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Full spectrum of EPC services-From concept to commissioning

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:40:15 -0400

Eminent global engineering services companies today are offering a comprehensive mix of engineering solutions. The services offered are aimed at reducing the product development cost, increase the capacity, increase resource availability, lessen lead times, proper instrumentation, effective data documentation and thorough product analysis amongst others. As a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and designing company, Libra Process Tech’s one of the most sought after engineering solutions include Engineering, Procurement and Construction - EPC services. We have successfully accomplished complex EPC projects for clients in diverse challenging locations worldwide.

Under an EPC project contract, we will design the installation, necessary materials will be securely procured and construct it meticulously for both public and private sectors. Our competent engineering teams work in co-ordination with EPC team to achieve optimal project result.


Our strong tradition of engineering excellence and innovative design has resulted in superior outcomes of our projects. Serving diverse sectors of clients, our engineering expertise includes disciplines from civil, electrical, mechanical, piping and instrumentation engineering; to advanced interactive 3D modeling. To impart advanced services, we are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies.


With a mission to minimize costs of procurement, lead times and risks involved in the projects, Libra Process Tech imparts its procurement services as it is one of the key areas that can make or break the logistics of client’s project.


As a leading engineering service company, Libra Process Tech provides construction project management services using proven technologies, systems and work processes to provide best results for the valued clients.

Engineering Services-Efficiently delivering EPC projects of varying size and scope

Fri, 06 Apr 2012 09:43:30 -0400

Lately, diverse engineering requirements and demands have resulted in the increased emergence of engineering services companies. Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), is a common form of contracting service these companies take up. They lay the foundation of EPC projects with best-in-class engineering solutions for clients worldwide.

These leading enterprises use efficient resources and high-end technical resources that enable them to render superior services within a given time span. One such revered engineering consultancy and designing company of India is Libra Process Technologies. Since its inception, the company has constantly diversified its reach and today it provides high value, cutting-edge EPC services of all sizes in every sector across the globe. The company’s mission has always been to minimize procurement costs, lead times and risks on every project.

As a part of an EPC project, the company designs the installation, securely procures necessary materials and finally, constructs meticulously for both public and private sectors. Libra Process Tech employs competent team of engineers and designers that support business objectives of clients by assuring a high level of quality, performance and safety.


The engineering expertise ranges from civil, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation to piping engineering. In addition, the services also include drafting and interactive 3D modeling. To provide these advanced solutions to the diverse sectors of clients, the Company is equipped with state-of-the-art software and tools.


While, Libra Process tech leverages its global procurement expertise to provide best value to its clients as it is one of the key areas that can decide the successful outcome of the project.


As a final step in the execution of epc project, Libra Process Tech asserts an effective plan and execution in constructing projects by employing meticulous systems and network programs using proven technologies.

Engineering Services: Building Tomorrow’s Engineering Enterprise

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 08:36:15 -0400

Engineering was regarded as an important sector since decades. However, it has become a necessity in today’s world. Every field whether its health, hospitality, mining, oil & gas, petrochemicals or food & dairy industry, engineering service is at the heart of the operation. Therefore, engineering has rightly been termed as ‘one of the finest art of modern world.’

With the advent of globalization and technological innovations, engineering sector has also crossed geographical boundaries. One can even witness the trend to outsource the engineering services to offshore consulting engineering services companies due to the lower cost and turnaround time.

Engineering consultant firms come in many sizes and their offerings can span from business & technology consulting, detailed engineering, systems integration, re-engineering, independent testing & validation process and maintenance amongst others.

Not only does their services limit to engineering solutions but an engineering consulting firm also caters its clients with meticulous design services. For any structure to stand test of time, the designing component cannot be understated in engineering. It is essential that each construction that needs to last for decades, is designed by a team of specialists using cutting-edge software tools like CAD, CAM and its advanced application knowledge. CAD technology has proved to be a boon for designers to perfect even the minutest detail with ease.

These companies, whether its onshore or offshore, employ experts to provide clients with engineering and technology services to support their entire project lifecycle and helping industries to build a better world. They serve as an engineering partner that systematically delivers solutions from ideation to realization and sustainment.

Detailed Engineering-An essential aspect of engineering process

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 06:43:36 -0500

The roots of engineering are so widespread that the list of engineering services of a engineering consultancy could go on. Primary arteries of engineering service covers Process Engineering, Design & Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Digitization & Drafting.

Design & detailed engineering is the connecting link between basic designing and the construction phase of any project. Detail engineering provides solutions for designs and documentation through integrated engineering. Essentially, spectrum of detailed engineering includes disciplines namely process, mechanical, piping, electrical, civil and instrumentation engineering.

Integral detailed engineering design comprises of meticulous documentations of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P & ID), process flow diagrams (PFD), 2D/3D models, isometrics, material take off (MTO), bill of materials and datasheets.

These engineering design solutions are immensely facilitated by the advanced computerization especially CAD technology. CAD is the technology employed to create, modify and analyze an engineering design. In addition to its extensive use in preparation of 3D models and/or 2D drawings, CAD also plays an important role throughout the engineering process from conceptual designs to analysis of assemblies. In recent years, utilization of CAD for engineering designs have seen a meteoric rise as it lowers the product development costs and greatly shortens design cycle. Furthermore, it enables designers to visualize the final product and thus helping them to perfect the minutest details.

Design and detailed engineering service is a boon for multiple industries across various sectors such as gas refineries/plants, petrochemicals, power, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Any engineering service consultancy rendering design & detailed engineering solutions should ensure optimum operability, maintainability and safety of the project.

Engineering Services-Building a better world

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 07:46:35 -0500

Representing one of the largest sections of the industrial world, engineering services comprise an extensive swath of engineering design and support services that are fundamental for the operation of practically every industry. Even for smooth, trouble-free functioning of everyday life, engineering services are the best antidote.

As a leading multi-disciplinary Engineering consultancy and Designing company, we at Libra Process Tech unceasingly endeavor to develop and provide robust design and engineering services to help our clients meet their technical and business challenges of the demanding business environment. Libra Process Tech renders a complete range of services by leveraging the domain and business expertise and its strategic alliances with leading technology providers. The company’s comprehensive offering spans from Process Engineering, Design Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Supervision/ Commissioning and Digitization & Drafting.

Bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise, Libra Process Tech has been the engineering consultants for various domestic and international clients across the industry by systematically delivering design engineering solutions from ideation to realization.

At Libra Process Tech, we understand that for any development to stand test of time, design is an indispensable facet in engineering. Each project that is brought into existence is designed by our expert designers using advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This helps to cut down time required for producing construction drawings and increases the accuracy of documentation, thus improving overall project delivery for the clients.

Employing our unique combination of cutting-edge technology, domain expertise, application knowledge and meticulous working methodology, we have emerged as a preferred partner-of-choice for companies worldwide.

Delivering integrated and innovative engineering services

Tue, 17 Jan 2012 07:10:08 -0500

Libra Process Tech is a leading multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with a global engineering and design capabilities to meet the project needs of clients, worldwide. Libra Process Tech helps to lay the foundation of engineering projects with best-in-class engineering solutions.

The Company’s engineering services extend from mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumental, civil, procurement and process engineering to advanced services including 3D modeling, drafting and digitization. Over the years, irrespective of the location across the globe, Libra Process Tech has successfully executed highly complex and challenging engineering, procurement and construction projects. Essentially, every project by the Company is executed with utmost consideration for the safety.

In addition to world-class engineering, the Company offers diverse design engineering services that address every aspect of form and function in the engineering sector.

Libra Process Tech’s engineering design concepts align each project’s function, scope, cost, and schedule. Its approach to design is about perfecting the tiniest details of an assignment to managing complex multidisciplinary projects. These designing services are rendered by expert designers who use advanced technology of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create, modify and analyze an engineering design for various equipments, machines and structures.

With the seasoned team of engineers and specialist designers, Libra Process Tech ensures that their solutions successfully meet the time frame of the project, operating cost and budget and increases competitive positioning.

Along with the comprehensive engineering services, the Company also provides human resource and training assistance to Multinational Conglomerates as well as domestic enterprises of small and medium scale.

Meticulous Engineering Services–From concept to commissioning and turnover

Tue, 27 Dec 2011 04:23:00 -0500

As an eminent engineering consultancy, Libra Process Tech has a comprehensive portfolio of engineering solutions that includes Process Engineering, Design & Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Supervision/ Commissioning and Digitization & Drafting.

Catering to the specific and customized needs, we provide engineering services to broad range of business sectors like Petrochemicals, Fertilizer (Ammonia & Urea), Oil & Gas, Food & Dairy and Pharmaceuticals.

With our experienced engineers and expertise in advanced designing tools and practices, our Design Engineering involves creation of initial schematics for various equipments, machines and structures. At Libra Process Tech, our engineers use advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create and test virtual models. CAD is the technology employed to create, modify and analyze an engineering design. The primary benefit of CAD design over manual designs is it does not call for scaling since all drawings are created in full size.CAD system also helps to save significant amount of time and reduces errors. It empowers designers to precisely visualize the final product.

The elements of our Process Engineering solutions extend from initial surveys & reports to complete turnkey projects. The service further includes:

  • Process Flow Diagram based on Material Balance & Energy Balance
  • Upgradation and finalization of P & I Diagrams & Line List
  • Pipe Size & Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Basic Equipment Layout
  • Instrument process data sheet
  • Process Data sheets for Static & Rotary Equipment
  • Thermal Design & Rating of Heat Exchanger
  • Process Equipment Simulations

At Libra, our engineers, designers and project managers all work together from the initial planning stage to procurement and construction within time and at a competitive cost to give our clients an edge over their competitors.

Engineering Services-Catering to the core functionality of every industry

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 03:23:11 -0500

Engineering services, a sector with extensive spread and scope caters to diverse fields which ranges from mechanical engineering, architectural services, civil engineering services and structural engineering design.

In this day and age, it is more vital than ever before to choose the right engineering consulting firm for the project. However, the selection of engineering consultant firms is not an easy task. These organizations can be of different scale, from one consultant to firms that have consultants from all different disciplines within engineering.

Today, changing needs of the people and industries has led engineering service sector to cross the geographical boundaries. Globalization and technological advancements has incredibly contributed to the outsourcing trend. Like every other sector, outsourcing of engineering services has paved the way for reduced cost of a project. Apart from budget, another equally important factor that influences outsourcing is the skill of the employees and the innovativeness of the design which forms the basis of engineering services.

Engineering consultancy, engineering products, manufacturing services are some of the solutions offered by these engineering firms.

With the availability of modern technology and resources, these companies provide engineering services in process engineering, proposal engineering, engineering design as well as procurement & construction. Hence, before hiring an engineering consultant, one must be clear regarding the requirements of the projects.

But one needs to be cautious before finalizing the engineering consulting firm for outsourcing. A thorough check of the company’s background along with the feedback from their clients are some of the excellent ways to verify their work.