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Wishes Fulfilled- Wayne Dyer


I'm sure you have wishes, hopes and dreams, like just the rest of us.  Well, what if you could find an easier (and more effective) way to get your wishes fulfilled?  Would you listen?  Would you think that it was possible?  Of course it is, if you think the right way.  Here we have the newest release from spiritual teacher and author, Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer.  It is another book on

What is Happiness?


Today I am doing a quick post on the question "What is happiness"?  The actual definition is very vague as happiness is quite subjective. So how do you know when you are experiencing it?  Here is a great (although lengthy) video given by a monk speaking about the concept of happiness, or as he likes to say, wellness. What is Happiness and How Can We Identify It? So happiness is a sense of

Taming Your Gremlin aka Ending Your Self Defeating Behavior


Taming your gremlin is basically taming your inner voice.  It is that little self defeating behavior in all of us that makes us doubt ourselves.  So how do you quiet those negative thoughts?  How do you turn off your inner critic? Taming Your Gremlin- How to Get Rid of Self Defeating Behavior Taming Your Gremlin is a book by Rick Carson.  It is a book that has stood the test of time.  It was

Words of Gratitude- A Simple Act of Gratitude


Do you take time out of your day to give thanks?  Not to anyone in particular, but just focus on words of gratitude for everything that you have in your life?  Many of us are guilty of taking all that we have for granted.  Why?  I don't think we intentionally go out of our way to not give thanks, but it just happens that we tend to just not say anything.  What would happen if we just started

Abundance Mentality- Get More in Life


I have just had an amazing episode, or breakthrough.  I'm not sure what you would call it.  It literally just happened minutes ago. I believe it is due to my practicing an abundance mentality. You see I have been focusing on the law of attraction, having a positive mental attitude and visualizations.  I have been watching tons of Youtube videos about abundance, wealth and positive subliminal

Purpose Driven Life


Are you living a purpose driven life?  Do you wake up in the morning and thank the universe for the work you get to do?  Not many of us can answer yes to that question.  But why? It seems that it would be an easy choice to make.  Do what you love.  Right?  I mean, why spend your time doing stuff that you despise?  I know.  I know.  You have commitments and responsibilities so you need to make

A Limitless Life


Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope we can become acquainted and share our life experiences.  Limitless Life is about sharing and getting the most out of our lives. It does not have to be on a grand scale, but simply living with our whole intention.  We each have our own purpose to fulfill and we are the only ones who must figure it out in order to get the most out of our time here on