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All about the tutorials blogger for newbies, tips and tricks to optimalization SEO, and also about online business.

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The Key To Optimize Your SEO Result

Fri, 25 May 2012 10:31:00 +0000

You often be disappointed by the results of your SEO?

Hopefully not, but if it is, of course there are things that you do not want to happen.

Either because your web traffic is still quiet, keyword research is wrong, or whatever. But the one I need to underline, if you are really in SEO, you should be a good, high quality, UNIQUE and most wanted product in market. 

Without these things above, the peoples that come to your blog will be in vain, because buyers will only buy if the product he was looking really fit the criteria.

How To Make Popular Post Widget on Your Blog

Thu, 17 May 2012 10:40:00 +0000

Hellow Blogger Tutorials friends, Now I will give you a tips and tricks that you may not to miss it. Well, I will talk about How to Make Popular Post on Your Blog. As the name suggests, this widget will display the article / post on the most popular on our blog. That is posting the most frequented by visitors.

Well, it's just a simple ways to make it. Please follow these steps: 
1. Login to your blogger account. 
2. Go to Layout menu. 
3. Click add a gadget, look at the image below: 

    4. And then, click/add popular post

    5. Next, you can modify your widget as you well. Look at the image below:

    6. Save it.

    Hmm.. Is that a simple ways? I hope you can do it well. Thanks for atention.

    SEO : Key to Make Money on the Web

    Wed, 22 Feb 2012 16:54:00 +0000

    If you want to make money on the web, there are an important tool that you should simply add to your arsenal. Search engine optimization, sometimes referred  as "SEO", is the process of making your website rank higher among search engine results.When someone goes to a search engine and types in a search request, the search engine generates results in a numbered list. The only way people see is that if your site is ranked on the first pages of search results. In fact, research suggests that up to 75% of people who never look beyond the first page of search results.That's why it is important to know the search engine optimization, if you want to make money on the web.

    SEO is sometimes seen as a terribly complicated process.Everyone has different opinions on the best ways to get your site to move higher in the standings, but frankly there are only a few methods that have proven to work. If you want to make money on the web, the first step is to master these proven methods of SEO.

    First, make sure that your site is well optimized. You will need to search for key words that people most often used to identify products or services. For example, if you sell organic dog food, people are probably looking for "organic dog food" or perhaps "where to buy organic food dog." If you include these keywords on your website in the right places, you can rank higher for those phrases in search engine results. You want to include keywords in your meta tags, your post titles, and all content. You can learn more about how to search for keywords and use them in your content doing some research online or hire a writer to help SEO.

    Secondly, you should begin to build back links to your website. As you build valuable links to your website on the Internet, not only increases the referral traffic, but increase your search rankings as well. If you want to make money on the web, building back links is an important step. You can create back links good in many ways, but many article directories for publication of articles relating to their website.

    You can also create your own jobs search using social networks to create back links. Using sites like Twitter and Facebook to link to your site, you can insert new links for your valuable site on the internet and also promote your website for people interested in your niche.

    If you want to make money on the web, do not forget to add search engines to your strategy. Using proven SEO techniques, you can increase your rankings for research and reach more customers with your products. The result is a huge increase in traffic and hopefully, you will see an increase as great as your sales.

    Stephanie Everette is an entrepreneur who loves to help people solve problems.

    Did you know that 95% of people fail to get leads and cash-low and I found a way to solve the problem

    Online Business Ideas 2012

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 23:46:00 +0000

    Many people are ready to go from the daily work routine year after year and find that tired with business, as it is today, do not earn enough income or obtain the lifestyle they thought they would.

    Winning a stable financial future looks like for them, that will never happen. There are, however, due to the rapid development and spread of the Internet, opportunities for individuals to a stable financial future and the lifestyle of building a successful online business. With this rapid growth of electronic media, Internet technology and new marketing techniques that people can now use a variety of online business ideas for 2012, as it may choose to build a business.

    Who wants to benefit from an online business has this as an opportunity, benefit may be long. A huge amount of goods and services are in demand all over the world today, and the Internet, the use of new modern marketing techniques to easily meet the demanding publicly. People seek solace on the World Wide Web to meet these requirements. The fast-acting technology will help an individual in the selection of online business ideas for 2012.The demand for products and services is now so large that one person to find the business opportunity in the context of the right of this industry and a reasonable living from an internet business.

    Before you should select from one company to consider what your goals for the new business field. The success is likely to occur immediately, as some publicity seems to show. Any viable and successful business requires a steady and reasonable action plan. The partnership with an organization who possess knowledge and experience can apply it to lead people who are willing to use their skills to learn how to build a successful business. This does not mean that it is necessary, all the individual skills is required. Will there be a requirement for a person to leave their comfort zone. As of today, great online business ideas for 2012, the step to support the passage through a free Web site, training shown to provide a call center and experienced people who need help building a successful business together. Higher profit margins by building an online business from home can be achieved by individuals. While brick and mortar type businesses is still necessary, and probably always will be, online business is a booming business.

    Finally, with the many ways to earn a living today, people are looking now more than ever an economic opportunity. People can focus on their abilities to trade knowledge and subscribe to the availability of a support system, selected from online business ideas for 2012. Take your time and resources, can become successful entrepreneurs online and meet your goals in life.

    Starting An Online Business Without Investment Money

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 23:43:00 +0000

    What's stopping you? Want to be an online entrepreneur? Then do it! You can start an online business without investing money.Start a blog and take massive action. Follow these four steps and you will succeed.

    To start an online business without investing money, the blog is a great way to start. A blog is a simple website where a person posts. All that the person has to invest to start a blog is the annual domain name and monthly hosting. That's it. With the accommodation of a person getting an affiliate link to promote the hosting site to get you started. You have everything you need to start blogging your way to profits.

    The next step in creating an online business without investing money for the master keyword research. Google offers a free keyword tool. The tool displays the volume of research for a keyword and also provides competition. Competition is like many other sites using the keyword. It is best to choose keywords for a high volume of traffic and the low amount of competition. These keywords are: Golden Nugget and must use them correctly.

    The third step in creating an online business without investing money with blogs is the choice of an appropriate title. A blog entitled therefore includes the keyword Golden Nugget. Then type the title into Google and see the number of sites that are presented. First, it is likely that the millions. Keep your title in quotation marks, and change the title because the results are returned 10,000 or less. This ensures that your title is.

    The fourth step in creating an online business without investing money for the investment of blogs for your keywords accordingly.As mentioned above, the keyword will be in the titles and put it in the URL in the blog. Then you must be the keyword in the first sentence of the blog. Then the keyword should be repeated every hundred words in the entire ticket. Finally, put the keyword tags on the job.

    The combination of these four steps and you can start an online business without investing money. Once you have your blog, using Google Analytics. What you need to make sure that your keywords work is to open the tool, and traffic sources. In organic production and show keywords people use to find your site. Take the following keywords and create more content based on them.You can be successful in their understanding. Act now! There is nothing in the way.

    Creating a Successful Brand Marketing Plan

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 17:11:00 +0000

    Companies adapt to changing times, using the modern marketing of the brand to reach a wider audience. Social media brand could be probably used the most modern. And "the most convenient way to get a large audience and advertising your brand without spending a dime.Take a look at some numbers from this strategy. Social networks are responsible for 22% of total time spent on the web in 85% of U.S. web users U. S. have a Facebook account, while 49% are on Twitter. At the same time, YouTube is now the search engine the second largest in the world. You will see even more people in other engines social media. For this reason, 50% of companies have created social networking pages of their own. The success of advertising on these sites to promote their personal brand to many people online.Not all companies are able to label social media. An experienced consultant will say that personal branding is more than just people who attended. This is to get their interest and turning it into two things: advice and profits. You should make a lasting impression on your customers and prospects.Keep these tips in mind when signing a social media site, be it a blog, social network, or other engines of social media. Identify your goals. Improve sales and attract new customers could be your main objective to create pages on these sites, but they should not be just your goals. What message would you give your readers or viewers? You will be able to process more interesting, high quality materials when you have a message or a specific goal in mind.Choose an entry for the hardware. And "recommended to stick with one voice in social media campaign. This would let your followers know the distinctiveness of your company. You must be a serious matter, and noise or light and easy to reach? Load the materials that exhibit this entry. In this way, can certainly help establish the character of your company in the minds of your followers.Build your image. Make sure the look and feel of all social networking sites arranged. Many consider the issue as critical to follow product pages. Keep clean and simple, but unique and artistic. Put your logo on all materials to encourage the recall of the brand.Regularly.One update of the main objectives of the social stigma of the media is to speak personally with your market. Be sure to keep the connection once it starts to communicate with them.Most social media sites allow you to schedule messages and updates. Prepare materials in advance so you do not use all your new messages. It is recommended to program a couple of hours every day and read what you said to your disciples. You can take applications and answer often asked at once, but can be answered in due course.Establish benchmarks. It is often necessary to consider if you do not achieve your goals. Assess what performance indicators will be most important to consider, depending on the project. This may include the number of comments received, or as new followers, the actions of other media sites, and conversion statistics. Change your strategy and adjust their reference points, as we continue.Find the help of a personal branding consultant. There are quite a few provide personal branding consulting services for online businesses. These include marketing and branding trends very well and it may be easier to develop an effective marketing campaign for the brand. It saves time and energy with their help and expertise.Article Source:[...]

    10 Ways to Promote Your Online Business

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 17:06:00 +0000

    Advertise for your online business the smart way to get more inquiries and customers. The Internet offers a quick and measurable results, so you can react quickly to new opportunities. Best of all offers, the Internet provides a number of ways to promote your business for absolutely free.Here are our top ten tips for promoting your business online.First Get a website, and if you do not have an established charge. There are several platforms that allow you to build a perfectly adequate place for free like WordPress, and Google Sites. Once you have a website, then you can be indexed in search engines to attract on relevant research, the new people to your business.Second Subscribe to Twitter and target groups. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that works like a big conversation in real time. Once you've created a Twitter account for your company, can in and out of conversations and discussions in order to attract the attention of potential customers.Third Getting more backlinks to your website. If you already have a website then getting other relevant sites to link to you will benefit in two ways. First draws more visitors from these compounds, but search engines see your site is growing in popularity and reward it with a better ranking in search results relevant.4th Optimize your website for natural search. The search engines will not display your website in search results relevant if it has made it easier for them to understand what is going on your website. This can help Search Engine Optimization or SEO you make the relevance of your site.5th Try free AdWords. Many companies are now offering £ 25 or £ 50 voucher for advertisers, the leading pay-per-click advertising platform, try Google. AdWords allows your website in the sponsored links displayed in the search results.6th E-mail marketing to your database. Use (maybe giving away a freebie as an incentive) your website with a database of investigators or the creation of a mailing list to build the previous customers. Then email the list regularly to additional business from these leads extract.7th Subscribe to Google Places. Create or obtain a list of Google Places for your business and you will start to appear in the search map and in the future, more attention has been on Google + social networks.8th Create a Facebook page to promote your business, then this page is in their existing contacts first start building a network of supporters. Set prices for your followers and Facebook, to give them a reason to follow or recommended.9th Subscribe to Web sites online directory. A quick Google search will show a list of the best free sites online directory, but you can also use specialized directories for specific regions or industries. Site directory listings can draw in more traffic and also help your site appear popular search engines.10th Create and upload a YouTube video. The technology at affordable prices means that more simply, their own short videos about a topic they know then share them on YouTube and Facebook and other social channels to produce.Article Source:[...]

    Sell Online in 4 Easy Steps

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 17:02:00 +0000

    If you want to build an online business, you have to sell. No matter what you sell, provided it brings value to people who are for sale.If you do not make any sales, then you do not have a business idea that you have a hobby. Here are four suggestions to revenue conversion for your online business.Design Your Website Around Your main goalIf you run an online business, is the primary objective of generating revenue. More particularly, the maximization of profits.Of course we want to help all people, but the main objective of a company is making money. You have to pretend something else.Do not build a website with tons of content, features, links and other flashy extras and then bury your advertising message at the bottom of page three. Let your visitors know exactly what your business and what you have to offer.If you have a good product or service, then you should be waiting for your guests with everything they have products or services offered. It's a win-win situation. You get what you (assuming you have targeted traffic) looking for, and make some money. They both win.In part, this is your market. Sales in some markets do not happen until you have established and developed a professional relationship over time. If this is the case, you can still focus your site on your main objective, which build trust with your potential customers. In this case, you could always their main focus in the e-mail so that you can keep in touch with them until they are ready to commit, it will be.Focus on the benefitsYour business website is not about you or your company. These are people who want to help.When people visit a website on the search for specific information or products you want to know what's in it for them. Is that what you're looking for? It will help them? How do you help?Before you get caught writing the history of your company and the rewards you will receive 5 years, to offer your visitors what they want. Want to know if you can solve their problem. They want to know how to help.Want to know more about you or your business, but this is not your goal. Focus the content of your website on how your product or service can help people to visit your site.Making it easier for visitorsIf you are a website design, it is important to make it easier for visitors to find information and navigate to your site. This is especially true when it comes to converting visitors into buyers or customers.If you are selling products on your website, you should make very clear to your visitors, how they buy products. To do this, clearly labeled buttons or links.It should also simplify the checkout process, so buyers may be possible to pay a few clicks. The tires you jump through before you complete the purchase, the more likely it is that they leave your site instead of buying one.If you provide a service, make sure that your telephone number clearly visible above the fold, and in large print. Do not hunt for phone number.Another action you can do is put a contact form on your primary site, in addition to the contact page. If you could have a sidebar that is a good place to express caution. In this way, if people want to keep for further information contact, there is no need to switch to a new page, they can do it then and there.Guarantee your product or serviceSometimes people hesitate to buy. Convincing with a money back guarantee, these people can go over the fence and pull the trigger. The stronger the guarantee, the better are the conversion rates.It may be a small percentage of people who said that a guarantee of satisfaction, but in most cases it is simply helps build your credibility and assumes the risk of the transaction.Article Source:[...]

    Make Passive Income Online in 7 Simple Steps

    Fri, 06 Jan 2012 16:59:00 +0000

    Have you ever wanted to create your own online business that brings in cash while you sleep? Imagine what you want with most of the time and still a full time income, month after month.You're going to learn how passive income online, with a simple system that has been adopted and proven to make more and get back to work. You can, if your goal is to provide additional liquidity comes to hand, or quit your job altogether.Before performing a passive income online, you must understand that there is no magic pill. There are only tested models such as work, but you must act. I recommend lifting a few hours a day as "useful lessons", where you commit fully to build your online business passive income.Now we want to, how to jump to passive income online.Step One: Decide on your nicheFirst you have to your niche. Be a niche audience, the marketing is. There are thousands of profitable niches are. The best niches are ones where people have trouble burning - such as debt, loss of weight, make money, illness and so on.I like to use the following websites for a brainstorming niche:ShippingClickbank Market43Things.comBuzzle articleStep Two: Identify the keywordsOnce you know what niche you are going to market, the next step is to find keywords. The keywords will be the bridge between you and your prospect. . And "what your prospect is trying to find an excellent free tool for keyword research is the most important tool you want to use Google for keywords that have search.:High search volume per monthHigh CPC (cost per click)Low competitionStep Three: Record and Get Your Domain HostingAfter finding a primary key and a set of related keywords, it is time to make your Web site. You will need a domain and a place to host your domain. One thing I love to create an online business passive income is that you can start for very cheap. The hosting costs about $ 10 per month and domain name costs about $ 10 per year.Step Four: Install your own blogThe next step in this "How to Earn Passive Income Online In 2012" guide is WordPress to install a free, popular blogging platform. Wordpress allows you to easily manage content and web pages with no programming or HTML knowledge.Step Five: Add the ContentOnce you set up your Wordpress blog, you need to send exclusive content to your blog on a regular basis. Your content must offer real value to the reader and in solving their needs. In theory this should be content to write, but there are also services to write the articles that you can trustStep Six: You make your websiteWell, here is the fun part. Content you can actually links to affiliate products, so every time someone buys something through your link you receive commissions. Another way to monetize your website is Google AdSense, which displays ads on your site and you pay a few cents to ten dollars every time you use someone clicks on an ad.Step seven: the free movement attractThe last thing we need to do is to get to travel on our blog. This article is about making passive income, so we need a free source of long-term traffic trends. The best way to do this is through SEO or search engine optimization. It's about linking to your site from other sites and with the keyword as anchor text.The more links from quality sites, the higher your ranking in search engines.Once you have ranked high in search engines, you can enjoy a steady stream of visitors to your site every day. These visitors will click on ads and affiliate links throughout the day, on autopilot, allowing you to make residual income and have more free time!Congratulations! Now you know how to make passive income on the Internet. The next step is to act for you, and enjoy more money and freedom in your life.Article Source:[...]

    On Page SEO is Needed

    Sun, 01 Jan 2012 16:08:00 +0000

    On page SEO is  very satisfied process of optimization the contents, even meta-tags of the web page. These are activities that provide a page that can be indexed by search engine robots.

    SEO experts use in the manufacture of a variety of ways. Here are some key points to remember.
    • Create a title for your site.
    Create a title for your Web site could be problematic. You need a product or service that you have and you should also optimize your site. The most effective method is to have your keywords in the title. The beauty of this method gives you a title that is related to the subject and at the same time, helps to optimize the page.However, it is necessary to combine and reduce these words in a way that is still relevant to readers.
    • Use tag header accordingly.
    According to Rand Fishkin, recent studies have shown that head-tag is a bit 'rankings with the search engines. However, it is always advisable to use this day for important keywords and titles.
    • Write the contents of the page.
    First, there is a minimum to limit the number of words in writing the content. However, you still need to cap off a good salary to show your competitive advantage. The best way to write and optimize your content for keywords to include. Try to count the keywords of the course and maintain the relevance of the content on this topic. Try not too well. The search engines will mark as spam and may ban your site.
    • With an image Alt tags
    Adding an image to your web site can enhance the look of your website. These images can easily optimize your web page with the image alt tags. There is a huge advantage because you may include the main keywords in it. The disadvantage is that you can be labeled as spam if you do not do well, but could easily be avoided. Just be sure to have a word with a relative concept, topic, keyword or a word that defines your business and combine it with words such as graphics or add a picture.

    The keyword is a very important part of your web page. Set may increase your level, on the other side would be irrelevant content and spam your efforts go to waste.
    View reference:

    Description of Internet Marketing

    Sun, 01 Jan 2012 10:54:00 +0000

    Online marketing is just not more marketing websites. It now provides a directory layout, content creation and presentation, video, social bookmarking, backlinking optimization, search engines, PPC, PPV, CPA, etc. In the future, Internet marketing is actually a complex network, time to with a good strategy to work.This is necessary to increase the number of customers that improve your business.image from www.growmap.comBefore marketing your site, you need a website powerful presence, which includes a fast, clear answers and navigation design. It is more important if the customer on the site she could find the right information and product data.Here are a few basic types of internet marketing techniques, which are probably the most days in our world. They are:First PPC (PPC): As mentioned above, the PPP by purchasing advertising space around the search engines like Google in the census of keywords of your choice so if someone clicks on your link, you pay a certain amount. This is the specific traffic costs, but could be quite high if you are focused on a highly valued notion keyword or keywords.Second SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A technique by which you can customize aspects of their web site to increase search engine rankings and more web traffic. Both on page and off page optimization, carried out to ensure that your website can be permanently in the rankings of search engines like Google to compete.Third Social Network Marketing (NMS) is the marketing of your website, products and services on Internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Social networking is highly respected by the major search engines like Google. Do not use social networking is really a big mistake.Some important methods of effective Internet marketing are:For an effective internet marketing, you should check your website rank high in many search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Appeared in today's world, more than 70% of online customers to the website via search engines like Google, should therefore be optimized for better ranking of the site for SEO.E-mail marketing is another great way to get all their friends about products and services you offer to tell on your site.E-mail marketing is a very good way to promote products or services to their customer base. Without a list, it is best to build one.To rule out a niche in Internet marketing and advertising, one must also subsidiaries, distributors and content of work. Because these programs attract a large number of customers on the internet and convinced them to participate in this program.You can even a marketing consultant and web-based trainer who is able to evaluate your site is. You can suggest what requirements you need to improve and show how to implement these changes into effect. Here are some offer software development company providing SEO services.You have to convey to new articles about your company and content sites. In reading through the information, people will be able to learn about the quality of services and can certainly take a look at your site.Marketing your company on social networking is becoming increasingly important. As people around the world via websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are connected, this helps to ensure that a large amount of traffic in most of these areas could be created.Finally, it always create a blog to connect to your company with people and tell them what makes services, information and products available.View my post reference:[...]

    8 Tips to Build Your Online Business

    Tue, 27 Dec 2011 23:00:00 +0000

    We all know that online business is a highly potential market.Everyhday Internet users is increasing and it is a  big potential for our online business venture. Now I will share the information about 8 Tips to Build Your Online Business.Here is 8 Tips to Build Your Online Business:You have not forgotten everywhere. Having a picture of yourself. Put your smile picture everywhere; on your blog, on facebook, on the header of your email, video and background on twitter so you'll never forget. Brand your business with your image is not a product or service.Write your email newsletter. Not necessarily perfect. Fill in the email newsletter about you and also your business. People will be interested in you and you build relationships with your list via e-mail newsletter. I know that you can outsource email newsletters from third parties and this email is written by professionals and you can email money with affiliate products. But, this is a general professional email and they do not reflect on you and your business. For readers, they read other people's email and your email.Choose your target market. Know your target market and identify their problems. Write articles about their problems and get the problem solvers.Write with passion. Being specific is better than the general. Write a particular topic that you are familiar with and you're passionate about it.Tell your story. Who does not love a personal story? If you watch the movie, you will find your emotions are involved with the story.You will cry and laugh during the show. People love personal stories of more since warmed their hearts and they can relate to it. Life works better if you just be yourself.Create your own product. You will have more authority if you make a product or service. People see you as an expert.Give value. How to attract people naturally? Sure thing is you have to provide value to them in advance. Free quote on your website or blog. Let them know you and build a relationship with them first. They will eventually buy your products or services if they trust you.Be active in  Buzz Social Media. Join the conversation on facebook and facebook groups and create a fan page. Share your articles or videos on social networking sites, social bookmarking sites or forums. The options are limited and not get overwhelmed.I'm still in the process of implementation of the eight tips for my business. Is eight tips is hard to do? At first, we must put an effort to have your system in place Inc. It's okay to build a simple marketing channels at the beginning and you can develop more complex over time. Newbie entrepreneurs, if you want to build your marketing appeal Inc., these eight tips will benefit your business. You will have a successful business when you finally drag yourself to work for your marketing channels.Lots of businesses are offered, we are often difficult to choose. There are a Business Opportunity that you can select.Well, it's 8 Tips to Build Your Online Business. Thank's for visiting. You may like my previous articles:How to Get Passive Income from the Web ?How to Start Online Business ?Using Google Plus on MarketingGet High Traffic to Your WebsiteBlogger TutorialReference: Kerja[...]

    How to Get Passive Income from the Web ?

    Tue, 27 Dec 2011 13:18:00 +0000

    Hi blogger tutorial friends. Passive income sounds interest to everyone. But you should understand that passive income is possible only by getting some action. If you do some work in the beginning, you can get extra income eventually without much additional attempt. This is the meaning of passive income. There are several techniques you can use to set up a successful program and reap the benefits over a while.Some of the most effective ones are:1) Network marketing: Commonly known as MLM (multi level marketing), this is possibly the most exciting cash machine. You have to join a network by paying a ongoing and then build a organization. Once you sponsor a few individuals, they, in turn, will sponsor more individuals and you will see your income growing very fast. After sometime, you will be getting monthly checks for significant amounts without your doing anything. You will get a taste of real passive income! While this enterprise is very eye-catching, this has two negatives. There is an advance cost by way of ongoing. Secondly, building up a organization could be a amazing task if you don't have any experience with web page promotion.2) Internet marketer commissions: Becoming an associate of a company is the most sought after way to produce income on the net mainly for the reason that you can begin this enterprise with zero investment. You can become an associate of Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Jct etc. and begin advertising their items. Once you set up a program to market your items or service either through purchased techniques like developing a web page or through no cost techniques like developing a site, hubpages lens etc, you will find income flowing to you progressively and continuously. You can promote as many items as you want. The major drawback is that you have to compete with a lot of associates, many of them could be experienced marketers. The other drawback is that you need to put in a lot of attempt eventually if you want to produce inactive income on a regular basis.3) Promoting CPA offers: This is similar to making affiliate revenue but you can produce extra income for the prospects you produce even without any sales developing. When individuals join provides or just provide their email ids to get more information, you get purchased. The chances of making will be better because individuals will be more willing to join provides or for getting messages than to purchase an item or service. The drawback is the pay per lead will be very little and you have to produce a lot of causes produce a significant income.4) AdSense earnings: You can produce extra income by showing advertisements on your web page. This is a no cost way to produce extra income. All you need to do is to create a site on a topic and indication up for a no cost AdSense account with Google. Just by developing new posts to your site regularly and advertising your site through no cost techniques like pinging, you will get visitors. However, the income per click will be very little and you need a lot of visitors on a variety of sites for this method to be a regular cash machine.Well, it's my post about How to get Passive Income from The Web ?. Thanks for visiting.References:[...]

    9 Ways to increase income from Google Adsense

    Mon, 26 Dec 2011 15:11:00 +0000

    9 Ways to increase income from Google Adsense. There are many ways to increas earning from Google Adsense. Every  successfully publisher who ger the thousand of dollars earning have the their own techniques. You can read the story of a successful publisher in adsense official blog. Learn and apply their techniques to increase your income.I just tell you the general way to increas earning from Adsense.Increase the visitors traffic. Traffic is the key to get success from adsense. The most difficult part of Google Adsense business is bring high traffic to your blog. Before developing other techniques, focusing first on the traffic. One of the important factor is the country of  your blog visitors.The high CPC (Cost Per Click) come from the visitors from Europe, US and other developed countries.Choosing the Best Ads Position on your blog The second factor is the position of the Ads. The primary key is getting closer to the content the better. The Ads location above the contents is more profitable than under. Laying the ads on the left is better than on the right. But this guide is just a habit not necessarily match on your blog. To ensure the right ad positions you need to be testing this for several days straight. Read my previously article about the Best Google Adsense Ads Position on your Blog. Selecting the optimal size of the Ad unit. Guide Basically, the larger size is usually better conversions than at small sizes.Choosing the optimal color Ad. Usually the publisher chose the blend colour Ad with their website. It's to outwit the visitors . But In fact the most of Internet user already know that the adsense ads that you attach is advertising. Finally, visitors feel lazy to look. And when you put different colors of your ads with your blog it's may take attention of visitors. So they are interested and click some advertising links.Add links to other pages. Perhaps you feel that by reducing the internal links on your blog will make visitors click on ads, but not I think it's not necessarily because it could not have ads that match and there are not interesting. By providing an internal link to another article will make visitors open the more page of your blog that will eventually be met with ads that match.Writing posts is continuously. Continuously writing posts is one key to a successful adsense because in addition to adding index pages of your blog on adsense, google also likes the web that is always updated. Other benefits are common for visitors to come back to the blog article that gives a unique, rewarding quality and always updated.Focus of writing the Articles that containing the High Paying Keyword. To appear the high cost per click Ads on your blog we should write the related articles topic to PPC Adversiting. High Paying Keyword PPC tends to be the keywords that have high click values. HPK is what I mean here not only keywords that are circulating on the Internet or the results of your research via the tool. But PPC can also be obtained specifically from the ads that already appear on your blog. Of course, each ad has a different value per clicks. With a specific analysis tool you can see the value of clicks from ads on your website and which pages are from your blog. Adding adsense for search. Adding adsense search box on the post or on the search page it can add income between 20% to 50%. Do not let the opportunity is lost, immediately plug for adsense search box on your blog.Adding adsense for feeds. If you have blog feeds members more than 500 peopels, not hurt you to start giving adsense ads on your feeds. If you put an ad in a feed you should set the feed to display the [...]

    How to Start Online Business

    Sun, 25 Dec 2011 15:12:00 +0000

    Now, I will share you an article about How to Start Online Business? Actually, what is the online business? Online business is business conducted over the internet as a marketing medium by using the website as a catalog. Online business is not always sell goods or real objects. Through the internet you can sell services, advertising, information, etc..

    So what if you don't have anything to sell, Can you Start an Online Business? Yes, it could be. If you do not have things to sell, you can sell other people's stuff and you'll get a commission or any other term you become a reseller or affiliate.

    Little sharing, I am familiar with the online world for a long time, I try to learn everything by purchasing many ebooks. I also had time to follow one school that teaches internet marketing online, but because I'm an office workers,  I can't focus and didn't continue it.

    Armed with the desire to own my own business, I tried a variety of conventional business of selling linen, clothes, to be the supplier of stationery products. But it didn't long.

    Long story short, I started again looking for an online business that I can run it while at work, because not yet have a product, then I sell other peoples products. Armed with a free blog, I was able to Start an Online Business. Venture capital can be said zero, because I wear a reseller system, I do not need menyetok stuff, my job just looking for consumers who buy a product, then after a consumer to transfer money, I just bought the product to the supplier and sent to the consumer. Until I finally have their own websites that sell handicraft products from Bali.

    It is whatever your business, I suggest to him onlinekannya.Suppose you already have a conventional business in the shop "offiline", try expanding the market by creating an online store.And for you who do not have a business, you can start with your favorite hobby or, for example, your hobby to make a cake, you can create a blog about your activities to make the cake, who knows you could get this business from your hobby.

    How about you, have you prepared Start an Online Business? If you do not have a product that can be sold, you can click here to get an idea Start an Online Business.

    Tips and Trick for Google Adsense

    Sun, 25 Dec 2011 09:39:00 +0000

    The dreams of every blogger are to get more clicks on adsense Ads that put on their website. But do not be surprised if that hope was just so beyond our expectations due to ignorance on our website setting. There are many bloggers who set up their website for example by replacing the parts contained in their website. What they do is one trick, the trick to get more clicks on their adsense.Here are some tricks that I got from about how do we get more visitors clicking on adsense on the website so that we will be more adsense income rises:Google and visitors prefer to websites that are rich in content. This is a basic tricks that you must do in order to gain profit through adsense. Every search engines are very love with the websites that are frequently updated and has a lot of content in their web pages. So that search engines will easy to index the website and you'll get more visitors. When our website have better quality, then the CTR (clickthrough rate) the higher will be displayed in the pages of our website. Because the placement of adsense by google based by looking at content on a website.Try not to let the visitors feel at home in your website. Make the articles according to the topic that suits your website.When your website has articles that are informative then the visitors will always come to your website.Put your Adsense in the most appropriate location. You try to learn on which part is the best place to put your adsense. By laying a good then it will increase your adsense click value. For example placed on the content area on a unit and on the link below the navigation menu. Read my previously post about The best Adsense ads position on your blog.Learn about the suitability of an advertising and adsense tricks disguise. Suitability adsense in this case means that the colors match the background color adsense. So when you put adsense in your website try to make adsense is seen as a link. Impersonation means that regular visitors know where you put adsense ads, so it is likely they will not click your ads. But you could probably use google adsense color blending.Avoid using the label "Sponsored Links". If google has put the label "Ads by Google" on every Adsense ads them, then why do we have to put another label for the link Sponsor. Google said in their TOS  was wearing a "Sponsored links" to label their ads, they do not say anything if we do not labels on our ads.You should Trying to get new visitors. Try to get a linkback from websites that have high pagerank so wesite you will be noticed by the search engine and you will get new visitors. Based on the experience of 100% new visitors will click on ads than regular visitors there.I'm sure you can perform the above tips and remember the more time we devote to our website will eat the more revenue we achieve. So you have to keep updating your site every day to give something new to the visitors of your website. It's some Tips and Trick for Google Adsense. Thank's for visiting.Original content at[...]

    Using Google Plus on Marketing

    Sun, 25 Dec 2011 06:25:00 +0000

    The operation of an online business is no easy task. It is always important to have a complete understanding of the trading platform have a business to run smoothly and profitably. However, marketing is a very important factor when it comes to operating an online business. There are many marketing strategies that are used in order to achieve an advantage over competitors concerned. In recent years, the number of people using social media has grown exponentially and is one of the reasons that social media is an effective marketing strategy. Google plus is to enable a highly innovative, so that your marketing needs effectively.It is important to get the most out of Google plus, to get more than marketing to manage a productive enterprise. This is due to the fact that there is a wide range of innovative features, such as circles and Google + a button, the social media marketing has improved attributed. Basically, Google allows people to more than one company websites that are very functional in order to achieve high ranking search engine create. It comes with a database that is extended so that more information is received in your circle of Google. In addition, you will use in a better position to the other functions such as Webmaster Tools, analysis, trends and perspectives from Google to create a site that attracts a large number of potential targets, so the ranking of your engine research.In online marketing, site of a very functional and operational is a must. It is about creating high quality graphics, pictures or images provided products, creating high quality content that appeals to target prospects and generate back links to quality. These are some of the features that Google, implies a stronger market. With professional services, you can be assured of quality content on your website. In addition, Google is one of a button you can reach the top spot, because it makes your website visible in search engines.With more Google Marketing is very important because it enables fast connections with target prospects and business partners. With this form of marketing, it is easy to find prospects for you on Google, on the target page. Furthermore, it is easy to side in a way that optimize the needs of target prospects more effectively. As a result, customers will still click on the links in your site and you will benefit from improved CTR thus a leading position against competitors affected.With effective marketing of Google plus, your company will get a reputable SEO and web traffic have increased. Because with Google + 1 button you can share content with prospects to target in a simple and effective. Communicate business ideas more easily. In addition, there is always a call to action button and influence purchase decisions of your customers. It can therefore lead to a profitable business.But for the effectiveness of Google plus, more than marketing, it is essential to make the most professional services. We are professionals and thus ensure that significant results on Google plus marketing as soon as possible.Reference:[...]

    Get High Traffic to Your Website

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    To succeed in the online world you need the high traffic to your website because more visitors you get, the more sales you and we know that more sales equals more money. Therefore, this article will explain you ways to get web traffic quickly. Before you begin, it is assumed that you know how to research keywords and in fact you do on a regular basis to stay informed of the competition for keywords related to your niche. Second, you have a website or blog set up, because I'm not going to teach you the technical aspects of creating your own blog or website in this article. That said lets start with the article.image from http://increaserss.comMarking the correct keywords.The majority of traders actually spent much time optimizing content with keywords, but they forgot to properly tag. If you are a blogger or marketing of these then you should stop doing. I listed this thing, first because it is very important and is the basis for the optimization of the page. Search engines look for and recognize your markup tags one article. Labels can be as title tags, meta tags, title tags and alt tags (for pictures).Update your site every dayThis is important because search engines and your visitors love fresh content. But be careful not to compromise quality over quantity, because it is very old saying in the world of the Internet that "content is king", and it is actually. The content is actually a reason to visit your site be the search engines and visitors.Quality BacklinksBacklinks are associated with off-page SEO. A backlink is a link to your website or a particular web page. Search engines see the backlink as a vote. So the more backlinks you get better your page rank and SERP is the theory. In practice, you should try to get backlinks from relevant sources and quality. Never groped mail system with the creation of a huge amount of trash back in a short time. It's a black hat SEO will take you anywhere, because this way you will do more harm than good to themselves.Social NetworkingWith the advent of social networking and bookmarking sites, the Internet marketing game has changed. Now, the Successful marketing is who built a good relationship with its customers. This can be done efficiently with the help of social networking sites.These sites increase traffic and are also useful in terms of SEO.AdvertisingFor even better results and soon, I suggest that you should go with ads. This can actually be done with Google AdSense and other PPC networks. The advertising world is pretty impressive for you if you are a beginner, but as your experience grows, you will find that the PPC or other advertising is a good return on investment.Source:[...]

    The Best Google Adsense Ads Position on Your Blog

    Sat, 24 Dec 2011 06:28:00 +0000

    Hi Blogger Tutorial friends. Previously I've posted about the way to Earn Money from Google Adsense. And now I will try to explain how to Increas your Income from Google Adsense by placing the Ads in the best position to click by visitors.

    Ok, please look at the picture:


    The images above explain that the darkest color have the higher CTR than the other places. If you follow the  way, I'm sure it will greatly affect to your Google Adsense income. Althought  the Ads placement maps work as a guide to determine your Ads position, but you should prioritize yuor blog visitors to determinant the Ads places. It's mean that you should to look to the the most clicked Ads position on your blog.

    Well, it's my tips about The Best Google Adsense Ads Position on Your Blog. thanks for visiting.

    Earn Money from Google Adsense

    Fri, 23 Dec 2011 23:44:00 +0000

    Have you ever heard about Google Adsense ? I'm sure that you've know the words. But, for some peoples who don't know, I will explain shortly about Google Adsense.Google Adsense is a site owned by the large and reputable company in the world, it's Google. Everyone have know it. Google adsense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content, including: site search results, Websites and Mobile webpages and apps. Click here if you want to read more about Google Adsense from Wikipedia.How it's work? There are two ways to earn money from Google Adsense. It's, join Google Adsense as an Advertiser and as a Publisher. This time I just explain the second ways, join as a Publisher. Look at this image: Photo from, there are three parties involved in this Adsense Business, it's:AdvertisersGoogle AdsensePublisher (Blogger, Owner of the websites/blog).The first time the Advertiser as a product owner want to promote these products on the Internet. Then the Advertisers use the service of Google Adsense as the Promotor of their products and of course the Advertisers will deposite some money for the service.Because the highly demand to promote the Advertisers products, Google Adsense is not able to promote itself, and ask for help from Blogger or owner of websites (Publishers). And of course the Publishers will get the payment for it. As a publishers, we must to put the Ads from Google Adsense on our blog and we will get the payment every visitors that click on the Ads. Note: Don't click your own Ads if you don't want to banned from Google Adsense. It's against the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense.Give me the way to Earn Money from Google Adsense:Ok, it's a simple way:Signup to Google Adsense. Click here.Make a blog to promote the Ads from Google Adsense. Click here to Make a Blog for Free.Optimize your blog to get higlhy visitors traffic. More traffic = more earning. I said a simple way but it doesn't mean easy. To earn money from Google Adsense takes some special skills, perseverance, and patience. Good Luck.Also read this article:Blogger Tutorial for BeginnerWhat is SEOIntroduction to SEOWhite Hat vs Black Hat SEOFree BacklinksReference:  ahmadsofwan blog[...]

    How to Disable Right Click on Your Blog

    Fri, 23 Dec 2011 01:12:00 +0000

    To prevent the contents of blog from  the other peoples that have bad actions like copied post or images, many bloggers deliberately to disable right click on their blog. Well, today I will share a blogger tutorial about how to disable right click on your blog.Ok. To disable right click on your blog please follow the instruction bellow:Login to your blogger account.Go to Template menu, and then click Edit HTML, and click Proceed.Check Expand Widget Template.Find the code. To make easy it, click Ctrl+F if you using Mozilla Firefox browser, and F3 if using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser.Paste the JavaScript code just below the code. This is the JavaScript code to use. Save it.Well, it's a blogger tutorial about How to Disable Right Click on Your Blog. You may also like this:What is SEO ?Submit Blog to Bing | Search Engine OptimizationSubmit Blog to Search EnginesHow to Make a BlogWhite Hat vs Black Hat SEOIntroduction to SEOFree BacklinksMeta Tags on BlogThanks for visiting.[...]

    How to Make Contact Form on Your Blog

    Thu, 22 Dec 2011 17:02:00 +0000

    Today, I will share a Blogger Tutorial about How to Make Contact Form on Your Blog. You know? Contact form is so important for our blog. Why? because it will make our visitors easy to contact us by email. Before you make a contact form on your blog, you should know that's effects. There are bad and good effect. The good effect is make easy our blog visitors to contact us by email, and the other effect is our email inbox will fully by many emails from our blog visitors and take many times to read it.Well, it's up to you. If you want, follow the instructions below:Go to Click "Signup Now for FREE" button. Fill the registration form wii given. And then click "Sign Up" button.Check the confirmation email in your email inbox, and click a confirmation link in the email.Now, you're success to make an EmailMeForm account. Login to your account and click "Add form"  button.Click the first option "Go to template selection. I'd like to choose form a list of pre-made form" if you want to choose the pre-made form from template. And the second option to build your form manually.If you choose the first option, you will see your form. You can costumize your form as you well.To put contact form on your blog, click "My Form" menu. then click "code" button. And copy the HTML/JavaScript code in the box.Create a new post on your blog, and paste code at HTML section. And then publish your post.Congratulation.. You've make a Contact form on your blog.Well blogger tutorial friends. It's a tutorial how to make contact form on your blog. You may also like this post:What is SEO ?White Hat vs Black Hat SEOSuper BacklinkHow to make a blogSubmit Your Blog to Search EnginesThanks for visiting my blog.[...]

    How to Make Visitors Flag Counter Widget on Blog

    Wed, 21 Dec 2011 13:31:00 +0000

    Hello Blogger Tutorial friends. To see how many peoples from other countries that visited your blog, you may try this widget. It's Visitors Flag Counter. You can put this widget on the sidebar of your blog .This widget count your blog visitors based on uniques IP address, so the next with the same IP address will not be count. Let's follow the instruction below to make Visitors Flag Counter Widget on your Blog:Go to this address your Flag Counter display, if finished click "Get Your Flag Counter" button. Look at the picture: Enter your email address and click continue. Copy the HTML code will given: Login to your Blogger account, go to Layout > Add gadget > HTML/JavaScriptPaste the Flag Counter HTML code to the HTML/JavaScript box.SaveCongratulation...!!! You has been Make Visitors Flag Counter Widget on your Blog. Thanks for visiting Blogger Tutorial blog. Try to read my previously article to know about What is SEO ?.[...]

    Facebook Timeline | Beautiful Your Profile

    Tue, 20 Dec 2011 15:39:00 +0000

    Hello Blogger Tutorial friends.. Now I just want to share an information to you about Facebook Timeline. I think this article was out from this blog topic, but it's nothing.

    There are many facebook users want to enjoy this new look of facebook profile. Really, It's so cool, elegant, and beautiful look. I think you may like it.

    See it's screenshoots below:

    Well blogger tutorial friends... It's the small part of facebook timeline display. Are you ready to enjoy it?

    Okey.. follow the instructions below:

    First, Log in to your facebook account. And then go to this address

    Click "Get Timeline" and congratulation...!!! You have new facebook profile display. You can costumize your profile display as you well.

    Oke guys.. I hope this article about Facebook Timeline can be useful for you. Thanks for visiting.

    Submit Blog to Bing | SEO Optimization

    Wed, 14 Dec 2011 15:13:00 +0000

    Hy Blogger Tutorial friends. Today I will share one of SEO Optimization tips. It's about Submit Blog to Bing. You know? Beside we must to get many and super backlinks for our blog, one of the most important things to increas visitors traffic of our blog is submit site to Search Engine. Why? because it make easy the search engine robot to index our blog, and of course our blog will get a good chance to be the first page of Search Engines Result.Bing is one of the biggest search engines in the world. Everyday millions of the peoples around the world using this search engine to find their desire. So, don't waste this chance. let Submit your Blog to Bing.Please follow the following instructions to Submit Blog to Bing:Click this link, Click Webmaster Tools Sign In if you have windows live account and click Sign Up With Windows Live ID if don't.After that, we will directed to Bing Dashboard, and click Add Site.And then choose the second option to virified your blog.Put the meta msvalidate.01 code under code of your blog template. And back to Bing dashboard, click Verify button. Congratulation you have add your site to Bing.And then, How to Submit Sitemap to Bing?Paste this url to your address bar: Change the red word with your blog address.And will appear this words: Thanks for submitting your sitemap.Congratulation you have submit your blog to Bing. [...]