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Emily's 5 Blessings

This is a place for our family and friends to catch up on what is going on in our adventures of life. Stop by anytime and check in on our journey.

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Boy it has been a LONG time!


It's been almost 3 years since I have posted on my blog. I guess I need to change the picture even though I love the picture of my blessings. A lot has happened since 2009. I have become a grandmother of twin boys and oh so much more. I will try to come back from time to time to update.

Pray for Matt and Alexia


A few days ago Matt totaled he and Alexia's car.  Praise the Lord he is ok but the car isn't.  Please pray that the Lord provides them with another vehicle because their other vehicle which is an old van goes about 2 miles and then overheats.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!

A New Season In Life


Family UpdateTaylorJordanLandonOur wonderful new son in law Matt and AlexiaMe and my honeyThe girls . . .Alexia, Sierra and me :-)My poor blog has been has not been updated for awhile as many of you know.  I have been trying to get back here but my life is a whirlwind right now and it's hard to find time to get back here.What's new in our home?  Well, we are in a new season of life.  We currently have 4 of our 5 blessings in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer.    Jordan will be starting his third year at their Forerunner School of Ministry and he continues to play keys in their 24/7 Global 24/7 Prayer Room on our son in laws worship team.   He has at least two more years in KC and then we pray he comes back to home and back to Orlando House of Prayer where we are contending for 24/7 prayer and worship. Alexia as you know got married to Matt on May 16th.  They had a wonderful honeymoon and they are now back in Kansas City where Matt is on staff at IHOP and is one of the worship leaders there.  Alexia will be taking audit classes at IHOP this coming year.  She needs to keep her time available so she can travel with Matt on ministry trips.  They also just got a new puppy named Jerry :-)Taylor and Landon has been in Kansas City since June.  Landon has been doing their ATC  (Awaken Teen Camp) and also did their leadership track.   He will be home some time this month.  Taylor decided to spend the summer there and is also applying to do one of their internships.  We will know what happens with his future in a week or so.Sierra actually was in Kansas City too this summer.  She went for a few weeks with Carlos and then decided to stay another 10 days with the kids.  So, at one time we had all five kids in KC and Carlos and I back here in Orlando. . . . boy that felt weird :-)As many of you know Carlos and I are the Executive Director's of IHOP Orlando - the Orlando House of Prayer - OHOP.   We are a missions base that is contending for 24/7 prayer and worship.  The heart of OHOP is our prayer room where we are 70 hours away from being 24/7.We have about 19 full and part time intercessory missionaries at OHOP.   They spend about 20 hours in the prayer room a week and the other 20 hours doing service and admin. hours on the missions base or in one of our arteries such as the Compassion Center.I also volunteer about 20 hours at   the Compassion Center.   We feed and clothe about 300 homeless and low income families and individuals a week.  I am in the process of organizing the clothing and also reach out to the community to bring in food drives.For the first time in about 21 years Carlos and I have been working "together" in ministry.  I have always supported him but when the kids were small and I was homeschooling all five of them I could not be of much help so I supported him.  Now that the kids are older and some have left the nest it has allowed me to partner with him in ministry!  We are having a great time and we have an amazing team at OHOP.  I am going to try to keep the blog updated with "life" details.  I probably will not be posting many pictures because it takes too long but if you have a FACEBOOK I post almost everything over there.  You can find me at Emily Katsanis Sarmiento.   I also added the Orlando House of Prayer page box to the right side of my blog.  If you have a FACEBOOK I invite you to become a fan and you can see all what we are doing down in Orlando.I have received so many nice notes and comments from you all saying you have missed my posts.  I will try hard to pop in here and keep you all updated!   [...]

Where have the posts gone?


Many of you have contacted me wondering why I am behind or lagging in blogging.  Well, my wonderful laptop crashed . . .I did get a new laptop but I refuse to upload pictures to it so I am saving for an external hard-drive.  

I did upload the pics to Alexia's wedding so I will be posting "some" of them in the next week.  If you all have a facebook or myspace I have already posted them.  I posted them on our OHOP Myspace   and on my FACEBOOK   do a search for Emily Katsanis Sarmiento    Check my photo's and I have about 4 albums there from the wedding!

(Uncle Andrew  - if you are reading this you need to make a FACEBOOK - it's easy.  All of us have FACEBOOKS even mom :-)   

Dinner out with the gang!


After one of the night services we headed out to grab something to eat!(image) (image) (image)

Matt and Alexia's OHOP Wedding Shower Part 1


Alexia and Matt have had a total of 3 wedding showers. This night was our turn to bless them on their upcoming marriage. The soon to be married Matt and Alexia Sierra was the punch server It's hard to believe my baby girl is getting married. Halfway through the evening we played the "Newlywed" Game even though they weren't married yet it still was a lot of fun to see how much we knew about each other. Christina was the lucky one who asked us the questions.The guys had to leave the building while Christina asked Alexia and I questions.What. . want me to answer that question??You have got to be kidding! Oh yes . . .I know this one. I know this one too!Oh my goodness . .I am soooooooooooo embarrassed No WAY! I just have no ideaThat is too funny! "I can't believe she said that!" Yes, I know this one too! Let me tell you all about it! Part 2 in next post![...]

Matt and Alexia's OHOP Wedding Shower Part 2


Then Alexia and I had to leave and it was Matt and Carlos's turn! I know Alexia soooo well! Yeah right Matt! but I know Emily better :-) I am hoping you win Matt! Then we were brought back in to compare answers. Are you kidding?? OK . that was embarrassing Yes . .. he is right! Please . . .answer the question with the right answer!Oh my goodness . . my parents crack me up. Congratulations Matt and Alexia![...]

Worship Roundtable with Matt and the team


The Saturday morning after every Awaken The Bride service at OHOP we have a Worship Roundtable. The guest worship leader along with their team meet with area singers and musicians.
(image) They get to "pick" the guests brains for two hours about music, the prayer room, recording, writing etc . . (image) (image) (image) (image)
(image) (image) Thanks guys for all the great information! We learned a lot!

March Awaken The Bride with Matt Gilman our Future Son In Law - Part 1


Matt, Alexia, Jordan Seth and David came in for our March Awaken The Bride Weekend. It is always the third Friday of the month. We had Christina Kimer start the night out with her team from Grace Tabernacle. Then it was time for Matt and his team to take over! Oh Clap Your Hands All Ye People!Shout Unto God With A Voice of Triumph[...]

March Awaken The Bride With Matt Gilman our future son in law Part 2 :-)


Come on everybody dance . . .come everyone dance! CThen Enrique did a "rap" from their new CD "Rise of the Nazarites" [...]

Matt gets to meet my parents and grandma :-)


Matt and Alexia came home last weekend for OHOP's Awaken The Bride Weekend. Matt was our special guest worship leader for the weekend. This gave him the opportunity to meet my parents and my grandmother for the first time.(image) My dad and mom LOVED him right away!(image) Mema loved him too!
(image) I already loved him :-)
(image) I couldn't have prayed for a better spouse for Alexia!
(image) Taking a look at the "bling"
(image) 2 more months until wedding day!

Sierra's first snuggle with Sophia!


"Mommy, she is beautiful!"(image) "Can we have another one?"

Jordan - worship leader, musician and preacher


Two Sunday's ago Carlos had to fly to Portland for a speaking engagement. Jordan happened to be home that weekend so he has Jordan lead worship and bring forth the Word.(image) Jordan is a GREAT preacher/teacher(image)
(image) I am so proud of you Jordan!

Sophia Day 2


I ended up leaving the hospital the first night around 11pm. The next morning I wokeup and headed back to help her out. This gave Ken a chance to go grab some breakfast.(image) More snuggle time with Sophia Grace(image)
(image) Bonnie getting in some cuddle time too.
(image) More friends Rachel and Iris.
(image) Yes world . . . I am beautiful and wonderfully made!(image) I feel so loved!
(image) Doesn't Lisa look beautiful for just having a baby!!!

Baby Sophia's Delivery Day


About 3 1/2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of being at Lisa's 4th and final birth. I would have posted these pictures sooner buy my HP Laptop that I use to blog died and so I couldn't get to my pictures until now.Lisa went in for an induction around 11pm on Thursday night. I arrived around 1 am. I brought my pillow and sleeping bag and pretty much set up my bed when I got there and we all headed to sleep.Around 5:30am her water broke and then things started rolling.In the delivery room was Kenmeand then arriving around 8am was Kathleen.Ken was her rock and never left her side.Lisa normally only has to push about 20 minutes and the baby comes out but this time it was different she had pushed for 2 hours and nothing was happening. So, the doctor decided she better have a C-Section. Lisa was not too happy about this but she knew it was best for the baby.Here is Ken getting on all his "gear"They were ready to head to the operating room.Sophia Grace came into this world totally perfect and beautiful!Kaitlyn the proud big sister. Lisa's friend Cindy stopped by along with JT and Taye Lisa's dad - the proud grandpa! Sophia is so beautiful! It felt so good to hold her! Thanks Lisa for letting me be part of this precious day!Sophia- we all fell in love with you right away! You are so beautiful and we love you~[...]

Sierra's Singing and Playing Debut


For about the last year I have been teaching Sierra the piano. She has caught on so quickly. Well, this past Sunday morning she and her friend sang a song during the offering at church. Sierra played the piano and sang.(image) Her friend sang too! They sang one of my favorite songs REVELATION SONG. When you get to the site it's song number 11 on the playlist. The girls did an amazing job and the received a standing ovation. Way to go Girls!!!

The Five Amigo's


As baby Sophia's gets close to making her arrival. I thought it was time for an update with "my other kids" :-) Here are a few random pictures from the last few weeks.
Landon and Christian
(image) My sweet Ava!(image) Me, Ava and Christian at the mall!
Lisa and I get the kids together to play a few days a week. We take turns hanging out at my house and then on another day hers. She has been keeping the kids bikes at our house because there is more places the kids can ride. Here is Sierra, Kaitlyn, Christian and Ava going on a bike ride. They are all growing up so fast.(image)

Sierra Is A Terrific Kid!


This past week Sierra was picked by her teacher as a "Terrific Kid". This is the same award , wthat Kaitlyn, my Goddaughter won a few months ago. (image) The school had an award ceremony and invited all the parents of the children that won this award. Sierra's friend on this award too.(image) Sierra was chosen to be part of a skit which talked about what a Terrific Kid is.
(image) Here is Sierra getting her award. The vice principal is reading a note from Sierra's teacher about Sierra.(image)
(image) Congratulations Sierra!
(image) In my book Sierra is one "Terrific Kid"!(image)

Lisa's Baby Shower - baby number 4


A few weekends ago I hosted Lisa's baby shower here at my home. I have had the pleasure to host all four of her baby showers for all four of their children. Baby Sophia is arriving some time next Friday. Lisa is being induced early Friday morning on the 27th. I can't wait until next week when we are actually holding her and get to look at her sweet little face.I also have had the honor of being at all of Lisa's birth and I will be at the delivery next week of baby Sophia! I am soooooooooooo excited!![...]

Kim Walker and Jesus Culture


Last month OHOP brought in Kim Walker and part of Jesus Culture. We do these "Awaken The Bride" weekends once a month. We bring in a nationally known worship leader and sometimes part of her band. They come in for a Friday night service, Saturday morning roundtable and lead worship for our Sunday morning fellowship. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.It was our largest ATB we have ever had! Kim was amazing! Her worship is incredible. You can hear her music also at her myspace by clicking here This is Chris Quilala he is an amazing worship leader to plus he is a drummer for Jesus Culture. Our new OHOP shirt!Another new OHOP shirt.Me and and my very good friend Christina!Christina is an amazing worship leader and this is part of her team minus Taylor :-)Me and ChrisMe and my friend Sara who is with the One Thing Prayer Center in Tampa.[...]

A Future American Idol?


Little Ava is following in her mother's footsteps! Here she is in singing debut! :-)(image) Actually we were at our friends birthday party that had this stage all set up for the kids to dance and to sing!

Sierra's New Haircut!


I had been wanting to take Sierra to get her haircut so we took time out a few weeks ago to do just that. I called my friend Jane who cuts hair and asked her if she had time to cut Sierra's hair. She gave her a great cut which is perfect for her to maintain each day! Great job Jane!!!(image)

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown


My sister Stephanie surprised me, Sierra, Kaitlyn and Lisa and treated us to a play that was being put on by Steph's sister in law Courtney's production company. Lisa was not able to go so Sierra, Landon and I ended up going.

The play was held at a local Civic Center.

When we arrived we immediately ran into Steph's father in law Jim. (image) We then saw Courtney! She has always been into acting, directing and singing. We were so excited for her and this new endeavor.
(image) For those who live in Central Florida please keep your ears and eyes open for further productions from the Princess Charming Productions. You can check out their website at: for future upcoming show dates.(image) The play was just GREAT! We all three enjoyed it a lot. After the show Sierra and I got a picture with the cast! Thanks Steph for treating us to such a fun day!

Jordan and Jessica are Engaged!!!!


A few months ago Jordan called us and let us know he wanted to ask Jessica to marry him. He wanted us all to be there so we could all celebrate so decided that New Years Day was going to be the day!Jordan had made plans to take her out to dinner and then he made reservations for a horse and carriage ride in downtown Kansas City. This picture is right before he left to take her to dinner. My last hug with my first baby before he was engaged to be married!Jessica had no idea what was about to happen. While they were at dinner Jordan had asked their friend Tasha and Austin to get things ready at Alexia's house for a engagement party. Here they are after arriving to the party! The newly engaged Jordan and Jessica!Many of their friends came throughout the evening to help them celebrate! I am so happy for the two of them! Jessica will be an awesome addition to our family! It's hard to believe two of our five children are now engaged to be married. Both couples plan on marrying this spring. Jordan and Jessica are getting married in Kansas City and Matt and Alexia will be getting married in Orlando. It was awesome to have George and Janice with us. George has been Jordan and Alexia's youth pastor since they have been 14 years old.Chelsea played a joke on me saying she got engaged too! And yes- I believed her!!!I love this picture too! It brings tears to my eyes because since my kids were first born I have been praying for their future mates. It's so neat to see in the flesh two of the five I have prayed for. Also, we are so blessed that both Jessica and Matt are involved in houses of prayer like we are. Jessica's family is part of the Detroit House of Prayer and Matt being involved at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Thank you Lord for bringing such wonderful fiances to Jordan and Alexia![...]

New Years Day with Matt and Family


New Years Day we met Matt, his father, his sister and her "fiance" . . . yes, I said fiance. Laura and Jonathan had just got engaged two days before. So, now Matt's parents have Matt and Laura both engaged!!(image) Hopefully their weddings won't be to close :-) Laura's fiance is living in New Zealand and working at a House of Prayer over there.
(image) The newly engaged Laura and Jonathan!(image) Laura's ring and Alexia's ring(image) Alexia and Matt the other newly engaged couple :-)(image) The future Father in Laws - Tom and Carlos(image)
This picture is so special - it has all five of our kids plus our future son in law Matt and hopefully our future daughter in law Jessica!(image)

What Jessica doesn't know is that later that night she would be engaged too :-)