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Preview: East Meets West Kitchen

East Meets West Kitchen

Sampling various foods is one of my many passions and I enjoy trying out different recipes to satisfy the diverse palates of my growing family and sharing my stories from the kitchen table or where I can park my laptop and appetite!...

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Election Day Munchies


There's no getting around the issue. I enjoy food. Especially when they are prepared right. And one of the reasons road trips are fun is because I get to try out the different Mom-and-Pops places around the country and try out delicious portions of American comfort foods. Another reason is that I get to sink my teeth into some delicious burgers like the ones I found in California and

Step by Step


Baby steps again... It's been hard staying away from blogging these many months, and it's been harder for me to get back into the momentum of taking some "me-time" out from the daily routine of schedules along with drop-off, pick-up, after-school activities and the list goes on... And here I am on a road trip, on the passenger seat, and typing, while stealing glances out of the window as we

Summer Vacation and Food Sampling


YES!!! School Vacation is almost here, and I can't wait to venture back into my favorite hobby that's cooking, eating and blogging!Will be back soon!



Feeling CRABBY? Found these the other day in the frozen section of the store, and only required steaming and a mean cocktail sauce! I just love the simplicity of summertime!I am traveling (on the road again), and will not be posting for a while. But I'll be surfing around looking at all the lovely eats whenever I can! Happy Summer to all!

National Doughnut Day for Dunking and Dipping


I'm EMWK and I'm a dunker/dipper. There, I admitted it! And there's nothing better than dipping/dunking donuts into a cuppa strong, black coffee. Or warm, crusty french bread into a hot bowl of curry chicken. So many things to dunk and so little time. Fondues are great for me as I get to dunk everything. But please, NO second dunking/dipping like so many with their veggie dip at parties. That's a

Monkey Math, Monkey Bread, Monkey Brain?


Since Hubs bought me that cool ceramic monkey bread mold from Williams Sonoma for Mother's Day recently, I have been using it as an excuse to make more monkey bread. It was for the kids, you know... but who am I kidding?And it has been lots of fun making it plus a counting lesson for the kids as they roll the cut-up dough into little balls and counted up to 50 while coating and dropping them into

Happy Memorial Weekend


When I asked Hubs what he wanted for dinner today, he said beer brats, buffalo franks, and the kids wanted corn dogs. So, I had to have all three and a soft hoagie bun, of course!And this turned out to be a beautiful weekend we are having compared to the six funnel clouds that were spotted and the tornado that came through the northern part of our state. We had hail, strong winds and thunderstorm

Humor Me


My MIL send me this and made me laugh. I did change the title so as not to offend some of my friends.Silly CookbookSundayIt's fun to cook for Tom. Today I made angel food cake. The recipe saidbeat 12 eggs separately. The neighbors were nice enough to loan me someextra bowls.MondayTom wanted fruit salad for supper. The recipe said serve withoutdressing.So I didn't dress. What a surprise when Tom

Going, Going, Going


It's coming to the last week of school before this school year ends, and for the summer holidays to begin. Although we didn't start the kids til late October because they were wait-listed and the school finally had openings after a couple of kids were transferred when their parents moved to another part of the country, and the fact that I took them out of school for several weeks and flew 10,000

Fun weekend at a Foodie's House Party


We had a memorable ending to a fun weekend at J&M's place on a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon where we sampled a new (to us) bottle of white wine, and learned a wee bit about bee-keeping (J's new hobby), new organic markets in the area, kids' summer activities and made some new friends while our kids squealed with delight as they played with two 12-year-olds and a 7-year-old who were all around

All is Well...


What a weekend! Called mom long-distance, had my in-laws over for the weekend, and celebrated Mother's Day last Saturday with some great motherly friends. Or was it friendly mothers? It was a fun group with Pam and Paul, Pat, Roberto, Rob, Kelsey, Nathan and MIL helped me prepared a simple meal of BBQ burgers and brats with lots of side salads to go with them. I was busy with the kids, and Pam

Mother's Day Award


Thank you Janice Ng for your lovely award. I have been tardy with my post lately, and have finally got around to receive this one.Am passing this out to all my mommy bloggers out there (you know who you are!)Happy Mother's Day! :)

Just so you know.....


Wanted to write this down while it's still on my mind...I asked Hubs what he's getting me for Mother's Day....and he replied "You're not my mother."Hmmmmmm.....



Life have caught up with me recently, and I am guilty of neglecting my little blog here. But I hope to catch up with some yummy post when school gets out and the summer holiday begins (crossing fingers!)I thank you all for popping over here regularly to check on me, and I promise to be more proactive on blogging soon. Meantime, here's wishing everyone a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :)Found some

Sesame Noodles with Chicken


Saw this recipe in the Fine Cooking Magazine, and wanted to try it out. It's pretty good for a quick lunch, and the kids liked it. I used fresh organic green pasta from the produce section of the grocery store, and increased the peanut butter amount to recipe to suit my taste.Here's the recipe:1 lb fresh pasta, cooked6 tbs Asian roasted sesame oil4 med cloves garlic, peeled1 cup cream peanut



This is Hub's favorite snack or dinner while watching college basketball. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef and added corn kennels and red peppers to the recipe.1 lb ground turkey1/2 cup water1 packages taco seasoning mix1 small can chopped green chilies1 can 16 oz fat-free refried beans1 1/2 cups shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese3/4 cup chopped tomatoes1/4 cup chopped red peppers1/2

Cherry Almond Coffee Cake


The week of spring break is coming to an end soon, and I'm going to miss having my kids with me 24/7. So far, we had braved the crazy crowd at the zoo, the ski slopes and the play park when the weather was good. And on snowing/rainy days, they played with the slides, jumped on the bouncers (both were in the basement), did straw painting and finger painting (thank goodness for washable paint, but

Oxtail Soup


We had bright sunshine all day yesterday, and a combination of snow and rain for most of the night. Looking out my window now, there's fog everywhere as the sun is fighting its way to get out from behind the thick clouds. That's what I love about spring time! You never know what weather you get from one day to the next!I finally got my hands on some fresh, not frozen (as indicated in bold letters

Five Bananas Sitting on the Counter


I have been reading too many nursery rhymes and I have this one going in my head this evening.... Five spotted bananas sitting on the counterOne fell off and bumped her headMommy called the doctor andthe Doctor saidNO MORE old Bananasjumping off the counter!So, off with their old yellow jackets, and those bananas went on the pie plate with a little cinnamon, brown sugar, key lime juice and butter

Oar Jien Oyster Omelet Drama


While I was under medication for my cold, I decided to start on a box of DVDs that my dear friend Hazel had graciously left me on her departure back to Singapore back in February. I was pleasantly surprised at this new age, romantic, riches to rags princess fairytale love story with lots of fried oyster omelets in between. A total chick flick with added bonus of watching the makings of a

Give me some S'mores, please!


I simply can't hide the marshmallows from my kids. Or you guys for that matter! You guessed it! It's marshmallows dipped in that wonderful chocolate and then in some crushed graham crackers. This is a variation from the famous camping dessert that young and old enjoy. The original smores toasted marshmallows on a stick over the campfire, then added to a graham cracker, a small bar of chocolate,

Back with treats from Australia


I have overloaded my schedule once again, and am amazed at how time simply flew by. And I have so many stories to tell that I'd probably talk my friends to sleep. Maybe it's a good thing that some of my girlfriends are long-distance pals (at the moment)! But I should be apologizing for my long absence too. Long story short, it began with head cold, followed by a persistent coughing and sinus

St. Patrick's Day Green Tea Cupcakes Bake


Made these for St Patrick's day in heart-shaped molds, and assembled it to look like a four-leave clover. Used green tea (matcha) powder in place of vanilla, and added cherries into the batter before baking.It was a fun combination, and the mild flavor of the matcha did not affect the kid's taste buds. Very easy recipe and a fun addition to the Green theme for St. Patrick's Day!1 1/2 sticks

St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef Crockpot


While the family are recovering from the flu bug, I made this easy recipe for St. Patrick's Day in the crockpot, and it turned out well. The tasters that wasn't sick and actually had working taste buds (not me) confirmed that this recipe works. (Whew!)This is what it looked like in the crockpot after an hour as I forgot to snap a picture earlier.The final result after 8 hours in the crockpot.

Wordful Wednesday


I was reminded of Ioyces today...can you guess what are these?and Anne reminded me of this today...A professor stood before his philosophy class andhad some items in front of him. When the classbegan, he wordlessly picked up a very large andempty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it withgolf balls. He then asked the students if the jarwas full. They agreed that it was.The professor then picked