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The unofficial bloggers Meet-up


When I first met K of westside foodie wannabes at a happy hour organized by cincinnati imports, it was brief. We exchanged hellos, blog names and email addresses. And we left off at let’s get together for dinner sometime. Stemming from that was a dinner planned at K’s place with couple of us. There was the other half of their blog, the silent (as she named herself) B, Liz of… well you know

Celebration of Life and Death


Initially this post was about the birthdays we celebrated in March. But an unexpected turn of things also calls for celebration of life. Surprisingly both the husband and I share the birthday month, there are 11 days between ours. With some years in between but the days are more important. His is first so the dinner planning was ad hoc, at best. While grocery shopping I bought chorizo,

Getting fancy for dinner- Food and Wine


When the holidays neared in 2008, the last thing on my mind was presents. I am not a gifts person, giving or receiving. Though sometimes a little surprise here and there is great! I have this one, special, friend that always gets me a gift for big holidays. So I had to keep my eyes and ears open for creative items. And instead I found myself buying a framed picture by Michelle Gatmaitan, a



This restaurant is one of the few gems in the city that I am reluctant to write about for fear that food lovers and bloggers alike will let the cat out of the bag. But here I am, writing about Mirage and sharing one of my secrets. I love Mirage for all its simplicity. It’s tucked away in a strip mall on Montgomery road, passed Kenwood and before Mason, an unexpected spot for Mediterranean and

Homemade Mayonnaise- the best thing since sliced bread


I’d never even thought about making mayonnaise, it was intimidating just thinking about the process. Raw eggs? Whisking oil in a cold bowl with raw eggs until my hands fell off? Emulsification? No thank you. Because I didn’t grow up with a jar of the white, processed stuff in my parents’ house, it wasn't essential for my own home. Growing up, every once in a while we used packets to slather

The Art of Food- at the Carnegie in Covington


When I received an invitation for The Art of Food opening night, I quickly responded with “Yes!” With questions about the event I called the husband. After a brief pause he replied “sculptures creatively made with food.” I sensed the uncertainty in his voice and an attempt to back paddle because we both knew it was a half assed answer. And instead of prying anymore for details, I said, “I’ll

Cincinnati Pizza Quest- Adriatico’s


Cincinnati Pizza Quest goes to Adriatico’s. Until recently, everyone I’ve met that has lived in Clifton briefly or for many years raved about Adriatico’s. And after starting our pizza quest project, Pomodori’s has also gained momentum with many votes, especially because of their brick oven pizza. But that’s for another month… The husband lived in Clifton for graduate school and spoke highly

For cooking club we went to Spain


not really but it almost felt like it with our spread of the Spanish food. Our club has been cooking together, monthly, for 3.5 years and although there are many cuisines we haven’t tried, there are some that are highly favored and repeated. Spanish is one of them. In the first few months after the birth of the club, I hosted a Tapas night and everyone brought all sorts of little bites. Some of

the search for Best Pizza in Cincinnati continues....


This is a first for this blog, we have a guest blogger; please welcome Avani of Cincinnati Imports who shares her opinion of the best pizza in town.BEST PIZZA IN TOWN: The home of Liberal Foodie and her HusbandSo when I heard that Liberal Foodie and Get in Mah Belly were going to be evaluating the local pizza joints of Cincinnati, my first reaction was: “Good luck and Godspeed.” I have had

Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry with Noodles


When P emailed to say she was coming to visit, the first thing that went through my food obsessed brain was the weekend’s menu. She’s a vegetarian and as you know, I am married to an unmatched carnivore on this side of the planet. Most meals in our house have some form of formerly living organism (mostly meat, sometimes it’s people we don’t like). So the challenge was to create dishes that would

Picture Post- December Vacation


In December when the crazy cold came to visit the Midwest, the husband and I went on a week long vacation to the beach. It was exactly what we expected and then some. I highly recommend this trip for anyone that's looking for a relaxed vacation on the beach with a book and a mai tai. Having a wonderful partner in crime for all of it is just a bonus. Clockwise from top: Off the beaten path

Cincinnati Pizza Quest- Ramundo's


Having tried many pizzas while living in a metropolitan city back in the day, pizza holds a special place in my heart. I don't eat it often but once in a while I get a craving for a damn good slice of the pie. One day when Liz of get in mah belly and I were trying to name one good pizza place in Cincinnati and couldn't, we knew we had a major undertaking at hand. We agreed to start a blogging

Snow storm = Happy Stock Making days


We’ve been hit with snow storms (on two separate occasions) in the last two weeks. You could even call them the blizzard(s) of 2009 since many companies closed down shop and we were all confined to the house. A bad thing? I don't think so. It's usually dreadful for most but I had an opportunity to sleep in, and cook wonderful meals all day. Before I started the actual cooking, I made chicken

Cream of Cauliflower Soup or not....


I had a head of cauliflower in my fridge, calling my name, when I found this recipe for Cream of Cauliflower Soup on epicurious. I hate to say it but it's been difficult to write about this soup. We both had such high hopes for it beacuse we made it on a blistery cold winter night, with saffron and diced onions and cream. And it doesn't get much fancier than saffron in this house...Cream of

G Baileys in Mason


It was a double date night with dinner and a movie. We were debating between couple restaurants (new and old) in Mason before an 8pm show. As I was waiting for the husband to come home from work, I discovered G. Bailey’s opened in Encore’s old location and serves brick oven pizza. I’d been to Encore once for dinner long time ago and remembered leaving happy and buzzed; the chocolate martini was

Biscuits and Gravy with friends in the New Year


One of many new traditions for 2009 is to cook simple brunches, often. Keeping in tune with that, we invited couple friends over for brunch on New Year’s day weekend. At first I wasn’t sure about the menu and when I suggested biscuits and gravy, the friend said her husband loved biscuits and gravy. Since my husband loves them too, biscuits and gravy would be our first cooked meal with friends

NYE and thereafter....


I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve festivities, whether it was at a bar, with friends or in front of the tele. We spent ours with friends and homemade food. The theme for this year was street food; we had Samosas, Falafels, and a pot of Paav bhaaji. Paav bhaji is a common street food in many Indian cities, especially Mumbai. The bread, Paav, is served alongside bhaji, a potato based curry

bring your holiday cheer along with a pot of Puttanesca


Lately, I haven't been inspired to write. But I can assure you I have been cooking and eating. I couldn't imagine my world without food, especially homemade food. Actually, in private conversations with other bloggers it's apparent that I am here, behind the screen- reading wonderful posts about food and restaurant reviews, I am just not writing about my own. Partly because my body and mind are

a belated thanks


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving this year. Ours was filled with time with the family. We left for the shores of New Jersey early morning on Thursday. Why drive so far on the day of? Well because my mom and sister decided we wouldn’t have a traditional meal and instead we would eat homemade Indian food. Both the husband and I are trying to establish our own family traditions, one of which

Green Gold- Basil Pesto


Every chance I get I use homemade pesto to enliven dishes. especially something like this in dreary cold weather… Homemade Basil PestoBunch of basil leaves1/3 of cup of pine nuts2 garlic cloves, peeled1/2 cup of olive oil1/3 cup of freshly grated Parmesan-Reggiano cheeseFreshly ground black pepperSaltPulse basil, pine nuts and garlic cloves in a food processor or blender. While the processor is

fulfilled my sushi fix, for now


(this is an unplanned joint review with Liz, but having her as a personal friend that's likely to happen)The ladies and I planned a sushi and movie night because Beluga offers half off sushi on Wednesday nights. In my opinion Beluga has all things we foodies/food lovers look for: great food, service, price and atmosphere. We only ordered from their half off sushi menu so this review does not

The bigger hit, Frittata


Along with the baked eggs, I served frittata at brunch. It’s an Italian omelet that’s started on the stove and finished in the oven. It is very time and ingredient friendly. The idea of preparing a frittata for the ladies originated the weekend before when I made one with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill playing up on bagels, lox and cream cheese combination. Green and Red Frittata 4

Reviewing Allure- not the magazine, the restaurant


We bought a gift certificate for Allure from months ago. And I didn’t even recall having it until the husband suggested we go there for dinner on date night. We made reservations for first seating dinner menu which includes first course, main course and dessert. The catch was we had to be seated by 6pm. To save room for an early dinner we ate a light lunch and did laps

don't bother


The most pretentious place I’ve ever been to, even after having lived in DC. We went there after brew hopping in the city. The server was rude, the food okay and the prices steep. Most of the people around us were wearing suits and brooches so maybe it wasn’t a restaurant we should have stepped foot in in the first place, but regardless.

impromptu lunch- updated


I am looking for suggestions for today's lunch. A coworker is taking couple of us out and I can't decide. My only requests are it be a locally, independently owned restaurant, reasonably priced, >$10/lunch and has good parking because she hates parallel parking. Imagine all those wonderful places she hasn’t tried because they had parallel parking. Something along the lines of courtyard on the