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Jeremy Parsons – Doggondest Fellin' (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 06:12:00 +0000

Jeremy Parsons – Doggondest Fellin'

PCG Nashville Records

1. The Night Hank Williams Died 3:31 2. Doggondest Feelin' 3:29 3. Hide Her Angel Wings 3:40 4. Out Comes The Sun 3:04 5. Can't Recall The Fall 3:30 6. Since My Baby Left Me 2:48 7. I'm Scared 2:57 8. I Could Be Your Pick Me Up 3:54 9. Passenger Seat 2:54 10. When My Old Man Was Young 3:40 11. Doggondest Feelin' (Vinyl Version) 3:30
Texas Jungs spielen Country Music. Jeremy Parsons ist der Grund warum Country Music einen solchen großen Erfolg hat. Bodenständige Musik ohne Allüren von Rock und Pop. Mit seinem Album „Doggondest Fellin'“ bringt er die Country Music zurück nach Nashville. Wenn er es jetzt noch schafft die Musikindustrie davon zu überzeugen, dass Pop und Rock nicht unbedingt etwas mit Country Music zu tun haben, kann er der nächste George Strait werden.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Sierra Hull - Daybreak (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 06:02:00 +0000

Sierra Hull - Daybreak Rounder Records 1. Easy Come, Easy Go 3:26 2. Don't Pick Me Up 3:13 3. All Because Of You 2:34 4. Bombshell 3:22 5. Best Buy 2:59 6. I'll Always Be Waiting For You 2:42 7. The Land Of Living 2:58 8. What Do You Say? 2:51 9. Tell Me Tomorrow 2:31 10. Daybreak 4:04 11. Chasin' Skies 2:41 12. Wouldn't Matter To Me 3:21 Dolly Parton angesprochen auf Sierra Hull, ist nur voll des Lobes für sie und ihr aktuelles Album „Daybreak“. Ok, Sierra Hull sieht gut aus. Stimmlich ist sie auch nicht schlecht. Aber warum ein solches Aufsehen um sie gemacht wird, ist auch nach mehrmaligen Anhören vom Album nicht zu verstehen. Die 12 Songs sind eher durchschnitt und es fehlt auf dem Album einfach der Ohrwurm, der einen aufhorchen lässt. Christian Lamitschka ( ) [...]

Alison Krauss & Union Station – Paper Airplay (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:52:00 +0000

Alison Krauss & Union Station – Paper Airplay Rounder Records 1. Paper Airplane 3:36 2. Dust Bowl Children 3:06 3. Lie Awake 3:55 4. Lay My Burden Down 3:52 5. My Love Follows You Where You Go 4:03 6. Dimming Of The Day 5:20 7. On The Outside Looking In 3:35 8. Miles To Go 2:54 9. Sinking Stone 4:42 10. Bonita And Bill Butler 4:03 11. My Opening Farewell 4:09 Alison Krauss & Union Station sind jetzt schon viele Jahre im Musikgeschäft tätig. Viele Awards haben in der Zwischenzeit ein Zuhause in den Regalen der Band. Alison Krauss & Union Station sind die legitimen Erben der Bluegrass Music, die in den 70er Jahren von Größen wie Lester Flatt beherrscht wurde. Mit ihrem Album „Paper Airplay“ legt Alison Krauss & Union Station die Messlatte für alle nachkommenden Bluegrass Alben wieder sehr hoch. Nicht nur, dass die Stimme von Alison Krauss in jedem Song heraussticht, sondern es werden auch in den einzeln Songs die musikalische und textliche Komponente sehr hoch gehalten. Christian Lamitschka ( ) [...]

Chris Young – The Man I Want To Be (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:45:00 +0000

Chris Young – The Man I Want To Be



1. That Makes Me 3:06 2. Voices 3:06 3. The Dashboard 3:31 4. Gettin' You Home 3:32 5. It Takes A Man 3:32 6. The Shoebox 3:45 7. Rose In Paradise (Duet With Willie Nelson) 3:47 8. Twenty-One Candles 2:31 9. The Man I Want To Be 3:2710. Rainy Night In Georgia 4:13

Chris Young gewann vor ein paar Jahren in der Show Nashville Star, vergleichbar mit DSDS in Deutschland, halt nur für den Bereich Country Music, den ersten Platz. Seine Karriere ist seitdem steil nach oben geschossen. Sein neues Album klingt erwachsener. Die 10 Songs spiegeln die Erfahrung wieder, die er seit seinem kometenhaften Aufstieg hingelegt hat. Wer auf Country bis Country Rock steht, sollte sich das Album auf jeden Fall einmal anhören. Besonders „That's Makes Me“ ist ein Song, der einem dazu verleitet die Wiederholtaste am CD Player zu drücken.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Country Strong (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:39:00 +0000

Country Strong



1. Country Strong Gwyneth Paltrow 4:15 2. Love Don't Let Me Down Chris Young and Patty Loveless 2:57 3. A Little Bit Stronger Sara Evans 5:03 4. Chances Are Garrett Hedlund 3:25 5. Liars Lie Lee Ann Womack 5:19 6. She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles) Ronnie Dunn 3:28 7. Shake That Thing Gwyneth Paltrow 3:54 8. Thirsty Hank Williams Jr. 3:12 9. Give In To Me Faith Hill 4:11 10. Timing Is Everything Trace Adkins 3:28 11. Words I Couldn't Say Leighton Meester 4:26 12. Coming Home Gwyneth Paltrow 4:13 13. Me And Tennessee Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow 4:43

In Deutschland wird der Film wohl nie in die Kinos kommen. Dafür können sich Country Fans am Soundtrack vom Film erfreuen. Es finden sich Künstler wie Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Young, Patty Loveless oder Sara Evans mit darauf.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper – Fired Up (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:34:00 +0000

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper – Fired Up Rounder Records 1. Dixie Special 2:25 2. Big Wide Strum 3:29 3. I'm Yours 3:04 4. I'm Gonna Ride That Steamboat 2:41 5. Goin' Up Dry Branch 3:19 6. The Nights Are So Long 2:44 7. Untrue Blues 3:37 8. I've Got The Railroad Blues 2:25 9. Slowly 2:41 10. Monster Truck 2:40 11. Hard Time Banjo Blues 3:20 12. Going Back To Old Virginia 2:43 13. Maine Line 3:21 14. Bigger Hands Than Mine 3:20 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper sind eine der vielen Bluegrass Bands auf Rounder Records. Mit „Fired Up“ veröffentlichten sie jetzt ein Album mit insgesamt 13 Songs. Das Interessante an dem Album ist, dass sie Rockebilly und Bluegrass miteinander gemischt haben. Ungewöhnlich, aber dafür sehr originell. Christian Lamitschka ( ) [...]

Thompson Square (CD Vorstellung)

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:28:00 +0000

Thompson Square

Stony Chreek Records


1. I Got You 3:03 2. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not 3:04 3. Glass 3:51 4. My Kind Of Crazy 3:47 5. As Bad As It Gets 3:27 6. Who Loves Who More 3:08 7. Getaway Car 3:32 8. Let's Fight 3:01 9. All The Way 3:1610. I Don't Wanna Miss You 4:05 11. If It Takes All Night 4:10 12. One Of Those Days 2:36

Thompson Square sind mit ihrem Album bis jetzt recht erfolgreich. Bei den 12 Songs probieren sie den Spagat zwischen Pop und Country. Das ist auch in den meisten Fällen gut gelungen. Der Titel „My Kind Of Crazy“ repräsentiert das Album am Besten. Er ist kraftvoll und hat den gewissen Wiedererkennungswert.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

George McAnthony Tribute Page

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 05:10:00 +0000

George McAnthony Tribute Page George McAnthony – Italian Country singer-songwriter dies (6 April 1966 – 8 July 2011)It was a sad loss to the world of Country Music to hear of the death of Italian country singer and songwriter George McAnthony. Only the best die young. George McAnthony was only 45, the South Tyrolean country musician, died of a heart attack on Friday afternoon on 8 July 2011 on a beach at Terracina in the Lazio region.His girlfriend Luciano was with him on the beach on the day he was due to play at a concert in Vico, Lazio. He was seen to stagger and collapsed to the ground and first aid was given (lifeguard). He was discovered suddenly lifeless and sadly any resuscitation measures came too late. The ambulance crew established it was a heart attack. The singer was immediately transported to a local hospital in Terracina, but it was in vain and nothing could be done to save his life. Once the formalities were completed his body was brought home to his own house in Appiano, Ganda. Several hundred people were expected in Appian to bid final farewell to George McAnthony (real name Georg Spitaler), the region's best known country singer. A Mass was scheduled for July 16th in the church of San Michele Appiano and next day at 19.30 a rosary was held in the Church of St. Joseph (see picture). Many were forced to follow the service outside of the parish church of San Michele. Pieces of music were played by acoustic group Nice Price & Co, which both won applause and brought tears on the faces of hundreds present. George was a good, generous, caring and above all a person who loved life and knew how to convey this positive energy in concerts around the world. His music, for many, was a medicine for the soul, as pointed out in a harrowing memory by a country friend in a wheelchair, Frederick, who arrived with his family from outside the province. Frederick described how George would say "I sing until the police come to get me" and that he would never forget to dedicate his song “Weekend Cowboy" at the end of his concerts (see Youtube) “When you asked for advice on the guitar during a break he was always helping me with a smile on his face” said Frederick. At the alter were friends of the "Whisper Country" Riva del Garda, the dance school which Luciana, the girlfriend of George's life, attended. Luciana was sitting in the front row, wearing country attire, in jeans and red and blue checked shirt, not far from the immediate family: his mother Dora and his brother Georg. During the Mass the career and life McAnthony was recounted: both too short, but intense. At 9 years Georg has learned to play the trumpet, and at 13 joined the band of Appian and then he attended school to become a carpenter. After the death of his father Anton George began to engage in social activity and was a volunteer for Caritas in Ethiopia, where he started playing the guitar. Through his music George tried to convey a message that was deep, genuine and above all true, just as he was in life. Friends and relatives, who until then had been trying hard to restrain themselves joined in with the infectious clapping when they heard the notes of "Thank you Lord."The dean, quoted the words of his friend Robert Benedetti, one of George’s closest friends, who sums it up in one sentence: "All die when they get older, but not George: he lived a great live" It was a day of shock, grief, and disbelief. Benedetti: "George did not drink, did not smoke, he was not ill. He was attentive to everything. Never even an accident. And then he dies so suddenly ... It is very hard to accept. The only consolation is now is the thought that the sky is playing for his dad, his brother and his dog LuckyOn the "souvenir" left at the entrance of the church was a refrain of a song Spitaler (George’s birth name), that looked like a last farewell to those who, for many y[...]


Sat, 30 Jul 2011 04:55:00 +0000

ACT NOW AND BE PART OF NASHVILLE’S ULTIMATE MUSIC WEEKOCTOBER 12-15, 2011 ############## Registrations for the 12th Annual Americana Music Festival and Conference presented by Nissan are on sale NOW at the  Americana on line store.  July 31 is the final day to register for the Festival and Conference under the current early bird rate, with priority Honors and Awards show seating going to those who register for the entire music festival and conference.  Americana Music Association members receive a discounted rate over non-members.  Click HERE to buy now.  Rates will go up on Monday, August 1st. A limited number of Tickets to the Americana Honors and Awards slated for Thursday October 13th at the historically cool Ryman Auditorium have been made available to the general public and ARE ON SALE NOW.  For more informationon about whose playing and to purchase your tickets please visit  This show will sell out. With the purchase of a Full Festival and Conference registration you will receive entrance to all sanctioned daytime conference music, panels and parties, plus priority access to all evening showcase performances, and a ticket to the critically acclaimed Americana Honors & Awards show.  2011 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Americana Honors & Awards and once again we guarantee a show that will knock your socks off. Jim Lauderdale will continue his tenure as master of ceremonies. Over 2,000 artists, music lovers and industry executives attend the annual show, which is broadcast internationally through multiple outlets.  The Americana Music Association will celebrate the genre’s ever-growing recognition and acclaim October 12 -15, 2011 in Nashville, TN.  In an explosion of talent, iconic artists will take the stage alongside the scene’s hippest up-and-comers for four days and nights of praiseworthy performances and surprise guest appearances.Confirmed to attend the annual Festival and Conference so far include Gregg Allman, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, the Jayhawks, John Oates, North Mississippi Allstars, Foster and Lloyd, The Civil Wars, Matraca Berg, Connie Smith, Marty Stuart, Amy Lavere, Carrie Rodriguez, David Mayfield Parade, Elizabeth Cook, Kenny Vaughan, Peter Rowan, the Secret Sisters, Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison, Lake Street Dive, Will Hoge, Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three and hundreds of key members of the music community.  Stay tuned to updates and new artist confirmations at or at the Americana Music Association’s FACEBOOK page. The genre’s far-reaching embrace will be on display as 100-plus acts rock six of Nashville’s coolest venues during the Festival’s nighttime showcases. This is where those-in-the-know catch genre stalwarts, as well as talented newcomers on track to becoming tomorrow’s headline makers. The Americana scene has spawned some of today’s hottest acts, spurring a recent Spin magazine cover story titled “The New Ameriana Revolution.” The Americana Honors & Awards will be celebrating ten years and once again we guarantee a show that will knock your socks off. Jim Lauderdale will continue his tenure as master of ceremonies. Over 2,000 artists, music lovers and industry executives attend the annual show, which is broadcast internationally through multiple outlets.  If you are in the business of music, the daytime conference sessions feature must attend educational sessions.  Primarily located at the Sheraton Nashville Downtown hotel, the business conference offers plenty of friendly networking, exciting panel discussions and seminars. These career-building opportunities and the wealth of nighttime showcases makes the Ame[...]


Sat, 30 Jul 2011 04:40:00 +0000

(image) Nashville, TN (July 29, 2011) -- Music legend Lee Greenwood has been busy touring, raising a family, building support for our military troops, recording and songwriting. Now for the first time in five years the award-winning singer/songwriter releases a new EP disc, I Want To Be In Your World.  The set of seven songs was co-produced by Greenwood along with Butch Baker and Tony Smith. Greenwood displays the depth of his musical chops on vocals, songwriting and instruments with this versatile music collection.
The diverse style of songs on “I Want To Be In Your World” unmistakably reveals Greenwood as a musical force in any genre. The Grammy winner recorded three self-penned songs for this project.  “Choosing songs to record is always exciting. I love lyrics that have depth and emotion,” states Greenwood.  “I am thankful for the many writers & artists who have contributed to my career,” says the California native. On the new collection, he recorded the poignant ballad, “I Can Let Go Now,” which was written by pop tunesmiths Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.

Greenwood has become America’s musical hero over the last two decades with the resurgence of his 1991 hit song “God Bless The USA.”  The American public has embraced the patriotic song as the un-official national anthem, as of 9/11/2001, when it landed in the #1 spot on pop charts. The song written by Greenwood has charted in the top five on country charts three different times (1991, 2001 and 2003), making it the only song in any genre to achieve that feat.

These days you might see Lee Greenwood on a USO Tour, at a national political rally, a NASCAR race or on stage at your state fair grandstand. However, you can always count on hearing his still stellar vocals and moving lyrics no matter the vehicle/platform.

Country Music News of the Day / Country Musik News des Tages

Fri, 29 Jul 2011 05:27:00 +0000

Here is your Country Music News of the day. Your Country Music News is supported by Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , FAMWH, You can publish the Newsletter to your websites or forward to your friends. If you want to publish some of the interviews, please contact me.Hier sind jetzt Eure Country Music News des Tages. Eure Country Music News werden unterstützt von Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , FAMWH, Der Newsletter darf veröffentlicht werden auf Euren Internetseiten und an Eure Freunde weiter geleitet werden. Solltet Ihr gerne einige der Interviews veröffentlichen wollen, kurze Rückmeldung an mich.Video Interview with Mickey Utley Blake Shelton - Red River Blue (CD Review) LOCASH COWBOYS AND ZAC BROWN BAND TEAM UP TO ROCK COUNTRY JAM USA THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND & FRIENDS CELEBRATE THE 10TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS 4 KIDS CONCERT AT THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM! LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS STRIKE ICMA Congratulates Nathan Stanley WHAT DO BOB DYLAN, FLEETWOOD MAC, GEORGE STRAIT, RAY CHARLES, ROY ORBISON AND JOHN FOGERTY HAVE IN COMMON? Steel Guitar News ELI YOUNG BAND CELEBRATES FIRST GOLD SINGLE WITH “CRAZY GIRL” Last but not least, join my buddy list on the following profiles and add me to your Top Friends: Warm regardsViele GrüßeChristianCountry Music News InternationalEditor / PublisherChristian Lamitschka An der Pfingstweide 28 61118 Bad Vilbel Germany Phone: ++49 6101 544613Mobil: ++49 171 6903352Fax: ++49 6101 [...]

Video Interview with Mickey Utley

Fri, 29 Jul 2011 05:02:00 +0000

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Blake Shelton - Red River Blue (CD Review)

Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:57:00 +0000

Blake Shelton - Red River Blue (CD Review) 1. Honey Bee 2. Ready To Roll 3. God Gave Me You 4. Get Some 5. Drink On It6. Good Ole Boys 7. I’m Sorry 8. Sunny In Seattle 9. Over 10. Hey 11. Red River Blue 12. Chill - Bonus Track 13. Addicted - Bonus Track Label - 2011 Warner Bros. Records Inc. (Wrasse Records)Release Date - 12 July 2011UPC - 093624958482Lyrics - IncludedTime - 45:30Following on from the commercial success of 2010’s two separate "six pack" EPs and the fast-selling 2011 record breaker and platinum #1 single ‘Honey Bee’ (with 138,000 digital downloads in its first week), the moment was ripe to release a new album. With a wedding to Miranda Lambert pending and TV commitments as a celebrity judge on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ the time schedule for the Ada, Oklahoma born and current CMA Male Vocalist was tight to meet the recording deadline. Producer Scott Hendricks enlisted some of Nashville’s finest players and Music Rows A-list songwriters to hit the right targets. Blake Shelton explained they were relatable songs: "I'm getting married in about a month and just really feeling good about everything in my life. It's definitely songs from a guy wishing I could freeze this moment for the rest of time" he said. The lead-off ‘Honey Bee’, Shelton’s fourth straight chart topper was penned by two thirds of The Peach Pickers, Ben Hayslip & Rhett Akins, the third member Dallas Davidson contributes with a solo cut on the latter ‘Good Ole Boys’. The first idea for the song was to call it Huckleberry then it became honeysuckle and the line: “You be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee” evolved. Shelton reels off a series of comedic expressions to show his love and win over the girl’s attention. With lines like – “You'll be my Louisiana, I'll be your Mississippi, You be my little Loretta, I'll be your Conway Twitty” -It worked! The soulful, finger-clicking ‘Ready To Roll’ is an infectious toe-tapper and features some lively bass runs and nifty guitar riffs. ‘God Gave Me You’ is a power ballad, originally recorded and written by Christian rock singer Dave Barnes. With an arrangement that would not be out of place on a Coldplay record this is a track with strong crossover possibilities.Spirits run high on the thank-god-it’s-Friday number ‘Get Some’ by Craig Wiseman, Chris Tompkins and Zac Maloy. On this acoustic picker the humour flows like beer from the raised Dixie cups whilst friends gather round an old-time honky-tonk piano to lend their voices to the chorus. He gets drunk, he get’s the girl, he gets her home, he gets her done, he gets hitched, she gets mad, she gets a lawyer, she gets half - Whether this track will have legs is another matter! ‘Drink On It’ is a laid back cut written by Rodney Clawson (Faith Hill) with “Whiskey Lullaby” artist Jon Randall and his partner Jessi Alexander who also adds background vocals. It has a refreshing melody reminiscent of a 90’s mid-tempo Reba McEntire number as two potential lovers meet and try to figure out their next moves – “Got a good thing going girl, lets find out what it is and drink on it” Blake tips his hat to Hank Williams Jr and Waylon Jennings on the honky-tonk fuelled ‘Good Ole Boys‘ as he begs the question - Where the hell did all the good ole boys go?From its beautiful soft opening tensions quickly build when love becomes an empty word on ‘I’m Sorry’ with Martina McBride providing the backing vocals.Electric guitar and pedal steel licks are traded on the delightful ‘Sunny in Seattle’ again tinged with Shelton’s dry sense of humour. There’s as much chance of him falling out of love as the sun shining in Rain City, snow falling in New [...]


Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:51:00 +0000

LOCASH COWBOYS AND ZAC BROWN BAND TEAM UP TO ROCK COUNTRY JAM USAThe duo defies the odds to perform at the popular festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Saturday nightNASHVILLE, TN -- It is not uncommon for problems to occur when bands are zig-zagging across the country to entertain their fans. The LoCash Cowboys are no exception, as they discovered this weekend as they attempted to travel from the Berlin Raceway in Marne, MI to Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, WI, hurdling mechanical and logistical problems, as well as battling Mother Nature. But, thanks to a determined management team, Country Jam promoters, and Country Jam headliner, Zac Brown Band, fans were not disappointed in the end.After their show on Friday evening in Michigan, Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, and their band exited the stage at 2:00am only to discover their bus would not start.  There were neither mechanics nor rental cars to be found and it wasn’t until 9:00am on Saturday morning that they finally got their bus rolling. Despite the odds, including the fact they had 500 miles to drive, Lucas stated, “Country Jam has always been great to us, and we were determined not to miss the show. We didn’t want to let our fans down. The team attempted to find a charter plane to shorten their trip, calling all over Illinois and Michigan, until they finally found one in Madison, WI. – a two hour drive to Eau Claire. They arrived at the plane around 4:00pm, loaded it up, and the band took off for the 45-minute flight. A police escort was waiting with a van from the festival to take them to the grounds upon landing and they pulled up to the steps of the stage at exactly 4:59pm to perform. Thankfully, their tour manager had called ahead and arranged to borrow some equipment for the set, but as they walked up the steps to go on stage the stage manager shut down the main stage until approaching rain and thunderstorms passed.In order to stay on schedule for the evening’s headliner, the Zac Brown Band, the announcer told the crowd that due to the rain delay, LoCash Cowboys would not be able to appear on the main stage. The crowd was clearly upset as their audible “boos” echoed throughout the grounds.  Upon hearing the boos, Zac Brown and his band started asking what the ruckus was about and once told, Brown asked the duo and their band if they wanted to stay and perform after his set. The decision was easy, especially considering all they had endured just to arrive at the show.  They went on stage, but during their performance of “Keep in Mind,” Brust’s piano was not working, apparently having gotten wet during the storm. Again, refusing to be deterred, the duo sang their last single acoustically. Once they finished the song they turned around and Brown was on stage with them.  The crowd went crazy and Chris and Preston thanked him profusely for allowing them to follow his set. Brown told the crowd he was happy to open for LoCash Cowboys. “I made sure I personally thanked Zac when he came off stage that night. He was so genuine, cool, and sincere about giving us the opportunity to close the night on the main stage,” says Brust. “It was a historical night for LoCash, to perform in front of 30,000 fans under such conditions, and we can’t thank the Zac Brown Band and Country Jam enough for giving us such a great memory. It’s definitely going in our book some day!”The duo has been serious road warriors these past six years, honing their craft and earning a reputation as being one of the most entertaining live shows in country music. They have been winning fans in droves along the way with their charisma and unrestraine[...]


Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:46:00 +0000


Phil Vassar, Sawyer Brown, and more join the Charlie Daniels Band on Monday, November 21, 2011 at the Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN – For the 10th Anniversary of the Charlie Daniels Band & Friends Concert to benefit Christmas 4 Kids (a division of Christmas For Kids, Inc.), Grand Ole Opry member and country music legend Charlie Daniels has announced that Phil Vassar and Sawyer Brown will join him on Monday, (image) November 21, 2011 at the Ryman Auditorium.

Christmas 4 Kids is a not-for-profit organization that has been in existence for over 25 years providing many children, each year, with their very own shopping spree. The funds generated by the concert, and the Tour Bus Show/Artist Meet and Greet event, are used to give over 400 children from 29 different schools, a day-long shopping excursion.  The special day consists of a chauffeured trip from their school aboard an entertainer's luxury tour bus, lunch, and a party hosted by Santa and Mrs. Claus at College Heights Baptist Church. To wrap up the day, the tour buses journey to the Hendersonville, Tennessee Walmart, where the kids receive a brand new winter coat, and $150.00 to spend on anything they want!
Tickets for the concert are available through Christmas 4 Kids online at, beginning September 15, 2011.


Tier One tickets: $60.00, Tier Two tickets: $32.50 - available September 15, 2011

Any remaining reserved seating, Tier Two $32.50 only - available through Ticketmaster beginning October 21, 2011

This concert is sponsored in part by 95.5 WSM FM, Bob Parks Realty (Sumner County office), and coach manufacturer, Prevost Car, Inc.
Listing Information:
Charlie Daniels & Friends Charity Concert
Featuring The Charlie Daniels Band, Phil Vassar, & Sawyer Brown
A benefit for Christmas 4 Kids
Monday, November 21st  / 7:00 PM / Ryman Auditorium  /  Nashville, TN



Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:42:00 +0000

LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS STRIKE UP THE BAND ON FOX NEWS CHANNEL'S HUCKABEE THIS WEEKENDGatlin Brothers to Perform Latest Single, “Americans, That’s Who”Larry Gatlin to Make Additional National Appearances on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, Red Eye and the Fox Business Network’s Follow The Money and the Tom Sullivan ShowNashville, Tenn (July 28, 2011) – This Saturday night, July 30, on the Fox News Channel, country music’s GRAMMY Award-winning Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers storm the set of Huckabee for a LIVE performance of their latest single from Curb Records, “Americans, That’s Who.”  The patriotic tune is featured on the legendary brothers' most recent studio album, Pilgrimage. In addition, next week, Gatlin Brothers front man and Fox regular, Larry Gatlin will make additional national television appearances on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, Red Eye and the Fox Business Network’s Follow The Money and The Tom Sullivan Show. For additional information on Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers, visit Tune-in:Saturday, July 308:00 PM ESTFox News Channel – Huckabee(re-airs Sunday, July 31 / 8:00 PM EST)Sunday, July 316:00 AM ESTFox News Channel – Fox & FriendsTuesday, August 2 3:00 AM ESTFox News Channel – Red EyeTuesday, August 2 10:00 PM ESTFox Business Network – Follow The Money(Larry Gatlin’s Tom Sullivan Show appearance will air at later date)[...]

ICMA Congratulates Nathan Stanley

Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:33:00 +0000

Inspirational Country Music Association                Congratulates Nathan Stanley  Top 10 Nominee In The Following Categories   New Artist& Inspirational Bluegrass Artist 17th AnnualInspirational Country Music Awards Friday, October 28, 2011 at the    Nashville Symphony - Schermerhorn         "White Dove" #3 on the August Power Source  Christian Country Top 100 Chart  "Angel Band" #4 on the August Power Source  Power Gospel Top 100 Chart"Folsom Prison" #1 on the July Power Source Country Top 75 Chart "Long Black Veil"  Featuring Nathan Stanley &  Marty Stuart Released to Country Radio and Music Row  Video Released by Arista Media and HMG Nashville     Musical Icon Dr. Ralph Stanley, Nathan Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys will be performing Friday July 29, and Saturday July 30, 2011 at the Grand Ole Opry. Show starts at 7:00.[...]


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WHAT DO BOB DYLAN, FLEETWOOD MAC, GEORGE STRAIT,RAY CHARLES, ROY ORBISON AND JOHN FOGERTY HAVE IN COMMON?BILLY BURNETTE* * *Born in 1953 to Rock ‘N Roll Royalty, Billy Burnette is the “billy” in “Rockabilly” * * *Billy Burnette’s New CD Rock N Roll With It – Because it’s about time“I really felt like it was time. I really like this music. I didn’t get into my dad’s whole Rockabilly thing until after he died.” Billy Burnette is of course talking about his father Dorsey of The Rock And Roll Trio, along with his uncle Johnny. The Burnette’s are “Rock ‘N Roll Royalty” with monster hits like “Rock Billy Boogie,” 1960’s “You’re Sixteen,” penned Ricky Nelson’s “It’s Late,” and influenced the careers of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. “I mean that honestly.  My dad’s music seems to have an energy all its own. This is the style I enjoy playing the most.  And we’re ready for this. We’re giving them what they want. Real Rockabilly!” Billy should know, he is the “billy” in the term “Rockabilly.” Born in Memphis in May of 1953, with cousin Rocky following in June, Rocky and Billy were the inspiration for “Rock Billy Boogie” recorded by their fathers and released by Johnny Burnette And The Rock And Roll Trio in 1957.After writing songs like Roy Orbison’s “All I Can Do Is Dream You,” George Strait’s Billboard #1“River Of Love,” Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt’s “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” (from the multi-Grammy winning Genius Loves Company duets album,) being nominated Best New Male Vocalist by The Academy Of Country Music in 1986, eight years as a member of Fleetwood Mac, touring guitarist for Bob Dylan and John Fogerty, releasing many of his own albums, and supplying music for some best loved television shows and movies, Billy Burnette is back with a long overdue traditional sounding rockabilly CD entitled Rock N Roll With It. “I came up with the name; it was just a riff I kinda liked. I wrote the title track, it says it all really. Just go with it, let it go. It should be easy to roll with some good music.” It’s also the name of the recording label he’s started for this record. “There’s a theme.  It’s a good time, let’s put on some rock and roll. This describes, for the first time in a long time, who I really am and where I’m at musically.”“Only the River Knows,” a beautifully moving ballad sure to catch some attention. It’s being used in the movie Blue Crush 2. “It’s kind of my tribute to Roy Orbison. It’s personal for me. It’s one of my favorite songs now.”Another one to pay special attention to would be “Hot Rod Hillbilly” which Shawn Camp wrote about Junior Johnson, the infamous moonshine runner and the first Nascar driver. “It’s a real hillbilly rockabilly.”Other tracks include “Armed and Dangerous,” “Karaoke Queen,” “High Rolling,” “My Love Will Not Change,” “Roller Coaster Ride,” and “Keep on Keeping On.”Billy’s career began early and he began performing at age 3 with his father’s band singing “Hound Dog,” and released his first single “Hey Daddy, I’m Gonna Tell Santa on You” at age 7 on Dot Records.By 13, he was on tour with Brenda Lee. “She was great. I still see Brenda every now and then,” Billy says, reminiscing about their USO tour dates in Japan and Hong Kong. He clearly remembers performing in Okinawa. It was the last stop for the troops heading into Vietnam. “There were so many bugs they had to have little lizards in all the rooms, to eat the bugs. I r[...]

Steel Guitar News

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Hello fellow players,I’d like to thank several of you players for coming by and visiting with me last week. Some of you I hadn’t seen in a pretty good while. Larry Self and wife Angie put on a wonderful steel guitar show every year until recently in the Orlando area of Florida was most welcome to be seen in my shop. Larry had a steel guitar store that covered the Deland/Sanford/Orlando area. Larry is living in Dayton, Tennessee now on top of a mountain ridge. If he could bottle scenery and sell it, he’d be a millionaire.Great guitar player Shane Koontz from Bloomington, Indiana that used to be my guitar player at the Conway Twitty Theater also paid me a long overdue visit. Thank you Shane. Great steel guitarist Kenny Foy brought me some wonderful refreshments that he brewed up at his own house. Kenny has been a long time customer and steel guitar player. Kenny is one of those guys that over-married. (Laugh!)Many, many of you have responded favorably to me answering your questions in my tips email, so I will precede to answer several more of your questions.Question. Do you bend strings behind the bar? Answer. Yes, I did this on C6th neck, E9th and non-pedal. I no longer do that because I removed my ring finger that I used to use for this purpose. It still hurts. Well, I still do it but I have to use my little finger on my left hand .Why did you choose steel guitar as your main instrument? I like it for being the beautiful mechanical machine that it is.Is this the only reason that you play steel guitar? No. I love the tone and the ease in getting big complex chords. Do you prefer playing old standards and jazz chords on steel or piano? I love steel guitar because it will do more things differently than piano. With steel guitar I can hit a chord, raise and lower notes in the chord without breaking the sustain of the chord. The chord keeps ringing where on a piano I would have to stop the strings from ringing before I changed the pitch of individual notes. Plus on steel guitar, not only do I get the complex chords, but I can also get a lot lower notes and a lot higher notes at the same time. Some things on steel guitar are just easier to play than they are on piano. I like the speed of being able to play several different things quickly on piano, but steel is not as limited as most people think it is. Then when it comes to beauty and tone, we all know steel is the winner.Question. How does it make you feel to go to a steel guitar show and hear younger players play your style on songs you’ve recorded? Answer. It makes me feel great. It’s really a nice off-handed compliment. I want to help everybody to play as well as they can.What inspired you to record your As Time Goes By jazz standard album? That’s the kind of music I grew up with. I just always wanted to fit in with that kind of group. When I sit down to practice, I love thinking in big chords, however I realize that most steel guitar fans would rather hear somebody play real fast than have somebody play big chords. I’m always walking the line between doing what I think people want to hear and what I really want to play.Question. Does your artistry extend to other mediums like painting? Answer. When I was taking art in New York State I enjoyed working with charcoal. I haven’t done much oil painting, but I find it fascinating. I’m still a pilot and fly my airplanes whenever I can. I really enjoy working on steel guitars and doing things that people say can’t be done. Technically anything can be done mechanically with about any steel guita[...]

28.07.2011: CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland

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HaudegenSingle: Zu hause VÖ: 19.08.2011HAUDEGEN veröffentlichen mit „Zu Hause“ die nächste Single aus ihrem aktuellen Chartbreaker-Debüt „Schlicht & Ergreifend“. Zudem bestätigt: Der Benefiz-Gig beim renommierten „Jamel rockt den Förster“-Festival bestätigt! Harte Jungs und starke Gefühle - dass dies keinesfalls Gegensätze sind, haben die Berliner Gossenpoeten von HAUDEGEN in der Vergangenheit bereits zur Genüge mit ihren hemmungslos abgefeierten Album-Outtakes wie „Flügel & Schwert“ oder „Ein Mann ein Wort“ unter Beweis gestellt. Ob wohl sie definitiv eine Band der massiven Gegensätze sind. Mit „Zu Hause“ koppeln Hagen und Sven nun das nächste Single-Kapitel aus ihrem aktuellen Chartbreaker-Debüt „Schlicht & Ergreifend“ aus! Hagen und Sven - harte Arbeit, wahrer Lohn. Blut, Schweiß, Tränen und wahnsinnig viel genutztes Talent, wie HAUDEGEN auch auf ihrer am 19. August erscheinenden Single beweisen. Und das bei weitem nicht zum ersten Mal: „Zu Hause“ ist die große Heimkehrerballade nach bester Liedermachertradition a la Klaus Lage oder Herbert Grönemeyer. Das kleine Stück Rumtreiberromantik irgendwo zwischen Suchen, Verlieren und Wiederfinden. Und natürlich unzertrennlicher Freundschaft. Schlicht und ergreifend eben. Ebenso wie der Clip, der schon mit Release auf Viva-Rotation gesetzt wurde und derzeit einen sensationellen Platz #2 der aktuellen Clipfish-Musikvideocharts belegt! Bewegt-Bewegendes gibt’s hier: LindenbergSingle: Ein Herz kann man nicht reparieren (feat. Inga Humpe) (MTV Unplugged) VÖ: 02.09.2011Als Appetithappen des spektakulären Live-Albums „MTV Unplugged“ erscheint vorab die Single „Ein Herz kann man nicht reparieren“: Schon einmal, vor genau 20 Jahren, sangen Udo Lindenberg und Inga Humpe gemeinsam den Titel „Ein Herz kann man nicht reparieren“. Bei MTV Unplugged wirken die beiden, als wäre seither kein Tag vergangen. Ihr gemeinsamer Song überbrückt mal eben locker zwei Jahrzehnte und die Sängerin von 2raumwohnung schätzt Udos Charme heute noch genauso wie damals. Mit Udos Worten: „Wenn du so´n Song hast, der direkt an´s Herz geht, dann tut der das eben immer. Das geht nicht verloren. Ich jedenfalls liebe den Song und Inga wohnt seit Ewigkeiten ganz fest in meinem Herzen“.Jennifer RostockSingle: Ich kann Nicht mehr (Radio Edit) VÖ: 30.09.2011Mit den Hits aus dem 2009er Album „Der Film“ haben sie „TV Total“, „MTV Home“, brasilianische Goethe-Institut-Schüler und nicht zuletzt weit über 1,5 Millionen Livezuschauer vor dem Brandenburger Tor beglückt. Und auch die Teaser-Clips zu den beiden Vorabauskopplungen aus ihrem am kommenden Freitag erscheinenden Drittwerk haben für absolute Ausnahmezustände auf einschlägigen Internetportalen geführt - mit „Ich kann nicht mehr“ veröffentlichen die Berliner Poppunks von Jennifer Rostock am 30.09. die zweite Single aus ihrem brandneuen Album „Mit Haut und Haar“! So sind Jennifer Rostock am 28.09. bei Stefan Raabs „TV Total“ zu Gast, bevor das Quintett am 29.09. mit „Ich kann nicht mehr“ zeitnah zum Singlerelease erneut beim renommierten „Bundesvision Song Contest“ für seine Heimat Mecklenburg-Vorpommern antritt! (Übertragung am 29. September um 20:15 Uhr auf Pro7). JR hierzu: „Schon wieder? Schon wieder! Als gesamtbundesdeutscher Kulturschmelztiegel mit demokratischer Gewichtung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fühlen wir uns hochgradig geehrt, ein zweites[...]


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ELI YOUNG BAND CELEBRATES FIRST GOLD SINGLE WITH “CRAZY GIRL”LIFE AT BEST IN STORES AUG 16Nashville, TN (July 28, 2011 – Republic Nashville artist Eli Young Band’s “Crazy Girl” has been certified GOLD by the RIAA this week for sales of over 500,000 downloads.  By the time reports came in this morning, the band had sold nearly 600,000 downloads.  The lead single from their forthcoming album, LIFE AT BEST, was an obvious hit with fans right from the start. The single made its debut at #1 on the iTunes Country Singles Chart with over 47,000 downloads the first week and has sold an average of 30,000 downloads a week, every week, for months on end.  The song has continuously outsold a large majority of the singles above it on the radio chart.In the last two weeks the band has sold over 40,000 downloads a week, with numbers increasing every week.  With its debut as the most added single at Billboard, “Crazy Girl” is the fastest rising single of the bands career and is currently Top 20 and climbing.  When the band learned they had been certified GOLD drummer Chris Thompson said, “gold rocks!! You grow up hearing about artists going gold and dream of what it would be like.  Gold has always been such a measure of success.”  Lead singer Mike Eli added “it’s pretty cool that the single went gold before the record even came out.” Thompson continued, “this is a huge milestone for us.”"This is an amazing accomplishment that sends one message loud and clear – Country music fans love the Eli Young Band and ‘Crazy Girl!’ Everyone at Republic Nashville could not be happier or more excited and we all look forward to the release of the debut album on August 16. Fans are going to love this album,” said Jimmy Harnen, Republic Nashville President.About ELI YOUNG BAND: Eli Young Band’s lead single, “Crazy Girl,” has sold over 500,000 downloads weeks before the band’s new album LIFE AT BEST hits stores on August 16. The Top 20 hit has exploded on every front. “Crazy Girl” made its debut at #1 as the most added single at Billboard and catapulted to the top of the iTunes Country singles chart landing at #1 just 15 hours after release. The video for “Crazy Girl” also made its debut at #1 on and is currently in rotation on CMT, GAC and TCN, while the CRAZY GIRL EP also made its debut at #1 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart just 8 hours after release. The full album, produced by Mike Wrucke, is sure to please critics, fans and newcomers alike. It’s a seamless blend of rock laced guitar riffs, honest country lyrics and Mike Eli’s signature soaring vocals. EYB’s national debut Jet Black & Jealous entered the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart at #5,  #2 on iTunes and produced their first Top 10 at country radio with “Always The Love Songs.” The band has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, The Cotton Bowl Classic, CMT and GAC, and has earned acclaim in People Magazine, USA Today, Billboard, The New Yorker, New York Post, American Songwriter and Country Weekly, among others. Playing nearly 200 dates a year, their fanbase has grown nationwide. The band now headlines sold-out shows from California to Illinois in 1,000 – 3,000 seat[...]

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Here is your Country Music News of the day. Your Country Music News is supported by Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , FAMWH, You can publish the Newsletter to your websites or forward to your friends. If you want to publish some of the interviews, please contact me.Hier sind jetzt Eure Country Music News des Tages. Eure Country Music News werden unterstützt von Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , FAMWH, Der Newsletter darf veröffentlicht werden auf Euren Internetseiten und an Eure Freunde weiter geleitet werden. Solltet Ihr gerne einige der Interviews veröffentlichen wollen, kurze Rückmeldung an mich.Video Interview with Mark Newton Terri Clark - Northern Girl (CD Single - Review) Codie Prevost nominated for RISING STAR at The 2011 CCMA Brigitte DeMeyer Rose of Jericho CRAIG CAMPBELL’S HILARIOUS VIDEO FOR THE SMASH HIT “FISH”AVAILABLE NOW ROYAL WADE KIMES MAKES VIDEO HISTORY TIME LIFE ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF HANK WILLIAMS Danni Leigh Last but not least, join my buddy list on the following profiles and add me to your Top Friends: Warm regardsViele GrüßeChristianCountry Music News InternationalEditor / PublisherChristian Lamitschka An der Pfingstweide 28 61118 Bad Vilbel Germany Phone: ++49 6101 544613Mobil: ++49 171 6903352Fax: ++49 6101 [...]

Video Interview with Mark Newton

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Terri Clark - Northern Girl (CD Single - Review)

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Terri Clark - Northern Girl (CD Single - Review)Label - 2011 Bare Track Records (In UK under Wrasse Records)Time - 3:49Release - 26 April 2011Writers - Terri Clark, Kristen HallRating (Out of 10): 8/10 ‘Northern Girl’ was the first single to be released to Canadian radio preceding the appearance of her brand album ROOTS And WINGS. Born in Montreal and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Terri Clark is no longer on a major and is now an Independent artist with her own label, Bare Track Records, with distribution via EMI Canada. Terri moved to Nashville in 1987, at aged 18, in pursuit of a dream eventually signing with Mercury Records in 1994. She has always retained a loyal and popular fan base in Canada. Here both celebrates the freedom and pays tribute to her homeland of which she is immensely proud. Terri has a cottage in Canada where she likes to relax. The track encompasses her love of the land and the people around her. Growing up with snow 6 months of the year like many Canadians she learnt how to adapt, toughen up, entertain herself and appreciate who she is. “Grew up drivin' on black ice / Spinnin' in circles under Northern lights / Laughter steamin', small town dreamin' / Digging tunnels in the deep snow/ Sheltered from the shiver of a ten below / And I'm right at home,’ ” Clark sings in the opening verse.The song was inspired by the northern culture looking out across the great lakes in Southern Ontario watching the sunset with the Canadian flag flying. Some of the words are drawn from the national anthem, “O Canada” composed by Calixa Lavalee - “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free“! Clark asked her good friend Kristen Hall (founding member of the group Sugarland) to assist her with the writing process. Hailing from Michigan Terri knew she would “get it”. Their song camaraderie came about after Kristen came to stay at her Nashville home after the floods in May 2010. The writing was done online using Garageband programs and emailing MP3 files back and forth. A lot of time was spent on the lyrics avoiding the “cheese factor” - Arctic cats and skis didn’t make the cut!Comparisons can be made with Barbara Mandrell and her song “Country Girl”, the theme to her variety show at the beginning of the 80’s. Mandrell sang: I’m a country girl from head to toe....Now I can find my dreams around the world, But I’ll always be a country girl. (see video).Similarly Terri sings in the chorus:I'm a Northern girl, wild and free /I've got four strong winds to carry me / I've been East to West and all around the world/ But I'll always be a Northern girl With reference to those prevailing weather systems “Four Strong Winds” was also a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Tyson, a folk classic inspired by the movement of workers with the rotation of the harvest. Other nationals to have recorded it include Neil Young, Hank Snow and Sarah McLachlan.‘Northern Girl’ packs a punch with driving drum beats and electric guitars riffs that have a vibe reminiscent of Martina McBride’s “This One’s For The Girls”. Steel guitar is thankfully audible in the maple-leaf mix. Terri’s vocal is strong and joyous and with the addition of the “na-na-na-nas” allows for crowd participation at live shows to join in on the celebrations.[[ LISTEN on Spotify ]] - Amazon - Official Video - Behind The Scenes Videohttp://www.te[...]

Codie Prevost nominated for RISING STAR at The 2011 CCMA

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Codie Prevost nominated for RISING STAR at The 2011 Canadian Country Music AwardsSaskatchewan's Codie Prevost is nominated for the “Rising Star” Award at the 2011 Canadian Country Music Awards which are to be presented in Hamilton on Monday, September 12th at Copps Colosieum. His latest album “Get Loud” is also nominated for “Album Design of the Year”.  “It's been a great year that included a lot of firsts for me as a recording artist. My singles/videos “Rolling Back To You” & “Standing Still” played on CMT, “Rolling Back To You” hit the TOP 40 charts, I was featured on ET Canada, nominated for a Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award, “Get Loud” appeared on Soundscan's Top selling albums in Canada, I performed in France and my hometown of Archerwill put up two signs on the main highway that read “Welcome to Archerwill Home of Country Recording Artist Codie Prevost”. I feel very fortunate to have the support of my family, friends, and fans as well as Factor, The Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskMusic and the Saskatchewan Country Music Association as they've helped me build a solid foundation to achieve this goal in my career”.  It was only 6 years ago that Prevost started his music career by slugging it out in small town bars across Saskatchewan for $100 a night as a solo acoustic artist in an effort to gain experience performing in front of a crowd. Using a grass roots approach since day one Prevost is truly an Indie artist. Along with his manager Alain Leblanc they started their own record label called “Good Spirit Records” and have built Prevost's career from the ground up.  In September Prevost will be attending the 2011 CCMA awards weekend in Hamilton which will be broadcast on CBC television with an encore broadcast on CMT.To see a complete list of nominees please[...]