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How to have one School poem

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School poems is one type of poems about the schooltime, the memories of the period of time that we went to school.

This type is very popular among all generations, the readers and composers maybe pupils, students, officers or even elders and kids. The “school poems” type is favored by people that want to store the happiness and sadness of the lovely childhood going to school.

The poems of this style are often written by the pupils that have good memories about their schools. Maybe they had close friends at school, or having good impression with their teacher. Poetry is the excellent way the show their love with their friends or send their thanks to their teachers.

Middle school has the most beautiful moments ever in our school time. It was the time that we one by one grew up and started to think about the future ahead, as well as thinking about how to store the memories forever. Those create the various contents of middle school poems.

My Childhood

My life as a child
someplace where
unbelievable silence,
silence in the wild eye
rose with a heartbeat.

My eyes everlasting,
full of memories
drifting into beams of the moonlight,
whirling into
an ocean of

My eyes see
forgiveness, cried,
cried for strength.

And the vision of all
glittering memory
will not be forgiven.

Nakia Better

Charles Hart Middle School, Grade 8

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