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a nontraditional tradition


Cider cranberry sauce. My husband and I have started an interesting tradition (just two years in a row so far...).

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the height of deliciousness


Apple cake with brown butter frosting. For the record, this is the tallest one-layer cake I've ever made.

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sheet pan fan


Chicken with sweet potatoes and cranberries. I've been making sheet pan suppers for years!

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no oven, no problem


Carrot and squash soup with coriander. Our oven is broken!

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hostess heaven #giveaway


Vietnamese coffee fudge. Vietnamese coffee, which makes use of sweetened condensed milk, is perfect for people who add lots of cream and sugar to their black coffee.

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head on a plate


Roasted whole cauliflower. Bonus points for presentation!

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eyeball pleaser


Fajita stuffed peppers. While my previous stuffed peppers were good, these were better on all counts.

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again with this


Baked gnocchetti. I seem to be on a comfort food kick!

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old favorite


Red corn spoon bread. Are there foods you remember from childhood having loved but disappoint you now?

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rooting for the underdog


Nocciolata brownies. Sometimes it's good to see an upset.

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super food #ExperienceScrubDots


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Eggs are incredible.

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furry family members #RecipesWithPurpose


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The recent abundance of natural disasters has inspired me to determine how I would and should handle such events if they happened to me and my family.

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labor of love


Eggplant parmesan. There's no denying that I can be a lazy cook.

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and the band played on...#WinWithTonysPizza


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We live next door to a high school.

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Chicken and broccoli casserole. Does any word elicit a sense of comfort like casserole? I think not.

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plum(b)ing the depths


Plum upside-down cake. I got on a real plum kick last summer, but little Eva has greatly limited my kitchen time this year.

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grill > toaster


Have you ever had a grilled bagel?

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super stuffing


Chicken philly stuffed peppers. I enjoy stuffed foods.

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fail me not #OXOgoodcookies


Impossible Almond Joy pie. Did you know "oxo" was an accepted word on the Words with Friends game? It comes in handy a lot.

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in defense of moist


Maple yogurt pound cake. So many people hate the word moist!

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try it with ranch


Bacon ranch pasta salad. Americans are unique in that they put ranch dressing on just about everything, isn't that true? I suspect folks in Greece or Switzerland aren't dousing their foods with it, but I could be wrong.

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pretty poultry purses


Chicken pot pie purses. Chicken pot pie is very near the top of my list for of favorite comfort foods of all time.

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put up your dukkahs!


Pistachio dukkah chicken. Though I'm not what anyone would call an adventurous eater, I've definitely branched out quite a bit during my pregnancy. I don't want to do anything to deter our daughter from eating eagerly and fearlessly!

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attitude of gratitude #CelebrateAllSummer


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I was absolutely overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of my family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors during my pregnancy and in the days and weeks following Eva's birth.

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summer lovin' #SnackSnapShare #SnackStories


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I make no excuses for my sweet tooth. Given the choice between dessert and just about any other food selection, I'll take dessert every time.

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