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Chambaka for click


The good thing about blogging is that you write whenever you want and pick up from whereever you left off. Over the past few months, something or the other has kept me from penning anything down, even though I have been eagerly following all my favourite blogs. My job got busier, went to India on a vacation, attended brother's wedding which was awesome, got busy again with work; then the dark

Click Red: Marzipan Roses


This goes as my entry to Click for the lovely 'Red' theme. Its from when I made marzipan roses a while back!

Flower Power Jihva Roundup


Wow, this Jihva has been so thrilling for me. I was intrigued with wonder with each and every entry. It was way beyond anything that I imagined. I got an entry for all the flowers I wanted to see the recipes of and much more. I want to sincerely thank all that sent in their beautiful entries, and to Indira for giving me the opportunity to host Jihva.In alphabetical order of flowers, here are your

Lovely Lilies


Some lovely Marzipan Lilies, while the Jihva roundup is being compiled....

Rosy Ricotta Rasmalai


So much for hosting a fancy schmancy event as Flower Power Jihva, and I fail to find any edible flower petals where I live. I would have loved to find hibiscus petals or rose petals, but instead found lots of specialised food stores nearby that didnt stock them. I couldve ordered some online, but instead found a bottle of 'Arq-e-gulab' at the local Indian greengrocer that I thought would suffice

Kachnaar ki kali ki sabzi


This is a guest post. This entry has been sent in my my mum and her friends Meera and Sunita. Thank you ladies, you are the sweetest!Kachnaar ki kali are beautiful yellow blossoms of St. Thomas's tree also known as Bauhinia Tomentosa. This is what it looks like. I believe the leaves and flowers of this plant has medicinal values too. Here the ladies have made a sabzi(sauted preperation) with the

Roses are red, pink and white too


I'm getting lots of queries on if they can contribute recipes for flower power Jihva with cauliflower as the main ingredient. Yes, technically cauliflower is part of a flower and I guess I will not refuse an entry with cauliflower. Also broccoli, kale and kohlrabis are technically parts of a flower.However, I would prefer and also will except decorations and garnishes that look like a flower,

Announcing JFI August: Flower Power


Having spent most of my life in the semi arid climate of Southern Africa, seeing flowers’ blooming all around me is a luxury. Here in the US, spring time and now summer in New England, I’m told is one of the best in the US. The change of seasons and all the colors has been so exciting for me. I have been taking pictures of every bud and every flower that I’ve come across outside my home and

Carrot Kofta for click


This carrot kofta goes to jugalbandi for their special click event for Bri.I posted these carrot koftas last year and am sending them for this month's special click event at Jugalbandi. Bri: we are with you, take care!

Amazing bean brownies for click


These bean brownies go to jugalbandi for their click beans event. yes... brownies made from beans... reactions to this statement are of two types. The first is 'Eww...bean brownies, no way?!!!", and the second type of reaction is 'wow...bean brownies, really? I'm glad mine was of the second type, otherwise I would have never tried this recipe.Just like the comments to the post where I found this

Rajasthani Gatte ki kadi


There is a small village in rajasthan called Nathdwara, its the place Ive been going to since childhood on every trip to India from Africa... the places and darshan of the deities refreshes the soul and also ignites your gastronomic senses. From the prasadam that we get with all the darshan to the street food, it is the best Ive ever had. I consider my Dad a connosieur of taste and when he says

Click apples, Musical's goody bag and Bhutanese red rice kheer


Apples: are my entry for Jai and Bee's lovely Click event: and this month's theme is 'Au Natural'.One fine day when I entered my apartment lobby, I got a wift of the most aromatic masala and thought to myself, "Gosh these neighbour bachelor boys are cooking up a storm today....why dont they use their exhaust fans when cooking and not make us so hungry". As I turned to check my mailbox, I saw a

Back with a click!


My Click entry: sunlight through my colander.Wow, it isnt easy when you are shifting city, country, and continent, to a new city, new country and new life. Life changes totally and everyday is a new expirience. Moving from laid back Africa all the way to the US needs changing your gears up a notch or two. Of all the major changes I had to go through, the two main changes affecting me daily is the

Click Entry: Festive Vermicelli Pudding


This is my entry for the click event. This month's theme is noodles.... I made this kheer for karva chauth.This picture was taken, whilst I toodled around the house on Karva Chauth Day wondering how to take my mind off my hunger pangs, and my mum thought it was sad that I was trying to take pictures of food to try and forget my hunger...... :SIn the the previous statement I got carried away.... I

Edible diyas for Diwali... them!


Happy Diwali !!!!!!!I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Deepavali…. Wishing everyone lots of happiness, joy and prosperity.Diwali is the festival of lights, the celebration of good over evil…light over darkness. Deepavali as it is also called ....means a row of lamps. These lamps are usually made with clay and some women at home make them with ‘aata’ or roti dough. When I saw the

Karva chauth di sargi: Early morning vermicelli pudding


I love fasting on karva chauth despite it being a grueling day of controlling your hunger and thirst, and not because it’s the most fanciest custom that bollywood has to show in their movies nowadays. But fasting like this is when one gets to really appreciate the food we eat and the water we drink daily.Mostly I feel more thirsty than hungry. But somehow it feels good to fast on the day. Its not

Peanut ladoos for navratri, contribute for Feed-a-hungry-child and a meme


These ladoos are so easy and are great for kids to learn and make. But first I want to put in a plea to keep contributing to ‘feed a hungry child’ as there are still a few days left for the fund raising drive. Even though the fund-drive goal of raising 3, 360 dollars has been crossed, we can contribute more to feed more mouths.(FHC): is a not-for-profit charitable

Vrat Kadi for Navratri: carrot kofta in yoghurt gravy


Its navratri time, time to fast, feast and wait for all the rest of the festivals to hit you! Navratri is composed of nine days of celebrating the female energy of our creation, in the most revered form, the Mother Goddess. All throughout India, from state to state, the Goddesses are prayed."All Hindus celebrate this festival at the same time in different ways in different parts of India as well

Clicking Eggs after completing a year


I just cant believe that Ive been blogging for just over a year now. Most people like me discover the food blogosphere in the quest for a recipe... I was looking for Naranaga Pickle and stumbled upon Injipennu's Ginger and Mango... then onto Asha's Foddie's Hope....and I was amazed at the way these ladies would cook and present their recipes. I was truely inspired... I wanted to make my

Nuts about nuts: Roasted cashews and roasted almonds


Nuts are the best to snack on as opposed to fried snacks, chips and crisps. Yes, they are not low fat but the health benefits of consuming them far outrun the fact that they are calorie laden. As opposed to fried pakodas and chewda, nuts have the good fats (mostly monounsaturated and poly unsaturated fats). Nuts are also one of the best plant sources of protein. They are rich in fiber,

Sweet Pedas for Sweet Krishna


Shri Krishna Janamashtami also known as Krishna Jayanti, Shri Jayanti and Gokulashtami amongst many names. It is the most revered festival in our house.Janmashtami, (as it is casually known) is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus which celebrates the birth of their beloved God, Sri Krishna. Detailed story of Janmashtami or Lord Krishna's birth has been narrated in Puranas. Please read

Onam: Thiruvadira Kali


Let me just add in my very first line that this is a non-food related post.Onam ashamsakal (onam greetings to you)Onam is such a special festival for me, every year I thoroughly enjoy taking part in activities, whatever I can, that make this beautiful festival so unique. I love making the athapoo/pookalam (flower carpet), I absolutely love making the sadya (which I plan to on the weekend). I love

Botswana: the gem of Southern Africa, the diamond of Africa


As I near the completion of 20 years in the beautiful country of Botswana, I decided to dedicate a post to it and send a postcard to lovely Bee and Jay at Jugalbandi. When I finished the postcard, I still had a lot to tell about this lovely country and I had gone through tons and tons of my old photographs. I didn’t know which picture to send in the postcard and which not to. I selected a few and

Methi and Leftover dal ki missi poori with aaloo


Ok, I give in. This whole week, I said to myself I wudn't fry, and be on this 'healthy' salad diet. And what do you know? There's an event, more like an invitation to a party to encourage us to fry pooris and to have it with the ever tempting aaloo sabzi...grrrrSo yesterday I said, what the heck...I might as well make it :) which made hubby the happiest person on the planet. Anita, this whole

Anita's Zafrani Zamudod for Independence day


As a country India is now 60 years old, and as much as Aug 15 makes one feel all fuzzy and patriotic, and as much as the Indian economy has reached new heights, I feel as a country it has a long way to go. I know I might create outcry amongst some readers but lets face the fact that only looking at the positives and self praise in vanity never improves any country.Yes, we have an amazing culinary