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Lucullian recipes-the Index

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Lucullian recipes-the Index


Please not that not all recipes have been converted into non metric measures and that the measure dl stands for deciliters, 1 dl/deciliter=100 ml/milliliter. Last update: July 15th, 2006Antipasti etcMini sandwiches with sundried tomatoes and marinated goat's cheeseMortadella parcels with fresh goat's cheeseCrostini with pears, gorgonzola, pine nuts and candied gingerParmesan mousse with pears in red wine sauceSalad with fish, rucola, pine nuts and herb vinaigretteTomatoes with beans and leekMINI QUINOA PANCAKES WITH A SMOKED SWORDFISH ROSE AND MANGO PISTILS ON SPINACHPasta and gnocchiPasta with sage and almondsOriecchette with hot broccoliPenne with egg plant, peppers, capers and olivesPasta with zucchiniSpaghetti with 'pesto' made of capersPasta with carrots and thymePasta with gorgonzolaGnocchi alla romanaPasta with hot shrimpsPasta with porcini and egg planGnocchi with a taste of herbsLasagne with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and pestoPasta with squid, shrimps and cauliflowerHerbal tagliatelle with a red pepper and olive saucePink pasta with asparagus, pears, pine nuts and limeSpaghetti with fresh tunaPasta with egg plant, zucchini and pine nutsPasta with smoked pancetta, tomato and oreganoPasta with snap beans, tomatoes and peperoncinoPasta with aspargus and pestoPASTA WITH ROASTED/GRILLED VEGETABLESRiceRisotto with Treviso radicchio and TaleggioRisotto with pumpkin, rosemary and TaleggioRisotto with fresh green peasBROWN RICE WITH CHICK PEAS, ONION, MUSTARD SEEDS AND ROASTED TOMATOESSALAD WITH RICE, FRESH HERBS, TUNA, PINE NUTS AND OLIVESEggOmelet with olives and sun dried tomatoesFrittata with white beans, sun-dried tomatoes and pecorinoEggs in tomato sauceFrittata with agrettiFRIED EGG AND BREAD SALAD WITH FARRO, MOZZARELLA AND GHERKINSFRITTATA WITH ROMAN PECORINO AND LEEKSFRITTATA WITH MUSHROOM AND SALSA VERDEEGGS FILLED WITH MORTADELLA AND CUCUMBERSoupsSoup with white beans and fennelPumpkin soupFennel soup with fennelPotato and leek soup with TaleggioHot potato soup with saffron and fried egg plantArtichoke and Potato Soup with Juniper berriesRed Bell Pepper Soup with White Beans and BasilBroccoli and green split pea soupRed lentil soup with aspargus and Sardinian pecorinoALMOND SOUPCOLD POTATO SOUP WITH CAPERS AND PARSLEYSOUP WITH FRESH BORLOTTI BEANS, TOMATOES AND SWEET CHILIESCOLD BUT HOT BROCCOLI SOUP WITH TOMATOES AND CHILI PEPPERVegetablesFennel with leeks, carrots and celeryEgg plant rolls with mozzarellaGrilled tomatoes with rosemary and garlicOven baked potatoesTomato sauceOven baked cherry tomatoes from ApuliaHot saffron potatoesZucchini, potatoes, peppers and sun dried tomatoesArtichokes cooked oil and lemonApulian potato cakeLeek triangles filled with carrots, fennel, Taleggio cheese and walnutsOnion pieGoat's cheese potato gratin with olives and rosemaryHot cauliflower with tomatoesBeans with ancovies, peperoncino and parsleyOrange and black olive salladOrange baked fennel with honey and rosemaryCavolo nero with peperoncinoOven baked tomatoes with capers and olivesBraised Brussels sprouts with rosemary and parmesanChick peas and spinachSalad of cauliflower, olives, capers and roasted pine nutsBroad beans with cured pork and dried tomatoesOven baked cherry tomatoes with olives and goat's cheeseSavoy cabbage braised in white wineLentil balls with olivesBraised cauliflower with herbs, capers and dried tomatoesSalad with broccoli,bread, olives and capersEgg plant and chick peasCauliflower with almonds, sesame seeds and capersOven-baked zucchiniSnap beans with leek and parsleySauteed carrots with thymeSplit peas with leek, egg and sambal oelekBraised leekOvenbaked frsh onions with tomato and thymeQuinoa and fennel braised with bay leavesLeek circles filled with potatoes and porcini braised with thymeMediterranean stir-fry with tofuStuffed artichokesVegetable pie with pine nuts and goat's cheeseFava beans with sun-dried tomatoes, white whine and thymeSalad with snap beans, avocado and pine nutsPestoAspargus with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nutsCauliflowers and chick peas with mustard seedsOlives and thyme[...]