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Happy Valentie's Da(y)nish!


Raspberry Cream Cheese Hear Shaped Danish.

to commemorate the holiday of all holidays,the one that proves yr worth and how much others REALLY love you,and whether or not you're an important human being, I made heart-shaped danishes!


great name,no?

i made some last year,but i feel that these ones are much pretty and more heart-y.
hearty, or heart-y?that is the REAL question.

and now i will leave you with the quintessential valentine's day hero,and my future marriage match:
just kidding,because i already am cathy,sorry.or at least we're soul mates.



almond/chocolate bear claw pastries.


today i made bear claws.
they are fluffy,flaky,buttery pastries filled with a sweet 'n' creamy almond filling.and i made some chocolate ones.yeah.
real bakery stuffs.

almond filling.

i used my own recipe for pastry dough and then kind of winged the filling,which was only a few ingredients.
i'm pretty excited.i hope that you are,too.


also,i am in love with the name "bear claw".claw.
i remember always seeing bear claws at starbucks when my sister worked there and i would visit her.
as i told jess earlier after i made these,starbucks is my biggest inspiration for you think i would ever be facetious?!

one more for good measure:

Candied Yam Cinnamon Rolls.Yeah.


Candied Yam Cinnamon Roll.

these bad guys are sweet potato cinnamon rolls with maple candied pecans and vegan marshmallows rolled up inside.
so it's like every element of a candied yam,but in a cinnamon roll.

My friend(and former PPKer who came to the first Gathering!) Sara is a total hater,but when I told her about these,she said "now that's inspired".So that just proves they're the best right there.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll.

in the case.

how amazing are sweet potatoes?!?!





i thought that i hated them until 2 days after i moved to new york. because i hate potatoes more than any other food ever and i thought they were really similar,wrong. also,at work i've been making savoury biscuits with roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash,and spices dusted with sea salt.they're really good. unfortunately most of them time i make them i put daiya cheese in them because everyone and there mother (except for jess,thank you!!!) loves it,but i think it's gross and the smell.
but i've been making sweet potato pie, sweet potato danishes, and sweet potato muffs,too.

Best Cinnamon Roll Of Yr Life Oh & I A Really Awesome New All-Vegan Bakery Oh And "Hi!"Vegan MoFo!!


Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll.hey.long time no talk.yeah,i much has happened.i mean,cathy,my all time fave comic has stopped being published.time flys.sorry.started school,my mom stayed with me,gonna have a drawing in a real show later this month,blah blah blah.oh,and i started baking at a really amazing's called CHAMPS,and is in williamsburg.there's like a million reasons to come check it out,but this post is gonna focus on just one-cinnamon rolls.Cinnamon Roll Tail.i was gonna write a super huge crazy post with pics of some of the great stuff,like huge peach danishes(and a myriad of other flavours,like chocolate,maple walnut,pb&j,cherry cheese,etc etc etc)cake ballz,pignoli,really buttery scones,tender,cheesy apple walnut biscuits,gluten free flaky pies,s'mores muffins,blah blah blah.but me personally,i'm really into these.and so iis pretty much everyone else coming in friday-sunday,even a lot of mondays lately.they sell out fast,oh and they're like the size of yr head!!!literally!!i fell like i've really perfected you know,i've been making crazy cinnamon rolls forever,and think it's really down.also,every day we have em,i make plain ones,and 2 or 3 secil flavours,like...Caramelized Apple Cinnamon Roll.Maple Candied Pecan & Walnut Cinnamon Roll.gooey.Plain Ol' Cinnamon Roll.hey,that rhymes.har.Blueberry and Slivered Almond Cinnamon it,grrrl.Toasted Coconut Almond Cinnamon Roll.i KNOW i KNOW,you can't see the coconut nor almonds.BUT one boy did come in,eat one,loved it,ate another,and then went outside and front of my mom,too.she said she was proud.nosy lady.SO YEAH.there's been some other ones,but they out kinna fast,and i'm busy making stuff so i don't always get to photograph the strawberry rolls.but whatevs.lots to come.oh,and also,i decided i'm gonna start updating everyday in spirit of getting ready for VegnMoFo.i mean,posts about one thing,or one theme/idea/dessert,like this.not crazy long ones that come along every month and a half like i usually do.okay,cool.WAY more exciting cinnamon roll tomorrow!!!p.skaties,meghan,rocky and i were in last weeks NY PRESS.that's also a cinnamon roll in one of my hands.and a banana cream pie.okay bye.p.s.smy favorite past cinnamon roll pic is here.[...]

Baking In The Sun(HA!)-Danishes,Dates,Dried Figs,Chocolate Chunks,Cinnamon Sugared Apples,Sesame Seeds,Banana Bread,Banana Cookies,Brunch,& Ice Cream


PB&J boot.upon the fields of barley, you'll forget the sun in his jealous sky,as we walk in fields of gold-en,flaky,crakly,buttery,soft danish pastry dough.not cheesy,funny!okay?besides danishes,i've been doing other baking too,okay?like these:Banana Sesame Chocolate Oatmeal,i've been really into sesame lately.really.a sue i combined it with other things i obviously bananas,oatmeal cookies,and chocolate.scrumptious,chewy,crunchy,and a tad chocolate-y.with a macchiato from stumptown in the ace hotel.oatmeal and bananas make these very,very healthy,right?!and of course,bananas,are an excellent segue guessed it...Banana Chocolate Chunk Bread.a veritable classic.recently someone i baked for back in april told me they "still dream about that banana chocolate chip bread".(chocolate)chunky.obviously this was made to be eaten with peanut butter,as a delightful sammich.well,to MADE to be,but MADE that way.chocolate isn't everything,'s about fruit?Cinnamon Sugar Banana Oatmeal Bread.the cinnamon sugar apples give this the most invigorating smell,and the texture of the chewy apples and oatmeal is to die of my fave loafs.who doesn't love peanut butter and oats?or peanut butter and apples?Banana Bread with Medjool Dates.brought this when i was working at the rogan sample roommate kind of mentioned to her co workers that i baked....turned out well!dates.Dried Fig Banana Bread.dried figs are great in banana bread-chew AND crunch from the seeds.i prefer calimyrna or turkish figs.the big golden ones,over little black mission figs.which of course,still have their's some fresh fig food porn.since it's summer,and they're here,and they're uh-ma-zing.White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.and every weekend for everyman espresso i baked white chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies:White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips.great mix.i love me some white chocolate peanut butter.and some things i didn't bake that were delicious,and probably peanut butter-y or something:sea salt pretzel with peanut butter sauce from sigmund pretzel shop.amazing,chewy,bready,pretzels.with peanut butter.sweet and salty.peanut butter and mango on toasted a pb&j,but with fresh haitian mango.seriously,peanut butter and mango is an amazing over looked combo.peanut butter,banana,and cashew butter sammich.pb&j.why a picture?because it's the best and must not be forgotten in all the complex amazing peanut butter combo whatever goodness.i guess.Lunch Box Special PB&J from Peanut Butter and Co and Cappuccino from Third Rail Coffee.another plain ol pb&j.but this one was like,$7 or something.BUT amazing coffee from third rail,one of the best specialty coffee shops in nyc,hands down.serving both intelligentsia and stumptown coffee roasters beans,now.another different type of peanut butter sammich:back to nature peanut butter cookies.if oreos were organic and basically all made of peanut butter.i must say,superior even to peanut butter newman os.sweet and sara peanut butter s'mores.i've written about these so many times,and the incredible sara sohn and her marshmallows,but these rule.even the graham cracker cookies crust thing alone is tops.totally deserved that big article in the newest vegnews,too!and it's the hottest summer of my life.could it be more appropriate that i am more obsessed than ever with vegan softserve from kyotofu?this is raspberry.4th of july-i love america-heat record-breaking(literally) raspberry:raspberry chocolate swirl softserve.hay.i had two this day-i went back when i watched the fireworks from 51st street and 11th ave.only 2 aves and 2 blocks away!fireworks kind of sucked though.i left before the finale.lemon softserve.second time i've gone and they had this,second time it's been refreshing and lemon-y,but SO creamy.gah!lvvrs.passionfruit chocolate twist[...]

I Can't Stop Making Banana Bread,Return of The Mango,White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies,Danishes,Drawings,Parades,Bakesales,Frozen Desserts


Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Bread.the BEST banana bread EVER.period.c'mon.peanut butter.bananas.banana bread.end.i like to use crunchy,btw.nice texture to the awesome.crunchy.good morning.crunchy,creamy,bananay,peanut buttery,hairbendery,microfoamy,goodness.also amazing for...peanut butter swirl banana bread with grape jelly.improving the pb&j.or the pb&j&b.heh.Mango Banana Bread.i know.mangos?but what about yr digestive tract?'s mango season,and this is just a teaser.more mango madness to come.Banana Bread French Toast with Carmelized Bananas and Candied Pecans.i needed as many banana peels as possible for my 3DD final project,so i baked a lot of banana bread.saved some,let it get stale,and made french do you make banana bread even better?fry it with a lot of sugar,nuts,maple syrup,and more bananas-DUH.Strawberry Almond Banana Bread.super moist from the strawberries,but delightfully crunchy from the almonds.heck yes.two ways to enjoy:with latte,from stumptown for breakfast.slathered with peanut butter.zomg.Calimryna Fig Banana Bread.crunchy,chewy dried figs,ya'll can hangout in my banana bread any time.great melange of textures.moving away from banana bread..White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Sammiches.the best cookies ever,dolled up with white chocolate peanut butter and studded with vegan white chips,spread thick with more white chocolate pb,and some fat banana about with raspberry jam and more white chocolate wonderful,for a super healthy pb&j?!Chocolate Chunk Cookies.old school,easy,perfect,pleasing.why not?and why not enjoy with an ecco kaffe el salvador espresso macchiato at kaffe 1668?eh?Strawberry Banana Danish.i'm so glad strawberries are at the farmer's market(and everywhere else...)now.local,ripe strawberries are amazing,bananas are amazing,and oh yeah,maybe flaky pastry is,too.Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.with (speaking of!)fresh strawberries and strawberry jelly.these are ridiculous.fudgy,rich,pb blondies and thick ooey fruit swirl.often i wonder how a pb&j can be improved on..oh wait...and there's been quite a few special baking orders....Triple Chocolate Layer Cakefor a dad's birthday.well,diana's dad's...but making this cake is how i met diana!good to meet new vegan friends.especially though making moist chocolate cake with 2 types of chocolate frosting/filling for their father's birthdays.Cherry Pretzel Danishes.when i was asked to make these at first,i thought it sounded crazy.then i tried the baker's of the baker's dozen...sweet,salty,gooey,crunchy,soft,hard...oh man.oh,and flaky and buttery.hi.danishes for sale at everyman espresso...(fridays and sundays!!!)and of course,ice cream.from..where else blossom?!oh,wait,they carry ice cream from lula's now!awesome,of course.cookies n cream cone.and actually at lula's...tart ice cream-lime and sour cherry.whaaat?white chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal cookie with cakebatter/chocolate twist softserve.peach on cake batter.frank got drumstick,because he's a drummer.good one.and of course,kyotofu softserves!azuki bean with mixed berry compote.deliciously bean-y.really.i mean,c''s bean flavoured!anyways,mixed berry compote is amazing to mcdonald's strawberry sauce...possibly better...sweet corn and chocolate chocolate chips in popcorn.but cold.i swear.miso softserve.with mixed berry compote.the miso ice cream was slightly salty,sweet,and creamy.imagine miso tahini spread ramped up in sweetness a bit,as ice cream.AMAZING.f'reals.Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato and Mango Sorbet with Banana Slices and Toasted Coconut.simply amazing.made in store at the tribeca whole foods.banana chocolate love,too/chocolate chip marble bundt cake,alamode,at candle cafe.rice dream mint,delicious,and FREE!i ate an entire pint...and,have you heard of NYCicy?Coconut Icy and Mango-[...]

Today Is Brought to You By the Letter 'C'-Cow Ribbons,Canadians,Cookies,Coffee,Coffee Cake!,Chocolates,Carrot Cake Ice Cream,Candle 79,Cinnamon,ETC


Cow Ribbons.for mother's day-my good friend glenn from vancouver,a founding and most prominent member of liberation bc and all around amazing animal activist, was in town this weekend,and we had a lot of fun,but first i would like to mention liberation bc's latest project-cow ribbons."On dairy farms, calves are taken from their mothers at birth. The male calves are sold for veal or just thrown away.This Mother’s Day, remember those who never got to experience the joy of motherhood."here's more info.get yr own cow ribbon,moving on to more frivolous topics,how about some delicious recent baking(and eating out with glenn!)that did NOT involve harming cows...C is for...chocolate.Rescue Chocolate Peanut Butter Pitbull.oh-hey!something else for a good cause!oh AND the BEST chocolate bar ever,perhaps.sarah gross makes these bars and the profits go to animal rescue organizations and they're probably the best bar first i thought "butterfingers" but no,it's actually exactly like a reese's peanut butter freaking good.oh my god.i wish i didnt know sarah now,it's gonna be hard not to buy them if i see her more often!and...Rescue Chocolate 'Good Egg'.at first i was disappointed that it wasn't a vegan cadbury egg,but then i tasted the smoothest,creamiest,truffle-y chocolate filling ever and ate the whole thing without looking back.thanks sarah.can't wait for the diabetes.the good's good.Cinnamon Raisin Banana Danish.cinnamon spiked vanilla cream cheese filling with mixed raisins and banana creme and slices.WHY do bananas and cinnamon not go together ALL the time?!practically made in heaven.glenn-and danish.speaking of cinnamon...Cinnamon Apple Banana Bread.caramelized cinnamon sugar apples in classic banana bread.with more of those lovely slices a top.zomg.lisa,who i didn't even know ate any,complimented how good it was the next day!with a small latte at,duh,stumptown,in the ace hotel.p.s it's REALLY good with peanut butter,too.more bananas,more c's...Banana Coffee Cake.the perfecr breakfast for glenn's first morning banana bread,not as tall,and though,like with all coffee cake,the best part is the fat crumb topping.i used to to go to starbucks and get chocolate chip coffee cake and eat only the cake and cappuccino.but now i just go to stumptown and eat the top off my own coffee cake.har.c is for coffee.glenn wanted one a second cup of coffee,didn't want to wait in line,ordered a french press in the lobby,and got about a litre more.we heavy.what else was baked,you may ask?how about..cookies!with coconut!and some with chocolate!Oatmeal Coconut Walnut Raisin Everything Cookies.or,as ariela says, "the best cookies ever".i went with glenn to have lunch on monday with another amazing activist,jasmin singer who later on sent me an email calling them "otherwordly".me?personally,i could eat a bowl of just the cookie it a lot.especially the raisins,is that lame?well,if raisins aren't yr fave fruit,how about figs?Oatmeal Coconut FIG Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies.raisins for CALIMYRNA figs,walnuts for almonds and the addition of chocolate.heavenly.but wait...the chocolate was specific and special...these was no peanut butter in the cookies-but this was the special chocolate!SEE?it's all in the dough.figgy.sammich time?Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.i've been posting variations of these cookies for there ANYTHING left to say?!dough on sheet.Oatmeal Raisin Cookiewhich at Babycakes.this was really good.i LOVE their coconut oil based frosting,especially between 2 oatmeal raisin cookies.or just a frosting shot.or on a...Carrot Cake Cupcake.i never go to babycakes,but a canadian was visiting and we had to go to all the great standby vegan places...and did you read the title?did it sound a bit esoteric or unexpected?well,'c' IS for...Carrot Cake Ice Cream.[...]

Easter Themed!Chocolate and Coconut!and again with the Bananas!Oh, and Lots of Breakfast Pictures


Easter Banana Bread.banana bread with candy lentils-or vegan m&m's/smarties.perfect for spring because of all the cute-sy pastel colours,right?i guess that what makes it easter banana bread.delicious,nonetheless!with a cappuccino at stumptown in the ace hotel.speaking of cutes-y pastel-y spring-y colours...vegan treats white chocolate pretzel brownie.i got this from work.i love white chocolate,and i felt seasonally appropriate eating it,too.the buttercream is a bit much,pretty unnecessary,but a solid brownie.also,pretzels!another seasonally appropriate holiday dessert that i didn't make myself...sweet and sara easter marshmallow sundae at lula's sweet apothecary.with english toffee crunch ice cream and cake bater softserve.these marshies made me miss peeps a whole lot less.thanks sweet and sara!peep peep.okay,and one more homage to the best vegan spot in NYC,and spring,and pretty pastel colours...strawberry and cake batter softserve twist with sprinkles and graham crackers.c'mon,it looks like am easter egg basket,amirite?!but derek likes to ugly things up......deliciously.pretty.strawberry softserve and peanut butter fudge ice a pb&j,with rich fudge,and umm in ice cream form.hey.yeah.i'll aslo say happy birthday to alyssa here-this was the ice cream i had at her party on sunday.sundae sunday.BUT,of course,this is MY baking blog,so i guess i'll show off a bit of what i've been upto,baking wise.i kind of have a second new obsession,but t's coinciding with the banana one:(look,easter-y AND chocolate coconutty...ha!...also,i'd like to say that this theo TOASTED coconut dark chocolate bar was amazing.ariela thought it was 'too dark',but i thought it was really rich,and i LOVED the toasted coconut.very unique...)chocolate and coconut and bananas.any of those three in combination,though preferably all together at let's start off with some 'breakfast-y' items...Chocolate Coconut Almond Banana good is chocolate and coconut?and almond?!and bananas?!i love the combination of chocolate and coconut,and almonds and chocolate,and all of these things with bananas(duh)so it only made sense to make danishes with banana cream filling,chocolate cream filling,sprinkled with coconut and delicious roasted sliced almonds.mmm.a breakfast shot.but sometimes no frills is nice...Chocolate Ganache a plain chocolate danish.filled with vegan cream cheese and a ganche-y,fudge-y chocolate filling.again.and the 'no frills' idea carries over...No Frills Banana frills,no jokes,no nonsense.just plain ol' banana bread.pure and delish.that's not to say that we don't love it with some other chocolate,fruit,gingers,coconut,almonds,walnuts....okay,sorry,i'll stop.contradicting myself.with a cappuccino at el beit.this coffee was surprisngly solid.el beit serves 49th parallel coffee roasters,from vancouver.i used to go to the actual 49th parallel cafe they opened in kitsilano and they had some of canada's best baristas working.(and a $9 per cup syphon...)anywhoo,i was really disappointed by the drinks made with the epic espresso when i tried this place when first moving here(2nd day in the city,actually!ha.didn't feel far from home...) and the clover brewed was just bad,like they weren't adjusting the machines at all.but i've been back here twice lately and it's been really good drinks.also,one of the baristas recognized me and happened to have worked at the shop in vancouver.small world,no?another simple way to eat simple banana Ginger Banana Bread.a few weeks ago i had an order from kathryn for chocolate chip banana i took the liberty of making some for myself and friends,y'knowjust to try it out,since i NEVER make banana bread,and i revived an old love of mine-chocolate gingers.i used to eat chocolate covered crystallized ginger obsessively,then kind of forgot about [...]

Plentiful and Prodigious Peanut Butter-Birthday Cakes,Danishes,Candy,Sammiches,Cookies,etc and Some Birthday Layer Cakes and Other Delicious Things.


Peanut Butter Fudge Danish. peanut butter cream cheese filling and chocolate,i needn't say more.yes? what a trip! is the past 3 weeks my sister came to visit, my little brother stayed with me for 2.5 weeks,i had mid terms,spring break,baking orders,and just life in general. but lots of delicious sweets happened in that time,and,as per usual,though i felt like it was taking somewhat of a backseat,lots and lots of peanut butter! fudgy. Peanut Butter Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake.(aka 'art history birthday cake') well,there's a story behind this peanut butter cake with raspberry cream,peanut butter buttercream,and thick chocolate ganache-my fantastic art history professor michael dorsch was planning a surprise birthday party for his birthday and needed a 'secret accomplice' to carry in his cake so he could act surprised infront of the class,and then have cake.well,he asked me. little did he know i baked. little did he know i had a blog,and sold baked goods,etc etc. so after numerous emails i made him a cake,which he said to be my 'masterpiece'.(how very art history...)so i knoew it needed peanut butter.i could've pushed myself further,but i also could've pushed myself further on the duccio presentation.good thing i did the following week at the met... birthday boy. speaking of peanut butter and birthday cakes and peanut butter... Chick O Stick Layer Cake. for my little brother patrick's's what he asked for,too! rich and fluffy vanilla cake with super thick chick o stick frosting,decorated with more chick o sticks. i took him out for dinner and was so full i thought that i was gonna die.but then i ate two pieces of this.with lots of almond milk.SO good. balls. sliced cake. man down! thanks,michael.i guess they did come in handy. more stick action... Chick O Stick Danish. the crunch was really nice.c'mon,like butterfingers in flaky pastry.blows my mind. with a chick o stick and pistachio milkshake at foodswings,in brooklyn. i hate fake meat and the like,but my sister was real excited to go back here,but they so have really really good milkshakes.fantastic opportunity to eat the danish,to. Strawberry Peanut Butter Cookies Milkshake. i had to get 2... and speaking of candies.. Huge Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Vegan m&ms. i.e the biggest and best cookies ever with candy lentils. sans candies... with caramel pecan ice cream,cake batter softserve,and caramel sauce at,duh,lula's sweet apothecary. PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies. for patrick's birthday,again. though i made them more perfect by sammiching them with white chocolate peanut butter and banana slices...har. sorry,i really like the dough.maybe more so than cookies,no matter how oerfect they are. i've mentioned peanut buttered pears a myriad of times,i know... white chocolate penaut butter and pear sammich. white chocolate pb and blueberry jam sammich. white chocolate pb,agave,and banana sammich. my fave besides... white chocolate pb,banana,and that sahale walnut banana ginger lavener trail mix stuff. zomg. crunchy peanut butter,homemade medjool date spread,and banana sammich. and speaking of peanut butter,pb&j's,ridiculous things,and peanut butter and co,i've actually been to the peanut butter & co sammich shop 3 times,i wouldn't normally pay $5 or $6 for a pb&j but when you have lots of these: and yr gonna be buying it anyways,you might as well go there,get a sammich AND a jar of pb for the same price you would've spent.see,it's ACTUALLY a deal! so here's what's been had: [...]

Beautacious&Bountiful Bananas-DANISHES,BREADS-COOKIES,PUDDING,S'MORES,MARSHMALLOWS,and As Per Usual Peanut Butter,Ice Cream,and Really Good Coffee...


Banana Pecan Cream Cheese Danish. with lots of icing,as you can see. so,i think i have a new obsession,that isn't actually new,but a level that i didn't think would happen. just because it's so pedestrain. so blase. so....bananas. yeah,that's kind of it.bananas. behold: chomp. trajectory. before the 'storm'(of my mouth!?) i love the way bananas taste with different about... Banana Walnut Peanut Butter Danish with Salted Peanuts. are you sick of the latte art yet?sorry,but i'm not. besides,perfect danish and weekend morning accompaniment. compost. so,i feel that i could get sick of danishes,like any other dessert,but one of two things i will never get sick of is banana bread... Banana Chocolate Chunk Almond Bread. should sliced almonds taste different that slivered/whole almonds?because i think they're waay better,even if that sounds nonsensical. i love how crispy and toasty and aromatic they get sprinkled on top of baked goods.Especially banana bread. but,i mean,classic banana bread is good and all,but why settle when you could have.. S'mores Banana Bread. yeah.banana bread with chocolate chips,and melted sweet and sara vegan marshmallows. i baked the bread with chocolate chips and marshmallows and after cooled put some more on top and stuck it under the broiler for about 5 minutes.moist and plush banana bread with a layer of gooey toasted marshmallows atop.gawd,so good. having more than enough sweet and sara's,i also decided to make something that won best dessert at an earthsave canada potluck back in july... Peanut Butter S'mores Bar. look at those nuts! yes,this was breakfast.for more than champions,of course. given that there was these amazing cookie bars with marshmallows left when i went to lula's later that night Peanut Butter S'mores Bar with Cake Batter Softserve and PB&J&Marshmallow Ice Cream. lula's had marshmallows in the incendiary pb&j flavour that night.c'mon,it was fate. and then,sara,marshmallow maven behind sweet and sara came in!coincidence?i think not. p.s i should mention that sweet and sara makes mini marshies now!just as good as the original,but not you can be size selective.great for baking. an angry alyssa and my pens. more delicious banan-y peanut butter-y baking i've been upto includes Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies. i love how caramel and almost un baked the middles stays.super chewy.very peanut buttery,but with lots of banana a surprisingly chewy cookie. with chocolate chunk,coconut and pecans. with candy lentils. plain. sammiched with maple peanut butter! under softserve ice cream at lula's! sammiched with banana pudding! this was my fave. along with the banana obsession heightening,i realized that i really love zensoy banana pudding,and that i was on sale for less than $2 for a few weeks at whole foods. let me count the ways: plain. mixed with peanut butter and banana slices. with maple candied cashews.bananas and cashews(and raisins,or chocolate ginger...)rule,btw. on cereal. c'mon,it DOES have 25% RDA of calcium. atop that banana chocolate almond bread. and some other banana-y sweet treats: sahale trailmix with walnuts,banana,coconut,ginger,and lavender. their best flavour.too bad my mom sent me this from vancouver,for i've never seen this one here in nyc. bananas,mutsue apple,peanut butter and brown rice syrup. plain and simple. chunk o banana with leftover chocolate ganache,vanilla cream cheese danish filling,and peanut butter. organic chocolate coated dried bananas from tribeca whole foods. chewy,not banana chips! and to end on a similar note as last time: macchiato with brazil ecco caffe espresso @ kaffe 1668. and a ballpoint pen drawing that i did. macchiato with new black cat beans @ kaffe 1668. [...]

KABOCHA DANISHES!a Million Ways With PB&J,and Even More With (RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE CHUNK!)Banana Bread,Blondies,Vegan M&Ms,Classic Cookies,PB(duuh)ETC.


kabocha squash danish pastry.pumpkin,sweet potatoes,why not kabocha squash?it's sweet,flavourful,a beautiful colour,AND the name make it sound exotic.japanese pnkin is like my third favourite food in the world,and these were pretty rockin'.like a squash(or pumpkin pie)in a super flaky crust,AND portable.yum.squashed.okay...banana time!peanut butter banana chocolate chip danish.everything good in this world world rolled into a flaky,puffy,pastry dough.umm hi.Peanut Butter Banana Danish with Stumptown Latte.the only POSSIBLY better breakfast i can think of would be...raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread made into a peanut butter and banana sammich with a mocha from stumptown.i had espresso before the mocha,okay?!i know it's not 'real' coffee...the night before i got this awesome freeze dried raspberry chocolate bats with theresa,so baked raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread.same banana bread as per usual,but with chunk of raspberry chocolate!tall.i had second thoughts on the mocha,but as dillion was pouring the chocolate he said "look at's practically want it."and i did.awesome raspberry dark chocolate bars.melty.there was A LOT of ripe bananas,so there was also a loaf made of...raspberry swirl banana bread.except for when it was needed with chocolate, laborious!and by sunday,there was leftover raspberry chocolate banana bread,just a bit,that hadn't been covered...perfect for...chocolate banana bread fronch toast.fronch toast from the classic 'vegan with a vengeance' made with the raspberry chocolate chunk banana bread instead of regular bread/baguette.served with peanut butter,icing,banana slices,and chocolate chips.Z-O-M-G,is all i can really,neither too sugary,or too rich...okay,well,i had a few danish orders this weekend,and was seeing a lot of people,and was already baking,so i decided to keep it up and bake even more...vegan m&ms a giant chocolate chip cookie,with lots of edge faaaave.rainboooow.blondie dough fun.really.look at those colours!THESE,i brought some with me to lula's to share with friends,including emma who i was meeting to get some danishes,too.she had a crazy sundae,and technically i only had one scoop...vegan m&m's/smarties blondie with cakebatter softserve and caramel sauce @ lula's sweet apothecary.umm edge pieces of blondies with candy coated chocolates drowning in softserve ice cream and caramel.ummm HELLO!y'know,like fran drescher might say.this is justne.turns out she's friends with emma.funny,because i was getting coffee from her at stumptown that morning.oh,and every other morning for the past long while.small,crazy,world.classic cross-hatched peanut butter mom's recipe,which is from my grandma,veganized,very simply.sometimes simple things are bestest.or almost.crunchy is nice in these.textures thing up i guess.cookie dough fun.okay,so i thought i'd take a break from bombarding you with new danish pasty photos,but i had some order this weekend and here are some other highlights(though,y'know,i did post the most exciting ones impo...)orange marmalade danish.grape danish with an assortment of raisins(sultana,thompson,flame,and golden)turkish fig danish.oh,and good ol' blueberry danishes for emma.buttery.and keeping with what i always used to do....end with a coffee.ecco caffe single origin brazil espresso in a gibraltar at kaffe'll be sad to see this one go.though,i remember the day after christmas when they started serving it....oh.crazy school time now.maybe more sweets next week...more bananas,too....[...]

Valentine's Day-Heart Shaped Danishes!!!and Banana Chocolate Chip,PB Swirl Banana Bread,Croissants,Milkshake,S'mores,n More!(sweets,that is...)


a plethora of heart-shaped raspberry danish pastries. raspberry cream cheese heart-shaped danish. chocolate almond raspberry heart-shaped danish. cappuccino(from stumtown,ace hotel) with appropriate latte art and a heart-shaped danish. precious AND appropriate,no?perfect way to celebrate v-day.same danishes,just valentine-ized.i'm still selling danishes,and will be until further notice,if anybody is interested. not heart-shaped,but my fave from recntly:banana chocolate chip danish.what can i say?banana is the's a banana creme filling sprinkled with chocolate chips before baking,and a fresh banana slice that gets all caramelized and gooey in the center.yump. speaking of bananas,this long-weekend also came with... peanut butter-swirl banana bread.the same,tried n true banana bread i always makes,but with a really rich and sweet and salty peanut butter filling layered and swirled into the loaf.the peanut butter parts are really dense and almost fudgy,but the banana bread part stays light,fluffy,yet moist. swirl. not baked,but... medjool dates,peanut butter,bananas. more peanut butter goodness from this weekend as well... peanut butter oatmeal need for words.been said before-best.cookies.EVER. but the dough is the best part... i even made some with coconut and chocolate chunks addeded in,peanut butter oatmeal coconut chocolate chunk cookie dough.a mouthful and a half. oh,speaking of cookie dough... cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake @ lula's sweet apothecary.yeah,i'm sick of ice cream,and yeah i can't afford to be eating out,but YEAH,it was valentine's day and YEAH it was a cookie dough and peanut brittle milkshake.super thick,and valentine? [...]

GET VEGAN DANISHES IN NYC! and the NYC Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti...


PB & J Danish.Cherry Cheese Danish.Blueberry Danish.hi everybody,i'd like to announce that i am going to re-start selling flaky,puffy,buttery,delicious vegan danishes,like i was in vancouver,here in NYC.if you or anybody you know are interested,please don't hesitateto contact me through email at insideoutelephant@hotmailcom or via the blog.i've had a few orders to far,and am very flexible,and c'mon,where else are you gonna get a vegan danish here?especially ones this good?look at that flaky could you resist?!here's an assortment of varieties of danishes i've made in the past couple weeks:apricot almond.banana pecan.chocolate cream cheese.crunchy peanut butter.pb&j.chunky cherry.mmmm.and also,exciting,there is CROISSANTS! too! chocolate croissants!so don't be shy!and in other (danish related,too) news, last weekend i baked for and volunteered at the super-awesome...NYC Vegan Bake Sale for was madness!i had never been to a bake sale so huge,vegan or not.there was a million different amazing desserts,and it was very ended up raising over $5,000!great job to and big thanks to everybody who organized it and help out,i can't believe those people made it so big,and got so many donations and everything else.plates o' berry cream cheese danishes at the bake sale.i decided to bake danishes for the sale!i made blueberry,cherry,raspberry,strawberry,all with a cream cheese filling,pb&j,and some variations of the fruit flavours but with tag.there was so many great volunteers-so i was relegated to 'photographer' and took pictures for hours,ate sweets,and kept nagging people trying to offer help with something because i felt bad.check out the 100+ photo set here:'s some highlights-if there's bite marks in it,it's probably one of the things i got to was all for a good cause-okay?!amazing sugar cookies.just like i used to get at albertsons.gumdrop.sarah sarchan made an amazing chick o stick cake!!!fauxstesses.peanut butter chocolate cheesecake.pizzelles.only a few of the goods...buckeye.peanut butter bean buns.hey.a few people who made the whole thing possible...still warm.epic,no?[...]

FINALLY-I Got To Eat Raw Tiramisu From Pure Food and Wine and a Million Other Desserts,Oh and Some Banana Bread,Coffees,Cookies,and New Marshmallows..


tiramisu from one lucky duck.last weekend my good friend/roommate theresa had her parents visit,and they took us out to lunch.and we went to one lucky duck. the pure food and wine takeaway/cafe.since moving to nyc,i've been salivating over picture's from erica on flickr and her blog of amazing looking raw desserts,especially tiramisu,and have been DYING to try it,but haven't financially been able to,given that a slice of tiramisu is $15,a milkshake $27(whaaaat?!),etc.but i guess everything came together and they had no problem taking us out(geeze now i really feel like the baked gods weren't enough of a thank you...) so. i finally got to try it.and the desserts were amazing.especially the mallomar.the "marshamallow" was soooo creamy,and light,and fluffy and amazing.better than the moonpie,because there was less chocolate and more vanilla-ness.and the tiramisu was excellent,though super dense.again,i loved the creme the most.the cookie/sponge cake/what-have you layer was really really dense and hard to eat a lot of at once,but again,it was soo good.and the caramel in the caramel bar was fantastic.i wasn't crazy about the bar/cookie base,it was a pretty dry and crumbly,but nonetheless.oh,and the 'almond butter cup' ice cream milkshake was out of this world.super vanilla-y,and smooth,and just perfect,really.oh,and lunch was great too,best caesar salad i've had in a long time,better than candle 79 or peacefood,both of which i said was the best.theresa and her parents all loved it,too,and none of them are vegan.moon pie.mallomar.'almond butter cup' "millionaire's milkshake."caramel bar.oreo cookie.fig was all kind of was seeing kev and linds.and,just like last time they visited,i baked for them....classic banana bread.okay,so this one wasn't so much for them,but i had made the cookies and bars and then thought i hadn't done enough,so at 1:30am i baked this and fell asleep after checking on it and thinking it needed just 10 more minutes.i woke up at 4:30am,freaked out and thought the apartment was burning,and then will told me that it smelled done and he took it was awesome.home made no-frills banana bread and latte @ stumptown,ace hoteland...peanut butter and jelly bars.super gooey.and into the batter i added somefor extra crunch and sweet n saltiness.and more of those oatmeal-coconut-chocolate chip-pecan-raisin/dried cherry cookies.because t wasn't here when i made them and i wouldn't shut up about how good they were and how everyone loved them.and yeah,ariela got some some cookies,bars,and banana bread ain't bad,amirtie?s'mon,i did have to start school that week,too...oh,and i went to lula's last week,too and tried one of these:new black and white marshmallows from sweet and sara.a serious taste sensation.the thin chocolate on the chewy fluffy marshmallow with the little crunch when you bite into it is crazy.kinna like a moon pie! and white sundae.aesthetically pleasing and correct sundae.cookies n cream,chocolate and cake batter twist softserve,black and white marshmallows,whipped cream,chocolate sauce,chocolate and vanilla creme cookies.crackly.classic.and speaking of marshmallows...vegan rocky road gelato at tribeca whole foods.the biggest and best nyc whole foods(tribeca) had a gelato thing upstairs and makes their own vegan gelato in house,and always has one flavour.recently i had rocky road,which was really good,with big chunks of marshmallows and almonds in it.though once they did have :oatmeal raisin cookie dough gelato.which i liked a lot more.i think there was shredded coconut in it,but maybe it was just the oats?yummy.[...]

Winter B(re)aking!


so this was my first winter in nyc,as i mentioned,and it was really great.i went to a few gallery,the natural history museum three times,the frick,moma,i met patti smith(!)walked like 80 blocks to central park a lot,walked the brooklyn bridge unexpectedly,drank a lot of amazing coffee at kaffe 1668,specifically,drew more than anything,decorated,made erotic fruit collages,froze to death,etc.oh,and did a lot of baking.and melisser visited!so i ended up going out with her,and we,and alyssa,ended up going to lula's a,lot's of baking and cold things in the winter:the last thing of 2009 that i baked,on NYE...peanut butter caramel apple bars.i actually made these twice within 3 days.mostly because of getting/having huge apples from the green market like this:i doubled the peanut butter caramel recipe,since it is the best part,but the whole thing is amazing.i remember making these asap in 2006 before v'con came out when isa had just posted them on the ppk.with cake batter softserve@lula's sweet apothecary.i actually celebrated midnight with blythe,too,unexpectedly:then,my uncle mike visited from toronto,so i baked the same 'vegan cookies' i made for him when i was staying at his house in TO for forever last october/november.ginormous classic best ever chocolate chip cookies,some with vegan m&ms.still hot.@ stumptown in the ace hotel when my uncle was visiting for a dayoatmeal coconut raisin pecan chocolate chip cookies.these were probably the best thing i baked.okay,maybe not.i got excited about a lot of things,but these were probably 2nd after the pb&j bars.the dough for these was aaaamazing.ariela ate a million and sent me a message the next day saying she was ;dreaming' of them.and again,topped with cakebatter softserve at lula's.and more oaty-ness...almond butter chocolate chip almond oatmeal cookies.almond butter oatmeal cookies.almond butter oatmeal jam dot cookies.with blueberry and strawberry jam.peanut butter caramel bars.thick peanut butter cookie like bars with the same v'con peanut butter caramel from the apple bars and s'mlove pie.and the last thing that i baked...white chocolate peanut butter and blueberry jam bars.dense,fudgy,ridiculously sweet and peanutty,everybody went crazy over these,blythe said they were better than anything i've ever made,and i lked them more than the oatmeal cookies.go figure.of course.and melisser stayed with me the last night she was in nyc and was supposed to leave super early(but missed her flight...whoops) and needed to get food,so i made her a sammich reminiscent of the bars that had all been devoured:happened on too many chocolate with marshmallows @ lula's sweet apothecary.and okay,especially when melisser was here,we ended up going to lula's like everyday.but here's some of the most memorable ice creams:banana split with toffee crunch,toffee chocolate peanut,cake batter softserve,peanut butter swirl brownie,caramel sauce,chocolate sauce,sprinkles,whipped cream and a cherry.double cookie caramel sundae with cakebater,cookies n cream,those oatmeal coconut everything cookies i baked,and caramel sauce.a plethora of toffee & caramel ice creams.caramel cakebatter shake.can you tell that lula's makes caramel sauce now and we all really love it?!marshmallow topping and gummy bears.the beloved 'green juice'.oh,and i went to peaceood cafe on the UWS for the first time,and went back more than once,and besides ice cream and coffee,i never really eat out!cinnamon roll @ peacefood cafe.awesome.gooey.huge,too.more on here another time.freezing.well,i have school a lot now,so bye for maybe a while.[...]

Holiday Baking/First Winter in NYC;COOKIES,Peanut Butter,Pretzels,Pomegranates,Peppermint JoJos,PBandJ Bars,(sweet)Potato Pecan Blondies,non-P Foods


peanut butter oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filled pretzels and chocolate speakers for itself.doh.which i made for thanksgiving dinner at dillion's/dan's which liz invited me to at stumptown that morning.liz's amazing cherry-balsamic brussels.PB&J Bars.ridiculously rich and dense.made these when theresa's parents came to help her move in,as a thankyou present.but i saved quite a few.i used raspberry peanut buttery and just plain buttery.and then it was theresa's birthday...being the great friend i am i baked her 6 types of humongous cookies.and then at 11pm that night i made her 2 more types.hey!HUGE classic chocolate chip cookies with vegan m&ms/smarties.chocolate coated almond chip cookies.classic peanut butter oatmeal cookies.peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.all together now...and...chewy chocolate mint cookies with chunks o' peppermint jo jos!chewy chocolate mint cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts.i ate one of the jo-jo chunk ones hot off the sheet(so did theresa) and i think i've personally overdone it with mint&chocolate,because i can't look at anything mint chocolate without getting nauseous now.though 2 days before i made the delicious cookies i had this at lula's sweet apothecary:a scoop o' mint chip ice cream with hot fudge.yeah,for once i got what blythe reccommended.i dunno if she was more surprised or me.and after theresa left out apartment to providence for winter break,i baked some more for christmas...sweet potato spice blondies with sweet and sara cinnamon pecan marshmallows.zomg.these were sooo good.especially warm/hot when the marshmallow was all gooey and melty and hot.the blondies are the amazing recipe from vegan cookies invade yr cookie jar by isa and terry but with the added awesomeness of sweet and sara cinnamon pecan marshmallows,which are like cinnamon toast crunch but better.and in marshmallow form.yr wishing we were friends,right?CHEWY sweet potato cookies,with walnuts.hooray for non-cake-y sweet potato/squash/punkin baked goods.i've done these with punkin before,but can't wait to try them out with kabocha sqaush.(japanese punkin)so that was my holiday baking.all the way from thanksgiving to christmas.and don't forget,i made that insane four-layer birthday cake during the period,too.oh,and had school,and finals.holidays baically alone in the city,since everyone left have been fun and productive,though.albeit a tad lonely.on christmas i ate my first mango since october 6th,which was my first since august 6th,when previously i had been obsessively eating at least 1,upwards of 3,huge red mexican mangoes a day,until they ruined my digestive tract and i had to go to the was kind of perfect.also,because it was christmas,i bought myself a christmas present.nice mug,eh?cuz it was and mug. i've been decorating,too.and if you recall the peanut butter-ed pomegranate from vegan mofo,i finished this ball point drawing on christmas day,too:[...]

my birthday cake!4 layer peanut butter blondie/brownie cake with espresso buttercream made with stumptown hairbender espresso & fudgy ganache.........


my birthday cake : four layer peanut butter blondie/brownie cake with espresso buttercream utilizing stumptown's hairbender espresso, and fudgy ganache, decorated with liz lovely peanut butter and coffee macadamia cookies.yes,that's the title, and yes that's why it won't all fir in the subject/heading bar.and yes,it was the best cake ever,and no,not a single person(well,besides a very drunk chris bennett with the additional of 2 glasses of soymilk...)could finish an entire birthday ever.3see how it's supposed to be like 'latte art' in the top?get it?because of the espresso frosting, chocolate/coffee brownies?har.see,like this cappuccino i had at cafe grumpy(chelsea) made with the barismo 'soma' espresso,on my birthday,in the first snow of the was good,i remember it tasted like cinnamon toast crunch.okay,it was really cinnamon-y,because i know somebody is actually gonna try it and say it did not taste like cereal at all.w/e.see,so it's also funny that we served it in a ceramic melitta pour over.oh, & the liz lovely cookies?i tried one from whole foods,a pb one,and it was stale and sucked,so dan,from liz lovely sent me some 'fresh' ones-peanut butter classics and mochadamia mountains,and,everyone agreed,but theresa put it best "best packaged cookie ever".and serendipitously i got them in the mail the day before my birthday AND they corresponded PERFECTLY with the flavours of the cake-peanut butter,coffee,and chocolate.everything truly cafe full circle.everytime i tried one i'd say it was my fave.then i'd try the other and change my mind.loved the macadamia nuts though,such a good idea.thanks so much dan.ganache-d.self-explanatory.i'm really attractive,i like this only gain me lots of readers.and that's the cake.since i'm updating,i'll throw in a few more things that happened on my birthday,delicious-wise:macchiato,made by elliott,at stumptown.i was out till 4am the night before by birthday,but theresa and i still left to get coffee at 8:30.then my actual birthday party went till 3 then night.har.okay also...really good lavender coconut creme brulee at blossom.only dessert we had.really good,actually.and even though i don't care about 'real' food,here some sammiches:seitan philly cheese steak from blossom.tofu BLT at blossom.and we went to cocoa v on my birthday,too,at all-vegan fancy chocolate's kinna on my shit list,the 'creamy peanut butter' cup tasted like bakers chocolate.the 'vegan honey banana chip' tasted like artificial banana flavour,and the caramel was not rich and thick enough,tasted like thickened agave.laame.okay,yay!happy birthday to me!...okay,one more so you don't forget how amazing i am:[...]

Vegan Cookies Invade Yr Cookie Jar Party Aftermath!and more Peanut Butter Blondies!and other Cookies!


cowgrrrl cookies or isa and terry?(that's an oatmeal,coconut,chocolate chunk-er,btw)so in my last post i mentioned that there was gonna be a party to celebrate the release of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar at Moo Shoes.and there was.last night.and it was really fun!isa and terry were there,isa's jokes were unfunny but terry looked really great,so it made up for it.thanks everyone who put it on,it was super great.there was a lot of cookies,but i decided to make peanut butter blondies(from the book)anyways:peanut butter blondies from vciycj.with chocolate chips in half.with ginger molasses cookies.but as i said there was 900 million types of cookies,and isa's mom was right that it was just "silly.but thoughtful."anyways,more of those 900 million cookies(just a few...):sweet potato blondies.classic peanut butter criss cross.crosshatch or something.melissa.molly.eric.randoms.paula's head.[...]

Oh,Hey,I Met the Real Rachael Ray.Oh,and VCTOYCJ Peanut Butter Blondies.


Oh hey!I met the real Rachael Ray.we're also soul mates,and she actually complimented me and said "i love your shirt!it's very autumnal."that's one of my favourite words,p.s.just thought i had to let the world know that i met rayray.elegance,beauty,AND grace.such a good sense of humour,too.and i guess in terms of vegan baking...peanut butter blondies from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar!yes,did you know that vegan cookies invade your cookie jar,isa chandra moskowitz and terry hope romero's newest cook(IE!) book is now out?i was a tester,and wrote about some recipes(like the soft whole wheat fig bars!)last month as part of vegan mofo,and just in general a lot over the past year,but it's out now,so go buy it!with(incredible) espresso from abraco.and these are definitely in my top 3 recipes from the book.probably number 1,actually.then the nutter butters and fig peanut buttery,fudgy,dense,crispy sides,salty and sweet...incredible.oh,they're also really good with ice's a peanut butter blondie with cakebatter softserve ice cream from lula's sweet apothecary.and if yr in NYC,there's a party happening at Moo Shoes tomorrow tuesday november 24th at 7pm to celebrate the book with isa and terry and cookies and snacks and drinks and book signing and more,so go!and because i already mentioned ice cream,and peanut butter,to...pb&j ice cream(grape jelly!) and cake batter softserve from lula's.[...]

My Bake Sale in the Newest VegNews Magazine!



it's a picture from my june bake sale,as part of the world wide vegan bake sale,which was the 'event of the year',and they used my picture!pretty exciting,no?

Vegan MoFo Day#31-Peanut Butter Double Oatmeal,Candy,Banana and J Cookie Sammich!Happy Halloween!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN/LAST DAY OF VEGAN MOFO!!!for halloween,i made peanut butter oatmeal cookies with vegan 'm&ms/smarties',and theresa and i made cookie sammiches with them.for breakfast.because it's we spread the cookies with peanut butter,jam,banana slices,homemade granola,and then there was the candies on them,too.somewhat healthy,right?but it's halloween!with free from filled-up-stampcard at stumptowni had a free drink from a filled-up stampcard at stumptown,so since it's halloween i had my first mocha ever!elliott did a really nice job.the espresso i had earlier was better,but this was still kind of amazing.just not coffee.pre-sammiching.just cookie.hehehehe.happy halloween!ohhh,and this one!so long for now,mofo![...]

Vegan MoFo Day#30-Peanut Butter 'Oats In a Jar'


look at that chunk o'peanut butter!so this kind if brilliant idea is really popular and this was my first time trying it,and i'm pretty sure that chocolatecoveredkatie either 'invented' it,or at least made it really popular.this is my practically empty jar of peanut butter,and the idea is that you make oatmeal in it.then eat it.and it's like amazing-er than just oatmeal with peanut butter stirred in or added.adding museli 'mix'...heated unsweetened original almond breeze...shake and let sit...and i like my oats cold when i eat em,so i put it in the fridge after adding some banana chunks and then ate later in the you can tell from the picture at the beginning of the post,mine was super peanut way to eat cereal/oatmeal.just make sure that you always have a practically(i guess) empty peanut butter jar on hand.[...]

Vegan MoFo Day#29-Peanut Butter and Pomegranate-a Surpising Match Made In Heaven


up until yesterday i thought that pomegranates weren't that great,weren't too flavourful,too much of a pain to eat,over prices,and just plain less-than-mediocre.then theresa did a still life of a cut one and left me with half of it.and i ate it like so,and that opinion at once changed was like eating an incredibly juicy,exotic,pb&j.yeah,it was kind of amazing,and will soon make an actual pb&j with pomegranate arils and pomegranate jelly(i think crofter's makes one...)[...]

Vegan MoFo Day#28-Peanut Butter & Soft Whole Wheat Fig Bars from the Upcoming Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar!


remember when i wrote about peanut butter & fresh figs last week?and how i said dried vs. fresh is a totally different story?well it is.dried figs are suuper chewy,seem like they have a bajillion more seeds,drier skin,less juicy,more intensely sweet,umm taste like candy and are just flat out amazing.peanut butter-ed soft whole wheat fig bar with latte at stumptown,ace hotel,nychere,we have soft whole wheat fig bars from isa chandra moskowitz and terry hope romero's upcoming cookie book-vegan cookies invade your cookie jar-which should be out next month.i was a tester and wrote about these then-b/c i'v loved dried figs for a long time-surprisingly were my second favourite cookies from testing.they better than fig newton type cookies,and healthy,'s weird.i love the soft crust,crunchy and sticky and honey sweet filling,and how the fact that there's the top and bottom crust with a jam like layer in the centre totally screams"i'm like a fig jam sammich missing peanut butter,so come peanut butter me up!"and that's just what i do.oh,and here's a fig ballpoint pen drawing i did earlier tis year...[...]

Vegan MoFo Day#27-Peanut Butter,Jelly,Grilled Onions,Brussel Sprout,and Tomato Sammich


Peanut Butter,Grape Jelly,Grilled Onions,Brussel Sprout,and Tomato Sammich

okay,how good is jelly in savoury things?
i quess i never really thought of it until i got this smucker's jelly cookbook which uses jelly in just about everything,savoury and sweet.and then i thought about that rayray article from last winter for pb&j 'wings'.

so i decided to pair up pb&j with grilled onions,brussel sprouts,and tomatoes.
it's kind of all about the grilled onions and salt n pepper b/c it way balances out the sweetness,but combined with the tomato is like eating burger toppings.and peanut butter on burgers works,amirite?
and brussel sprouts just because it needed a green and why lettuce when cooked brussels was what i had and i guess makes it feel seasonal.

i mean,look at those grape-jellied grilled onions!delish,right?!try iiiit!or atleast something similar...