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Tumawa K Kabayan

I-utot mo na Pare! Libre naman eh!

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e cigarettes hUsers have found a few simple tricks that may help. First of all, you can try blowing it out by unscrewing it and placing it to your lips. If this doesn't have the desired effect, you can try boiling it for ten minutes or so. Be careful if your atomizer has plastic parts on the outside, as you would not want to melt it. After boiling, place the atomizer on a paper towel, standing up, and let it dry for a couple hours.. for starter kit bundles and e cigarette batteries visit



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Anyone that has ever tried to claim a compensation for accidents or personal injury know that it is not always as simple as it seems. Many a times there is a lot of red tape involved and paperwork to consider, to fill out and submit to various departments before we can really get the check that is so badly needed when we are disabled. I know of friends who had to wait for months to get the compensation they are entitled to. Meanwhile, they had to face the anxiety to make ends meet when they are not able to go back to work due to their injury. It is truly a stressful time. Accident Claims do not need to be so stressful, either its Bicycle accident claims or whiplash injury claims or any kind. There are specialists that deal with handling compensation claims in a professional way to ensure that you receive your claims as quickly and painlessly as possible. At Keypoint, you will be provided the right compensation amount based on your personal circumstances and only successful personal injury claims will be charged, you will also get the right advice on financial management, pension schemes, unfair bank charges, mis-sold on your endowment policy and much more. Do check out the site for the right choice of claims and compensation. Doing so might just be the first step towards getting what is rightfully yours.

soy candles


love Soy Candles? i use soy candles with essential oils for different purposes, for instance, lavender to help me sleep and eucalyptus to breathe easier. i will never go back to regular wax candles again.they are cleaner burning. Paraffin, which is what most candles are made from, is petroleum based and much more polluting to your indoor environment. Also, many paraffin candles have metal (sometimes containing lead!) in the wick, which also gets into the air and poses a hazard. Soy and beeswax candles typically use natural cotton wicks. I only buy soy or beeswax for these reasons. They also tend to smell awesome! get a wholesale soy candles at

Malaki daw



Talaga? Malaki? Ows! Patingin nga....aahahhaha.



Sa daming Pilipinong nagsasalita ng English, meron parin naman ng ttaglish.

Tulak? Di ba Push yun sa Ingles? Need na nya ng dictionary.

I wonder, kung anu ang nasa kabila... Hila the door,ahahahha!

fart in jacuzzi


Warning sa mga nakain dyan
(object) (embed)

I can't stop laughing when I saw this.

As in grabe, diarrhea yta c ate Ate, ewww and yuck!

Imagine, the friends are cool and having fun in the jacuzzi then suddenly, yuck, pooppiess,,,,ahahahahaha yuck, groooosee!

Kya kayo don't go in the jacuzzi pag feeling nyo diarrhea kyo!

Financial Business need


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Pink tightener



Pink is my favorite color, mostlygirls does.

Eh ito kyang, Pang-pa tight daw ng p*p*, ahahahhaa.

Effective naman kaya?

Joke Tym


Victor: Pare, natatakot ako sa girlfriend ko tuwing nangangalabit siya.
Jack: Bakit ka naman natatakot? Masarap nga ‘yun, eh!
Victor: Pare… tatlong lingo nang patay ang girlfriend ko!

Small Business Loans and Financing


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Dreamhouse ko


I like treehouse, pero i never imagine meron palang ganito.

Bahay sa!!!

Ganda siguro ng view dyan, aheheheh

Cock for business name


Kung ganito ba ang pangalan ng business mo, boom ba?

Medyo censored...ahehehhhe!

Improvise lutuan


OK to!! lalo n pag-camping.

Nice grills.

Visualizing a labor


I know mahirap mag-labor and kung sino-sinong santo ang tinatawag mo.

Pero kung yung DONT ang iisipin mo, mas lalo yatang masakit.

Toilet sa labas ng bahay


Weee...kaloka naman itong manong na ito.

Maglagay ba naman ng toilet bowl sa harap ng kanyang bahay.

Sitting pretty pa sya, ganda kasi siguro view sa labas.

Sino kaya kausap nya sa phone, mukhang it make him concentrate more sa ginagawa nya.

With matching beer pa!



Made in China


Ang hilig talaga ng mga taga U.S. ng made in china.

Paano kasi...mura ang labor dun.

Kaysa nga naman sa U.S....mataas ang labor.

Konti lang yata ang nakita kong made in U.S.

Matulog sa gitna ng pool


If your dreaming ng ganitong klaseng bedroom, kakaiba ka.

Think about it.. panu kung malaglag k ng bed?

eh di diretso ka sa pool. Maliligo ka ng d oras...ahahahahha

Pregnancy tip


Mga expecting mom...this is the do's and don'ts while playing music to your baby.

Wag mo namang gawing bingin si baby, that means...don't gamit the big speaker noh!!!

Ang lupit mo naman mommy kung yung dont pa ang gawin mo.

Scooby Doo...By doo....


Ang ganda ng view sa bandang right.

Kaya nga si Scooby and yung partner nya napatingin eh.

Bikining mong itim, na alay mo sa akin,ahahahha.

Hillbilly Overall


I think this is one of best solution to fit the Overall.

Great idea, manong!!!

Laugh Out Loud



LOL talaga, ang laki nyan oh.

Sa sobrang LOL nya ayan.

Big..big LOL.