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M is for Me. M is for Mia. M is for Mommy.

Musings of a full-time working mother to A and F, and wife to D.

Updated: 2017-11-20T20:03:29.706+08:00


Post Partum Massage


Post partum massage (PPM) is one of the key essentials that I included in my post delivery self-care. I don't know how well it really worked out for me previously, but I do cherish and appreciate that hour of "me-time" during the massage.  As with most of the massage ladies (ML), the service is usually home based and ranges between $60-$80 per hour.  Most of the packages include the body massage as well as a waist binding service.  Some also offer a steaming service that is said to aide water retention removal. 

As with my previous experience, I don't do well with the binder because the binding is so tight (intentional, to try to reduce that stomach size) that it cuts off a lot of circulation, making my skin super itchy and my sleep was so disrupted because I was waking up often to scratch the itch, and in the process, even broke the skin at several spots.  After 2 days of binding and suffering, I gave up and refuse to bind  further, and the ML would have it easy.

I tried 3 MLs so far and two of them were good; came recommended via other mommy friends.  The third, I found on Singapore motherhood forum as I was in a rush but I found her not as good as she seemed to like cutting corners here and  there and just generally the impression of being lazy.  And she's the most expensive too and demands upfront payment whereas the practices of the other 2 were to finish the service first then make the payment on the last day.

Let me know if you need their contacts :)

Birth Story of our Second Born - Faith


The story wasn't dramatic to say  the least but lest I become lazy  and complacent as I did with Adriel's birth story (which I didn't blog but guess I would do so retrospectively), here's what happened with Faith.It was a Friday and I had finished my 37 + 4 days check up with Dr. Chen, my gynae based in Thomson Medical Center (TMC).  Because I didn't have any major pains, contractions, etc, Dr. Chen decided I didn't need a vaginal examination (VE) for dilation but would do so the following week instead.  Phew! I was relieved because I knew that doing a VE could trigger contractions so I was glad it didn't take place.  I needed Faith to arrive in week 39 onwards because I procrastinated too much this time that I hadn't got her cot and a  clothing cabinet.  More importantly, she was also on the smaller side so I really wanted extra time to pad her up a wee bit more.   Anyway, after the check up, I went for a pedicure to prettify the feet and then headed home to wait for the husband to go over to Suntec City to collect some stuff I bought at the Super Mommy Baby Fair.  All this while, I was still thinking to myself that I would get that much-needed hair cut next week and we should be all set.  Came Saturday and we had a packed schedule - visiting a friend / playdate for the older kids, dropping off the older child for his weekly staycation at my parents and then heading to Seletar for the hubby's event.  Just as we were finishing up at  my friends, I visited the bathroom and had the shock of my life when I saw a big bloody mucus-y blob on my pantiliner.  My heart sank to tell the truth. I hoped with all my might that the bloody show didn't mean I would be birthing soon, since I had no contractions and no waterbag breaking. Right right right? The mommy friends outside confirmed what I told myself.  We proceeded to bring the older kid over to my parent's place as originally planned (he goes over for a staycation every weekend) but on the way over, I just felt the need to check in with Dr. Chen. So happened she was still in the clinic and we spoke where she urged me to stop by TMC to get myself checked for dilation, "just in case".  Thus we made a pitstop at TMC while the husband continued to bring the older child over to my parents.  Checking in at the labour ward around 1pm, the nurse did the VE and turned out I was already 2-3cm dilated.  Dr. Chen said since labour could be anytime, she proceeded to break the waterbag and start the birthing process.  I cried because I was so unprepared :( And I still hadn't had lunch and I was feeling hungry!!  I remembered the same for Adriel where I went to hospital without breakfast and was told no food until post birth.  I didn't want history to repeat itself!  So I called the husband to buy me some beef hor fun before he came over.  He arrived around 1:30pm and yay, I had my lunch!  Then he went to do the paperwork while the anesthesiologist arrived to administer the epidural.Soon after the waterbag broke, the contractions came.  Surprisingly, my pain threshold seemed higher this time around and I could breath through the pain better.  Nonetheless, I wanted to opt for epidural again.  I remembered using the laughing  gas during the epidural shot but it made me want to throw up and also a bit hallucinated.  Thus I said no to the laughing gas this time around.  Consequently, I felt every bit of the epidural process and that electric shock sensation that would go through the right leg was horrible. I screamed because I wanted to jerk so badly but I knew I couldn't.  this was nearly 2pm.  About 2:30pm another nurse came to put in the catheter for me. I asked her if I could take a nap, because I felt so tired and sleepy.  Nurse said "sure. Good to rest for the labour later."Within th[...]

Towards Weaning.


Since my last post, I have tried to implement a few changes to make things better.  For one, I have decided to stop feeling so stressed about pumping enough milk for A.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, after 9 months of pumping without mastitis (blocked ducts yes, mastitis no), I suffered not 1 but 2 episodes of mastitis over 2 consecutive weeks, right boob then left. The supply tanked after the first episode and I decided to take the opportunity to slow things down and gradually wean.  Even though the mental determination was there, it was still affecting me psychologically. I mean, after going through the first few months of suffering through the 3-hourly pumping schedule and building up a decent supply, and then reaching a nice maintenance mode where pumping became easier and a way of life for me, it was hard to let go.

Nonetheless, after the second round, and the supply continued to tank, I thought enough is enough.  Final straw was when the Spectra S1 pump decided to konk out suddenly one day.  I still have a portable Spectra M1 but it doesn't empty as well.  I take it as a sign.  To add a bit of humor into the situation, I told myself it would be a gift from A to me for my birthday.  LOL.

In any case, I should have sufficient frozen supply to last almost for the next 1.5 months when A will turn one.  And so the journey to wean starts truly. I have been consciously trying to drop my 3rd pump down to 2.  The supply is still going down and now I'm making slightly more than half of what I used to be able to make.  At this rate, I should be so discouraged from pumping in a week.

How do you juggle it all :( ?


I just feel that I don't have enough time - for the husband and  much less for myself!

During the workday, I make sure I try to go home on time so I could spend a couple of hours with A, and put him to bed. Then it's time to have my last pump at about 9pm before I just want to  zone out and crash.  The boy wakes up at least 3 times ever since his last leap when he learnt how to stand. Additionally, he fell really ill for the first time (i.e. antibiotics).  Prior to that, he cries 1-2 times but easily soothed with pacifier or with some milk. Because of these frequent interrupted sleep, the man and I took turns to fall ill as well, and it is difficult to recover. I still have the head colds and occasionally coughing spells.

On weekends, our schedule revolves around family events, and then I try to plan so that A can try to get a nap or 2 as well as to plan our routes throughout the day so I would end up somewhere comfortable to pump when I needed to.  Often the nap part fails, because A simply does not want to  sleep when he could have a live "TV" all around him.  

I don't know about how you mommies manage it all, but I am T.I.R.E.D ALL THE TIME.  Whatever free time I have, I zone out with my phone or if I am supertired and the baby is sleeping (ultrarare, rarer than the rarest Pokemon), I catch a catnap. 

I neglect the husband, who perhaps also had no choice but to adapt to the situation, so he simply just zone out with his phone as well.  We hardly talk.  Recently he picked up cycling and he would head out to cycle.  I don't know how or where he could muster up the energy to do a physical exercise, mostly at night too.  Perhaps I am envious of his energy and that he could continue to have a life when I feel like I am completely depleted.  So whenever he tells me he is going out to cycle, I find myself getting annoyed, and take it personally that he is leaving me all alone at home to do all the caretaking.

But that's not entirely true. He takes care of almost all the night calls, though sometimes I help out too, especially when the crying  or whining gets excessive and really wakes me up.

Regardless though, because there is a lack of quality couple time, my love tank is depleted.  Probably the same for the husband too.  And the cycle is vicious.  It's not healthy and I know it, something got to change. I know we need to have time  out,  have our own time,  etc.  So far we didn't do so because we didn't want to further bother my in-law who is already taking care of Adriel in the day.  But I think we do need to do that, maybe once every 2 weeks, just leave the boy and go out for a movie or something.

Sigh, really need to do something soon.

OOOh, new flavour!


I have been eating Quest nutrition protein bars for years! I love the taste and they are less guilty than the real deal.  The flavours are pretty spot on and they are available at  I recently shared about this site as well.

I eat at least one of them a day to satisfy that sweet tooth. My favourites so far are the cinnamon roll and smores.  But I'm excited that a new flavour has been launched and can't wait for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavour to arrive!

First night


Our trooper is going to sleep his first night with helmet on. Let's hope he's not extra fussy! 

[Mommy Post] Baby Essentials from


I love shopping on, have been a loyal customer for the last 6 years ever since one of my ex-colleague introduced it to me. since then, there is much improvement in  their product range and also shipping to Singapore is often free when purchases hit US$40. Since having a baby, I have been shopping for baby things on iherb.  It's convenient and easy,  particularly attractive for a busy mommy.  Let me introduce what I usually buy:1. Baby bath:  this is particularly good for baby with skin issues, otherwise, still good as it's gentle and tear free.2. Bottle washing detergent: I found this really good but the only issue is that it doesn't come in a pump format (which I prefer).  But it is rather expensive for something that is used rather frequently so subsequently, I switched over to item 3 (below).3.bottle washing detergent: this is more cost-effective, and I simply got a empty pump bottle from Daiso to put this refill pack in.4. Baby detergent for clothing: I love this, it has a nice scent and the ingredients are worry free.  I'll probably switch over to regular detergent once A turns one.  For now, I will continue using this.  It is also rather expensive though, but call it the first-time-mom syndrome, I just want to make sure he doesn't get skin irritations.5. Baby Sanitizer: very important once the little one starts touching  and exploring, or start putting his hands on his private parts or poop *cries*. 6. Baby SnacksNow that little A is starting to explore solids, I love buying different snacks for him to try and often use them to keep him busy or divert attention *guilty*.We started with   but he slowly got tired of it after a pack or so because it's pretty tasteless. I recently bought this as he's gotten better at his chewing and he loved it.  I tried a piece as well, it's a little sweet (from juice) and quite tasty!  I like that it is also much healthier than the rice rusk as this is made from quinoa (whole grain) and I am glad A likes them as well. If you haven't jumped on the iherb bandwagon yet, do give them a try. If you use my referral code, you get $5 off your first order and I also get some credit.  Win win :)  and if you continue to buy regularly on iherb, you earn loyalty credits. Just click here:[...]

[Mommy Post] Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)


We were first alerted to A's perpertual preference to sleep on the right by a friend who was following our photos on Facebook.  Then we noticed that his head was rather flat on the right and expressed concern to the PD and our parents. All of them said not to worry, for the head will shape itself with time.  After 5 months, we felt compelled to bring him to the specialist to have an opinion.  After taking some measurements, A was given a ratio of 11 (on a scale of 0 to 20, 0 being perfect symmetry and 20 being the worst).  She advised that we are a borderline case, and perhaps at this stage, we could allow nature to take its course.  A was also getting stronger in the head at that point, so chances that he will lift his head off the floor more often and allow the head to grow more evenly are higher.  So we left, agreeing to come back in 6-8 weeks to see if there was any improvement.

We went back today, at 7 months and 3 weeks.  Sadly, the ratio went up to 12 and we decided to go ahead with the helmet treatment.  Praying that the transition will be smooth one with little resistance and fast adaptability for A.

[Mommy Post] Little A wants to walk!


The last few days have been a nightmare on the sleep front. The little man is learning to crawl off the tummy and putting him to sleep is a challenge as he would start practicing then!  Moreover, he also refuses to sit as he prefers to stand. I caught him trying to take steps.  Oh my baby, you haven't even learnt to crawl properly, and you want to walk.  Needless to say, all these learning spurts is causing him to not sleep well at night. He wakes up for milk at least 3 times for the last 2 days.  Sigh...I hope he goes back to "normal" soon.  

Lunching at the Bodacious Cafe and Bistro


I seldom venture out to eat at the Biopolis' restaurants, learning my lesson early on that most of the eateries here are not worth the calories or the prices.

But I had a business need that day and found myself with a reservation at Bodacious. To be honest, no reservation was required as the restaurant was not packed even on a work day lunch hour. Yet we struggled to gain the service staff's attention.  After the initial hiccup, our food arrived fairly quickly.
Chicken pesto salad for her and a tenderloin steak without fries for me.  

The chicken salad looked dry and not really appetizing; she finished about 3/4 of it.  

The tenderloin was small, stated 6.5oz.  It came up to about my palm size.  it was really tender, perhaps a tad too tender for me, as it borderlined mushy.  Perhaps it was sous-vide first? I don't know but I do know I didn't like that.


Final straw was when I ordered a skinny latte from the barista. He understood my order as the receipt indicated "skinny", but then he proceeded to take out a full cream milk to make the coffee. I sighed and debated if I should fuss. I decided to hold my tongue.  Perhaps it was meant for me to enjoy a full fat cup of latte that day.  But reality was that I just knew I won't be coming back again so there's no point really.

[Mommy Post] Little A goes to play Little Splash Swimming School


We brought Little A to his first ever swim, at a swim school recommended by a fellow mommy. Quick run of the place: Located in Siglap CC, it is quiet with not much people in the CC.  The pool is kept heated around 30 degrees and low chlorine levels.  5 babies to 1 teacher, 1/2 hour each time. The trial class is $45.

For the first class, it was like an induction of sort, just trying to introduce the concept of being in a vast span of water to the little ones.

Information aside, I loved that he took to the water like a fish.  Not that he could swim, but he wasn't afraid of the water, and he was playing happily.  He didn't take the instructions well but I suppose he just simply didn't understand what he was told to do.

After the class was over, there were 2 shower rooms to shower and 4 changing stations, so it was rather convenient.  Having said that, we won't be back again simply because we don't like being tied down to a specific date/time especially with kids we don't know when they will fall sick or if they need to drink milk around that time, etc.  Too many factors of uncertainty.

but I do hope swimming becomes a regular activity !

[Mommy Post] Accidental Booster Alert!


If you are a breastfeeding mommy or pumping mommy, you will understand when you find a milk booster, it's like striking lottery, right?

So my hub has actually been drinking this V-Soy multigrain for quite some time, so it has a regular appearance in our fridge.  I tried it but found it to be too sweet on so I never drank it after.

One fine day, I had a small play date at my place, and I served this drink to the mommies (because all rejected my first beverage of choice - coffee) to them.  One of them reported that she had higher output and that struck up a lot of other mommies' interest to try (including myself!).  Glad to report, it does help me, but not exponentially as I still don't take a lot of it, just a small cup.   What a small cup did for me - I take a shorter time to pump the same volume and at sometimes I do get about 10-15ml more.  I reckon if I do drink a bigger cup of it, it would be even better?  But no, I didn't choose to do that because it is very calorie...Yes, I have to admit the struggle between wanting to have good output and putting on  weight is real.  Give it a try!  Can be found at most NTUC Finest, as well.

Shashlik, oh Shashlik


This restaurant was introduced to me more than 10 years ago by an ex-boyfriend. I can't remember much about the dinner we had, except thattthe meats were skewered and the waiters were old Hainanese.  

Sometime last year, Shashlik shocked Singapore by announcing their pending closure. I recalled I wasn't particularly sad but still, I lamented the loss of an institution.  Towards the last day of the operations, the restaurant was said to be packed by diners who wanted a last meal there. I would have gone if I had the time but it wasn't a priority and it didn't happen.

But it reopened and I was glad my mother suggested to have lunch there one weekend. The refurbished restaurant looked classic with its dark grey walls and wood flooring.  

We had a cosy corner with a baby chair for little A. The waitress was smily and she gave us two buns (instead of the usual 1 piece) because we told her we were famished!  The buns were warm and soft, eggy and sweet, not unlike a Hawaiian bread.  Requisite SCS butter served alongside went well though the sweet taste of the bun alone did not really require anything more.

We skipped the appetizers as reviews on them were mostly mixed but my sister got escargots just because she wanted to try the homemade butter garlic crumb stuffing. They were good, according to her but one of them snails got stuffed way too far into the shell and she got mad trying to pry it out unsuccessfully.

Moving on to the main courses, we got the shashlik beef (one medium and one medium well), shashlik lamb and two oxtail stews. The beef was marinated well but the cooking was leaning more on the rare side.  The lamb was slightly gamey and my sister who ordered them didn't like it much.  Both my mother and I, we go for the bones.  So we got the oxtail stew. Oh MINE! It was love on first taste.  LOVE.  Meat was fall off the bone soft and the cartilage or tendons attached were my favorite parts as  they were slightly gooey and chewy.   Served alongside were 2 slices of baguette toast, boiled potatoes and carrots.  These were necessary to break the richness of the meat and stew sauce. Four humongous portions of tail were served and I easily wolved down the first two, and felt slightly full.  But greedy for more, I went in on the third piece and found myself struggling between wanting to eat more and feeling the onset of the richness.  I couldn't deal with the fourth and last piece.  Luckily my sister was there to help out (since she just didn't want to deal with her lamb).  At the end of the meal, I was totally stuffed.

We still shared 2 of their signature desserts - the baked alaska and the brandied cherry bomb. Baked alaska was flambed right on the table.  With the meringue, cream and cheap ice cream, everything  was just sweet and sweet.  I guess for the nostalgia, it was worth the calories one time.  But the brandied cherry bomb fared better.  Cooked tableside, it was also a theatrical treat for everyone. The buttery cooked cherries with brandy had more complexity in the taste, but sharing  portion is sufficient.  You wouldn't want to have more than that.  

Anyway, go for the OXTAIL.  Only available on Wednesdays and weekends.  OXTAIL!

222 Chalet


Last weekend, little A spent his first night away from us, at my parent's. I was eager for him to learn to be independent, yet at the same time anxious for my parents who did not have the experience of taking care of babies for longer than a couple of hours since my brother was born. 

Even if it was just for a night, I packed (too much) and labeled (too much) and texted the family chat all the details, his habits, schedules, how to pacify him if he fusses etc. 

The night without the baby was good for my sleep. From 11ish to about 6pm, I slept without interruption. (Lately I have been having difficulty going back to bed once I wake up for his feed so this was a much needed uninterrupted sleep). But as soon as I awake, I wanted to know how A did at his Popo's house. 

After 8am, there was still no news from the other side, so I had to text for an update. The grandma was happy to report that A was a "good boy". Didn't fuss much except for the requisite milk feeds. 

To be honest, I feel very happy A takes to everyone easily. He has a good temperament and always with a cheer. He's everything I asked God for. So thankful and he's definitely my very real testimony of our mighty God's love and power. 

Til the next chalet in 2 weeks!

Chao Shan Teochew Cuisine


Didn't manage to try Chao Shan at their previous location along Beach Road but have been twice to the new location at Raffles Place. The food is good, prices reasonable and parking plenty at Golden Shoe complex.

What makes the experience sucky though is that the restaurant is packed very tightly, leaving very little space for manuveuring prams, wheelchairs and what nots.  Alternatively, you can choose outdoor seating, where space is more liberal but suffer (highly) possible consequences of smokers who do not abide by the law, i.e. simply smokes like 2 meters away from their tables.

Preorder is required for the suckling piglet but it's worth it according to the piggy eaters.

I particularly like their stir fried chives with prawns or simple stir fried gailan because they use dried sole fish (ti por) that increased the umami-ness.   The other noteworthy dish is the simple braised goose with tau kwa.  The firm tofu soaked up every bit of the braising liquid and thoroughly flavourful and delicious.  Next time I will ask if they can give us more tau kwa because it is not enough for seconds!  Other dishes like the fried chai por kway teow and steamed fish, all competently done.  A keeper if not for the fact the husband was pissed off by the smokers and the owner who sided with the smokers who were his friends.




Mother Support Group


It is so important to have support especially for a first time mommy. I am glad I am part of a couple of chat groups with similar aged babies. Sometimes we talk cock sing song, but most of the time it has been a helpful source of information and assurance for normalcy.  

Apart from this real life group of mommies, I enjoy reading mommy blogs too. Yes I really do, but only the ones that focus on sharing their perspectives as a mother, and related topics.  I don't particularly like product endorsements, even though they claim to be non-biased.  I do like being made aware of the products and then counter-checking their reviews on if possible.

Fortunately, I found a few SG mommy blogs that made my bookmark, and recently, I came across an Australian one that I would recommend.  It has been a while since I had come across such a honest, refreshing blog. she reminds me somewhat of a Western Xiaxue, painfully honest, with bits of vulgarity. But the spirit of the blog is focused on motherhood and her thoughts.  I may not agree with some of her opinions, but I do share a lot of her views.  The way she transcripts them into words, I like very much.  Check it out if that interests you too :)

What is 6 months in a journey of a lifetime


Today marks 6 months of Little A. Everyone tells me "oh it gets better after 6 months". Well, let's see if the sleeping gets better (i.e. Mommy gets enough sleep!)

In any case I am thankful for my little cheerful boy.  He is hardly ever grouchy, even when he has just woken up, but he does fuss a little when it's time for bed. But then which kid doesn't?  Kids just want to play All.Day.Long.

Some of his achievements include flipping back and forth easily (but I hate it when he does that when I am changing his diaper), recognizing his name, learning to hold his milk bottle (still needs some help at times), learning to crawl by pushing his leg and lifting his butt up high.  I think he knows who I am (i.e. his mommy) and when I return from work, he kicks his legs excitedly. I have to admit that makes me really happy :)

Little A is a milk guzzler and drinks between 800-1000ml of milk a day and in the past week, he has managed to skip his night feed altogether except for one night.  Hopefully this will transit into less episodes of waking up for comfort.

My baby is growing too fast!

6 months and excited!


Little A will be 6 months old tomorrow. How time flies!

6 months of almost full breast milk. I can't wait for him to eat more solids so I can no longer need to stress about my supply situation. Hahaha.  Luckily, he has been showing increased interest in food, like smacking his lips when we are chewing, and grabbing our food when we pretend to offer him.

1 more day before I let him try his first solid food. In preparation, I bought some organic avocado and broccoli. I want to try Baby Led Weaning (BLW) but I am also wary that it would be difficult for the caregiver...let's see how this goes!

Happy Papa's Day!


We had an early Father's Day celebration in conjunction with my dad's birthday at the Marriott Cafe last Sunday.  The father turns 58!

The buffet spread was lovely, not too much, not too little of variety. What stood out was the lovely fresh oysters, boiled large shrimps and snow crab legs. Granted the crab was borderline saltish, it was still sweet (for the most part) and not tasteless, unlike many others I have tried.  In the cooked section, the whole slab of baked salmon was fatty and moist, and the braised beef ribs and lamb shanks were fall-off-bone soft.  In the bread section, the sundried tomato foccacia deserves a shout-out of its own. I normally avoid bread but I found myself munching on the bread even though I mentally told myself to stop after a slice.  Too addictive that I ate 3 thick slices!

P/S: We used HSBC card to enjoy a buy 2 get 1 free promotion :)

Inspiration !


I chanced upon this lovely Philippine's blog with an attractive layout and interesting content. Also makes a good bookmark to have for that future holiday I will have in Philippines one day.  Check it out!

Hit and Misses at New Ubin Seafood


When the Hong Kong relatives were here, we brought them to a seafood dinner at New Ubin on a Tuesday night. Surprisingly the restaurant was crowded but with a reservation, we didn't have to wait for a table and the food was quick to arrive.  For the 6 of us, we ordered a fairly large amount of food. Not all pictured here because at some stage (read: when the crab arrived), I just didn't bother with the photo taking.There are certain foods that (in my opinion) are definitely not to be missed at New Ubin, and they are :(i) Boss Bee Hoon (say hello to a tasty plate of pan fried bee hoon with just the right about of char, lots of wok hei and lardy flavour!),(ii) 3-egg spinach - you need some greens to balance off the guilt. while it's not extraordinary, it is well done, not too salty and greens are fresh and still crunchy.(iii) Garlic baked crab - the garlic has been fried / baked til soft and they are so tasty and addictive. I can attest to that because I ate more than 40 little cloves and still I am salivating just thinking of it.  Beware though, eating too much garlic causes fatal gas! D will tell you that :PWhat is decent but not die-die-must-try a.k.a order if you are in the mood for it:(i) oyster egg - comfort food, enough said(ii) Chilli CrabThe sauce is borderline gooby and the taste is sujective. I like that they are generous with the sauce, good for going crazy with the man-tou but it's kinda sweet and I didn't care for it.(iii) their famous beef steakDon't get me wrong, it's a decent piece of steak and tasty to boot, but it's also rather expensive. The sides of caramelised onions are delicious but so little and barely enough to go around. What you can give it a miss:(i) herbal steamed prawns - the ang ka hei was large and the soup tasty, but susceptible to being overcooked and tough.  Not to mention, the dish is rather expensive. $6/100 grams...(ii) the XL crab - at $70/kg this is a rather expensive dish as the crab runs around 1.5kg and up.  But on the positive side, they are meatier and easier to eat, and also the crab that we had was cooked perfectly (i.e still juicy and didn't stick to the shell). Going for the promtional buy 2 get 1 free crab (about 800-900gram) could be a better deal. We spent about close to $80/head for this dinner, which is a little expensive for my idea of a tze char dinner. Nonetheless, the relatives had a hearty meal, which is what counts at the end of it :)[...]

The Lawn


Nowadays eating lunch out is a luxury of time that I save for only the most needed occasions. One of the places I love around my work place is The Lawn. It's simple, fuss free and healthy. This no costs $9.90 before GST. Unlike the more famous SaladStop, this price includes a good serving of protein. I love the chicken breast marinated with herbs. Sometimes I go for the mushrooms as well. I avoid the beef cubes because overcooked beef is yucks. But in general, it's hard to go wrong. 

Breastfeeding/ Pumping Side-effects that NO ONE TELLS YOU!


1. Terrible Neck and Backaches - because you will HAVE to lean forward; it helps with let-down sometimes, plus you tend to minimize wastage of milk spraying all over (especially if you are using hand expression).  Sometimes my aches escalate to headaches ever so often; these are the worst!  Nothing like a nagging headache.  I find that counter stretching helps to relieve the strain.  Just simple exercises like rolling the shoulders and neck from side to side and chest opening movements help somewhat.2. Milk Boosters - Not everything works for everyone, but nothing is not worth a try. And the term "booster" is relative. For me, it was rare to get beyond an extra oz. I am just happy if I don't drop in volume.3. Nursing teas - they are an acquired taste to say the least. The first time I had them, I must have the most comical facial expression as my immediate reaction. But...IT GETS BETTER, or you just get used to it.4.  Hives - if you are unlucky like me, you will develop post partum hives. Red welts that itch like crazy and mine appeared under the boobs first, then it went away by itself after a couple of weeks, came back, went away and then came back a third time with a vengeance, going all the way to my back.  A little anti-fungal cream will do the trick but be mindful to wipe them away clean before pumping.  Zyrtec will also work but I am afraid it may decrease my supply so I haven't taken it aka just endure the itch. Piriton works too, but it will cause drowsiness so take it with caution!5. You will EAT A LOT - I basically am snacking during my waking hours. I can go through a loaf of bread (that's 14 slices) minimally a day. Tried eating more protein in attempt to last longer but it doesn't work for me.  I put on a couple of kilos post partum. Go figure.  But if I don't eat, my supply dips or I just don't have the energy to get through the day. 6. You have good days and you have bad days - some days I can finish a pumping session within 25 minutes. Some days, I take 45 minutes just to squeeze enough. On those days, I just want to give up!7. You will be washing bottles and pump parts ENDLESSLY - I hate washing and luckily I can outsource to my helper. But pre-helper, I really hated this. SOLUTION: BUY MORE BOTTLES. At least 10! So you don't have to keep washing. I wished I practiced this right from the start.8. Blocked Ducts / Mastitis ARE A BITCH ! Fortunately for me, I never developed mastitis but I did have a few blocked ducts already. Trust me, they are hard to get rid of and what makes it so bad is that you will have to endure pain in order to remove the blockage.  Pressing and rolling the blocked ducts toward the nipple throughout the pumping session and multiple that by 2-3 days worth of pumping sessions = relief.  Or you could get a massage lady to help you do the job.9. You will feel like GIVING UP many times over, and such feelings would occur mostly around a difficult period such as mastitis, blocked ducts, cracked nipples, blisters, etc. Only YOU can determine if you should wean or not. I remembered the time I had a bad crack and I can't pump without wincing. I was very ready to give up, until I discovered hand expression, which eased off the pump and gave the nipple a chance to heal. Given that the pain lessened, I decided I should continue with the pumping until at least I achieve my 6 months goal.10. SAGGY BOOBS - 'nuff said. IT'S FOR REAL![...]

Time to undust this blog


Hello Everyone!

I am still alive and yes, I declare this blog to be revived as well. Sorry I haven't been updating. To be honest, I don't know what to do with this blog. From its initial food-focused blog, it sort of evolved to some daily musings and fashion/travel bits and I still don't know what to make of this blog.

So for the future, it will be a "whatever comes to my  mind" kinda blog. Stay tuned!

Hermes Leather Forever at the Art Museum


Not an Hermes owner myself but being a bag lover and a witness to the covetness of the brand, I made it a point to visit the show. Now going on until December, I was glad entrance is free but I'll gladly pay if I had to! It was an eye opener to the world of Hermes, and I loved the way all the bags and exhibits were displayed. Use of technology to enhance the vintage bags, the use of a "garden" theme for the commentating of SG50 etc. Personally I was wowed. 

Besides that, there is a master craftsman who will be stitching up a bag as demo in the afternoon that you could see the meticulous details that you are paying for in the bag. 

Highly recommended no matter if you are a bag lover or not, because you can learn something about bags and leather anyway.