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Lenovo G575 43834HU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 06:51:41 GMT2011-12-14T06:51:41Z

Lenovo G575 43834HU 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) reviews : I committed to Lenovo G575 43834HU mainly with regards to school work, but also for that occasional online gaming. So far I’ve not been able to truly test the graphics card, I’ll update my review once I actually do. But onto what I can say for certain: I admit, I love in order to type. I love the feeling from it, and the clicking of secrets. This is one of the simplest keyboards I have ever had the opportunity to transition to! The ‘island’ style keys enables minimal mistakes. The full number keypad can also be a huge plus when getting into data. The only downside to date was that McAfee came pre-installed, however it is easy enough to get rid of. This computer is so quick! I was amazed at how quickly it gets installed and operating, and it is QUIET! I do not have to worry about disturbing other people in the whirring of my last laptop computer. The screen is also excellent, it is more of the landscape view than I was accustomed to, from my last clunker. However it has really grown on me personally. The casing is lightweight, and do not have to worry about fingerprints, or the casual smear from my dog’s nasal area. It has a VGA interface, which is easily converted into DVI or HDMI having a cable. The sound is also top quality. I don’t have to turn the speakers completely up to hear over the actual fan.

Overall, I HIGHLY suggest Lenovo G575 43834HU laptop. It is ideal for someone who needs it for that basic needs, but wants in order to play some times. It includes 4 gigs of ram, that makes it nice to not have in order to automatically upgrade the ram capability.

Other Reviews
we received Lenovo G575 43834HU laptop the other day.. i uninstalled the crippled Office programs and installed the entire Office setup.. the computer isn’t full of junk software like a lot of these days.. and i need to say it looks and feels nice to date.. the exterior has a leather feel and look to it.. the weight is sufficient to feel strong but not overweight.. the graphics is sharp and also the colors are bright.. this was bought as a present by my daughters for their own mother and i won’t have the ability to give long term advice onto it sorry.. but all in all what used to do handle on it seems really worth the money..

HP G4-1207NR 14-Inch Laptop computer

Thu, 08 Dec 2011 08:33:58 GMT2011-12-08T08:33:58Z

The important to the HP G4 Pavilion series is which it uses the affordable 1. 65 GHz AMD E-Series CPU, a less-expensive choice for PROCESSOR but one that is designed for laptop use. Another advantage, according to Athlon, is that the CPU will use less power, saving your battery up-time as compared with some thing equal from Intel. Then again, at an average of 6 hours of battery power time, I’d say this is only average.

The unit itself is light in weight, less than 5 lbs. It comes with wi-fi LAN, a 14 inch display screen, 500GB hard disk drive and 4GB of RAM. A built-in webcam and a cable-free method of transferring photos from your camera (digital reader) make this a wonderful choice for travel involving website communication and uploading pics. (This is how I used to use my notebook when I went overseas, so I can appreciate these two functions in particular. ) There is also an HP software “Quick Web” which allows you to access the web before the laptop is fully booted.

There is a DVD reader/burner, and output to HD TV.

HP G4-1207NR laptop I’d rate this an excellent, lower-cost choice, especially for travelling because of the reasonable weight and built-in features such as wireless network, web cam and DVD player. I would rate this less powerful for graphics-intensive software such as games, if you are considering a replacement for the pc, and you need highly effective graphics, this would not be my first choice. This notebook is clearly designed for people on the go– light weight, wireless web access and web cam ability. The battery life means you may need a place to recharge, especially if you use WiFi, and certain features are missing such as Bluetooth and USB 3. 0 (this has USB 2. 0)

Bottom line: the best budget choice for laptop, not a complete replacement for a pc if you are looking for graphics full speed. Battery life is average.