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Blogger help where you can find tips and tricks for given the best look to Blogger/Website to improve your blogs/website qualities

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Know the Limitation of a blogger which is provided by Google.


Limits for Blogger by GoogleBlogs Limit : We can setup or generate 100 blogs this limitation for each an every account. Posts Limit : You can Post unlimited,and only the account holder have rights to delete their Post. Posts Size : There is not Post size limitation for Individual Posts. Pages Size : Separate pages have limit to 1MB in size. Individual pages (Index page of your blog, or archive pages). Comments Limit : Unlimited comments you can publish on a post. Pictures Limit : With Picasa you got storage 1 GB if you upgrade with Goole+ you can get 15 GB with gmail and Drive. Pictures size limit : By Blogger Mobile you can upload a picture upto 250K. Members Team : Member can be up-to 100 for every blog. Labels Limit : you can choose 2000 labels for a blog and 20 labels for a post. Description of a Blog : Description of a Blog should be 500 character. Characters limit for Profile Information : About your personal information you can write maximum numbers of 1,200 characters. Interests of Profile and Favorites : Up-to 2,000 characters in each field.Content Originally presented by Google (it is authority of a google Blogger)ThanksBlogger Helped[...]

Add a digital Signature to your blog post/Add a signature.


Dear all visitor already i have share my thought  how to create a digital/online Signature now its time to upload your signature with your blog/website post.Now follow these few step with me to upload your Signature.First of all you need to upload your generated Signature picture to your favorite Image Host . 1). Log-in to your blogger click on Settings-->Posts and Comments then you will see Post Template Box in your right pane see the picture below.2). In the Post Template box type a small HTML coding(image) 3). Replace the Red Code(YOUR IMAGE URL) with your Signature picture link(URL),It will look like...(image) See the picture below.You have done for getting the result you have to post a new post in your blogger.Thank youBlogger Helped[...]

Create a Online Signature(Digital Signature) for your blog/website post.


Dear all,I am here to share with you my thoughts and the thought is to publish your Blog/Website Post with your Signature,follow the instruction to create your online signature and upload it with your post. 1). To create a Signature click here MyLiveSignarture.a window will open just registered here and log-in with your ID,if you do not want to register directly click on proceed button without register see the picture below.There are the options to create a signature click on any one which you required,I am going to clcik on Using the signature creation wizard.Step 1. Enter your name you can give your name only or type your name with your sir name also see the sample below :Step 2. There are many choice for font Select the font that is best for your signature.Step 3. Select the size what you required and clck on Next Step Button see it below.Step 4. Select the color for both background color and Text color than proceed by click on Next step button at the bottom.Step 5. Set the slope for your signature and proceed.Step 6. you have created your signature and its ready to upload in your post see the picture and download it on your computer see the screenshot below.My all friend's now have done your task,download your Signature file and save it.Add Signature to your Blogger/website /Post click here Thank YouBlogger Helped[...]

Show Share Buttons are not showing/unhide or working in blogger/blogs


If you are facing problem with your share buttons in your blogger like you apply share buttons to display below your post but its not appear below your post do not worry just follow me and make yourself happy and proud yourself .Question : First log-in to your blogger,than go to Layout there you will see a title Blog Posts now you find an Edit button click on it and apply for buttons from here see picture below.The problem is as you apply it and you browse your blogger to see the share button are come on your blogger but its very horribly nothing is there you find see example picture below.You can see an arrow into the above picture which is highlight a blank space where the share button will be appear don't worry friend just follow me and get ride of by this problem.Start : First Log-into your Blogger click on Template in left side pane,now see in your right side pane and find Edit HTML button click on it see picture also.Than click on Proceed button an HTML window will open.Note : Make sure to click on  Expand Widget Templates  before doing anything with your template and also take the backup of your blogger first.Just find the below code in your HTML Template.Note : (for finding click  Ctrl+F Button on your keyboard a find window will appear in your left side at the end of the browser.)see Picture Below.The above code you have find now copy the following code and pate it below the above code.
Now the Code will be look like see below.You have done and i am sure the share buttons are visible on your blogger.Note : If the Problem are still same or don't solved just follow the second option. Go to your Edit HTML and find the below code.The above code will be look like see picture below.The above code may be a little different in your blogger but it will be similar,select the above code and delete it all and save your Template,now go to your blogger and see the share buttons are visible.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Add a Table in your blogger/website post with a full rest.


To adding a table or tables in Blogger's/website post are very difficult for many of us or learner who afraid with codding or want to avoid codding if someone's really want to get-ride-of with big task of codding.I am here for you all to share a short method to add a table in your post just follow the instruction with me ... Follow the Instruction : 1). First of all you should be familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel or any other SpreadSheet now create a table as you required with any of the above tools.2). After creating a table in word or excel and SpreadSheet you need to convert this table in HTML codding Just click the below link a new window will open.Tableizer : See the picture below and Paste your Table's from Excel, Calc or other spreadsheet :3). Copy the table from Excel see below:4). Now Go to the TAbleizer Website and Paste the date or table and then press the Tableize It! button see the below picture.5). As you click on TableizeIt! Button,HTML codding will generate and and also you will see the generated table see below picture.6). Copy the HTML code.Log-in with your blogger and click on New Post Button for posting a new post with table.7). Now click on the HTML button beside the Compose button in your blogger post and  Paste the  HTML code which you have generated already,see the picture below.8). you have done your task now you need to check it is OK or NOT just click on Compose Button and see the table after satisfaction Publish the Post by pressing the Publish Button Picture here below.After publishing your post you have a desire to check how it look like in actual just browse your blog and see your work an i am really sure you love your work,see below...Thank youBlogger Helped[...]

Submit your URL(Blog/Website) free with high page rank(Page rank 6) Directory.


Link submission is the major part of link building around the world so i would like to share some top ranking respected Directories surely it can be helpful for you all.It's a method to increase your backlink and increase your Blog/Website Page rank by submitting  your URL(Blog/Website) to directories and its also work like a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools.Submit your URL to Page Rank 6 Directories.NoDirectory NameGoogle PRSubmit Here1http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com6Free Submit2http://www.exactseek.com6Free Submit3http://www.gmawebdirectory.com6Free Submit4http://www.gogreece.com6Free Submit5http://www.hotvsnot.com6Free Submit6http://marketinginternetdirectory.com6Free Submit7http://www.siteswebdirectory.com6Free Submit8http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com6Free Submit9http://www.usalistingdirectory.com6Free Submit10http://www.ukinternetdirectory.net6Free SubmitThank You AllBlogger Help[...]

Submit your URL(Blog/Website) free with high page rank(Page rank 7) Directory.


Link submission is the major part of link building around the world so i would like to share some top ranking respected Directories surely it can be helpful for you all.It's a method to increase your backlink and increase your Blog/Website Page rank by submitting  your URL(Blog/Website) to directories and its also work like a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools.Submit your URL to Page Rank 7 Directories.NoDirectory NameGoogle PRFree Submit1 Submit2http://www.cyndislist.com7Free Submit3http://www.dmoz.org7Free Submit4http://www.highrankdirectory.com7Free Submit5http://www.lanic.utexas.edu7Free Submit6http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com7Free Submit7http://www.traveltourismdirectory.net7Free SubmitSubmit URL(Blog/Website) To Google Page Rank-6 Thank You AllBlogger Help[...]

Add the twitter button below every post or below every post title.


First of all you have to generate a twitter button code the twitter buttons code will be created with the twitter website log-in to your Twitter account than start process to generate a code,click for the Twitter Buttons.For creating the twitter buttons follow the link Blogger Help.Note :  Be remember take the back up first than Edit HTML of your template.Now start to to add your twitter buttons below every post and below every post title. Follow me to add twitter buttons after every post.Log-in to your blogger than click on Template ---->Edit HTML----->Proceed an HTML pop window will open see picture below.Figure 1Now get the find box by pressing the Ctrl+F key and type below Blue code in to the find box than Enter and find. Figure 2As you find the above Blue code just apply the below black code under the blue code than Click on save Template see in Figure 2. Note : Change the red with your twitter user name. Now Browse your blogger and see the result. Figure 3Put your twitter buttons after every post title.Just add the black code before the blue code see below the code will be look like.bloggerhelped" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false">Follow @bloggerhelped  See picture below.Figure 4You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Twitter Button / Create Twitter follow button for your Blogger or Website and Installed.


For share your blogger or website with the twitter and getting more traffic on your website or blogger just add buttons to your blog/website so that the visitor can share your content and share with your website/blogger. Figure 1Now follow me to add twitter follow link to your blogger or website.First Log-in to your twitter account the twitter home page will open move your mouse cursor to the right side at the top just see a small button like a picture click on it than click on settings----> Profile put the website name here as you add your website URL see under this box and click on You can also add Twitter to your site here. see the picture also.Figure 2As you click the 4th click see in Figure 2 the page will move to the next default Logo & Brand page now you will see the Buttons link click on it see picture below.Figure3Now Buttons page appeared where you can select the buttons whichever you want to add to your Blogger or Website see picture also.Figure 4Choose a buttons there are 4 types buttons you can see like (Share a link,Follow,Hashtag,Mention.) than Add your twitter user name select your Language etc.after filling all the detail copy this code.Note : Change the red in above code with your twitter user name. Add(Installed) the above code to your blogger Log-in to your blogger click Layout see in the beside window click on Add a Gadget a pop up window will open down your mouse cursor and look for the HTML/JavaScript paste the above code here and save.Figure 5Now you have install Twitter follow buttons to your blogger browse your blogger and see the follow buttons to your Blogger see picture also.Figure 6You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Google Webmaster tool Indexes 26 Pages when you submit your blogger's sitemap


when ever you submit your blogger site map manually to Google Webmaster tool with the below red code.  atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 As you submit the above sitemap code and wait for indexing your pages by the Google and Google indexed 26 pages only do not worry just follow me if you have posted more than 26 post in your blogger. You need to add few code for indexing more than 26 posts see below.If you have uploaded under 500 posts than submit the below sitemap code.atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500Submit these below code if the posts are up to 1000atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500Submit these below code if the posts are up to 1500atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500 atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1001&max-results=500I am sure you will be very much satisfy with the above submission. Click here for submit Sitemap You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Why You need to Ping Your Website or Blogger and Ping it with great tool


Your Website's new pages are not seen in search engine to get the forever indexed your page or post you regularly need to ping your blogger or website,for pinging your URL follow me.Browse this link Ping-O-Matic!After clicking above link you will see a green website than fill all the information about your Blogger or website like...Blog Name,Blog Home page(URL) and RSS URL than select all the ping services and click at the last button Send Ping see below.As you click on Send Ping button it will take few time for processing and finally you get a Pinging complete message see here. You have done Thanks For coming here. Blogger Helped[...]

Google Language Translation tool add to your Blogger/Website


Translation Language tool is for the visitors who don't understand your website language and want to read your blogger in their own language your website instantly available in 60+ languages with Google Language just follow me to place a language tool on your Blogger/Website. Click here for Google Translate tool than see at the right side a blue color button will appear click on Add to your website now see picture below. Now it will ask for the Blogger or Website name put it here your URL than click on Next see picture below. After filling website info add your plugin language here you can choose a single specific language and can choose all language,now choose display mode three option are there Horizontal,Vertical and Dropdown after this a Advanced tab will be there,than click on Get Code see picture below. Copy the above code first and log-in to your blogger Than Click on Template >Edit HTML>Proceed find the . Note : find box will come with Ctrl+F just find the code. Place this meta tag before the colsing see picture below. Now Put the second code log-in to your blogger Than Click on Layout > Add a Gadget a pop up window will open find the HTML JavaScript paste the code in Content Area and save see below. Now move to your Blogger or Website the Google Languages tool will appear on it just click on it and see the various Languages see below also.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Submit your Blogger/Website to the best Social Bookmarking Websites through a single site.


Everybody wants to increase visitors to there website or blogger,for Increasing visitor on your blogger or website you just post your URL to the following bookmarking website these website would be placed in a single website follow me i introduce a a website from where you can submit your URL to these famous Bookmarking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, much more Follow the link Social Poster than a website will open now fill all the detail and click on Generate button see below.After Generate your website/blogger information click step by step Post button and submit your URL step by step to these bookmarking website see below. You have done Thanks For coming here. Blogger Helped[...]

Submit Your Blogger/Website To The Leading Russian Search Engines Yandex And Rambler


Yandex is the Russian leading search engine and Rambler is also one of them.Before submitting your website to the Russian search have to create at least one page or Post of your blog/website in Russian language,its very simple to create a page or Post in Russian Language,first write a page or post in your own Language than transfer your own language to Russian language by the Google language Tool, than upload it. Submit Your Website To YandexSubmit your Blogger/Website to the Yandex Webmaster Tool :Click Here to move Yandex Webmaster Tool Direct by default the website will be opened in Russian language see default page below.For opening it in other language like English just use the Google language tools. see the picture of translated page below.If Google does not able to translate your website/Blogger just click here see picture below.As you click submit your website/blogger has been submitted and a message will appear on the screen see picture below.Rambler You have done Thanks For coming here. Blogger Helped[...]

Submit your website/Blogger URL to Russian Search Engine Rambler


In Russian search engine list the Rambler is also Popular, just follow me to submit your URL to the Rambler.First of all you have to be register with Rambler choose any one Catalog Top 100 you can find it middle of the website of Rambler see picture below also. After choosing the Catalog just move your mouse cursor at the bottom and find the Add Site to TOP 100 it will be placed left side at the bottom of Rambler ,than click on it here you will see the Create a new account button just follow the button see Picture Also. See Create a new account Picture also. Click create a new account and see the Term and condition window click on Agree and Start Registration see Picture also.Now fill the detail like Email,Password and confirm Password than finish see below.You will received a mail by the Rambler in your mail box now follow the mail and activate your account see.Put your information like your email and password and log-in than you can add your website URL to the Rambler see below.See above Picture and click at the arrow point than follow the instruction and type your URL see again below.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped [...]

Technorati Verification and Claiming for Blogger/Website.


Technorati is a best blogger tool for getting better improvement of your blogger and can monitor traffic.First of all you should get the User ID and Password of Technorati. 1. Log -in-to Technorat,click on your username at the top of the right side see below. 2. My Profile window will open at the end of your profile you will see the My Claimed Blogs Option just fill your blogger name inside the blank portion than click on Claim Button see below. 3.As you click on Claim Button a new page will open in the same window there you will see few option for your blogger to fill them and click button Proceed to the next step see picture below.  4. Next Step will show you the blog claim status. 5. Check your Email there you will get an Email from Technorati wich send you a token number just paste your token number anywhere in your post area like this i paste here mine Y4RVAHMJXJAH . see below follow the link.6. Go Back to your Profile in Technorati and click on  Check Claim Button see below. 7. Than it will ask for Verify Claim Token Click on it see below. 8. At the End a massage will show you We are evaluating your claim see below.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped Y4RVAHMJXJAH  [...]

Add a Gadget Header into Page Element for Blogger.


Add a additional header Gadget into page element so that the blogger owner can add any other article,picture etc under the header.Just see the picture below how looks default Header Gadget.Now we can start how to add extra Header Gadget.Note: Before Edit your Template take your Template full Backup.Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template1. First Sign-in to your Blogger click on Design under the Design Tab you will see Edit HTML click on it see below. 2. Find the Below Code ( By preshing Ctrl+F ) Put the code inside the serch box than Enter see picture below.showaddelement 3. The code will be look like see below. 
      4. Just change here these two things.(showaddelement='no')  to (showaddelement='yes')maxwidgets='1') to (maxwidgets='2') 5. Than click on Save Template,go to the Page Element i am sure you will get extra Header Gadget there see Picture also below. You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Hide Post Date, Time and/or Author


There are some reason for blogger to hide Post date, time and author. May be they want to see their blog looks clear or everything? Now I will show you the trick to "hide your post date, time and or author". The methods are very simple, just find the code that I pointed to you and delete it. You can chose which part want to delete, date only, time only, author only or it all. Ok, if you decided to do it lets begin the hack.1. Login to blogger the go to "Layout --> Edit HTML" 2. Click on the "Download Full Template" to back up your template first. 3. Check on the "Expand Widget Templates" check box. Hide Post Datefind this code and delete it. Hide Post Time find this code and delete it.Hide Post Author find this code and delete it. Save your editing[...]

Center blog title on blogger/Blogspot/Blog


As we give a blogger Title,it displayed into the left side by default at the top of the blogger you can change its place(Center or Right) by making/adding few changes in your blogger's HTML source code.Note: Before Edit your Template take your Template full Backup.Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template1. First Sign-in to your Blogger click on Design under the Design Tab you will see Edit HTML click on it see below.   2. Find the Below Code ( By preshing Ctrl+F ) Put the code inside the serch box than Enter. header {3. Under the header { find the code h1 { by moving your mouse cursor a little down and find h1 { see below. 4. Before doing any changes with your HTML code see the preview by click on PREVIEW tab you will see your header location in preview see below.5. Now just add the below code under the h1 { code.                             text-align: center;6. It will  look like see below.h1 {   text-align: center;   padding:25px 0px 10px 5%;  color:$pagetitlecolor;  background:$pagetitlebgcolor;  font:$pagetitlefont;  letter-spacing:-2px;   See Picture below too.7. After adding the HTML code you see the preview first before save Template. The Preview will look like as see below. 8. Now Click on SAVE TEMPLATE. Note:- If yuo want to take blog header title in right side just change in the code like. For right side code: text-align: right;For Left side code: text-align: left; (or remove the code)For Center code: text-align: center;You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Restore a Deleted blog


Unfortunately if you had deleted your blog by taking decision immediately there after you think it happened wrong by you,now you desire to recover it may be this article will be helpfull for you all. Note:-  Be remember You can restore your deleted blog if you haven't exceeded the 90 days limit.Google provides a 90 days restoration Limit.Just follow these few simple step to restore the deleted blog.1. Log-in-to your blogger you will see a dashboard it will be look like see below.2.  Now move your mouse cursor up to the end of your Dashboard at the end you will see  an option show all  click on it see below. 3. As you click Show all option it will show you all deleted blogs see below.  Note:-  Must remember the deleted blog age should not be exceed 90 days. 4. Now just click on the Undeleted this blog option,within few second's you will see the deleted blog come back to your blogs list see below also.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped[...]

Create/Generate and Add AlertPay Donate Button on your Blog/Website.


Donate Button is placed for the financially help of a blog/website owner which given by the visitor if they desire to donate a little amount for help to the blog/website owner and as i think its really helpful for the blogger/Website owner.Note: This (Donate Button) facility Provide by the AlertPay for Indian Users too but the PayPal India do not  Start this facility for Indian Users. Now Just follow these few simple step to create the Alertpay Donate Button see below. 1. First of all create a new account who Don't have an account? Sign up now. Note:-Create New Account with Personal Pro Account Type option.2. Log Into your AlertPay Account see bellow.3. You will see an option at the top of the right side Business Tools  than click Manage Donations / Generate "Donate Now" button see bellow.4. There you will see Add Button just click at the button see bellow also.5. Finally you will get a little form just fill all the required field only and than click Update Button.see Picture bellow too.6.After clicking Update Button the next page will be opened  you will see the HTML code like see bellow.Note:- AlertPay Donate Button Create process has been completed now the next step to add your Donate Button to your Blog/Website.Add AlertPay Donation Button into the blogs. 1. ust Log into Blogger click on Design  tab than Page Element tab now click on Add a Gadget see Picture below. 2. As you click Add a Gadget tab a separate Window will open just find the HTML/JavaScriptclick on it see the picture below.3. As you click on HTML/JavaScript into the same window another page will open by the name Configure HTML/JavaScript that will be in two part Title and Content Do not need to give the title name now copy the generated HTML code from the AlertPay  and paste the code under the Content than press save button see Picture below also.   4. Finally click on save button on your page Element see Picture Below.5. Than browse your blogger or blog definitely AlertPay Donation Button will be placed on your blog just see an Example Picture below.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped [...]

Take Full Backup of Blogger Template.


Do you know why i suggest you all to take the backup in regular basis this is why,if you are running a blogger and you are getting good revenue from your blogger so please don't think that your are the owner of this blogger google is the owner google is controlling our blogger's all activity.I had read over the internet about several cases where are blogger's blog has simply disappeared and Google never explain about it or get it many cases google also block for policy violations  and also many hackers are ready to heck for escaping to hack your blogger take backup regularly.Take the backup of your Blogger:1. Sign in to your blogger you will see a dashboard see picture below.2. Click on Design than Edit HTML now check the Expand Widget Template see picture below. Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template 3. Now Click at the Download Full Template ,there will be a small window will appear at your screen which will ask to save your Template location give the path where you want to save your Template backup see picture below.You have doneThanks For coming here.Blogger Helped [...]

Make Default Browser for Browsing with Mozila Firefox,Chrome or IE


As you install a new browser on your computer like Internet Explorer,Firefox or chrome after completing the installation there a option appear on your screen to making your browser as a default browser.If you are working with Internet Explorer as a default browser now u want to make Firefox or Chrome as a default browser just follow the step how to make your browser default.Make your Firefox as a default browser:1. Double click on your Firefox after opening your Firfox just see at the top of your browser a link Tool than Click on Options.OrUse these key to open the options quick Alt+T+O As you press these keys at a time the Options window will appear on your screen.see below.2. Click on the Advanced tab under this tab you will find another button named Check Now click on it a separate window will open which will ask for making your browser as a default browser Click on yes see picture below.You have Done. Make your Internet Explorer as a default browser: Initially with your operating system Internet Explorer Installed as a default browser Unfortunately if it is not as a default just see how to make your IE Default. 1. Double click on your IE after opening your IE just see at the top of your browser a link Tool than Click on Options.OrUse these key to open the options quick Alt+T+O As you press these keys at a time the Options window will appear on your screen.see below.2. Click on the Programs tab under this tab you will find another button named Make Default click on it see picture below.You have done Make your Opera as a default browser: Open your Opera see at the top left side Opera button Just click over the button than follow the bellow step.1. Go to Settings than select Preferences see picture below.2.  Than a separate  window will open click on Advanced tab Than Programs.3.  Tick the checkbox for "Check if Opera is default browser on startup" see picture below. 4. Next time you start Opera, answer "Yes" when the dialog asks you if you want Opera to be the default browser on your computer.You have done.Make your Chrome as a default browser: 1. Click on the Chrome "wrench" icon, placed at the top right hand side of your browser window. click on it than the drop-down menu appears, select the Options see picture below. 2. Click on the Basics tab if it is not already selected. At the bottom of the dialog is the Default browser section   To change that setting, click on the button labeled Make Google Chrome my default browser see picture below. You have done. [...]

Add StumbleUpon Badge to your Blogger


StumbleUpon is a directory this is a collection of different types Website/Blogger you can share your Website/Blooger with thousand of Peoples all around the world.See How to put the Badge of StembleUpon to your Blogger.1. Login to Your StembleUpon than you will see a sites button at the right side click the button see picture also. 2. As you click Sites button next window will open there you can select any badge Design copy the code from the box see picture below Put your code inside your Template follow me how.1. First Sign-in to your Blogger click on Design under the Design Tab you will see Edit HTML click on it. Note: Before Edit your Template take your Template full Backup.Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template Find the Below Code ( By preshin Ctrl+F ) Put the code inside the serch box than Enter.Paste the code under the above (Red Color code) code which will look like see below.  Save your Template browse your Blogger to see the StumbleUpon Badge Thanks For coming here.Blogger Helped [...]

Add the Official Share Buttons to Blogger/Website


Blogger allow to add the share button like Twitter,Facebook,Google Buzz,Gmail so that the viewers can share and add your website/Blogger. Just Learn to Add Share Button1. Add Share Button below your blogger post Log-in to your Blogger Click on Design than Page Elements see Picture also.2. Now under the Page Elements you will see many Add Gadget do not click any Gadget Just look for Blog Posts (which may be placed at the middle portion) Click on Edit button see Picture also below.3. Than Select the Check Button of Show Share Buttons and Shave your Template.Done.Note: After Doing all above step just check your blogger to view if the share button do not appear over your blogger just follow me a little more.1. Log-in to your Blogger Click on Design under the Design Tag click on Edit HTML now click on chek button Expand Widget Template.Note: Before Edit your Template take your Template full Backup.Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template 2. Now find the code see below.3. Place the code under the above code and save your Template i am sure you will see the share button now.   
  4. Paste the code under the green code.Thanks For coming here.Blogger Helped [...]