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Pros and cons of cash advance loans


There are many positives and negatives about taking out a cash advance loan. It is not an option that people often consider, but under the right circumstances, it might be a good idea to help you weather a financial storm.

Pros of cash advance loans:

- If you have a bill that you have to pay, then a cash advance loan might be a good idea. For example, if you are going to get evicted, and your only alternative is to pay it with a cash advance loan, then that might be the smart move. Also, cash advance loans do not require you to get a credit check, so it won't hurt your credit score any, leaving your credit score untouched.


Debt settlement tips and tricks


For the majority of the people in the United States today, debt is probably the biggest factor of stress, and money problems in generals are probably the biggest strain on marriages. Simply put, we do not know how to stay out of debt very well, and we especially don't know how to get out of debt once we get caught in its grasp. You probably know of many people that have gotten in over their heads in debt, and it seems like there is no way out.

You might be in this situation yourself. This feeling often leads people to not even try to eliminate the debt, thinking that whatever they do, they will not be able to escape from their debt and live their lives with financial freedom.


Helium Tip: Write in High Paying Channels


Logically, if you write articles about topics that generate the most money, you are more likely to make money. If all of your articles are in channels for religion, or storytelling, or something of that nature, you might not be as successful making money. However, it can be a big boost to your earnings if you write to high-paying channels.

So what are the highest paying channels? Courtesy of helium, they are:

Personal Finance > Loans > Loans (Other)
Health & Fitness > Pharmaceuticals > Medicine Development
Style & Beauty > Skin & Body > Cosmetic Procedures
Personal Finance > Managing Credit & Debt > Credit Cards
Personal Finance > Loans > Personal Loans
Health & Fitness > Pharmaceuticals > Pharmaceuticals (Other)
Personal Finance > Managing Credit & Debt
Personal Finance > Loans > Loan Basics
Personal Finance > Loans > Student Loans
Autos > Buying Cars

There you have it! Obviously you still need to write about what you know, but it helps if you are able to get some articles written in these topic areas!

Games kids can play outside in spring weather


When I was younger, my favorite games to play outside in the spring weather were most of the conventional sports. Playing basketball, baseball, or football outside in the sun are some of the best memories of my childhood.

The games they can play are obviously in some ways dependent on the type of sporting equipment you have and the number of people you have, but you can usually find something to do. My favorite game was always basketball, because all it takes is a hoop and a ball, and you can play it either alone or with a group of people. It was versatile, which was nice.


Financial Accounting versus Management Accounting


Many times, when people think of the profession of accounting and what accountants do on a day-to-day basis, they think all accountants do the same thing and have the same goals. This is not always the case. Accounting can be broken down many different ways, but one of the main ways involves looking at the differences between financial accounting and management accounting. Both have different purposes and uses, and as a result they have different rules and emphases.


Day 12 Recap


Total Earnings: $162.36
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $5.57
Change: $0.39
Articles Written: 352

Day 11 Recap


I don't think anyone is reading, but if you are, I apologize for how much this site has sucked lately. I've been really busy with school... too busy to do anything other than update! Hopefully that will change soon.

Total Earnings: $161.97
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $5.18
Change: $0.45
Articles Written: 352

Day 10 Recap


Total Earnings: $161.52
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $4.73
Change: $0.34
Articles Written: 352

Day 9 Recap


Total Earnings: $161.18
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $4.39
Change: $0.56
Articles Written: 352

Day 8 Recap


My site has been pretty dull lately... I've been really busy with school, so I haven't had much time to write more tips on this blog, or even write more articles on Helium. So I'll just give another daily update.

Total Earnings: $160.62
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $3.83
Change: $0.30
Articles Written: 352

Comments: I seem to be pretty steady with 30 cents a day right when I don't do anything. Hopefully that can change a little bit when I can be a little more active.

Day 7 Recap


Total Earnings: $160.32
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $3.53
Change: $0.30
Articles Written: 352

Day 6 Recap


Another busy day, so just the meat and potatoes here:

Total Earnings: $160.02
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $3.23
Change: $0.23
Articles Written: 352

Day 5 Recap


Just a quick recap, as I'm pretty busy tonight.

Total Earnings: $159.79
Invite Earnings: $.05
Account Balance: $3.00
Change: $1.01
Articles Written: 352

Comments: A really nice day for me, though I'm not exactly sure why. Part of the reason is my article, Should credit card companies be targeting credit card companies? did pretty well, but that was only part of it. Maybe StumbleUpon is really working well? Either way, I was pleasantly surprised, and that is always a good thing.

Day 4 Recap


A decent day... I didn't do much in terms of marketing it outside here... but I did get paid!

Total Earnings: $158.78
Invite Earnings: $.05
Account Balance: $1.99
Change: $.40
Articles Written: 352

Proof of Helium Payment


Not that there was any doubt since I've gotten paid, but I just got my earnings paypal'd to me... I'm almost embarrassed to show the meager amount, but I'll post it just to quell any doubts you might have that you won't get paid.

(the photo gets bigger if you click on it)


Day 3 Recap


Things picked up a little bit today... let's check the numbers.

Total Earnings: $158.38
Invite Earnings: $.05
Account Balance: $1.59
Change: $.56
Articles Written: 352

Top 5 articles this month:
1. Fantasy Football RB Rankings
2. Comparing Facebook and Myspace
3. Paying for college through work study
4. Pittsburgh Steelers Predictions
5. 401(k) contribution limits

Comments: My earnings were helped by a couple of different things. One, I did a little promoting of articles elsewhere. Second, I started to use StumbleUpon, and that had an immediate effect. I just hope that it continues to have a positive effect on my earnings.

Indianapolis Colts Predictions


Coming off a Super Bowl victory last season, a lot of things are expected from the Colts, and despite some roster losses, they still have the talent to deliver on these big expectations.

For one thing, they still have Peyton Manning. He is the best QB in the game today and slowly moving up the ranks as one of the best QBs ever. He makes everyone in the offense better. Teamed up with perhaps the best set of receivers in the NFL (with Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and rookie Anthony Gonzalez), the passing attack should be as good as any in the game.


Denver Broncos Predictions


The 2007 Denver Broncos look to be a very successful team, at least on paper. They have a strong and balanced offense to go along with one of the best defenses in the NFL. With these these ingredients, they will be contenders with San Diego to win the AFC West, and might even be able to compete for the AFC Title.

But everything starts with 2nd year QB Jay Cutler. He is extremely talented, but only played in 5 games in his rookie season. If he matures quickly, the sky is the limit both in terms of his potential, and of the potential of the 2007 Broncos. He has all of the physical tools that you look for in a QB... arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, etc... he just has to put it all together. He has a solid receiving corps, led by Javon Walker, which should help his maturity as an NFL Quarterback.


Day 2 Recap


Kind of a slow day over the Labor Day holiday, but here is the recap after Monday.

Total Earnings: $157.82
Invite Earnings: $.05
Account Balance: $1.03
Change: $.29
Articles Written: 350

Top 5 Articles this Month:
1. Paying for college through work study
2. Fantasy Football RB Rankings
3. $150,000 income and struggling to survive?
4. Dallas Cowboys Predictions
5. How to improve your ACT score

Comments: I've been pretty busy lately which has slowed me down from writing more articles, but I am hoping I'll be able to get back to writing more soon. School and other web commitments has just made time a little short lately.

Day 1 Recap


Every day (hopefully) I will recap my earnings. I use day 1 here not because this is the first day I have used Helium (because it is not), but because it is the first day that I will record these.

Also I want to note that I requested payment a couple of days ago, so that is why my current balance is very low.

Total Earnings: $157.53
Invite Earnings: $0.05
Account Balance: $0.74
Articles Written: 350

Again, I just requested payment a couple of days ago, which is why the account balance is very low.

Top 5 articles so far this month:
1. Fantasy Football RB Rankings
2. How to improve your ACT score
3. Credit card safety: how to tell if a site is secure
4. Paying for college through federal work study
5. $150,000 income and struggling to survive?

Helium Tip: Post in forums


One tip that I have found that works (especially to help promote your work) is to post in message boards/forums, both on Helium and on other sites. This is helpful for different reasons. Here are helpful tips for whether you're posting on Helium or on other sites:

When posting on other Message Boards:
- Link to Helium in your signature - This helps to get people to click and come visit your writings.

- Find something that fits in with what you have written for Helium - If you find something that is along the same topic areas as what you have written, people are probably going to be more interested. Also, if you are posting about an area you have directly written on, you'll even be able to include a direct link to that without it being spamming, which is the way to do things. Spamming is not good.

- Post quality - The only way that people will want to read other things that you have written is to make quality posts. That way people will see that you are a good writer that has interesting things to say, and they will want to read more.

When posting on Helium forums:
- Do not include a link to your articles - This is not allowed on the Helium boards, which is a VERY GOOD policy.

- Be helpful - People will be more likely to go check out some of your articles if you are helpful on the forums. Try to avoid flaming people or being rude. Being kind and helpful is a good policy.

- Be informative - Like the previous comment, this will make people a lot more likely to check out some of your articles.

Any other forum tips?

Why you should let me refer you


First off, let me say that if you refer somebody, you get 5% of whatever they earn. Which is why it's nice to refer someone.

Under normal circumstances, you don't get anything for being referred by someone. Meaning it wouldn't matter if I referred you or if you signed up yourself. In most cases.

This is why you should let me refer you... with this blog, I have the opportunity to do more promoting of others work. If you let me refer you, I will help to promote your work (provided it is of good quality), which is very important if you want to earn any money at Helium.

On Helium, you can only refer someone by sending them an email. Meaning I can't just post a link that means I referred you, you'd have to get the link in an email from me.

This is done mainly because Helium wants only higher-quality writers, and the thinking goes that you will only refer people that you think will be good writers. Whether or not you agree or disagree with this (and it's a fine rule), that is the rule and that's how they choose to do it.

So I can't post a link here that would let me refer you. However, if you let me know that you want to be referred (either by leaving a comment here or sending an email to me: uclabruins24 -AT-, I will send you an invitation email quickly. I am on the computer often... many, many times throughout the day, so it won't take me long to get an invite out. And I will help promote your work, as long as it is of good quality.

So if you still want to sign up independently, go ahead, and I hope you are successful in contributing to the quality at Helium. If you want a little boost, especially early on, send me an email and let me know that you want to be referred by me, and I will help to promote your articles and make you more successful.

Helium Tip: Write About What You Know


If your goal writing at Helium is to produce quality content (and this should be your goal), then one of the best ways to achieve this is by writing about things that you know, especially when you first start out.

One of the secondary goals you'll probably have at Helium is to make a little money, and this is also a helpful tip for that. What are the benefits about writing about things you know? Well, let me see:

- It will help you provide good, quality content. If you are writing about things you know and like, you're articles will probably be better-informed. Also, if you do have to research anything for your writing, you are probably more likely to search better if you are researching something that is interesting to you. Another perk, with good content your article will likely be rated well, and that's rather important.

- You will be able to write more articles. Since one of your goals is probably going to be to make a little bit of money, the more articles you have, generally the better.

- You'll enjoy the site more. If you just write about things that you think might make you money, you'll get really bored writing. And then pretty soon, you won't be writing anymore and you'll forget all about Helium. But if you write about things you like and know, then you'll be more inclined to write, and more likely to enjoy it. Which is nice.

These are just a few of the benefits of writing articles on topics you like and know. This is one of the key things to Helium... if you don't do this, you'll probably create a lot of mediocre content and not enjoy it. Obviously there are exceptions, but this is really important in the grand scheme of things.

Explaining compound interest


"The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." - Albert Einstein

Basically, it's the your original money can make interest. If the interest rate is high enough and the money sits for a long enough time, pretty soon the interest you made can make interest. And this is the power of compound interest.

Look at this way... let's say that you save $1000 and put it away right away. Let's say that (to make things simple), that $1000 earns 10% every single year... here is how much you would have after a certain amount of year:


How many credit cards is too many?


The question is, how many can you handle?

If you can handle having multiple cards and you pay them all off at the end of each month, then I'm not sure there is a such thing as "too many" credit cards, aside from having to keep a look at your credit rating.

However, for some people, even one credit card is too many. It all depends on your mindset.