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The Bubbling Cauldron

The witch who stirs up some spells and magic in her kitchen....

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Pumpkin Pie From Scratch


I love pies. Who doesn't? They are yummy. The flaky crust. The delicious filling.The toppings. Pies come in many types and  really did not know how many till my first trip to the US. One trip to Marie Callenders just got me drooling over the sheer variety out there. They had fruit pies, cream pies, cheesecake pies.... the list goes on. The pie we picked up that was a Pumpkin pie.

Gobi Shalgam Gajar Achaar and School Days


I remember my school days with a lot of fondness. I am sure it is exactly like that for most if you out there. The fun times, the innocence, the principals office. Everyone has their most favourite memory of school. The times you got into trouble. The times when you were commended. Appreciated for work well done or punished for a lack of application. And the friends. Chatting away

Glazed Lime Syrup Cake


When we were kids growing up in a small township, we lived in a house with a HUGE garden. We grew our own vegetables, fruit, onions, potatoes. I think short of growing rice and wheat, practically everything else came from our garden. My dad would walk around the garden after lunch each day and ask for what he wanted made for lunch the next day. Walk around the fruit trees and pluck what

Podi Vankai or Podi Katrikai - Andhra Food Series


I love brinjal in most forms.  Though my most favorite has to be Baingan Ka Bharta, I also love this method of making it. I don't think my kids have even tasted it once. For some reason they hate it and are not even willing to try it out. We have a rule in the house.  You cannot say you don't want something or you hate something without trying it out once. It is compulsory to try out a nice

Punjabi Saag - On A Strict Diet


No excuses this time for why I have not posted, why its been almost 3 months since I blogged. Its not because I have not been making anything or taking pictures, I think it is just that when I make a half hearted attempt to blog, it just never seems to come out right. That's why I said at the outset - NO EXCUSES. So now I am on this diet. A very strict one. And since I am very determined

Coconut Rice And An Orphaned Blog


My poor poor blog. Its really been orphaned. Left it for so long.. I wonder if it will allow me to blog in these pages again. I have realised one thing. Every time I say I am going to be more regular and post ever so often, I fall off the wagon  and end up not blogging at all. Unforgivable on my part. So from now on no promises of blogging once a day  week month or even year. Posts

Rose Cake - Pretty Icing


I saw this cake one day while trawling the food blog sites and I HAD to try it out. It looked absolutely beautiful and the author of the blog  promised that it was the easiest thing to do. I have not iced a cake for the longest time. I have almost forgotten most of the techniques. But looking at this particular cake spurred me on to try my hand once more at it. Immediately requested sister

Shrikhand - Half Empty Nest Syndrome


My older son has just gone off to study some more ( much against his wishes at first). But now he is thrilled to go and make his own life. No more nagging from mom for a long time. But he did not bargain for a tech savvy  mom who can buzz him on Whatsapp every now and then and ending up being a real pain in the ass caring mom.  People keep asking me how I am feeling now that my nest is

Vegetable Pulao - Another One Pot Meal


This post is literally hot off the stove. I made it, took the pictures while it was still steaming, had lunch and came up to write this post. So here it is . Don't you just love Sunday afternoon meals? I think this day in particular lends itself very well to a one pot meal consisting mainly of rice followed by a very quick leap into the bed for a nice afternoon siesta. Though, here I have to

Apple Crumble Topped Cake with a Brown Sugar Glaze


Apple crumble cake - it sounded so interesting. The concept of a cake with a crumble topping and beautiful sugar glaze was fascinating to say the least. Very easy to make, the combination of apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter... was just like an apple pie in a cake form. I really loved the taste of this and felt it made for a lovely dessert. INGREDIENTS: FOR THE CAKE; 100 grams Butter

Orange Marmalade


We had a wedding in the family recently. It was so much fun. For a wedding which supposed to be short and sweet, it ended up being  a loooooong wedding going over almost three months. Yes. You did read that right. Three months. Each month had a different function. But the good part of that was that  we thoroughly enjoyed each and every ceremony and function. When the ceremonies run continuously

Pappu Pulusu - Andhra Food Series


This is the ultimate comfort food as far as I am concerned. Hot steaming rice, a dollop of ghee, pour this dal on top and you have got yourself a perfect meal. Its all very well to want to eat out and try out different foods, but after a while home food is the best. My mother used to make this the best but I like to think mine is not that far behind in either taste or appearance. Even if I have

Brinjal Peanut Curry


My cook at home comes out with very unusual foods. Sometimes, she makes things for herself, and puts a bit on the table for us to taste. And more often than not, they end up being very tasty and a staple on the dining table. This is one such dish. I think it is fairly typical of the Nellore region. INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kg Brinjals/Aubergines 2 Onions 2 Tomatoes 2 pods Garlic 50 grams of Roasted

Daily Salad - Kids Favorite


At home, salad is an integral part of each meal. Without fail, we have a raw vegetable salad everyday.  Fresh vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and all the goodness which leads to a healthy lifestyle. They offer quantity AND quality and at a low calorie cost. Raw food is nature in its purest form. Today's theories state that adding a lot of colour to the meal is important. That

Sabudana Vada And Rainy Days


Its has been raining on and off here and though we are well into August and September is already peeping round the corner, there seems to be no respite from the heat. The only times it cools down a bit is when it rains. Now rains in my town bring with them not only a much needed drop in temperature but a host of problems as well like traffic snarls, water logging, .... But then I think we

Vegetable Biryani - A Perfect Sunday Meal


In my opinion, biryani makes for the perfect Sunday lunch. A one dish meal and enough time in the afternoon to change one's persona to that of a beached whale. Sleep for a couple of hours to give the tummy a chance to concentrate and work hard to digest all that food. With all that rich and oily rice intake, there's not much else one can do. Without further ado, let us get on with the recipe.

Aam Panna - Perfect Thirst Quencher


Summers in India are long and hot. And homes in India are replete with natural thirst quenchers. You have the Nimbu Paani, Lassis, Tender Coconut water, Sugarcane Juice. It is absolutely essential to have these natural drinks that combat the heat outside. These drinks which contain herbs and spices work with the body to help you cope with the heat. The mix of ingredients help in replenishing

Greek Salad


I love eating out. I think that is the absolute single reason I do not end up losing any of the weight that I have gained over the last many years. And going out of town for me is reason enough to pig out. It is a standing joke amongst my friends that I am food obsessed. If I am visiting a new place, I love to research the restaurants there, food specialities there.. Now for the record, that's

Granola - The Health Revolution


Whichever side you turn these days the conversation only revolves around weight loss, health, fitness, exercise... Agree? It seems to have become an obsession with almost everyone. Each one is trying to outdo the other in losing weight and becoming fit.Now in all this madness, my personal opinion is that moderation is the key. Moderation in eating, exercising. I really think that one needs to

Pina Colada Mousse And The Thrill Of Innovation


I love this recipe simply because it was something I invented by myself. I was so thrilled the first time I made it and it came out well. I used to have Pina Coladas in Bangalore at Pub World. The consistency of the drink lent itself very well to conversion to a dessert. The secret to a good cook, in my opinion, is the constant experimentation in the kitchen. The more you try out you know what

Parsi Falooda - Perfect Summer Drink


There is a very sweet story about the arrival of Parsis who, because of being persecuted in their own land, came to seek refuge in India. When they arrived into Gujarat, the king sent them a glass of milk filled to the brim signifying that the land was full and could not support any more people. The Parsis then added a pinch of sugar to the milk sending an astute message to the king that they

Quesadillas and Feeding Hungry Kids


This is a quick snack to make when kids are home from school- hungry and cranky. It is easy enough to make and has very kid friendly ingredients like cheese. I used home made corn and flour tortillas, recipe for which is also given below.Before I start with the recipe, let me apologise for the picture accompanying this post. It is sad to say the least and does not do justice to quesadillas. But

Spicy Corn Tartlets And Three Of My Favourite Things


I love baking. I love taking nice pictures for my blog. And I love corn (particularly the sweet American corn niblets. The kind that come in a tin. Yes I know. They are unhealthy. But I still love them, okay?). But when all three things come together and perfectly for one post ... my day is made.Eden restaurant in Chennai serves up this awesome spicy corn on toast. It is a great tasting dish but

Beetroot Halwa and Dad's Cooking Experiments


My father was your typical working person. Off to work in the morning, back in the evening, cursory look at marks and homework. He was a tremendously hardworking and focussed person for whom nothing was too much work. I wish I had one tenth of his focus and capacity for work. I am sure I would have been a lot better for it. He was an engineer by profession and a pretty good one at that. He never

Tiramisu - A Real Pick Me Upper


My son is being indulged totally these days thanks to his Board Exams. All he needs to say is " Mummy, I need this to eat" and I go out of my way to make it for him. I guess I feel he is studying so hard, he needs these treats to up his spirits too.He is extremely fond of Tiramisu and so when I saw this easy recipe on the internet and happened to have cream cheese in the refrigerator, I decided