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healthy eating... that tastes good

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Glasses Shop


Guys! Hi, how have you been? I've been busy. You probably guessed that. BUT I have a fun post about glasses for you, and you know this girl, she rocks glasses frames every day of the week. Seriously I feel naked without them. Give me a reason to change things up and I'm down for it! That's why I'm doing a collaboration with Glasses Shop today. They let me pick a pair for free and I'm writing a

Crochet fox hat!


You know when you find a great crochet pattern and you want to make it right away? THIS is one of those patterns. And it's free too! I saw this on ravelry (this is a generic link to ravelry because I love the site and want you to know about it, it's free to sign up and totally addicting!! so many patterns! The direct link to the pattern can be found below), added it to my favorites, and then

Hemp Bracelet


I dressed like a hippie a good portion of high school and college. My poor mother. At least I never tried to sport dreadlocks. Now-a-days I've dressed up my hippie nature a bit and added in all sorts of other styles to mix things up...but parts of me still find my way back to my old ways. Take this bracelet for example.   LOVE IT. And it's the perfect craft to bring along to make while

Camping and Green Tea


Being a lover of tea I pack it no matter where I travel. What's that? You're too fussy to bother with loose leaf? Say it aint so! And to prove just how simple loose leaf is to make anywhere... I brought it camping. Not so sure you can complain and say it's too complicated for you. The wonderful people at sent me the following sampling of their high quality and super delicious

Double Chocolate Protein Cookies


They're real, and they're spectacular! Looking for a tasty protein packed snack that is a cookie in disguise? I fed these to coworkers and they had no idea they were good for them. SCORE. That is totally my go to test for if a recipe is a win or not. Pass it on to coworkers and see if they happily eat it, and then the most important part, ask for more :D Check out the recipe for these

Strawberry Nutella Pie


Happy June! I was called out by not 1, not 2, but FOUR people this weekend about not posting... and only ONE of those four was my mom. Just saying. If I gave you a slice of this strawberry nutella pie would you forgive me? Thought so. It's a good thing I decided to make up a new recipe out of nowhere tonight. Perfect blog fodder. Not that you're looking for posts from me anymore. Maybe I

A new quick at home workout


I've been working out at home for a little over a year now. Not having a gym membership is totally foreign to me but I must admit I love the time it saves not having to drive anywhere or work my schedule around a class I like. I do miss some of my heavy weights though, on that note I've been hitting craigslist and some garage sales to find some new workout buddies to keep me company at home.

Favorite Hat


OK this hat might look familiar to a good number of people... it was my go to christmas gift because I'm so in love with it. The pattern is super easy to follow and once you get past R4 it is just a repeat and easy goings! I may have a few in different colors that I made just for myself... If I didn't already give you one... go and find the free crochet hat pattern here and start hooking!

All But Gluten


Their tagline is "rekindle your love of baked goods" I kinda love that tagline. Gluten free baking is a tricky matter. I've given it a go and had some delicious results and some pretty epic fails. All But Gluten definitely comes out on the BIG WIN side. It's one thing to say "oh this doesn't taste gluten free" and a whole other thing to say "this tastes amazing!" I was surprised all these

Farro Risotto


Hey there! Long time no talk. Much has been going on here, but in the mean time, you should go make some of this. It's amazing. No seriously. AMAZING. It's farro risotto, and it's chocked full of mushrooms and onions and parsley... and now I want to go run off and make a big bucket full of it. Go go go! And don't be scared it's not intimidating like regular risotto... or am I the only one that

Drink your plants - giveaway


You know me and green monster smoothies. IN LOVE. It's my morning routine. So when Traditional Medicinals wrote me asking if I'd like to try their line of teas that support the immune system I was totally on board to try. Plus it's winter, germs are everywhere so anything that might help support my immune system is a must. Here's what they sent me: Echinacea Plus – With this long history of

PB Oatmeal Cookies


Hey guys! We are celebrating Jamie of My Baking Addiction with a virtual baby shower!!!! I'm bringing my latest favorite cookie. It's packed with good for you protein and is delicious to boot! I've tweaked the recipe a bit since I posted it over on Food Fanatic, so here is the most up to date recipe I've been using :) Best wishes to the newest addition to My Baking Addiction's family!!!!

Crochet Taxidermy


Yup.  Crochet. Taxidermy. Doesn't get much more exciting than that does it? :) You see it started with me finding out there would be an ugly sweater day going on... and I don't take such challenges lightly. So I promptly went home and started googling ugly sweaters I could somehow make. Inspiration struck when I came across this taxidermy reindeer head crochet pattern. The only issue, the

Teavivre Oolong Teas


So so very happy! It's Christmas time and I got an amazing gift in the mail! Oolong teas from Teavivre!! Check out what they sent me: Taiwan Osmanthus Oolong TeaTaiwan High Mountain Oolong TeaSuperfine Taiwan Moderately-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong TeaSuperfine Taiwan Qing Xiang Dong Ding Oolong TeaSuperfine Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong Tea Even better news they are having a buy one get one 50% off

What dinner really looks like


The next installment of what dinner really looks like! Tonight we had bruschetta, thick hearty soup, and beer. The soup is one of my favorites. Nothing exact. 3 cups mushrooms chopped, 1 large onion chopped. Saute in a pot with some olive oil. Add in 2 cups chopped parsley (with stems). Salt, pepper, paprika to taste. Add 2 cups of chicken stock... simmer away. In another pot cook whole wheat

Think Thin - Giveaway


Think Thin describes themselves as "deliciously natural nutrition for active women on the go." I would definitely agree! I've had the pleasure of trying the chunky peanut butter bar, the think thin crunch bar, and the brownie crunch bar. Check out the nutritionals, I'm happy to say they don't contain 80 ingredients I can't pronounce. They also stack up well in the protein and fiber

Quick Sunshine Winter Hat


Love the burst of sunshine this hat brings to these overly cold autumn days. Seriously, it just snowed last night! It's looking way more like Christmas outside than it is Thanksgiving. That probably also has to do with the fact everyone already has their lights up and ON!!!??? Seriously people, can't we just celebrate one holiday at a time? I get it I get it, last weekend was warm, so you

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


Seriously my new favorite cookie. AMAZING. Seriously, I'm making at least one batch a week. Best snack evver. Want to give this Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe a try?? Yeah you do! Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :) Oh and make sure you type in your blog link so I can click over to you! There is a spot you can type it in.

Hexagon cowl pattern


This cowl pattern came out of me starting a blanket using a pinwheel square, and getting sick of making them really fast :) boredom is the mother of invention. I love the way that it peaks out from my coat.  On its own you can see it a bit better though. Super simple to make and perfect for using up a bit of old yarn you have laying around. Simply follow the pattern below to make one hexagon.

For the love of bias tape


I'm on a little girl's dress making spree. They are just so fun to make, and since they are small, they go together super fast! What's not to love? You know what makes something go even faster? Bias tape. How haven't I used this stuff before?? I bought some to edge my burlap bag pattern, and I used the rest of it up on this dress. And I may have already gone out and bought a whole bunch more in

BIG CUP - giveaway


I'm a snacker. I like to eat little bits throughout the day. It's more satisfying to me than 3 big square meals. But even with so much snacking, fruit cups can be kinda tiny. I feel like I need more than 1 of them to make ends meat of things. I think Musselmans read my mind. Introducing... the BIG cup BOOM. Look at that thing! 3/4 of a cup of YUM. I must admit I like to go all kindergarden

Raspberry Linzer torte- and a giveaway


My Aunt Carol makes a bazillion cookies every year for Christmas. What is my all time favorite that she makes? Yup, she let me have her recipe. And what do I do? I make it healthier, because I have a problem. My newest problem is realizing I can't control myself around linzer torte. Even though it's healthier, it's still not healthy for you. Yet somehow I kept saying, oh it's ok to have

Simple Toddler Pinafore


Sometimes patterns are so simple and sew up it's hard to believe I don't get around to doing them quicker. I pinned this one year ago... why oh why did it take me so long to actually SEW this!? Hmm maybe because that post only gave an idea of the pattern, not one you could just print. Don't worry though I made sure to save my pattern to share with you. Which means you can print it out and be

Cinnamon Vogue - Giveaway


I'm a cinnamon and sugar kind of girl. Take my french toast for example. As much as I love maple syrup, it doesn't have a place on my french toast. Nope. I want a little bit of butter, and a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. Which brings me to Cinnamon Vogue. They sent me an awesome gift box full of their cinnamon related products! The jar of cinnamon sugar was the perfect combo of the two

Pretzel and Nutella Ice Pops


It's a popular birthday day today. THREE members of our bridal party celebrate today. Jen and Maria the same year even! And Paul... just a few older. :) Happy birthday you three!!! So lets celebrate with pretzel nutella pops! Need I say more? Head over to Food Fanatic for the Pretzel and Nutella Pop Recipe. Your email will never be displayed publicly, so don't be scared to comment! :) Oh