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This blog presents the best free online simulation games, including dating simulation, flight simulation, management and business simulation, escape games, fishing simulator and many many more.

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Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 1 and Episode 2


We are presenting you Xolga and Mr. Toko, which are interesting simulation series divided in 9 episodes. In the series, you take the role of Xolga, a private investigator, who is given a mission by Walter and is teamed up by Linda who seems like a party animal and a naive partner who can't remember his name but refers to himself as 'Mr. Toko' and who’s very short despite being older than Xolga. Their mission is to find a hidden locket in a ware. Linda, being a lazy person she is, makes Xolga and Mr. Toko go in for her.After many puzzles later, you find the locket but when Xolga holds it, he falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he find Mr. Toko to be somehow taller when he realizes he’s a Teddy Bear. After Mr. Toko cuddles you he also touches the locket by accident and turns Mr. Toko into some sort of creature that is often described as a "yellow-egg-thing" with long ears and red shoes. The locket then disappears so the two of them follow it into another world. The series are about Xolga and Mr. Toko's many adventures as they follow the locket to many of Pacthesis' sim date universes and meet a lot of the characters. Hope you’ll have fun![...]

Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap


Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap is an amazing 3D car driving game in which you enjoy freedom to explore a huge map with many different terrains. In this sequel you can choose one of 4 cars whose driving model corresponds to their real counterparts. You can explore treacherous mountainsides or kick up tons of dust in dry lake beds in this gorgeous 3D driving game. However, it has already become a tradition that you show up on the flat clay surface, where you can just press forward, go and test the characteristics of various cars on the obstacle course that you can build and adjust to your liking. The second option is to head towards the mountains and begin exploring the diversity of the game world and enjoy the freedom and realistic destructive model. 3D graphics of this simulator is very real, so it will be really cool to control your car. Explore the mountains, overcome different kinds of obstacles, and enjoy the high speed! [...]

The Sushi Train is here!


The Sushi Train is here and if you decide to play this game, then fun is what you should be expecting. The game is time management and your job is to serve a lot of hungry customers with very low temper. 

On the train in the beginning you have just one sushi chef and small number of customers, but as the level rises, so do the customers and the number of the chefs. That means more job and fast motor skills.

Do you think that you can serve all customers and fulfill their food wishes? To do that you definitely need to speed up the train. Take a look at the game and just enjoy!


Most Scary Halloween Escape is here!!!


You're going to WOW at this game!!!! Most Scary Halloween Escape is amazing point and click room escape game and it is not easy at all! Prepare to be challenged before the Halloween festival started. 

In this game you came to visit a scary village for Halloween, which is located at outer of the city. However the thing is that you missed the road and there is no one to help you out. 

The place look shockingly scary and your job is to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles which you have like... a LOT!

The Second Sequel of the Visual Novel Dating Minato


Now you can play Dating Minato 2 at our site! The second sequel of this visual novel is free to play and the question is: do you believe that the world is normal? 

What if someone told us there was a creature lurking around the corpse of a loved one? Or if that one would be lurking around our own when we die as well? I mean, who would believe it? I wouldn't believe it to be honest, but you would if you were turned into one...... 

Can you look past the ordinary and see the truth? See it yourself in this amazing game! Enjoy Dating Minato 2!

Café Rouge Chapter 4, 5,6 & 7


The Saga continues in Café Rouge Chapter 4, 5, 6 & 7 and now you can enjoy playing these episodes of the visual novel at you all well know the main role is taken by Isis and she works in the café for quite a while now. There are things that have been cleared for her, things that happen in the café however it is better to play the game and to figure out the whole mystery yourself.        In each chapter you have passwords that you need to continue on the next one. Here are the passwords for all chapters:Chapter 1:Get! Password--> key2834(Whatever options you make, it won't affect the story yet.) Chapter 2:Use: key2834Cooking cake:  181+169=350*Text back**Don't go* *Take the bucket* or *Leave the kitchen**Napkin*Get! Password--> locket008Chapter 3:Use: locket008*Help Aldo**Ask about Demian* Get! Password--> harp2001Chapter 4:Use: harp2001*Night Bar* or *Patisserie**Ask about Demian*Get! Password--> dream13Chapter 5:Use: dream13Cannoli Time: 223+117=400*Ask about Antoine's background**Clean up**Give cold shoulder**Get butter**Look for Chris*(Investigate randomly)*Ask later*Get! Password--> giselle001Chapter 6:Use: giselle001Muffin Time: 2x10^2+50=250*Ask what's wrong**Inspect oven**Snoop around* or *Take a nap**Who is she?*Get! Password: immortal007Chapter 7:Use: immortal007*Run for the door**Run out the door*(go to the bar) --> don't go towards the stage*Don't move*(Head towards the kitchen) --> don't go outside the cafe~THE END~Ron's Guide (Happy Ending)The heroine's teacher. A substitute for the History teacher.Full name: Ron DavidsonChapter 1:Get! Password--> key2834(Whatever options you make, it won't affect the story yet.) Chapter 2:Use: key2834Cooking cake:  181+169=350*Don't answer**Skip class**Take bucket* or *Leave the kitchen**Sink*Get! Password--> blood723Chapter 3:Use: blood723(Help others randomly)*Ask about school*Get! Password--> venom0229Chapter 4:Use: venom0229*Ask why he's leaving**Thanks*Get! Password--> death132Chapter 5:Use: death132 Cannoli Time: 223+117=400(Go home instantly) right-down-right-down-left-down*Get a glass of juice**Clean up**Give cold shoulder**Get butter**Look for Antoine*(Investigate randomly)*Help Demian on stage*Get! Password --> Massacre049Chapter 6:Use:  Massacre049*Tell a lie**Play along with him**Inspect oven*(Go towards the bar)*White lie**Ron doesn't hate you*Get! Password--> resurrection2Chapter 7:Use:  resurrection2*Embrace him**Keep running**Head into the kitchen**Ask him why**Run upstairs*~THE END~Valen's Guide (Happy Ending)The heroine's childhood friend. The one who gave Isis her harp pendant.Full name: Valentino MichaelsChapter 1:Get! Password--> key2834(Whatever options you make, it won't affect the story yet.)Chapter 2:Use: key2834Cooking cake:  181+169=350*Text back**Hang out**Take the bucket* or *Leave the kitchen**Sink*Get! Password--> tea9800Chapter 3:Use: tea9800*Talk about the dream* (Help randomly)*Have tea and chat*Get! Password--> pawn7032Chapter 4:Use: pawn7032*Night Bar* or *Patisserie**Decline*Get! Password--> naive007Chapter 5:Use: naive007Cannoli Time: 223+117=400*Stay overnight**Clean up**Talk back and reproach**Look for Chris**Go home**Not really...*(Investigate randomly)Get! Password--> blueblood28Chapter 6:Use: blueblood28*Hide Valen! Fast!**Inspect floor*(Go to the stage)*Untangle yourself**Call Valen**Call and leave voicemail*Get! Password--> scheme91Chapter 7:Use: scheme91*Tell him to run!**Bite Chris**Run into the kitchen**Leave the knife*~THE END~[...]

Farm Frenzy 2 - Time Management Game


Today we are presenting you an interesting time management game Farm Frenzy 2 where you get to experience all the pleasures of country life!The game shows how moving to a village is a teaser for city-dwellers, also relaxation for native villagers. Playing the game means that you’ll have 4 different domestic animals and lots of mini-missions like feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, stocking up your warehouse and shipping your goods off to markets.You own a bakery, a confectionery, a cheese factory and 9 additional buildings. You have to produce 16 products on your own and purchase 5 products in the city.The single annoying feature that can spoil your business plans are the bears. At this point  you have to face the risk of being looted by four different types of bears that haunt your farm and turn your plans upside down. But to prevent that from happening, you must use cages. To provide better transportation of your goods to the markets at higher speeds, buy upgrades for your plane and your truck. Good luck friend! [...]

Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal


Take the chance to get to know Allison, who is an aspiring surgeon and has big dreams of becoming a success in life. In fact things get complicated when she starts to have feelings for the Head of the Hospital and at the same time working near her old love. In the game doctors and patients who enter the hospital require Allison’s help, therefore if you play this sim game, you know what is waiting for you! Treatments vary per department, but on the other hand these bubbles will sometimes be filled with color. For example: Green color shows that this is a normal, quick treatment. Purple color means this treatment requires a touch input of some kind. Blue color means the treatment involves you to complete a minigame. Completing challenges successfully reward you with a diamonds and diamonds are used to purchase various additions to the new hospital wing. Additionally, each level you complete will reward you with coins and you can use them in any department you want, whenever you want.[...]

Farm Days Have Come!


Farm Days Have Come! You've inherited a lovely farm so now you have obligations my friend. You have to help it flourish but not on yourself but with the help of your loyal friends. Yes, this is a social game which is even more fun.You will play with your farm colleagues, but also enter farm alliances, exchange with other members, and help each other!Regardless, your job is to plant crops and fruit trees, take care of them and afterwards harvest them. Deliver homemade farm products, earn rewards, and become the best salesperson worldwide. The farm also includes animals that require your love and attention because those exact animals will provide you fantastic products, like milk, wool, meat, and eggs.You also have the chance to perfect your cooking skill by improving your abilities at the stove, the oven, and the other kitchen tools.If sewing is your virtue, then you can sew the most beautiful clothes at the loom, find rare materials in the mines, and create magical souvenirs at your workbench. You can also go fishing with your friends - a good catch is always guaranteed and what is also important is to take part in weekly events and competitions to receive great rewards! Are you prepared?[...]

Café Rouge Chapter 3


If you played Café Rouge Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, you already know that you play the role of a girl named Isis.For all of you who haven’t played it, let me be brief. Isis is average American teenager who is working at Café Rouge.This place is normal during the day and at night it transforms into a five star restaurant-theater-café. Isis finds out that behind all this the café that includes vampires, blood and more.The third chapter starts with the confusion of whether Isis is dead or not….  You have many endings which you have to explore and to continue playing the game you must write down the keys and passwords. Good Luck![...]

F/A-18 Hornet Air Force: Above and Beyond


Are you prepared for new challenge? Do you think that you have what it takes to fly and F/A-18 Hornet in the Air Force? 

If you think, you get the chance to fly in one of the most sophisticated aircrafts in Australia. I think that is awesome! 

So, this challenge requires to get through your basic fighter training. After that you put your skills to the test on a mission to destroy plane enemies and ground based targets.


APH Sim Date: New York X


Another interesting sim dating simulator on our site just for all of you virtual lovers. This time I am presenting you APH Sim Date: New York X and this cute girl Whaii, is telling us what the point of the game is. So, if you choose to play this game this is the deal. Whaii, your classmate and friend, says that your teacher gave you biology homework. However knowing that Leon aka New York hates biology, she assigned you to be his pair and do the homework together.Leon is cute guy with black hair and amazing green eyes and he is a bit mysterious to be honest. Intrigued? You should be! The game has two endings and it is up to you to find out which one will be your doing. Will you win his heart or will the destiny tear you apart from one another? [...]

Welcome to Café Rouge!


Welcome to Café Rouge which is a very unusual coffee shop. You must wonder why that is. Well, during the day this café is very normal, quiet and it is a bakery. But when the night comes, this place is transformed into a five star restaurant and theater with live performances!Imagine that in the middle of the night are arriving first class customers! I mean, why is all of this happening? There is something shady about this.Anyhow, the heroine in this game is Isis Black, a sixteen year old high school American teenager who has a part time job in the café.She was not aware of what was happening at night, but when she did, she becomes entangled in the mystery of this haunted world. How will all this end? Well that my friend depends on you to find out….[...]

Be the Epic City Builder in the Second Installment!


Hello world. Would you like to Be the Epic City Builder in the Second Installment of this interesting management game? The job is not very complicated in this game. In fact it is very simple. You have to build your own city, just like in the PC game, SimCity, if you remember.By building the largest city in the world, you become mayor however to do that you have to build roads, bring electricity, build police stations to protect your citizen from crime, build fire stations so you can save them from fire, make schools for proper education, build hospitals for the sick and lots more.Just like in real life! You are more than welcome to try all this and do not worry because the basic instructions are included in the tutorial of the game. Enjoy![...]

Fitness Workout XL Game for Boys and Girls


In Fitness Workout XL Game for Boys and Girls you start as a skinny geek who wants to work out and build solid muscles.

First you choose your gender and then your job is to maintain the routine and find everything you need to stay motivated.

Step by step you unlock new machines and you get better every time you step in to the gym. Feed yourself with quality food and definitely get some quality sleep. 

Once you see your transformation, you get even better motivation to work harder. Good luck and have fun!


Welcome to Crush Crush!


Sad Panda Studios made this addictive Idle Dating Simulation game Crush Crush and now the job of the player is to win all the hearts of, imagine, your town’s gorgeous ladies. All that after you embarrass yourself with one or two of them of course. Beginners luck let’s say.Yeah.Anyhow, to do all that my friend, you need to build stats. And to build stats you need to earn money. And to earn money, you must unlock new a-mazing jobs!!! A wifey is not that easy to please to be honest and that is why making a lot of cash is on your behalf. Exotic dates, amazing gifts and attention is your name from now on. Are you prepared?[...]

Ikimono High is More Than You Expect


Ikimono High is very unusual school in which Kei Nakajima is going to start. Why unusual? Because, this is not high school for normal humans. This is school for monsters, cryptids and mythological creatures.

I now that you are confused. You must be wondering, what is Kei Nakajima doing there? Why is he studding in this high school? 
Well, there’s a rule that is mandatory and that says that one normal student needs to enroll in this school every four years.

Kei is that one student. He is not afraid of monsters. In fact he reads about them all the time and he is fascinated by them. 

Now the question is, do you think Kei will fit in this environment and do you think he can find true love? This Dating game has eight endings, and it is up to you to find out yours! Have fun with Ikimono High!!! 


Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is On!!!


Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is On and you can join their unpredictable adventure!!!Besides that, you are the one who can join the International Rescue and stop the evil mastermind who is trying to take over the world in this amazing adrenaline action packed game for all ages! You will be facing a lot of challenges when you run traveling the world, including collecting clues so you can find the secret base of the Hood and end his evil plan!The game offers new upgrades like high tech gadgets. Working with your Kayo and Tracy brothers, Brains and MAX, upgrading this team of yours, also increases the chance to solve this mystery. Good luck!!![...]

Papa’s Bakeria Is Waiting for You!


Another addictive simulation game with Papa Louie and this time the one that plays the game, will be working in Papa’s Bakeria!This means that Papa’s Bakeria Is Waiting for You and your job here is to take orders, bake pies and add delicious toppings. Do not worry because after few levels you will hire personal that will help you take orders too, however you must put effort in all areas because that is the only way to make your customers happy.Do precisely as told and you will get big tips for the good job that you have done. I do have to say, that this is very addictive management game for all ages. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!![...]

Join the Mutant Fighting Cup And The Cat Edition!!!


If you want to play a game with monsters then Mutant Fighting Cup is what you really need.This fighting game offers you a chance to make fearless beasts and all that by mutating and training.The animal you can choose is dog or cat and the mixing of various genes results with fearless monsters which can surprise you for sure! The new abilities of these monsters guarantee a victory and with victory you can unlock over 1 million creature combinations. Use your skills and power ups, win trophies, achievements and win the Mutant Fighting Cup![...]

Sniper Team 2 - Take Your Best Headshot!


Sniper Team is back again and this time returns with more varied missions and better graphics.This amazing action-packed shooting game gives the gamers the opportunity to defeat waves of enemies and all that with switching positions between four snipers.If you have sharp eye, then this is the game for you because you are the only one who can save your base from all attackers.This game offers unlocking upgrades and powerful weapons which are the key to complete this mission. Good luck and enjoy taking your best headshot![...]

Prepare Your Barbarians!


Prepare your Barbarians because what you’re about to experience is the newest strategy adventure game that everyone is talking about!Why? Because you have the chance to start your story in little village where you get to train your own troops with whom later you will pillage other lands. The point is very well known: treasure and recourses. This mighty land has secrets and creatures like orcs and golems, which you should be avoiding and by fighting against other players you get to win battles.That is the fact that strengthens your army so now all you have to do is start training your troops and start destroying villages! Are you a true Barbarian.....?[...]

Monkey GO Happy Adventure!


Okay, so, today I opened Monkey GO Happy Adventure and once again I have tried to solve it. I so like this game because it makes you think although some of the clues are easy to find and some are so hard!Anyhow if I really can’t find a solution even though I have tried all my best, I go and checkout the walkthrough, see just that one particular part where I have been stuck and just carry on finding other clues, putting them all together by myself. I really believe that Monkey GO Happy fans will enjoy in this game, therefore, don’t waste more time and join this adventure![...]

Mutant Fighting Cup 2016 Cat Edition


The Mutant Fighting Cup 2016 Cat Edition is something little different than the other Mutant Fighting Cups, because in this edition you can play as the monstrous cat in the championship however it is same when it comes to the genes and the mutation, the cat is equal.Now since the cat has power as a beast, your job is to mix the genes and find out which mutation fits best.You have powerful genes, which lead to brutal fights and that is what is required, right? So, are you ready to try your luck against the other mutated opponents? Good luck then!!![...]

The Dragons of Atlantis are here!


The Dragons of Atlantis are here and they are inviting you all to this incredible ancient world, overflowing with magic and mystery, where there is also something rotten in this far-off land.  This mysterious land is masked by the mists of time, as an evil force marches closer each time and it bares wicked intent. The problem here is that the only things standing in the way of this evil army are the four kingdoms of men. Now they must throw on their armor and fight as the fate of their world hangs in the balance and this is where you get involved. If you think that you can be their hero, then you have to be the one who conquer other and build the mightiest empire, train a dragon with unimaginable powers, read ancient texts who will give you extraordinary power and knowledge and more. Are you intrigued?[...]