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Beeen a long time, Beeen a long time....


Hi all~~~~ Happy St Patrick's Day!
Spring is here---and the winter was certainly memorable!
Plans for snowshoeing and igloo building will have to wait until next year~
Although I was fortunate enough to get a GREAT day of snowmobiling in, up in the beautiful Adirondacks, which was amazing...

Lots of changes this past year--but SOME things never change: Pele STILL loves a good cup of coffee! That's my BOY!

I'm considering dragging out the big roaster onto the porch and firing her up soon-- I think the smell of fresh coffee beans roasting combined with fresh spring air and earthen goodness will be quite lovely! Maybe I'll have to have a little spring coffee drum fest of some sort....hmmmm.....

A new year! Well, a new winter, anyway....


Hi everyone~

It has been a while since I posted anything. A lot has happened,
in my life personally and in the world around us. And with the colder days upon us, I find myself thinking:
"maybe I should start the blog again..."

So here I am.

I am really not sure exactly what I want to blog about---that usually has the capacity to stop me.. But I have been getting more and more inclined to just put OUT THERE some of my ideas. For me. For my family and friends. I have been enjoying a little of what Facebook offers: more awareness of the happenings in the lives of others who are important to me. I think maybe this could be a means toward more of that: connection to others I care about.

So, in that spirit, I invite you to peruse some of the older posts, and leave some mark here of your visit- I would love to hear from you!

Peace and Love~

I got fleas!


(image) No, not the pesky little buggers at all, but a "Jumping Flea", otherwise known as a UKULELE!

Coffee Drink Recipes from Chen~


Here are some yummy Coffee Drink Recipes, sent to Lisabeeen from Chen of Chen's Gourmet Coffee Beans.....thanks Chen! Coffee drink recipes are essential for anyone wishing to create tasty coffee drinks from the comfort of their own home without the expense of visiting a nearby coffee shop, while allowing you to add alcohol as desired. These recipes are extremely simple and often require ingredients that you already have within your kitchen. Feel free to experiment and alter the recipes in order to create a treat like no other. Coffee Drink Recipes #1: Mocha Delight Mochas are a very popular type of coffee, typically coming in chocolate or white chocolate flavors. The chocolate mocha is incredibly easy to make at home and only requires four ingredients: brewed coffee, cocoa powder (1 tablespoon), sugar (1 tablespoon), and milk (2 tablespoons). With these four ingredients you can create a tasty mocha that is sure to please your taste buds and make you the family favorite. Simply add the cocoa, sugar, and milk to your cup of coffee and you are ready to go! If the mixture is too sweet or contains too much chocolate flavor, simply alter it by reducing the cocoa powder and sugar. Coffee Drink Recipes #2: Brulot (adult only) For a unique citrus tasting coffee blend that is like no other, follow this relatively easy recipe. You will need the following ingredients: sugar (1 teaspoon), twist of orange peel, twist of lemon peel, brewed coffee (1 cup), cognac (1.5 ounces), triple sec (dash). Simply warm the cognac in a microwave safe glass. Add the coffee and triple sec. From here simply add in the lemon and orange peels. Add sugar as desired and top with cinnamon and whipped cream. Coffee Drink Recipes #3: European Style For European coffee you will need the following ingredients: coffee (1 cup), egg white, vanilla extract (1/4 teaspoon), and milk (2 tablespoons). Simply beat the egg whites thoroughly and then add in vanilla extract. Beat the egg again. Separate the mixture into two separate mugs and add coffee to each. Add the milk to each cup and sweeten as desired. Feel free to use Baileys instead of milk for an adult beverage like no other. Coffee Drink Recipes #4: Swiss Style (adult only) Making Swiss coffee is very simple, but requires a variety of different ingredients. You will need dark roast coffee (3 ounces), Kahlua (1 ounce), Tia Maria (1 ounce), Dark Cream de Cacao (1 ounce), and whipped cream. Simply add the alcoholic ingredients to the coffee and top with whipped cream. Add sugar and milk (or Baileys) if needed for a sweeter taste. Most of these coffee drink recipes are for adults only, but can be altered to be family-friendly if needed. For the right coffee drink it may require experimentation to get the flavor exactly as desired by the drinker. Be creative and add a dash of cinnamon, Amaretto, or some other tasty ingredient to make your coffee drink complete. Recipes are courtesy of Chen from Gourmet Coffee BeansVisit the Coffee Critters at[...]

A special Vermont deal from Lisabeeen


Well; we are on our way to winter! This morning there was frost all over EVERYTHING! A "premonition" from Mother Nature of the whiteness of things to come...

We are all tucked in here---nice and warm and cozy.....getting ready to prepare a steamed milk Mocha...aaaah!!!

It is a soupy kind of a day---cold enough out to inspire wanting a nice bowl of comfort....
But first: for that CUP of Comfort~

If you want to learn how to make THE most deee-lish cup of coffee you have EVER had, these two books are a wonderful start on that journey. They provide a nice intro to roasting your own coffee and a guide to extracting a great cup of espresso/coffee.

And, just in time for winter, Lisabeeen just happens to have a copy of each ready to ship to the first taker for 20 dollars (plus 5 dollars for shipping) via Paypal only please...what a bargain!
email and I will send an invoice to the first responder~ and these two books will be at your doorstep in a jiffy!

Lisabeeen is downsizing her cafe so will be posting periodically some really sweet deals to help you get the BEST coffee EVER! YUM! Stay tuned for more items to come...from coffee makers to roasters and equipment....the fun is never-ending!

Hope you are all warmed up and enjoying the season!

Bitch Kitty can play for YOU!



Can’t decide what kind of entertainment to have at your next function?  You CAN have it all!


Bitch Kitty


Is available for your Party/Reception/Event

Available as “Bitch Kitty” or an alternative name more appropriate for your function


Not your everyday rock band!


                 We offer any combination of :

  • Live cocktail music featuring Nicki Skipper on piano, with or without vocals
  •  Karaoke
  • DJ  Services
  • Full Band~from light/acoustic pop, to all-out        good time dancing rock-n-roll


For booking info, please contact us by email at:


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Bitch Kitty is gonna rock Aurora Dance V!


Can’t decide what kind of entertainment to have at your next function?  You CAN have it all!


Bitch Kity


Is available for your Party/Reception/Event

Available as “Bitch Kitty” or an alternative name more appropriate for your function


Not your everyday rock band!


                 We offer any combination of :

  • Live cocktail music featuring Nicki Skipper on piano, with or without vocals
  •  Karaoke
  • DJ  Services
  • Full Band~from light/acoustic pop, to all-out        good time dancing rock-n-roll


For booking info, please contact us by email at:


Visit us on the web at

Plane Coffee....


Whenever I travel I have to get some airport coffee. It is a tradition. The bean something or other got bought out at Albany International so next time i travel i will be getting...Starbucks!

The best latte I have had in a while came from my own little cafe yesterday---surprised by a kona ethipian blend that had sat for a few weeks- i usually find i like kona better after a long rest... maybe that is partly why it has such a great reputation: it lasts longer after roasting. Otherwise i just don't get it----i haven't had one yet that i like nearly as much as other regions like Ethiopia (my personal faves almost always come from here).

I bet the day I taste one in Hawaii could change all that! :D

Until then, here I am , back in icy and snowy Vermont, going down to the basement for some warmth in a cup!

Bahamas, here we COME


SO it is cold here in least we haven't gotten too much new snow lately----but, I am still sick of the cold and actually, could deal a lot better if the SUN was out more! So, had to find a remedy....what to do? I know! Go on another CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

I am heading to the Bahamas for a blast of warmth next weekend! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to try out my new camera on some sun and water....'s hot chocolate and lattes to keep the fire burning here! My newest "discovery" in the hot beverage realm: Dagoba Hot Chocolate with PEPPER in it! If it sounds weird totally ROCKS!!!!!
I now have in my basement cafe access to the BEST hot chocolate EVER!!!! This morning I made a mocha with it by adding a shot of decaf espressso.....oh YEAH baby! I even had to get some whipped cream to accentuate these beautiful cups of pure delightful warmth...sprinkled with some cocoa powder...unbeatable!

Lisabeeen's Cafe Chat~


Here I am on Purple States!

Purple States is rockin' now~


Hi all~

I am having a little "3 minutes of fame" moment on-line that I thought I would post about. Purple States is a cool site that has a variety of blogger points of views on issues including the state of the economy and how it is personally affecting people and their communities. There are "representatives" from every state in the US and guess who is the one from Vermont? Yep---Lisabeeen herself! So click on over and check it out----My video will be airing soon. Meanwhile you can see me telling about my OTHER hobby in the video montage they posted today! (Scroll down below to see it here).
I am the LAST one to speak! Woo HOO!!!!

Rock on!

Happy Inaugeration Day!


Well, it is now snowing here in Vermont....again. It IS winter after all.
Hope you are all enjoying this historic day!
I may have to go make another special hot beverage.......

Java Family Expansion!


This is the new addition to my coffee extraction "machinery". A beautiful vintage Caravel, from the 60's! She is on her way, and I am so looking forward to pulling some shots from her lovely little orange and chrome body... I am going to have to roast some beans just for for her!

So along with her comes some questions: where will she reside? What will I do for a tamper? Good excuse to order something nice up custom made...

Ah, this coffee "hobby" is never boring!



Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!
It is really dreary out here in VT-----could use the SUN! Definitely in need of a little Latte Warmth!
I am so thankful for my S27! I love that baby, and she loves me! Time for a visit now....
Stay warm and happy!

La La La....


(image) OOOoooooh La LATTE!

Nothing better than a yummy latte to warm up on a cold day. It was a dreary winter day here in Vermont, but at least I have POWER! I hope all of you who lost yours are weathering this out okay and get back to normal asap!

Puppy Love a la Latte



Happy December!
Here's a coffee critter that warms up the chilly winter mornings.



Picasa Web Albums - lisabeeen

Come check out some of my delicious steamy creations!



Happy Halloween!!!!!

I know, it's not Halloween yet...but SO?!?!??!?
This is my favorite time of year.....and it is SO beautiful out today!  Aaaaah.......Life is GOOD!

OMega Froggie


Campfire Coffee!


Greta really knows how to enjoy life: laying by the campfire sipping her coffee...Aaaah, yes, summer is coming to Vermont! Thanks for the reminder, Greta!

Sprouting Heart



The warm weather must have helped to sprout this yummy heart latte. It was made with my La Peppina espresso machine.

Elvis, Elvis....


Let me be! Keep your hands away from... my COFFEE!

This Elvis adores his cup of Joe! Knowing his Mommy, Bonnie, I bet he is sipping coffee made from some of the finest beans, perhaps from Sweet Maria's, which were lovingly roasted to perfection by his mommy herself. Lucky little Critter, indeed.
Thanks for the great Pic, Bonnie!

Lisabeeen eagerly awaits more pics of all the little (and maybe NOT so little?!?!?) Coffee Critters that are out there enjoying their java! Meanwhile, it is time for this Critter to hop down to the basement and whip up a latte...



Time for another! That was a yummy Ethiopian Harrar Decaf...smooth and chocolatey.

Monkey Coffee



Well, it was bound to happen: after DAYS of wonderful sunshine, it is rainy here in Vermont! Altho, the sun has come out a little and it appears to be drying up already.

It is a 2 (or 3?) coffee day!

Benny says hello~



He is asking: "Please, send us pics of new Coffee Critter pals! We want to meet them! Um...thank you."

Benny is so polite...what a little sweetie pie!