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nylon diner

Ruminations on food, restaurants, and culinary minutiae in London, New York and many places in between.

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A Wee Bit of Burrito


I've been admiring Wendy's blog A Wee Bit of Cooking (and her gorgeous dog, Marco, who features prominently) for some time now. It's already been nearly a year since she posted this recipe for Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos adapted from The Moosewood Low Fat Cookbook. It has been, therefore, nearly a year since I've been meaning to make them.I finally got around to this today, partly

Obama... Sushi...


Obama Sushi. Need I say more?Via coldmud via The Food Section.

Another great reason to move to Switzerland...


Not only do they have the Alps, fantastic transportation and Zurich (the 4th most livable city in the world), but living in Switzerland means eating Swiss chocolate. And lots of it, apparently.The NZZ (a newspaper that many people I know love, but I can't really read) reported today that despite the economic downturn/credit crunch/recession/depression/whatchamacallit, the Swiss "Schoko-Industrie"

Keeping the peace in cottage country


It's been a while since I've posted anything here (and that's an understatement), but recently I read something so puzzling that I have to share it.A summer scene on the banks of the Gull River, MindenSome of you may know Minden, Ontario; famous for the surrounding cottage country, Dollo's IGA and the Rockcliffe Hotel/Tavern, it is a small town of which I am very fond.It seems that there is some



Did you know that the flowers of a fig are actually inside the fruit? And that a breadfruit is essentially an overgrown mulberry? Gorgeous close ups of seeds from the amazing Kew Gardens via the BBC. 



I went to the new, gleaming Waitrose in Bloomsbury last week to get something for supper. I was, as I always am at Waitrose, impressed by the variety of the offerings: jerusalem artichokes, sharon fruit and cave-aged gruyere among them. But I stopped when I got to the packaged fresh fish. I am a regular buyer of fresh fish at Waitrose, but this visit I found the selection less than inspiring. I

Call me pedantic


Jonathan Church, media director for Tesco, seems to have become a little jumbled while defending the new £1.99 price of whole chickens in this BBC News article."We have been working hard for a while to increase the amount of higher-welfare chicken we sell." He says. But he also says that customers can be assured the chickens (and the article implies he is referring to the £1.99 birds) have been "

This is not a disposable chopstick


I'm all for re-usable shopping bags. Actually, I've been trying to work out if it's bad to get a plastic bag or two every week to re-use as garbage bags, because I've run out and don't see the point in buying bags for that purpose (any ideas welcome). I'm getting off topic though. The point is that though I am into reducing my waste, I must admit that I was a little skeptical when I started

A lucky experiment


Yesterday we popped into our favourite cheese shop, Neal's Yard Dairy, to buy some cheese for brunch today. The guy behind the counter asked what it was for, so I told him I wanted to make an experimental cheese bread pudding. A look of disgust flashed across his face so I quickly explained - my idea was for a cross between a cheese souffle and a savoury bread pudding. A springy macaroni and

The Farm(er,) Bill


Bill Gates has pledged $306 million to supporting small-scale local farming in developing countries, mostly in Africa. By the end of 2008 the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation plans to invest $900 million in agriculture worldwide reports The World Bank. Check out the foundations's website here.

A sunny day...


...calls for a sunny breakfast.Freshly-squeezed orange juiceBanana and cranberry muffins (recipe below)BirchermuesliBaguette, butter and jamBanana and Dried Cranberry Muffins(adapted from 10-12 muffins (depending on the size you want).1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon salta pinch of nutmeg1/3 cup dried cranberries3 bananas,

In Search Of


In most cases I hope to provide people who visit nylon diner with stimulating content that entertains and perhaps educates. I love to check up on how people find nylon diner (through links, seach engines, etc) and what interests bring them here. Here are some recent searches that led people to my little blog, in order of frequency:five second rulechocolate stress3 little pig punsbavarian

Last Day of Christmas


Ok, I know, it's already gone by but I'm stretching the last day of Christmas to the 6th because today is Epiphany and I haven't made or even eaten any Galette des Rois to share with you. I am consoling myself by sharing my gingerbread house instead, and I feel that requires it still to be the Christmas season, so I declare today the 13th and final day of Christmas.I made this house a few weeks



Patricia and Carolyn, the lovely ladies at PS and MiragePaperCo's Designer Blog respectively, have tagged me! I had never been tagged before yesterday, and then I had the pleasure twice in one day!Here are the rules:1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include

Mo' money mo' problems


The Economist tackles the causes of the rise in food prices here:"Increasing wealth in China and India... is stoking demand for meat in those countries, in turn boosting the demand for cereals to feed to animals. The use of grains for bread, tortillas and chapattis is linked to the growth of the world's population. It has been flat for decades, reflecting the slowing of population growth. But

Nose to Tail Eating


I'm always impressed by friends who go to St. John for the first time and order the bone marrow. My dad always said when I was little (and still says, actually), "If you go to a hamburger joint, order a hamburger." Well if you could characterise St. John by one dish it would be the roasted bone marrow on toast with parsley salad, and that's the thing to order there. It's always on the menu and in



Æbleskiver (n., pl.)- Doesn't this word sound like something you might call a truant child, skiving off of school? Well it's not. Æbleskiver are spherical Danish pancakes. In English the word is most often written ebleskiver or aebleskiver according to my (mostly) trusty source Wikipedia.Photo courtesy of Baking With Sourdough StartersI came across these on Baking With Sourdough Starters via

Fungi, fungi, fungi


We drove out to Berkshire a couple of weeks ago for a mushroom-foraging folly. I had always wanted to eat mushrooms I had picked myself and I daydreamed of lightly browned, soft fungi dripping garlicky butter into a dark piece of toast.I still dream about it, because despite all of the mushrooms we saw that day we didn't eat any and only picked a couple to examine them. I could not, and still



I love these chocolate spiders (by Not Martha on the Design*Sponge guest blog). Who knew Pocky were so versatile? I was thinking here in the United Kingdom we could substitute Cadbury's chocolate fingers. I bet some black licorice strings would work well too, although they aren't always a hit with the young folks.The top spider is my favourite as he (or let's call it a "she", since in my mind she

It Goes Against The Grain


Remember the pigs who were eating junk food because the price of corn had been driven up by demand for corn to produce US-subsidized ethanol? Is the biofuel worth it? I'm all for (well-considered) alternative sources of energy, but the chain reaction that these subsidies have sparked just keeps going.It turns out that other crops are being turned into biofuels too, notably wheat, which is an

Darling buds


Have you ever cooked with flowers? I can't say I've ever cooked with them, but I have used them as a garnish and as a decoration. Most recently I used an assortment of flowers containing lots of pansies to top my Easter cheesecake.In this Observer Word of Mouth post Paul Levy discusses his adventures with floral ingredients in relation to a new book by Frances Bissell called "The Scented Kitchen:



The rather fortunate fallout from our recent Swiss adventure is my renewed obsession with birchermuesli. Served by Dr Maximillian Bircher Benner at his Zurich sanatorium around the turn of the 20th century, it has maintained its healthy reputation (although the original required condensed milk for hygiene reasons) as it has gained popularity. It's as common as gipfeli (Swiss croissants) for

Deutschland und die Schweiz


Our recent trip to Germany and Switzerland was a welcome chance to re-visit the cuisine of a land often over-looked as being all sausage and fondue, no substance.The real local market (affordable, shopable, friendly and without 29 different varieties of aged balsamic vinegar or hemp lavender pillows) lives on in Germany. We visited Kaiserslautern's "markt" on a particularly bountiful day in late

Rice and peas, peas and rice


Have you ever tried ackee and saltfish? Macaroni pie? Ever sandwiched a pattie in a soft, sweet coco bread? Do you think Solomon Gundy must be a misspelling of a classic nursery rhyme*?If you've never travelled to the Caribbean you've probably been missing out on the best of West Indian cuisine. According to Wade Lyn's post on word of mouth, The Observer's food blog, "recent research revealed

Knit night cupcakes


Just when I thought I was getting sick of cupcakes, I see these gorgeous ones from VeganYumYum via Design*Sponge.