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Hair Salon


When it comes to getting your hair cut or styled, it is safe to say that seeing a professional is going to be your best bet. It takes a practiced skill to know how to cut hair and a learned knowledge when it comes to mixing colors and performing highlights. Hair dressers are ready to perform a number of different beauty services for both men and women. Here are a few of the services you may find



The hair style is a very important part of grooming one's staff. The way you wear your hair Greatly Affects the appearance of your features. In Fact, Your Personal style is a great factor in the choice of your hairstyle as the right hairstyle projects your best qualities. There are Different hair styles for Different types of hair, long hair styles and layered styles for long hair, short

short & sexy vs long & luscious


dippa dee doo dye


I swear this style is ~mainstream~ now...I see it everywhere! Still, I want it sooo bad. Not sure my work would approve though. Oh well.

the braidy bunch


hairvolution of: nicki minaj


This bitch is amazing.PLUS I just wanna give a huuuuuuuge thank you to my followers and viewers. You guys are amazing! And please, don't be scared to comment if you have any ideas for the blog or any posts you want me to do. Also, don't hesitate in sending me pics of your own lovely locks. I'm sure they'll have their place in an upcoming post! Just leave a comment with a link to the pic



long johns


take me to the candy shop


black is back


blone ambition


red all about it


ombre ombre ombre


Can you tell I'm not in a creative title making mood today? So sorry for the lack of posts everyone! Been really busy.

like lavender


pink berry




mid lengths


double rainbow!


fallen short


plait attack


ice queen


undercut it out


got any tips?


Out of curiosity...What do you guys call this style? I've always just said dyed ends or tips but I'm wondering if y'all call it something else?Credit: Stormie Rae

for the bun of it


mink pink


hairvolution of: rihanna


I introduce Princess RiRi, the mistress of hair. She had so many styles, it's been hard trying to find them all.What's your favorite style from the singer?Personally, I must admit, her new long red locks with bangs I adoooooore.



reddy steady


vintage crush


brown town


blue lagoon


red alert


Credit to a MadRadder who's thread I lost! Let me know if it's you!

curl swagga


i want you black


Credit pink-confessionsofamakeupholicblogspot.comCredit kthxbyedotcom.tumblr.comCredit dani/murmaider@livejournal

take a bow


you gotta long way to go


purple crush


hairvolution of: kim kardashian


white as light


they call me mellow yellow


hit or miss: ombre hair


i'll say goodbye even though i'm blue


the ends d(i/y)ed


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I will add heaps over the next few days lovelies!

hairvolution of: taylor momsen


bang, bang, he shot me down




too dirty (blonde) to clean my act up


so long, farewell


Tips for when growing your hair long:There is no magical recipe for growing hair longer, faster. It comes down to genetics, lifestyle and current situation. The best thing to do is focus on staying healthy so it will be at the prime growth rate for you and to keep it maintained so it will be stronger and healthier. You want an instant change, opt for clip-in extensions.Don't buy into

bald ambition


alternative broadcast


just like tinkerbell


bobs your uncle


braid and butter


living the high lights


black attack


hit or miss: hair flairs


So there's a new trend in hair all thanks to Beyonce's do at the Grammys. So, I ask hair flair or not to hair flair? Take a browse of the photos and answer the poll below.

purple nurple


reddy spaghetti


for our curly sues


via gettyimages

green machine


ooh baby, baby...bangs


via everyroadarunway.comAs requested by carlinb :) Hope you like!And while I think of it, I really can't emphasise enough: If you know someone in these pics or know where they're from pleeeeease let me know. I really hate not giving credit where it's due but it gets hard when I'm pulling these from websites that also don't give credit.Love love love to you all for visiting! You don't know

hairvolution of: hayley williams


half baked


i like my buns high & my bass down low


lemme pink for a minute


platinum record


orange you glad you met me


nice tip


feelin' blue, feelin' you


Hair Inspiration


My online hair inspiration hair journal. I'm going to have anyone who does my hair from now on (or at least for the next six months) review this post before they do anything to my hair. These pictures are glorious!!! I have such hair envy over them. SJP has never looked better. I love her highlights. I wouldn't mind this color for me one bit! I've always wondered what I would look like as

Vintage Hair Inspiration: Veronica Lake


My hair mood changes daily (last week I had an Austrian milkmaid moment) so my hair inspirations have to be quite varied in general. I was sorting through some of my books the other day and realised that a photo of Veronica Lake in a 'Film Goddesses' book I was given many moons ago, with her hair draped over a bearskin rug, must have been quite influential for me. She's like the

Hair Inspiration Photo Gallery


Katy Perry at Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids Choice Awards. Reese Witherspoon at New York City's Cipriani restaurant. Kate Gosselin at the Life New York Premiere . Nicole Richie at the Pitt Street Style Space VIP event. Keri Hilson at the OK! Magazine 2010 Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party. Ophelia Lovibond at the National Movie Awards. Miranda Lambert at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards .Mena Suvari at the

Inspiration - Hair


When your hair is like mine, there are limited ways to wear it (ponytails are a definite out). However, this does not mean that us short hair nation girls can't mix it up!Day... HanneliNacht... YvanNow excuse me while I go play with hairspray.

Hair Inspiration for the Season by Glamour UK


Fasincated to see what our sister nation says about this season's hair color trends? Here is Glamour UK's take on hair hues for Fall/Autumn with commentary from British colorist experts in their field. So, if you're in the mood for new color but not sure what to go for, fret not, because GLAMOUR's Style Inspiration section has them all covered. Whether you're looking for platinum blonde

Inspiration: Rainbow Hair


Beauty inspiration: braided hairstyles


With the holidays coming up, most of us will be going to parties to catch up with friends and family. This holiday season, consider trying a cute braided hairstyle! There are so many different braided styles out there. Some can add a cool, bohemian feeling to your look, while others are totally sophisticated. Check out the photos below for some inspiration.Braided updos:

Random:Hair post


Since today I don't have an outfit post for you, I've decided that it was time for one of those random inspiration posts. I don't do these often, I think this is my second one ever, since they seem to take alot of time to put together. I've gathered up all of my fave hair pictures that I've been saving for the last few months since I'm pretty much obsessed with hair maybe even more so than

Finding The Perfect Hair Cut For You


Hair is the focus of feminine seduction and every woman wants them always beautiful. But, in addition to wanting a healthy and strong hair, often in search of cut that enhances us more. How often do you ever go to the hairdresser, come out with exactly the cut that you asked and did not like?The secret of a perfect haircut is actually very simple: everything is in the shape of your face. To

Emo Hairstyles


Emo Hairstyles A long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black (and/or other colours), straightened (and layered). Spikes are occasionally accentuated at certain angles of the hair, especially at the back. A common generalization for emo hair is short in the back and long in the front.However, there are many emo-looking hair styles to choose from and

Megan Fox latest hairstyle


Megan Fox Latest Hairstyle Her hair looks awesome and super glossy. Megan Fox has naturally black hair so to have the perfect Megan look then ideally your hair should already be this color .Of course there are many dyes available and many other techniques can be implemented. She wears different lengths of hairstyles but mostly she prefers long hair Megan Fox Latest Hairstyle Megan Fox

Adeon - Scene This


Kim Kardashian Divorce


Lady Gaga Hairstyles


Lady Gaga HairstylesLady Gaga is a famous singer. Gaga knows as differernt person because of Lady Gaga hairstyles. Lady Gaga looks preety in Short Hairstyles. Lady Gaga fans are now searching Lady Gaga Hairstyles 2012. Lady Gaga Bow hairstyles is now on top searches. Because of Lady Gaga new song Judas Lady Gaga Judas hairstyles is very famous.Lady Gaga hairstyles mostly are much eye

Katy Perry Hair Color


Katy Perry Hair ColorKaty Perry Hair and specially Katy Perry Hair Color is one of the hot topic among her fans and followers all the time. People are keen to know about Katy Perry Natural Hair Color some people says that Katy Perry Hair Color is Blonde and other thinks that Katy Perry Hair Color natural is Black. But we have observed that Katy Perry Hair Color 2011 was in both the shades

Kirsten Dunst Hair


'Kirsten Dunst HairKirsten Dunst Hair are among the best part of Kirsten Dunst personality. As we know that Kirsten Dunst is a famous heroin of the industry. we see Kirsten Dunst playing nice character in our best movie spider man. Kirsten Dunst Hair are mostly search in different ways. Kirsten Dunst Red Hair looks very pretty and cool. Kirsten Dunst Hairstyles are followed by young girls

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 2012


Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 2012Kim Kardashian is vry fabulous among Celebrities in American Hollywood.Kim Kardashuian looked stunning and gorgeous with her new Hairstyles 2012. Kim Kardashian is an absolute trend setter for Hairstyles in 2012. Kim Kardashian incredible look is due to her natural beauty and enhanced with the help of Trendy Hairstyles.. Kim Kardashian Hairstyles are all time hit

Katy Perry Hairstyles


Katy Perry HairstylesKaty Perry Hairstyles are very popular among the young and teenage girls. She always keep a new look with her Hairstyles and due to this random change she suppose to be a best model for Hairstyles in music industry and Hollywood as well. The most popular styles of her are Katy Perry Hairstyles Straight and Katy Perry Hairstyles With Bangs. But with all these looks during

Kate Middleton Hair


Kate Middleton HairKate Middleton Hair and Kate Middleton Haircut became popular after her engagement with Prince William. But it stricken more hard after their wedding. On one side people were looking for her wedding dress and on other side Kate Middleton Hair Color and styles became the talk of the time. Here we are not going to discuss the Kate Middleton Hair in very detail so just have a

Kate Middleton Hair Colour


Kate Middleton Hair ColourKate Middleton Hair Colour is not very complicated to know it is very clear in her every picture that she has the light brown hair colour. Kate Middleton Hair became very popular in females all around the U.K. Many women in U.K want to know, How to Get Kate Middleton Hair Colour? This craze doesnt stop here even they also use to search that Kate Middleton Hair Colour

Emo Hairstyle For Girls 2011


short hairstyles aren't your thing you could try a chin length bob hairstyle like the example above. The important factor here is how the layers are kept all one length because this provides the illusion of thicker hair and creates a hairstyle that falls into a solid shape and will remain looking that way. A bob hairstyle like this also requires very little styling, meaning less hair

Emo Fashion Tips 2011


Step 1Determine if the length of your hair is conducive to a long or short hairstyle. Notice that most emo girls either have medium length hair or short hair above the shoulders.#Step 2Decide on a new hair color; drastic change is best when it comes to emo styles so pick something that is in opposition to your current hairstyle. Visit your local hair care shop and pick up a drastically different

Emo Girls Hairstyle 2011


Emo Fashion Hair 2011


Women can try various styles on their long haircuts. Long curly hairstyles are the best choice to go with different occasion. Some of the tools like Sedu iron, dryer, and crimping machine can aid them to style their hair at home. They need not go a parlor or a hairstylist every time before going for a party. However, they need lots of maintenance, as hair tends to become dry and frizzy. Hair gems

Punk Fashion And Emo Hair


It's hard to define what is punk and what isn't. The whole idea behind punk culture supersedes labels and boundaries of all kinds. There aren't any rules set in stone, and if there were, those we consider 'punks' would smash those rocks with gleeful abandon. Here are some examples of different styles adopted by those lovable fans of punk music.Today everyone knows what punk fashion is, but

Emo Boys Hairstyles 2011


Scene Boys Hairstyles


Emo Girls Hairstyles ( 1 )


People Emo Hairstyles


Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. Punk hair styles are usually for the younger crowd who are liberal and do not need the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have. When it comes to punk hairstyles, there is no normal look and usually the more wild the hairstyle is the better.Punk hairstyles are harder to find in the media because most of the

Emo Straight Hairstyles


Emo Short Hairstyle


Tips For Short HairstylesShort hairstyles can be representative of any type of person we are representing. From the chic business woman to the sexy girl next door, short hair is not a faux pas anymore. Although short hair is not for everybody, some will find compact hairstyles actually more complimentary on them than longer hairstyles. For those that already have short hair, unique