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Angry Birds Android


The Angry Birds Android Version - An Exciting Treat For the Game Lovers

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 20:50:26 -0500


It appears like I have been procrastinating forever, however the forthcoming change for the Angry Birds Android version conclusively were released over the past weekend! I had been really past due obtaining it since I believed I needed set up most of my Android apps to auto-update, so this time Rovio figured to generate us do a hand-operated update. Of course, I demolished my battery the other day wanting to eliminate individuals bad green pigs!

The newest levels (30 in most for Android, only 15 for those Apple consumers), are now Western-themed, showcasing pigs in sombreros and cowboy hats for the pleasure. The makers have also incorporated the capacity to slice by means of ropes and drop genuinely sharp and/or quite heavy objects on these unsuspecting bacon factories who have lost our eggs once more.

There continues to be a little upheaval about this improvement, that’s making it unpopular amongst game enthusiasts. This enhancement needs access for your phone’s SMS (text messaging) system for a latest feature Rovio is rolling out named “Bad Piggy Bank Payments,” which allows the end user the ability to obtain The Mighty Eagle by means of sms messages that fee to the phone bill or stability instead of possessing to utilize a bank card (which a lot of people never utilize or even have). The system doesn’t do something else using the SMS outdoors of that, so in the event you never build Bad Piggy Bank, you will never should be worried about it.

A final bit of news about the Angry Birds for Android version was the Super Bowl / Angry Birds Rio combo in the 4th quarter of last night’s online game. I won’t talk about the spoiler here, nevertheless it appears there’s an extra level regarding Golden Eggs plus a dose of complicated play you’ll have to complete so as to accomplish it. The toughest component for me was getting on the level in which the Golden Eggs was concealed.

The next: Be around the search to get a achievable addition to the Angry Birds Android version Seasons for your vacation that transpires in seven days! Perhaps we are to break quite a few cupid pigs?