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Happy Halloween


Here it is Halloween 2015 and I have done absolutely Nothing!  No table, no Halloween dé sad.........................

Last Halloween I had this table all set.......................

After a couple of years, I finally finished my paper-pieced (a quilting technique) chair covers.
I think they go nicely with the witch hat I bought last year during the after Halloween sales.

I put two big hairy spiders on my chandy.

I decorated top of my curio cabinet with more items I bought during the 2013 after Halloween sales.

I love those full body skeletons!  I wish I had purchased the full size skeleton that I let go at 50% off!
I have used these skeletons heads before. They are always perfect for Halloween.

I added some green limes around the head to bring in the napkin color.

The End of Summer


I can hardly believe that summer 2015 is gone....I did not even get to enjoy the deck ... not once did I put out the rugs, quilts, or pillows to spend a relaxing weekend at home...I went out at 9am this morning and took this picture of the two whiskey barrel planters full of yellow daisy-like dahlias and yellow calla lilies. The callas have finished blooming, but you can still see the huge white spotted leaves.Here are the same planters two hours later;Everything has been dug out and placed on the back lawn to dry:It always amazes me that those HUGE calla leaves came from one of those small croms with the white roots!I left the other two whiskey barrels planted because the Tropicanna Golds are just beginning to throw up their bright orange flowers and I can enjoy them inside from my family room windows.I like the spotted calla leaves with the striped canna foliage. One of the new dahlias that I bought from Breck's has put out its first flower:It's called 'American Dawn'.  I am less than happy with this one. It's almost the end of September and I have had only one flower which is full of bug holes...but at least it bloomed.  Maybe I will see a  better performance with more of a purple center next year.I am hoping to get at least 3 more weeks from my garage urns and under-the-window garden of  pink dahlias. The Sedum Autumn Joy  really brings this garden to life.  SAJ is such a  carefree perennial...once planted it takes almost no work.. never needs watering...just a bit of weeding...nothing more...gotta love that!Last night I made ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner.  I took the time to caramelize the onions prior to baking and left the skins on the potatoes, then poured the roux atop: and baked until the taters were tender and the top was browned:YUM! The perfect side dish to a brown sugar/mustard-glazed ham.[...]

Coleus 'Henna' & Review of Breck's order


This is the second time I have planted coleus 'Henna' in my urns flanking my garage.  I love this coleus with the bright red leaf underside.  I would plant it every  year, but I can't always find it in my small town. Here is the other urn where the top of the leaves is more prominent than the underside: I like the sawtooth edges of 'Henna's' leaves. I am still giddy over the Japanese Bottle Brush shrub blooms (even though they look nothing like the "fuzzy caterpillar" pic Breck's showed). I  also had no idea the plant would be this tall as their description says up to 3 feet high) and mine is well over 6 ft.Following are some pictures from the Breck's order I received this spring. I am linking to the order url should any of you want to order your own.  BTW, I get nothing, zero, zip, nada to talk about Breck's.  About 50% of the time I am not happy with them, so they certainly would not be paying me to post about their product. I am just linking as a convenience to my readers.This is 'Little Blue Wonder', a dwarf sea holly.  I love it --  but I ordered 5 of these from Breck's and this in the only one that came up.  I had planted them all across the front edge of  my small dahlia garden under the living room window. I am so sad that I don't have a sea of blue under the pink 'Park Princess' dahlias as I had planned.  Yikes, I just looked at my order form and realized that I paid $14.99 each for the dwarf sea hollies! Since only one survived,   it cost me $79.95 for one plant.  I better write to Breck's and request a refund.  Breck's has a great refund policy. If something is not right, they refund or replace the item.  That is why I continue to order their products.I am loving the bold paintbrush splashes of dark red/purple in this  dahlia called 'Tropical' The yellow color at the petal base looks like the sun is shining through. I am totally happy with this purchase. I planted two of these, but so far I have only seen one that has bloomed.  I am not sure if the other died or if it's just a late bloomer.  I was eagerly awaiting the bloom from this dahlia called 'Que Sera'. This is what I expected it to look like (pic is from Breck's website): This is what I got.It is nothing like what I ordered! Very disappointing! Another refund request will be sent for this dud. Talk about disappointing.....remember this 'White Feather' hosta?Pic is from Breck's website.   I planted it in a container so I could give it special attention. This is what came up:I paid $19.99 for this!!! I almost tossed it in the compost pile.  The only positive thing I can say about it is that it did, indeed, come up white. I hid the pot behind some other containers on the deck and kept it watered.  It surprised me by putting out many new leaves.  Here it is today:  So it's alive and much bigger, but it's a totally blah hosta once the leaves fill with chlorophyll. I knew it would only be white as it emerged and then it was supposed to have white streaked leaves.  I guess there is a bit of white streaking, but, honestly, I would not waste the money to buy this hosta. I won't ask for a refund, because it did survive and I knew that it would only have white leaves as it emerged. If it survives the winter, I think I will be much happier next spring. I still have one  dahlia that I received from Breck's that I have not yet seen a bloom.  It's called American Dawn.  I can't remember which container I planted it in, but if it  blooms, I will show you the pictures.  This post is getting way too long and taking me way too long to create so I will end it now.  I hope you are enjoying your late summer garden!   [...]

Japanese Bottlebrush Finally Blooms!


In the spring of 2013 I purchased a Japanese Bottlebrush plant from Breck's.I have never had this plant and had no idea what to expect.  Breck's description said it would be  30" to 36" high and would have red flowers.Since I had dug out a new roadside garden which had a lot of empty space, I decided to plant it there in front of  a Ninebark shrub. This is the new roadside space in 2013 just before I planted a Ninebark shrub and two Golden Cypress shrubs and the Japanese Bottlebrush. The Bottlebrush came up in 2013, but did nothing. This is the same garden in 2014.  I added some dahlias to fill in the space and some of J's favorite annuals -- marigolds.I was quite happy with this garden in 2014.  The Japanese Bottlebrush was still alive and I expected to see flowers soon.  You can see the Japanese Bottlebrush in the center of the marigolds--still very tiny, but alive. After waiting all summer to see flowers, I was pretty discouraged when no flower emerged.In the spring of 2015, I  saw some green leaves emerge and noted that it survived another brutal Michigan winter. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until a few weeks ago when I noticed how tall it  was --already over 2 ft. tall.Today I was thrilled to see that the dozens of little green nubs  on the ends of the branches had sprouted into tiny little flowersThe plant is way taller than I expected and the flowers are not the "red" color that I thought they would be...I am happy about that because the purple color they are blends nicely with the Ninebark. Perhaps they will turn more red as they mature......I hope not because I like them the way they are now.  It  seems that the old saying..........the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap is right on with this plant![...]

Santa Claus Dahlia


This is the second time I have purchased this dahlia from Breck's.  The first purchase (about 5 years ago)  resulted in tubers never came up.  Breck's refunded my money.

Early this year I ordered "Santa Claus" again.  I am so glad I gave it a second try!

Such a lovely color!  Doesn't it make you think of Christmas?
 I wish I had it blooming in December, so I could use it for a Christmas centerpiece!

Do any of you grow this dahlia?

It's a Beautiful Saturday on the Deck


Do you have one of these floor lamps?
I had two of them.  One of them broke and I threw it away.  Last year I turned the other one into a planter for my deck.

I am really enjoying the height it adds to my deck arrangements. 

The calla lilies in my whiskey barrels are HUGE this year.
J gets all of the credit as he has been taking care of all the gardens this year.  They seem to love all of the attention he gives them.
I have never seen my calla lilies this huge!

Has your garden been better than usual this year?  It seems everyone I talk to  thinks this has been a great year for gardens.

Lionheart Asiatic Tango Lilies -- & other Yellow July Bloomers


These Lionheart Tango lilies are beautiful this year!  It's the first year the deer did not eat 90% of them.The are advertised as yellow with a black center, but I would call the center dark purple--a perfect match to the Ninebark shrub planted in back.  FYI - the Tango lily to your left is called "Cappuccino". The petals are white with a bit lighter purple center.  I have at a number of different colors of the "Tango" series--from white petals to vibrant red petals , to warm autumn orange petals -- and I love them all.  At the beginning of this garden path, you can barely see the Lionhearts; until you walk further along around the curveand the Lionhearts are suddenly right next to you in all their gorgeous yellow/purple glory!At the very start of this path, I have some Echinacea Sombrero® Sandy Yellow that I planted in August of 2014. Echinacea has always been difficult for me to keep alive, so I am thrilled that they survived the winter of 2014/15!  They are not quite fully open in the photo below:The yellow blooms continue right on to the whiskey barrels on my deck where I have some very tall yellow calla lilies.  My MIL gave me a small pot of two callas about 15 years ago and they have multiplied at last 100 fold since then!  I have them in many of the deck containersas well as in multiple gardens in the yard.I even bring them inside for centerpieces. Calla lilies are one of my favorite flowers.If you are interested, This is my post last year on July 26 when I had only 2 of the Lionheart lilies that escaped the deer buffet.  You can also see some of the red "Olina" Tango lilies in that post.Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are as thrilled with your garden this year as I am with mine![...]

It's a Good Year for Feverfew


Feverfew is an invasive herb that I usually keep contained by pulling out young plants each spring.  This year I did not get around to pulling it out and I am being rewarded with masses of the white fluffy flowers. It will look beautiful for a couple of weeks and then all of the snowy white will turn to a muddy tannish-brown as the flowers go to seed and look like a huge mess.  At that point I will wonder why I ever let it all bloom and swear to never do that again.  Then I will yank it out by the wheelbarrow load.But for now I am just going to enjoy the flowers.Do you see that green and blue container planter at the edge of the wooded area?  Does it look like anything familiar?........................ .......................... ..................................... ............................... ...............................Yes, it's a garbage can.I had J drag it out of the junk pile last weekend. Here is what it looked like before its 10-minute paint transformation:The rotted out bottom is perfect to allow the water to drain through. I stuffed it full of smaller plastic pots of dahlias (I have lots of dahlias that I save every year).  Gotta love free flowers to fill a free huge container!We have painted every piece of junk we could find around the yard. Here is my old wheelbarrow that used to be red:To think I was going to toss this treasure to the curb for garbage pick up! I am so glad I kept it in the junk pile for a few years until I came to my senses.  It, too, is planted with dahlias and a few yellow calla lilies.I painted my old chippy bench in the same blue:This is the same bench viewed from the garden side:I am really enjoying all of the aqua blue items in the garden this year.I had painted the three bowling balls last year and just left them sitting right here all winter long! I have three clumps of delphinium that are  just beginning to open. This is the best they have ever looked (I think they are three years old). My heuchera plants are also doing well this year.  Here's another good shot of all the feverfew blooming. I am really amazed at how well everything is growing. I am sure it's due to the removal of the dozens of huge pine trees in 2013.  Now all of my gardens get the sunlight they need![...]

Garden Junk Arrangements


I really enjoy turning junk into flower arrangements on my deck.
 I have had the rusty milk can for years, but this is the first year for the rusty old tool box.

In another area of the deck I have planted and old indoor light with 'Vampire' Calibrachoa, Creeping Jenny and white biden. Do you remember these floor lights that almost everyone had in at least one corner of their living room? I think they make wonderful planters.
The bottom of the container is planted with dahlia (yellow I think). From this side you can't see the real star of this arrangement.

 Let me walk to the back side to show you....

Wow! Loving this vibrant red 'Vampire' Calibrachoa!  I must remember it for future years. It should soon spill over the top and down all sides. I am looking forward to seeing this planting  mature.

This delphinium should open soon.

 This is a very bright peony!

I am now going to douse myself with bug spray and battle the mosquitoes as I attempt to weed these perennial gardens. Wish me luck!

Red Alert Calla Lilly in a Container


I am really enjoying this new purchase of 'Red Alert' Calla Lilies in the urns beside my garage. (You can see some dahlia foliage and some handsome striped leaves of a new pink canna lily planted behind)
 'Red Alert' remains short - no more than 24" high. One bulb produces multiple flowers in a nice red/orange color that looks great with this 'Henna' coleus.
 I am especially fond of the white-speckled leaves some of which echo the red floral color.
I am also happy to see that my Korean dwarf lilac shrub 'Miss Kim' is full of blooms this year.
 'Miss Kim' blooms appear just has my old-fashioned lilac bushes fade.
This shrub should get about 4 feet tall and wide.
Despite very little attention, June has been a great month in my perennial gardens.  I am looking forward to a good season in 2015!

Spring Garden is Shaping Up


I spent a few hours on Saturday doing some heavy-duty weeding in the perennial gardens.  Last week we had three nights of frost, so it's only the beginning of garden weather in lower northeast Michigan.I am very happy with the garden so far this season.  I have never had so many iris ready to bloom!  The deer have not eaten anything (yet), so I have dozens of Asiatic lilies that should bloom in early July (if our luck holds and the deer don't discover this diner before then).I stood in my bedroom window and just took these photos:  This one is toward the road....  The hostas are all looking good, too.  Can you see the circle of them way down the path?I turned slightly to the right to show you the woodland side of the path.A few degrees more toward the right shows the view toward the backyard rockwall garden.  I have three arbors and you have seen all three with these views.I need to put a plant  inside the aqua milk can. I will find something soon.Many years ago (like 20), I dug up a few lilac shoots from my childhood home.  They have never done much of anything.  Every five years or so, I moved them in hopes that someday I would be able to cut some lilacs for an indoor bouquet.................I had almost given up hope...until this year...I was thrilled to see a ton of flowers on the bushes....this is my second indoor bouquet of lilacs.......I have really been enjoying this flower holder that I purchased a few months ago....I have used it for daffodils.. Easter eggs Mixed spring flowers..........fake  calla lilies.............The possibilities are endless!  If you ever see one for sale, grab it![...]

A New Purple Rug


On a whim, I ordered this purple rug from Wayfair last week.

I tend  to do things like this in the wee hours of the morning (before leaving for work) and  then regret  the money I spent because the product is not what it appeared to be on my computer screen.

I bought the rug in the hope that it would be a spring update for  my quarter-century old floral love seat and sofa in my living room.

I am  thrilled to report that I LOVE this big 6 ft x 9 ft rug!

This room is rarely used, so the  25 year old furniture still looks new.  I think the rug does work to make the room look more up to date.

I also ordered  that flower vase holder from Wayfair.  I stuck some artificial pink calla lilies in it.
I  like it.

I am still working on the rest of the room, but , so far, I am thrilled with my purchase!

Winter 2015 Update


We have had miserably cold temps the past few weeks. One day last week it was -22 actual with a -30+ wind chill. Brrrrrrrrrr...  I have been enjoying this centerpiece that I made from a supermarket bouquet that J brought home two weeks ago.This rusty centerpiece is actually a candleholder that I bought from Wayfair a few months ago.  I just put in some votive vases filled with water and cut the flower stems down.I was thinking positive thoughts during the cold spell and ordered flowers for my summer garden. :)  I can't wait to get these beauties:Little Blue Wonder Sea Holly - it's a miniature...I think I ordered 5 of these.  Dahlias:I ordered 3 of these White Feather Hosta just because they are so unique.For the past two days, it's been a Stay-at-Home-Work-on-Quilts weekend.On Saturday my goal was to make a bench-back pillow out of three bird blocks that I made a few years ago.  I am happy to report that I accomplished that goal. Here is the pillow:Today I am crawling around on the floor getting this cardinal star quilt "sandwiched" so I can begin to quilt it.  I am getting way to old to be doing this!I  hope you are all surviving the winter in whatever state you are in! [...]

Happy New Year Blog Friends


I am enjoying this flower bouquet during our coldest week yet this winter (below zero) and over 6 inches of snow the past few days. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....
(I bought the vases from - Christmas gift to myself. :)  I think I will get a ton of use from it with my garden flowers this summer).

My yard is a beautiful winter wonderland right now.
Hope you are all enjoying 2015!

White Christmas Tree (My First Non Green Tree)


Thanksgiving is long gone...  My dinner went well...we ate turkey for 5 days and loved it!  Now it's on to Christmas. After Christmas last year I bought a white prelit tree to use with all of these felt pink/white ornaments that I made over two decades ago.  I put the tree up a week ago and have been adding to it ever since.  I keep remembering more pink items that I have, so I go down to the basement and rummage around until I find what I remembered.I really like the polka dot burlap that I also bought during the 50% off sales last year.The only new ornaments I bought this year are some white owls.  You have to look closely to see them on the white tree.Can you see all the little white and pink mice I stuck in the branches?  I love those guys.  My Mom crocheted all of the white hearts and white hats (again hard to see on the white tree). I am amazed that they have stayed so white after all these years.Those white lace hearts and pink flowers are from my wedding in 1989. The tree is topped with an old world Santa -- in pink, of course. :)  I  used some extra ornaments to decorate some gifts under the tree.I think I am finished tweaking, since I have filled nearly every branch tip available.  I am beginning to really like this tree! I decided not to do my big 9.5 ft. tree that I usually do in the family room. It's just too much work to climb up/down the ladder to decorate it and then to take it all down. This little 6.5 ft. tree will be a snap to take down after Christmas.  Perhaps I will do the big one again next year.    Is your holiday decorating done?[...]

My New Table Arrived Today & I LOVE It!


About 11am the Fed X truck arrived in my driveway with the table I ordered last week.All we had to do was take it out of the box and plop it down --no assembly required... gotta love that!I am so happy that it did indeed match the bench I bought last spring.  Last week I re-designed the floral arrangement on top of my metal lantern.  I wanted to use the antlers from my son's first buck (today is opening day of deer season) and some white owls I recently purchased.  I think I like the lantern sitting all alone on this table.When the new table arrived, we were right in the middle of hauling end tables, etc. from the living room  down to the basement to make room for a second table  in our dining room for the  Thanksgiving dinner that we are hosting. We store an old oval table ( I have had it since 1974--40 YEARS!  How can that be???) in the basement for large holiday dinners. If we set it end-to-end with our dining room table we can comfortably seat 14. I decorated the china cabinets with items from my Thanksgiving décor boxes, but did not finish the tables.  I need to come up with something down the center of both tables to tie them together.   Not an easy task when the tables are so different!It's a bit of a mess right now. Nonetheless, I am fortunate to have enough space in my little ranch home to fit 14 people in one area for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am planning to come up with something to go down the length of both tables to tie them together....will post a pic later to show you what I decided on.In the meantime I sat among the clutter to plan my menu...I grabbed a stack of "interesting Thanksgiving recipes" that I have printed in the past month and began to sort through them to decide what I wanted to make and to compose a grocery list (if you know me, you know that I DO NOT wait until the last minute to plan anything!). I will get the list prepared and J will do the shopping. Together I hope we can pull off a successful Thanksgiving celebration for our families![...]

Do You Order Online?


I just got an email that this little table has shipped

and should arrive on my doorstep Friday. I do LOVE the convenience of online ordering! I rarely go in a real store anymore.


The table matches this bench I bought last spring.

I keep the bench by the garage door and store shoes in the baskets & drawers.

 I plan to store magazines in the new one.

I have invited 14 people for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the first time I have had J's entire family for Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to it.  This weekend I want to finish the pilgrim man/woman set I started last winter.  This is as far I am on with the woman. ..
I need to add a border around her. I have not even started on the man.  I am hoping that having all these people over, will motivate me to get it done!

It is No Longer Fun to Read MOST Blogs


I just visited a blog and started to read a post. There were ads all around the perimeter.  As  I started to read this was the screen:

EVEN THE POST WAS COVERED BY AN AD!   I sent a comment stating that the number of ads was outrageous!  Of course the comments were monitored, so mine will be promptly deleted.  Just as I shall promptly delete that blog from my list of favorites.

No wonder blogs are fading away.  I can count on one hand the number of blogs without ads.  I have zero interest in blogs with advertising.  Since they all seem to be adding advertising, I guess my days of visiting blogs is very limited.

That's too bad as I used to really enjoy them.

Halloween Table


I just finished my 2014 Halloween table.  I posted it on one of my other blogs. You can see more of it clicking here.

Dying Perennials Have Value


I am deriving much pleasure from the dying perennial gardens this year.
I usually have most of it cut down by now, but this year I have done very little clean up.

I think my procrastination paid off! I enjoy taking a peek every time I walk by my bedroom window (it's the only place inside the house where I can see these gardens).

I had quite a few neighbors ask me what the flowers were in this new  roadside garden this year.
Most of my neighbors were not familiar with growing dahlias.  They all wanted them until I mentioned that they had to be dug out of the ground every fall. Suddenly they were all happy just to admire mine as they took their nightly walks down the road.  It is  a pain to do, so I was thrilled to pull into the garage after work and see 4 boxes like this:
Yes, my sweet husband dug them all out today and set them in the garage. Tomorrow he will hose off all the soil and let them dry out a bit before storing them for the winter.

Hope you are all enjoying the month of October in your part of the world.

Freezing my Herbs


On Sunday I picked a few herbs from the pot on my deck.
They are still beautiful, but I know it's just a matter of a few days, maybe a week or two,  and they will be blackened by frost.  So I decided to freeze some for later this winter.

I put a good tablespoon of diced herbs in each ice cube tray; then I added some olive oil.
I covered the tray with a piece of wax paper and stuck it in the freezer overnight.  The next morning I popped them out...
So beautiful! I just love looking at them. :)

 I wrapped them in waxed paper and put them inside a tin and stuck them back in the freezer. I can't wait to use them in some delectable dish. When the temperature is below zero with howling winds and snow drifts, I will be able to enjoy the fresh taste of summer by popping one or two of these into my soup, roast or other entrée.

Life is good...I am feeling prepared for the long winter ahead.

West Side of Upper Michigan Color


Yesterday we took a drive to the west side of upper lower Michigan in search of more gorgeous autumn color.  I have read about the "tunnel of trees" highway (M-119, designated a Scenic Heritage Highway), for years and decided it was time to discover it for myself.  This narrow highway follows the shore of Lake Michigan, winding through a forest full of natural beauty between Harbor Springs and Cross Village.  It is about a 2.5 hr. drive from where we live.  About 30 miles from our destination (over 2 hrs of driving), it started to rain...cloudy, cold, miserable rain.  I am sure the rain contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for this "scenic" highway.  Still I took a blurry picture or two through the car window to share with you.This highway is so narrow it has no centerline.Which means you have to go way over into the gravel when another vehicle passes from the opposite direction.   Yes, this is us heading toward the trees so as not to hit the other car....This is the tiny town of Good Hart, which has become semi-famous because of the tunnel of trees highway.Had it been a lovely autumn day full of gorgeous color, I probably would have described this as "charming".  As it was I could not wait to get to the end of this "scenic" drive. This restaurant is Leg's Inn, quite famous due to its location at the end of  the tunnel of trees.  It has quirky décor inside with a lovely area outside where you can enjoy  a delicious meal of Polish cuisine. My intention was to have lunch here. Unfortunately it did not open for another 35  minutes.  About 20 people were standing outside under umbrellas waiting for it to open.  We were so "unthrilled" with our drive through the tree tunnel that there was no way we were going to stand in the rain to eat lunch.Perhaps we will go back some other time.The whole day was not a total flop.  On the way to the tunnel of trees we did see some beautiful autumn color.  This is Stutsman Road.  Gorgeous!  Luckily we took a wrong road and discovered this! That is Lake Michigan at the end of the road. I was way more impressed with this road than the tunnel of trees!Along the tunnel of trees highway, I did enjoy this rural setting:There is something about bales of hay lying in the field that I like. It would have been even better if there had been some fall color.So has anyone been through the tunnel of trees and had a better experience?  Something that would make me want to make that 5-hr round trip again?  If so, I would love to hear about it![...]

Weekend Trip toTahquamenon Falls in Paradise, MI


We had the pleasure of viewing this gorgeous autumn color last weekend:

It was a perfect 75 degree fall day in Paradise, Michigan (really...that's the town's name).  I am hoping this Saturday is nice, so we can explore another town.

What a Gorgeous Fall Day


We had temps in the mid-70's today, so we took a walk on one of our local trails to see if there was any autumn leaf color.   We saw very little color, but the September scenery was gorgeous!This path is just a short distance from one of the main roads in our town.  The bridge in the distance is the road. You would never know that this beauty existed just a few feet away as you traveled through our town. Did you see the reflection of the trees & the clouds in the water?A lone swan...More swans.......swans through the pine tree... Tree about to fall into the river...Our town has miles of  walking/bike trails.  We walked only about a half mile into this trail.  I plan to go again in a week or two when the fall color explodes....I  doubt it can be any more lovely than it was today.[...]

We Had FROST Last Night!


September 13 and FROST!  Unbelievable, even for northern lower Michigan.

I stayed inside all day.  I spent about 4 hours making chicken pot pies for the freezer.  Here they are before I topped them with homemade pie crust...this cold weather seems to have given me some energy for cooking. :)
These three individual serving pies just went in the oven for tonight's dinner (J thinks one is not enough, so I put two in the oven for him)

I also worked on changing my dining room for autumn. I finished sewing six witch dining room chair backs that I pieced last year.  I went down to the basement and I found some wonderful items that I purchased after Halloween last year.  Love that spider web table runner ... I don't even remember buying it!
I will finish the rest of the table later in the week.  What I used to do in half day, now takes me a full week! :)  I am planning to have a dinner party or two this year in early October.