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Preview: Big Brother 10

Big Brother 10

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Updated: 2014-10-06T16:55:54.068-07:00


Winter 2009 edition of Big Brother?


We're all wondering whether or not there will be another winter edition of Big Brother. Should I have said "hoping"? Personally, I think there should be one again this winter.

Stay tuned to the blog below for information as it becomes available!

Dan wins Big Brother 10!


A landslide win for Dan! 7 votes to 0 in favour of Dan over Memphis.

It just made sense that way, and I'm happy that every single juror saw it that way as well. Of the two finalists, Dan certainly was more the game player than Memphis. He had to overcome initial problems stemming from his first alliance in the game which imploded but his damage control worked, and he started to play a more subdued game, and that strategy brought him all the way to the final two.

Congratulations Dan! Another awesome season of Big Brother!

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We'll be back next season bringing you all the spoilers and inside information about the best reality show on television...

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BB10 - The Final 2 revealed


The Renegades alliance have made it all the way to the final 2.

Dan and Memphis. Who will the jurt see fit to award the half-million to?
My personal feeling is that they will give it to Memphis. That would be my vote anyway.

Tune in to CBS on Tuesday, September 16th for the live finale episode!

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The Final HOH Competition (spoilers)


Firstly, please forgive my absence from the blog in the past few days.
I will get everyone up-to-date here.

You already knew that Keesha exited the house on Thursday's live show. What astounds me however, is how she left the house still under the impression that Dan is a good guy who had nothing to do with her eviction. How she couldn't see that Dan and Memphis are a solid alliance is just beyond me. She deserves to be voted out because of it!

FINAL THREE: Dan, Memphis, and Jerry
One would have to hope for a miracle of some kind to have Jerry remain and be in the final two. It's not going to happen. In PART 1 of the 3-part final HOH, Dan outlasted to win, leaving Memphis and Jerry to compete in PART 2, which Memphis won.

That leaves Dan and Memphis in PART 3 of the Final HOH competition. Don't look for very much actual competing though. It looks as though Dan has already offered to win the final HOH so that he is the one to evict Jerry, thereby giving a jury vote to Memphis.

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Renny Evicted, Dan the new HOH


Nobody was surprised last night to see Renny evicted. Sad to see her go, as she was really starting to grow on me. Dan won the Head of Household competition, and I think he really feels like he can win it all now based on his fist pump reaction to winning the HOH last night.

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Memphis removes Dan, Renny takes the block


It seems every time Jerry trusts someone in this game, he gets the short end of the stick.
In a move that nobody was surprised about, Memphis used the POV to remove Dan from the block giving Jerry no choice but to replace him with Renny.

Renny appears to be this week's sacrificial lamb, bottom of the list in the pecking order of remaining houseguests. Good luck to you Renny.

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Power of Veto winner spoiler


A very important POV competition has concluded. We're not sure what the game or competition was comprised of, but we do know who the winner was: Memphis

Since winning the POV, there has been as you can imagine a lot of talking amongst the houseguests with scenario upon scenario piled upon one another. One certainty is that Jerry wants Dan out of the house this week. He is Jerry's target. However, Memphis has already told Dan that he will save him from the block. He also told this to Keesha (who cried at the thought of losing her friend Renny).

Memphis and Dan want to take Keesha to a final 3 situation (a la last season with Ryan, Adam and Sheila). It appears that this is exactly what will happen if Memphis uses the POV to save Dan. Time will tell!

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Jerry's Nominations


Well, with the house being down to only 5, I think it was great timing for Jerry to become Head of Household. Anyone else winning it would have been less interesting in terms of nominations in my opinion.

That being said, Jerry has made his nominations: Keesha and Dan

A smart move on Jerry's part. It's a perfect way to test the loyalties of Memphis and Renny, two people I'm sure Jerry would love to make deals with to take him further in the game. Will the POV be used? I think yes but it remains to be seen.

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Who is the new Head of Household on Big Brother 10?


Big Brother 10 spoiler!

After last night's double eviction on BB10, we were left wondering who would be the next Head of Household. With only 5 players remaining in the BB10 house, the competition is becoming insane!

The new Head of Household is.... (drumroll please).... Jerry!

The Renegade Alliance is losing their minds! Everyone is worried (except Jerry!) and paranoid about what will happen in the coming days.

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BB10 Double Eviction night


Firstly, let me say it was slightly amusing to see Julie Chen sort of stumble through the double eviction night. She truly shows her "Chenbot" side when her usual Live Eviction night format is disturbed. How many times did she say "When we come back..." last night? LOL Poor Julie. She made it through though.

Voted out last evening was Michelle, which didn't come as a surprise to anyone. Despite her campaigning for votes, the houseguests had simply made up their minds to remove her from the game. A little strange, given that any one of them in the final two would certainly lose against Jerry.

In the Big Brother Fast Forward turn of events, I really expected Ollie to turn things up a notch. He just did not have any game at all, losing the HOH competition and then not even coming close in the Veto competition, where he had been nominated by (instant HOH) Dan along with Jerry. Ollie was quickly voted out.

I noticed something else last night which prompted me to take this photo:


I always thought Julie Chen was a tiny, even slight woman. Is she? Or is Ollie just a very tiny person? Julie looks HUGE compared to Ollie in this photo. Even her hands look bigger. What's the deal?

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HUGE night tonight in the BB10 house!


Tonight will be the BIGGEST night in Big Brother 10 to date!

Of course, we will see the LIVE eviction of either Jerry or Michelle, but what the houseguests don't know yet is that TONIGHT IS A DOUBLE EVICTION!

What that means for us is that the LIVE FEEDS are going to be off the hook tonight!
If you haven't gotten them yet.... NOW IS THE TIME to get them!!!

It will be insane!

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POV Ceremony spoiler and drama


It's drama central in the BB10 house this afternoon. The POV ceremony was just held, and it looks as though Dan did not come through on his word by allowing Ollie to nominate the replacement nominee when Memphis removed himself.

Dan elected to choose the replacement nominee: Michelle

Michelle is up in the HOH room right now alone with Dan, and she is PISSED OFF. Dan looks a little bit helpless, feeling like what was once a game he was in control of, is now out of control. Several people are angry with Dan, and we'll have to see how things play out after this. I can see some fireworks happening tonight so now would be the perfect time to get the live feeds!

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Pre-POV ceremony madness!!


Ollie is upstairs in the HOH room with Dan right now, and they are going over how the POV ceremony will go down. Dan had made a deal that Ollie could choose the replacement nominee if the Veto was used. Since Memphis won the POV, he is sure to remove himself and a replacement will have to be named.

Dan wants Ollie to verbally make the choice during the ceremony, but Ollie does not want to. Ollie just wants Dan to name who he has pre-decided which will either be Renny or Keesha.

Now, Ollie says he'll do it. It's going to be a crazy POV ceremony!

The feeds are on fire! Click here to watch the LIVE ACTION! (free 14 day trial!)

POV winner SpOiLeR!!


The Power of Veto was held, and it was a puzzle game which was won by.... Memphis!
Obviously, Memphis will be taking himself off the block during today's POV ceremony which is about to be held as I am making this update.

It's hard to make out precisely what is happening with Dan and Memphis and the original plan of allowing Ollie to choose the replacement nominee. It's unclear just what is about to happen, and as I get more information, I will post it here and let you in on it, but it appears that Dan and Memphis might attempt to backdoor Michelle this week (against the wishes of Ollie).

You can turn on the feeds yourself and find out what's happening in REAL TIME.

Here's your current re-cap:

Head of Household: Dan
Power of Veto holder: Memphis
Nominee: Memphis
Nominee: Jerry

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Big Brother 10 Spoilerrrrrrrs!!!


Firstly, April has been voted out of the BB10 house. She did get one vote from Ollie that everyone expected so don't look for any Ollie backlash due to his vote to keep April. I give him kudos for doing that anyway.

The HOH competition was yet another endurance test called "King of the Jungle". It came down to Dan and Ollie as the final two and apparently they had whispered deals back and forth but in the end it was Dan who was victorious and is now the new Head of Household.

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Who's going home this week?


April has her back against the wall this week as she is nominated with Jerry. The popular vote (as seen in our poll) seems to indicate that America would like to see Jerry stay in the house for at least another week, however the houseguests have yet to make up their minds. Even the live feeds don't seem to give anything away this week. If anything develops, we'll be sure to let you know!

(image) (image)

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BB10 situation update


Well here's a quick update for everyone. It's been a fairly non-eventful week in the Big Brother 10 house. Renny's nominations of April and Jerry were fairly expected although the other houseguests appeared surprised that Renny would not nominate both April and Ollie. Like Renny said "I like Ollie"... so why would she nominate him?

No matter really. This week's target seems to be April anyway. Dan won the POV, and DID NOT USE IT, so therefore our final nominees for the week are as originally nominated by Renny.

Head of Household: Renny
POV holder: Dan (did not use)
Nominee: April
Nominee: Jerry

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Libra evicted... Renny the new HOH


A quick update here based on last night's show.
As was predicted by your own voting, Libra has been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house. It didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.

The Head of Household competition was won by Renny!

Now THIS should turn the BB10 house on it's head this week! There is no better time to watch the LIVE, UNCENSORED FEEDS! Click here to watch the LIVE ACTION! (free 14 day trial!)

BB10 big update


Well folks, I apologize for the lack of updates in the past few days. Even I get to take some time off in the summer!

We left off with Jessie being evicted from the BB10 house last Thursday, much to the surprise of April. I think we might call her "Evel April" pretty soon. She's being so devious lately.

Michelle won the Head of Household competition, and it didn't take her long to decide to nominate Libra and Keesha. They knew it was coming, and frankly, we all did as well. The fallout wasn't entirely huge from that nomination ceremony, however Jerry remains extremely upset with Dan, even going as far as referring to him as Judas. You see, Dan (as America's player last week) was stuck between a rock and a hard place, having promised his vote to both sides he was the swing vote but his vote was America's. America was actually the swing vote, and America voted out Jessie.

The Veto competition was held, and once again Jerry won it. "Not bad for a 75 year old!" (his own words) During the Veto ceremony is when he called Dan "Judas", but he kept the nominations in place and DID NOT use the Veto (again). "Dan, it's your lucky day..."

So to re-cap!

Head of Household: Michelle
Power of Veto holder: Jerry
Nominee: Libra
Nominee: Keesha

Both nominees are friends, but it is a game after all, so they will be going after votes for the next 24 hours. May the best woman win! Cast your own vote to evict above.

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BB10 Week 4 and Jesse is evicted


The house may have regretted keeping Jessie in Week 3, but when presented with the same opportunity this week... They just couldn't resist anymore.

Jessie's ego was his biggest downfall and I can't believe he had the nerve to deny that to Julie Chen (and America too!). He also called himself a "man". One day he'll realize that true men are called so by others, and not themselves.

In any case, he's gone and early enough too that we don't need to see him in sequester, so thank you housemates, and thank you America!

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POV Ceremony spoiler


The Power of Veto ceremony was just held, and as it turns out Jerry DID NOT use the power of veto to remove either Memphis or Jessie from the block.

This has pretty much sealed Jessie's fate this week, as a new alliance has formed in the BB10 house which seems to be quite strong from the outset. Keesha, Libra, Memphis, Dan discreetly came together as a group last night. They were apparently tired of April's changed demeanor since she won the Head of Household.


Head of Household: April
Power of Veto Holder: Jerry (not used!)
Nominee: Memphis
Nominee: Jessie

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POV Spoiler and more fighting


Last night was another surprise late-night POV competition. Not too many details of the actual competition to bring you but we do know that the winner of the Power of Veto was (once again) Jerry! It's unlikely that he will use the POV, and that's something that is probably already understood by both nominees (Jessie and Memphis). That being said, watch out for some serious drama to unfold this week as Jessie especially does what he can to save himself from eviction. If you don't have the live feeds yet, NOW is a great time to get them!

There was also a lot of dramatic fighting and arguing last night in the BB10 house. Once again it involved April, Libra, and Keesha. They're supposed to be in an alliance? This one is a powder keg, folks... Just waiting to go KABOOM!

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Power of Veto Competiton results


Here's what I know about the POV competition. It appears to have been a luxury based competition where the houseguests would have to choose between cash and/or prizes versus a chance to win the Power of Veto. Throw in the red unitard (it's back!) and slop passes as well.

The winner of the POV was Jerry. We know that Michelle is wearing the red unitard, and we also know that there were various prizes given or awarded to the houseguests during the competition as well. Libra won a trip to Hawaii (which she took instead of a letter from her family). Jerry is back on slop, and cash winners from the competition included Jerry, Libra and April. There may be more as well.

So to re-cap:

Head of Household: April
Power of Veto Holder: Jerry
Nominee: Jessie
Nominee: Memphis

Come back soon for another update. With so much going on, I never did mention that Dan accepted the offer to be America's Player for a week, so we'll have to watch and see how that influences the game as well. I will assume that America will want him to get Jessie out of the house which will look quite normal in the eyes of anyone Dan talks to, but we'll have to wait and see.

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