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Updated: 2015-10-15T22:03:16.064+07:00


Download WordPress 3.3 Sonny Final


Star Tech News - WordPress CMS is very prominent on the most popular blogs have launched version 3.3 final with Sonny code. This version brings new features such as drag and drop to upload image / image making it easier for the user. As information that since version 3, WordPress has been downloaded more than 65 million times! In addition there are fixed toolbar at the top which also provides

Microsoft's OneNote application iPad Present at the Free & Paid


Star Tech News - Although Microsoft is developing its own OS for a tablet or smartphone but it does not mean they are anti in providing applications for other platforms. This time they brought their productivity applications that is OneNote to 1.3nya version iPad with an earlier version already present in the iPhone. OneNote application serves to record ideas, notes and a list of tasks to do

Google Chrome 16 Now Available Packed With Features Multi Accounts


Star Tech News - New features offered by Google Chrome is now the latest update, the Chrome 16. Come up with the latest browser features a multi-account, of course Gmail account. With this latest browsers, those with more than one Google account, will be able to easily switch from one account to another account. No need to do something inconvenient like to sign in and sign out. Simply press one

Dell Alienware Aurora R4, Intel Core i7 Gaming PC


Star Tech News -A computer that has a hex-based processor core is equipped with a liquid coolant that meets the standards and an attractive appearance, that's a fib Dell PC Game the latest series named the Alienware Aurora R4. Computer gaming is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor 3000 series plus X79 Express chipset with unlocked BIOS for Overclocking. Not enough of it, There are memory

xPrintServer, Enhancements Can Print Documents From iPhone Without Cable


Star Tech News - A company called Lantronix has just unveiled a pretty interesting tool, which is a device that helps to print documents, pictures or other files wirelessly that of an IOS-based devices. xPrintServer, the name of the tool has a compact size, the size of an iPhone. This device makes it easy for those who want to print a file from your iPhone or iPad. No need to download a specific

Fujitsu Launches stylistic Q550 Tablet with Intel Atom Z690 1.7GHz


Star Tech News - In early 2011, the Fujitsu has unveiled a tablet stylistic Q550 is equipped with an Intel Atom Z670 1.5 GHz. Today, the Japanese company re-launch of this tablet with earlier versions yahud. Quoted from Ubergizmo, Fujitsu launched again this tablet with an Intel Atom Z690 processor specification 1.7 GHz single core. In addition, there is an option to acquire an SSD with 128GB

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos, Dual SIM Mobile Android


Star Tech News - Samsung Galaxy Pro Y-Pro's QWERTY Android will reportedly have a new baby is a dual-SIM version called Galaxy Y-Pro Duos. Unfortunately we have not received additional information about the phone so we just said that the phone is roughly equal to Y Galaxy Pro. The only difference that we see from the picture, besides the presence of Duo logo above the screen, is a front-facing

Nokia Launches Lumia 800 Special Edition Dark Knight Rises There are only 40 units


Star Tech News - Nokia is now trying to take advantage of opportunities with the emergence of the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. They offer a limited edition of 800 Lumia phone design with Dark Knight Rises. The Finnish company is only producing as many as 40 units only. Until this information is obtained, there was no official statement from both Nokia and Warner Bros. party. To-40

Sony Xperia LT22 Nyphon


Star Tech News - Sony Ericsson to be changed to only Sony in mid-2012 so maybe we will not see smartphones described below prior to the time it's because this phone seems to have been using the brand Sony is not Sony Ericsson. Rumors say that Sony LT22, codenamed Nyphon will come with dual-core chipset 1GHz U8500 built by Ericsson and ST-resolution 4-inch QHD screen. Then there's also a camera

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD, Android Smartphone


Star Tech News - After several sightings appear blurry or less clarity this time Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD or previously heralded by Nozomi code display themselves in a clear and detailed images. Through our GSMArena Xperia Arc HD photo display that looks cool and elegant design that certainly we are not surprised that Sony Ericsson has an advantage in designing products. Impression of a box

Huawei U8652 Fusion, Mobile Android


Star Tech News - Entry-level smartphones Huawei U8652 Fusion comes with 3.5 inch touch screen feature runs on Android OS 2.3.3. LCD screen capable of displaying a resolution of 320 × 480, with a 600MHz processor equipped with the ability of the brain that are categorized as simple, then there is a 3.15 megapixel camera on the back, and there is an FM radio with RDS support.

LG Spectrum, Mobile Dual Core 1.5GHz


Star Tech News -A photo image is claimed as new product named LG LG Spectrum just been released by Pocketnow. The phone itself previously better known by the code name "Revolution 2" at Verizon, one of the telephone operator in America. The phone has a dual core 1.5GHz processor equipped with 720p HD screen. In addition, HP has the features of the LTE Spectrum plus there is an 8MP camera on the

DROID 4 Appears With 4 Inch Display Specifications


Star Tech News - If you are still curious about the shape and specifications of Motorola's latest products, namely Motorola DROID 4, now curiosity will be fulfilled. Is a site called DroidDoes who successfully meet such curiosity. In the photograph on the site, the phone display DROID 4 is almost similar to the Motorola RAZR Droid. The difference is, on the phone DROID 4 there is a slider 5 row

Nokia Lumia 900


Star Tech News - Rumors about the upcoming Nokia product specifications, namely the Nokia Lumia 900 spread across the internet. Many people who believe that cell phones are later is a high end phone. GeekTechBlog even claim that Nokia Lumia 900 will be equipped with a WVGA screen Clear Black Screen 4.3-inch, 1.4GHz processor, 8MP camera and Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango. They claim that the

Meizu MX Dual Core Mobile Processor 1.4GHz Android Samsung Exynos421


Star Tech News - Meizu finally launched its flagship smartphone Meizu MX is the latest to be marketed for 2012. Hp with dual core processors will be available in mainland China starts at 2.999 yen ($ 470) on January 1, 2012 (such as the M9 years ago), and in Hong Kong gets a small beginning of January. Meizu MX phone has a 4-inch screen specifications 960 x 640 px type ASV, Exynos4210 Samsung

BlackBerry Milan


Star Tech News - Although we may still need to wait many months of the arrival of the BlackBerry device 10 (previously BBX) first, it does not mean we do not get a preview of the device later. People from the site Crackberry has managed to uncover a picture of what appears to BlackBerry Milan. If this picture is correct then the Milan looks like something that is quite fresh and bring new wind

LG Eclypse 4G Android phone with a QWERTY Slide Out


Star Tech News - Eclypse is LG Android smartphone with a slide-out form factor and comes with a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen 3.5-inch capacitive which supports a resolution of 320 x 480piksel and capable of displaying 16 million colors. Facilities included DLNA, which allows streaming content to a television or computer. HP is equipped with support for 4G network, as well as Wi-Fi and

AOC E1649FWU, LED Monitor


Star Tech News - AOC has begun marketing the new portable LED monitor to expand our current screen display tablets and other devices with smaller screens. AOC Monitor 15.6-inih E1649FWU utilize the USB 2.0 port to provide electrical power and could become a second display for notebooks. USB-based monitor offers a maximum resolution of 1366 × 768 with a ratio of 16:9 and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Optimus Polaris, Multifunction Keyboard 'A Million Keyboard in One' From Art Lebedev


Star Tech News - Art Lebedev, an electronic studio of the Russian designer has just launched its newest product designs, namely Polaris and Optimus Keyboard Optimus Mini Six. Both the keyboard has multiple functions and perform with the view that ciamik and colorfull. The first is the Optimus keyboard Polaris. This keyboard has almost all kinds of buttons, except the numeric keypad, similar to a

BenQ W7000 Launches, Projector Home Cinema Full HD 3D


Star Tech News - If you are still not satisfied with a 3D TV, it might be worth trying this BenQ's products. A Full HD Home Cinema Projector 3D with W7000 label. This projector is equipped with technology capable of displaying full HD 1080p picture quality with a contrast ratio of 50000:1 3D. This projector has a maximum brigthness 2000 ANSI Lumens. In addition, this projector is the first

HITACHI Deskstar Internal Hard Drive


Star Tech News - Largest capacity for hard disk has emerged in the size of 3.5 inches. Hitachi reportedly started shipping 4TB of internal hard-drive, which has been seen in the company's home country in Japan. The offering seems to be a 3.5-inch hard drives internally first to arrive on the market with a storage capacity of 4TB, although competitors managed to release a single 4TB external disk

NOVO7 Tablet Android 4.0 ICS


Star Tech News - Do you want to have a tablet with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches like the Prime Transformer owned by ASUS? Granted! Is a Californian company called MIPS Technology who launched the tablet with Android OS Sandiwich Ice Cream, and more good news, the tablet is sold at a price not less than 100 USD. Processor itself is made ​​from Chinese XBurst Ingenic Semiconductor, with the

Toshiba Satellite P750/02T, Laptop with TV Tuner


Star Tech News - A laptop equipped with a TV tuner into a pretty attractive option. This is what is offered by Toshiba Laptops Satlellite P750/02T. Laptop that has Intel Core i5 processor specification 2410M 2.3 GHz can be used to watch television shows plus keep it in your hard disk. Besides offering excess features a TV tuner, using the 2.0 Turbo Boost technology, this laptop can be increased

LG XNote Z330 Ultrabook


Star Tech News - LG seems frustrated with the many companies that netbook manufacturers began producing ultrabook. Now they also went along with the name alone make ultrabook XNote Z330. Ultarbook has a 13.3-inch screen with 1366 × 768 pixels. In addition, the LG also provide a thickness of 8 mm bezel around the screen. For in its interior, there is a choice between selecting a processor Intel

Lenovo ThinkPad X130e Laptop


Star Tech News - Lenovo has just menguprade ThinkPad X-series at an affordable price to help students and the wider community. ThinkPad X130e with 11.6-inch screen size has a stronger bezel, hinge systems and the tip is 33 percent more powerful, all intended to make this laptop can last a long time, especially against a crash that may occur because of the many activities of school students.