner Simply The BestFootlooseRick Astley Never Gonna Give You UpA-Ha Take On MeStealer's Wheel Stuck In The Middle With YouThe latest dance tune heard ad nauseum on 2fm's Lunchtime RequestAny rehash of a trad song heard on Irish Clubland's latest compilation.YMCADon't worry about repeating songs on the playlist, even the pros do it. This way the latecomers can hear the hits and those who heard it the first time will be too bladdered to remember.4. Hook a mic into the system, do "shout outs" and repeat the name of the song you've just played.5. Make sure there is no atmosphere or refuge for anyone who chanced there local for a drink with friends. They'll spend too long talking and less time drinking or quenching their thirst.Successful pubs aren't the one's with "character" you hear so much about - they're the ones where the desperate go in search of a wife/husband/grope/line.If you're male customers don't have substantial sweat stains under their armpits, and your female patrons are in the toilets crying or telling a friend how "He's a dickhea[...]

Heinz pull 'kissing men' ad following complaints.


Clicky for article and video of the ad.


It's 2 guys kissing. A peck. That lasts a second.

The joke is that the mother, with her fantastic Heinz mayo, is like a New York Deli chef.

People who complained about this should be arrested for citing hatred to be fair...

The Daily Mail reveals the Taliban's magical powers!


First of all, long time no blog - was on holidays in Barcelona (Primavera) and had a lot of work to do when I got back. Anyways...

You gotta love the Daily Mail. In a recent article titled "RAF blow up world's biggest drugs haul worth £225 MILLION in Afghanistan desert" the guardian of all that is good an decent revealed the Taliban's phenomenal powers of alchemy with this lil golden nugget of info

Officials believe the area - near to the Taliban stronghold of Quetta in Pakistan - was turning dried cannabis leaves into heroin.

They are stronger than we thought!
One can only assume that golden nugget was converted from a lump of lead.

It depresses me to think whoever wrote that is more than likely on more money than I am...

Speaking of karma....


Apparently John Terry ain't the only one to get comeuppance.

According to Sharon Stone the earthquake in China (you know, the one that killed thousands of people, destroyed homes and so on, that lil thing) may have been karma for China over the way they treated "her good friend" the Dali Lama.

If I

a) Believed in karma


b) Was responsible for inflicting Basic Instinct 2, Catwoman, Sphere, The Specialist etcon the world

I would lock my self away in a bubblewrapped room.

And while on the subject of karma and movies, George Lucas I hope your money pile falls on you and causes at least paralysis after what was undoubtedly the biggest piss take of a movie ending. Spielberg and Ford - I'd expect you two to know better.

Has John Terry seen My Name Is Earl?



But why oh why would the media highlight such an incident.

An England Captain? spitting?


"Democracy simply doesn't work.."


Young people urged to 'Rock the Lisbon vote'

19/05/2008 - 15:12:40
A pressure group established to encourage youth voter turnout in the last election has turned it's attention to the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and is urging young voters to exercise their right to vote.

Pop group The Flaws, along with You Tube Starlet Sofie Merry were amongst those who were at the launch of the campaign in Dublin today to generate interest in the upcoming Lisbon referendum.

Those involved in the campaign are hoping that young people will educate themselves on the details of the Lisbon Treaty and the impact it will have on the country if it gains a majority Yes vote on June 12.

So yet another vapid patronising attempt to engage an electorate is peddled out. These campaigns are a joke. They make zero attempt to educate their target demographic as to what the referendum is about and rely on crass media whoring to convince young people that they can "Rock the vote".

Why not tell Johnny and Sally Bebo what the Lisbon treaty is about? Why bother getting people to vote for the sake of it? Like last year's election these campaigns are a complete waste of time and money (whose money, for that matter?). So compelled with being bipartisan, this bullshit exercise in PR offers nothing in the way of information or debate, and does nothing to compel people to vote on the issues at hand. Do we REALLY want people swayed by these hallow soundbites to have a say in the running of the country? People harp on about our democratic duty, which is idealist to say the least.

Put it this way - I'd rather the vote had a turnout of 40% of the electorate who had an informed opinion of the referendum at hand rather than see polling cues of clueless 18 year olds there because The fucking Flaws told them that voting is cool.

Watch this space.....



This one.

Ban these SICK games.



A picture's worth a thousand words...


So I finally found the latest issue of State Magazine.You know it, yeah? The new monthly music magazine with contributions from some of the internet's finest music and pop culture aficionados?


It was shelved in the "Women's Interests" section of a local supermarket.
Draw your own conclusions.

Picture of The Dark Knight's Two-Face leaks...


...and WAS available on Comic Book Resources. While several doctored pics of Aaron Eckhart are floating around, the fact that Warner Bros have hunted down any site with this particular image suggests it's genuine.

So I can't put it here. But, put it this way, I don't see it being used in any ad's GRIM.

Meanwhile a new ad is up on Why So Serious?

Is this the greatest ad ever?


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By the way, the tune is "Don't Speak" by the Eagles Of Death Metal.

"Who cares if the invisible man comes to dinner?"


The quite fantastic Peep Show is back for its fifth series tonight, Channel 4 at 10.30pm. (Mental note, must get Sky+)

Thanks to Chortle, here are some sneak peaks at what's to come.