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Updated: 2018-03-07T01:18:26.629+05:00


Sync Your Apple Devices With Any Computer Without Loosing Your Data.


Syncing your Apple device like iphone, ipad, ipod with a new computer without wipe out your old data is very difficult but it is not impossible. Although Apple has not shown any way (image) how to do it and you can only sync with that computer with which your device is authenticated and only this way you don't loose your data. So we will use this method to sync our apple device to any computer without loosing old data.
Follow These Steps:
  1. Sign in to iTunes on new computer using the email address which you are using on current computer to sync your data. If you don’t know the email id so you can know it by starting iTunes on current computer and then click on iTunes Store, You can see it there in the right upper hand corner.
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Star Plus on iphone and ipad


Star India launched Star Plus application for iPad and iPhone. Now you can watch Star plus on the Go. Its available for $0.99 and is currently not available to the U.S. viewers. You can watch live shows as well as previous shows on this applications. A cool application for star Plus lovers.

With this application you can:
  • Watch Live TV 
           Watch your favorite shows no matter where you are. You can also know about all Star Plus shows.
  •  Characters
           Know more about your favorite star plus characters and listen to their daily blogs.
  •  Schedule
           See show schedule and get alerts.
  • Gallery
          See pictures from your favorite shows.
  • News
         A magzine format news related to all shows.
  • Opinion
          Post your Polls on Star Plus shows and characters.
  • Social Networking
          Share your favorite contents on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and email them from any where.


Speed Up Your Browser (IE & Firefox)


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We use internet on daily purpose to read news, articles, visiting different websites, watching movies and videos and to interact with our friends via social networking websites. For all these purposes we use different web browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox and some other as well. but some times these web browser gets very slow and takes much more time to load a page, which make us frustrated.
There are many factors which affect the speed of loading a page and one of that is your web browser. So today we will learn that how to make your web browser work fast and to stop it from getting hang. We will talk about Internet Explorer the oldest web browser and Mozila Firefox the most use web browser.

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Internet Dating Safety Tips


With dating sites and chat rooms on the rise, thousands of people are turning to the internet to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right. In this day and time it’s getting harder and harder to know what is real and who is telling the truth. 

So here are some tips recommended by Metro Police:

• Do not reveal information which could expose your identity until you are confident that it is safe.

• Be cautious revealing your name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, website address, etc.

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Update Facebook And Twitter Simultaneously


Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc are the first sites which we check when we start using internet at any day. Before reading any news or doing any assignments or any other work we first go to our social network account to check the status and upload by our friends and also to update our status. Facebook and Twitter are the most use Social Networks along with Google+ nowadays and most people use all these three or two out of these three.
Updating your status, Pictures, Videos etc to all networks takes a little time and some time when you are in hurry or accessing your account from some mobile device etc it becomes a little irritating to update all your accounts.
So thats why today we will learn that how to link our Facebook and Twitter account, so that any update one account automatically updates on the other.
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Lets Do It Windows 8 Way.


Windows 8 beta is about to release in February 2012 if all goes well, but if you cant wait any much more and is also fed up from your Windows 7 look then why not to change your windows 7 look and give it the feel of Windows 8.
Here are some steps which you will have to do to get Windows 8 look.
  1. First of all create a restore point, you can do it by clicking on start menu => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools and click on restore point. (I recommend to do it before any
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Searching EMAIL Within GMAIL : Total Fun


Now a days on normal every one are having more then 1000 e-mails in their box and it some times becomes difficult to search for a particular message, but if you are using GMAIL then its not a problem for you anymore. So today I will show you some cool tricks which will make your search easy and enjoyable.

So here goes the tricks:


Typing from: operator along with the Email-ID give only those results which are received from the specified email address.

Example:- from:

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Give Me BackLinks.


All of us want to have increase traffic to our blogs and websites. And Backlinks are one of the best way to increase traffic to your site. But some times its not that easy to get backlinks as easy it sounds, but yet again they are the best option for traffic generation and thats why people go for it. So, If you are also the one who wants to have unlimited back links to their sites then you are on the right place!!! 
Today in this post I will show you that how to get 1000 backlinks to your site and that also for free!!!

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Feel The FBI Spirit.


Have you liked in movies the login screen of FBI and ever wanted your windows to have that look. Now you can have that in a couple of easy steps.
  1. Download Login Studio from Here
  2. Install it.
  3. Get FBI Terminal for Logon Studio.
  4. Open Login Studio, and Load FBI Terminal for Logon.
  5. Apply after loading and restart your computer.
Enjoy the FBI login Screen.

You can also make your own login screen in Login Studio.

Folder Protection


Lets see that how to make an invisible folder in Windows which only you can access, and can put your private files or folders safe.

Here are the steps:
  1. Click on Start Button and type "charmap" in search box.
  2. Open it, and Search for the blank space. You will find it near the end of the window.
  3. Click select and then copy.
  4. Now make a New Folder, and rename it.
  5. Press Ctrl + V
  6. Now Right click on unnamed folder and click properties and then customize.
  7. Click on change Icon.
  8. Select the blank Icon and press OK.
Now only you know that where is the folder. It is there and not hidden but still invisible.
Don't forget the location of your folder, or else it will be a problem.


Tired of Facebook Groups notifications!!!


Is Facebook spamming your email with unwanted notifications and your are tired to receive emails from them and deleting your inbox. So then lets do it with a one easy step.
  1. Go to any group from which you don't want to receive invitations.
  2. In the Right upper corner you will see a button "Notification".
  3. Click it and select OFF.
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Forgot Your BIOS Password! No Worries.


BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) software is built into the PC and is the first thing when PC is turned ON. The job of BIOS is to initialize and identify system devices such as the video display card, mouse, keyboard, hard disk and other hardware and to help boot your system.
It can be password protected to prevent your PC from unauthorized use and to change BIOS settings in PC. but sometimes a person forget his password and is then stuck that what to do now.
There are 3 easy way to reset your BIOS password.
CMOS battery is the large round cell on your Motherboard. It stores all your BIOS settings and password. Unplug your computer and remove the CMOS battery. Insert it back after 15 - 30 minutes and switch ON your system, All settings and Password will be Reset.

  • By Using Motherboard Jumpers.
Many Motherboards contains jumper which stores the BIOS setting and Password as CMOS Battery. Identify the position of the jumper or check your motherboard manual for guidance. 
The Jumper has 3 pins, check that center pin is connected with right pin or left pin, if it is connected with right pin,remove it and connect it with left and if it is connected with left pin, remove it and connect it with right pin.
  • By Using MS-DOS Command.
Go to MS-DOS command prompt from your start menu and give these commands.
      o 70 2E
      o 71 FF

Restart your system and all your BIOS setting and Password will be reset.

Editing PDF and Changing Format Wasn't That Easy


PDF as the most commonly used format while sharing documents. But editing PDF files is a difficult thing.That is the past now, because today we have Google Docs1. Open the Google Docs file upload interface, click  on Upload, select the file from your PC and check the box against 'Convert text from PDF or Image files'.2. Click on the Start Upload button. Once the upload is completed, open the file in Google docs.3. Make changes if you want to and then select the file menu -> Download as->. Select your desired format from the menu.Google Docs is not only useful in editing but it also converts your file formats as well as gives you up to 1 GB place to store your documents online and to share it with others if you wish... All this for FREE!!![...]

How about Access and Manage all your Online files from one single interface


There are many cloud services like Google Docs, MobileMe, Amazon S3, Dropbox and many others which gives users the benefits to store their files online and to get them from any where over the globe. But some times they are difficult to manage specially if users have stored online files on different services. Also some users want to stick to just one service which they think is the best and search for a way to transfer there files from one server to another. Not a difficult process but certainly time consuming and you also will have to download them first to your system before transferring it to other service..... 

But not more, with Otixo, you can have all your favorite online services at single interface, not only this, but you can also transfer from one server to another in a matter of second and that also without downloading them to your system. 

1. Create an account in 
2. Once logged in successfully, from the mail dashboard select the services that you want to associate with Otixo and enter login credentials for the respective services and you're done. 
3. Under 'My Cloud Services', in the left side you can see the list of services associated. 
4. Click on any service, for instance Box, and you can see all files in the right side pane of the dashboard. 
5. To transfer files from one services to other, select the files and drag them to the account you want to move them in. 
6. To preview a file, just click on it, to upload a file simply click on Upload. 
Thats it. Use it and Enjoy it...



Many platforms are out there which offers to make you your own blog like blogger and wordpress. But today I will show you that how to make your own blog using google blogger.
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your account if you have google account or sign up for one.
  3. After signing in at left side you will see "New Blog" button, Press it.
  4. A window will appear asking for the Title, and url address for the blog, give your desired title and url for the blog.
  5. Check if the url is available or try another url and press create blog.
Congratulations you have made your own blog. Now its time to put some thing in your blog. But before starting any blog you must be confirm that about what you are going to make blog, whether it will be personal blog, world news blog, technology blog, music blog, sports blog or all purpose blog. This help you to provide good contents for your blog. Always choose that in which you are good and which is of your interest or else you will loose your interest in blogging after some days.