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Preview: Global Gastronomy

Global Gastronomy

Recipes from every country in the world....It started out as a curiosity then took on a life of it's own, beckoning me to keep searching, digging and uncovering as much information as I can.

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"S" St. Kitts to Syria


Saint Kitts and Nevis:Caribbean Choice – St. Kitts and Nevis recipes St. Kitts & Nevis RecipesSaint Lucia:Caribbean Choice – St. Lucia St. Lucia - recipesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines:Caribbean Choice – St. Vincent and the GrenadinesWest Indies Food and recipes Samoa:Ancient Samoan CookingThe Samoan KitchenTasty Cooking - Samoan recipes Saudi Arabia:In Mama’s Kitchen – Saudi recipesRecipezaar – Saudi recipesSaudi Embassy – Recipes 1Saudi Embassy – Recipes 2Saudi Recipes Tasty Cooking - Saudi Arabian recipes Scotland (See United Kingdom)Senegal:RecipeLand - SenegalSenegalese recipes Tasty Cooking - Senegalese recipes Univ. of Penn – Center for African StudiesWorldwide Cookbook - SenegalSerbia and Montenegro:Cooking For Fun - Yugoslavian recipesFood Down Under – Serbian recipes Gourmed - Serbian recipes Serbian GoulashTasty Cooking - Serbia Montenegro (Yugoslavia) recipes Seychelles:Air SeychellesTasty Cooking - Seychelles recipes Sierra Leone:Singapore:Asian Spicy Recipes – Singapore Cooking For Fun - Singapore recipesRecipes of SingaporeRecipe Atlas – Singapore Tasty Cooking - Singapore recipes Slovakia:Slovenia:Culinary Slovenia - recipesGourmed - Slovenian recipesTasty Cooking - Slovakian recipesSolomon Islands:Tasty Cooking - Solomon Islands recipesSomalia:Tasty Cooking - Somalia recipes South Africa:Tasty Cooking - South African recipes World Health- South African recipesSouth America: Food Down Under – South American recipesWorld Health- South American recipesSpain:Arielle’s recipes – Spain Astray - Spanish recipesBasque RecipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – Spanish recipes Cooking For Fun - Spanish recipesGourmed - Spanish recipesInternational - Spanish recipesFavorite Food Recipes from Spain Food Down Under – Basque recipes Food Down Under – Spanish recipes Recipe Atlas – Basque Recipe Atlas – Spain Recipes 4 Us - SpainWorld Health- Spanish recipesSri Lanka:Asian Recipes Online – Sri Lanka Asia Spicy Recipes – Sri Lanka Food Down Under – Sri Lankan recipes Sri Lankan recipes Tasty Cooking - Sri Lankan recipes World Health- Sri Lankan recipesSudan:Sudanese recipes Tasty Cooking - Sudanese recipes Suriname:Caribbean Choice – Suriname Swaziland:Swaziland recipes Sweden:Astray - Swedish recipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – Swedish recipes Cooking For Fun - Swedish recipesEarthy Family – Swedish recipes Food Down Under – Swedish recipes Recipe Atlas – Sweden World Recipes – Sweden Switzerland:Brother Rice Jr. High School – Swiss recipes Food Down Under – Swiss recipes Food in SwitzerlandInternational - Swiss recipesRecipe Atlas – Switzerland Tasty Cooking - Swiss recipes World Health- Swiss recipesSyria:Gourmed Syrian recipesTasty Cooking - Syrian recipes[...]

O to R - Oman to Rwanda


OOman:An Omani KitchenTasty Cooking - Omani recipesPPakistan:Asian Recipes Online – Pakistan Asian Spicy Recipes – Pakistan Pakistani recipes 1 Pakistani recipes 2Recipes 4 Us – Pakistan Tasty Cooking - Pakistani recipes Panama:International - Panamaian recipes Lloyd's Recipes from Panama Panama Living – recipes Plantain recipes from Panama Tasty Cooking - Panamanian recipes Papua New Guinea:Tasty Cooking - Papua New Guinea recipes Paraguay:Paraguayan Recipes Tasty Cooking - Paraguay recipes Peru:Astray - Peruvian recipesClay’s Cookbook – Peruvian recipes Earthy Family – Peruvian recipes Food Down Under – Peruvian recipes International - Peruvian recipesPeruvian Recipes 1 Peruvian recipes 2 Recipes 4 Us – Peru Recipe Atlas – Peru Tasty Cooking - Peru recipes World Health- Peruvian recipesPhilippines:Asian Recipes Online – Philippines Asian Spicy Recipes – Philippines Astray - Filipino recipesCooking For Fun - Filipino recipesFood Down Under – Filipino recipes Recipe Atlas – Philippines Recipe Goldmine - Filipino recipesTasty Cooking - Filipino recipes Poland:Astray - Polish recipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – Polish recipesCooking For Fun - Polish recipesFood Down Under – Polish recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Polish recipes New - recipesPolish Recipes Recipe Atlas – Poland Recipes 4 Us – Poland Tasty Cooking - Polish recipes World Health- Polish recipesWorld Recipes – Poland Portugal:Arielle’s recipes – Portugal Brother Rice Jr. High School - Portuguese recipes Food Down Under – Portuguese recipes International - Portuguese recipesPortuguese CookingPortuguese RecipesRecipe Atlas – Portugal Recipes 4 Us – Portugal Tasty Cooking - Portuguese recipes World Health- Portuguese recipesWorld Recipes – Portugal Puerto Rico:Lloyd's Home Page - Recipes from Puerto RicoWorld Health- Puerto Rican recipesCaribbean Choice – Puerto Rico Tasty Cooking - Puerto Rican recipes RRomania:Food Down Under – Romanian recipes Recipe Atlas – Romania Romanian Recipes 1 Romanian recipes 2 Tasty Cooking - Romanian recipes World Health- Romanian recipesRussia:Recipe Goldmine - RussiaBrother Rice Jr. High School – Russian recipes Cooking For Fun - Russian recipesCookery Art – Russia Food Down Under – Russian recipes Recipe Atlas – Russia Recipes 4 Us – Russia Russian recipes Tasty Cooking - Russian recipes World Health- Russian recipesWorld Recipes – Russia Rwanda:Tasty Cooking - Rwandan recipes Worldwide Cookbook – Rwanda [...]

"N" - Namibia to Norway


Namibia:Native American:Recipe Goldmine – Native American recipesNepal:Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 1 Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 2Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 3Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 4Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 5Arielle’s recipes – Nepalese recipes 6Info Nepal - Nepalese recipes Tasty Cooking - Nepalese recipesWorld Recipes – Nepal Netherlands: (see also Holland)Brother Rice Jr. High School – Netherlands recipesCooking DutchGenista’s recipes – NetherlandsNetherlands recipes Tasty Cooking - Netherlands recipes Netherlands Antilles:Caribbean Choice – Netherlands Antilles New Zealand: (see also Australia)IAgora International recipes – New ZealandCooking For Fun - New Zealand recipesRecipe Atlas – New Zealand Tasty Cooking - New Zealand recipes Travel Café – New Zealand recipes Nicaragua:Knowledge Hound – Nicaraguan recipes Tasty Cooking - Nicaraguan recipes Niger:Nigeria:Motherland Nigeria - recipesNigerian recipes Tasty Cooking - Nigerian recipesNorway:Arielle’s recipes – Norway Brother Rice Jr. High School - Norwegian recipes Food Down Under – Norwegian recipes International - Norwegian recipesNorwegian Foods and recipesNorwegian recipes Recipe Atlas – Norway Tasty Cooking - Norwegian recipes World Health- Norwegian recipes[...]

"M" - Macedonia to Myanmar


Macedonia:Balkan Web – Macedonian recipes – Macedonian recipes Tasty Cooking - Macedonian recipes Macau:Tasty Cooking - Macau recipes Madagascar:Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Madagascar food Tasty Cooking - Madagascar recipes Recipes 4 Us – Madagascar Malawi:Abwenzi African Studies – Malawi foodAfrica Guide – Malawian recipes Tasty Cooking - Malawi recipesMalaysia:Asian Recipes Online – Malaysia Asian Spicy Recipes – Malaysia Cooking For Fun - Malaysian recipes Recipes 4 Us – MalaysiaSpicy Steve – Malaysian recipes Tasty Cooking - Malaysian recipes World Health- Malaysian recipes Maldives:Maldivian Cuisine Tasty Cooking - Maldives recipesMali:Mali recipes Tasty Cooking - Mali recipesMalta:Malta recipes Tasty Cooking - Malta recipesMarshall Islands:Tasty Cooking - Marshall Islands recipesMartinique:Caribbean Choice – Martinique Mauritius:Mauritius Australian Connection – recipes Mauritius recipes Recipes 4 Us – Mauritius Tasty Cooking - Mauritius recipesMedieval Europe: Arielle’s recipes – Medieval EuropeArielle’s recipes – Medieval SaxonMediterranean:Gourmed - Mediterranean recipes Mexico:Astray - Mexican recipes Clay’s Cookbook – Mexican recipes Cooking For Fun - Mexican recipes Food Down Under – Mexican recipes International - Mexican recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Mexican recipes Mexican recipes Mexico Connect – recipes – Mexican recipes Recipe Atlas – Mexico Recipes 4 Us – Mexico Tasty Cooking – Mexican recipes World Health- Mexican recipes World Recipes – Mexico Middle East: Arabic – recipes Al Mashriq - Arab recipes Arielle’s recipes – Middle East Astray - Persian recipes Food Down Under – Middle Eastern recipes Food in the Arab World Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Middle East Recipes Modesto Foods - Assyrian recipes Recipes around the world – Greece & Middle East Recipe Atlas – Middle East - Middle East recipes World Health- Middle East recipes World Recipes – Middle East Moldova:Moldovan CuisineMonaco:Tasty Cooking - Monaco recipesMongolia:Absolute Cooking – Mongolian recipes Food Down Under – Mongolian recipes Tasty Cooking - Mongolian recipesMorocco:Astray - Moroccan recipes Clay’s Cookbook – Moroccan recipes Food Down Under – Moroccan recipes Gourmed - Moroccan recipes International - Moroccan recipes Moroccan recipes Recipe Atlas – Morocco Recipes 4 Us – Morocco Tasty Cooking - Morocco recipes Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Moroccan food World Health- Moroccan recipes World Recipes – Morocco Mozambique:Univ. of Penn Center for African studies – Mozambique recipes Tasty Cooking - Mozambique recipes Myanmar (Burma):Asia – Burmese recipes Asian Recipes Online – Burma Asian Spicy Recipes Food Down Under – Burmese recipes Innwa Kitchen – Burmese recipes – recipes Myanmar Dot Com – recipes – recipes Nagani – Burmese recipes Recipe Atlas – Myanmar Recipes 4 Us – MyanmarTasty Cooking - Burmese recipes World Health – Burmese recipes [...]

"L" - Laos to Luxembourg


Laos:Asia Recipes - Laotian Asian Recipes Online – Laotian Asian Spicy Recipes – Laos – Laotian recipes RecipeZaar - Laotian recipes Tasty Cooking - Laotian recipes Latvia:Latvian Cuisine Latvian recipesTasty Cooking - Latvian recipesWorld Health- Latvian recipes Lebanon: Food Down Under – Lebanese recipes Gourmed - Lebanese recipes Lebanese Online recipes Lebanese recipes 1 Lebanese recipes 2 Recipe Atlas – Lebanon RecipeZaar - Lebanese recipes Tasty Cooking - Lebanese recipes World Health- Lebanese recipes Liberia:Liberian Assoc. of Belgium Liberian cuisine Liberian recipes Tasty Cooking - Liberian recipes Univ. of Penn. – African Studies Center – Liberian foodLibya:Gourmed - Libyan recipes Libyan cuisine and recipes RecipeZaar - Libyan recipes Strat’s Place – Libyan recipes Tasty Cooking - Libyan recipes Liechtenstein:Tasty Cooking - Liechtenstein - Lithuanian recipes Lithuanian recipes Lithuanian Traditional recipes Lithuanian Vegetarian recipes – Lithuanian recipes Tasty Cooking - Lithuanian recipes Traditional Lithuanian food Luxembourg:Luxembourg recipes Our World – Luxembourg recipes Tasty Cooking - Luxembourg recipes [...]

"K" - Kazakhstan to Kuwait


Kazakhstan:Astray – Kazkhstan recipes Kazakh Embassy - recipes National Cooking – Kazakhstan recipes Recipe Source – Kazakhstan Tasty Cooking - Kazakhstan recipes Kenya: International - Kenyan recipes Kenyan recipes RC Bowen’s Kenya page – recipes Tasty Cooking - Kenya recipes Tim and Lara Beth’s Kenya page – recipes Univ. of Penn – Kenyan recipes Kiribati:Tasty Cooking - Kiribati cooking recipes Korean:Arielle’s recipes – Korea Asian Recipes Online – Korea Asian Spicy Recipes – Korea Cooking For Fun - Korean recipes Food Down Under – Korean recipes Korean recipes Recipe Atlas – Korea Tasty Cooking - Korea, South recipes Tasty Cooking - Korea, North recipes World Health- Korean recipes World Recipes – Korea Kuwait: – Kuwaiti recipes Tasty Cooking - Kuwaiti recipes [...]

"J" - Jamaica to Jordan


Jamaica:Caribbean Choice – JamaicaEat Jamaican Everything Jamaican – recipes Food Down Under – Jamaican recipes Island Flave – Jamaican recipes Jamaica Internet Cookbook Spicy Caribbean recipes of Jamaica Tasty Cooking - Jamaican recipes World Health- Jamaican recipes World Wide Gourmet – Jamaica Japan:Asian Recipes Online – Japan Asian Spicy Recipes – Japan Black Moon – Japanese recipes Cooking For Fun - Japanese recipes Earthy Family – Japanese recipes Food Down Under – Japanese recipes Food Down Under – Sushi recipes International - Japanese recipes Recipe Atlas – Japan Recipe Gold Mine – Japan Recipes 4 Us – Japan Tasty Cooking - Japanese recipes Toyko Food Page – recipes World Health- Japanese recipes Jordan:Tasty Cooking - Jordanian recipes [...]

"I" - Iceland to Italy


Iceland:Icelandic recipes 1 Icelandic recipes 2Food Down Under – Icelandic recipes Recipe Atlas – Iceland RecipeZaar – Icelandic recipes Tasty Cooking - Icelandic recipesVirtual Iceland – recipes India:Arielle’s recipes – Goan region 1Arielle’s recipes – Goan region 2Arielle’s recipes – Goan region 3Asian Recipes Online – India Asian Spicy Recipes – India Astray - Indian recipes International - Indian recipes Cooking For Fun - Indian recipes Earthy Family – Indian recipes Food Down Under – Indian recipes Net Guru India - recipesRecipes around the world – Indian snacksRecipes around the world - Indian chutneyRecipes around the world - Indian saladsRecipes around the world - Indian riceRecipes around the world - Indian root vegetablesRecipes around the world - Indian vegetablesRecipes around the world - Indian beansRecipe Atlas – India Spicy Steve – Indian recipes Tasty Cooking - Indian recipes World Health- Indian recipes World Recipes – India Indonesia:99 Bali - Recipes Asian Recipes Online – Indonesia Asian Spicy Recipes – Indonesia Astray - Indonesian recipes Bali Vacation Villas - Indonesian recipes Cooking For Fun - Indonesian recipes Food Down Under – Indonesian recipesGeoff's Indonesian - Indonesian recipes Merry’s Kitchen – Indonesian recipes Recipe Atlas – Indonesia Recipes 4 Us – Indonesia Spicy Steve – Indonesian recipes Iran:Best Iran Travel - recipesCulture of Iran - RecipesFarsiNet - Recipes Food Down Ubder - Iranian RecipesIran Chamber Society - recipesIran Online - recipesIranian/Perisan recipesLloyd's Picks - Iranian recipesPersian CuisineTasty Cooking - Iranian recipesWorld Health - Iranian recipesWorld Wide Gourmet - IranIraq:Food Down Under - Iraqi recipesIraqi CookbookIraqi recipesRecipeZaar - IraqTasty Cooking - Iraqi recipes Ireland:Astray - Irish recipesArielle's recipes - Ireland 1Arielle's recipes - Ireland 2Arielle's recipes - Ireland 3 Arielle's recipes - Ireland 4Arielle's recipes - Ireland - St. Patrick's DayBrother Rice Jr. High School – Irish recipes Cooking For Fun - Irish recipesEarthy Family - Irish recipesFood Down Under - Irish recipesInternational - Irish recipesIreland's - recipesRecipe Atlas - IrelandRecipe Gold Mine - IrelandRecipes 4 Us - IrelandTasty Cooking - IrelandWorld Health - Irish recipesWorld Recipes - Ireland - IsraelFood Down Under - Israeli recipesIsraeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - - recipesGems in Israel - recipesGourmed - Israeli recipesHanukkah recipesRecipe Hound - IsraelStrat's Place - Israeli recipesTasty Cooking - Israeli recipesTrue 2 Torah - Israeli recipesWorld Health - Israeli recipesWorld Recipes - IsraelItaly:Andy’s Page – Italian recipes Arielle’s recipes – ancient RomeArielle’s recipes – Italy 1Arielle’s recipes – Italy 2Arielle’s recipes – Italy 3Arielle’s recipes – Italy 4Astray - Italian recipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – Italian recipesClay’s Cookbook – Italian recipes Food Down Under – Italian recipes Gourmed - Italian recipesInternational - Italian recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Italian recipesRecipes around the world – Italy 1Recipes around the World - Italy 2 (In Italian) Recipes around the World - Italy 3Recipe Atlas – Italy Recipe Gold Mine – Italy Recipes 4 Us – Italy Tasty Cooking - Italian recipes Virtual Italia - regional Italian - Abruzzi recipes World Health- Italian recipes World Recipes – Italy [...]

"H" Haiti to Hungary


And hungry you'll be after looking at these recipe links. Enjoy. Haiti:Caribbean Choice – Haiti – Haitian recipes Earthy Family – Haitian recipes Everything Haitian – recipes Free Press – Haitian recipes Food Down Under – Haitian recipe Island Flave – Haitian recipes – Haitian recipes Tasty Cooking - Haitian recipes Holland:Arielle’s recipes – Holland 1 Arielle's recipes - Holland 2 - Dutch recipes De Hollandse Pot – recipes Food Down Under – Dutch recipes Go – recipes Old Dutch Recipes Recipe Atlas – Holland RecipeZaar – Dutch recipes World Wide Gourmet - Holland Honduras:Food Down Under – Honduras Honduras Net – recipes On the Road Gourmet – Honduran recipes Sidewalk Mystic – Honduran recipes Tasty Cooking - Honduran recipes Hungary:Astray - Hungarian recipes Brother Rice Jr. High School – Hungarian recipes Cooking with Anna – Hungarian recipes Eva’s Hungarian recipes Food Down Under – Hungarian recipes Hungarian Cuisine Hungarian Heirloom recipes Hungarian recipes Hungry Hungarian – recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Hungarian recipes Recipe Atlas – Hungary Recipes 4 Us – Hungary RecipeZaar – Honduras Tasty Cooking - Hungarian recipes World Health- Hungarian recipes[...]

"G" - Gabon to Guyana


Gabon:Tasty Cooking - Gabon recipes Gambia:Gambia Aktuell – recipesGambian recipes 1 Gambian recipes 2 Gambian recipes 3 Tasty Cooking - Gambian recipes Worldwide Cookbook - Gambia Georgian Republic:Astray – Georgian recipes Georgian Republic recipes Tasty Cooking - Georgian recipes Germany:Abigail’s German Food Recipes Astray - German recipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – German recipes Cooking For Fun - German recipesDas Koch Rezept (In German) Food Down Under – German recipesGerman Christmas Cookies German Christmas recipes German Embassy in Washington, DC – recipes German recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – German recipes Northern German recipes Recipe Atlas – Germany Recipes 4 Us – Germany Recipe Source – Germany RecipeZaar – Germany Sherie’s Kitchen – German recipes Stefan Mähler's German recipes (in German) Tasty Cooking - German recipes World Health- German recipes World Recipes – Germany World Wide Gourmet - Germany Ghana:Food Down Under – Ghanan recipes Ghanan recipes 1Ghanan recipes 2 Recipe Hound – Ghana Recipes from GhanaTasty Cooking - Ghana recipesWorld Health- Ghanan recipes Gibraltar:Tasty Cooking - Gibraltar recipesGreece:Arielle’s recipes – GreeceAstray - Greek recipesCellar Tasting – Greek recipesCooking For Fun - Greek recipesEat Greek Tonight – RecipesFood Down Under – Greek recipesGourmed - Greek recipesGreek CookingGreek CuisineInternational - Greek recipesJayne’s Greek recipesNorm’s Greek CookbookRecipe Atlas – GreeceRecipes around the world – Greece & Middle EastRecipe Goldmine – GreeceRecipe Source – GreeceRecipes 4 Us – GreeceRecipeZaar – GreeceTasty Cooking - Greek recipesTraditional Greek RecipesWorld Health- Greek recipes Greenland:Royal Greenland – recipes Tasty Cooking – Recipes from Greenland Grenada:Caribbean Choice – GrenadaGrenada Board of Tourism – recipes Grenadian Connection – recipes Tasty Cooking - Grenadian recipes Travel Grenada – recipes Guadeloupe:Caribbean Choice – GuadeloupeGuadeloupe – recipes (In French) Tasty Cooking - Guadeloupe recipes Guam:Chili Masters - Guam recipes Flavors of Guam – recipes Food Down Under – Guam Guam’s Community – recipes RecipeZaar – Guam Tasty Cooking - Guam recipes Guatemala:Arielle’s recipes – Guatemala 1 Arielle’s recipes – Guatemala 2 Guatemalan recipes 1 Guatemalan recipes 2 (in Spanish) Recipe Hound – Guatemala RecipeZaar- Guatemala Tasty Cooking - Guatemalan Recipes World Health- Guatemalan recipes Guinea: Friends of Guinea – recipes Tasty Cooking - Guinea recipes Guinea-Bissau:Guyana:Caribbean Choice – GuyanaFood Down Under – GuyanaTasty Cooking - Guyana[...]

"F" - Fiji to French Guinea


Fiji:Earthy Family – Fiji recipes Fijian Kitchen Indo-Fijian recipes Peace Corp. – Fiji recipes Recipes 4 Us – Figi Tasty Cooking - Fiji recipes Finland:Brother Rice Jr. High School – Finnish RecipesChristmas in Finland 1 recipes Christmas in Finland 2 recipes Finn Guide – recipes Finnish recipes Food Down Under – Finnish recipesGlobal Gourmet – Finland Kutri’s Kitchen – Finnish recipesRecipe Atlas – Finland Recipe Source – FinlandRecipes from the Finnish Mission Tasty Cooking - Finnish recipesVirtual Finland – recipes World Health- Finnish recipesWorld Wide Gourmet - Finland France:Alsace – recipesAstray - French recipesBrother Rice Jr. High School – French recipes Cooking For Fun - French recipes Food Down Under – French recipesFrench Food & CookFrench Selections – recipesGlobal Gourmet – FranceGourmed - French recipesInternational - French recipes Master Chef’s recipes – FranceRecipe Atlas – FranceRecipes 4 Us – FranceRecipe Source – FranceTasty Cooking - French recipesWorld Health- French recipesWorld Recipes – FranceWorld Wide Gourmet - France French Guinea:Tasty Cooking - French Guiana recipes[...]

"E" Eating our way around the world


East Timor:Tasty Cooking - East Timor recipes – Ecuadorian recipes Ecuadorian Braised Goat Ecuadorian recipes Galapagos Online – Ecuadorian recipes Recipe Hound – Ecuador Tasty Cooking - Ecuadorian recipesEgypt: Ancient Egyptian recipesFood Down Under - Egyptian recipes Gourmed - Egyptian recipesRecipe Atlas - Egypt Recipe Source – EgyptTasty Cooking - Egyptian recipesTour Egypt - recipes Vegetarian recipes from EgyptWorld Health - Egyptian recipes World Recipes - Egypt El Salvador:Arielle’s recipes – El Salvador Salvadoran pupusas Tasty Cooking - El Salvadoran recipes England (Will be listed under United Kingdom) Eritrea:Eating the Eritrean Way Eritrean Food & Recipes Eritrean recipes Tasty Cooking - Eritrean recipes World Health- Eritrean recipes Estonia:Estonian recipes Food Down Under – Estonia RecipeZaar – Estonia Ethiopia:Astray - Ethiopian recipes Ethiopian recipes 1 Ethiopian recipes 2 Ethiopian Vegetarian recipes Food Down Under – Ethiopian recipes Global Gourmet – Ethiopia Recipe Atlas – Ethopia Recipe Source – Ethiopia RecipeZaar – Ethiopia Tasty Cooking - Ethiopian recipes World Health- Ethiopian recipes Europe:World Health- European recipes [...]

D is for delicious


Denmark:Arielle’s recipes - DenmarkBrother Rice Jr. High School – Danish recipes Christian’s Danish – Danish recipesFood Down Under – Danish recipesGreat Danish RecipesRecipe Atlas – DenmarkRecipe Source – DenmarkTasty Cooking - Danish recipesWorld Health- Danish recipesWorld Recipes – Denmark Djibouti:Djibnet – recipes (in French) Tasty Cooking - Djibouti recipes Dominica:Caribbean Choice – Dominica Dominican Meals Tasty Cooking - Dominican recipes Dominican Republic:Caribbean Choice – Dominican RepublicCulture Grams - Dominican RecipesDominican recipes 1Dominican recipes 2Dominican recipes 3Recipe See - Dominican RepublicWorld Wide Gourmet - Dominican Republic [...]

From "C" to shining "C"


Cambodia:Asia Recipe – CambodiaAsian Recipes Online – CambodiaAsian Spicy recipes – CambodiaCambodian recipes 1Cambodian recipes 2Clay’s Kitchen – Cambodian recipesFood Down Under – CambodiaGalanga – Cambodian recipesRecipe Hound – Cambodian recipesRecipes 4 Us – CambodiaRecipezaar – Cambodian recipesTasty Cooking - Cambodian recipesWorld Health- Cambodian recipes Cameroon:Cameroon recipes – Cameroon recipes Tasty Cooking - Cameroon recipes Canada:An Alberta Family Cookbook All Recipes – Canada Canadian B&B Hosts Cookbook Canadian Innkeepers Cookbook Cooking For Fun - Canada Food Down Under - Canadian recipes Food Network Canada Joyce's Fine Cooking - Canada Joyce’s Fine Cooking – French Canadian Lesley’s Recipe Archive – Canadian recipes Recipes around the world – North America Recipes Around the World - Canadian Holidays Recipe Atlas - CanadaTasty Cooking - Canadian recipesWord Play - Newfoundland recipesWorld Health - Canadian recipes World Wide Gourmet - Canadian recipesCape Verde:Cape Verdean foods Cape Verdean recipes 1Cape Verdean recipes 2CultureGrams - Cape Verde recipesCaribbean: Afrocentric Experience – Caribbean recipesCaribbean KitchenFood Down Under – Caribbean recipes Island Flave – Caribbean recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Caribbean recipes Recipes around the world – Central & Latin America Recipe Atlas – Caribbean Recipe Goldmine – Caribbean recipes Steve’s Caribbean Recipes World Health – Caribbean recipes World Recipes – Caribbean Cayman Islands: Caribbean Choice – Cayman IslandsCayman Islands Restaurants recipes Central African - Central African recipesTasty Cooking - Central African Republic recipes Central America:Central American Dessert recipes World Health – Aztec recipes World Health- Central American recipes Chad:Chadian recipes Satya – Recipes from Chad Tasty Cooking - Chad recipes Chile:Astray - Chilean recipes Chilean recipes 1 Cooking For Fun - Chilean recipes Food Down Under – Chilean recipes Recipe Hound – Chilean recipes RecipeZaar – Chilean recipes Tasty Cooking - Chilean recipes World Health- Chilean recipes World Wide Gourmet - Chilean recipes China:Asian Recipes Online – China Asian Spicy Recipes – China Astray - Chinese recipes Carnegie Mellon Univ. - Chinese recipes 1 Carnegie Mellon Univ. - Chinese recipes 2 Chinatown online – recipes Chinese New Year recipes Chinese Nice Food – recipes Chinese recipes - Canton Chinese recipes - Peking Chinese recipes - Shanghai Chinese recipes – Szechuan Cooking For Fun - China Food Down Under – Cantonese recipes Food Down Under – Chinese recipes Food Down Under – Szechuan recipes Global Gourmet – Chinese recipes Index-China – recipes International - Chinese recipes Little Ma’s Recipe Corner Recipes around the world – China Recipe Atlas – China Recipe Source – Chinese recipes Stuarts Chinese recipes Tasty Cooking - Chinese recipesWok with Me – Chinese recipes World Health- Chinese recipes World Health- Dim Sum recipes World Recipes – China Columbia:Columbian recipes 1 Columbian recipes 2 Recipe Atlas – Columbia Recipe Source – Columbian recipes Tasty Cooking - Colombian recipes Comoros:Tasty Cooking - Comoros recipes Congo:RecipeZaar – Congolese recipes Tasty Cooking - Congolese recipes Worldwide Cookbook - Congo Congo[...]

"B" Countries and regions


Bahamas:Astray – Bahamian recipesBahamian DelightsBahamian recipes Bahamas Specialties – recipesBahamas Gateway - recipesCaribbean Choice – Bahamas Go Grand Bahamas Island – recipesIsland Flave - Bahamian recipes Tasty Cooking - Bahamian recipes Bahrain:Tasty Cooking - Bahrain recipesBangladesh:Asia Recipe - Bangladeshi recipes Bangladeshi recipes Bengali Food - Recipes Bengali recipes Kolkata Beckons - Bengali recipes Sabrina’s Kitchen – Bengali recipes (You'll need to scroll down to see recipes)Sutapa’s Kitchen – Bengali recipes Tasty Cooking - Bangladesh recipesVirtual Bangladesh - recipes Web - recipes Barbados:Barbadian recipes – local recipes Caribbean Choice – Barbadian recipes – Barbadian recipes JC Mac's Barbadian recipes Tasty Cooking - Barbados recipes Traditional Bajan recipes World Wide Gourmet - Barbados Belarus:Belarusian cuisine Cookery Art – Belarus Russian Foods - Belarusian recipes Tasty Cooking - Belarus recipes Belgium:Belgian recipes 1 Belgian recipes 2 Cookery Art – Belgium Food Down Under – Belgian recipes International - Belgian recipes Recipe Atlas – Belgium Recipe Hound - Belgian recipes Recipes Source – Belgium Recipes 4 Us – Belgium Recipezaar – Belgian recipes Sally’s Place – Belgian recipes Tasty Cooking - Belgian recipes World Health- Belgian recipes World Wide Gourmet - Belgian food Belize:Belize Cuisine – recipes Belize North -Belizean recipes Belize Web - Recipes Caribbean Choice – Belize Centramerica - Belizeans recipes Food Down Under – Belizean recipes Hotel Mopan - Belizean recipes Tasty Cooking - Belize Recipes Benin:Beninese Food and Recipes Tasty Cooking - Benin recipes Bermuda:Astray – Bermuda recipes Bermuda Cuisine Caribbean Choice – BermudaFish – recipes Kens Page – Favorite Bermuda recipes Taste of Bermuda – recipes Traditional Bermuda recipes Bhutan:Asia Recipe - Bhutan Tasty Cooking - Bhutan recipes Window to Bhutan - Recipes Bolivia:Magic of Bolivia – recipes Tasty Cooking - Bolivian recipes Traditional Bolivian recipes (in Spanish) Bosnia and Herzegovina:Balkan Web – Bosnian recipes Balkan web – Yugoslavian recipes Balkan recipes Tasty Cooking - Bosnia- Herzegovina recipes Botswana:Tasty Cooking - Botswana recipes Brazil:Arielle's Recipes - Brazil Cook Brazil – recipes Cooking For Fun - Brazilian recipes Discover Brazil - Bahian cuisine Food Down Under – Brazilian recipes International - Brazilian recipes Lloyd's Home Page – Brazilian recipes Maria Cristina’s Brazilian Cookbook (in Portuguese) Maria’s Cookbook – Brazilian recipes Recipe Atlas – Brazil Recipes 4 Us – Brazil Tasty Cooking - Brazilian recipes World Health- Brazilian recipes World Recipes – Brazil World Wide Gourmet - Brazil British Virgin Islands:Caribbean Choice - British Virgin Islands Island Jim – BVI recipes - Brunei Tasty Cooking - Brunei recipes Bulgaria:Bulgarian National Cuisine – recipes Bulgarian recipes 1 Bulgarian recipes 2 Cookery Art – Bulgaria Passionate about food – Bulgarian recipes Recipes 4 Us – BulgariaTasty Cooking - Bulgarian recipes Traditional Bulgarian recipes World Health- Bulgarian recipes World Wide Gourmet - Bulgarian food Burundi:Tasty Cooking - Burundi recipes Burkina Faso: (formerly Upper Volta)Burkina Faso recipes Tasty Cooking - Burkina Faso recipes World Health – Burkina Faso recipes Burma (will be listed under Myanmar)[...]

The 'A's are complete


Here are the newest additions to the countries I've already added (Afghanistan to Algeria) as well as all of the other countries (or regions) that I could find. If you find a dead link, please let me know. I'd also be intereted in any links you find that I can add. Enjoy!New additions for:Afghanistan:Tasty Cooking - Albanian recipesAlgeria:Tasty Cooking - Algerian recipes Newly added countries and regions -Andorra:Tasty Cooking - Andorran recipesAngola: Angolan Embassy in Canada Angolan Embassy in the UK Recipezaar – Angolan recipesWorldwide cookbook – AngolaAnguilla:Caribbean Choice – Anguilla Island Dream Prop. – Anguilla recipes Antigua and Barbuda:Caribbean Choice – Recipes Tasty Cooking - Antigua & Barbuda recipes Argentina:Argentinean recipes 1Argentinean recipes 2Cookery Art – ArgentinaGlobal Gourmet – Argentina International - Argentinean recipesRecipe Source – Argentinean recipes Recipe Hound – Argentina Recipes by PonchoRecipes la Pampa – Argentine recipes Recipes 4 Us – Argentina Tasty Cooking - Argentinean recipesWorld Recipes – ArgentinaWorld Wide Gourmet - Argentinean recipesArmenia:Adventures in Armenian cookingArmenian recipesCookery Art – ArmeniaFood Down Under – Armenian recipes The Gutsy Gourmet - ArmeniaRecipe Source - ArmeniaCooking For Fun – Armenia Tasty Cooking - Armenian recipesWorld Health - Armenian recipesAruba:Caribbean Choice – Aruba Local Aruban recipesVisit Aruba - World Health - Asian recipesAustralia: (see also New Zealand)Australian Chefs recipes Chow Down…Down UnderEpicentre – Australian recipes Food Down Under – Australian recipes Global Gourmet - Australian recipes Good Aussie TuckerInternational - Australian recipes Joyce’s Fine Cooking Kavenga Publishing - Australian recipes Kids Down Under – recipesMelting Pot - Australian recipesRecipe Source – Australian recipesTasty Cooking - Australian recipesWorld Health – Australian recipesAustria:About Austria - recipes Actilingua Academy - Viennese recipesAustrian Specialties - recipesCookery Art – Austria Cooking for fun - Austria Global Gourmet - Austrian recipes International - Austrian recipes Net Beer – Austrian recipesRecipe Source - AustriaSally’s Place – Austrian recipesTasty Cooking - Austrian recipes World Health - Austrian recipesWorld Wide Gourmet - Austria Azerbaijan:Azerbaijan International - recipes Azerbaijan tourism - cookingAzeri recipes 1Azeri recipes 2Baku pages - Azeri recipesRussian in US - Azeri recipes Russian Foods - Azeri recipes Tasty Cooking - Azerbaijan recipes [...]

Regions: Africa; Countries: Afghanistan - Algeria


AFRICA:Astray - African recipesCooking For Fun - African foodWuzzle - African recipes AFGHANISTAN:Afghan Network - CookingAfghan Web - cookingAsia Recipe - AfghanistanAstray - Afghan recipesFood Down Under - Afghanistan recipesLloyd's Home Page - Recipes from AfghanistanWuzzle - Afghan recipes ALBANIA:Albanian Translators - Albanian recipesBalkan web - Albanian recipesGourMed - Albanian recipesJoyce’s Fine Cooking - Albanian recipes ALGERIA:Gourmed - Algerian recipesThe Gutsy Gourmet - Algerian and Northern African recipesKrimos - Algerian recipesThe World Wide Gourmet - Algerian recipesWuzzle - Algerian recipes[...]

The world of food


It started out as a curiosity then turned into a project for a committee at work, list of recipes from almost every country in the world. It's taken on a life of it's own, beckoning me to keep searching, digging and uncovering as much information as I can.

The list includes thousands of web sites. Some are nothing but recipes from a particular country or region. Some go into more detail about the cuisine and how it is different, or in some cases similar, to that of other countries. And there are some that have included beautiful pictures of the foods.

While searching I found sites written in the native language for that country. If I could read other languages, I could be sure of what was on the web sites but since I could not, I chose not to include them for now.

I decided to create a blog for my list so I could share it with all of you. I'll be adding more and more to the list as I have time. So in a few days I'll begin by starting with some of the countries and regions that start with the letter "A"

Happy reading!