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How to Lose 20 Pounds in One Day

Discover the healthiest and fastest way to lose weight and keep it off for good. See how many calories are in the food you eat so you can better understand how food and your body work.

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How to Lose 20 Pounds in one Day

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My story begins when I began How to Lose 20 Pounds in one Day, actually it was when my young daughter of 7 started to say I had a big belly. I never really paid much attention to it until one day I started to have problems tying my shoes. Don't laugh but I did ! I would bend down and have to take a big deep breath and exhale as I went down. Of course I couldn't take another breath until I was done tying the dumb things. Now I am quite fast at tying my shoes, but did it ever take a lot out of me. After that every  time my daughter would say I had a big belly I would feel worse and worse about my self.What can I do ? I have to do something, so I started looking for ways to lose weight fast. How many calories to lose 1 pound ? Can I lose 10 pounds in a week ? Can I lose 10 pounds in one week ? My mind was going on lose weight typing frenzy and everything that I found was some miracle thing. Everything was 50% said ya it works and 50% said it didn't. What was I to do ?Then I started thinking. What was fat anyway and how come I can't get rid of it. You see I am 44 years of age and when I was young, like around 20 I could eat and eat and eat and still was skinny. What the heck was going on here ? Is that it ? Is it my body telling me it can't break down the food any more and I have to just accept that I am going to be over weight and that's it that's all. Did not make me feel very good at all.Fat according to Wikipedia  : Fats form a category of lipid, distinguished from other lipids by their chemical structure and physical properties. This category of molecules is important for many forms of life, serving both structural and metabolic functions. They are an important part of the diet of most heterotrophs (including humans). Fats or lipids are broken down in the body by enzymes called lipases produced in the pancreas.So we know some fats are good and some are bad. Fats are normally broken down by enzymes in the body. Some people have or produce more enzymes than the next. So if we take diet pills then maybe that is what is in there, enzymes to help our body break down the bad fat. But then you start to think that there is a lot of stuff in those diet pills that are not good for the liver, which is not good. So I stayed way from those diet pills.You see certain foods help speed up this chemical reaction in our bodies naturally and some slow it down. As we get older we need more of the ones that speed up our metabolism. Exercise helps too but it is not the total package. Have you ever seen an Olympic runner eating a diet of cheese burgers ? No , so food and exercise is the key to ultimate weight lose. Yes and No. Yes they do work good together and will make you a lot healthier, but what if your injured or disabled and can't exercise ? Then food is the key ! Eating the right food and I am not talking about eating a rice cake and a piece of celery. I am talking about eating good tasty food. Probably foods you are already eating now, just in different ways or at different times. Knowing what foods go better with this or that.That's when I started on the food quest to lose 20 pounds. 20 pounds is all I needed to be able to tie me shoes and have my daughter bugging me that I was too skinny. Food , food , food. So much food out there and so much of it is so good, but a lot when going over board can be very dangerous for us. So then it boils down to what can we eat , how much can we eat and when can we eat it. it was making me go mental. Which way is up , which way is down? Who can I turn too? I was almost in tears. Then a friend of mine , actually a friend of my wife's told me about this lady and her diet course " The Diet Solution" . I was like what is it another empty hole to sink my money in and another empty promise, but I was desperate and needed something to work because the rice cake and celery diet was making me as mean as a bear. So I went to see my wife's "friend" Donna. I never really thought about it until my wife mentioned her name , but Donna did [...]