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Perseus: Destiny’s CallcampfirecomicsPerseus Destinys Call

Thu, 12 Jan 2012 04:55:47 +0000

In the time of myth and legends…Perseus always believed he was destined to live the life of a simple fisherman. He never believed he was special. When in an audience with the king of his island home in Sephiros, young Perseus inadvertently made a boastful claim. King Polydectes long wanted this young fisherman out of […](image)

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Zeus and the Rise of the OlympianscampfirecomicsZeus and the Rise of Olmpians

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 08:53:22 +0000

In the time of myths and legends. His name still echoes through history. From his throne high on Mount Olympus, the mighty and powerful Zeus reigned over ancient Greece with his fellow Olympians. Feared for his lightning bolt, but loved for his compassion for humanity, Zeus ushered in an era of peace and prosperity. Zeus did […](image)

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Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World’s Greatest Escape ArtistcampfirecomicsBiography Graphic Novels

Tue, 10 Jan 2012 06:03:55 +0000

This is the life story of Ehrich Weiss. If you don’t recognise this man’s name, that is because the world came to know him as the one and only Harry Houdini. George Bernard Shaw once remarked that Harry Houdini is the third most famous name in history after Jesus Christ and Sherlock Holmes. While that […](image)

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The Adventures of Tom SawyercampfirecomicsComics

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 05:01:36 +0000

Tom Sawyer is a mischievous young boy with an undying hunger for adventure, and a knack for getting into trouble. He lives with his Aunt Polly in the Mississippi River town of St Petersburg, Missouri. He plays hooky from school; hangs around with Huck Finn, the unsophisticated son of the village drunkard; and deceives his […](image)

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The Whole Alice In Wonderland Story In One PrintcampfirecomicsAlice In Wonderland

Sat, 07 Jan 2012 05:29:37 +0000

Alice was just an ordinary girl – imaginative and curious and thirsting for adventure. She was an ordinary girl, that is, unti l she found herself instantly transported to a place that was anything but ordinary. After diving down a rabbit hole, young Alice encounters a magical world ruled by a vicious Queen. It is […](image)

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Sita: Daughter of the EarthcampfirecomicsSita Daughter of the Earth

Fri, 06 Jan 2012 05:14:09 +0000

In an ancient age, when gods and goddesses walked with mortals.Sita is the kind-hearted and intelligent princess of the kingdom of Videha. Married to Rama, prince of Ayodhya, her journey in life takes her from exhilaration to anguish. Along the way, she has to leave behind the luxury of royal comforts and live the simple, […](image)

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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest King of the RingcampfirecomicsMuhammad Ali the King of the Ring

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 04:53:16 +0000

Muhammad Ali. His ferocious skill inside the ring made him a champion, his gentle spirit outside made him a hero, and his courage in life made him a legend. Like David taking on Goliath, he fought against the biggest and the strongest and managed to come out on top. Like a modern-day Robin Hood, he […](image)

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A Short Biography On Nelson MandelacampfirecomicsNelson Mandela

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 04:34:24 +0000

In 1948, justice and equality were outlawed in the country of South Africa. The people needed one voice to speak up when the world fell silent. They needed one leader to stand up when the world looked away. One man answered that call; one man who sacrificed his own future for the future of his […](image)

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Sinbad: Legend of the Seven SeascampfirecomicsSindbad

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 05:24:21 +0000

Sinbad, the legendary hero of the high seas, has faced many challenges in his time, but none will task him more than the one he finds when he answers a call for help from an old friend, King Haakim of Hasis. Haakim’s son, Prince Habib, is spoiled and self-centered and is becoming too much for […](image)

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Romeo and Juliet: A Novel-Ties Study GuidecampfirecomicsRomeo and Juliet

Thu, 29 Dec 2011 04:44:23 +0000

A story of ill-fated lovers whose untimely deaths unite two feuding families, Romeo and Juliet has become the archetype of young love destined to meet a tragic end. The hatred between the House of the Capulets and the House of the Montagues is well known in Verona. Yet love blossoms between Romeo and Juliet. A […](image)

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