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Preview: BBDish! Ya Gotta Have it!

BBDish! Ya Gotta Have it!

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Happy Big Brother 17 Premiere Day, BB Lovers!

Wed, 24 Jun 2015 18:18:00 +0000

I'd like to THANK YOU for 10 AMAZING Seasons of BB here on BBDish, and I wish you the very best BB season ever with BB17... More, I'd like to thank you for sharing your lives with me all this time.  I've seen you get married, have babies, graduate law school, beat cancer, fight illness, make friends, love me, hate me, get passionate about all manner of things, BB and otherwise...


I can't come along for the BB ride this time.  I've given it a great deal of thought.. That's why I've waited until today to say anything. Just giving it to the last possible moment, trying to figure out how I might be able to make it work..

Size 22 to size 6 :-) and actually, I've lost another
10 pounds since this pic was taken!
I've been on a pretty incredible journey over the past year, losing 110 pounds via WeightWatchers, Cycling and Crossfit... and COMPLETELY changing my lifestyle, and I truly just can't conceive of sitting 18 hours a day and sleeping 4 hours a night (in 2 hour spurts) for 3+ months.

It's too unhealthy for me. Not to mention all the negativity and stress.. It's not me, and it's not what I'm about.  I haven't figured out exactly what my next step is yet. I just know it's not this anymore...

I've been toying with the idea of doing a fitness site, and I've been writing a book about my journey, in hopes of giving someone that drop of inspiration they need to begin their journey, and making a living would be a lovely bonus too.  As clever as it would be to have a url at the ready for you right now, I haven't gotten all my ducks in a row for that just yet.  

Good Luck and God Bless,



BBDish is Back for Big Brother 17!!

Thu, 28 May 2015 22:41:00 +0000

Helllooooo, Dishers!!!  We're ba-aack!!! And we've got all the BB17 info you need right here!

(image) In case you haven’t heard, the Big Brother Live Feeds are now included as a part of CBS All Access.  What does this mean? Well, it’s good news for Big Brother fans!

With CBS ALL ACCESS, subscribers can access all past 16 seasons of Big Brother, watch the upcoming 17th season live or on demand across devices, and access the Live Feeds, all for just $5.99/month!   Plus, subscribers will still get all the Live Feed exclusives they’re used to:
  • LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests on 6/16!!!
  • VIP chat with BB16  season’s winner Derrick on 6/10
  • VIP chat with fan favorite, Frankie on 6/15
  • Big Brother Live Feeds  - the full Big Brother experience with 24/7** live footage of what’s going on in the Big Brother house as it happens
  • Live Feed exclusives:
    • Subscriber-only votes
    • Full episodes from previous seasons
    • 4 cameras plus a quad view
    • Rewind and highlight capabilities
    • Community and VIP chat rooms
New, as part of CBS All Access:
  • New episodes of hit shows on demand the next day across devices
  • Access to over 6,500 full episodes of current shows and fan favorites on-demand (includes all past 16 seasons of Big Brother)
  • Live TV across desktop, mobile, and streaming devices*

Save These Dates! Here's the stuff I'm super pumped about..
  • VIP chat with BB16 winner, Derrick, via the Live Feeds on Wednesday 6/10
  • VIP chat with fan favorite, Frankie, via the Live Feeds on Monday 6/15
  • Exclusive LIVE stream interviews with the new houseguests, via the Live Feeds Tuesday 6/16
  • Two-night Big Brother 17 season premiere Wednesday 6/24 & Thursday 6/25
  • Live Feeds start after the west coast broadcast on Thursday 6/25
So... Who's ready to come play with us this summer?? ;-) It's gonna be a hoot!

BB16 Finale Viewing Party

Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:05:00 +0000

Good evening, BB Lovers!  Tonight's the Night!  Welcome to the Big Brother 16 Finale Viewing Party!  ♫Looks like we made it... ☺

Thank you for spending another season with us here on BBDish! That's 10 seasons of blogging these critters, if anyone's counting.

I have great news! Big Brother has been renewed for BB17 in the Summer of 2015~AND~ BB18 in the Summer of 2016! 

A 2 season renew!  Outstanding!  I can hardly believe it myself!

What a hoot the BB16  houseguests were! In addition to their enduring humor and the hotness, what I enjoyed most about this season was the clarity that This. Is. A. Game. from just about every single HG.  No matter what.

That.. and just the sheer pleasure of watching Derrick play the hell out of this game and every single HG in it. 

If you're not on the east coast, and you'd like to watch along with us, you'll be needing a live stream.  Here are a couple of options for you:

~This Fantastic Quality 
NEW Option~

I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live stream early, if you like, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 9:20 pm Eastern.. 

See you in the comment section!☺

During the show.....

Cody wins Part 3 of the Final 3 HoH Comp, in a tie breaker!  Will he bring Derrick or Victoria to Final 2?

And.... Cody takes Derrick to Final 2, saying....

Cody: This is my ride or die guy, been with him since day 2....

A Word About the Finale & the Disappearing Dishchick

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 10:53:00 +0000

Good morning, BB Lovelies!☺  Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope to see you all here tomorrow night for the Big Brother 16 Live Finale Viewing Party here on BBDish!  The festivities will begin at 9:20pm, and there will be doorprizes!  Let's end this season with a bang!

I owe you an explanation and an apology for my disappearance over the past few days.. First and foremost, I'm so sorry to have worried you.  The truth is, as much as I've absolutely loved this season, and I'm thrilled with the Final 3, I just hit my BB wall.  The September 19th anniversary of my little sister's death by drunk driver always puts me in a Must Get Out place.  Fortunately for us, that's usually right after BB is over for the year.  I thought I could handle it this time.. 20 years later.. I was wrong.

Being an outdoor person,  I just hit the point where I couldn't be inside, ALONE, sitting on my tush, typing any more, when there was this waiting for me to witness and photograph...
And someone to kiss..

..and my bike... and the gym..  and my promise to myself to lose 25 pounds DURING BB season...  I hit 22 as of last Thursday's Weight Watchers weigh in, so the 3 more I have to go hit that by THIS Wednesday have been in major last chance workout mode since then...

I'm sorry to have deserted you the last couple days and to have caused you worry. 

I'll be back Wednesday night for the Finale Viewing Party... Guaranteed!  I hope to see you here.


Mini-TOR: Say Something Nice

Sat, 20 Sep 2014 10:35:00 +0000

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday to you!  If you missed it, Victoria and Derrick played part 2 of the Final 3 HoH Comp last night.  Lessa wrote up the Spoiler and Aftermath for you, and it's Right Here.  As I'm looking for goodies to share for a mini-TOR, Derrick gets called to the DR, and Cody suggests a game I've been meaning to play here on BBDish for a while now: Say something nice about each of the HGs... Let's listen to what Victoria and Cody have to say.  I'd love it if you put your own responses into the comment section. ☺ 3amCamera 1Cody: Alright, so say something nice about everyone in the house.  Joey.Victoria: The funniest girl I've ever met.Cody: Exactly what I was gonna say.  Hayden.Victoria: I know you didn't like him, but..Cody: Me??Victoria: Gamewise..Cody: We were best friends.. Nicole said he didn't like me.Victoria: Hayden... Sweetheart.. Very genuine.Cody: I would say... extremely likeable, probably my closest friend in the house.. Apparently he can't stand me though. Victoria: Gamewise..Cody:  Pao Pao.. something good about her. Victoria: I don't know.  We never clicked.Cody: Uhhh... she farted a lot?  Christine.Victoria: Uhhh... Cody: I loved Christine, man.  Her and I had good ass convos. Victoria: Good, I'm glad.  Watch her DR sessions about you.Cody: Probably crushin' me too, which would be so shitty.. We would always have such good conversations about Tim, about her family.. Man, if she was crushin' me that would suck. Victoria: She's not a genuine person. I do not have anything positive about Christine. She crushed me every day. She did not like me.Cody: Ok.. Zach!  Hilarious. Victoria: Hilarious.Cody: Devin?Victoria: Devil. Oh.. positive?  He had nice dimples. Cody: Good thing about Devin.. I thought he was a nice guy who got lost in this game.**me too. Victoria: Yes.Cody: Jocasta.  Omg.. Such a sweet woman. Victoria: Very caring.Cody: Brittany. Smokin' hot. Victoria: I don't know.. She really didn't do much for me. Cody: Wow, Victoria.  Trying to say nice things about people, and you've got shit to say.  Umm.. Donny!Victoria: He was very caring too.Cody: I think Donny was a very sincere person. Victoria: Sincere.. yup.  I like that. Cody: Very easy to have a conversation with.  He would tell all his stories, and I would genuinely be interested. Victoria: Yes. Cody: He's an amazing guy.   Caleb.. Something nice about him.  Uhhh..  He worked out good.Victoria:  He has a nice smile.Cody: Alright, Nicole.  Firecracker! Loved her personality, once she came out of her shell. Victoria: Loved her.  Loved her.  She was my best girlfriend in the house.  Not gamewise, but..Cody: Yeah, I loved Nicole.  Thought she had a great personality. Victoria: Friendwise.. Love her.  Love her. Love her. Cody: Alright, Amber. Victoria: Can't stand her.**something nice, dear. Cody: I guess I just saw a different side to a lot of the girls. Victoria: You didn't see the real side to Amber. Cody: What was the real side to Amber?Victoria: What everyone else was seeing.. not you.Done in the DR, Derrick joins them.Cody: Did you see the real side of Amber?Derrick: My impression of Amber.. Definitely a Southern Girl.. with the hospitality and all of that, but definitely an L.A. girl and was playin' that side of her up. Cody: Ooh! 100% Caleb kept sayin' Country Girl, and I was like..Derrick: She's an L.A. model.  She hangs out with the people we're not gonna say cuz she asked us not to say them, but.. Cody: He would say, she's a country girl, and I'm like, bro, she's asking me to go to Tomorrow World in Georgia.. That's the Ultra of Georgia.. no country artists..  She aint no country girl like Caleb keeps portrayin' her to be.Derrick: He thinks she's gonna run up to him.Cody: He thinks she's gonna run up to him and kiss him.Derrick: How bout that.Cody[...]

Final HOH, Part Two!

Sat, 20 Sep 2014 04:06:00 +0000

Lessa popping on here to let ya know that as of 9pm BB time, We've gone from Jeff Highlights to Fish with sound, to All four feeds on Cody in the HOH shooting plastic limes into a bowl... likely for TVGN. Seem's part two is still being played - as soon as we know, you'll know! :) Cody: The pressures on - oh! No!And he Jedi trains - though we know he won't need that for part three. And vote counting. But hey, it passes the time...Cody: So the voters are.. Hayden, Nicole, Zack, Jocasta.....ahhhhh shit. Not looking good... Cody: Maybe I can use that as pull.. All of our moves were made together. A lot of people would not have trusted Derrick if not for me. Hayden. Christine wouldn't have trusted him except for me... 9:33Cody: STARVING. Oh God. That chicken. Gonna crush it. CRUSH IT. I can't wait to see what this competition looks like...He continues practicing final two speeches.9:45Cody: AUUUUGH! Here fishy fishy fishy. Like. WHAT is going ON? OMG this is driving me nuts.9:47 - Jeff loop.. could we be nearing the end?10:00pm - We are BACK =Please Click Here for the Final 3 HoH Part 2 Spoiler=10:00pm BB Time - DERRICK IS THE WINNER OF PART TWO!(scroll down for the aftermath :) ) Derrick: We did it! Dude I smoked it! We did it! Guaranteed 50grand...Cody: I couldn't believe it..Victoria enters.. she was sniffling in the bathroom.Derrick: Did you do the same thing? it thought you were gonna beat me. There was a couple times when I thought..Cody: So all these things..Derrick: All these placards - gold ones 50, can't see. And each round you had to put who was on the block at eviction... Who was there Thursday night.. You could only hold one at a time - so I'd find Paola, and I'd climb the wall.. I'd go put a Frankie up then scale all the way over to find Devin.. So I had to scale all thew ay to find it... None was on the side they needed to be and you could only grab one at a time. It was a lot of back and forth... She got em all on the first try, I did on the first try... and all the weight...Victoria: It was pulling and I could barely reach the hanger thing...Derrick: I was crushing my knees, I didn't care.  Derrick: At the end I was just like.. it was crazy - I was like, I got the last, I jumped and fell on my ass on the stone to end it. It was the most ungraceful.... You'd find a joey, and have to hang it, then go back to find a Paola and put it up..Cody: Did you do each round and stop?Derrick: It was go, get em all..Victoria looks nervous..Derrick: It was HUGE... HUGE. while I was doing it, that helicopter kept flying around just watching.Cody: He has to be a fan..Derrick: He got to watch it live. That was crazy. I'm gonna go cut open this blister...Cody: did you have a hard time?Victoria: Not really.. I just..Cody: You thought you crushed it..Victoria: Yeah, I didn't even second guess myself.  Not even once. I knew the order.Derrick: It was hard to hook it - and if you dropped it it was a 60 second penalty...Victoria: Someone was gonna have to come kick it so you could reach it..Cody: Cuz it would bounce and go..Derrick: This cable was YANKIN.. I don't even know what it did to my nuts. It was a high wall - it was SICK. That was intense! When I saw my time - I knew I booked it and I was like if she did it in a quicker fashion, and threw it up there...Victoria: That's what I did from the beginning...Derrick: I was like I should have one every time I go back and first. It was 28 total. At the end I was jumping off the wall - I would only scale if I had to climb up. It was crazy. Freakin nuts.Derrick: I'm gonna eat some more of this Chinese food... You did really good for that time... honestly.Victoria: I wanna know how... I mean 30 minutes. I didn't question myself, I knew it so well. It was frustrating. Derrick: you want me to make you a plate? Want to to be alone for a few.Victoria: yeah...They leave, and she breaks down on her own:Derrick: It was intense. intense! 10:1[...]

Friday Show Viewing Party

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 23:19:00 +0000

Good evening, BB Lovers!  Welcome to the.. FRIDAY?!.. Show Viewing Party on BBDish!  I do believe this is a first in the 10 years we've been doing this. ☺  Apologies for the downtime over the past 30 hours.. First it was moving back into my place, and then it was family time..

Tonight, we'll be seeing the Endurance Comp that played out Wednesday night on the feeds, as well as the annual Final 3 Guided Trip Down Memory Lane over a nice meal in front of the memory wall..

If you're not on the east coast, and you'd like to watch along with us, you'll be needing a live stream.  Here are a couple of options for you:

~This Fantastic Quality 
NEW Option~

I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live stream early, if you like, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 7:50 pm Eastern.. 

See you in the comment section!☺

Derrick & Victoria Talk Final 2

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 09:13:00 +0000

Following Cody and Derrick's private conversation while Victoria was in the DR...  which took place after Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp, a cool Superman-esque Endurance we watched on the feeds last night, and which Lessa covered beautifully.. we rejoin our Final 3... 10:15pmBB: Cody, please go to the Diary Room.Thus, the door opens for Derrick and Victoria to speak privately.  You'll be seeing a lot of this over the next few days.  Whenever someone is called to the DR... ..And as soon as the door closes.  Derrick: You knew about this.  Don't act like you're surprised. I told you last night.Victoria: I know!  Why didn't you tell me about the name??Derrick: Cuz honestly, I didn't think it mattered.  Victoria, I love you like a little sister.  I really do. Victoria: I know.Derrick: But I always told you, no matter what, what you hear, what you end up finding out, know I always did it for us, and honestly, by making these connections, I mean, this guy is not working for me, obviously, he's not here to like promote me, right?  He's like my competitor, and what's he saying to you? Victoria: (positively oozing with happy) Yeah. ~Please Click Here to Continue Reading this Post~Derrick: "This guy always had your back."  "Like nobody was allowed to talk shit about you."  I'm not paying him to say that.Victoria: No, I know.. Derrick: So it's one of those things like, if that's not confirmation for you..Victoria: It is confirmation.. 100%.Derrick: Like, cuz he's tellin' you straight up the truth right now. Victoria: no, I know.. Derrick: And by doing this.. By having those connections with those guys, even though I.. (fishies)  I do think you would've went home a lot earlier, if one of them went after you and I wasn't pullin' for you, because, you weren't in with them.  I was in with them, and you were in with me.  And they could've sent you home... but ultimately I was always like, Nah.. Victoria: I'm just telling you one thing,  If I'm sitting next to you, or if I'm sitting next to him, which he's not gonna choose me, obviously, you guys have a Hitman thing. Derrick: He could say whatever he wants.. Victoria: Doesn't matter.  If I win the half a million, you know.. You know what's happening with that. Just know.Derrick: I got you.  And I want you to know, that even if I don't win the half million, when you watch the show..Victoria: I will understand completely, but I just want you to know. Derrick: You're gonna text me and be like, Wow.. Because I Victoria: No I..Derrick: I guarantee you the blowout between me and Zach made tv, cuz I f'in crushed him. Victoria: Oh yeah.  I'm sure. Derrick: And after that, nobody talked shit about you any more in front of me.Derrick: They were all outside, and I'm like, "dude, stfu.. That's somebody's f'in daughter."  He's like, "but why do you protect her?"  I'm like, "That's like my little sister.  Stop talkin' about her.  She's not here to defend herself. Shut your f'in mouth." And he was like, "Alright."  heheheVictoria: I think the only reason he ever started picking on me was he knew it would get to me. Derrick: Exactly. Victoria: He loves reaction.Derrick: You do.  You take everything to heart. Victoria: I do.  I'm way too naive. Derrick: It'll all make a lot of sense. Victoria: I don't doubt it, and I don't doubt you in any way, but I'm... Derrick: And you also know that they trusted you a lot more than me, because I was a bro.Victoria: Yeah.Derrick:  So ultimately, when I said, "Hey, Victoria's cool,"  they were like, "a'ight, if Derrick says she's cool, she's cool."Victoria: yep. Derrick: And that's all the way up to this point, where I said, "Hey, it's me and you, and Victoria should stay."  I mean, he just chose to keep you over Caleb.  He had no r[...]

Wednesday Evening with the Final 3 - Derrick and Cody Talk Final 2

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 07:03:00 +0000

The plan that Derrick put in to motion so many moons ago came to fruition tonight.. His ideal final 3..  Immediately following Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH~ Endurance Comp, exquisitely covered by Lessa, there was this.. and it was good. In this post, Derrick and Cody have a chance to speak privately in the beginning and the end.. In the post that will follow, Derrick and Victoria will have that same chance..  9:37pmCam 3Derrick and CodyKitchenDerrick: She says to me in the bathroom, "Did you throw that comp?" I'm like, "Are you f'in kiddin' me? I was up there 20 minutes longer than you were. How'd I f'in throw it?" She's like, "you just stepped off." I'm like, "I couldn't feel my hands.  I was waitin' til it went low, and then I jumped off."  I'm not gonna jump off from 10 feet in the air. Cody: She said that?Derrick: She said it right to my face. Pissed me right the f*ck off.~Please Click Here to Continue Reading this Post~CUT TO:9:45pmKitchen AreaVictoria, Derrick, CodyVictoria: (teasing) Well, I guess the only way to break the Hitman alliance is to win the comp tomorrow.   Cody: I hope you're ready for another physical one.Victoria: I'm ready.Cody: Can you climb up a wall?Victoria: It's my only chance!Cody: Only way to break up..  (loud and happy) That is so epic that she just said that!!Victoria: (muted) hehehe.. You lovin' it?Cody: You don't understand!  We're in an alliance that started on the second day and made it to the finals! Like, we're the final 3.Victoria: (nods silently, still with a smile on her face)Cody: Not a lot of people do that.Victoria: Nope.Cody: Victoria, you're a girl that was part of it.  You were the Hitmen's little sister.  I don't understand why you're not happy about that.**errrrrm.. What's she supposed to do? Jump on the table, do a little dance and say thank you so much for bringing me to final 3 so you can cut me?Victoria: No, I am extremely happy!Cody: You were literally our little sister.Victoria: I'm .. I'm.. Cody: I know you f'in hated him..Victoria: hahahaCody: ..but he protected you for this entire time.Victoria: I never hated him! Cody: And honestly, I was gonna have a conversation, cuz I was very mad at you for being pissed at him, and he made me not do it. **it's interesting..  Since the Hitmen are out, this secret between Derrick and Victoria is the only one remaining.. apart from Derrick's job..Cody: and he was like, "Do not go and talk to her."Derrick: nah, we were good. Cody: And I was pissed.Derrick: We've kissed and made up.Cody: You kissed and made up, but he protected you.  No one was allowed to go near you. At all.  In this game.  Like, your name couldn't come up.  You were never goin' home.  There was never even  an option where Victoria was goin' home.**Cody.. just  take a moment to think about the words you're speaking right now... Derrick: You need a hug now?Victoria gets her hug..  The public freeze out is over.Cody:  There was never an option.. and you know what?  F*ck me if I'm sittin' in the finals with me and him?  I hope you vote for me!Derrick: hehCody: But! He f'in protected you for this entire game. And.. so did I.  I did it too.  I protected you as well.  I didn't put you on the block..Victoria:  Hopefully I wont be the one voting.  I wanna be sitting in those chairs. he! hehehe!  I know it's not your plan, but..Cody: I mean, essentially you know that this is my guy. Victoria: Yeah, I know.. Derrick: ..smoke me in the mental. Cody: There is no more mentals.  The last mental comp is the 3rd one.  This next one is a complete physical challenge. Again.  It's like, you're not gonna get luck.. You're not gonna do this.  You're gonna have to win it and earn it. Which is what the final 3 comps are.[...]

Final Three HOH Part One!

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 02:42:00 +0000

Just after calling Derrick to the DR, and then giving us a tight shot of the Diary Room Door - the feeds went back to Jeff Loop at 7:22pm. We can only hope that means the start of the Endurance competition, and our hope that we get to see it on the live feeds. Carolyn is taking a little cat nap - I'll call her as soon as the feeds come back, and we'll have all the coverage for you right here!Thanks so much for being part of the Dish!7:58 PMWe're back! Here we go!They get rain and wind.. looks like the wall is moving.. Everyone's still smiling - it could be a good one! Cody: here we go. Now it's a party.Derrick: Got some clouds coming through! Victoria: heheheDerrick: These things can't move though right?Cody: I don't know man..8:05 - back to jeff loop8:06Cody: That one's the worst, it wets the bar. Better not wet my bar! Here we go. Here it comes. It's party.Derrick You wanted to be on Big brother right?Cody: AUUGH! AAAAH AHHH! That is torrential! Take it easy! Crushing us!Derrick: Oh my god...Derrick: wow, that was intense!Cody: We were down there dude!Derrick: Unbelievable..Cody: Is that lightening?!Me: Yes. Yes it is. :)Cody: SHEESH.8:10 - recovery time. Derrick: Do you love it? Cody: Dude we got DOWN THERE. 8:13Cody (points to his hair): The line looks clean? We're good.Derrick: Good!Carolyn (I'd imagine): Wet cody - VERY GOOD. :)Cody: Jesus!Derrick: are you serious right now?!8:15Cody: here we go.Everyone's hanging tough - got some heavy breathing from Cody when the wall comes down, but nothing unexpected.And here comes the rain...Cody: Ah it's lightening! Dude, if they put us down there again, that's tough..Victoria sounds like she's singing - we get jeff loop briefly. They keep trying to dry off their bars with their sleeves...8:20 - everyone's hanging in tough. Even Victoria.Cody: How ya feeling?Derrick: I'm hurtin!8:23 - Hello workers behind the walls..Victoria: Frankie never would have survived this.Derrick: he would have crused it!Victoria: He'd have fallen - his fingers turn purple in a second!Derrick: Oh, true.8:25Cody: Here we go...8:27 - we have some heavy breathing from Victoria - she's trying to stretch her.. well, everything in turn.Derrick's hurting: Cody looks like he's havin a party:8:31 - this looks brutal. Everyone is shaking out their hands when they get the chance, drying their bars as best they can, etc..Derrick: I can't keep my feet on.. I keep trying to dry them off.Cody: Just push back. Not gonna happen.And we go LOW again.. briefly..Victoria: My hands are loike, slipping!Derrick: Keep goingCody: Keep going girl! We're going up, you'll get a break!Cody: your handsDerrick: I can't feel my hands...Cody:(laughs)8:36 and we have rain.Victoria; My hands fell asleep!Cody: Yeah, it's tough!Derrick: It's not easy!Cody: this is the fun stuff!8:38 Victoria: OMG CRAP OH MY GOD CRAP And victoria is DOWN.Cody: good job girl!Victoria: Good job my ass!Derrick: I'll stay for a couple, I'll jump off.Cody: You want me to jump off?Derrick: Wanna stay for a couple hours? You ain't going anywhere soonCody: noDerrick: So what do you wanna do?Cody: what do you think about the next one?Derrick: I don't know. Crap shoot.Derrick: What do you think, want this one?Cody: Probably. Endurance. I'll feel good.Derrick: Is that what you want to do?Cody: Not if you don't feel confidentDerrick: I don't.Cody: You don't?Derrick: Nah. But if you don't either..Cody: I do, but I want you too.Victoria; You keep missing each other. It's funny. Everytime you look at him, he's not looking at you.Derrick: If you want this one I'll jump off.Cody: If you don't feel confident, that's not good.8:45 Derrick: I'm gonna try my best, honestly.. There's no doubt you know it better than me.Derrick: How's that towel? I'd like one...Derrick: You upset? Why are you upset? You did your best! You did [...]

Live Show Viewing Party

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:37:00 +0000

Good evening, BB Lovers! Welcome to the Live Show Viewing Party here on BBDish!  Thank you for being here!

If all goes according to plan tonight, we should also be seeing an Endurance Comp on the Live Feeds right after the Show!  That's Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp!☺  Of course, we'll be covering the comp from start to finish, and if you'd like to take advantage of the 2 day free trial on the feeds and watch for yourself, you should certainly do so!

But first... We've got a Final 4 Live Show to watch and enjoy! I'll be covering all the pertinent info here in the post as it happens, and I'll see YOU in the comment section!

If you'd like to watch along with us, and your BB is pre-empted tonight or you're not on the east coast, you'll need one of these:

~This Fantastic Quality 
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I'll see YOU in the Comment Section!  I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live stream early, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 7:50 pm Eastern..  

Vote to Evict:
Cody Votes to Evict ____


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The Overnight Report

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 10:04:00 +0000

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Live Show Wednesday to you! Tonight, we'll go from Final 4 to Final 3 when Cody, who won the PoV, votes to evict either Victoria or Caleb.  I'll tell you now, he's leaning strongly towards evicting Caleb, as that makes for the easiest path to final 2, BUT neither Caleb nor Cody are letting on to Victoria that she's safe..  OK.. We've got an Overnight Report to tackle..And of course, some nice pre-midnight Bonuses..Cody Poised to Evict Caleb and Reveal the HitmenCody Wins PoV: Confirmed!Feeds are Back!Now let's dive on in, shall we?  I'll begin here..1:32amCamera 1Derrick and CodyHoH RoomDerrick and Cody interrupt their jedi training session to talk some game...Derrick: I have to win the 2nd comp to make sure I'm there with you, cuz she aint gonna beat you in the endurance.  There's no f'in way.  Well, only one of us have to get there, but there is a freak chance that she could win the final HoH.  That's the only thing that scares me. Cody: That's what I'm saying.  Not only one of us.. Derrick: We have to both get there. And.. Cody:Simple as that.Derrick: Chances are, we will be.  But, if we're not, and she sends me home, I get it.  It is what it is.  Cody: I do not think there's any slight chance that if she wins the final HoH, you're the one that goes home. Derrick: You think she'll keep me, even with all the shit that went down?Cody:  mm hmm.. and the fact of the matter is, whoever she keeps is losing.**do what now?Derrick: Yeah, it doesn't matter.  100%.  If she beats us, and takes you to the final 2, I'm still voting for you though..Cody: Oh, if she takes you, I'm voting for you, but I'm gonna kick you in the balls.Derrick: I mean, we could take Caleb, he could do the same thing.Cody:  Right.  Derrick: He could take me over you too.  If he thinks I'm the weaker player, he's gonna take me, period.  Either one of these guys could possibly take me if they think I'm weaker.  I think she's a little more in the middle..Cody: The chances of her winning are also very low.. But if it's something as easy as list the HoHs, that's not something hard to study at all.. but if she has to climb up something?  You're f'in 6'1".. you take a jump, you're at the top. Derrick: My thing is, I don't know if it's gonna be something so simple..Cody:  There's NO simplicity in the comps that are coming up.  Do you remember season 12?  I just remember the 1st comp.  Talk turns to the Part 2 of Final 3 HoHs gone by.. Then.. Derrick: She's gonna panic anyways. Cody: We're gonna f'in crush her. Derrick: You know, we've done it all season, and we've done everything we could to get to this point.  Caleb's the final thing.  This is the best chance we have at us both getting there. Cody: He's gotta go. I mean, there's no hesitation in it. And so on...  And we're moving forward into the night.. CUT TO:2:05amCamera 1 and 2Victoria and DerrickVictoria: Gotta stay. Gotta win it. Like, nothing's gonna happen if I stay and I'm in pain.  Know what I mean?  It's all mental, I think.**mind over matter. Derrick:  No, it's not. Oh, it's mentally.. like mind over matter. Victoria: I mean it's mind over matter.  Nothing's going to happen if you stay a little longer. Derrick: Well, that's not necessarily true.. I have permanent scarring. Victoria: But I think, when you feel like your body is giving up, you can push a lot longer. Derrick: Of course. That's anything. Victoria: Yeah. Derrick: Whatever it is, we're gonna stay up there as long as we can.  And whoever wins the final comp will decide who goes with em.. Victoria: The 2nd one's really like guessing. Derrick: It is guessing,[...]

Cody is Poised to Evict Caleb and Reveal the Hitmen

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 09:44:00 +0000

It's looking very much like Derrick's master plan is coming together perfectly.  In other words, I believe it's Bye Bye Caleb on the live show...  Here's the convo and pics...While Caleb is riding solo in the Rock Room, Derrick and Cody are in the bathroom..11:05pmCamera 3BathroomDerrick and CodyDerrick: You think he's tired or he just knows?Cody: I think he's just very nervous and.. depressed.  He has a feeling...Derrick: Better you than him, because, like I said.. Cody: You mean better him than you.Derrick: I'm sorry.. Better him than you, because honestly, when he was tellin' you that he would keep me, and he was tellin' me "oh, I wanna go to the end with you," who knows what he would've done if he won. Cody: (whispers) Yup.. I'm gonna be like, I can't take a gamble of you takin' Derrick or takin me.. goin to the end.  I have to take the person who gives us the best chance of getting to the final 2.  That's what we started with Day 2, and that's what we're finishing with.  This gives us the best chance.  You're not gonna f'in hate me for it.  If you do, I'm sorry. Derrick: The way you just said that's perfect. BB: Derrick, please put on your microphone. Derrick: Dude, they're crushin' me.Cody:  But I'm still gonna say the Hitmen thing..Derrick: That's up to you.  Obviously I'm part of it, so I'm cool with it. Cody: I'm sayin' it.  I think he deserves to know. Derrick: Oh he's gonna know.  He's gonna know cuz I said it in my goodbye message. Cody: The thing is, I'm not gonna say "Final 2" and not say the name.. Derrick: Right , right, right.. Cody: I'm gonna be like, "me n him had a final 2. We're called..."  I want our name out there on national f'in television. Derrick: I say it all the time.  Cody: No, but I want it out there on a live show. Derrick: Do it up, do it up.. Cody: Have to. I'm super excited for it. Derrick: I'm ready. As you're doing it, quick shot to me, I'm gonna be like..Derrick: Nah.. I'm definitely gonna feel bad, but I'll feel better..Cody: Should I say this line?  Um.. So.. With that being said, Caleb, your contract came up, and the HitMen gotta take you down.**heheDerrick:  heheCody: Is that so corny?Derrick:  It's not corny.. but damn, he's gonna hate you.  He'll be pissed. Cody:   Would he?Derrick: Yeah. Don't do it to yourself. Cody: It's so dope. Derrick: It's so dope. Cody: Why not?Derrick: You can say it.. but he might say, "hey, guess what Cody, your contract came up, you don't have my vote." Cody:  Yeah, you're right.. Derrick: Dude, that's how close we are.. I'm like helpin' you out. Cody: That's dope. Derrick: Nah.. it's dope.  I mean, listen, it's a crap shoot.  You might  do somethin' like that, and him be like "wow, that was sick." Cody: I was gonna be like, "Hey, man.  Obviously, this ain't a pissing contest.  This is a game for 500k." Derrick: It's gonna be so right.  Dude, it's gonna be hilarious. It's gonna be great.  He's gonna be so pissed off.  It's so funny because, that f'ing kid, he's  like our best friend now, but..Cody: Is he though?Derrick: He's tryin' to be. Cody: I still have the same viewpoint.  I know, if I win the money, I know a good chunk of it isn't goin' even close to towards me. Like, my sister and brother came out of college with the same debt that I did.. Like when you said that, that resonates.Derrick: That whole Dallas thing?  The club?Cody: Yeah.Derrick: F*ck that.  Bottom line is, he's gonna be pissed at us.   It doesn't matter. He thinks we have a final 3, obviously.  He's been sayin' it to me for weeks now, "me n you to the end, me n you to the end,[...]

Cody Wins Final 4 PoV: Confirmed!

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 08:35:00 +0000

In case you missed it last night when the feeds came back on, Cody won the All-Important Final 4 PoV.  He will be the sole vote to evict either Caleb or Victoria during the Live Show tonight.  It looks like they may have been actually playing for PoV between the times the east and west coast were viewing the Tuesday show. 

Here is the transcript and pics of the confirming moments...

Camera 3
Living Room

BB: Cody, please go to the Diary Room.
Caleb: There he goes. 
Cody: There it is..
Off he goes to the DR.. 

Victoria takes a seat in the living room, looking particularly adorable this evening..

Cody returns 2 minutes later on Camera 1, as BB has told him to retrieve his PoV necklace for his DR session.. We see him take it off the wall..

Derrick: Oh, excuse us.. The Veto.

Caleb: The only way I could compete with that is if we had an HoH necklace.  Oh wait, we do.. Derrick's got it on.
Cody: Zing!
Caleb: Zing! hahaha

Derrick: I would trade one of my HoHs for a Veto.
Caleb: I would too. We both have 4.

Feeds are back!

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 04:19:00 +0000

The feeds came back on moments after the end of the West Coast show ended - 9pm BB time. Derrick was whispering to himself in the HOH room, then went to the DR, while Caleb and Cody talk a variety of nonsense in the living room. Victoria was rearranging her suitcase a bit, and is now in the bathroom messing with her face.I'm posting just to let you that I'm here, and I'll be listening in to see who won veto and how the tides are turning for tomorrow night...Stay tuned - we'll have spoilers and important stuff as soon as the houseguests decide to give them to us! :)From the looks of the memory wall (Thanks curler chick!) It looks like Caleb and Victoria are the noms... I can't get a clear shot at it, but it doesn't matter because... 9:31PMCody called to the DR - comes back out to grab his POV necklace! It's confirmed -CODY WON POV!Cody will be the sole vote to evict tomorrow night, between Caleb and Victoria. Caleb and Derrick have a moment in HOH about VictoriaDerrick: I have no say - she doesn't need to talk to me. She can't kiss my ass now, no way!Operation mad at Derrick seems to be still on - sorta.10:02BB TimeCody: Do you think the mouse is gone?Victoria: no.Me: HAHAHAHA. Our tired, and very quiet final four, everyone...10:45 - Victoria checks in with Derrick in HOH. He tells her that he's talked to Cody, and pointed out it's easier for them to get final two against Victoria and that he agreed. She asked for help for her speech - and BB rescues him by calling her to the DR - after she leave..Derrick: TVGN have you EVER seen a houseguest that needs as much coaching as her? It's ridiculous!~~~ I'll be here and listening just in case any actual game talk goes on - but right now they keep singing and whistling and sending us fishing. Stay tuned! [...]

Tuesday Show Viewing Party: Final 4!

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 23:09:00 +0000

Good evening, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday Show Night!  Thank you for joining us for the Viewing Party here on BBDish!

After the show airs tonight, the live feeds should come back on, and Lessa will be here dishing the goods on that!☺ Then I'll be back for the Overnight Report...

But first...

Tonight on CBS we'll see who got evicted at Final 5, and who won the Final 4 HoH.  If you want to know RIGHT NOW, here's the spoiler.  If you'd prefer to wait til the show plays out, that's ok too. ;-)  BUT.. I can't promise it wont get revealed by someone in the comment section.

If you'd like to watch along with us, and your BB is pre-empted tonight or you're not on the east coast, you'll need one of these:

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I'll see YOU in the Comment Section!  I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live streams early, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 7:50 pm Eastern.. 


Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:35:00 +0000

Are you DYING to know if Frankie made his exit last night?

DYING to know who is HOH?

Well - at 11:54.48, BB was kind enough to accidentally hit the wrong button and give us a good six minutes of the feeds, giving us exactly that info.

Here you go:

Yup - Happy ME! - DERRICK IS HOH!

This is pre-veto, they're clearly getting dressed/ready for it. Names on the back of the shirts - what looks like police badges on the front (Very funny, Big Brother!) Caleb and Cody are talking Chuck Taylors - Cody's never heard shoes called that.

Everyone's getting ready for the Veto - Victoria is nervous. Derrick has some words of wisdom for her:

Victoria; Alright I got this.
Derrick: Just go have fun with it.
Victoria; FUN?
Derrick: Your not gonna lose. We're all winners. We're in the final veto. Go into it like that - don't put the pressure on yourself. You said last night money isn't...
Victoria: It's nothing

Derrick: It's nothing. So don't play for the money. Play for yourself. I need the money for my family, but I win for me. My family is gonna love me either way. That's how you look at it.
Victoria; I can do this.
Derrick: You absolutely can. Can I tell you a secret? I'm nervous right now. But it's good.

Back to Jeff loop. :)

See ya'll at the viewing party! ~Lessa

The Overnight Report

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 10:04:00 +0000

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!  The Final 5 to Final 4 Eviction Show will be taping this afternoon, so we expect the feeds to go down this afternoon and stay down til after the Tuesday Show airs. During that time, they'll be playing for HoH, making Noms and playing for PoV.We'll learn who wins the Final 4 HoH on the Tuesday Show.  Once we see them on the feeds again, hopefully on Tuesday night right after the show airs, we ought to learn who won the Final 4 PoV... and that will shape our final 3.  Who are you holding your breath for?All The HGs were all told is that they'd have to be UP and ready to go by 9am Monday morning.  They don't know why.  I'll tell you - It's so they can all be filmed doing an activity that BB can show to the TVGN audience on Monday night.  In years past, it's been things like t-shirt painting..So as I hop on to check on them at midnight BBT, they are ALL in some very odd positions for this time of night:Good grief! Where do they think they are?  BB Canada??Errrr.. and me just starting to work on my second 5 shot latte. What's a dishchick to do?  Flashback and Backtrack to the earlier part of the evening.. that's what!OK.. when do working East Coast folks go to sleep?  Midnight?   Let's start there... As we rejoin our Fearless Fivesome at 9:00pm BBT, Frankie's on the double chaise, giving laundry instructions.Victoria's chatting with him.  Derrick, Cody and Caleb are playing pool. Then.. =Please Click Here to Continue Reading this Post=Victoria: I can't wait to get my clothes back.  I'm trashing all these clothes.Frankie: I'm gonna throw everything.Victoria: Don't want any thing of it. I'm not gonna pay overweight for my luggage. I'm just gonna throw everything out. Cody: Omg, I'm crazy trashing everything. Speculation about what's happening Monday morning..Cody: Hope some ONE, rather than some THING.Frankie: Me too. CUT TO:9:08pmCam 1Caleb, Derrick and Cody are talking about their favorite nights in the house.Derrick offers Caleb and Amber's date night.. the night everyone got dressed up and Frankie was "Frank."   Cody: That night Brittany slept in my room... Coulda f'in knocked it.  Didn't do anything.. botched it.Derrick: Could you though?Cody: Yeah, I botched it.Caleb thinks they're talking about these things in prep for final 3 hoh part three.  Cody swears that's a no.Cody: I swear.  I like where your head's at though.  Someone's thinkin' ahead.  What was your biggest regret?Caleb: Hehe.. I'm not answerin'. Cody: Uhhh, Derrick, what's one thing you would do differently?  If you could do it again?Derrick:  Ummm.. Cody: Caleb, what..Caleb: I'm not answering these questions.Cody: hehehehe.. What.. hehehe..Derrick: You're up, paisan, come on.Cody: I wasn't even thinkin' of that.Caleb: Ask me when we get out.9:11pmCody: If we don't get something dope tomorrow..Derrick: Coloring books. Cody: They're gonna give us activities.Derrick: It's gonna be somethin' more than that.Caleb: It's gonna be somethin' big.Derrick: I don't think it's gonna be somethin' big.  I think it's gonna be somethin' like Izzy.  Like somethin' to do..Caleb: I think it'll be a person.Cody: What would they do though, if they came in here?Caleb: Hang out with us for the day.  Play pool with us. Hang out. Cody: Oh, today's Sunday.. Oh my God!!  Imagine.. Monday Night Football.  Imagine we get it on tv.   Someone comes into the house, brings Hooters Girls..  They bring Hooter's stuff.  Wings, Food.  A[...]

The LAST Sunday Show Viewing Party of the Big Brother 16 Season

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 23:34:00 +0000

(image) Good evening, BB Lovers!  Welcome to the Sunday Show Viewing party here on BBDish!  I really hope you're wearing your Feather Boas for tonight's Sunday Gala, because...  and I can't even believe it, tonight is the LAST Sunday Show of the BB16 Season. Look  ---►


On tonight's show, we'll see the completion of the HoH Comp, as well as Nominations, and even better, the Jury Filled Luxury Comp!

BB is running late tonight in many markets - it's starting at 8:50pm here due to football..

I'm not 100% sure if the The DreamAngel Live Stream will also begin at 8:50pm Eastern.. or as originally planned at 8:30pm eastern.  Time will tell, as it originates from Canada.

If you'd like to watch along with us, and your BB is pre-empted tonight or you're not on the east coast, you'll need one of these:

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I'll see YOU in the Comment Section!  I'm publishing now, so you can scoot onto the live streams early, and I'll begin moderating comments and greeting everyone at 8:40 pm Eastern.. 

PoV Ceremony Spoiler

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 18:45:00 +0000

As expected, Cody did NOT use the PoV.  Frankie and Victoria remain on the block, and barring an anomaly such as a meteor hitting the backyard, Frankie will be going to join the others on the jury quite soon.

As you can see, no hard feelings...

See you back here for the Viewing Party tonight! ☺

Too Cute! Tenley says Holla Daddy!

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 16:15:00 +0000

How adorable?! I'm torn about whether or not I'd like BB to play this for Derrick, because I think it would absolutely wreck him for a good long while, but omg how cute!!Maybe on Finale night?  After the votes are cast, but before they've been read??  class="vine-embed" frameborder="0" height="480" src="" width="480">**Granted, neither of these tweets are relative to America's Favorite, and twitter users are significantly less likely to click or call or do anything than people on facebook or actual sites, but the numbers are astounding, and in the case of tween celebrity twitter followers, all the stats go out the window.Do I fault her for supporting her brother?  Absolutely not.  I honestly love the mutual love and support between them..  Not knowing anything about this latest development, here's what Frankie had to say on the subject Saturday afternoon.=Please Click Here to Continue Reading this Post= Frankie: I just hope that the amount of awareness I'm getting, if I don't win, will be enough to build a school.. You know what I'm saying? If I walk away with no money, then I have nothing to build a school.  You know what I'm saying?Cody: Yeah.  The people..Frankie: Yeah.  I have no way of building a school, unless I get at least something. Cody: Ya know what I was thinkin'?  If I was in your shoes,  .. or if I was your sister, and my brother was in somewhere, I'd be like, there's an America's Favorite Player.. I guarantee, if your sister tweeted out like.. Like, if you're not in the final 2, and your sister tweeted out like, "Oh, you can win tickets for.."Frankie: She would never do that. Cody: I mean, not.. It would help you.  I would do it.  To win my f'in brother money. Frankie: No.. People would look at that as.. unfair.Cody: Life's not fair.Cody: We're playing Big Brother.  There's a Rewind Button.  There's Buybacks.  Frankie: No.. She wouldn't do that.  If I win America's Favorite Player, it's because I won America's Favorite Player. It's not because my sister's Ariana Grande.***♫whatever gets you through the night.. Cody: yeah.Frankie: Like.. Also, as I've said before, the fans of this show are not my fans and they're not her fans, and they vote a lot.  If she tweets about it, that's fine, but if she puts some sort of incentive with it?Cody: Yeah..Frankie: That's weird. Cody: Weird.Frankie: I totally expect her to at least tweet about it. Cody: yeah.Frankie: For sure.[...]

Cody Leans Toward Dumping Caleb at Final 4

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 06:56:00 +0000

Cody's deep in thought... The seed Derrick planted Friday night about getting rid of Caleb at Final 4 and bringing Victoria to Final 3 has taken root, and Cody is thinking about what he'll say to Caleb when he votes him out.  As you'll recall, Caleb also offered to bring Cody to final 2 on Friday night, but I don't believe the offer even registered a blip on Cody's radar. By the way, if anyone didn't realize that Derrick has spent the entire game grooming Victoria for Final 3, I'm sure there's a remedial BB class available somewhere.**The following conversation is 100% contingent on Caleb not winning the PoV at Final 4, but we'll let that slide for the moment. 6:05pmSaturday, September 13 Camera 3Derrick and Cody Derrick: Whatchu thinkin' about?Cody: My speech to Caleb in the final 3 when I send him home.Derrick: Dude, we don't have to do it.. Cody: I seriously am thinking about my speech when I send him home. Derrick: So you're convinced..=Please Click Here to Continue Reading this Post= Cody: I'm down with it. Derrick: Well, I don't know what the right answer is.  That's why I tell you these things. Cody: I know the easier way to the final 2 is with Victoria.  Is it the right thing to do?  I don't know, but I'd rather...Derrick: Guarantee it. Cody: Not even guarantee it, cuz it's not a guarantee.  Nothing is a guarantee, but I'd rather..Derrick: It's not like we're choosing between Caleb or Nicole. Cody: It's not like we're choosing between Caleb or Frankie.. It's choosing between Victoria and Caleb.  If Victoria ends up winning, I'll kick you square in your balls, but is it gonna happen? No. Derrick: If she goes to the end and beats us, we need to kick each other in the balls. Cody: Right. But I'll still kick you in the balls first.  Then you kick me afterwards.**hehehe Derrick: I'll kick you afterwards. But who has a better chance of doin' it?  Her or Caleb?Cody: That's what I'm sayin'.  I'm just thinking of what I'm gonna say to him.  I'm literally just planning out my speech. Derrick: I'm tryin' to think of the humps that we have left.. Cody: I wasn't saying it in a negative light at all.  I literally am just sitting here planning my speech. Derrick: Oh nononono.. I'm not saying that either.  I'm about to say something positive.Cody: Oh..Derrick: I'm trying to thiunk of what other humps and hurdles we have to get to the final 2, and the only one I can think of is this next HoH and PoV.Cody: This next HoH.  We need to win it. One of us need to win it.Derrick: Yup.  Well, we're gonna. Cody: One of us need to win it, because that would make sure that even if the Veto doesn't make it.. matter.Derrick: As long as she doesn't beat us in the HoH,Cody: ..she's not winning the Veto. I'm just trying to think of what the HoH could be. **I'd be far more concerned about Caleb winning the PoV, personally. Derrick: If it's a double evict (which it's not), it's gonna be Before and After.Cody: But then what?  What if you and I get the first one wrong and she gets it right?Derrick:  I think it's best out of 5.. but it could be.Cody: 1st HG of you 3 to get 5 points is the next HoH?Derrick:  Yeah. But let's say she does win, then..Cody: Then one of us would have to win the Veto and send Caleb home.Derrick: Correct.  Correct.  But if she wins HoH and he wins Veto, yeah, (**Noise alerts them that someone has come outside, and they transition effortlessly, as Caleb joins them) that[...]

A Gift for the Cody Appreciation Committee

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 05:41:00 +0000

We simply haven't had enough wet, mostly nekkid Cody this week, so this post is exclusively for the Cody Appreciation Committee. You know who you are. ;-)  To watch this lovely little scene play out on the live feeds, go to September 13, 4:13pm on camera 3.  Oh.. and take it full screen.

Here are a few snaps I grabbed..

The end. Teehee. ;-)